The Democrat Idiocy

The city of Honolulu says it will sue fossil fuel industries for global warming. Claiming that fossil fuel companies knew they were contributing to seal level rises and air pollution. Of course there’s no basis for this lawsuit except to waste taxpayers money. What the city is trying to do is convince people that fossil fuels are not clean and efficient. Fossil Fuels are much cleaner than green energy. Solar is made with rare earth materials, wind uses fossil fuels to hydraulic the propellers, and ocean wave technology is nonexistent. While fossil fuels are cheap, plentiful and efficient.

Remember when I wrote about kooks claiming that over-population is causing a climate crisis? Well, here we go again. More than 11,000 experts from around the world are calling for a critical addition to the main strategy of dumping fossil fuels for renewable energy: there needs to be far fewer humans on the planet. So it’s not just fossil fuels, it’s people.

Who are these experts? What’s their background? They never tell us. It seems we go through these cycles every summer where these so called experts get triggered by some child with Asperger’s syndrome reads from a prepared script and screams, “You’ve Stolen My Childhood, How Dare You.”

The fake news media piles on with warnings of impending planetary disasters. So let’s take a closer look at the fake news media. They’re not journalists. They’re propagandists. For example, we learned that the alphabet ABC News knew of pedophile Epstein connection to the Clinton’s but decided to bury the story to protect Bill Clinton. Yet for weeks the fake news does story after story about pending climate doom. It’s to redirect people’s attention away from real issues and highlight a hoax. It’s the same thing with the fake Trump impeachment hoax. A Soviet style propaganda campaign to spread fake news.

Who’s leading this campaign of misinformation? The democrats. Their vapid efforts to create crisis for votes. Meanwhile, the oceans are not rising. I live on a island. It’s simply not true. The air is cleaner than it ever has been before. I do know that in some Asian countries do pollute the air with burning green material. China’s and India’s coal power electrical plants are dirty because of improper scrubbers in the smoke stacks. America’s coal powered plants are much cleaner. We have the data to prove that. Yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the United States is the largest polluter. That is simply a lie. It a push for worldwide socialism.

State Of Intolerance


If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Not if you’re from New York. This state is losing more residents than any other State. Who could blame them? High taxes, crushing regulations, intolerant racist politicians. Fredo’s brother, the governor of New York State, Cuomo, looks like a crazed mass murderer, tells President Trump, “Good Riddance!” Cuomo says conservatives are not welcome in his State of Bigotry. Chucky Cheese Schumer, a New York Senator, mocks Trump’s departure to his new residence in conservative friendly Florida. Where the weather suits everyone much better.

In the people communist state of Kalifornia, the governor Gavin Newsom, blames the forest fires on President Trump and global warming. Another example of a liberal leftist blaming others for government mismanagement. The Ronald Reagan ranch was spared the fires because they had goats eating the vegetation and creating a fire buffer. Ronald Reagan knew the value of forestry management then. Even the native Indians knew the value of managing the forests to prevent wild fires. Apparently, the leftist environmentalist never learned that lesson. They’re too busy wagging their finger at taxpayers for using electricity and fossil fuels.

Michelle Obama claims white people are racist for leaving the neighborhood after they moved in. White Flight, the tranny called it. Let’s be honest, shall we? Who would want to be a neighbor to these racist malcontents? These people thumb their noses at Americans that find success at hard work. “At some point, you’ve made enough money.” said Barry the bullshitter Obama. Yet, this hypocrite buys a million dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Success for me, but not for thee.

Then there’s Nazi Piglosi. “We didn’t come to Congress to impeach the President.” Yes You Did, you fascist liar. I don’t know who is running the House of mis-Representatives. It’s certainly not Piglosi. It’s Alexandria Occasionally Coherent, aka AOC. The New York communist that cheated people out of jobs by bullying corporations to flee the State of Insanity we know as New York. What a piece of of work this moron is.

Meanwhile, Mr. Potato Head, Adam Schitt, is holding Soviet style Star Chamber hearings to try and convince the American people that democrats are doing “The People’s Business” Yet, nothing is getting done. Schitt says the evidence against the President is indisputable, but we can’t tell you what that evidence is about. President Trumps MCUSA bill languishes in the House. Other bills that could help our farmers, agriculture, businesses, and our breadbasket families success is being ignored because of of a small man’s ego. Truly a shame on the country that this clown, Schitt, hasn’t been censured and removed from Congress. Hey Republicans, get off your asses and do something to protect our President if you want our votes. Especially you, Lindsey Graham, stop barking and start biting.

We Americans are celebrating record unemployment, record economic growth, and a promising future for the next generation. That is if the next generation realizes that socialism will not bring the promise of success. Apparently, Harvard has a bad mathematics course. Elizabeth Warren, a supposed presidential candidate, is telling Americans that healthcare for all will not cost you much, but the math doesn’t add up. So much for an Ivy League edumacation.

In Hawai’i news, it’s all about the hot weather. It’s hot! It gets like this in the fall before the tilt of the planet changes to bring in more cooler Pacific air. I’m working up my shopping list for specials for a Thanksgiving feast. Foodland is giving away free turkeys with Maika’i awards. I know the lawn needs mowing, but I’m not going out in this heat. Temperature is 90 degrees with 45% humidity.


Solemnity of All Saints

All Saints’ Day is generally celebrated on 1st November as a commemoration day for all Christian saints. It may also be known as All Hallows’ Day, Solemnity of All Saints, Hallowmas, or Feast of Saints. It’s also the first day of November and the start of the Thanksgiving season. Even though the department stores are breaking out the Christmas Trees. However, the grocery stores are stocked with pumpkin pie mixes, winter spices, and all the fixings for a winter harvest. It’s yummy time!

Good economic news today. Nonfarm payrolls rose by 128,000 in October as the U.S. economy overcame the weight of the GM autoworkers’ strike and created jobs at a pace well above expectations. JOBS-JOBS-JOBS!!! The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 301.13 points higher, or 1.1% to 27,347.36. The S&P 500 gained 1% to end the day at 3,066.91, a fresh record close. The Nasdaq Composite also hit an all-time high, climbing 1.1% to 8,386.40.

This promises to be a boom for the holiday shopping season. Great for the national economy and local businesses. I’m very impresses with the Trump family in his administration. Ivanka Trump’s campaign for Opportunity Zones is obviously working for minorities, women and all Americans. Expanding the program into other countries is also an initiative to help other countries economies. Why should we send them money when that can support themselves. Each nation should take care of their own. That’s been Trump’s message. We’re not a global society. Globalism doesn’t work because the weight of costs are on the wealthy nations at the expense of its people.


A nation that feeds itself is a richer nation. However, other nations must stop preventing poorer nations from access to affordable energy. The needs of the people outweigh the needs of the environment. It is a cynical and demented effort by environmentalist to use the hoax of global warming to prevent nations access to affordable energy. Just look at the fires in Kalifornia. The environmentalists do not want any forestry management and the consequences are devastating fires. Don’t expect the fake news media to report that fact. Instead they’ll believe that greaseball governor, Gavin Newsome, that the fires are the cause of global warming. HOW DARE YOU!

I was happy to hear that President Trump is moving from New York to Florida. The Big Apple is infested with maggots like their governor, Fredo Cuomo’s brother, Dumbo Cuomo. Remember that he’s the moron that once said that conservatives are not welcome in New York. Well, New York’s high taxes are draining many people to different locations around the country. Escape From New York. Remember folks, elections have consequences.


In Hawai’i News: It was HOT today. Sunny and HOT! Temperatures in the upper 80’s with 60% humidity. Very dry! Afternoon clouds have moved in, but I don’t think we’ll get any rain. It’s Aloha Friday so the weekend is upon us. The dry weather will give me an opportunity to do some lawn work.



Losing All Reason

In the news today! President Trump is in Minnesota, Minneapolis for a campaign rally and the 20K capacity stadium is almost completely full, and there’s more people coming in. 80 thousand people applied for tickets, amazing!

I pulled this picture from Twitter where an audience member posted this from the Target stadium. The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, a communist Trump hater has tried to resist the President from coming to Minneapolis. How do these people get elected? I just don’t get it. As of this writing, I’m watching fake news Fox News showing a split screen where Tucker Carlson show is on, and Vice President Mike Pence is now speaking.

The President does seem angry by the false charges of election interference when democrats do it all the time. The 2016 election proved that Obama-Clinton and DNC paid foreign nationals to manufacture dirt on then candidate Trump. The fake news media only reports on a whistleblower, but ignores the transcript of the actual conversation. I will say that the President doesn’t seem worried about any impeachment, and I don’t think there will be any impeachment. There’s hasn’t been a vote, there hasn’t been any specific charge, and I believe this is a deliberate attempt to pull attention away from the democrats losing. When Nazi Piglosi announced an impeachment inquiry, President Trump said, Go Ahead, Make My Day!

I called Fox News fake news because of the change that’s been going on at Fox. The latest polling claiming that a majority of Americans favor impeachment. What we learned since is that the Fox poll was heavily weighted on democrat voters. In other words, the poll was rigged to favor impeachment. I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me what the high crime and misdemeanor was, to date it seems the socialist democrats and communist leftists have nothing but whistleblowers and made up witnesses.

Meanwhile, climate activists are staging weird demonstrations with crazy dancing, crazy outfits, gluing themselves to bridges, cars, and buildings.

Do these people work? Do they have jobs? Where do they get the money to fashion these outfits? At least the people of Hong Kong are protesting for their freedoms, but these clowns are protesting the weather. They’ve lost all reason.

Hate hoaxes continue in America. The latest was the black schoolgirl with dreadlocks claiming that some white boys held her down and cut her dreadlocks. She admitted later that she lied. Then there was the Jussie Smollett claim he was beaten up by two MAGA hat white guys. Then we learned he paid two black guys to stage the beat-down. Have these people been punished for these crimes? It seems the left can get away with these false accusations with impunity. Imagine if this were a conservative, it would be headlines for months, and the media calling for swift justice, meaning imprisonment. Once the story is proven a hoax, the fake news leftist media quickly buries the story and goes on to the next fake news story. The drive by media.

In the 2020 campaign news, we learned today that Joe Biden the 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a “professional” tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials. Elizabeth Warren continues to get caught in lie after lie about her career in teaching. She claimed she was fired in 1970 from her special needs teaching job for being pregnant. Later it was revealed she decided to quit her job to become a stay at home mom. She was never fired, and she was never a special needs teacher, because special needs classes started after 1975. How many more lies? And the media call Warren the front-runner. The media never talks about her policies of raising taxes on everyone. Taking away your healthcare.

In Kalifornia, the kooky leftist governor, Gavin Newsom, has turned off the electricity to thousands of people to prevent forest fires. The outage is expected to last for weeks during the Santa Ana winds. I wish all the people that invested in electric cars are happy with their investment. Get used to those things below your waist, they’re called legs and you’d better get used to using them. If only Kalifornia employed good forest management this could all be avoided.

In Hawai’i news, close to home, and I mean really close to home, a person was arrested for shooting another person in Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision. I live in the subdivision next door. Lately there has been a number of shootings on the island. That’s really a shame, and it’s scary. I know lots of gun owners and they keep guns for home protection and for hunting. The people committing gun crimes are always those that cannot legally own guns.

Our weather today is mostly rainy with high clouds. Which is good because it replenishes the water tanks with fresh water and pushes out the algae that forms on sunny days. Temperatures are 78 degrees with relative humidity 97 percent. Winds are calm, just barely a breeze. It feels very comfortable. I’m multitasking right now, watching the President speaking, listening to Sebastian Gorka on the Salem Internet Radio, and writing this blog. It’s almost 4PM HST and it’s time for Judge Judy. I’ll watch the complete Trump rally when my sweetie comes home. Ah the miracle of DVR’s!



Eat The Babies

Happy Aloha Friday! I’ve searching the internet for baby recipes with no luck so far. I might have to do some substitutions.

I’ve heard of some wacky things before, but this is a first for me, but it was proposed by a scientist. Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund has suggested that eating other people after they die could be a means of combating climate change.  

Söderlund is not alone in his call to reject the taboo of cannibalism. Last year, noted atheist and evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins advocated for lab-grown meat and suggested it may be used to “overcome our taboo against cannibalism”


At first I thought this was a prank, but when you listen to this woman, the passion in her voice, I think it was real. Further proof that liberalism is a mental disease. The left proposed weird ideas such as meatless Monday’s, and some plant-based diet companies are producing plant based fake meats that actually mimic blood. They really believe that eating meat is causing more CO2 emissions and killing the planet.

People need a diet that includes meats, or animal proteins. They contain necessary vitamins, iron, B12 and are part of a balanced diet.

It’s ironic that the left yesterday was protesting ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) saying not to separate families. Today they want to eat babies. The ultimate in separating families, served with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

After searching the internet for the ultimate baby cook book I found one on the Twilight Zone.

This obsession with the environment is beyond the level of sanity. There doesn’t seem to be any rational reasoning. People read a kook scientist from Sweden and automatically believe that cannibalism is the solution to over population and environmental destruction. This is all part of the 97% of scientists believing climate change is real. Not that the climate changes constantly, but changing for the worse.

We’re constantly being told the oceans are warming and rising. Storms are more frequent and destructive. Mass extinctions are evident. The people that are prostilizing global warming disasters have no background in climate science. People panic and go off in hysterics. The people pushing this hoax have no data to backup their assertion. It’s unhealthy to live a life in irrational fear. The people pushing this hoax are cruel and dishonest.

Weather: Mostly sunny with cloudy skies. Should be a nice weekend.






I had mentioned in my previous post that I was disappointed by some in the Republican party and their hatred for President Trump. These are career politicians. They have no other skills but to write and pass bad legislation. Two such politicians are Willard the Rat Romney and Mike turncoat Lee.

Failed Presidential 2012 candidate Willard the Rat Romney ran a horrible campaign and lost miserably. Now Mike turncoat Lee is pushing legislation to fast-track cheap H1B Chinese and Indian labor into the country and thus taking American jobs. Why are they doing this? They loath President Trump’s success in creating jobs for Americans with increasing salaries. By bringing in cheap labor they take good paying jobs away from Americans. Bill S.386 would be a disaster for the American worker.

Romney is challenging President Trump’s authority to discuss issues with foreign leaders, as with the democrats. The whistleblower controversy created by an unknown source who was not listening to the Presidents conversation with the Ukraine Prime Minister. Instead, the whistleblower heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend, and so on. It looks like this manufactured hoax is falling apart. But not before Romney the Rat got his two cents in to the media. Last time I read the Constitution, it is well within the President purview to have conversations with other heads of State. Who the hell is Willard to inject himself into the People’s Business?

On another subject, a bizarre event took place at the United Nations regarding the global warming hoax. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg chastised world leaders for failing younger generations by not taking sufficient steps to stop climate change. “You have stolen my childhood and my dreams with your empty words,” Thunberg said at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. “You’re failing us, but young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive you,” she added. Thunberg traveled to the U.S. by sailboat last month so she could appear at the summit. She and other youth activists led international climate strikes on Friday in an attempt to garner awareness ahead of the UN’s meeting of political and business leaders.

“How Dare You”, she belched, “You’re not mature enough to tell it like it is”! Ecocide is the new term that would make it a punishable crime to eat meat for example. Students across the globe walked out of class on September 20 as part of a “climate strike” aimed at pursuing “environmental justice.” The College Fix sent one of its student reporters, Kyle Hooten, to a climate strike at St. Olaf College in Minnesota where roughly 1,000 students vacated class, marched into the town of Northfield, and held a rally. Many of these students said they believe humanity is on a collision course with climate catastrophe and agree with Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that there’s only 12 years left before the planet becomes uninhabitable.

These are college students. They are supposed to be the highly educated. Never mind that the world population is growing, the Earth is greener, there is more food production, and people’s lives are better off than ever. They’re spending $40 to $80 thousand dollars to get an education. What a racket these colleges are running. Give me $100 thousand dollars and put yourself in debt for decades all for a piece of paper that says you have brain.

The paper isn’t worth the ink it was printed on. Don’t try to convince the weak-minded into actually doing the science. The science is settled because the mastery of Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent said it’s so, and Greta the mentally underdeveloped child being used as a prop to spread a socialist message. What a world, what a world, we live in.




Climate Strike

What was accomplished? Seriously? It’s true that kids are not learning anything in the public schools. So letting the kids skip school to shriek and carry signs that the government needs to do something now to fix the environment. What’s wrong with the environment?

Our environment is the cleanest it has ever been. The world is greener. The largest polluters are China and India. So this rant about the climate is serving what purpose? Who is it helping? The short answer no one. This is nothing more that hysteria brought on by environmental activists whose goal is to increase a socialist agenda.

When Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent (AOC) made the claim that the world has only 12 years left before we destroy ourselves. Using what evidence? The fake news media picked up on AOC’s claim and flooded the news stream with this narrative. How is this science? I can make a claim that a diet of only chocolate cake provides you with all the daily nourishment your body needs. And then you get diabetes.

As I have asked before many times, which is more preferable? A warming world or a freezing world. In a freezing world, seasonally growing cycles would be smaller. There would be mass starvation. You would have to use more fossil fuels to heat homes and businesses. Solar and wind would be useless in a freezing environment.

In a warming environment, growing seasons would last longer. More food would be available. More time to enjoy the outdoors. As more plants and trees thrive, the more cleaner the air will be. I still believe solar and wind are larger polluters than fossil fuels. To create solar farms you must clear cut trees. The same with windmills. Plus the damage to birds and wildlife is profound. The amount of environmental damage green technology causes is alarming. People don’t realize how much fossil fuel energy needs to go into constructing solar and wind farms.

In Hawai’i, solar and wind farms eat up valuable farmland that could be used to reduce our dependence on shipping in food from the mainland. The cost of produce in Hawai’i is expensive because it has to be shipped in. Most environmentalist in Hawai’i are gardeners, they are not farmers. They don’t understand what farming and ranching is about. Environmentalists believe food comes from it’s natural habitat, a supermarket.

Now convince a bunch of ignorant kids that the planet is warming and the seas are rising because the polar ice caps are melting demonstrates a huge ignorance to science. It’s really sad because instead of learning the life skills needed to be successful in life, they are being fed a diet of science fiction. These kids will not listen to actual climate scientists, but they’ll listen to an autistic child testifying before a brain dead Congress and United Nations that the planet is burning. It’s madness.



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