Preparations Begin

The Thanksgiving preparations have begun. The frozen turkey has been acquired and defrosting in the refrigerator. The shopping list for the turkey brine and fresh vegetables is in the planning.

I always like to stuff the turkey with a bread stuffing mix that has a mix of vegetables and fresh herbs. The stores are stocked with everything I need and there’s no shortages of supplies. I’m just deciding what kind of desserts we’ll have.

I like to give to charities all year around, this year is no different. Soon we’ll see the Salvation Army bell ringers and I keep a bundle of cash on hand to drop into the kettle. I’ll contribute to a variety of other charities from Wounded Warriors, Hawai’i Bread Basket, to Catholic charities. I’m selective about which charities I give to. Any charity that takes more than 10 cents from the dollar for administration costs, I stay away from. I want to make sure the money gets to those in need.

This is an exciting time of the year and my favorite holidays. What is special is how the Hawaiian community gets into the season. Not that we don’t find any reason to hold a celebration for any reason. At this time of the year, everybody gets into the spirit of the season. Everyone of all cultures say Merry Christmas. There is no political correctness to be terminally offended. Many of the people that live here are deeply religious and spiritual. That’s the kind of community that I live for. Now to dig through my recipe books.


The weather has been stormy over the last few day. Even though it was mostly sunny today, the weather is predicted to rain late tonight. That’s good we can always use the rain. Last night, the rain flooded out Hwy 11 near Kava Flats in the Ka’u district. That’s the area where the Ka’u desert is located between Pahala and Na’alehu. You don’t see flooding like that often in that area.


Poho’iki Ponds

Where There Is Life On Earth



It’s been over a year a year since the devastating lava flows that destroyed several subdivisions. Out of the devastation came miraculous transformations of the land. Poho’iki beach park and boat ramp was completely surrounded by a newly formed black sand beach. The beach is dotted with hot brackish ponds. Soon after the beach reopened, people began to swim in the larger ponds. It’s like soaking in a hot tub.



ʻŌpae ʻUla, these little red shrimps are native to the Hawaiian islands. They’ve been discovered in the ponds where the ground water and ocean water mixes on the black sand beach. Tiny ʻŌpae ʻUla, the Hawaiian red shrimp or volcano shrimp is a small red shrimp of the family Atyidae. People catch them in jars and set them in their offices, in home aquariums. They’re like little pets.


The sign reads; Care for Poho’iki –  The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness

It is an amazing transformation. The boat ramp has been completely closed off from the ocean. The new black sand beach is open to the public and people are swimming in the ocean and hot ponds. Life guard stations are present to protect people. Especially tourists that don’t understand the basic rules of our oceans. Never turn your back to the sea. Always keep an eye out for a large wave that could knock you over and cause harm. Every year, hundreds of tourists get injured and killed by not respecting Kanaloa – the Hawaiian God of the Ocean.


A view of the boat ramp reveals how the black sand has land locked the ramp making is unusable.

A view of the boat ramp. The pond is heated by the underground lava. This is the largest of the ponds where the boat ramp is located. What was amazing is that researchers have found signs of life in the ponds. People have planted palm trees and Ti plants in the black sand, but finding native species reclaiming the land is very special. The symbiosis of land and sea is what sustains these islands.


Ka Makani Ola – The Gift Of Life

Below is a map from May 2018 showing the areas where the lava flowed and the surrounding subdivisions. Also displayed is the location of Poho’iki also known as Isaac Hale Park. The fact that this location was spared is in itself a miracle. The lava comes dangerously close to the only structure on the beach park.

We’re finally getting some much need rain. It hasn’t been a lot, but we’ll take whatever God delivers. I’m hoping for a nice long soaking rain.

Right now, the temperature is 81 degrees with relative humidity at 69%. Our chances for more rain will be later this evening.


Veterans Day

11.11.19 is Veterans Day. Where we thank the Men, Women, and Families of those that serve in the Armed Services.


There was a parade in Hilo on November 9th




Happy Birthday Marines

November 10th, 1775 is the birth date of the United States Marines Corps

We’re having a pleasant Saturday in Hawai’i. Thanks to the men, women, and families that keep this country safe. Our weather is mostly sunny but cool. 69 degrees with humidity at 98%.



Last Night

Last Night. Good Night. The stars were so bright. The sky was so clear. You could see the Milky Way in all its detail. It was chilly. The temperatures dropped to the mid 60’s and humidity in the low 70’s. A perfect star gazing night.

I was watching part of the greeting, Donald and Melania Trump, received at the Louisiana State University – Alabama game. Obviously, much more warmer than the snobbish Washington DC crowd. This is where America is found around the country. What is known as fly-over America. What we call the heart of America. Whereas, Washington DC is the hind end of the ugly side.

This weekend we celebrate our Military family. The people that keep this country free and safe.



The newest member of our military family




Turnabout Change

Hilo Bay – Circa 1800 Something

Happy Aloha Friday. It’s been a good week for stocks. The markets have set new records, and because of all the success, the democrats want to impeach the President. However, the democrats effort to convict the President for doing his job is backfiring. It is the democrats that are looking like criminals with a laundry list of crimes being hidden by a fake news media protecting them.

Hilo Bay Today

In the back ground is Hilo’s only sky scraper, Bay Shores, and lining the Hāmākua shoreline are hundreds of homes that stretch to the northern end of the island. My respite from the political nastiness.

Crazy Mazie Hirono claims Hawai’i is in danger of a climate crisis with rising sea levels and violent storms. Small fact, Crazy Mazie lives in Washington, DC and not in Hawai’i. I live in Hawai’i and we don’t have rising sea levels. We have land erosion in some locations on the islands. We didn’t have any violent storms. Hurricane season is over and not one storm. Yet the democrats insist the science is settled and our time on the planet is only a decade away. It’s the chicken little theory of science.

It’s a long holiday weekend. Veterans Day is on Monday, November 11th, 2019. Where we honor our great military men, women and families. We look forward to that.



LāpuleʻAi Pelena

Communion on Sunday is a special Christian ritual. A time for reflection and worship of our blessings by God and the wisdom of our leaders. Although, some of our leaders lack serious wisdom. How they ever became leaders is a reflection of the lack of wisdom by the electorate. When I was growing up, I was warned about becoming complacent with how the status quo was going. Following the popular crowd. We were warned by great leaders that freedom was just on generation away from being lost –  Ronaldus Magnus

The Dreams Of Youth

This is so true with today’s Millennials. They haven’t been taught about the future of their freedoms. The term fat, dumb and happy has replaced the work ethic of hard work to win success. Millennials believe success should be handed to them. The corner office after graduation from a college that never prepared them for the real world. The basic ability to balance a checkbook. How to save for retirement. A long term plan over a short term gain. Live for today and never worry about tomorrow. Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow, who knows?

The Regrets Of Maturity

There is no easy ticket out when you don’t realize you may be poor. That’s doesn’t mean lacking wealth, but lacking wisdom. You can be poor and be very generous, and you can be wealthy and be very poor in giving of time, money and compassion to others less fortunate.

For example, Kanye West, is a rapper, successful entrepreneur, and not someone that I’m a big fan of. His lyrics and attitude has been vulgar, racist and misogynist. Something has changed with this guy. I don’t know how his transformation from crude rapper to Christian evangelist happened and how long that will stay. If it helps people to find God and salvation, then I’m all for this.

Weather: Mostly sunny. HOT! Mid 80’s temperatures with 69% humidity. Can’t wait till the rains return.




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