Remembering September 11th, 2001

We Will Never Forget

The last sunset, September 10th, 2001. No one expected an attack on America, but the warning signs were there.

September 10, 2001

America was attacked by islamic terrorists. It still seems like America has succumbed to political correctness. Politicians have been afraid to call this attack, islamic terror.  Even today, the spread of islamic terror is still world wide. Millions have died at the hands of islamic terror. The left continues to insist that islam is a peaceful religion, but it is clear that islam is not a religion. It is a cult of horror. A 7th century backward culture that celebrates death, over life.

Muslims celebrate EID. Eid al-Adha, also called the “Festival of Sacrifice”, is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. Muslims celebrate this with the slaughter of animals.

They do this to live animals to terrorize the animals. They teach their children to hate infidels. They mutilate the genitalia of their females as part of their religious practice. Homosexuals are thrown off rooftops for fun. Women are stoned to death. Honor killing of wives and daughters are common in this backwards culture of death. The belief that martyrdom will allow them a quicker entry into their version of heaven, which I believe is hell.

The left will always be apologists for islam. The left will defend islam as, misunderstood. Anyone that discusses this culture of horror, is accused of being of islamophobic. It’s only islamophobic when they are trying to kill you.

Barry the Bullshitter, opened the immigration doors to import these savages into America. Even creating a lottery to get around immigration rules. When President Trump questioned this practice, and called for a immigration moratorium on people arriving from muslim countries, and the left went nuts! They tried to halt President Trump’s orders to restrict islamic immigrants. President Trump is correct, because no one knows the background of these people. Who are they? They could be importing terrorists into the country. That has happened.

We must continue to prepare. We must be vigilant. The media will not report on islamic atrocities. Eve if they do, they quickly bury the story. It’s not politically correct. The left says it singles out a particular religion. The left believes islam is a religion, but we all know it is not.

A.F. Branco Cartoons

We have a Hole in our Hearts over the innocent lives that were lost on that day. We must never forget them. We must never let down our guard, because these islamic terrorists, only need to win once, and many will die. Islam has a problem, and many within this cult will defend it to the death. Meaning they will be willing to die, to kill you. The left will also attempt to shame anyone that tells the truth about islam. Like Barry the Bullshitter, they are sympathetic to terror, and damn the American people. We cannot forget. We must always prepare, and we must always be ready. Know the history.





Hawai’i’s Political Silly Season


So begins the political silly season in Hawai’i Nei. Where elected officials do stupid things, and political candidates make promises they know that cannot keep. Amid the distracting sign waving along the highways, and the television ads, and the mailboxes stuffed with annoying political flyers. All filed under “T” for trash. I wouldn’t mind the political competition, if it were not so dishonest.

For once, I would welcome an honest politician that would keep their promises. We finally have a President that is keeping his promises. I only wish others would follow President Trump’s example. It is refreshing when a politician reaches into their own pocket, and not the voters pockets.

Let’s start with the latest embarrassment to Hawai’i. U.S. Senator crazy Mazie Hirono. She’s up for election in 2018 midterms. She is also on several committees, which includes the Judiciary, which includes Border Security and Immigration.

Currently, there is a crisis at the southwest border of the United States with illegal immigration crossing into the United States. This is a crime. Which is why these people are called ‘Illegal Aliens’. Many of these people crossing the border are children. Some of the children are accompanied by adults, and some are not. The left has made an issue over the disposition of these children. This is where the dishonesty gets really kooky.

Dimocrats (yes, I purposely misspelled democrat), have made this a campaign issue, and are using the children as pawns. The claims that President Trump is ripping children from their families is patently false, and the Dims know it. ICE – Immigration Customs Enforcement, has no idea if the adults accompanying the children are their family.  Some of the adults were found to be sex and slave traffickers. Other’s, no one knows! So they have to be separated for their safety until it can be determined if the adults are their parents, and can be reunited.

Today, during a congressional hearing, crazy Mazie Hirono, completely embarrassed herself.

She’s confused. Hoo Boy!  FRC’s are federal refugee holding centers where illegals are separated, and held until their status can be determined. Note that Hirono, as a child, was held in a Japanese Internment camp during World War II. Which is quite different from the FRC’s used to hold illegals aliens. Completely different. Yet, Hirono tries to make the comparison, and get corrected by the statutes in the law.

The illegal aliens were not forced into detention centers, they crossed the border and were arrested. In Hirono’s case, a democrat president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ordered the internment of American Japanese citizens. Emphasis, ‘American Citizens’! This is Hirono’s dishonesty when she asked the Director of Enforcement if he would send his children to FRC’s. This is what represents Hawai’i. Auwe!

Ironic, Hirono votes for the same party that interned her family and herself. Yet, she’s complaining about the compassionate treatment of illegal children and their safety.  Yet, Hirono doesn’t even understanding how the law works. Why is she even a Senator representing the State of Hawai’i. Embarrassing to the people of Hawai’i.

The rest of the Hawai’i Dim candidates, all socialists democrats, flood the TV airways with anti-Trump campaign messages. I find that amusing because they’re not running against Trump. Their promises are:

Free Medicare For All – projected 30 Trillion cost

Open Borders – welcome cultures that hate pork, bikinis, and gays

Affordable Education – economics, not in the curriculum

Living Wages – would you like fries with your $20 Big Mac?

Free Housing – grass shacks for everyone, flush toilets, indoor plumbing, and air conditioning, optional

Fight Global Warming – Um, see the volcano emitting hydrochloric acid?

Resist Trump – Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

Leftist Dims never explain how they will pay for all this “Free Stuff”! No worries, “Democratic Socialist” will find the way. Just like Venezuela.

This madness can all go away Hawai’i, Vote Conservative







Supreme Court

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled favorably on two items. 1) President Trump’s travel restrictions and 2) Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers, saying California, and Hawai’i, went too far in trying to regulate them. Past rulings also included the Baker that refused to bake a custom gay wedding cake. Upcoming, a ruling expected in public-sector unions forced union dues. It’s expected the Court will rule against the unions. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held the court’s vacant seat open for more than a year, so that Trump could fill it instead of President Obama, and It worked.

In the decision of the travel ban, the court ruled that the Executive Order to restrict people from certain countries entry into the United States, is Lawfully Constitutional. The President has the right to issue an executive order restricting entry into the country, from countries that have no security vetting for individuals. Most of those countries are islamic that harbor terrorists. It is the President’s job to protect, and defend, the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will get to the domestic terrorists shortly.

In the decision regarding Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers, the court found it a violation of the organizations First Amendment Rights of Free Speech. What Kalifornia, also Hawai’i, was forcing the organizations to include abortion centers. Something that violates the organization’s conscience. Meaning, the government has no business forcing a private organization to include language that violates their rights to organize. The government cannot compulsorily force an organization to violate their beliefs.


Now For Domestic Terrorism

Dumbocrat, and leftist loon, Crazy Mazis Hirono, along with other progressive socialists (other dumbocrats), are openly calling for violence against conservatives, and especially, Trump cabinet members. These domestic terrorists have screamed and yelled at Trump staffers in restaurants. Terrorists left dead burned animals on the doorstep’s of Trump staffer homes. Threatened the children and families of Trump administration cabinet members. With members of congress, like Hirono, Waters, Pelosi, and Schumer, all are encouraging this violence. Note they are incensed by a Supreme Court ruling, and not just President Trump following the law as it was written by past administrations. They hate, because they are losing power.

Remember when Barry the BS’er said, “We are five days away from fundamentally changing America!” That was the beginning of dividing America, and the creation of an atmosphere of racial hatred.  Not soon after Hussein took office, he made a comment about police officers, saying that the police acted stupidly. Lets see the full quote:

“But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, No. 3 … that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. The incident, Obama said, shows “how race remains a factor in this society.” 

Now remember when Eric Holder, the corrupt Attorney General, said, “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and we — I believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards,” Holder was eventually held in contempt of Congress. Also, Barry the BS’er claimed that racism was in America’s DNA.

Ironic, here’s the first black President in American history, that was elected twice. Barry went on a worldwide tour to apologize for America, and promoted racial division as part of his legacy. To the point of weaponizing powerful parts of the government to silence any opposition.  The root of this hatred is from the eight years of Hussein’s hatred of America. It has emboldened the socialist democrats to resort to the socialist tactics of Stalin and Mao. Millions of people died because of these monsters. The democrat party is increasing moving to the hard left. To communism. If they were to regain power, they will kill to keep it. It’s the history of communism.

Members of the socialist democrat party, like my senator, Crazy Mazie Hirono, expresses language unbecoming of a U.S. Senator.

Yes, this is our elected Hawai’i Senate Misrepresentitive

All this rhetoric is creating a dangerous climate of intimidation and fear. When elected officials openly encourage people to hunt down the President’s cabinet officials, their families, and children, to mob them, scream insults, intimidate, and create an environment of violence.

The left obviously wants to bring terrorists into the country. I’ll give you some examples. If there were people awake at the State Department, there would never be a Christmas Underwear Bomber. His father desperately tied to warn people that his son was going to commit an act of terrorism at 20,000 feet. What about he Shoe Bomber that tried to blow up an airplane heading to the United States.

What about the San Bernardino killers that went to islamic countries to learn terrorism. Neighbors knew there was something going on, but were too afraid to say anything, else be labeled as islamophobic, The Boston Bombers that used pressure cookers as bombs. The Russians warned the U.S. about them. The islamic Florida shooter that shot up a night club. There are so many other stories. Plus, there are known islamic terror camps in the United States that are training domestic terrorists. They have patterns of going back to their homelands to be instructed in terror activities.

Now, members of the government, and entertainment industry, openly calling for the rape of the President’s children, and the children of staff members. Unhinged Lunatics.

The Unhinged Left

People being attacked. Property being destroyed. A media that fabricates news, and sympathizes with domestic terrorism.  A media that openly calls people that voted for Donald Trump as Nazis. A DOJ intern shouts “F-U” Mr. President. A wanted poster placed in the neighborhood of a key staffer. Harassment at the homes of White House staffers.

The unhinged left blames all this hatred on the President. However, they cannot articulate anything that the President has actually said that is either racist, or bigotry. It’s all blind socialist hatred. Yet, dumbocrats would turn a blind eye to terrorists and allow them entry into the country.

Doug Chin, the socialist attorney from Hawai’i, pressed the courts to halt the travel ban and got a injunction. The Supreme Court has overturned this nonsense. Doug Chin, and his political ambitions, became a vexatious litigator, and a domestic terrorist, to harass the lawful, and Constitutional, duties of President Trump. If Hawai’i was smart, they’d vote out this idiot that used taxpayer monies to put the people of this country at risk of a terror attack.

If anything, as the left is losing, and normal people are seeing how horrible these people are behaving. The mid-term elections this year will answer a lot of questions. As will the 2020 Presidential elections. As I see the future, I optimistic that the direction of the country is going in the right direction. With low unemployment, and rising wages, the future looks promising. My optimism stops with seeing how uninformed and ignorant millennial’s are. With the hysterical reactionary that calls for violence by the left. Remember that once socialism takes hold in government, it is damned hard to get rid of it. Just look at Venezuela, one of the countries on the President’s travel ban list. It’s an example how well socialism works. If it takes hold here, there is nowhere else in the world to go. All freedoms would be lost.





Hypnagogia Exploitation


Democrats have abandoned the American people, and all Constitutional values that make this great country what it is. Their goal now is to turn the country into a hell-hole of criminals and welfare dependency. Democrats are admitting it. They are not hiding their contempt for United States citizens. They know that the majority of citizens will not vote for them. Therefore, democrats are resorting to voter fraud to steal elections. Keep the people dependent on government, then you create a slave citizenry. A collective of dependents living on a bloated government welfare system at taxpayer’s expense. Keep them dependent on government for votes. Horrific Slavery.


Kalifornia is the first state to allow illegals aliens to vote, and other states with socialist leftists democrats are doing the same. Issuing identification cards that will allow them to vote in the local, and national elections. This will be the greatest voter fraud scheme in American history. This is why democrats want open borders. Democrats are power hungry socialists that only want an oligarchy government where our Constitutional rights are removed. Your right to protect yourself and family, your rights to liberty, and your right to property, will be taken away for the ‘Greater Good’. This is happening in Europe today with their immigration policies. People are being kicked out of their homes to accommodate illegal aliens. Too bad Europeans don’t have a Constitution like ours.

When immigrants come to America, they come for one reason: A Better Opportunity. So why do they bring the values from their home country with them? Why do they bring the things they left behind and want them installed in their adopted country? In the following video by Prager University, Gloria Alvarez explains:

When immigrants come here, they come for one reason: A Better Opportunity. So why do they also bring with them the very same destructive policies that denied them opportunities in their home country? It’s because they do not understand the values America offers. It’s the reason why we have a immigration process that includes passing American Civics Course.  See if you can answer the questions in the Civics Quiz. You’d be surprised how many people, American Citizens, fail the test. —> CIVICS QUIZ <—


The problem with freedom, as former Secretary of State and socialist democrat Presidential candidate, once said: “In America, you have the right to be stupid.” Indeed, that was probably the most honest answer John Kerry has ever said. Which is why Kerry lost the 2004 Presidential election, not for being honest, but by demonstrating gross ignorance and stupidity.

However, Stupidity is just not limited to Democrats, there are plenty of mentally challenged Republicans. Which is why voters have to listen carefully to what candidates are saying. Otherwise, the very same policies that immigrants left their home country, will follow them to their adopted country. Kalifornia, and other States, are proving to be a perfect laboratory examples of voter apathy and voter fraud.

However, as history lesson, democrats are far guilty of violating Constitutional freedoms. As Nick Freitas, Virginia House of Delegates and a Republican candidate for the US Senate in 2018, explains:

Personally, I don’t trust democrats and there is a lot of history to support my disdain towards democrats. Starting by the assertion at the beginning, “Democrats Have Abandoned The American People.” What’s even more confusing is the very people whose families were interned by a democrat president (FDR) are also democrats that support the same policies. The nature of leftism is self destructive.

Even our own misrepresentatives in Hawai’i are insensitive to the destructive policies of the democrat party. Hawaii Rep. Hanabusa, who is also running for Governor of Hawai’i, fails to point out which party interned her grandparents. Why? Because leftists will always be hostile to conservatives. In my opinion, the level of insensitivity is on the side of socialist democrats that never learned from history, but are doomed to repeat history, over and over again. Awue!

I did not consider Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke comment insensitive, rather a greeting to Rep. Hanabusa, and she didn’t seem offended by it, she actually correcting him that it was still morning. “Kon’nichiwa” meaning “Hello, or Good Afternoon“, and “Ohiaio gozai masu” is “good morning”.  Leftist democrats immediately slammed Mr.Zinke as being insensitive. As usual, the cries of insensitivity by socialist democrats. However, it was not insensitive, from a phonics point of view, it was correctly spoken, but this is how the leftist media framed it. Most multilingual people appreciate the effort to speak a second language, just as Americans honor immigrants efforts to speak English. A second language is hard to learn, but those immigrants that embrace the Constitution, American values, and Culture, will fit in perfectly. That’s always how is should be. Leftist disagree and they become violent in their efforts to destroy the American Way Of Life. Starting with infiltration into the school system.  Everyone has dreams; however leftist exploit dreams into nightmares, and that’s a horrific crime against humanity.

Black Sabbath said it best in their song “Over To You“. It’s about a bloated government that stole a child’s future.

Born in a window

Nobody’s fool

Raised in a prison

You called a school

Taught young in legends

Told what to do

I handed my childhood

Over to you



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