The Price To Nowhere Has Increased A Dollar More

Anyone growing up in the golden years of television knew the difference between science and science fiction. Many of us going to movie theaters watched science fiction as an entertainment. We didn’t take the shows seriously. It was escapism for an hour for fun. In many ways it replaced reading books because the emotional setting could be visually brought to the senses real time. A voyeur witnessing an event and the mind stimuli absorbing the visual sequence. There’s a name for this, it’s called entertainment.

Unfortunately, real life is much more scarier. For example, New York City’s Commission on Human Rights announced on Thursday that residents could face up to $250,000 in fines if they use terms such as “illegal alien with intent to demean, humiliate or harass a person.” How do they determine intent? Isn’t this a violation of our first amendment right to free speech? Scary!

Did you know that the whistleblower rules were conveniently changed by the Intelligence Community in August which now allows hearsay to be covered by the whistleblower protections. So now a whistleblower can say, I got this information from a source I know. I got this information from a person who knows a person. I read this in a newspaper, and so on and on. What a coincidence that gossiping is now protected after the transcripts of President Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President. The revisions to the Whistleblower rules were done changed in secret. It seems to conveniently timed.

Then there is the domestic terror group antifa harassing an elderly couple trying to cross the street. This happened in Canada, but it has happened in the United States and around the world.

The police are nowhere to be found. Antifa is a pro-fascist communist terror group that assembles as a mob of masked creeps that intimidate people by shouting them down, threatening weapons, and property damage. The police seem powerless to stop them. Local city and State government allow them to roam the streets. Especially in cities where the police are hostilely treated by elected officials. These are democrat run cities and the democrats no longer support America, the Constitution, and the citizens. The democrat justice is mob rule.

When the democrats came after the second amendment to ban and confiscate guns, this is what they are inviting. Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation testifies before Congress regarding the misinformation about guns. Ms. Swearer recalls the time during the 1992 LA riots. The Korean community was targeted by rioters destroying their businesses. The police couldn’t defend the communities so the Koreans used guns to defend themselves.

This is the real life Outer Limits and you can’t turn the channel and you can’t leave the theater. There are real life monsters out there both in mobs and in the government who will prey on the defenseless. These monsters will never go away and the daily nightmare continues. When first responders either cannot or will not do their jobs, how then does the public citizenry defend itself? If legal justice is replaced by so called social justice then societal norms quickly break down into chaos. No one will be safe and we cannot have this destructive leftism running our country.




Do The Math

A democrat running for President of the United States is Andrew Yang. Yang is running on a platform of “Universal Basic Income” (UBI). Yang promises to give all Americans over 18, $1,000 a month for life, or $12,000 dollars a year. Yang calls this a “Freedom Dividend.”

Yang reasons that as automation and technology grows, it will eliminate millions of jobs from workers. Yang’s freedom dividend will be similar to a Social Security of a basic income. Yang proposes a 10 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) to penalize companies that benefit from automation.

Lets do the math: There are approximately 194.3 million American citizens,18 and over. Let’s start with these numbers.

194,300,000 X 12,000 = 2,331,600,000,000

This is 2 billion dollars on top of an already 20 trillion debt. It’s a tax which will be passed onto consumers as higher costs for goods and services. Comparing a VAT to Social Security is deceiving at best because people have already paid into Social Security system. Depending on your work history and contributions into Social Security determines what your supplement retirement income will be. Yang is proposing a tax on high income earners and ending favorable tax treatment for capitol gains and carried interest. That means if you have a 401K or some investment plan your rate of return will be less. On top of that, Yang proposes a “Carbon Fee” to supplement additional money needed to cover his plan. Notice that Yang calls a carbon tax a fee. Basically, more taxes.

Bottom line: Yang’s proposal of offering free money for nothing is highly deceptive. First, nothing is free except the air we breathe. There are hidden costs when new taxes are proposed. Those costs are always passed down to the consumer. Second, the math doesn’t add up. Yang says his plan will guarantee an unconditional income for everyone over 18 years of age. Does that include illegal aliens and other non-citizens living in the United States? Yang’s proposal says only US citizens, but we all know how entitlement programs are run by socialist leftist politicians. It will eventually lead to expansion of the program to include non-citizens. Fourth, it removes any incentives to work. It creates another entitlement program. All entitlement programs eventually cost more over time. Just look at the exploding costs of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Yang’s proposal is nothing more than a socialist gimmick for votes by promising “Free Money”. Just what we need another government run entitlement program. Government was never meant to dole out taxpayer money. Government doesn’t make any products. Government taxes products. The constitution does state the government responsibility to promote the general welfare of the nation. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say to provide welfare or a universal basic income. By taxing others to redistribute wealth is an age old socialist argument for income equality and not opportunity equality. That’s what the Constitution says in promoting the general welfare clause, providing opportunity equality.

Yang uses fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) to offset his claim that technology and automation will eliminate jobs. On the contrary, technology will create new jobs. The claim that automation will create huge unemployment has been around since the industrial revolution. Technology actually creates new jobs, better paying jobs, and more leisure time. As our standard of living grows with automation, our lifestyles are made more comfortable, less toiling, and more free time to development more opportunities. As long as the government is confined to the bounds of the Constitution, taxes and regulations are kept low, then economic development flourishes. More government does the opposite, it suppresses economic development.

Final point: If a universal basic income actually worked, then why aren’t countries adopting this methodology? The answer is they have tried, and it failed. Like all socialist programs it caused higher unemployment, fewer jobs, and less opportunity. People want to work. They want the rewards of work. They like the freedom to work.

UBI has been tried in other States and cities in America. It’s been tried in other countries, and the results have been the same. UBI isn’t a new scheme that hasn’t been tried before, it has. There are documented studies on where UBI has been tried and failed. But the lure of free money is a powerful intoxicant. People need to do their homework whenever these schemes are proposed. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.




Swamp Monsters

Jerry Nadler – The Troll That Uses His Trousers As A Bib

Democrats have failed to form a coup d’etat to remove President Trump from office. They tried all sorts of attempts from mental capacity, Russian collusion, and false accusations on taxes. When all else has failed, the democrats are trying another angle.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is demanding a trove of documents in an attempt to usurp the balance of power by attacking the Supreme Court. This abuse of power by Nadler is reminiscent of third world dictators. Specifically, Nadler wants the records of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure in the George W. Bush administration. It’s another way of trolling for a crime. They have the man, now they will create a crime.

Justice Kavanaugh has been investigated multiple times by the FBI and there was nothing found. The democrats tried to accuse Justice Kavanaugh of being a serial rapist. They even brought in fake witnesses that couldn’t keep their stories straight. Democrat Senators attempted to thwart the Judicial confirmation process and committed criminal acts to which they have never been held accountable.

The democrats know that if they lose the Supreme Court to a conservative majority they will lose their only method of passing legislation. Democrats cannot pass legislation according to the United States Constitution. For years the democrats have used the courts to force legislation through activist judges. This is beyond desperation by the left.

The democrat allies in the media and hollyweird continue to be the voice of socialist leftist activism to subvert the Constitution. They have gone as far to destroy people’s careers, their businesses, and their families. It is the worse form of fascism in America today. The left has called for blacklisting and doxxing any supporter of President Trump, including their families, their employer and friends. It’s a deliberate attempt to destroy good innocent people. Stalin would have approved of this despotism.

These are the democrat swamp monsters that are the elitists fascists in Congress. The only way to stop them is to reelect President Trump and elect a Republican Congress.


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I miss using plastic bags. The environmentalist nutbags are quickly destroying every convenience in life. From plastic bags, to plastic straws, to Styrofoam containers, and now regulating your home thermostat.  These are the regulations that hurt quality of life and make consumer items more expansive.

I remember when paper-bags were banned because the same environmental nutbags said we were cutting down too many trees and plastic bags were the clean environmental friendly alternative. Now we’re back to cutting down more trees to make more paper-bags because plastics are deemed environmentally dangerous.

Does anyone see the irony in this?  Here in Hawai’i, much of the plastic that’s in our oceans is fishing gear, and not plastic bags. Recycling is encouraged here in Hawai’i, but not everyone recycles. We take our rubbish to the transfer stations since we have no rubbish pickup. Hilo has rubbish service, but the smaller subdivisions do not. I prefer it this way since a rubbish service would raise our taxes.

Weather: mostly cloudy with breezy tradewinds. 80 degrees and 81% humidity. About the humidity, because our tradewinds come off the cold Pacific waters, it feels very comfortable. It’s not like east Atlantic or Pacific shores where the humidity can be stifling hot.




The Four R’s


TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. For three years now the left has gone insane with finding any means necessary to remove President Trump from office. They tried to frame President Trump. They challenged President Trump’s mental capacity. They questioned the legitimacy of the Electoral College.

First it was: Russia, Russia, Russia!

The accusation: Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election and obstructed justice. Between May 17, 2017, the day Mueller was appointed Special Counsel, through Sept. 30, 2018, his office spent $12,287,852. This includes $7.3 million on salaries and benefits, $1.3 million on travel and transportation, and $2.2 million on rent and utilities. Mueller team consisted of all democrat donors and questionable lawyers with a history of withholding exculpatory evidence.

The left was gleefully anticipating a indictment. The Fake News Media was breathlessly reporting leaked documents that suggested damning evidence of collusion. When President Trump attempted to defend himself, the media and democrats screamed obstruction.

Mueller was milking the investigation for all its worth. Then the new Attorney General, Bill Barr, was confirmed and reviewed Mueller’s case against the President. I think upon that examination, AG Barr told Mueller to wrap this up as it became clear there was no evidence. As the Mueller report stated, no evidence of collusion and no evidence of obstruction.

The left had a total meltdown. Case closed? The democrats refused to believe the Mueller report. They started a new investigation. It was like Stalin’s head of the secret police, Lavrentiy Beria, said it best: “Show Me The Man And I Will Show You The Crime”.


Then: Racism, Racism, Racism!

Well, the Russian collusion didn’t stick so the left tried racism. At a news conference regarding the tragic events in Charlottesville, the President said there were people there protesting the removal of Civil War statues. They had permits to protest. There were also two other groups that were there to cause trouble, the White Nationalists and another extremist group. They caused a riot which ended in the death of a young woman.

During that news conference, the President said several time that he condemns the Neo-Nazis and White Supremacist. The media deliberately lied saying that the President said the Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists were good people. This wasn’t a case of misreporting, this was a deliberate attempt to smear the President with a racist lie. The media is still repeating this lie even though it has been proven over and over. How many times must President Trump repeat the same condemnation of these groups? The media is complicit in criminal media malfeasance. This is libel.

Then the media started a false accusation that the President was creating a false border crisis. Another deliberate lie by democrats and the fake news media. The media falsely used pictures of children in cages. Those pictures were taken during the regime of the Barry the BS’er Obama. Then they accused the Trump administration of separating families. Many of the children were not with their families DNA tests showed. Many of these children were being trafficked by cartel coyotes. Many of the children were dehydrated and sick from the long journey. Many of the female children were carrying rape kits. The children were being abused and both the democrats and fake news media are encouraging the abuse.

The amount of irresponsibility by the media and democrats was appalling. These people have no shame.


Now: Recession, Recession, Recession!

Now that the racism charge failed to stick, the media and democrats have turned to the economy. They are openly hoping for a recession. They, the democrats, don’t care if the American people get hurt from a recession. Yet here are the democrats cheering for a recession. These idiots are heartless and cruel insects.

The economy is doing fine. President Trump’s economic policies are working despite the claims by democrats that Americans are struggling. Democrats lie that the Tax Cuts only benefited the top 1% and they vow to repeal the tax cuts if they become President. We know that unemployment is at an all time low. We know salaries are rising. Our 401K’s are growing.

All economic indicators are positive, except one. The Bond Yield Curve has inverted. While historically this has been an indicator of a coming recession, it hasn’t been always the case. The Federal Reserve acts like a governor regulating the economy. Each time there’s been good economic news, the Fed has stepped on the gains. It’s almost like the Fed is trying to be a global money regulator and not a national bank reserve. There are too many positive indicators for the markets and economic strength.

Our economy will take off when the Mexico Canada USA trade deal is passed, but the democrats are holding that back. Again, more evidence that the democrats are against the American people.


All leading to: Re-election, Re-election, Re-election!

Whether you like President Trump or not, he has done more good for the country than any of the last three presidents could have ever done. Focusing on America First is working. Protecting our borders. Growing the economy. Draining the Swamp. Getting rid of government corruption. Making America Great.


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When The Left Is Feared More Than GOD

Epimenides paradox is a series of logical puzzles and contradictions. Epimenides was a philosopher and poet in 600 BC. Epimenides wrote “All Cretans are liars”, and Epimenides was himself a Cretan. If Epimenides was telling a lie that all Cretans are liars, then Epimenides was telling the truth. That is the paradox.

How apropos is this paradox in today’s world. We see it in the muck in the unsocial media, in the rush to judgement, and in the attitudes of society, especially from the left. The left dominates in the unsocial media, and in the democrat party. It’s a combination of suppression of free speech, and false accusations to squelch discussion and debate. It’s predominate in the news media and in politics. This has been going on for centuries, and people don’t seem to learn from these mistakes. The left would destroy the past, only to be repeated in the future.

Lets take the latest manufactured outrage by both on the left and right. A group of high school students from the Covington Catholic schools was attending the “Right to Life March” in Washington D.C. They were wearing Trump MAGA hats. While waiting for the bus to return them back home, they were cheering on the steps of the Lincoln monument. In a lengthy video that captured the events, it shows the kids being taunted by a group of black nationalists bigots. Then a person that claims to be a native American Indian approached the kids pounding on a drum.

Now imagine you’re a teenager being approached by a chanting person beating a drum like Indian. They were jumping around, laughing, and even chanting along. They’re kids. They didn’t perceive a threat to themselves, or any one else. Instead, this person with the drum continue to approach the students, and got in the face of one student that stood his ground, and just smiled. No threatening acts by the students, no foul language, no jeering and taunting. Just smiling. The fake news media went berserk.

The story went viral: “Catholic Students Surround Native American Indian Taunting“. Of course, none of it was true. However, the story spread like wildfire. The left was calling the MAGA hats the new white hood of the KKK. The right condemned the actions of the kids before the full story was known. Even worse, the Catholic Diocese considered expelling the students. The rush to judgement against the innocent students had exploded. Threats of violence against the students and their families started. Counter protests were being organized. Mass hysteria gripped the nation. It was all a lie.

Now that the full video has circulated throughout unsocial media, many on the right are apologizing for their comments condemning the kids. The left, and the fake news media, continues to push the story that the student had initiated the taunting. If anything, the teen that was smiling and was not provocative at all. Instead, the kid seems to be trying to diffuse the situation.  However, it was very clear the confrontation was initiated by this protester with the drum.

Who was this individual with the drum? From what we know, and again I cannot stress this enough, this information is mostly from the fake news media. Apparently, the “Indian“, whose name is Nathan Phillips, is a known protester with a history of accusing people of racism. Mr. Phillips claims he’s a Vietnam era war veteran. However, there’s no known evidence if Mr. Phillips ever served in the Armed Services. Is Mr. Phillips are real native Indian? We don’t know that either. What we do know from the video evidence is Mr. Phillips initiated the confrontation. It was Mr. Phillips taunting the teenagers. It was Mr. Phillips attempting to create a violent situation. That Is Clear!

What of the Catholic Diocese? They threw the kids under the bus. They believed the fake news media, before all the evidence was known. They took members of their own flock and cast them aside. They never bothered to talk to the kids before condemning them.


A little disclosure about myself. I was born and raised Catholic. I was baptized, went to communion, and went through the confirmation process. I am still a Catholic, but not practicing. I’ve seen my church change over the years. I’ve seen my church more towards the hard left. So many scandals in the church, that still have never been properly addressed. Pope Francis is a leftist, and he’s pretty open about it. I haven’t gone to church since after the death of Pope John Paul II. I don’t recognize my church anymore. However, that just me.

My Hawaiian-English Language Bible

The point is that the leftism has taken over the media, the education system, and the church. The majority of the fake news media is hard left. Their favorite talking points are calling people they don’t like and agree with, racists. They do this especially to President Donald J. Trump, and his family. Even though the Trump administration has done more for Blacks, Hispanics, and all Americans. Indeed, the President has been called a racist, an anti-Semite, a womanizer, and just about every name in the book, to the point of ad nauseam.

Yet, President Trump’s daughter and son in-law are orthodox Jews. Trump has invited people of all faiths to the White house, regardless of color, to pray for the nation. Trump doesn’t like to talk about how he practices his faith, and I don’t blame him. It’s no ones business but his. Plus the hostile fake news media will lie about his religious convictions. That’s the truth in the fake news media, they lie about the truth. The fake news media, hides the truth. Like this picture below that was taken when Obama ran for president. Jews voted for Obama in great numbers. I wonder if they still would have voted for Obama if they knew who Obama’s radical racist friends were? Prolly Not!

Former President Obama with racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

Leftism has infested the education system like a cancer. Students are confronted daily with leftist indoctrination. K-12, college and graduate schools are predominately hard left. The results is the mass production of students with no actual means of supporting themselves in the real world. There is a sense of entitlement and dependency on government to take care of them. For example, Obamacare was to insure young people healthcare till they were 26 years old. At that age, they should be in the work force supporting themselves. Again, the idea was to move that parental dependency to government dependency. Once you create this socialist dependency, you will continue to vote for these entitlements. The independence for the individual will no longer exist. It was designed that way.

Universities, and Graduate schools are laboratories of leftist indoctrination. Especially the Catholic universities: Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Loyola are just a few where radical leftist professors teach garbage. When this country was formed, all the Universities were religious in nature. Harvard, Yale, St. John’s and William and Mary, were all started by people of different faiths. These universities carried prestige and a promise of a superior education. That’s all reversed now. With gender studies programs, and other far left programs required in order to graduate, the student is cheated from quality education. In my opinion, Graduate schools are a waste of time and money. They offer nothing. I’m not singling out just Catholic Universities, I’m lumping all universities that have leftist study programs that are required for graduation. They are unnecessary and are designed to indoctrinate a leftist ideology onto the student.

I have faith in the heart, and pray for wisdom of the mind, that a great awakening is happening. When I see groups like Walk Away, Tuning Point USA and Young America’s Foundation, I am optimistic about the future of the youth in this country.  I have to be optimistic, they are this country’s future. These people refuse to be intimidated by the leftists. They have the strength and courage to stand up to the left. These conservative groups challenge the orthodoxy of the hard left. The lefts destructive ideology of dependency and compliance. Free will is not allowed in the leftist ideology, and anyone that deviates from this false religion, is immediately set upon with savage hatred. Just look at unsocial media to get a idea how the left thinks. –> LINK

Fear Is How The Left Keeps The Chattel Obedient






The Preventable Tragedy

It was announced that the recovered dead is now 49, and that number is expected to grow. Over two-hundred people are missing. Along with animals and pets. Homes are destroyed, and a whole subdivision is completely burned to ash. Sadly, this could have all been prevented.

The California wildfires are an annual event, but due to years of forestry mismanagement, restrictive environmental laws, and political finger pointing, has resulted in the largest forest fire in California history. All this could have been prevented through proper forestry management.

Let’s go over some history: these forest fires have been going on for centuries. The early Indians used controlled forest burns to thin out the overgrowth vegetation. They did so to protect their food sources. Overgrown forests prevented deer, and other animals from freely roaming in the forests. During times of rain, the brush grew overgrown. In times of drought, the brush dried and became kindling for fire.

In the past, proper forestry management used controlled burns on State lands. This is a common practice in many states where forest fires can start without warning. It’s interesting that an ancient native practice for food management, has continued for centuries, and is used now to prevent devastating forest fires. The mismanagement of the forests in California, is a direct result of environmental ‘Hocus Pocus’.

Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown, claims that climate change causes these huge forest fires. Brown calls it “The New Abnormal“, whatevah that’s suppose to mean. Of course, Gov. Moonbeam has no data to back up that claim. He’s just spouting nonsense. While Moonbeam is overtaxing the people in California, people and businesses are leaving in droves. Who would blame them for leaving Kalifornia.

The Sierra Club, is an environmental ‘vexatious litigator’ terrorist group. They have been largely responsible for pushing the global warming hoax. The Sierra Club is not a scientific group, it is an activist group funded by leftists lawyers and globalists. Their goal is to restrict people from living in rural areas. When the Sierra Club was questioned about global warming before Congress, they were asked repeatedly for evidence, but they continue to use the same vapid answers. They cannot provide any names of scientists that support their claims. Observe!

You’ll note the obfuscation and double-talk when Senator Ted Cruz pins down Aaron Mair. This is typical with the worshipers of the church of global warming. “Planet First, People Last”, that’s their motto. They couldn’t give a damn about people lives they have destroyed in the name of environmentalism. Prosecuting people for using rainwater on their property. That is criminal. The Sierra Club lawsuits have created the firestorm that is responsible for the deaths of almost 50 people. Who knows how many more.

When President Trump tweets out the truth about forestry mismanagement, the fake news media loses their minds! The out of touch loony hollyweird leftists, also blame President Trump. Union bosses worry about their pension plans. This is how democrats operate. They get elected, they destroy, they blame others for their mismanagement. Yet, stupid people reelect them, year after year.

Ironic that the town that was destroyed was named Paradise. At least one celebrity is using his fame and followers on Twitter to retweet people’s calls for help. James Woods, @RealJamesWoods, created a hashtag #CampFireJamesWoods, where his many followers will retweet in the hopes someone will be found surviving the devastating fires. Here’s a few captured tweets. God Bless This Man!

I don’t know of any other celebrities being this creative by using social media as a message board for victims, families, and people with missing animals. There are thousands of twitter posts, by thousands of people, affected by this tragedy. As I titled this post, “The Preventable Tragedy“, the role of government is to protect the people. To protect life and property. Blaming this on the “New Abnormal” is absurd and completely obtuse.

Let’s be honest, the left hates people enjoying nature. They want to prevent people from living in rural areas. The left would rather pack people, and stack them in highrise concrete buildings. “Pack Em and Stack Em!”  Environmentalists consider humans as parasites on the earth. A planetary surface nuisance. Too often, the environmentalists win in the courts, because the courts are packed with leftist judges. The media also is complicit by setting a false narrative. They focus on the planes and helicopters dropping water and flame retardants, but they gloss over the efforts of people trying to help the victims. The fake news media is quick to criticize President Trump when he tweets the obvious. If the media can make this a political event to bash President Trump, they will push that narrative.

This is a preventable environmental disaster. The air quality is dangerous. This smoke has traveled across the Pacific and gotten into our Hawai’i tradewinds. These clouds of smoke will fan out over the country, eventually reaching the East Coast. The fake news media won’t tell you that. Neither will they tell you who is responsible, because they will blame global warming, climate change, and call any deniers as evil. The question I have is, why is this only happening to Kalifornia? The answer is obvious, mismanagement.

Sending out our prayers.





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