Thirty Meter Telescope

The Thirty Meter Telescope is set for construction on top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It is not without controversy. While there are many telescopes on top of the mountain, a total of 12, all from various international science organizations, the mountain is considered sacred to native Hawaiians.

It has been a 10 year process that went through the courts, environmental impact studies, and government permits. Now that all the legal steps have been cleared, Governor David Ige announced construction of the TMT will begin on July 15, 2019.

The construction will create a lot of jobs for years. Hawai’i will advance as the premier world location for astronomical sciences. The TMT will create 140 permanent jobs. Over 400 construction jobs. $I Million dollars in STEM education on the island. $30 Million in leases. Millions more in education, high tech jobs, and science contributions. The State and County of Hawai’i will benefit enormously.

Native Hawaiians consider the mountain sacred, and protests have begun. Protesters have camped themselves on Saddle Road, also known as Danial K. Inouye Hwy. Some protesters have chained themselves to a gate on the observatory access road. Heavy construction equipment was schedule to arrive, but was canceled because of the protesters. There are hundreds of protester at the entrance of the access road.

Counter protesters were in Hilo along Hwy 11, Kanoelehua road, to support the TMT. They held signs in support of the TMT.

While I sympathize with the protesters and I respect their religious protection of the mountain, I have to wonder where they were when the islands were being scared with windmills and solar farms. They let the religion of environmentalism destroy the land.

If the mountain is part of the island, the ‘Aina, shouldn’t it be all sacred? I’m supporting the TMT because the economic benefits outweigh any religious aspect. Plus observatories have been on the mountain for decades and have made astonishing discoveries. Besides the scientists, no Hawaiian lives on top of Mauna Kea.



Week In Review

We dodged a storm, again! Hurricane Barbara whimpered out but stayed long enough to recharge the water catchment. The downside is hurricane season has only started and will continue till December.

It’s about time that the government is looking at the Unsocial Media Big Tech platforms. Fascistbook was fined 5 Billion dollars by the FTC for privacy violations. Full story here <— YEA!!!

It seems the divide in the country centers on patriotism. On one side, the democrats, aka leftists, communists, antifa, islamic terrorists, violent fascists. On the other side, the Republicans, aka American citizens, Trump supporters, God fearing, country loving, patriots. I must point out that some RINO’s (republicans in name only) are not Pro-American. Many are part of the swamp that infests the government. A good example is former House Speaker, Paul Ryan, he’s upset that President is moving too fast to repair the damage to the government.

At the Whitehouse Rose Garden, a gathering of conservatives arrived to participate in President Trump’s Social Media Summit. After the event there was a press conference where one reporter started verbally abusing the participants. A reporter for CNN, Brian Karem, then challenged Dr. Sebastian Gorka to a fight. Seb Gorka got up and confronted this CNN moron and called him a punk. Brian Karem is no stranger to the Whitehouse press pool, he has verbally abused former Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders. This punk is the enemy of the people.

Even Joy Villa passing through the airport was insulted by some woman. She called Joy, gross! Just because Joy was wearing a Trump pin. It’s this incivility by the left that has put people in harms way. The Coventry Catholic boys for example were vilified by the fake news media. People’s personal information placed on the internet where kooks show up at the homes of people frightening families. This nonsense has to stop and people held accountable.

Despite my gloom and doom rants, I do see a positive outlook. People are becoming aware and are starting to fight back. The economy is roaring! All the US Markets are in record territory! Unemployment is at an all time low for all demographics! Economic opportunity and wage growth is rising! All within a three years that Trump has been President. Now if only the dims and the never trumpers would get off their hatred for America First and began to work for the People! This country would reach new levels of greatness.

Meanwhile, the weather here on the Big Island is gorgeous and the weekend is looking great. Our prayers go out to our Maui ʻOhana struggling with a serious wildfire on the Valley Isle.  Stay safe, we’ll see you all tomorrow.


Absent Of Rainbows

As expected, the remnants of Hurricane Barbara has arrived. Downgraded to a tropical storm, the storm has not produced strong winds where we’re at, but other parts of the island did have strong winds. The rains are heavy at times and arrive in waves. The weather forecast has called for light rain. It’s expected to continue into tomorrow and tapering off towards the end of the week.

We did lose power for about a half hour in the morning. Apparently a tree fell on a power line. Hawai’i Electric Light reports outages as far north as Honoka’a in Hamakua and south to Hawaiian Beaches in lower Puna. As of 1:30PM HST the remaining 1600 customers have finally had their power restored. Luckily there’s been no lightening and reports of flooding.

On my cell phone, I have an app called “scanner radio.” It allows me to listen to police and emergency responders. It’s a handy little tool to stay informed real-time. Plus we get text and emails from emergency crews, police, and civil defense through nixle. That’s very useful for road closures and other emergency messages.

At 4PM HST, the Sun appeared for a brief period, but the rain hasn’t gone away, and no rainbows have appeared.



The Grateful And The Ungrateful

Independence day is special to the American culture. It’s a happy time for all Americans. It’s like winning a lifetime lottery to be an American citizen. What makes this Independence extra special is our country’s return to the values bestowed by our founding fathers. The most unique experiment in history is being restored to the greatness it was designed to be. I am grateful to be apart of this great experiment that has lasted for two hundred and forty-fourth years. The future looks bright, and the republic looks promising, but only if we can keep it.

I’m watching President Trump’s speech on the television and I’m impressed. The fake news media was convinced that the President’s speech would be all about himself. I guess they were thinking Barry the Bullshitter was still in office. Narcissist anti-American Obama.

President Trump delivers a unifying speech that honors American Exceptionalism. The President honors all branches of our military, law enforcement, first responders, and noted patriots in history. The military flyovers were amazing! I was deeply impressed with the B2 Stealth bomber. That is so unique in our military arsenal.  We are truly blessed.

On twitter and on other unsocial platforms, the left is having a meltdown. They actually want to put Barry the Bullshitter back in office. When Independence Day was celebrated as a funeral. Such hatred for the country by these diseased morons.

Anyway, the weather here is as always perfect. Hurricane Barbara is losing strength and is drifting northward. We’re awaiting the fireworks later on this evening. Meanwhile, we can watch the events in Washington D.C. from the safety of our couch and enjoying libations. Life on and volcano.

It’s mostly cloudy with some southwesterly breezes. We could get some rain, but this is windward Big Island and rain is always possible. However, that neither will stop the fireworks display, nor will it prevent my hibachi from grilling up a nice BBQ!

My retirement is my independence and I’m able to live the lifestyle I want through years of careful planning for the future. It’s too bad that others don’t have the foresight to plan for retirement. They always expect someone to care for them. I prefer the independence over dependence.






America The Beautiful

A beautiful day this Third of July, 2019. Preparations underway for a spectacular fireworks display tomorrow. So many wonderful things to talk about. The Stock Market reaches new records. The Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ all reaching remarkable records. That means anyone investing in the stock market has made some money! If you have either a 401K, or savings bonds then you have made money!

President Trump is going the have a military parade in Washington D.C. that’s sure to be an event of extraordinary patriotism. The left isn’t happy about it. The Fake News channels, ABC, CBS, NBC,  and MSNBC all say they will not cover the parade. Not unexpected, they are anti-American. It’s a shame because there is so much destructive leftism that the media focuses on. It can be depressing, but I tune them out.

The shoe company Nike decided to pull their sneakers with the Betsy Ross flag embossed because cop hating anti-American Colin Kaepernick said the flag represents slavery. He’s wrong, and so is Nike. Well, another company that I will not purchase from.

Why did Nike recall their shoe with the Betsy Ross flag embossed on their shoes? Because anti-American Kaepernick hates America. Wait! Where have I’ve seen the Betsy Ross flag before? Was it at Barry the BS’er’s inauguration?

Why, yet it was! So suddenly a flag is now racist. These are the examples where the left has businesses pulling products because they are worried about creating a negative public image. By being cowards, they are creating a negative image, but not what they think.

The level of anti-Americanism has bled over into Hawai’i. Honolulu City Council members Carol Fukunaga and Ann Kobayashi, introduced bill 31, the measure is called the Ho’okipa Welcoming Act, that would prohibit the Honolulu Police Department from cooperating with federal authorities to detain and investigate immigrants who may be living in the country illegally. Thus turning the city of Honolulu into a sanctuary city. A city with a large homeless problem. Who would pay for this? The taxpayers. As if you weren’t taxed enough already, the Council would ignore the needs of its citizens, and direct money to illegal aliens. Insanity!

Leftists want to stain the beauty of America by engineering the country into a socialist nation. This is why we must vote them out to preserve our way of life. These leftists will either rewrite the Constitution, or eliminate it altogether! We cannot allow that to happen.

So I look forward to celebrating Independence Day. The left won’t. So screw the left. Break out the BBQ’s and Party like its 1776!

See you tomorrow!



World’s Smallest Clown Car

Democrat Presidential Debates, All Aboard!

I did watch the democratic debates and I have several observations. First, every single candidate is pushing socialism. Second, illegal aliens are the democrat audience, they did not speak to the American people. Third, they all promise to raise your taxes, give free healthcare to all, including illegal aliens, make education free, take your guns away, provide free housing, and eliminate American sovereignty. No borders.

Whose is going to pay for all this free stuff? You the taxpayer! This is the regressive democrat socialism policy they are all proposing. What’s scary is that some people think this is a good idea. They point to other democrat countries as models of their dystopian Utopian for the United States. The money that was confiscatory taken from the taxpayers will now go to non-citizens. So what’s next? Remember when the Obama regime was looking at people’s 401K’s as money just sitting around not doing anything? If the democrats win Congress and the White House, they will implement these policies. Make no mistake, the democrats will create an entitlement society to keep them in power for generations. Once socialism takes hold it is damn hard to get rid of it.

I watched a opinion video by the New York Slimes editorial board stating that America is just okay, and not the greatest country in the world.

It’s op-ed pieces like these that appear before the election cycles. The country is falling apart, the environment is in crisis and it is all the fault of United States. It’s meant to depress the citizenry into believing there is no hope. It’s meant to make the United States look like some developing nation with cascades of economic, environmental, and humanitarian deficiencies. Your success cannot be achieved without the help of a benevolent government providing for your every need. You need bigger government! {SIGH} Don’t be fooled by this propaganda.

We have an economy that is the envy of the world. Unemployment is at its lowest level. Incomes are rising, and employers are hiring. GDP is above 3% and the long economic term outlook looks great. The Fake News Media would tell you different.

Anyway, here’s the latest on hurricane Barbara:

Barbara has developed into a category 4 hurricane. It’s expected to downgrade to a tropical storm as it approaches the islands. The prediction models are very unclear at this time.

Today was sunny and partially cloudy. It is hot, but the humidly is low. A typical summer day. High surf warnings are out because of the hurricane and some beach parks will close as a result. As usual, we are prepared for hurricanes.

USGS Volcano’s has put Mauna Loa on yellow advisory. There’s some activity causing the mountain lava inflation. There have been earthquake swarms on the mountain and last night at 9:30 PM HST there was 3.6 magnitude earthquake in the eastern rift zone in Volcanoes National Park. We felt that jolt. There’s no eminent eruption at this time.

That’s It For Today! See You Tomorrow!



Looking Back At 2018

The year in review

Lanuali: The year of the Dog, started out the 2018 New Year. In Hawai’i, the Goddess Poli’ahu was visiting Mauna Kea. New Years eve brought in a spectacular aerial fireworks display in the neighborhood. These can be problematic with people that own pets and animals. Because of the noise, the animals will run away and get lost. It’s always wise to lock up your animals, either in a kennel, or a room where they can hide till the noise stops. Often time, the fireworks can go on past 2AM in the morning.

Mauna Kea with Snow

On the political scene, the democrats put themselves on a full frontal nudity attack on the successes of the Trump administration. Democrats lost the DACA fight, Schumer’s government shutdown failed, Pelosi accused the Tax Breaks as crumbs, and yet the Trump economy started taking off. Businesses started returning back to the country. The year was starting with great optimism.

On January 13, Hawai’i emergency management sent out a message that frightened a lot of people. I was sleeping at the time when the text message hit my phone. I looked at it and rolled over back to sleep. I knew that the North Koreans did not a sophisticated targeting system.

Pepeluali: We always look forward to February because the annual Pana’ewa Rodeo starts during Valentines weekend. Some of the best ranchers on Hawai’i Island put on a three day show.  It’s always a great time. This year it was rainy and chilly, but that did not dampen any spirits.

Meanwhile, the war on America by socialist democrats continued. Every trick in the democrat book was failing to destroy the Trump administration. They claimed Trump was mentally incompetent, that failed when Trump passed 100% the cognitive tests. Being exposed was the depth of the swamp corruption. The FBI, CIA, State Dept., and other government agencies were involved in the wholesale corruption of the government. The swamp of both democrats and never Trumper republicans was starting to fight against being exposed as corrupt bureaucrats.

Malaki: March always brings out the flowers, especially the orchids. While we have wild orchids year round, other only bloom once a year. That includes Ti plants. Also, Ulu (breadfruit), ‘Ōhi’a ‘ai (mountain apple) and other fruits start to ripen. Oranges, avocados are flowering.

From the top left clockwise, ‘Ōhi’a ‘ai, Ulu, ʻOkika, Ti pōʻele

ʻApelila: The month started with a wonderful Easter. The rain was continuous since January. I believe there were more rainy days than sunny days. We learned that social media was very unsocial. Congressional hearings that involved Facebook, Twitter, and Google. We learned that the swamp included high level congressional leadership, including both parties. We learned that members of the government were not working for the people. Instead, they were activity trying to stop all the good work President Trump was accomplishing. It seems the President was accomplishing things that the congress and past presidents either couldn’t, or wouldn’t do for the American people.

Mei: Pele was on the move. After a series of earthquake swarms that went on for months, Kilauea finally erupted. Then there was several large earthquakes, with the last trembler magnitude of 6.9. Leilani Estates was the beginning with several fissures opening in the subdivision. The worse was yet to come. As the lava began to spread, fissure 8 opened, and the lava became a river heading towards the ocean. The entire Kapoho subdivisions were destroyed. A new coastline was formed that included black sand beaches.

Puuhonua o Puna was formed to help the displaced people of south east Hawai’i island affected by the lava. Temporary housing was constructed, a food bank, and local support groups came together to help their neighbors. It was truly amazing how quickly the operation was formed. Of course, the fake news media did their best to spin the disaster to be far worse that it was.

Lune: Lava continues to flow like a river into the ocean. Fissure 8, I have renamed as “Kawahawalu“, which means fissure eight. The cinder cone was now over a hundred feet tall and growing. The lava entering the ocean was generating its own weather system. A very dangerous system of VOG (Volcanic Smog) and LAZE, hydrochloric acid mixed with fine particles of glass formed by lava vaporizing into the seawater. At night you could see the glow of the lava in the distance. It was so surreal.

Halau Hula Leilani Estates Hawaii Lava Zone June 17 2018

In the Hawaiian culture there are many Gods: Pele, Hi’iaka, Lono, Poli’ahu, and many more. A Halau Hula Leilani pays homage to Pele in the traditional Hula Kahiko (ancient hula). To witness this event real time is very special.

Lulai: Lava continues to flow. It’s America’s Independence Day. We learned that Senator Crazy Mazie Hirono is a religious bigot, a man hater, and a anti-American. An embarrassment to the great State of Hawai’i. Let’s talk about the lava update.

Hawai’i Island Civil Defense has done a great job coordinating, and providing for the residents displaced by the lava. Poho’iki boat ramp was spared. A huge black sand beach now surrounds the boat ramp, cutting the boat ramp off from the ocean. Newly formed hot ponds are now where the boat ramp used to be. Kapoho Vacationland is completely gone. There were many homes located in the gated subdivision. Kapoho tide pools, Wai ‘Opae subdivisions also were destroyed

ʻAukake: Lava is tapering off. Hawai’i Statehood is celebrated. Hurricane Lane passed by. A little more sunshine, but it still mostly rained. Torrents of water fell from the sky. Our gutters were like a firehose.

We get our drinking water from the rain. The two PVC pipes in the picture shows the water pouring out. That’s the first flush system. Any rubbish in the gutters is directed to this pipe. The second pipe going into the ground is where the cleaned water flows to the storage tank. There it is filtered through a UV light, rope, carbon, and calcite filters before entering the house. It is clean, PH balanced, and bacteria free!

Kepakemapa: Restrictions on travel into lower Puna have been lifted. Leilani Estates residents are being allowed back into the subdivision. Many refugees from the lava have lost everything. Farmers were hit hard. So I took a ride down to Kalapana-Kapoho road to Seaview.

Life is returning to normal, as best it can. Bulldozers are carving out new roads into Kapoho to Poho’iki (Issac Hale) boat ramp. Signs of lava steaming under ground on Rt. 130 at Leilani Estates.

Steel plates on the road because of the heat and damage to the road allows travel, but it will be sometime before the rods will be in full repair. The tree tunnels on Red Road (Kalapana-Kapoho) were spared.

ʻOkakopa: As we move into October, it’s a quiet month. America has a taste for Nationalism! Patriotism sweep over the nation. Of course, the media and communist democrats are aghast by mere thought of a nation being patriotic. After years of putting down America, and shaming the people, our President demonstrates a love for the country that hasn’t been seen in any past regimes since the Ronaldus Magnus administration.

We’ve had so much rain this year that Queen Lili’uokalani Gardens is flooded! The walkways are all under water. On this sunny day, in between the raindrops and rainbows, it’s been a soggy year so far. No end in sight!

Nowemapa: Thanksgiving was extra special this year. For no particular reason. Except it’s Turkey Day! Giving Thanks! There’s been a change in the direction of the sunrise and sunset. You can feel a difference in the evening when the temperatures drop, and you no longer have to have the ceiling fan on. Winter is coming.

Now that the volcanic activity has quieted down, the air is much cleaner. Views of Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa are stunning. Up goes the Christmas tree and decorations in preparation for Christmas. There’s a level of excitement in the air this year. Really looking forward to the season.

Kēkēmapa: It’s now December 31st, at the time of this writing. We finally had a chance to visit Poho’iki boat ramp. What a Christmas gift Pele left for us.

Adorning the fresh lava rock are wrapped gifts and blessings

Behold the newly formed Black Sand Beach

Looking back at Issac Hale, the Poho’iki boat ramp. You can see the ramp that now dips into a newly formed hot pond. There are other hot ponds formed in the area. The entire area is surrounded by mounds of Black Sand. A whole new shoreline has been formed. People have planted coconut seedlings. In 20 years, this beach will be adorned with tall palms in remembrance of Pele’s visit.

Out of the disaster, some good had occurred. A sickness had affected the ‘Ōhi’a Lehua trees. Called “Rapid ‘Ōhi’a Death” (ROD), the fungal disease has been destroying the native trees across the Big Island. The ‘Ōhi’a Lehua is the oldest and more prolific tree on Moku o Keawe (Hawaii Island). It is considered the the legend of Hi’iaka, and the jealousy of Pele. The bright red blossoms of the ‘Ōhi’a flower represent storytelling in Hawaiian folklore. Most of the diseased trees were destroyed, thus stopping the spread of the disease. ‘Ōhi’a Lehua is usually the first signs of life that appears from the fresh lava beds.

At the end of this day, the new year will begin, 2019. I’m optimistic for the future. And as I finish this article, this last post of 2018. I will spend my remaining time watching the neighbor fireworks from my lanai. Always a good show. Happy New Year.



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