Misdirected Blame

Students with misdirected blame refuse to protest against the system that failed them. The FBI, the Broward County Sheriff, the school, all the red flags that were in plain sight, but ignored. This isn’t the first time law enforcement has failed to protect citizens. It has happened many times before, but the aftermath is to always focus the blame in the wrong direction.

Instead of directing anger at the shooter(s), the focus is on the weapon. How misdirected is this? When someone dies in an automobile accident, they blame the driver. When someone uses a gun, they blame the gun, not the shooter. They blame gun owners and gun organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA). People that had nothing to do with the crime. People that are responsible gun owners are vilified. Innocent people are made scapegoats over the crimes of a mentally disturbed individual.

Who is responsible for misdirecting this rage? The left is. The same people responsible for the rape of our culture. The same people responsible for the murder of millions of babies under the guise of women’s healthcare. It’s the antiseptic brushing aside of a mass tragedy done behind the walls of a clinical abattoir. Yet when schools designate within their walls a “gun free zone”, it’s like putting a target on everyone inside. It’s misdirected rage towards a single event, and not equally towards a daily occurrence.  You never see such tragedies where guns are allowed. That’s because the crazed shooter will think twice before attacking with gun violence.

It is not the fault of responsible gun owners for the tragedy of a crazed shooter. It is the responsibility of schools, administrators, and police to protect students and teachers from potential gun violence. It is the responsibility of the shooter for the crimes. It is the responsibility of the schools, administrators and police to put into place protections needed. However, the left, and the media, misdirects blame upon innocent responsible gun owning people. They hype and feed the frenzy of tragedies for political and social warrior purposes. You’ll notice the same anger is neither directed at the shooter, nor those charged with protecting people.

Why we have a Secondment Amendment right: one reason is self protection from crazed shooters. When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes, and sometimes, as in the high school in Parkland, Florida, the cops didn’t enter the school to stop the shooter. Where’s the directed outrage at the police for failing to do their job? Instead the cowardly sheriff blamed the NRA and the gun. Deputies resigned in order to protect their pensions. Now, where’s the outrage? You don’t hear about this because the media fuels the misdirected blame.

What about the 20 year old woman having to make a decision to protect herself over an abusive boyfriend, or a rapist? What about the renter wanting a gun to protect themselves and family in a bad neighborhood? What about the home owner wanting to have a gun to protect their family from either a violent intruder or burglar? Indeed, there are more examples of people defending themselves with guns, than the numbers of mass shootings.  The “Stand Your Ground” law has been used with both success and failures.  Case in point where the law failed to protect the innocent happened in Florida.

Alexander is a black mother who was a licensed gun owner when she shot at her estranged husband in 2010, saying she feared he’d hurt her. The bullet never even grazed the man but she was initially sentenced to up to 20 years in jail 

The innocent are sometimes denied due process because of a misdirected justice. Yet cities with the most restrictive gun laws deny citizens their right to defend themselves. They are usually the most vocal anti-second amendment radicals. The democratic process devolves into mob rule. Peoples rights are taken away because  the leftist idea a “gun free zones” will protect people. That is a dangerous and false premise of security, and  those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Leftist democrats, whom have armed guards surrounding them, reason that the people should not be afforded equal protection. They use the children, and the victim families, to inflame a false narrative that someone else is the blame for the actions of a crazed person. Mental illness, mass murder, follows leftist exploitation. This time, the left is using children to demand people give up their rights. That’s not going to happen.  This is why they misdirect blame at the NRA.  Let’s be honest, most mentally ill mass murderers are leftists, and not the majority of responsible gun owners who are conservatives.  The left insists that putting targets on children will keep them safe. That’s inviting a tragedy.

Consider the misdirected outrage that the leftist media will not report because it’s not politically correct and doesn’t fit the leftist narrative. In Florida a 17-year-old Muslim convert and suspected ISIS supporter Corey Johnson went on a deadly stabbing rampage. During a sleepover, Johnson, who already had federal charges pending against him for threatening a Catholic school in England, allegedly cut his younger friend’s throat and wounded two others, whom he accused of offending his religious beliefs.

Do we now blame the knife? This was barely reported. What about people using hammers to murder, or hands and feet? Do we now blame them? Where’s the outrage?











The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors.  They were allowed to remained in the country illegally. There were to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for work. It was the most cruel thing done to illegals by the hussein regime.

Democrats have taken the position that the illegals are of more importance than American citizens. 

Let remember that DACA was an illegal policy by the hussein regime. It encouraged people to enter the country illegally. It gave them false hope of citizenship. The real reason why hussein did this is because the democrats have been losing elections, so they were using DACA as a back fill for votes. The democrats know that if they give DACA welfare, free tuition, jobs, the dependency on democrats for handout benefits at the expense of American citizen, they will continue to vote democrat. The very thing immigrants fled their home country from; socialism.

That’s the cruel joke. Because rights granted can be easily taken away after an election. Plus democrats, knowingly usurping the law, and will try to demonize anyone denying rights to illegals as racism. Democrats have used the race-card argument for decades.  Essentially holding Americans hostage in their own country.

Think of it like this: suppose a stranger comes into to your house, and decides they are going live in your house.  You call the police and report a trespasser, but the police tell you there’s nothing they can do because the trespasser has special protected status. That is exactly what democrats are doing.  Plus some of these illegals are gang members like MS13.

Democrats like to use the term ‘Dreamers‘, which I find offensive because like all Americans, we all have dreams.  We have people that have been legally in line for the legal immigration process, and democrats are ignoring these people. Democrats have openly said they they don’t care about their constituents that voted for them. The have openly said they favor the dreamers over Americans. Democrats cite that dreamers are serving in the military. Well, yes, but out of 800,000 dreamers, less than 900 are actually serving in the military. How illegals ever got into the military is in itself problematic. Employers are suppose to prove citizenship, or visa status to work in the the US. Apparently, the military doesn’t have an I-9 employment eligibility form. Still, I would be in favor of granting special exemptions for any illegal that serves in our military. However, an all voluntary military must have a screening process before hiring illegals.

By now you know the Schumer Shutdown turned into the Schumer Surrender. That was not wise of the democrats because the optics of the shutdown made democrats look like they didn’t care about the other components in the continuing resolution. It had everything the democrats wanted, except for DACA amnesty. I think the republicans should have negotiated for a longer term than 3 weeks from now. We’re just going to go down this road again, with probably the same results

In Hawai’i, our misrepresentatives also favor illegals over their constituents. Here’s a sampling of crazy mazie hirono’s tweeter feed. Why people keep voting for these people I’ll never understand.  Their policies actually hurt legal citizens. 

I have no idea what and why dreamers need protection. Does hirono believe her constituents deserve less protections? Protections from what exactly? Deportation? If dreamers have committed a crime in this country, do they still deserve legal status? The argument that they were brought here at no fault of their own, might be true, but it still doesn’t allow them to jump ahead of the immigration line after others have been following the rules. It just encourages more immigration lawlessness.

Many of the 800,000 dreamers are unskilled and uneducated. So by protections, what does that mean? Welfare? Who pays for that? What was in the CR just passed? CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program for an additional six years for one. The DACA resolution should have never been attached to the CR – Continuing Resolution to fund the government. It rightly needs to be handled separately since it is about the government functioning for the country.  DACA is about non-citizens residing in this country and their status.

Let’s be clear. The first and foremost responsibility of the federal government is the protection of its citizens. Not for protecting illegals. It is the reason why we have borders. Hussein did this to provoke chaos. To cause pain. To further divide America. The difference between President Trump and hussein, is that Trump is America First. Hussein was a globalist. Hussein was America without borders. A centralized government that takes from citizens and gives to non-citizens. That “We Are The World” nonsense because we are the wealthiest country, we must atone for our wealth. As hussein said before, “If you got a business, you didn’t build that, someone else did.”

Hssein was always putting Americans down. Why people voted for this creep, twice, I’ll never understand. The smugness and condescending putting down of Americans isn’t presidential. Yet, somehow, Trump isn’t Presidential. Give me a break. Trump is doing the job we hired him to do.  What’s so wrong with putting America First? Apparently the media, democrats, and leftist socialist, believe America has had too much success. I guess they forgot that our Constitution gives us that opportunity in three simple words:

Life Liberty Happiness





Democrats called American citizens ‘Deplorable’, and called illegal immigrants ‘Dreamers’. All you need to know about who follows the Constitution and rule of law.  Democrats thought that people would blame Republicans for the government shutdown, but it’s backfiring.

Remember in 2013 when hussein shutdown the government? Hussein ordered barricades erected to prevent people from visiting the national parks in Washington D.C.

Hussein did this out of spite against the American people. To maximize pain on the American people, deliberately. 

Democrats don’t care about the American people. They only care about legalizing illegal immigrants for votes. It’s that simple. They cannot serve the needs of citizens, therefore they need to import illegals with promises of socialist benefits for votes. The Shithole country the immigrants left are being created by the democrats using the same promises of the shithole country. Wow!

They left their country to get away from the shithole life, only to bring the shithole life to America. We don’t need this after 250 years of building this nation. American Civics need to be reinforced.  The democrats, just want to shut-it-down.









Must be nice living in San Francisco Pacific Palisades where you can look down upon the little people and thumb your nose at America.

Nutzy Piglosi is a real democrat racist. A bigoted lying insect that hates working Americans. I’d rather call this creature “Nazi Piglosi”, because she speaks in the manner of Joseph Goebbels,  a German Nazi terrorist and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. She has all the mannerisms down perfectly.

The five white guys I call them, you know,” Pelosi said, referring to five bipartisan lawmakers, including Hoyer, leading efforts to salvage the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. All five of the male lawmakers are white.

Waste Management CEO reacts to Nutzy Piglosi’s ‘crumbs‘ comments on bonuses.  It’s clear that Nutzy Piglosi have no business experience, except for graft and fraud. She got rich through insider trading and legislative manipulation that benefited her family, and hurt Americans.

Just like ALL democrats, they are racist bigots. They created the Klu Klux Klan, Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, but now we are supposed to believe they have atoned for the sins of the past, by repeating them.   At the top of the national socialist democrat party are anti-American vile haters. Nazi Piglosi, Chucky Cheese Schumer, Dickhead Durbin, Bernie Marx Sanders, Elizabeth Lyawatha Warren, Mad Maxine Waters, and the list goes on. These are the socialist clowns that the Fake News Media parades in front of the camera to claim America is a craphole because of Trump.  Their latest racist rants: accusing white people of being supremacists.

These are the same communist dirtbags that disparaged our United States Military as Nazis and Pol Pot murders. These are the same people that promoted and defended slavery. It doesn’t matter what color you are, if they are in power, they will make your life a craphole. It’s what they do. Their best attribute is the ability to lie with a straight face. Democrats, you can’t live with them, pass the beer nuts.

The leftist media was livid with saying CRAPhole, especially Fake News CNN. The Crappy Network News, or Clinton Nutcase Nitwits.  I hope the FCC fines CNN heavily and they lose their jobs. Disgusting Racist Rubbish.

Alcoholic CNN Door Mice Having A Hissy Fit


These leftist don’t care about America, they only care about flooding America with dependent immigrants for votes. For Votes Only! The democrats have demonstrated that they don’t care about the American citizens. Because Americans see democrats for who they really are. The modern day robber barons of media, industry and Hollyweird.

Did Trump call Haiti a craphole? No one knows. There are no recordings, no video, only the word of one corrupt, evil, crap weasel. However, what is true is how the Clinton Foundation ‘raped’ Haiti of the money that was suppose to go to rebuild the country. Oh BTW, those countries are crapholes. Other countries in the western hemisphere like Bermuda, Bahama’s, Virgin Islands, are not like Haiti. They may be poor, but they are not the result of outright corruption by democrats and a socialist government. The same goes for some African countries. Some of these countries are exactly what they are, CrapHoles! The Truth Is Not Racism.

In January 2015 a group of Haitians surrounded the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation. They chanted slogans, accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of having robbed them of “billions of dollars.” Two months later, the Haitians were at it again, accusing the Clintons of duplicity, malfeasance, and theft. And in May 2015, they were back, this time outside New York’s Cipriani, where Bill Clinton received an award and collected a $500,000 check for his foundation. “Clinton, where’s the money?” the Haitian signs read. “In whose pockets?” Said Dhoud Andre of the Commission Against Dictatorship, “We are telling the world of the crimes that Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for in Haiti.”

Back to the Craphole Craptastrophy. Turns out, the craphole accusation is probably a fake news story brought on by … Senator Dickhead Durbin. This crapbag has made lying statements in the past. To be a democrat, you have to pass a test in how well you can lie. This crapbag lies very well:

When it came to the issue of, quote, “chain migration,” I said to the president, do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African-Americans believe they migrated to America in chains and when you talk about chain migration, it hurts them personally.

It is my opinion that the democrats have no desire to help immigrants. They only want to use them for votes. They will take what they want, and discard immigrants once they get into office. Democrats won’t do a thing to help them. They use them. Disgusting democrat rubbish!



In other news, Hawai’i EMS sent out a panic message that a North Korean missile attack was eminent, it took 30 minutes later to cancel the alarm and declare it a big boo-boo.  Someone pressed the wrong button. Which begs the question, how does a panic button get accidentally pressed? Isn’t a panic button under a glass case? In case of emergency, break glass. Was the button next to the door entry button?

Let’s add a conspiracy theory shall we: I believe this was an act by an Anti-Trump’ individual that wanted to embarrass the administration. Why else would three different contradictions be explained? It was an accident, it was a drill, it was the God Lono.  UGH! What it did was make Hawai’i democrats look like a bunch of fools.  Rightly so….


Hawai’i EMS Recommends Putting Your Head Between Your Legs And Kiss Your Ass Goodbye










Democratic Fascism

When evil is disguised as noble cause to trick people into thinking the democrats are for the little guy, the down-trodden, the unfortunate, don’t believe it. As with the old saying, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Democrats have a history of lying for power.

For examples: I wrote about Net Neutrality and how the democrats pushed hard not to have Net Neutrality rules rolled back. Because it was a way to control internet content. It had nothing to do with throttling internet speed rates. It had nothing to do with allowing large ISP providers to restrict content, just the opposite. During the hussein regime (barack, barry, hussein, sotero, obama), 1930 FCC title II rules were applied to the internet. It was under the guise of protecting the internet. That was a lie. It was to restrict content of the internet.

As a result of rolling back these unnecessary rules, the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, was threatened with death threats. The left even went after his wife and children. Today, my Hawai’i State senator, Brian Shatz, a misrepresentative in the US Senate, is calling for restoring these rules. He also believes in global warming and multiple genders. He’s science illiterate and for the exception of being a democrat, no one is listening to him. That’s a good thing.

Google is a perfect example of this intolerance. They fired an employee just for writing a common sense article about workplace diversity rules.  Diversity in the mind of the left is fascism. We’re now learning that Twitter is doing the same thing.

This progressive left wing prejudice against anyone that has a different opinion usually ends up with someone’s career, life and reputation is destroyed. Companies with these far left prejudices are restrictive to the point where “thought” is hunted down with the sole purpose of weeding out people the fascist left doesn’t like. This dysfunctional attitude is also reflected in Google’s search engine results.

This isn’t limited to just Google, but also to Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich who was forced to resign because he supported traditional marriage between a man and a woman. This resulted in husseins policy of discrimination against people of conscience. Where bakers, florists, and people of faith were discriminated because they chose not to participate in an activity that violated their beliefs. The rise of the fascist gay mafia. They could have went to another bakery, another florist, another browser, but they chose to attack people of conscience as an act of spiteful revenge. If the gay mafia thinks they are inspiring sympathy, they’re wrong. It brings contempt.

This leftist fascism has infected most universities. It has inspired violence and property damage.  Claims of a campus rape culture has evolved, and yet colleges have sex week celebration.  Then there is gender dysphoria where anyone who wants to identify as another gender can do so, even if their plumbing doesn’t match. You can be disciplined for not using the correct gender designation. In Kalifornia, you can be sued, fired, and jailed for not using the correct gender designation. These are just a few of the liberal fascist logic.

Some of the most egregious violations of our Constitutional rights were committed by democrats in the regime of the hussein.  Using the Bureau of Land Management, Harry Reid and his son, tried to forcibly steal land from a rancher by using the weight of the federal government as the muscle.  The Bundy Ranch had been managing the land for over 150 years, well before Nevada statehood. The government decided to acquire the land and force the ranchers to pay the government grazing fees. In a sense, it was legal extortion.  The federal government cannot manage the land as effectively as ranchers have for generations. It was a money grab.

The democrat fascist left was emboldened by the hussein regime. They violated people’s Constitutional rights with impunity. After the election of President Trump, the democrat fascists went violent. Assaulting people, destroying property, death threats, all with the blessing of a corrupt fascist media. They police were told to stand down, and give the fascists “room to destroy”. This was the husseins regime of a scorched earth policy. The result of eight years of class warfare and open racism. In particular against Caucasian people. You hear calls of “White Privileged” and disparaging comments of whiteness.  The hysteria of removing heritage history by the democrat left is almost Nazi like in its effect.  What’s ironic is some, if not most, of these people, are white.

As mentioned, the Fake News Media encouraged this, even promoted this lawlessness. As the Trump administration came into power, the shrill calls by the democrat fascists have been nonstop with the anti-American rhetoric. Americans that voted for Trump were now being hunted and attacked. These are the actions of democrat fascists.

Why? Because the Trump administration promised a return to “law and order”. This country has been severely damaged by the hussein regime. From fascist lawlessness to illegal immigration, the democrats fascists were not going to give up their socialist grip and lust for a return to power corruption.  The democrat fascists are not hiding their contempt for the American citizenry, they’re very transparent about it.

For example: This is the DNC deputy chairperson. A radical muslim that supports radical islamic terrorism and a islamic caliphate. The fascist democrat want nothing more than the overthrow of the United States of America and our Judeo-Christian values.

Everyone knows the domestic terror group known as “antifa” is a pro-fascist socialist organization. They incite violence and cause property damage. They wear black ski masks to hide their faces. Look how enamored Ellison is. The only thing Ellison hasn’t publicly endorsed is the murder of Jews in America, but he will defend islamic terror.

A third Muslim imam in the United States has been recorded citing an Islamic text that prophesies the killing of Jews by Muslims.

As with the other two imams, Abdullah Khadra, speaking at a mosque Dec. 8 in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, was responding to President Trump’s Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Ellison is not the only muslim in congress, there is this other savage Andre Carson. He wishes American Schools Should Be Modeled After Madrassas, to be more like islamic terrorist training camps. Both of these people in congress have strong ties to the muslim brotherhood, which is identified as a terrorist organization. This is who the face of democrat fascism is.

BAMN – “By Any Means Necessary” is a violent democrat sponsored fascist group. They are one of many groups that the democrats use to commit acts of violence. The spread of these fascist has penetrated deep into the federal government. From the IRS, the FBI, the Justice department, where corruption is rampant at the highest levels. Since President Trump’s election, these groups are slowly being uncovered by their treasonous actions.  I shutter to think what the alternative would have been.

It’s not over, there is still embedded in the government a level of corruption that is very dangerous. Private companies like Google can used your personal information, but the government can do far worse. The government has guns, your personal information, your banking information, your tax information, and for a long time, democrat fascists were close to ridding Americans of their Constitutional freedoms and rights. I don’t think people actually really realize this fact. After all, the hussein did say :

We Are 5 Days From Fundamentally Transforming America

If you loved your country, then why would you want to transform it?






Jerusalem Israel’s Capitol


“We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” ― Golda Meir

Long over due and historically correct. It is about time that a United States President kept that promise. The farcical United Nations [united in hate] have voted against the United States for the last time. The United Nations with arab nations of violence and hate. The muslim savages that destroy, murder and enslave people. Their culture of rape and hate is a cancer upon the earth. Islam is not peace.

The Arabs have never wanted peace, and the Arab conflict is even within themselves. The muslim violence has been constant since this cult came into existence in the 7th century. The muslims want only one thing, a worldwide islamic caliphate. One that practices slavery and a return to religious intolerance against others.

Pope Francis Wednesday defended the “status quo” of Jerusalem, hours ahead of an announcement by US President Donald Trump in which officials said he will recognize the disputed city as Israel’s capital.  As a Catholic, I am astonished and ashamed by this pope that continues to push the faithful out of the Church. His socialist leanings and acceptance of anti-Catholic values, acceptance of islamic evil, and calling for the status quo of the violence in the Jewish capital. It is truly a disgrace.

President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the relocation of the United States embassy to Jerusalem is the right thing to do. After 40 years of past Presidents calling for, but cowardly efforts to follow through, were never met. This should have been done eons ago. The fear of angering muslim savages into more violence doesn’t make sense. They are already violent. What difference will it make after all this time? Muslims are still going to kill people for any reason they want. Do not capitulate to evil.

The so called “Two State System” is nothing more than a carrot in front of the donkey. It keeps the west hoping and the east buying time for more violence. Muslims and leftist, always say there are legitimate grievances, but no one knows what those grievances are, or if they even exist! It’s all islamic bullshit.

In America, the terror group that calls themselves the “Council on Islamic – American Relations” (CAIR), has no desire to want peace with the people they call ‘infidels‘. Their murderous cult of hatred even kills their own. For the left, that is an excuse to justify the violence committed against innocents. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, if you do not follow the cult rule, you can be murdered in the name of their shit eating insect god “mo-ham-mad”.

I despise evil. I will speak out against evil. I don’t care if it is politically incorrect. The left that wants to keep the status quo in place.  The status quo into the New Year is keeping what hasn’t been working in place. If there is an effort to stop hatred, then it has to start somewhere. Jerusalem is where it began and where this will end. No more kowtowing before racist terror groups like CAIR and Southern Poverty Law Center. What do muslim’s do? Murder, destroy, riot. Just as the left does around the world. Pure Evil.

So the United Nations of Evil votes against the United States. Yet they demand our money to prop up their fascist regimes. It’s about time they were put on notice. It’s time to withhold our money they use to make their leaders wealthy and their people poor. There needs to be some ‘Tough Love’ to change the status quo. I believe we have a real leader that will make that happen. It’s About time!






Everyone Knew, No One Said A Thing

One common theme from all these sex abuse scandals, “everyone knew, but no one said a thing.

Cokie Roberts at ABC said, “Oh, we all knew not to get in an elevator with Rep. Conyers.” Which begs the question, if the fake news media knew, doesn’t that make them equally complicit in the sexual assaults? Same with Matt Lauer, everyone at NBC knew Matt was a pervert, there was a digital finger print of Matt texting to female interns with lewd pictures. Then there’s Al Franken who is pictured groping a woman. However, it’s not just the men doing the groping, the women also get in on the act. This is Standard Operating Procedure in the bizarre world of the liberal left.

Proving that liberal women are just as much pigs as liberal men. 

Remember when the progressive left media pummeled Vice President Mike Pence when he said he would not be with another woman alone? Remember how the leftist media ridiculed and accused Mr. Pence as being discriminatory towards women? Look how the progressive cheerleaders are now dropping like flies over inappropriate sexual behavior.  The whole campaign by the media, democrats, and the progressive fascists to discredit the Trump administration as illegitimate, misogynistic, racist, bigoted, homophobed,  islamicphobed, and just downright mean.  Oh how the tide has turned.

Everything that the dishonest fake news media has said is turning out to be false. All the accusations made by the democrats against the Trump administration is proving untrue. The lies that thrown around to discredit the Trump administration are now turnabout. Now, rampant deviant sexual perversion is pervasive in the democrat party and liberal media.  Even though Trump came from the entertainment industry, and during the campaign was overheard on a hot mic bragging how women craving power will throw themselves at you. There were women that accused then candidate Trump of sexual misconduct. Those charges soon went away after investigations failed to corroborate any of the accusations.

It was commonplace for liberals to cover for known sexual predators. Bill Clinton’s sorted past and eventual impeachment. Radical feminazi Gloria Steinem dismissed Clinton’s accusers in an op’ed in the New York Slimes writing: “Even if the allegations are true, the President is not guilty of sexual harassment. He is accused of having made a gross, dumb, and reckless pass at a supporter during a low point in her life. She pushed him away, she said, and it never happened again. In other words, President Clinton took ‘no’ for an answer.”

That’s pretty much admitting Clinton’s guilt, but dismissing it like Whoopi Goldberg did about Roman Polanski’s child rape as not really “Rape-Rape“. Hollyweird has a history of defending rapists like Polanski. They all knew that Weinstein was a sick pervert, but they didn’t say or do anything because the thought of being blacklisted in Hollyweird was just too much of a career risk. So they bent over and said, “Thank you sir, may I have another?

The title wave of shame that has caught the rich and powerful, also includes evidence to validate the victims claims of sexual abuse. But what about claims made against others? Especially for a current campaign where a controversial candidate is running for office. That’s the question in a ‘he said, she said’ accusations that end up getting tried in a court of public opinion. The Alabama Senate special election is a perfect example.  The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, has been accused of sexual misconduct over 40 years ago.

Several things come to mind. First the timing, the accusations against Judge Moore happened 40 years ago. Only now, the victims come forward. Was that because of the #MeToo sweep across the nation? Or is this a smear against the candidate? Democrats have been known to bring charges of abuse against Republicans when they know they are losing an election. This was a pattern repeated against several Republicans: Herman Cain, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump were all accused of sexual misconduct. Again all accusations were tried in the court of public opinion. However, after the election, all the accusers faded away, and the next series of accusations focused on Russia collusion.

Second, the credibility of the accusers. In the Clinton case, all the accusers were dismissed as “Nuts and Sluts” by the media and the democrat party. In the Judge Moore case, all the accusers were all trotted out to the media to give their testimony. Leftist feminist Gloria Allred had her ‘victim’ bawling and reciting from a scripted list of accusations. Even flashing a high school yearbook comment supposedly written by Judge Moore. When the Moore campaign challenged Allred to have the yearbook examined by a handwriting expert, Allred refused and the credibility came into question.  Same with the claim that Judge Moore was banned from a mall for harassing high school girls, but no evidence of a ban was ever corroborated. Plus the latest accuser has a history of bankruptcy’s, divorces, and a question of illicit drug involvement.

Do I believe the accusers are lying? I don’t know what to believe anymore. I do question the source and the timing. After 40 years of silence, why now? What is the truth?

It is not clear if the voters are buying the accusations against Judge Moore. The court of public opinion has already tried and convicted Judge Moore. Even if it is unfair and without due process, both party leadership (or lack thereof) have condemned vehemently Judge Moore and have demanded him to drop out of the race. Mitch McConnell, the spineless rodent in Senate Republican leadership, said if Judge Moore is elected he would not be seated in the Senate. Thus nullifying the voice of the Alabama people.

This is what disgusts me about the so called political leadership in the Republican party. They are quick to condemn their own, but say very little about the perverts across the aisle. This is the swamp that President Trump is fighting against. This is the swamp of depravity that the voters voted against. If the electorate believed the accusations against Trump, then Hillary would have won the Presidency. However, the legacy of the Clinton’s carried enough soiled baggage of lies, deceit, and contempt for the American people to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. The court of public opinion voted, and the results was neither what the liberal media expected, nor the politics of the Washington DC swamp. I believe there will be more shoes dropping as America cleans it’s house of what was decades of hushed perversion that only money and power could silence.

Why is this all happening now? I believe it is because of the Trump election. As we begin to learn who Trump really is, there is a reckoning that everything were were told by the progressive leftist media was a lie. The Trump family seems to have invigorated an American value of decency, religion, and independence of the individual. President Trump has surrounded himself with members of diverse clergies asking for prayer and guidance.  Most notably the return of Judaeo-Christian values that the Founders used to craft the Constitution. The Trump family consists of both Christians and Jews. Their father may be the product of the entertainment industry and a bull in a china shop, but Melenia and Trump’s children are poised and courtlier. The family might be the greatest asset to the Trump administration, and probably what most middle-class Americans are gravitating towards.

Whatever the reason, the Trump dynasty has begun to do what previous administrations could not, and that is renewed American optimism. Trump is careful to not make it about him, but about the American people. He doesn’t act like a deity as with the past regime, and he’s certainly not treated like one by the leftist fake news media. Trump can be humble, but he can also fight back against a hostile leftist media that acts more childish. Trump’s working man persona doesn’t mesh well with the Hollyweird/DC cocktail circuit, even though Trump was a part of that click. Then again, so was Steve Bannon of Breitbart, and Hollyweird hates him also.  Oh Well…





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