Lord Of The Meme’s

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Fetch Me A Huevos Taco

Lord Of The Meme’s

The #FakeNewsMedia Finished

I present this as a homage to the socialist democrats, the deep state anti-Americans embedded in the government, and the conservatives that still are Never Trumpers. As long as you fight against President Trump, you fight against we who voted for him.

What would you rather have had, Hillary Clinton? Is that what you really wanted? More of the hussein regime of declining America, our economic, and military weakness? You would have desired a deservedly failed, entitled, candidate, like Hillary? A disaster fait accompli?

I remind you readers of the accomplishments President Trump has completed without the support of both parties. It is remarkable.  For far too long the people we elected into office made promises, and never kept them. Here we have a President, a novice politician, that actually keeps his promises to the American people. So, what do you want? RUBBER BISCUIT? 

A Rubber Biscuit is a politician that get elected for decades, and delivers nothing.



Consider The Alternative






The purple lipped bastard child, also known as comrade Barry Sotoro Hussein Obama, has surrendered to Castro’s Communist Cuba.  The United States will now abandon the Constitution and embrace Marxist oligarchy rule.  Of course, the doting media will call it a victory for progressivism, and some ignorant Republicans will agree with the surrender of our system of government.  It’s the establishment’s way of holding on to power and ignoring the will of the people.  The People, obviously are not smart enough to know what’s good for them, [sic] Gruberization.

Sony and movie theaters surrender to the short little fat man from North Korea.  Apparently, if you are a communist dictator, you can restrict free speech from miles away.  Remember when movie makers used to make fun of our enemies during World War II?


The hypocrisy and cowardness of political correctness.  The progressive touchy feely of self censorship when it’s convenient to them.   Remember when a movie came out about the assassination of President George W. Bush?  The movie was called, “Death of a President“.  It was a crappy movie that was shown all over the world, including in the USA.  Were there death threats against the movie producers?  Nope!

Yet, Sony corporation wussies pull the movie “The Interview“, because the dictator of North Korea had a hissy fit over the idea that he gets wacked by two raunchy comedians.  Who knew rich one percenters could be intimidated so easily?

The reasons Obama gave for normalizing relationship with Cuba are all lies.  The top 10 lies in Obama’s Cuba speech can be found here.

Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela Castro is Cuban President Raul Castro’s daughter and is also a member of their Parliament. She is responding defiantly in the face of the outreach from the always exploitative Obama and his bankster henchmen.  She says in the interview, “If the U.S. thinks these changes will bring Cuba back to capitalism and return to being a servile country to the interests of the most powerful financial groups in the U.S., they must be dreaming.”

If you reward bad behaviour, then you encourage bad behaviour.  Obama has done just that by legitimizing a brutal dictatorship regime.  Then again, Obama isn’t into leadership, he’d rather follow by example.   It’s no wonder why our allies no longer trust us, and our enemies are laughing at us.



What’s For Dinner?



Castro’s Cuba



A Liberal Education

Kula Kumu, it means teachers school.  There’s a new movie coming out called “Waiting for Superman“.  It involves and outlines what is wrong with the Education System in America.  Why are schools failing our children?  Are bad teachers being kept in the system, because they are protected.  And if you are a good teacher, why are you not recognized for your success?

Nothing against teachers as a whole organization, but you must admit, you people have a problem.  Your Unions are destroying your future and your children’s future.  Your neighbors children, your relatives children, are all at risk of not having the skills to enter the world.  The skills to make them successful.  The knowledge to innovate, communicate, and to provide.

For anyone, that has children in the school system, please watch this, and learn.

BG – John Nolte

Again, this is not against Teacher, but the Unions that keep Bad Teachers in the system.  The Unions are destroying your credibility to be Professional Educators.  Your education, in your field of expertise, is being challenged.   Your dedication, to the success of your career, is being chiseled away.  You pay into a system that has you locked into future  of entitlement.  No self reliance.

No Relevance either.  Vouchers, Home Schooling, and Private Learning Institutions are cleaning your chalk board.  Your Unions are sucking at your wallet and what are you getting for it?  The promise of a pension and health care for life?  Are you  looking at the funnel?  The funnel of dwindling support?

BG – Kyle Olsen

There is Teaching, and there is Indoctrination

What’s For Dinner?

Teach A Person To Fish

It’s Easier to Fix a Child, Than A Broken Adult


Bold Fresh Tour 2010

Tonight, we went to see the Bold Fresh Tour 2010 at the Prince Kuhio Plaza cinema in Hilo Hawai’i

We Were Really Disappointed

Not by the content of the show, the material presented by Beck and O’Reilly was stellar, but the sound quality sucked.  The Sound quality was horrible.  The volume was going up and down, too soft, then too loud.  Just Terrible.  At one point in Beck’s presentation, the sound cut out altogether to dead silence, for one whole minute.   That seemed like an eternity to me.  A patron left his seat to inquire about why our presentation went from a Talky, to a Silent Movie.  Throughout the presentation, the volume on both Beck’s and O’Reilly’s microphones were spotty and difficult to hear.  But that was the bad news.  Was there a real celebrity in the audience?

Was Tim Tebow in this show?

I thought I saw him in the audience?

Did Anyone Else see that?

The presentation was from the Tampa Florida event on January 29th, 2010.  It was supposed to be simulcasted to theaters across the country.  However, not being a country, but an Island, that posed a problem.  I use that statement to describe a logistical timeline issue because we are five hours behind Tampa Florida.

Overall, the show was excellent.  Magnificent!  Would I pay another $50 dollars to see it again.  NOPE!

Don’t get me wrong.  I really loved  Beck’s and O’Reilly’s, message.  It was exactly what I expected, and what I wanted to hear.  It was inspiring to hear other Americans with like-minded thoughts.  Free Thinkers.  Conservatives.  People that care and love this country.  It’s too bad no one had the wherewithal to send people into the audience to get realtime feedback opinion, that would have been great during the intermission.  It would have been better than watching a clock timer countdown 20 minutes to the next segment, and listening to bad music in between.

I would have rather used something like Pay-Per-View Cable than this theater experience nonsense.

Both O’Reilly and Beck spoke about Obama’s State of the Union Address (SOTU).  Many of us felt Obama’s message was more about scolding the American People and the Supreme Court for not falling in line with Obama’s Progressive policies.  Keeping on topic, and making it Fresh, and Bold, and Entertaining, made the experience a worthwhile expense.

Day By Day Cartoons, kinda predicted how Obama’s SOTU speech would turn out, accurately.

Overall, Fresh & Bold Gets Five Shaka’s out of Five

Fix The Sound Guys

What’s for Breakfast?


See Where Glenn Beck Gets His Superhuman Strength From

Way Too Funny



Click on the Picture to see

What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Hawaiian Broadbill Swordfish with Spicy Mango Pineapple Salsa over Steamed Jasmine Rice




We went to see the new Star Trek Movie this afternoon at the Prince Kuhio Plaza.  This movie was everything I expected and more.  Director JJ Abrams did a fantastic job keeping true to the characters and a crafting a story with twists and turns, breath taking scenes and enormous visual effects, and that Star Trek humor that delivers the total Star Trek Experience.


I particularly liked how the story tells how each of the main characters met for the first time.  There is a interesting romance that was surprising to see.  There’s a interesting paradox that is semantic with past versions of Star Trek movies.


Overall entrainment value is off the scale.  I hope to see this same crew of this Star Trek prequel make many more Star Trek sequels.  The chemistry between the new characters is excellent and the casting is spot on to the original cast.


Posted: 09 May 2009 06:09 PM PDT

Star Trek Reloaded.


What’s for Dinner?


Rotisserie Grilled Cornish Game Hen with Sweet Corn and Baked Red Bliss Potato


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