The War Machine

Hawai’i’s “Do Nothing” Senator, Crazy Mazie Hirono is a War Monger. Who knew? After years of calling Trump a war monger and would start World War 3, suddenly this idiot wants to send our soldiers into a foreign country where the people don’t like us and want to kill us. Not for any strategic National Security reasons, but to keep the War Machine going. We were only supposed to be there for 30 days and it’s been 10 years. We were not fighting a declared war, but enforcing a police action.

I cannot believe both Republicans and democrats want to continue sending our soldiers into harms way. The Kurds are somewhat allies of ours, and the Turkey is a NATO member. As President Trump said, are we suppose to fight a NATO allie? That put the United States in a conflict. Actually, Turkey should have never been a NATO member. Let the Russians deal with Syria and Turkey. The Russians have a military seaport in Syria, they have an interest in Syria, whereas we don’t.

Lets remind ourselves that this area of the world has been at war with each other since the beginning of time. They feed off of the hate for each other. Then why is this conflict any of our business? Why must we be the world policemen? These savages are going to kill each other anyway. Why do we need to get involved in ancient sectarian violence? Hirono’s hatred for President Trump is well known and her lack of interest in the needs of Hawai’i is also well known. She’s a do nothing lazy corrupt politician.

Trump’s strategy of economic sanctions is a powerful tool to force these savages to act civil in the 21st century. The blood thirsty fake news media is also doing the War Machine’s bidding by falsely reporting war stories and then blaming President Trump for the consequences. This country has spent trillions and lost countless lives for a conflict that is as old as the dirt under the feet of these savages. We have our own country and our own people to take care of. I agree with the President that seeing flag draped coffins and disfigured soldiers is heartbreaking. We need to strong military to defend our nation, not to defend other nations that want endless wars.

Unlike Barry the Bullshitter Obama, I believe President Trump is wary of the vacuum and the potential of ISIS returning. However, Russia, Syria, and Turkey hate ISIS. Let it be their problem to deal with. It’s in their neighborhood, not ours. We have bigger problems to fix. We have a porous border that needs defending. We have national infrastructure to rebuild, we have a corrupt swampy government that needs to be purged, and we have an economy that needs to grow. It’s time to take care of ourselves. Something Crazy Mazie Hirono doesn’t care for.

In Hawai’i news: Happy Aloha Friday! Our weather is typically great, as usual. Morning rain showers gave way to partly cloudy skies with brilliant sunshine. Chilly mornings in the 60’s gave way to temperatures in the mid 70’s, with 74% relative humidity.

On O’ahu there’s protesting of a proposed windfarm at Kahuku. It’s about time locals starting waking up to the environmental disaster these so called Green Energy Projects. It’s interesting that the people invested into these wind farms don’t have to live near them. They don’t want to live with the electrical interference, the noise, the dead birds, and the hazards associated with windmills.

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, parishioners attending the “Installation Mass” celebration and fellowship gathering at St. Joseph Catholic Church, there will be a temporary one-way traffic pattern on Kapi’olani Street. 





National Farmers’ Day

Mahiʻai ka Lā

Today is National Farmers Day! Without farmers, no one would eat and no one would have shoes and clothes. There’s a lot to give thanks for farmers. It’s really hard work, long hours, and you don’t get rich. Except for the value and success in the harvest. The farmers have great pride. You can see that in their faces and in their products. That’s why God made a farmer.

The Big Island of Hawai’i is called the Orchid Isle, but it’s best known for all the farms, Mahi’ai. The farms here are very diverse. We have some of the largest cattle ranches in the United States. We have pig farms, orchid farms, Ti farms, coffee farms, vegetable farms, honey farms, horse farms, sugar farms, pineapple farms, macadamia nut farms, Papaya farms, and so much more including unique fruits and vegetables that grow wild on the island. Specialty farms that grow indigenous produce found no where else in the world.

Our neighboring islands also have farms. Maui has some incredible farms, as with O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaua’i, and Ni’ihau. In just about every town there can be found a farmers market. There’s nothing like visiting a farmers market where fresh vegetables, coffee, and specialty made cheeses can be found. Bartering and trading and the passing of currency fills the air like a carnival. It’s electrifying excitement at every booth. Live music fills the air, local chefs create fabulous meals using local produce. Everything from made to order from French Crepes to authentic Thai food. Fresh eggs and Hawaiian pulled pork plate lunches.

Local Cuisine

Local Produce

You can find anything here. White Pineapple is so sweet and delicious. All locally grown by our farmers. These are not gardeners that grow on small plots. We’re talking about acres of greenhouses, what we call hot-houses. All picked at perfect ripeness. You can visit and select fresh produce daily. Some of the larger farmers markets are only open on the weekends, but many are open daily. It’s not all produce, some sell clothing, knives, memorabilia, and music instruments. Farming is hard back breaking work, but the rewards are there.

Believe it or not, there are some people, and in government, that frown on these farmers markets. The government over-regulates and puts up hurdles that make farming more expensive. Our local and State government is run by leftist democrats that think they know what’s best for our islands. That translate into higher prices. So many large box stores will ship in produce from the mainland to sell at lower prices. It’s truly unfair to the local community.

Mainland malihini’s (non local people) see the land as unused and unproductive. They want to build solar farms and wind farms. They don’t like the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMO products. These people don’t understand the needs of farmers to be productive. GMO technology has saved the Papaya, Banana, and Coffee industry on Hawai’i. Besides most people don’t understand the technology, and are fed misinformation about the technology, they believe it’s dangerous. GMO’s are just another tool in the farmers hand to feed the community. The left has a campaign to destroy local farms to seize their lands.

We get mainlanders’ that arrive here and want to bring their mainland baggage with them. They want Hawai’i to be like Kalifornia or some other leftist State. They want to establish a socialist government and apply Marxist rules to feel comfortable in their own habitat. They feel their lives will be personally inconvenienced by the smell of farms, the noise of machinery, the braying of animals, and the crowing of chickens. It makes you wonder why they even moved here believing they are entitled to their slice of paradise. It’s pure selfishness.

Remember to Thank a Farmer




Friday Rally

Happy Aloha Friday! For most people this is the start of a long weekend. Columbus Day is Monday, October 14th. When I was growing up, we celebrated Columbus day. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I remember that poem. Back then we learned real American History. Not only did we learn Columbus following voyages, be learned about other events in History. We leaned about, Amerigo Vespucci, who was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator, and cartographer from the Republic of Florence. His namesake is what is known as North and South America. It seems this history is being erased in the name of political correctness. Too bad.

I watched in disbelief the aftermath of the Trump Rally at Minneapolis, Minnesota. People being attacked and beaten leaving the stadium by antifa fascists. Directed by the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jocob Frey. This fascist mayor tried to sabotage President Trump’s rally by making the attendees suffer. First by moving the port-a-potties further away. Then by turning off the air conditioners in the stadium. After the rally, antifa fascist thugs blocked people from leaving the parking lot. They banged on cars, attacked people, stole their MAGA hats. Lit fires. Spat on people. The mayor had instructed the police to stand down. Riots ensued. A peaceful rally that people excising their First Amendment Right to assembly was met by democrat socialist criminals. Rep. Aisha Gomez (DFL) of the Minnesota House of Representatives was caught on film protesting with ANTIFA in the streets outside Target Center during President Donald Trump’s visit to MN. This is an elected lawmaker involved in a criminal activity. Shameful and un-American.

Today, the President is in Lake Charles, Louisiana holding another packed, standing room only, rally. It’s amazing how many people will camp out for hours just to attend these rallies. It makes my heard swell with pride that there are so many Americans that love their country and our American values. It seems to be much more peaceful.


In a bit of good news, anti-American, uber leftist, and Trump hater, Shemp Smith, is no longer with Fox News. Good riddance to the lowest rated Fox News anchor. At the Louisiana Trump rally, President Donald Trump applauded the Louisiana team that claimed its first Little League World Series title, and invited them up to the stage. Pretty sure these kids will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

The International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled to fly over Hawai’i on Friday, Oct 11 7:28 PM: Visible: 3 min, Max Height: 52°, Appears: 11° above NW, Disappears: 52° above WSW. Hoping the cloud cover will dissipate enough to view this event. This is always fun to watch. Sometimes when the sky is cloudless, and the air clear, and the angle of the sun hits the ISS just right you can see the solar panels.

The weather is clearing after a night of rain that continued into the morning. By afternoon there are still high clouds. These high clouds are usually not rain, but the lower elevation level clouds usually mean rain. The neighbor island Kaua’i is under a flash flood warning till late this evening. Mount Wai‘ale‘ale is the wettest spot on earth and the waterfalls are amazing. Temperatures here on Hawai’i island are a cool 79 degrees with relative humidity of 78 percent. Should be a great weekend. Aloha!



Losing All Reason

In the news today! President Trump is in Minnesota, Minneapolis for a campaign rally and the 20K capacity stadium is almost completely full, and there’s more people coming in. 80 thousand people applied for tickets, amazing!

I pulled this picture from Twitter where an audience member posted this from the Target stadium. The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, a communist Trump hater has tried to resist the President from coming to Minneapolis. How do these people get elected? I just don’t get it. As of this writing, I’m watching fake news Fox News showing a split screen where Tucker Carlson show is on, and Vice President Mike Pence is now speaking.

The President does seem angry by the false charges of election interference when democrats do it all the time. The 2016 election proved that Obama-Clinton and DNC paid foreign nationals to manufacture dirt on then candidate Trump. The fake news media only reports on a whistleblower, but ignores the transcript of the actual conversation. I will say that the President doesn’t seem worried about any impeachment, and I don’t think there will be any impeachment. There’s hasn’t been a vote, there hasn’t been any specific charge, and I believe this is a deliberate attempt to pull attention away from the democrats losing. When Nazi Piglosi announced an impeachment inquiry, President Trump said, Go Ahead, Make My Day!

I called Fox News fake news because of the change that’s been going on at Fox. The latest polling claiming that a majority of Americans favor impeachment. What we learned since is that the Fox poll was heavily weighted on democrat voters. In other words, the poll was rigged to favor impeachment. I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me what the high crime and misdemeanor was, to date it seems the socialist democrats and communist leftists have nothing but whistleblowers and made up witnesses.

Meanwhile, climate activists are staging weird demonstrations with crazy dancing, crazy outfits, gluing themselves to bridges, cars, and buildings.

Do these people work? Do they have jobs? Where do they get the money to fashion these outfits? At least the people of Hong Kong are protesting for their freedoms, but these clowns are protesting the weather. They’ve lost all reason.

Hate hoaxes continue in America. The latest was the black schoolgirl with dreadlocks claiming that some white boys held her down and cut her dreadlocks. She admitted later that she lied. Then there was the Jussie Smollett claim he was beaten up by two MAGA hat white guys. Then we learned he paid two black guys to stage the beat-down. Have these people been punished for these crimes? It seems the left can get away with these false accusations with impunity. Imagine if this were a conservative, it would be headlines for months, and the media calling for swift justice, meaning imprisonment. Once the story is proven a hoax, the fake news leftist media quickly buries the story and goes on to the next fake news story. The drive by media.

In the 2020 campaign news, we learned today that Joe Biden the 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a “professional” tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials. Elizabeth Warren continues to get caught in lie after lie about her career in teaching. She claimed she was fired in 1970 from her special needs teaching job for being pregnant. Later it was revealed she decided to quit her job to become a stay at home mom. She was never fired, and she was never a special needs teacher, because special needs classes started after 1975. How many more lies? And the media call Warren the front-runner. The media never talks about her policies of raising taxes on everyone. Taking away your healthcare.

In Kalifornia, the kooky leftist governor, Gavin Newsom, has turned off the electricity to thousands of people to prevent forest fires. The outage is expected to last for weeks during the Santa Ana winds. I wish all the people that invested in electric cars are happy with their investment. Get used to those things below your waist, they’re called legs and you’d better get used to using them. If only Kalifornia employed good forest management this could all be avoided.

In Hawai’i news, close to home, and I mean really close to home, a person was arrested for shooting another person in Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision. I live in the subdivision next door. Lately there has been a number of shootings on the island. That’s really a shame, and it’s scary. I know lots of gun owners and they keep guns for home protection and for hunting. The people committing gun crimes are always those that cannot legally own guns.

Our weather today is mostly rainy with high clouds. Which is good because it replenishes the water tanks with fresh water and pushes out the algae that forms on sunny days. Temperatures are 78 degrees with relative humidity 97 percent. Winds are calm, just barely a breeze. It feels very comfortable. I’m multitasking right now, watching the President speaking, listening to Sebastian Gorka on the Salem Internet Radio, and writing this blog. It’s almost 4PM HST and it’s time for Judge Judy. I’ll watch the complete Trump rally when my sweetie comes home. Ah the miracle of DVR’s!



Bill 25 Kills Gas



Our gas company, Hawai’i GAS, wrote a letter to their customers regarding a bill moving through Honolulu City Council. If this bill passes it would effectively eliminate gas hot water heaters and any renovations made to homes would prohibit installing gas water heaters. Bill 25 also has Statewide implications because this also could sweep across the neighbor islands and effect other appliances that use gas.

Almost all the gas used on the islands is propane. It’s still a cheap, clean and reliable fuel that leaves very little emissions. There is a ridiculous initiative in Hawai’i by the environazis to be 100% on renewable energy. The problem is, there is no such thing as renewable energy. By renewable energy they are referring to solar and wind energy which is highly unreliable, toxic, and dangerous to the environment.

There are several reasons why renewable energy, or green technology, is environmentally unsafe: 1) Solar panels are made using rare toxic materials. 2) Windmills use hydraulic oils to operate. 3) Batteries used to store energy use caustic chemicals that harm the environment when disposed. Like Solar and Wind, they use huge amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture and install. Rooftop solar panels cause leaks in the roofs. Windmills and solar farms must clear acres of land. Land that could be used for growing food. This will only make Hawai’i more dependent on getting our food from the mainland which will increase the cost of food. That will cause a disastrous ripple effect across our island economy. Making the cost of living more expensive and hurting the quality of life.

Once they environazis get rid of gas hot water heaters, they will then move on to gas stoves, tankless water heaters, BBQ grills, anything that uses gas will be pushed out and made more expensive. The State will over-regulate the use of gas making it more expensive and less available. The fantasy of 100% renewable energy is an unrealistic goal because as I said before, there is no such thing as renewable energy. There’s no such thing as green energy. This is highly unreliable energy. Fossil fuels are still reliable, clean, and cheap.

I love to cook with gas. I prefer my tank-less water heater. I can taste the difference between gas grilled and electric stove top. However, the environazis won’t stop with just gas, they’ll target charcoal grills. The environazis don’t want you to eat meat because they say it’s bad for the environment. People need to eat meat, they need the vitamin B12 in meats to stay healthy. The last thing we want to do is allow the government control the food pyramid again, and like energy, they were wrong then and wrong now.

Welina mai ʻOkakopa (Greetings October) – A mostly sunny day with evening trade showers.




Fire Ants

Fire ants on Hawai’i island are a real nuisance. They are everywhere and they have a nasty sting. They are really tiny but deliver a big bite. The fire ants are an invasive species that no one really knows how they got to the Hawaiian islands. There are lots of theories but nothing has been proven. The fact that here are here means we have to somehow manage them.

When I lived in Guam the fire ants lived in the ground and produced mounds of red dirt. Here the fire ants live in the trees and they migrate in swarms from tree to tree. They use the trees as bridges to spread the colony. Here’s a video on the history of little fire ants in Hawai’i.

Little fire ants are a such a problem that they effect animals and live stock. My cats and dogs eyes are cloudy because of the fire ants. This was confirmed by a veterinarians’ examination. We had thought our animals were developing cataracts but that wasn’t the case. The fire ants get into homes. They’re usually found in the electrical outlets. I’m not sure what attracts them to the electrical outlets but you can see them squeezing from the outlet covers. Some homes are more infested than others.

Luckily there is a working solution to control the spread of the little fire ants. Bait and Barrier is a USDA solution to control the fire ant problem. The barrier is a granular compound that the ants eat and then soon die. They won’t cross the barrier after they figure out there is a poison waiting for them. The bait is a solution that combines a chemical that sterilizes the fire ants from reproducing. The ants eat the solution and carry it back to the colony and it prevents the queen from producing eggs. The solution is sprayed on trees and leaves. It contains corn oil and peanut butter which attracts the ants. A poison which sterilizes the ants is mixed into the liquid solution. It is very effective. We have reduced the fire ant population. It doesn’t eliminate the fire ant problem, it just controls the problem. The application must be regularly applied to effectively control the little fire ant problem. So far, so good.




Constitution Day

Today, September 17th, 2019 is Constitution Day. This is when we review the the supreme laws of the United States of America. The words “We The People” written in large bold text lets all Americans know the inclusiveness of the document.  The opening preamble

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

These words were meant for all citizens of the United States. The document defines the government and the three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. There is no other document like this in the world. Occasionally members of the elected government need to be reminded who the document was written for.

In 2011, during the regime of the Obama corruption, the Tea Party representatives elected to the House read passages of the Constitution to remind the democrats and then Obama that all legislation must cite the part of the Constitution that justifies its existence. Even today the democrats slur and distort the meaning of the Constitution. Every once in a while, these elected Representatives need a reminder who they work for and why they are there to represent, we the people.

Sometimes an entertainment show brings it all to television in a story from the stars. One such show was the classic “Star Trek” where Captain Kirk and crew visit a planet where a terrible war was waging for centuries by a people with extremely long lifespans. The Yangs and Congs were at war for so long they had forgotten their own history, even why they were at war. The war reduced their society to stone age level of technology. As a kid growing up in 1968 I remembered this episode vividly.

It was then I became aware of the Constitution and our system of government. At that time my Social Studies History classes taught the Constitution, the Magna Carta, and American history. We celebrated Columbus day, Independence day, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Sadly, many of these moments in American history are no longer taught in schools. Like a parallel universe.




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