White Power Signs

Aloha Lapule! While watching the Army-Navy football game yesterday, a cadet flashed OK hand signal gesture. The fake news media and unsocial media went nuts claiming the sign was a symbol of “White Power”. I thought to myself, huh? When did that happen?


The OK or ring gesture is performed by connecting the thumb and index finger into a circle, and holding the other fingers straight or relaxed away from the palm. Commonly used by divers, it signifies “I am OK” or “Are you OK?”

Even as a kid growing up we used this hand sign to acknowledge Okay. Sometimes known as the ring sign, it has never been to my knowledge a symbol of White Power. But what does White Power even mean?

It turns out that the hard left socialist in America have hijacked this innocuous hand sign as a display symbolizing White Power. The left is associating this gesture as a symbol of racism. Everything in the left’s world is racism. You Racist. I’m Racist. Everyone Racist.

Heavens To Murgatroyd! The next time I go scuba diving in Hilo Bay, I better not flash this hand symbol to my diving partners, they might think I’m a racist. This got me thinking, who else flashes this symbol?

Look at all the White Power Supremacists in this picture! Who’s identifiable? Why there’s, Oprah, and Barry the Bullshitter Obama, Alexandria Occasionally Coherent, and Eddie Murphy! Oh the pain, the pain!

Are all these people also secretly supporting White Power? Say it ain’t so! I demand an investigation into these people to ferret out any seething racism. Is this not just leftist hysteria? Or is this a deliberate attempt by leftist racists to make false accusations to spread hate?

It’s obvious, it’s the left spreading hate by claiming an innocent Okay hand gesture as a symbol of White Power. This is the same tactics that leftist democrats use to box people into a hole of shame, guilt and false accusations. It’s designed to embarrass innocent people through the eye of public scrutiny. To destroy peoples lives, careers, and family. That’s the purpose of labeling a hand signal as White Power.

What does the bible say about bearing false accusations?

Exodus 23:1 “You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.”

Deuteronomy 19:18-19 “The judges shall inquire diligently, and if the witness is a false witness and has accused his brother falsely, then you shall do to him as he had meant to do to his brother. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.”

There are many more biblical examples where bearing false witness and false projections could be crime. If we could switch from hand signals to the impeachment suicide for a moment. We have a perfect example of a bug eyed psychotic habitual liar, Adam Schiff, who has made false accusations towards the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

It’s easy to remember things and events when you first tell the truth. With lies, you constantly have to change your story and then backtrack when caught in a lie. Lying doesn’t seem to be an issue with the cabal of democrats attempting to impeach the President and overthrow our Republic. Many of these crooks are going to need a good lawyer, but some as with James Comey, the disgraced former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, just can’t keep his big mouth shut and he continues to incriminate himself. Oh well.

Now back to hand signals. Remember this hand signal? It was called a demonic sign. Used in satanic rituals and heavy metal music.

Then people realized that the Texas Longhorn football fans used this hand sign also. The gesture is meant to approximate the shape of the head and horns of the UT mascot, the Texas Longhorn Bevo. The sign is made by extending the index and pinky fingers while grasping the second and third fingers with the thumb. The arm is usually extended, but the sign can also be given with the arm bent at the elbow.

Hook ‘Em Horns

The left insisted this was a satanic symbol and just like the Okay hand gesture represents White Power, it’s all leftist hysteria. I don’t believe anyone on the left has ever had a happy day in their sad and miserable lives. They are the Debbie Downers of society. The Gladys Kravitz nosy neighbor always looking for something to complain about. Looking for a scandal by peaking in windows and being a busybody. They create controversy for their own enjoyment at others expense. Sad miserable people.

Gladys Kravitz Freaks Out

Everyone knows someone like Gladys. Sad and frightened all the time. This is for all the lonely people, thinking that life has passed them by. There has to be a physiological disorder with these people. I don’t know whether to despise them or feel sad for them. I just don’t feel anything at all for them. I don’t want to associate myself with people that are this perpetually miserable.

“All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people cannot be happy. We tend to think that being unhappy leads people to complain, but it’s truer to say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy.” — Dennis Prager


In Hawai’i News: A month ago, or longer, the Big Island Mayor, Harry Kim, announced a cutback on recycling of newspaper, brown paper bags and cardboard. The reason was changes with the recycling contractor that collects the rubbish for processing. Apparently, the country was trying to hire a private contractor to handle recycling of rubbish and a state employee sued to stop the action. The union employees wanted that contract, and there’s a previous ruling that favors state employees first.

It boils down to money. The county budget cannot handle the expense of state employees. The county was hit with a budget shortage after the lava disaster and other factors. This has created staff shortages and partial closures of the transfer stations. What we call the rubbish dump. The transfer station is where household rubbish, scrap metal and white goods (washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.), and green waste, go to be disposed.

Where I live in the Puna district, we don’t have rubbish pickup provided by the county. Rubbish pickup is provided in Hilo town, as with mail delivery and water services. We do not have these luxuries. These luxuries are not for free, your property taxes are higher where these services are provided. Our property taxes are much lower because we don’t have these service luxuries. That’s okay because I drive by the rubbish dump and the Post Office everyday.




The Schitt Schow

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!

The House of Misrepresentatives democrats are conducting a Soviet Communist show trial complete with manufactured evidence, hearsay, to make a conviction and then find a crime.

We have a State department with unelected bureaucrats that don’t want to follow the President’s foreign policy. They got their noses out of joint when President Trump did not use them in the conversations with the Ukraine President. These diplomats want to continue with endless wars, decades of failed foreign policies, because they believe they know better than anyone else, including the President and the American people. These unelected bureaucrats don’t make policy, they are supposed to follow the policy the President dictates. It doesn’t matter if they like the policy or not. They know that President Trump’s policies are working and they are embarrassed by their past failures.

The question was put forth: “What is the impeachable offence?” Dead Silence. They have nothing! Yet, Nazi Piglosi is allowing this Schitt Schow to continue. These bruised feelings are the basis for an impeachment because it was irregular for a President to decide his own foreign policy. Arrogance and condescending attitudes by these unelected career diplomats.

The fake news media is salivating over the fact they can finally damage a sitting President that they don’t like. They don’t like President Trump because the fake news media is mostly leftist and the media hates the American people. Why? They are losing viewership. Their ratings are down. Startup news sources like AON – America One News Network. The freelance reporters like Project Veritas. There are many Citizen Journalists that are doing the job the fake news media just won’t do.

It should be noted that there is more evidence against the democrats than the President. Biden is on video admitting to a Quid Pro Quo. All the illegal activity was committed by democrats and they’re attempting blame President Trump for what the democrats are doing. They think the American people will believe in their criminal malfeasance.

The Fake News Media is having a disappointing day and all their hopes are dashed of seeing President Trump being impeached. Adam Schitt has perjured himself on several occasions. During the Russian Collusion, Schitt repetitively said evidence of collusion was in plain sight. After the Mueller report proved nothing, the attention moved to the Ukraine. Schitt made up a story about President Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President. Schitt said, “I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of dirt, on this and on that.” This parody of the Trump – Zelenskyy  conversation was a lie. The transcript proved it. As before Schitt is falsifying testimony, making up evidence, and committing unethical behavior. The fake news media refuses to report this, making the media complicit in a conspiracy coup d’etat.

In Hawai’i News: Our esteem Senator, Crazy Mazie Hirono, says thinks Americans ought to fundamentally change the way they think about climate change, arguing that climate change should be thought of as a “religion” rather than a “science.”

“Believe in climate change as though it’s a religion, it’s not a science,” Hirono encouraged. What religion is climate change? Is there a church, temple, synagogue, mosque? Is there a sacrament, some kind of prayer, a gathering? So what use is science then?

Our weather today is mostly sunny. Temperatures in the low 80’s with 62% humidity. There’s only 10% chance of precipitation. We need rain.







The Nanny State


I spent some time reading the websites of the democrat candidates to understand their policies, and I’ve learned that almost all of their policies are Nanny State policies. A Nanny State is where some politicians believe that you are not smart enough to make good decisions for yourself, so they will make those decisions for you. The nanny state is nothing new, democrats have been trying to run our lives for decades. The results of such nanny state rules have been disastrous for Americans.

During the regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama, one of his advisers, Cass Sunstein, published a book in 2008 called, The Nudge Theory. The idea was not to just take your freedoms away immediately, but to nudge people away from their freedoms. Lets take a look at some Nanny State examples.

First is the billionaires, Michael Bloomberg: Bloomy, and Tom Steyer. Bloomy has called for increasing taxes on sugary drinks and food to make it too expensive to purchase. Then his insidious plan to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. Bloomy gets to have armed guards surrounding him, but you have no rights to protect yourself. Bloomy believes that China is a democrat government. He refuses to call China what it is, a fascist communist dictatorship. Steyer has similar policies, but he seems more focused on impeaching President Trump.

Next is Pompous Pete Buttigieg: A leftist that thinks the American people are idiots. He’s always telling people what they’re doing wrong. In the same vein as Hillary Clinton calling Americans a basket of deplorable’s. One of Buttigieg’s more frightening policies is more government involvement in the lives of Americans. Especially in the lives of children from birth through school. Essentially, separating parents from their children and make them wards of the State.

Buttigieg constantly berates Christians saying that you’re not practicing your religion correctly. Republicans, he asserted, are “known for beating people on the head” with their faith while following a policy agenda aimed at reducing assistance for the poor and other policies he said were at odds with that message. In other words, Buttigieg wants more government dependency and less self independence. Apparently, Buttigieg has never heard of teaching a man to fish. “We have this totally warped idea of what Christianity should be like when it comes to the public sphere, and it’s mostly about exclusion,” said Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind. Meaning, the church should be more secular, which makes no sense at all. Buttigieg is judging us all.

Buttigieg wants to address climate change by adding more government regulations. Medicare for all. Free housing. Eliminating the Electoral College. Gender equality, meaning making the killing of babies a Constitutional right. Free healthcare.

Breadline Bernie Sanders and Creepy Joe Biden are saying the same thing. Free healthcare, free housing, and higher taxes. Breadline Bernie loves to praise the virtues of socialism. Larger government and higher taxes. While Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know what State and town is in. Both have the same policies as the other democrat candidates. Many on the left want a government that takes care of them from cradle to grave.

Then there’s the Harvard Professor and fake native American Indian, Elizabeth Warren. Her healthcare plan has a huge math problem. She claims her plan will reduce the costs of healthcare, but when asked how will it be paid for, she begins to use circular arguments saying that the costs will be lowered. When everyone knows the math doesn’t add up, but she won’t say if her policy will raise taxes on the middle-class.

It seems Breadline Bernie is grooming Alexandria Occasionally Coherent (AOC) to be his running mate. Lately they’ve been seen together doing interviews. Both are socialists so their policies are inline with each other. It’s also common theme with the other socialist candidates. It’s the democrat campaign message: Socialism, income equality, and lots of free stuff. Guess who pays for all the free stuff? You do!

The other candidates, Booker, Castro, Gabbard, Harris, Yang, and Kolbuchar are fizzling out. It’s only a matter of time before they run out of money and drop out. They all have similar policies which boil down to a bloated socialist government. Each one of them have Nanny State policies to direct and govern your standard of living. Your Freedoms, Liberty, and Happiness will be curtailed and regulated to serve the government. Take Happiness, that’s defined in the U.S. Constitution as the fruits of your labor, what you have earned, your money, and under their policies that money is not yours, it belongs to someone else. Thus income equality, and not opportunity equality.

In Hawai’i news: Scott Presler, aka The Persistence, is a conservative activists and leader of the effort to clean up trash in cities such as Baltimore and Los Angeles. Scott came to the Hawaiian Islands to recruit Republican voters and to support President Trump. Many supporters came out to hear Scott speak.

On O’ahu, Honolulu mayor sleepy eye Kurt Caldwell and Maui Mayor Victorino, are planning to sue fossil fuel companies in a vein attempt to pander to believers of the eco-religion. They know their suits have no chance of winning, but they will needlessly spend taxpayer monies to make a statement. In Cladwell’s case, it’s to distract away from the failed rail project.

Our weather here on the Big Island has been very dry lately. We’re due for some rain. Today is mostly sunny with some clouds. Temperatures in the upper 70’s with humidity at 77%. Even though the stores are stocking Christmas stuff, I’ll pay attention to that after Thanksgiving.



State Of Intolerance


If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Not if you’re from New York. This state is losing more residents than any other State. Who could blame them? High taxes, crushing regulations, intolerant racist politicians. Fredo’s brother, the governor of New York State, Cuomo, looks like a crazed mass murderer, tells President Trump, “Good Riddance!” Cuomo says conservatives are not welcome in his State of Bigotry. Chucky Cheese Schumer, a New York Senator, mocks Trump’s departure to his new residence in conservative friendly Florida. Where the weather suits everyone much better.

In the people communist state of Kalifornia, the governor Gavin Newsom, blames the forest fires on President Trump and global warming. Another example of a liberal leftist blaming others for government mismanagement. The Ronald Reagan ranch was spared the fires because they had goats eating the vegetation and creating a fire buffer. Ronald Reagan knew the value of forestry management then. Even the native Indians knew the value of managing the forests to prevent wild fires. Apparently, the leftist environmentalist never learned that lesson. They’re too busy wagging their finger at taxpayers for using electricity and fossil fuels.

Michelle Obama claims white people are racist for leaving the neighborhood after they moved in. White Flight, the tranny called it. Let’s be honest, shall we? Who would want to be a neighbor to these racist malcontents? These people thumb their noses at Americans that find success at hard work. “At some point, you’ve made enough money.” said Barry the bullshitter Obama. Yet, this hypocrite buys a million dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Success for me, but not for thee.

Then there’s Nazi Piglosi. “We didn’t come to Congress to impeach the President.” Yes You Did, you fascist liar. I don’t know who is running the House of mis-Representatives. It’s certainly not Piglosi. It’s Alexandria Occasionally Coherent, aka AOC. The New York communist that cheated people out of jobs by bullying corporations to flee the State of Insanity we know as New York. What a piece of of work this moron is.

Meanwhile, Mr. Potato Head, Adam Schitt, is holding Soviet style Star Chamber hearings to try and convince the American people that democrats are doing “The People’s Business” Yet, nothing is getting done. Schitt says the evidence against the President is indisputable, but we can’t tell you what that evidence is about. President Trumps MCUSA bill languishes in the House. Other bills that could help our farmers, agriculture, businesses, and our breadbasket families success is being ignored because of of a small man’s ego. Truly a shame on the country that this clown, Schitt, hasn’t been censured and removed from Congress. Hey Republicans, get off your asses and do something to protect our President if you want our votes. Especially you, Lindsey Graham, stop barking and start biting.

We Americans are celebrating record unemployment, record economic growth, and a promising future for the next generation. That is if the next generation realizes that socialism will not bring the promise of success. Apparently, Harvard has a bad mathematics course. Elizabeth Warren, a supposed presidential candidate, is telling Americans that healthcare for all will not cost you much, but the math doesn’t add up. So much for an Ivy League edumacation.

In Hawai’i news, it’s all about the hot weather. It’s hot! It gets like this in the fall before the tilt of the planet changes to bring in more cooler Pacific air. I’m working up my shopping list for specials for a Thanksgiving feast. Foodland is giving away free turkeys with Maika’i awards. I know the lawn needs mowing, but I’m not going out in this heat. Temperature is 90 degrees with 45% humidity.


Only Women Bleed

The LGBT community has a problem, and they better start policing themselves or else they will not get any support or sympathy. They will get contempt and little support. The amount of bullying by both transsexual and gay people against straight and religious people is becoming intolerable and spiteful. What’s going to happen is when someone in this LGBT community needs assistance from people like myself, we will walk on by in fear of retribution. We wouldn’t want to be in the same company where vindictiveness and intolerance towards anyone that doesn’t support the trans community that demand you accept their lifestyle while persecuting our lifestyle.

Several commercials of feminine sanitary products are now being marketed for men because the trans bullying wants companies to be more “inclusive” to trans causes. Trans males that say they identify as women are being allowed to compete in women’s sports. The men are beating the women. What’s really unfair is that women competing for scholarships are being shut out by men. Because people are afraid to confront men that they are not women for fear they will be called trans-phobic. That’s extortion by so called “Social Justice Warriors.” Not all LGBT people are like this, but the militants are vicious and intolerant.

I cannot believe the cowardliness but I can also understand why. In States that are sympathetic to gay causes will prosecute people that refuse to violate their religious convictions. It’s legal persecution against people of faith. It’s not equal justice and the Supreme Court has said so, but that hasn’t stopped the States from continuing to illegally prosecute and harass people’s religious conscience. It’s discrimination against women. It’s predators grooming children into sexual and trans relationships. Ridiculous claim that men have menstruation cycles goes against biological science and common sense. This bullying is a form of terrorism and it needs to stop.


A little trivia about Alice Cooper. He’s been married for over 34 years to the same woman, Sheryl. They have three adult children together. What keeps them together for so many years is their faith. Both are children of ministers. In the world of Rock and Roll long term marriages are rare. Cheryl is a classically trained dancer and ballerina and performs on stage with her husband Alice. Thus I chose the song, “Only Women Bleed.” For this Halloween week I decided to include a Halloween themed song in my posts as a celebration of All Hallows Eve.



No Level Field

Female athletes are being denied a level playing field because several males believe they’re females. In field and track, and other sports where females athletes can be eligible for college scholarships are being cheated by males that identify as females.  Not one feminazi MeToo activists are coming to the defense of these young women.

Children are being taught in schools a curriculum of LGBT as young as kindergarten. They are not even at puberty yet, but the children are being groomed as sexual objects and targeted by sexual predators. The parents don’t have a say in the these school decisions, and the parents cannot pull their children from these classes. The government is taking over the role of parenting from the biological parents. In some States, Kalifornia, the State will remove the children from the parents custody if they prevent their child from being indoctrinated by the State.

Dennis Prager is a conservative radio talk show host and a producer of 5 minute educational videos on YouTube. Google owns YouTube, and since that deal, YouTube has gone down the drain. The censorship of religious videos, educational videos, and conservative video content has been blocked and restricted as violent, pornographic, and for no reason at all. Even a Prager video on the 10 Commandments was blocked because of the what the sixth commandment, “Thou Shall Not Kill” How does this qualify for restrictions? It’s simple, it’s anti-Christian bigotry.

Pichai Sundararajan, also known as Sundar Pichai, is an Indian American business executive. He is an engineer and the chief executive officer of Google. He is also the chief bigot and anti-American at Google. Mike Lee is a RINO US Senator from Utah. The big tech companies are buying US Senator’s like Mike Lee by contributing to his campaign for reelection. They want a bill, S.386, passed that would allow more H1B Indian and Chinese foreign engineers visas to take tech jobs away from American engineers. The media says it’s hiring cheap high tech labor. I’m not buying that nonsense. It’s to hire non-Americans that don’t follow the Google hard left code of conduct. Google doesn’t want a culture that supports American ideas and values. Google wants a socialist platform that filters out conservative thought, and supports an anti-American ideology. Big Tech platforms are not a level field for all.

In News of Hawai’i: The County Council is looking at banning certain herbicides to control the spread of weeds and to deprive farmers from the tools needed to protect crops. Neighboring islands are looking to ban these chemicals as well. I went to my local Hawai’i Farm store and bought the last two gallon containers of RoundUp. I asked if they plan to replenish their stock, but they didn’t know if they would.

There are commercials by slip-n-fall lawyers that want to cash in on the Kalifornia court decision to sue Dupont’s Roundup product. The court decided that Dupont was culpable in illnesses brought on by the Roundup product. Although there is no scientific medical proof that Roundup caused any illnesses, and despite that the product has been in use for years without any complaints, the door for litigation was opened. The enironazis pounced on this judgement. Once the left changes the goal posts and re-levels the playing field, the people that suffer the most are the consumers. Lawyers get rich and the price of goods and services go up.



The Price To Nowhere Has Increased A Dollar More

Anyone growing up in the golden years of television knew the difference between science and science fiction. Many of us going to movie theaters watched science fiction as an entertainment. We didn’t take the shows seriously. It was escapism for an hour for fun. In many ways it replaced reading books because the emotional setting could be visually brought to the senses real time. A voyeur witnessing an event and the mind stimuli absorbing the visual sequence. There’s a name for this, it’s called entertainment.

Unfortunately, real life is much more scarier. For example, New York City’s Commission on Human Rights announced on Thursday that residents could face up to $250,000 in fines if they use terms such as “illegal alien with intent to demean, humiliate or harass a person.” How do they determine intent? Isn’t this a violation of our first amendment right to free speech? Scary!

Did you know that the whistleblower rules were conveniently changed by the Intelligence Community in August which now allows hearsay to be covered by the whistleblower protections. So now a whistleblower can say, I got this information from a source I know. I got this information from a person who knows a person. I read this in a newspaper, and so on and on. What a coincidence that gossiping is now protected after the transcripts of President Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President. The revisions to the Whistleblower rules were done changed in secret. It seems to conveniently timed.

Then there is the domestic terror group antifa harassing an elderly couple trying to cross the street. This happened in Canada, but it has happened in the United States and around the world.

The police are nowhere to be found. Antifa is a pro-fascist communist terror group that assembles as a mob of masked creeps that intimidate people by shouting them down, threatening weapons, and property damage. The police seem powerless to stop them. Local city and State government allow them to roam the streets. Especially in cities where the police are hostilely treated by elected officials. These are democrat run cities and the democrats no longer support America, the Constitution, and the citizens. The democrat justice is mob rule.

When the democrats came after the second amendment to ban and confiscate guns, this is what they are inviting. Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation testifies before Congress regarding the misinformation about guns. Ms. Swearer recalls the time during the 1992 LA riots. The Korean community was targeted by rioters destroying their businesses. The police couldn’t defend the communities so the Koreans used guns to defend themselves.

This is the real life Outer Limits and you can’t turn the channel and you can’t leave the theater. There are real life monsters out there both in mobs and in the government who will prey on the defenseless. These monsters will never go away and the daily nightmare continues. When first responders either cannot or will not do their jobs, how then does the public citizenry defend itself? If legal justice is replaced by so called social justice then societal norms quickly break down into chaos. No one will be safe and we cannot have this destructive leftism running our country.



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