Good Friday

Pōʻalima Hemolele

Good Friday is the Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary. It is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. The Paschal Triduum, Holy Triduum, or Easter Triduum, or the Three Days, is the period of three days that begins with the liturgy on the evening of Maundy Thursday, reaches its high point in the Easter Vigil, and closes with evening prayer on Easter Sunday.

Aloha Friday starts the Easter weekend. It is also day 17 of the Stay At Home statewide directive. Honolulu city is going to start a curfew tonight from 11PM to 5AM. I’m not sure just what that will accomplish, but here we are.

For several days, the fake news media has been citing “sources” saying that President Trump received intel briefings in November 2019 warning of an impending pandemic. Those “sources” are false. The director of DIA’s National Center for Medical Intelligence issued a rare, unrequested statement regarding COVID-19.

The fake news media made this up. They lied. The fake news media’s hatred for President Trump is so vile, that they would fabricate false information to the public. This is criminal fraud. The general public will never learn the truth. The public will believe that President Trump didn’t act on information back in November of 2019. The fake news media is saying the President put people at risk deliberately.

ABC World News Tonight (Fake News) reported this lie on their nightly broadcast. I do watch the fake news so I can record their lies. The public is being deceived by a news media that is abusing its Constitutional First Amendment to a Free Press. This is a great disservice to the American People. There is no accountability to hold the fake news media responsible for spreading misinformation. A mistake is one thing, and issuing a retraction is taking responsibility. Continuing to repeat a lie as news is contemptuous.

For a second time, Nazi Piglosi, has held up another Small Business Aid bill because it didn’t have more leftists goodies that the democrats want. The democrats want special projects that will not help small businesses get the relief they need to remain solvent. These are paychecks for workers and employers and the democrats have again held up aid to the American People.

Remember the first CARES Act was held up because Nazi Piglosi wanted millions of dollars for the Kennedy Center. An Artsy Fartsy entertainment center which no one can use because of social distancing. After those millions of dollars were sent to the Kennedy Center, the center promptly laid off all their workers. Big help from Nazi Piglosi. Now this wicked witch of San Fran is holding up relief aid again. I hope people remember this come November election. And don’t fall for Mail-In Voting – it’s Voter Fraud.

How about that “Social Distancing”? It’s being weaponized to control the masses. You could be in the park, alone, and be arrested for violating social distancing rules. This has been happening quite often around the world. The Center for Disease Catastrophes “Social Distancing” rules are a tad bit restrictive. Maybe even too extreme.

Former Colorado State Patrol Trooper Matt Mooney told ABC News he was handcuffed in front of his 6-year-old on a near-empty softball field by Brighton police officers enforcing social distancing rules.

paddleboarder was arrested in Malibu Thursday after ignoring lifeguards’ orders to get out of the ocean amid social distancing rules, authorities said.

In Hawai’i, you can paddleboard on the ocean, surf, fish, but sitting on a blanket on the beach, alone and away from others, it’s forbidden. You can get arrested for not following the social distancing rules. At first, I though these were just isolated incidents. An overreaction to the pandemic by over zealous officials. Yet it seems social distancing rules here, are the same as the Communist Chinese rules by locking people up in their homes and barricading them. See how this is working?

Wasn’t the idea of social distancing to keep a minimum of 6 feet away from others? We’re told not to congregate in crowds with close contact. We’re not supposed to act like spring breakers playing a massive game of twister, whilst doing belly shots of booze. Are the rules to social distancing now applied to activities where you are more that 100 yards away from anyone, and still get arrested for violating the rules?

You can now get arrested for attending church. Your priest, your pastor, your religious leaders, can get hauled away for bringing people together to pray. Yet we can go into grocery stores to gather provisions on items that have been picked over by others before you. Grocery store clerks are always around people and are more at risk to contracting the virus.

This isn’t social distancing. This is “Social Engineering”. It’s called the “New Normal”. For just a small amount of security, people will surrender their liberties. There are those in government that want to keep these social distancing rules in place till June of this year, some have called for August. Will we still have an economy then? Will there still be a country? Will there be a functioning Constitutional government?

Congress is now voting on legislation by voice vote and through long distance communications. They don’t want to risk getting the virus. I say, if grocery store workers can be on the job, then Congress should also be on job. This is no way to run a government. The President is there working. Congress should do the same.

To be crystal clear, prevention on the spread of the virus is important. However, it seem the mortality rate varies differently. People with underlining conditions, immune deficiencies, the elderly, and those with severe health issues, do need to be more cautious around people. That’s true even without the coronavirus present.

People that are healthy may not be as susceptible to the adverse effects of the virus. There are drug therapies that have shown great promise in the recovery rate for those severely affected by the virus. However, that’s being politicized by the left. For two reasons why a simple generic drug is being politicized: 1) The President said it looks promising. 2) Big Pharma and others can’t make a lot of money using it.

The fake news media has thoroughly dismissed the drug’s promising results. Yet, there have been several studies where the drug has been documented to slowdown the deadly effects of the coronavirus. The argument that the drug is untested is completely false. The drug has been around for over 50 years. There are no reported deaths where the drug has been used to fight the coronavirus. Reports are that within hours of people nearly losing their life to coronavirus, the drug has had a 180 degree turn-around.

I’m concerned by the epidemiology models that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have been consistently wrong. Predictions have been used to guidelines for the social distancing rules. First we were told of hundreds of thousands of people will die of the virus, and now those numbers are down to the 10’s of thousands. This overly pessimistic models are also driving the economy into recession. The longer people are out of work, the cure becomes worse than the virus.

Remember we don’t have a cure for AIDS. There’s are therapy drugs and other treatments to lower the mortality and morbidity rates.

The CDC counts any deaths that tested positive for the virus as coronavirus as corona related deaths. That’s inflating the numbers. Suppose I have the virus, and I get hit by a bus and I die from a punctured lung. That gets counted as coronairus related death. Dr. Birx said that all deaths that tested positive for the virus will be recorded as coronavirus related.

One last thing. We cannot as a country keep spending like we are doing to fight this virus. The cure will become worse than the virus. You may die of the virus, but you’ll also die of poverty. Pick your poison. Either way, we’re on the road to serfdom. This has been the goal of the socialist democrats for complete control of industry, banks, and healthcare. All run by a collective citizenship and owned by the state. I call it communism lite. I don’t see the difference between socialism and communism. It means ownership of property, your happiness, isn’t yours to own.

Keep these truths in mind as you celebrate the Easter weekend. People in our government are using this coronavirus pandemic to erode our liberties. Don’t let the cure be worse than the virus.


Our weather today is a mix of sun and rain. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 92%. It’s very calm, very lite breezes. Very quiet. I’m venturing out to replenish supplies for the weekend. Got plenty of movies I recorded during this free movie weekend. The rain is going to keep us inside all weekend anyway. I’ll make the best of it.

This would have been the start of the Merrie Monarch Festival. The week of Hula competition, arts and crafts, flowers and leis, inter-island families and Halaus gathering for a great Polynesian tradition. For a week, Hawai’i Island becomes the center of the Hula world. It will be sorely missed this year.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻUmi, ʻApelila


Papa Intolerantia

Intolerant Francis

“Populism is gaining strength. In other parts there are walls that even separate children from parents. Herod comes to mind. Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out.” — La Civilta’ Cattolika

As a Catholic, this Pope has been a disappointment to the Church. He’s a hard leftist and a hypocrite. The worst Pope ever to exist, Pope Francis is once again attacking President Trump, comparing him to murderous King Herod for wanting to build a wall to protect the country.

The Pope lives in a walled city and he dares to criticize President Trump for construction a border wall to keep out criminals, drugs, and coyotes in human trafficking. Illegal immigration is risking our national security and our government resources. Those resources are our tax dollars. Bleeding heart liberals want open borders and force the government to provide healthcare services, free education and housing.

The Pope has his own problems with the Church, but he wants to stick his nose in how the United States Government runs the People’s Business. You don’t see the Pope opening Vatican City to immigrants. Why not address the reasons why immigration is such a problem? Why are immigrants flocking to other countries? What wrong with the immigrants home country? The Pope is originally from Argentina, a country with deep government corruption, crime and poverty. Why doesn’t the Pope turn his attention to his home country’s problems? Why lay out the solution to poverty and immigration on the door step of the United States?

This Pope is stingy and uncaring towards the United States. Our government isn’t perfect, and Lord knows we have some corruption issues, but it is not the responsibility of the United States to take in the world’s population and care for them all. We need people to be able to care for themselves. Did Francis forget the parable of giving a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime? In this country, we provide opportunities for people to feed themselves. Pope Francis should apply our example rather than demanding we become a world welfare state. Francis should be looking at filling the pews in the Church and not lecturing President Trump on how to be a world caretaker.

Francis cannot guide the Church when he’s out of touch with the world issues. Making veiled comments about Nationalism and Populism and comparing the safety of illegal alien children to King Herod is an insult. It demonstrates the Pope’s total ignorance about the immigration problem where children are being used to gain entry into the country. As for the children, they are at risk by human traffickers. All humane efforts are being done by our government.

It seems the Pope’s attentions should be directed toward those countries in his own hemisphere. The United States can care for our own. Elsewhere in the world there is discrimination towards Christians, but that doesn’t seem to be on the Pope’s agenda.


Our weather today started with a very chilly morning. The temperatures were in the upper 50’s and eventually rose to 75 during the day. It was sunny in the morning and clouds rolled in the afternoon. Humidity is 77%. Forecast calls for a clear night with the possibility of a passing shower. Time to put an extra quilt on the bed.

At the Prince Kūhiō Plaza one of the largest stores, Sears, is set to possibly close by January. It appears a separate Sears store that sold lawn and garden supplies has already shuttered its doors. Quite a few people are losing their jobs just before Christmas. There’s a lot of people on these islands that have maintenance contracts with Sears, and there’s very few people that do appliance repair services here. We’ll be doing what we can to help them out through the Salvation Army and other Hawaiian charities.





Rendered Image

Strengthen Me, Then I Am Saved

I am constantly on the lookout for musicians that play to a special message. You’ll be surprised where they may be found in the most unlikely places. I wrote about Alice Cooper. An unlikely musician with a message in his music with a hard rock heavy metal edge. Even Black Sabbath produced an album dedicated to God, Master of Reality. I had always thought the crosses they wore were just a fashion statement.

There has been other musicians/bands with messages about God. Some are outwardly displayed, and others subtly mentioned. There was a whole rock opera based on the Biblical life of Jesus Christ that eventually became a movie, Jesus Christ Superstar. Megadeth’s song, “Peace Sells”, opening lyrics mentions God. “What do you mean, ‘I don’t believe in God?’ I talk to him everyday.” This is just Heavy Metal music and there’s lots of other God references in other musical genres. I use the Heavy Metal references because it’s what I grew up listening to. However, I do listen to other musical genres like country, gospel, ethnic and so on.

These musicians carry a huge public following. Almost like a religious following. When John Lennon of the Beatles made an off hand comment that they were as popular as Jesus Christ, it set of anger by Christians in America. I thought that was over the top outrage. Soon after the rage meltdown has ended the Beatles regained their popularity.

I’ve been following this artist for years and I am very impressed by her talent. I hope to see more of her work. I had no idea that Lindsey Stirling was a religious person, but her music did reflect that in my earlier impressions of her. Then I came across this video and I was moved to write about this extremely talented artist — Lindsey Stirling

Last year I watched her Christmas videos and I was impressed then. I should have written about her sooner, but I didn’t pay enough attention. That’s an error on my part. Animated and energetic, this artist takes her craft to send a message of God’s blessings. Ka Lēhowa ʻOe E Hoʻomaikaʻi Mai, Ā E Mālama Mai — The Lord bless you and keep you.

Hawai’i weather is rainy and winter is officially here. Even though the temperatures are in the mid 80’s, it feels like the low 70’s. That’s chilly to us. Especially when you walk into air conditioned stores. The handy umbrella is close by to fend off the rain. It’s Turkey Week!


Begun, The Christmas War Has

The book The First Christmas, by Breitbart Rome Bureau Chief Thomas D. Williams, is an illustrated children’s poem describing the nativity of Jesus in anapestic tetrameter, the same poetic meter used in Clement Clarke Moore’s classic Christmas poem, A Visit from Saint Nicholas.

Amazon is touting a new children’s book narrating the birth of Jesus Christ as its “#1 New Release in Children’s Christian Holiday Fiction.”

The story is taken from the Bible and it is not fiction, but it furthers the leftist narrative to dismiss Christianity. It seems we go through this nonsense every year. The attacks on Christianity and Judaism for celebrating the religious holidays. Under the socialist regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama, you couldn’t say Merry Christmas in public and in government buildings. The fascist atheists groups would run to the courts screaming separation of church and state. Salvation Army bell ringers were prevented from store entrances. All in a deliberate effort to silence Christians from celebrating their religious faith.

I have no doubt that Amazon would put the Holy Bible in the fiction category. If they haven’t done so already. The left says the Christmas holidays are not inclusive to other religions. Which is untrue. The attacks on Christian values are increasing and as Christians we’re suppose to just turn the cheek and take the abuse. I’m at the point of no longer putting up with this intolerance by the left. It’s time to push back.

I learned today that the fast food chain ‘Chick-fil-A’ will move away from its current philanthropic structure and stop donating to over 300 charities. The new initiative will no longer include donating to organizations like the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Paul Anderson Youth Home, Chick-fil-A says, all of which sparked criticism in the past from the LGBT community due to the organizations’ stances on homosexuality.

The LGBT community has become an intolerant group of bigots. They attack and hound people and organizations that promote Christian values. These charities do not attack LGBT groups. They do not single them out. These charity groups serve anyone, no matter, if you are gay or straight, it doesn’t matter. These charity groups serve the hungry, homeless, and to educate and help people in need. Do you see any LGBT groups doing the same? NOPE! Just because Chick-fil-A’s founder made a statement of supporting marriage of one man and one woman.

Because of that statement, the intolerant left declares ‘Chick-fil-A’ a hate group. Because they actually take the bible seriously. So now a good charities, Salvation Army, will no longer receive donations. I’m going to up my donations to the Salvation Army.

This is absolutely disturbing. A Christian fast-food chain cannot express their biblical beliefs is a target of intolerant leftist bigots. They surrendered to the bigots. Chick-fil-A serves everyone, without prejudice, they do not discriminate, everyone is welcomed to their restaurant. It is an outrage of injustice. The level of discrimination against Christians by bigoted groups is becoming more and more open. The restaurant was prevented from opening in an airport, was forced to close a store in Canada, and the intolerance by leftist LGBT groups is becoming more militantly evil. What’s worse is that those in the LGBT community are not defending Chick-fil-A. They are not scolding the intolerance within their own community. Are those in the LGBT community intimidated by their own community? Seems like it.

So with Amazon shoving Christmas into the fiction section and LGBT groups attacking Christian restaurants and charity groups, why should I have any sympathy for these bigots? They are like spoiled intolerant children if you do not comply with their lifestyle. You are forced to acknowledge their lifestyle and support it, or else the LGBT community will make your life a living hell. Does that sound like any groups you want to be associated with? Not me. In my opinion what Chick-fil-A did today was a huge mistake. The LGBT community will not stop their attacks until they put Chick-fil-A out of business. The divide between Christian and LGBT community will widen further. Even though Christians forgive those that trespass against them, but the militant LGBT community is growing even more intolerant.

Oh, you’d think the leader of the Catholic church, the Pope would defend his Christian flock, but no. Pope Francis, who has made the environment a signature cause of his pontificate, said he was strongly considering adding the category of “ecological sin” to the Catholic Church’s official compendium of teachings. You’ve got to be kidding me. How out of touch can this man be? It’s like good is evil and evil is good. I intend to follow the traditional teachings of the church. I’m ignoring the clueless Pope, ignorant Amazon, and rejecting the LGBT community as intolerant bigots.

Our weather over the last two days has been a mix of sun and rain. The sun comes out in the morning and lasts through the afternoon. Then the evening brings thunderstorms. This has been very good for our water supply and plants. Today is sunny with scattered showers. Temperature is 82 degrees with humidity at 66%. More rain is expected this evening.






LāpuleʻAi Pelena

Communion on Sunday is a special Christian ritual. A time for reflection and worship of our blessings by God and the wisdom of our leaders. Although, some of our leaders lack serious wisdom. How they ever became leaders is a reflection of the lack of wisdom by the electorate. When I was growing up, I was warned about becoming complacent with how the status quo was going. Following the popular crowd. We were warned by great leaders that freedom was just on generation away from being lost –  Ronaldus Magnus

The Dreams Of Youth

This is so true with today’s Millennials. They haven’t been taught about the future of their freedoms. The term fat, dumb and happy has replaced the work ethic of hard work to win success. Millennials believe success should be handed to them. The corner office after graduation from a college that never prepared them for the real world. The basic ability to balance a checkbook. How to save for retirement. A long term plan over a short term gain. Live for today and never worry about tomorrow. Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow, who knows?

The Regrets Of Maturity

There is no easy ticket out when you don’t realize you may be poor. That’s doesn’t mean lacking wealth, but lacking wisdom. You can be poor and be very generous, and you can be wealthy and be very poor in giving of time, money and compassion to others less fortunate.

For example, Kanye West, is a rapper, successful entrepreneur, and not someone that I’m a big fan of. His lyrics and attitude has been vulgar, racist and misogynist. Something has changed with this guy. I don’t know how his transformation from crude rapper to Christian evangelist happened and how long that will stay. If it helps people to find God and salvation, then I’m all for this.

Weather: Mostly sunny. HOT! Mid 80’s temperatures with 69% humidity. Can’t wait till the rains return.






The differences in western and eastern culture is not so much different. The common ground is learning to listen and allowing freedom of expression to thrive for the society. It’s not difficult when expression of ideas are shared. It’s when ideology turn into communist oppression that forces basic freedoms to be outlawed. Then the intolerance of ideas becomes a criminal offense to the state. The people of Hong Kong know that all so well. Our western media ignores the atrocities of a totalitarian government.

I found this clip of a movie that I have no idea what it is all about. I’ve been fascinated by this one scene where two cultures duel over classical music, the “Flight Of The Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov“, using both western and eastern instruments, the duel is remarkable in the beauty of the music and the expressions of officials watching. Separated by bars, an apparently in a school, students make a stand.


Religious freedom is the backbone of any successful society. Without it, the society decays into a hive mentality where liberties and freedoms are squashed for obedience to the state. Music is a bonding force and like religion it forms a diverse collection of talents to each instrument. The individuality remains with the artist and the honing of the talent is in the dedication to the craft.

I have searched for this movie but I have never found it. Of course it’s an adaptation of classic teenage rebellion. I like this clip because it shows classic Chinese musical instruments and classical music featuring “Claude Debussy’s Arabesque Number One” on the Irish harp. It also reminds me of my time in Hong Kong and in Beijing. The contrasts couldn’t be more different and similar than in this movie clip.

I do pray for Hong Kong. The people know what is at stake for their futures. I hope the world is watching and learning.



Confess Your Climate Sins

The fake news channel NBC is asking Americans to confess their climate sins. Tell us: Where do you fall short in preventing climate change? This is seriously being asked by NBC and people are either trolling the channel or actually confessing what they believe are climate sins.

At first I thought this was a joke, but NBC is serious and NBC has a website dedicated to polling people’s sins on the climate. They even categorized climate sins. Here’s a snapshot.

So if you use plastic straws, eat meat, use air conditioners, use vehicles with fossil fuels, use toilet paper, and waste food, you are a sinner. People have actually confessed sins against the climate and I find some of the confessions hilarious. Is one category of climate sin a greater weight of sin? Are their venial and mortal climate sins? Is there a Ten Climate Commandments etched on a stone somewhere?

The lists go on and on, ad nauseam. This global warming hoax has actually become a real religion, complete with sins to confess. So where do you go for penance? What absolution is provided? Is there some high priest at NBC that will review your confessions and then provide some forgiveness?

This is inline with the democrat party hysteria that we only have 11 or 12 years left before the end of the planet. I guess NBC gets their scripture from their high priestess Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent (AOC). I suppose Mayor Pete Burrigieg is one of the high cardinals in the church of climate crisis. He’s always making biblical condemnations of Americans if they don’t adhere to his interpretation of his religious piety. The false prophets of climate change.

What worrisome is this influence on the weak-minded that actually believe this nonsense. Even worse how this false religion affects children. The left is already using children as propaganda pawns to push a socialist global warming crisis. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist who is credited with raising global awareness of the risks posed by climate change, and with holding politicians to account for their lack of action on the climate crisis. However, this child is either autistic or suffers from Asperger syndrome. You can tell she’s parroting a narrative she’s been scripted to repeat. No one will challenge her because they’re afraid of the blacklisted by the left for being against a defenseless little girl.

The left is using children as spoke-persons for climate shaming. This is child abuse. Plain and simple. The left thrusts these kids into the media spotlight as untouchables to the goal of implanting a socialist scheme to impose government regulations to control your life. What you can eat, drive, work, life, what homes you can live in. It’s insidious and wrong on all levels.




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