Goya Goodness

Goya Foods is facing threats of a boycott after its CEO Robert Unanue praised President Trump at an event for Hispanic business leaders at the White House.

In a time where corporations surrender to the Cancel Culture out of cowardliness, Goya’s CEO says he’s not going to apologize for praising President Trump. The man stands tall and has the cojones not to bow to the fascist left.

“I am honored to be a part of the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative and to support and celebrate the contributions of the Hispanic community,” Unanue said in a press release. “We are committed to our country and the need to give back because it is the right thing to do.”

Goya Foods, Inc. is an American producer of a brand of foods sold in the United States and many Hispanic countries. Goya has facilities in different parts of the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Spain. From the Goya WebSite – Their History:

Founded in 1936 by Spanish immigrants, Goya Foods, Inc. is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States and the premier source for authentic Latin cuisine. Combined with authentic ingredients, robust seasonings, and convenient preparation, Goya provides consumers with over 2,500 high-quality and affordable food products from the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Central and South America.

Goya has fostered a longstanding history in leading the culinary culture of Latin cuisine in the United States while solidifying its position as an iconic symbol beginning in New York City. The company’s commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of Goya’s popular credo, “If It’s Goya, It Has To Be Good”. The result of this simple, yet deeply resonant pledge is the evolution of Goya Foods as a leader in the Latin American food industry and a trusted American brand.

Goya is Pure American culture. Immigrant family that came to America and and started a small business in New York and it grew into an American success story. What makes this such an American success story is how they kept their Hispanic heritage and blending it into American culture. What makes America so great is how many immigrant and native cultures have blended together to make this the greatest country in the world. What brings this all together is the food.

I for one, am not going to give up using Goya products for my Pasteles and Gandule rice. Plus their Garbanzo beans make a great Hummus. In my pantry, I have Goya products from beans, spices, and other products. They are the best foods you can buy.

I purchase extra Goya products and donate them to our local Hawaiian food bank. Especially now since our feckless cowardly State government is considering not reopening on August 1st. That’s a story for another post.

What has the Cancel Culture done to help people? What has the Cancel Culture done to improve the quality of life in America? Who gets hurt by boycotting food? Goya donates 1.5 million pounds of food to local food banks across the country. Goya employs thousands of people. Who is going to get hurt by boycotting Goya Foods?

The hashtags #Goyaway and #BoycottGoya began trending on Twitter, with calls to boycott the brand by Fascist Democrats and Latino Marxists. Equally, the hashtag #BuyGoya started appearing in Twitter also.

Who are these Cancel Culture Communists? Two vocal asqueroso morons, Alexandria Occasionally Coherent, and Julián Castro, both Marxist haters of American culture. They neither care about Hispanics, nor any other cultures. They are democrat Marxists that hate America.

Former secretary of housing and urban development Julián Castro, nauseabundo basura, said in a tweet that New Jersey–based Goya has been a “staple of so many Latino households for generations” but accused Unanue of “praising a president who villainizes and maliciously attacks Latinos for political gain.” Castro’s time in the regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama was an abysmal failure. He did little to help people.

Representative puta Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) tweeted, “Oh look, it’s the sound of me Googling ‘how to make your own Adobo.’” She later shared a friend’s recipe for Adobo seasoning, which is made by Goya and is a well-known Latino ingredient. This is the same idiota puta that doesn’t know what is a sink garbage disposal.

As a recap, these Marxists that keep bringing up what President Trump said about illegals pouring into our country are mostly criminals. Even Nazi Piglosi said the criminal Hispanic MS-13 gang are children of God after President Trump called them animals. MS-13 gangs have murdered people. Hacked them up into pieces, tortured children, and bring drugs into our country.

Democrat fascism again lifts it’s ugly head to present their racism and to destroy people’s livelihood. Democrats disrespect all people’s cultures. They hate anything that helps lifts people out of poverty. They hate anything that helps people become successful. Democrats promote hatred and resentment. Democrats haven’t lifted one finger to help Latinos, Blacks, and Asians. Democrats have only one goal: Submission only to their rule. It is pure Fascism.

On the Fox News channel, The Five, the resident racist on the show, Juan Williams, regularly accuses President Trump of being polarizing and a racist. Judge Jeanine Pirro wasn’t having any of Juan’s racist rants. She ended the discussing calling out Juan’s “Push Buttons” comment saying that’s what wife batterers say in court. She’s right.

The election is just a few months away and there are only one things we need to be aware of: President Trump is the Jobs President and Joe Biden is the Mobs candidate. Biden is for sending jobs overseas to China, and President Trump is for bringing back jobs to America, keeping jobs in America, and growing jobs in America.

This President has done more for Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, and Whites. President Trump has lifted working Americans into prosperity. Albeit that the Communist Chinese Wuhan KungFu Flu Coronavirus has hurt the world economies including our own, but the policies put in place by this President has started the recovery. You only need to look at the American stock markets that are gaining and jobs are coming back.

What Goya’s CEO Robert Unanue sees and understands how President Trump’s pro-business policies are helping his company’s expansion and profits. That translate into more jobs and a greater standard of living for all Americans.

The Cancel Culture doesn’t care about you and your livelihood. They would destroy you and your family if you do not follow their orthodoxy of hate. The cancel culture remains hidden when they gang up on anyone that doesn’t follow their Mob Rules. Corporations that cower to the Mob Culture don’t value their own products and their employees. It’s time to expose who these Cancel Culture Mobster are and go after them.


Support your local Food Bank. Buy Goya Foods and donate. Goya is in my pantry and it should be in yours also.

Our weather started this morning with clouds and now it’s starting to rain. We got only got a trace of rain in the gauge over night. Temperatures are in the mid to low70’s with humidity at 89%. It is breezy as my wind chimes remind me.

Kēia Ka Lā Iulai ʻUmi Kūmākahi


Urban Taliban

In March 2001 Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar ordered the Gautama Buddhas destroyed. They were subsequently blown apart and left in rubble. When the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in 1996, they imposed an extremist version of Sharia Islamic law across the country. They tried to erase all traces of a rich Buddhist past and ordered the destruction of ancient statues, including the world’s tallest standing Buddhas of the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan.

In 2020, the domestic terror group called “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) is destroying American statues. From Confederate era statues to Revolutionary war statues, were being attacked, pulled down and destroyed. Statues of Christopher Columbus were torn down. BLM and Antifa are trying to erase monuments to our national past. It didn’t matter if the statue were either monuments to the Confederacy, Abolitionists, Religious, or Military Heroes, they all had to go. Ironically, statues of Karl Marx and Lenin were left unscathed. Do you see the repeating pattern?

Meanwhile, the Fake News Media is deliberately covering up an epidemic of black-on-black and black-on-white violence. Laced in with the Marxist BLM terrorists are the Antifa Fascists. Together they are the American Taliban domestic terrorists. You see very little to no reporting by the Fake News Media about their violence. Instead, the Fake News Media spends most of their news casts slamming the President for protecting our National Monuments to our Nation’s History. Reporting panic porn increases of COVID19  cases, but never reporting on the low morbidity and recovery rates.

BLM and Antifa are very brave in a mob, but individually they are cowards. Black Lives Matters protesters have been threatening and harassing attendees of Grace Baptist Church as they enter the building for the past few weeks. Video footage shows no one is safe from harassment by these domestic terrorists, no matter your age or race.

People attending services at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York have to walk past Black Lives Matter protesters who shout in their faces using bullhorns. That includes families with small children in tow. Families were even threatened with calls to Child Protective Services for taking their children to church.

Why Grace Baptist? What appears to be provoking the protesters is that, although the pastor spoke out against the killing of George Floyd, he also condemned the riots that happened in response. Rev. John Koletas called the rioters “a bunch of savages who have let their sins run rampant.” The Reverend is absolutely correct. Luckily there was a police officer there to protect the parishioners.


Real journalists like Andy Ngô and investigative reporter Lara Logan have done in-depth reporting into these two terror groups. Why haven’t any democrat mayor, governor, representative and senator condemned these mob actions? The answer is the democrats support this fascist anarchy. Why else are democrat mayors instructing the police to stand down to the rioting mobs as people are beaten in the streets.

The caption for journalist Andy Ngô’s video reads: “On 30 May 2020, a man brought an American flag to the antifa/BLM protest (later riot) in Portland. He is confronted and then sucker-punched by a man wearing a “F— Trump” shirt. The mob rushed in to beat him. He never let go of the flag. Portland Police did not help.” Notably, one member of the mob carried a Mexican flag.

These domestic terror groups are found in cities run by democrat mayors and governors. In Georgia, Republican governor Brian Kemp deployed 1,000 Georgia National Guard troops to protect state buildings in Atlanta on Monday following a burst of violence across the city that left four dead, including an 8-year-old girl. Atlanta’s democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms failed to protect citizens and then complained when Governor Kemp sent in the troops to stop the rioting. Despite the weakness of mayor Bottoms scolding of the rioters that killed child, she made no attempt to put down the rioting. Republicans take action, where democrats fail to do so.

I have never seen a democrat kneel for a fallen police officer. I have never seen a democrat kneel for a fallen American soldier. I have never seen democrats kneel for the thousands of blacks children killed by blacks. I have never seen a democrat empathize and help the poor. But the democrats will kneel for a black criminal thug to pander for votes in an election year. Democrats are truly Pathetic Jackasses.

What is it called when a sitting member of U.S. Congress calls for the “dismantling” of the U.S. economy and the entire system??? Treason at the most, an impeachable offense at the least. How can democrats lead a country that they despise?

Ever wonder why Ilhan Omar wears that towel on her head?


There’s no doubt that the democrats are openly Marxist. They’re not hiding it anymore. They fawn over BLM and antifa because they believe this is the nation’s mood, the direction of a populace movement. The democrats believe the majority of Americans believe in these riots. That’s why the democrats are pandering to them. This is why morons like Omar want to change American Constitutional Law and replace it with Sharia Savagery.

This is why you never hear the democrats speak out against the riots. A reasonable person would ask why wouldn’t the democrats condemn the rioting in democrat run cities and States. Unless the democrats are for using the rioting, looting and murders for political adantage. Why are the democrats supporting defunding the police when violent crime is rising in democrat enclaves. Do the democrats view this violence as some political advantage for them? I don’t see it happening in their favor.

There’s an exodus of people leaving democrat urban cities and States for other States and the suburbs. No where is this more true than Kalifornia, Illinois, and New York. People are voting with their feet and wallets and are moving to Republican run states, where taxes are low and opportunities are available. Where crime is low and police are keeping the peace.

President Trump is the “Law and Order” President. When have you seen any President stop his motorcade to greet the first responders? Our country is built on laws that keep the order in place. Our security and safety is dependent on the men and women of law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency management workers. These people are often the brunt of abuse by democrats because of one bad apple in the barrel. It is not a reflection of the majority of these brave people that run towards danger when everyone else is running away. The President knows this and too his credit makes sure the First Responders know they are appreciated.

I will not allow this country to surrender to democrat fascism. The Silent Majority Must Awaken.



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Kēia Ka Lā Iulai ʻEhiku


Woke Mob

Day by day, people and corporations are surrendering to the revenge mob, also known as the woke mob. The mob are domestic terrorists. What’s frightening is our leaders, our politicians that are suppose to follow the law, are bowing to the mob of rioters.

The latest to surrender to the revenge mob is Walmart. There are three words that companies can no longer imprint, emboss or otherwise communicate when selling products on Walmart.com, the retail giant announced. Those words are “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter”.

Someone like myself wears both “All Lives and Blue Lives” t-shirts, and I know plenty of other people that wear the same embossed clothing. But I’ll be damned if I will ever wear anything with “black lives matter”. I will never ever sanction domestic terrorism groups. They can sell that rubbish, I won’t purchase it.

There used to be a “Free Marketplace”, but not anymore. They’ve [retailers] surrendered to terrorist mobs. Walmart released a statement: In an age of widespread protests over perceived racial injustice, words can no longer be taken to mean what they say. “We fundamentally believe all lives do matter and every individual deserves respect. However, as we listened, we came to understand that the way some, but not all, people are using the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ in the current environment intentionally minimized the focus on the painful reality of racial inequity,” the statement read. That’s cowardliness by retailers.

Remember in my previous post the couple that was threatened by the black lives matter mob? The St. Louis lawyers who were seen holding guns while protesters rioters marched past their home are now being investigated for possible criminal charges, said the city’s lead prosecutor.

Despite the fact the black lives matters rioters broke down the gate onto the homeowners property and threatened to kill the homeowners and burn their house down. They are being investigated for the crime of defending their lives and property. The local government has surrendered to the woke mob. Our elected officials that are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

“I am alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protesters violent rioters were met by guns,” St. Louis Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner said, noting there was also a “violent assault” in a separate incident in the city.

Who is Kimberly Gardner? Gardner, a Fascist Democrat, was elected circuit attorney of St. Louis in 2016, running on a campaign that promised to reform and rebuild trust in the criminal justice system and reduce violent crime. Crime in St. Louis has actually gone up exponentially. She was criticized ahead of the election for releasing a political ad paid for by the Safety and Justice Super PAC that was at least partially funded by leftist billionaire George Soros, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Soros also funds both terror groups antifa and black lives matters, and other Marxist groups in America.

Gardner released of all 36 rioters and looters arrested in St. Louis. Every single looters and rioters arrested were released back onto the streets claiming there wasn’t any evidence to charge the rioters. The rate of convictions under Gardner has fallen dramatically in the past two years.

Make no mistake, black lives matter is a domestic terror group. They should be hunted down, arrested and imprisoned. There is no Constitutional right to threatened people’s lives and property. These are fascist Marxists rioters. They are dangerous and violent. No one should ever believe these are peaceful people. They are animals. Sadistic animals. In cities that welcome and openly support black lives matter have crime rates sky rocketing to unbelievable levels. This isn’t about black lives, this is a Marxist insurgency.

Take the case of Melissa Rolfe, she was fired from her job in a “political move” because her stepson is ex-Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe. Melissa Rolfe lost her job on June 18 as the human resources director of Equity Prime Mortgage in Atlanta. While the company has said this was due to creating “a hostile work environment,” Melissa Rolfe maintains she was fired because of her relationship to her stepson.

Equity Prime Mortgage’s president Eddy Perez called and offered Rolfe six to eight weeks of paid time off so she could be with her family. You job is safe said Eddy Perez. That was a lie, shortly there after she was fired, no reason given. Melissa had a 56-second call with her direct manager. Equity Prime Mortgage was terminating her immediately and didn’t provide any reason. Her boss offered to pack up and ship her belongings from her office in Atlanta and then the conversation abruptly ended.

“When I spoke with my direct manager and with the president, I was being assured that everything was fine in the office, continually through the phone calls and text messages that I was receiving,” Rolfe said. “Everything’s fine. My job was fine. Don’t worry about it. We’re not getting any negative feedback. So I was very surprised at how I was able to create a hostile work environment. I hadn’t been back.”

Then Equity tried to justify the firing saying, Rolfe was fired for violating company policy and creating an uncomfortable working environment for fellow employees. The company said it values “diversity of thought” but “when those views create a hostile working environment, we must make difficult decisions and part ways.” In effect, Equity Prime Mortgage surrendered to the revenge mob and fired an employee that was family to a police officer. Now you can lose your job just because of who you are family of, married to, associated with, and any other reason to destroy you, your career, and your livelihood. This is pure fascism.

Elizabeth Rogliani, a Venezuelan actress living in the U.S., told followers on Tik Tok why she is concerned to see statues being torn down and roads being renamed in America. Other immigrants from Cuba, China, and other countries have told me personally this is how it begins when Communism starts to take over. It is history repeating, but it’s here in the United States, and it happening very quickly.

What are our elected officials in Congress doing about this? We know all the democrats support these terrorists. They believe it will get them elected in December. Some republicans are actually groveling before the Marxist savages.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) said to Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday night for expressing support for the social justice movement Domestic Terror group Black Lives Matter.

Brainless Braun isn’t the only GOP Republican Senator to support the Marxist black lives matter terrorist group, Willard “The Rat” Romney also marched and supports the terror groups. These are not conservatives, they are Republicans In Name Only (RINO).

Where is the GOP leadership? Kevin McCarthy is the GOP Senate Minority Leader. I wish I could call him a leader, he’s weak and spineless. Like Senator Lindsey Graham is another that talks a lot, but does nothing. He’s like that barking dog that has no bite. He’s always featured on the Fox News opinion shows where he brags about having hearings and investigations, but producing nothing. Spineless and gutless.

If we are going to win the 2020 election, win back the House and Keep the Senate, and reelect President Donald J. Trump, then the GOP feckless leadership had better stop pussyfooting around and start pushing back against the socialist democrats and the Marxist domestic terrorists. Otherwise, we will lose our liberties, our freedoms, and possibly our lives.


Our weather started this morning with some morning clouds and plenty of Sunshine by afternoon. The evening is going to be clear. Perfect weather again to observe the Milky Way. The moon is almost in earths shadow making the night sky darker to see more stars  We got no rain in the gauge over night. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 78%.

Kēia Ka Lā Iune Kanakolu


Corporate Cowardliness

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through,” Fox News Tucker Carlson said. “But it is definitely not about black lives, and remember that when they come for you. And at this rate, they will.” And they have.

Make no mistake, black lives matter and antifa are now political parties and they are being protected by the radical left in the democrat party and corporate cowards that fear that the black lives matters rioters speak for all Americans.

Since Tucker Carson made those statements, prominent companies including the Walt Disney Company, Papa John’s, Poshmark and T-Mobile have distanced themselves from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” joining other businesses that have backed away from the show in recent years.

The flight of advertisers has accelerated by threats by the leftist mob of anti-American mobsters. When the leftist watchdog group “Sleeping Giants” tagged T-Mobile in a Twitter post, saying that Fox News had aired what amounted to an “extremely racist segment scaremongering about the Black community”. They mounted a boycott campaign against the advertisers. And like the predictable cowards the corporate cowards are, they dutifully pulled their advertisements. Forgetting that the left are not the only consumers of their products.

French cosmetics giant L’Oreal will remove words such as ‘whitening’, ‘lightening’ and ‘fair’ from its skin care products amid worldwide black lives matter protests. Two lines of Johnson & Johnson products have ceased production because packaging included the word ‘fairness’.

The purging of well known products like Uncle Ben’s Rice, Land-O-Lakes butter Indian, and my favorite childhood pancake syrup, Aunt Jemima. There was nothing racist about any of the products. The brand names were very popular and well liked as all American products. The “Woke Cancel Culture” deemed it racist and the corporate cowards removed it to comply with the terrorists.

More and more corporate cowards are bowing to the racist terror mob called “black lives matter”. Big tech giants are activity trying to influence the 2020 elections by controlling corporate advertisements. Google will restrict how precisely political advertisers can target an audience on its online services, the company announced on Wednesday in a move that shook up the digital plans for campaigns during the 2020 presidential election.

Corporate cowards are pulling advertisements on any programs that tell the truth about radical racist “black lives matter” and antifa terror groups. The truth is that black lives matter and antifa are Marxist terror groups disguised as a political group.

The left is radicalizing the democratic party’s identity. At a time when the terms liberal, progressive, and leftist are often used interchangeably, it’s worth clarifying that these terms all mean the same thing, Radical Violent Marxists . Leftists argue that economic inequality renders America’s constitutional liberties as discrimination. They’re more likely to look to the Soviet Union or Cuba, and to Scandinavia today as preferred political and economic models. They are using violence to force their perverted ideology on our Republic.

Google will restrict how precisely political advertisers can target an audience on its online services, the company announced in a move that shook up the digital plans for campaigns during the 2020 presidential election. Tech companies face increased criticism over how they handle political speech, including advertisements. Mark Suckerberg, the chief executive of Fascistbook, has been accused of amplifying disinformation, hate speech and violent content. But Suckerberg has said he would not block political ads containing false statements, despite rising pressure, particularly from Democrats, to do so. Last month, Twitter announced that it would prohibit all political ads from its service. Big Tech won’t stop until they control all digital political speech and influence the 2020 election.


Stating an opinion is often difficult because you know it is going to “offend” some snowflake. That is a given! There will always be people who will find offense in your opinions because they may not be considered politically correct, and do not fit their narrative. By “offensive,” what is often meant is that they don’t agree or that they don’t want said what you are saying, even if it is true.

It is obvious that leftist democrat mayors and governors will do little to protect us from the rioters, the looters or the violent mobs whose goals they substantively support. The only way to stop rioters, looters and anarchists is to use military force. It will take extreme measures to effectively confront Marxist terrorism. Weak, leftist mayors and governors will not send in the police armed and in riot gear, the National Guard with locked and loaded weapons ready to react to the violence and looting.

Peaceful protest is a Constitutional right. Rioting, looting, burning businesses and police cars are not Constitutionally protected! Far left antifa and black lives matter terror groups are violent extremist mobs that get media support as they confront and attack the police. That is not democracy in action; it is called rule by mobocracy. Mobs are not people who are for law and order! We must support our police! We cannot allow the anarchists or the extremists to take control. Our president is for law and order. He is also for peaceful, non-threatening demonstrations. There is a fundamental difference between law and order and mob rule! Corporate cowards should not be censoring advertising when the truth about terrorist is exposed.

In every sector of American society, people are having their careers destroyed to the pitiless baying of the “woke” masses. It’s happening in business. CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman spent 20 years building the fitness brand into a multi-billion dollar company, only to be thrown out of the empire he built for declining to go along with the “racism is a public health crisis” dogma.

It’s no wonder why corporate cowards won’t stand up to leftist mobocracy. This nonsense has to stop. Punishing good people while cajoling the mob is a recipe for disaster. The rioting mobs are not the only consumers of corporate products. I doubt many radical rioters and looters care about corporations. As least real Americans pay for corporate products, we don’t loot from corporations like the rioter do.

Leftist liberals always bow to intolerant mob. That are always claiming to be the first victims. Eager to appear as allies to the terrorists, they give inch after inch until they become the target of the rioting mobs. Decades of identity politics and increasing flirtation with far-left ideology have turned advertisers into corporate cowards. Now, the mobs have trampled over corporations by radical Marxist progressives from academia, and from democrats in congress. The fake news media is now the cheerleaders for the radical Marxist mobs.


As videos of mobs of black lives matter and antifa terrorists beating people, burning businesses and roaming the streets preventing emergency responders from doing their jobs. The fake news media still calls these rioters and looters “peaceful demonstrators”.

Just today a couple defending their property from rioting black lives matter thugs. These black lives matter terrorists entered the property through a gate that was opened by the terrorists. Their intention was to rob the homeowners. The property is surrounded by a wall. These terrorists are not on a public sidewalk, they’re on private property. The home owner is holding a AR-15 and his wife has a handgun. The terrorists are on private property.


This is how the left intimidates using unsocial media. This fascist moron, Kyle Dennis, that trolls unsocial media and doxes people’s home addresses with their family names and phone numbers. Unfortunately for this troll, someone doxed his information first after he posted this. Turns out he’s a known pedophile with an extensive police record.

Cities with leftist mayors are promoting the rioting and looting. Innocent people are at risk and emergency responders are powerless to do anything because they are told to stand-down. This madness has to stop.


Our weather started this morning with scattered rain showers and then changed to plenty of Sunshine by afternoon. The evening clouds are starting to roll in.  We got only a 1/8 inch of rain in the gauge over night. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 86%.

Kēia Ka Lā Iune Iwakālua Kūmāwalu


When They Run Out Of Statues

What will they come for next? Who will they come after next. Eventually the leftist mob will come for you, or me. This mob madness won’t stop until they consume each other. That’s how this always works in history. The fascist mobs of anarchy will eventually turn on each other. We’re seeing this Seattle with the CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone after the shootings of several people.


Where do all these people come from? Where do they get these sick ideas? If you look at the majority of the age groups of these animals they’re mostly 20-30 year old people. College educated, middle class, over privileged people.

Why are universities and colleges still getting taxpayer monies? The skrewls raise tuition to unaffordable rates. Which enslaves students to a lifetime of debt. Virtually eliminating any chance of financial freedom from debt. Plus the earned degree is worthless chattel.

So after years of leftist indoctrination by Marxist university professors teaching idiots to hate their country and history, they turn on our government a our security.

You’ll notice the the reoccurring democrat presence. Democrats are encouraging removing statues and monuments to our history. It’s perfectly clear why, democrats want to erase their racist past.

Eleanor Holmes Norton is an American politician serving as a non-voting Delegate to the United States House of Representatives, representing the District of Columbia. She’s a democrat.

FILE – In this June 15, 2016 file photo, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. District of Columbia voters will decide whether they want the nation’s capital to become its 51st state. The D.C. Council choices include former Mayor Vincent Gray, and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C. seeks re-election. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke, File)

Congresswoman Eleanor Norton plans to introduce legislation to remove the Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Memorial in DC; protest leader says they plan to topple the statue Thursday President Trump has threatened to federally prosecute any vandals.

The democrats are openly using these riots to interfere with the 2020 elections. They want to riots to continue until the election. As this twitter post by Alexandria Occasionally Coherent (AOC) shows, they want the lockdown to continue to hurt the economy. What AOC forgets is the internet cannot be deleted. Despite cheer-leading for the Marxist mob, of which she is a part of, many in the democrat party are pushing the socialist agenda to win the 2020 election.

Conservatives like Dinesh D’Souza are trying to raise awareness about the this Marxist terrorism attempting to destroy our country. Dinesh D’Souza is an Indian-born American author, filmmaker, [falsely] convicted felon and historical documentarian. Born in Bombay, D’Souza moved to the United States as an exchange student and graduated from Dartmouth College. He became a naturalized citizen in 1991.

Dinesh D’Souza has produced many documentary films and this is the trailer to his latest.


Our weather started this morning with lighter tradewind rain. The day was mostly cloudy with brief passing showers until the afternoon when it cleared up. We got only a 1/8 inch of rain in the gauge over night. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 81%.

Kēia Ka Lā Iune Iwakālua Kūmākolu


Cancel Culture

Speak out and you risk losing your job and your reputation. Stay silent and you risk losing your country. There’s an attack on Free Speech in America. It is being driven by Unsocial Media Tech Giants. Cancel Culture is a weapon that the left uses to silence those they disagree with.

Online shaming is a form of public shaming in which targets are publicly humiliated online. Online shaming frequently involves exposing private information on the Internet. The ethics of public humiliation has been a source of debate over Internet privacy and media ethics.

The left will demand advertisers drop their support for certain media programs because they don’t like what they say. An example is the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News. After a broadcast about the far left terror group black lives matter (BLM), the left working as a mob hammered the shows advertisers to drop their support, and many have pulled their advertisements out of fear. If the leftist mob can force major advertisers to bow before them, then

The head football coach for Oklahoma State University, Mike Grundy, cowardly groveled in a apologetic hostage video for wearing a One American News Network (OANN) t-shirt. A fake news activists for the radical leftist Daily Beast publication made a false accusation that the One American News Network anchor, Liz Wheeler, claimed that black lives matter was a farce. When she said the movement was a farce. I consider the BLM a violent terror group like antifa fascists. I call them a terror group because they are responsible for terrorizing and destroying black own businesses. Want Proof?

The leftist mob doesn’t care about black lives or anyone’s lives. They only care about destroying lives. It’s an excuse to riot first and worry about the consequences later. This isn’t the first time the BLM and antifa terror groups teamed up to destroy. We’re seeing it now in Seattle, Atlanta, and Minneapolis. And if you say anything negative about BLM you are labeled as a racist and ostracized. You could lose your job, lose your livelihood, your career, lose friends and family. So you’re forced to shut-up and bend knee to the outrage mob.

Censoring free speech is a form of terrorism. The left is very good at the cancel culture mobster tactics of silencing speech. People need to show a backbone and stand up, but I can understand the fear when your job and family are being threatened. The fake news media is also part of the cancel culture. They echo through their broadcasts and writings lies and propaganda to publicly shame people.

Doxxing is another form of terror intimidation by the left. Doxxing is the practice of exposing people’s addresses, their family, and children. Mobs of leftists would show up at people’s homes. They surround homes screaming, using bullhorns, all to intimidate the people inside. They do this at night to terrorize people. The worse part is there doesn’t seem to be any police around to stop the mob from attacking people’s personal spaces.

In the case of Fox News and One American News they are not sympathetic to terror groups as the other leftist networks are. CNN has defended these terror groups, antifa and BLM, saying violence is justified. Even while antifa and BLM were attacking the CNN building in Atlanta.

The cancel culture went after Roseanne Barr and forced the networks to cancel her show. In the course of a week, three editors went down: James Bennett of the New York Slimes was forced to resign for publishing an opinion by Senator Tom Cotton’s defense of the Insurrection Act; Claudia Eller was pushed out at Variety after penning a white-privilege mea culpa that was found to be unconvincing by the cancel culture mob; Adam Rapoport of Bon Appétit was canned for much the same reason, his offense aggravated by a turn-of-the-century photograph of him dressed as a stereotypical Puerto Rican at a Halloween party.

Cancel culture uses unsocial media for scalp hunting of those they want to silence. However, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Virginia Senator Northam both survived blackface controversies, while Bon Appétit’s top editor was canned for dressing as a stereotypical Puerto Rican in 2004. The cancel culture is selective about who they will silence. The targets are almost mostly conservatives, but always those that fall outside the cancel culture’s narrative of BLM compliance.

Of course there is rampant hypocrisy by the cancel culture left. They will even cancel each other because that’s what the mob does. Their goal is to force people live in fear. The imbeciles that run unsocial media are part of the problem. Google and YouTube demonetize groups from advertisers, as does Twitter. Google has a huge concentration of power for advertising that companies use. With a flick of a switch Google can cutoff your advertising revenue stream. These unsocial media tech giants just ban you from their platforms. They’re suppose to open platforms for free speech, but they’re acting like publishers and stifling speech. If you are not with the cancel culture, then you are eliminated.

There is a word for the situation in which there is no room for disagreement. That word is “totalitarianism.” Your opinion could be considered a crime. That is what cancel culture does, and this was last seen in such places as East Germany under Honecker and China under Mao and the Cultural Revolution.


Our weather started this morning with mostly rain. It has been mostly rainy all day. We got another 5/8th in of rain gauge over night. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 85%.

Kēia Ka Lā Iune ‘Umi Kūmāono


Dims In The Hood

White rich privileged democrats using cultural appropriation to pander to blacks. Isn’t this special, the dims pander to blacks for a photo op. I wonder if anyone will find this mashup of costume colors a little racist? Here’s Nazi Piglosi and Schmucky Schumer wearing African scarfs to show they are as black as they are pasty white hypocrites.

African scarfs are suppose to represent what exactly?  Do the democrats think representing a Continent of African nations that are littered with wars, religious persecutions, islamic slavery, and government corruption is somehow more desirable over American society? Apparently America is a country of racial privilege must be taken down. So the democrats don African apparel to show their solidarity with black people.

Isn’t this like claiming white people that wear Hawaiian shirts are “boogaloos”?

Apparently, when you want to show you’re “minority” enough as Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden would say, you try and dress, act and talk the part. After all, if you can’t be yourself, you pretend to be something you’re not, and that will hopefully make your groveling whole enough to earn the votes needed to win elections. That way you can ignore the needs of the constituency that voted for you for another four more years. I wonder if people will ever see through this cartoonish image the democrat project.

Sometimes you can tell a lot about the character of someone by the company they keep. The outfit is just a suit and usually is void and empty. You can say they are cut from the same cloth of racism. Here’s racism all in empty suits, Barry the Bullshitter Obama and his reverend of racism, Calypso Louie Farrakhan. They hate Whites, Jews, Hispanics, and Blacks that don’t bend knee to the leftist mob.

Then there are those that don’t have to pretend to be someone they’re not. There are those that speak uncomfortable truths and get accused of being a racist. They are comfortable in their own skin and they don’t give a damn about what others think about them. They care only about the truth and are they are not afraid to speak up. Candace Owens is just one who I consider a hero and a remarkable person that everyone should look up to as a model of truth and justice.

Be sure to listen to the entire video. It reveals many truths that the fake news media will not tell you about the criminal thug that the world has been worship rioting.

Let’s call this out for that it really is, Anarchy. This is the work of global socialists that are seeing their world domination slipping away. Ever since the election of President Donald J. Trump, globalists have been losing their socialist grip on their version of a New World Order. The globalists don’t support law and order. Globalists want totalitarian control, no due process,

They seized upon the death of career criminal and are exploiting it as some excuse to riot. They blame the police and accuse all law enforcement as being systemic racists against people of color. People of color, that’s now a euphemism for racism. A trigger for rioting, property damage and murder of innocent people being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To appease the rioters, people are being forced to bow before the criminal thug and the rioting mobs. Today, members of the democrat House and Senate bowed to anarchy. They see this act of cowardliness as a way to regain power. They couldn’t give a damn about any Americans. They only want power. Don’t be fooled by these scammers. They are identity thieves.

This prostration for a criminal that put people’s lives at risk is not worth the death and destruction that the left using to justify violence. This should tell you who these idiots are. They don’t care about you at all. They don’t care about law and order. After all, they live in gated communities with private armed guards, and yet these people want to take your right to own a gun away.


Police Captain David Dorn was shot an killed by a career criminal, another black thug. Another thug that the fake news media and the leftist will glorify as a martyr for lawlessness. Captain David Dorn was a grandfather, a husband, a father, a police officer that stood for Law and Order. Where were the riots for Captain Dorn? Where was the hyperventilating fake news coverage over his death? There was no rioting, no news coverage, no demonstrations in the street, and why? Because he stood for Law and Order. The left doesn’t care for peace, they only feed off of hate.


You notice it’s the same people that want to take away your second amendment rights away are the same idiots that now want to defund the police. So who is going to process crimes, arrest criminals, defend your property and family? The fake news media supports this insane idea. The idea of not being able to defend yourself, your family, and your property is ideal to the leftist sick mentality. Who do you call?

It’s part of the power play to box you into conforming to the leftist dystopian world. They used the pandemic to lockdown people. Now they are using the death of a criminal thug to lock you down into a corralled armed state. In the end it’s about mob rule. As more democrat run States are proposing defunding Law and Order, the closer we shift into fascist totalitarianism. That’s been the goal of democrats all along.


Our weather today started with overnight breezy trade winds. Sun and puffy clouds that sprayed small drizzle. Overnight we got 1/4 of an inch of rain collected in the gauge. Temperatures today are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 83%. Expecting more overnight tradewind showers.

Kēia Ka Lā Iune ‘Ewalu


Where Are The Riots?

Aloha kākou. It’s a sad time in America when the left is excused for the riots and destruction of property. The fake news media is enjoying the mayhem and insurgency. The question I have is, why this guy? Out of all people, why is this guy’s death the reason for nationwide riots and property destruction?

I know the fascist left has been waiting for something like this to happen as an excuse to riot in the streets. The calls for defunding the police doesn’t make any sense. Especially in minority communities. No one is going to want to invest in communities where there is no police force. Businesses will flee neighborhoods where there’s no protection of your property and your life.

One of the most disturbing events during the riots was roving gangs of blacks attacking black and white business owners. It makes no sense to destroy your neighborhood for some leftist slogan,”No Justice, No Peace”. What the hell does that mean? Especially when it’s where you live.

How is it justified to destroy your own neighborhood because of one bad cop? Where is the justice for people’s businesses destroyed because you’re angry at what a bad cop did? How is this the fault of the businesses owner? I cannot fathom the reasons why people would not let the system to work out the injustice, but rather take the route of mob madness. What about injustices done to others? Where are the riots for them?

Maryland couple Paul and Lidia Marino spent part of almost every day visiting the Delaware grave of their son Anthony, who died in 2017. Around 10:15 a.m. on a fateful Friday, at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Bear, a elderly couple – ages 86 and 85 – were both shot, execution style, just yards from their son’s grave. Where are the riots?

The gunman was later identified as Sheldon Francis, 29, of Middletown, Del. Was this a racial crime? Why did this thug single out an elderly white couple? Where are the riots for these victims of racial injustice?


What about the young white kid kidnapped by four blacks. Tortured for days. Beaten while being filmed by these thugs with no morals or compassion. Where was the media coverage over this outrage? Where were the crowds bending knee for the injustice against this poor kid?

Is it because there is a double standard by society that ignores heinous crimes by blacks against whites? The left is always saying America has to atone for it’s “original sin” of slavery. I get offended when I hear that reasoning. This is how the left justifies the double standard.

Slavery had been around for centuries. Slavery is still in existence today in some countries. The left tries to excuse this savagery by reasoning the actions of minorities as justice for the sins of the past. Evidently, blacks never owned slaves before in history. Or so the left would have you believe. The left would have you believe that white settlers to America stole blacks from Africa. Then packed them in the bowels of ships in chains as slave labor to build America.

The truth is that blacks did own slaves and some were white. History has conveniently left that out of today’s books. Also left out of history books is that it was America that abolished slavery in this country and the rest of the world followed. That credit the United States isn’t acknowledged. Instead, the left lies to foment racial division. Racism isn’t a one way street, some blacks use their minority status to make false accusations.

These girls would have gotten away with this smear against whites if not for the video that showed what really happened. Where were the riots for justice for the white men falsely accused?

Blacks who killed whites climbed to their highest levels since the election of Barry the Bullshitter Obama over 12 years ago, even as the proportion of so-called black-on-black killings rose in democrat run cities, according to the latest national crime figures from the FBI.

One the most sickening event was watching members of the National Guard take a knee for the rioters. What the hell were they thinking?

They kneel because they lost. They’re surrendering to violent mobs. Mobs of rioters roaming the streets breaking into businesses and beating people in the streets. This is sickening. They should be demoted and if necessary removed from the guard. They are traitors to the Constitution and slaves to anarchy. IDIOTS.

Remember when Barry the Bullshitter Obama surrendered our soldiers to the Iranian gun boats? This is no different watching the National Guard surrender to the rioters. It is a disgraceful act of cowardliness.

The path to power is racial division. Barry the bullshitter said this is an opportunity to change america. The same guy that invited racist Al Sharpton to the White House dozens of times. The President of racial division. America’s first black president that bowed to our enemies and apologized for the United States.

Enter marble mouth Al Sharpton, race-monger, anti-Semite, shameless self-promoter and a shakedown artist who has used the threat of protests to extract corporate donations for his civil rights organization, National Action Network.

Remember Twana Brawley? On November 28, 1987, Brawley was found in a trash bag. She had racial slurs written on her body and was covered in feces. She accused four white men of raping her. She indicated she had been raped repeatedly in a wooded area by six white men, at least one of whom, she said, was a police officer.

A car accident in which a Hasidic driver killed 7-year-old Gavin Cato, who was black, sparked outrage. Rioting erupted and lasted for three days, during which a rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, was fatally stabbed in an attack by a group of young black men. An estimated 43 civilians and 152 police officers were injured.

Sharpton and his followers chanted “No justice, no peace.” Some marchers were heard yelling anti-Semitic epithets. Sharpton has never been held fully accountable for the deaths and destruction he caused. No accountability, No Justice.

It’s refreshing to see a mom catching her son in a riot and clobbering him mercilessly. She cares about her sons future. If her son would hae been arrested, it could have ruined his future. There’s not enough mothers out there to prevent their children from taking the wrong path.

God Bless this mom. I could go into the reasons why this boy doesn’t have a father in his life, but that’s for another future post.


Our weather today is breezy trade wind showers with occasional sun peeking through the clouds. Over night we got about 1/2 of an inch of rain. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 86%.


Kēia Ka Lā Iune ‘Ehā


Return Kindness With Revenge

Let’s go down memory lane

Right after President Trump won the 2016 election, he and his staff was interviewed about his promise to investigate the Clinton’s.

President Trump was willing to put the animosity behind him and get on with governing the nation. President Trump said in an interview about the Clinton’s, “They’re good people. I don’t want to hurt them.” 

The problem with us conservatives is that we believe in the good in people. Well, we would like to believe there is good in people, but Clinton, Obama, Biden, the socialist democrats, and the fake news media, are all villainous scum. They haven’t stopped demonizing the American people. They consider the people living in between the coastal regions as uneducated rubes and ignorant hillbillies.

Yes, it was a nasty campaign, but name any campaign that isn’t nasty? After the election, and the winner is declared, you go about your business. Lick your wounds and move on. Good luck next time. President Trump was showing mercy, kindness, and a willingness to forgive, and that moment of kindness was viciously attacked by Clinton, Obama, and the fake news media.

Apparently, the Clinton’s and the Deep State corruption machine decided on vengeance and revenge. Their target wasn’t just President Trump, but the American people as well. Revenge for not voting for another corrupt regime to further divide Americans.

We all know the accusations against President Trump. It was a Rolodex of the standard socialist democrats playbook. Keep throwing false accusations until one sticks and polarize it.  These same accusations used against just about every conservative. Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court Justice, was accused of sexual misconduct, gang rapes, and other false accusations that were proven to be untrue.

The democrats put President Trump through the same accusations. All sorts of women, all were leftist democrats, they made false charges of rape and sexual misconduct. When that didn’t work, they tried to find corruption in Trump’s real estate businesses, his tax returns. That didn’t work. So they concocted another scheme.

The deep state criminals accused President Trump of being a Russian agent. They accused President Trump of using Russian influence to fix the election. After a three year investigation, nothing was proven. All False.

That wasn’t enough for Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the deep state, they turned to the Ukraine to claim abuse of office and obstruction of Congress. After the socialist democrats falsely impeaching President Trump in the House, the start of the Senate trial began. It seems the Senate trial is going badly for the socialist democrats. If all goes well this trial should end by this Friday. That is if the Trump hating RINO’s spoil the trial by calling for more witnesses.

The socialist democrats already called 17 witnesses, and now they want more. It just proves the democrats had nothing from the beginning. If the Senate votes to call witnesses, then this impeachment sham will continue right up to November. This is the real abuse of power. This all started by an anonymous whistleblower. Who is the whistleblower?

Eric Ciaramella, hasn’t been called as a witness and he’s the whistleblower. At the Senate Trial, Supreme Court head justice, John Roberts, refused to mention the name of Eric Ciaramella. Why? This all started with Ciaramella. Why is the President not allowed to confront his accuser? Why is this socialist Neo-Nazi being protected?

This is the face of the treasonous Deep State. These people have the utmost contempt for the American people. I believe Justice Roberts is compromised and a part of the Deep State corruption. Not allowing the accused to face their accuser is a clear violation of President Trump’s Constitutional Rights to Due Process. It proves the Deep State is in all three branches of government.

President Trump has repetitively been denied Due Process during this whole impeachment sham. 17 witnesses, all socialist democrats, not one for the defense of President Trump, because they were all denied by the socialist democrats. After all these witnesses, they need more? Really? The socialists democrats will not be satisfied till they throw President Trump out of office. That’s the bottom line. They want President Trump convicted and removed from office. But there has not been any crime.

Let’s call this out for what it really is. This is pure hatred. Not just hatred of the President, but hatred for the American people. This is malicious vengeful hate by the socialist democrats.

If they could do this to our President, then they could do this to you. And they have: Lois Lerner, the IRS agent that deliberately held back tax exempt status. Carter Page sues the DNC. The suit accuses the defendants of pursuing a “political agenda” by using “false information, misrepresentations and other misconduct to direct the power of the international intelligence apparatus and the media industry against” Page. So, there is a history of the socialist democrats, with the Fake News Media, in planting false charges to destroy a person’s life.

Then there is General Flynn. The Deep State falsely accused the General of lying to the FBI. Then the FBI went after the General’s family. They destroyed his career and bankrupt him. Now, new information is coming out that exonerated the General, but was held back to guarantee a conviction. The General pled guilty to stop the persecution of his family. Why did the Deep State do this? Because General Flynn was a campaign associate for President Trump.

We have criminals in government. They are from past administrations that have corrupted the government into the Deep State. This was directed by the Clinton’s and Obama. Everyone involved is an apparatchik of the Deep State. They are the Swamp that President Trump was elected to remove.

This criminality by the corrupt Deep State socialist democrats and some republicans, namely Willard “The Rat” Romney, the deceased John McCain (Burn In Hell, McCain), and others that have their loyalties to the Deep State. These criminals have violated their oath of Office and the Constitution of the United States. They betrayed the American people, and they will continue to betray the American people. They need to be voted out of office. They need to be held accountable for their crimes against the American people.

The desperation at the Senate trial is absolutely psychotic. Between the repeated lies of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, in an attempt to frighten the electorate that the President is a Dictator, a Threat to National Security, and Trump’s reelection would bring on the Apocalypse.

What we are witnessing is the Deep State exposed. We are witnessing the corruption embedded in our government rearing it’s ugly head. President Trump promised to route out the Deep State and he’s keeping that promise.

Vengeance has turned into psychotic madness. This is what happens when the electorate apathy surrenders their freedoms. When people blindly elect people into office they run the risk of electing corruption. Look at the democrat candidates; Breadline Bernie Sanders is in the lead. He’s a declared socialist. Many of the people that follow him are young people. Lured by the promise of “Free Stuff”, they don’t question his policies and how they would affect the economy. Nothing is free. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Elections have consequences. If you want truth in government, then get involved in the election process. Who are you voting for, and why? No Vote, No Grumble.

Now back to President Trump. He said after the election that he didn’t want to hurt the Clinton’s. Even though the Clinton’s corruption is well known. The President showed Kindness and was repaid with Revenge. This begs me to ask the questions: has President Trump committed any crime? Has the President done anything wrong? Why did the President not pursue criminal charges against Clinton and Obama?

We do know the President has committed no crimes. We do know the Clinton Crime Syndicate is as corrupt as hell. We do know that Obama was transforming the country into a socialist nation. We do know the clear and present danger is allowing any socialist democrat back into power.


Our weather today has been drizzly off and on all day. It predicted continue throughout the weekend. It’s still winter here.

The end of January is near.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kanakolu Lanuali










Get Woke, Go Broke

Get Woke, Go Broke is a phrase coined by the internationally bestselling author John Ringo to express the opinion that when organizations “get woke” to politically correct actions, those same actions usually result in a massive loss of income. So I’m told.

Get Woke, Go Broke mantra that activists reactionaries are using to demand big executives and small time creators to either add socialist justice diversity into their products or publish commercials or lose a lot of money through boycotts. That’s called bullying.

Companies that give into this extortion by Social Justice Warriors (SJW) usually lose a lot of income from their products. Take the case of Gillette, a Proctor and Gamble company.

The feminist and other social justice activists demanded that Gillette produce a commercial about Toxic Masculinity. Proctor and Gamble did produce a video on toxic masculinity, and the reaction to the advert was as you would expect.

“P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash writedown of Gillette. For the same period last year, P&G’s net income was $1.89 billion, or 72 cents per share,” Reuters reports.

That’s quite a large drop in sales for Gillette. The question I have for Gillette, was the commercial worth the drop in sales and all the bad publicity? What was the reasoning to produce a advertisement that accuses males of being toxic? Was it to appease the intolerant social justice radicals?  Gillette lost me as a customer. I switched to Harry’s. Two can play at the boycott game.

There is a trend with social justice radicals to bully companies and people into promoting and accepting their social engineering of society. You must accept their radical lifestyle or be shamed into compliance. Social justice radicals have gotten people fired from their jobs, their careers ruined, and families assaulted by these violent radicals. Make no mistake, these people are evil.

Innocent people have either little recourse or protections from these radicals. You can be fined and arrested for not using the proper pronoun to address a LGBT individual in Kalifornia. The bill’s author, State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, says jail time isn’t in the bill, Senate Bill 219, but a substantial fine would be imposed if the violation is repeated. That leaves the door open to jail time for repeat offenders. I’m not going to address neither a male as a female, nor a female as a male. I know biology. A dude is a dude, and a dudette is a dudette. PERIOD.

Scott Wiener is a far left radical and he’s one of the responsible legislators that is strangling Kalifornia into a hellhole of drug addicts, homeless, and excrement on the streets of San Francisco. Why do people vote for these creeps? San Francisco is Woke and going Broke.

What is a man? A response to Gillette. A short film – Dedicated to all those who sacrifice everything to make the world safer and better for all of us. All companies should resist kowtowing to the intolerant social injustice radicals. This bullying is a clear violation of an individual’s Constitutional Right to Free Speech. So you’re a male and you display your masculinity by wearing a dress and put on woman’s makup, fine. I’ll still think of you as a weirdo. Same with women that lose their femininity by dressing like a man. Do what you want, but don’t expect me to accept it. It ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t like special protections status for social justice radicals. Their goal is to social engineer society into submitting us into their radical ideology. The LGBT community needs to police themselves. They cannot intimidate others into accepting their lifestyle under penalty of punishment. However, radical politicians hungry for votes will pander to the radical slime and legislate to infringe on people’s rights. This is happening in cities where hard left socialist democrats are in power. This is NOT a civil rights issue for LGBT people, because the only civil rights being violated are normal people just trying to live their lives and being left alone. Parents that don’t want to have their children exposed to alternative lifestyles that could disrupt core family values.

Steven Crowder is a conservative that Canadian-American commentator, actor, and comedian. He hosts a YouTube show, Louder with Crowder (LwC), and is a former contributor at Fox News. His YouTube show, “Change My Mind”, is a popular video cast where he discusses all sorts of issues at college campuses and marches. His focus is on getting the far left socialist radicals to explain their views and try to change his mind. It is entertaining hearing the left trying to explain their reasoning.

Sometimes, the radical left gets violent when they get triggered. As Crowder’s video shows, if you do not accept and conform to the radical transgender agenda, they will attack you, physically.

What are the parents thinking bringing their children to an event like this?

The transgender radicals are the worse because they are targeting very young pre-school children. Drag Queen Storytime in public libraries. How the parents of these children allow their kids to attend what is clearly a push for acceptance of pedophilia is quite frightening. It’s child abuse to expose children this young to this radical lifestyle. Again, what’s wrong with the parents of these children?

Is it the #MeToo radical feminists driving this? They seem to accept this as the new normal for society. Girls will be guys and guys will be girls. It’s a mixed up world. I believe there is two sexes, and not variations of genders. If that’s offensive, #TooBad. Get over yourself.

Is this the best a woman can get? Is this the direction we want a civilized society to follow? As leftism creeps into society, a society starts to break-down into chaos. We’re seeing this in major cities run by democrat liberals. Just look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Newark New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, and other cities around the the country. They’re crumbling with drug use, homelessness, huge debt, a dysfunctional government, a police force afraid to serve and protect because the city won’t back the police up.

Political correctness puts American citizens at risk with sanctuary cities. Gun-Free Zones where criminals know they have an easy target. The fall of Rome and other societies in history went through these stages and to inevitable ruin. We don’t learn from history. History is usually taught in schools to bring awareness of the past, and how not to repeat the failures that destroyed societies. After the fall of Rome began the Dark Ages that lasted a 1,000 years. Ronald Reagan said we are only one generation away from losing our freedoms and condemn our children to a 1,000 years of darkness. Just look at the democrat presidential candidates; they’re all socialists, and the road to socialism leads to communism. The lure of free stuff is the candy of oppression.

Did you know that Yale University has discontinued their courses in Art History?

“For decades, Yale University’s art history survey course, covering the evolution of art from 1300 to today, has been one of the department’s most popular offerings. But the school is now eliminating the course as part of a broader overhaul to reconsider how it might tell a fuller story of art in the wake of complaints that the class promotes an overly white, westernized canon at the expense of other narratives.”

This is exactly what I wrote about, the deliberate destruction of a society. Start by removing history. Remember the Confederate statues being removed in the south? Now Universities are removing western history because they complain that it’s Too White.

The University of Pennsylvania has removed a portrait of Shakespeare from its Fisher-Bennett Hall and had it replaced it with a picture of a black lesbian poet Audre Lorde in the name of “diversity.” What the hell does “diversity” even mean anymore? When diversity is selective discrimination of one culture over another. Shakespeare is an important literary giant in western culture, and the left is forcing institutions of “Higher Learning” (higher, as in stoned) to remove Shakespeare because he was some dead white dude that lived a long time ago. So, this is what passes for diversity these days. If is what being woke is all about, then I want no part of this crap. It’s racism dressed up as diversity.


Our weather today was sunny and hot. Very few clouds and very dry even though the humidity was at 83%. Temperatures were in the 80’s for the first time since last year. Hilo was particularly hot. It’s cooled down this evening to a comfortable 70 degrees, and the temperatures are expected to drop into the lower 60’s. We have no cloud cover to keep the land warm. The views of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa with snow capped peaks was spectacular. The air was clear and visibility was excellent quality.

Hawaii is such a wonderful place to live with all the different races, their foods and cultures. Of course, each race has stereotypes and although, there are people that dislike another race ~ for the most part, it is all in fun as Keola and Kapono Beamer illustrate so beautifully in this song, Mr. Sun Cho Lee.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhiku Lanuali



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