We Are Back In Space



Aloha kākou. We’re back in Space! Today’s successful launch was a return to America’s exploration into the Heavens. It’s something that I have been praying and hoping for a return of NASA. It looks like SpaceX will be the answer to restarting the Space Industry after the Communist Chinese Pandemic. I can’t think of a better way to reboot the economy than the businesses that will spin-off from today’s event.

I remember the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” that showed the space pilots touch screen control consoles in the movie that was filmed back in 1968. It is truly remarkable how the science fiction has become science fact. It is a vision of the future that brings the promise of prosperity and advancements in our quality of life.

For years the space industry was a military only complex. The only commercial industries were spin-offs of the early NASA third party participants. The Texas Industries handheld calculator was one of those commercial products that came from the earlier NASA space flights. Fasteners, transistors, Teflon, freeze dried foods, Tang, and many other products we take for granted today were developed commercially from the NASA space industry.

View of the future from the past. The astonishing vision of Arthur C. Clarke 1951 short story “The Sentinel”, and Stanley Kubrick’s imagination has finally come together. Now all we need is a Space Station with artificial gravity and a commercial operating colony on the Moon. I believe that is more than achievable today than ever before. We have the innovators, the visionaries, and a President determined to see this become a reality.


After years of languishing on the launch pad, NASA is back in orbit with help from SpaceX, a commercial private company of Elon Musk. Today’s launch of SpaceX Dragon was successful. The Spaceship named Dragon is capable of carrying 7 people including cargo. It also can return back to Earth with a full cargo load. This is the first Commercially Private Spacecraft to take humans to the International Space Station.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., trading as SpaceX, is a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.

NASA was in decline because of the policies of Barry the Bullshitter Obama that tried and failed to change NASA into a muslim outreach program. That half-breed Kenyan nearly destroyed NASA. Thanks to President Trump, NASA is having a successful return into space with commercial interests included to help design a whole new industry. Jobs and more jobs are on the agenda. New industries and ventures are on the horizon. New innovations, inventions, technologies, medical discoveries and wonders that are waiting to be discovered.

One of the SpaceX innovations is the Space Suit. It looks like something out of Star Trek, but many inventions did come from Star Trek. The Dragon Space Ship is an incredible design that includes touch screen control panels. I wonder how the keep the screens clean. I have a touch screen on my laptop, but I disabled it because I find it too hard to clean and it doesn’t really work that well. Here the systems look really high tech and modern.


I had to laugh when I heard the launch commander wish the two Astronauts “Godspeed Bob and Doug” at launch. Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley are heroes in my opinion. When I hear the names, “Bob and Doug”, I’m reminded of the two Molson drinking Canadians comics known as Bob and Doug McKenzie”. But I digress.

The names SpaceX uses for the ships and landing pads are equally as entertaining. Late last month, SpaceX’s billionaire founder and CEO Elon Musk announced that he had named the company’s first spaceport drone ship “Just Read the Instructions.” The second autonomous boat, which is under construction, will be called “Of Course I Still Love You,” Musk added. The robotic ships that serve as landing platforms for SpaceX rockets are named after the legendary SciFi author Iain Menzies Banks.

“‘Just Read the Instructions’ and ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ are two of the sentient, planet-sized Culture Starships which first appear in Iain Menzies Banks’ ‘The Player of Games,'”. “Just as the Minds inhabiting each Culture ship choose their names with care, you have to imagine that Musk did the same here.” Obviously, Musk is inspired by SciFi in his vision of SpaceX design. It seems to be working.

It’s like watching a science fiction movie when the reusable booster rockets return for landing. Memories of childhood SciFi shows like “Fireball XL-5”. The rockets are names Falcon after the Star Wars spaceship, Millennium Falcon. Dragon was named after Puff the Magic Dragon. Critics of Elon Musk’s ambitious venture are not laughing now.

The space age started in the 1950’s and accomplished historic leaps into exploration of the stars. The Moon landings were amazing. I remember glued to my black and white television when on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. He and Buzz Aldrin walked around for three hours. Since then there many more missions to the Moon. Somehow, people lost interest. The fake news media grew bored with the Moon Rover Dune Buggy and the rocks and pictures of the Earth in the distance.

I consider this a ‘Space Age Make Over’ and long overdue. The inclusion of private industry will bring an acceptance that all American’s are made of the “Right Stuff” and ready join in the adventure into space. We’re building from the small steps into the giant leaps of mankind’s destiny into greatness. We can no longer listen to the excuse that we have to fix out problems here on earth before venturing into the stars. That’s not ever going to happen to satisfy every bleeding heart liberal that’s concerned about loving each other first. We can’t be held back when there is so much potential for unity and opportunity for all nations and all people. A new course direction into the future will set the pace.

From the Great Meme Master Carpe Donktum – SpaceX American Made

The great Astrophysics and Philosopher Carl Sagan once said that we are all “Star Stuff”. Implying that we are all made from the stars, and indeed we are made from star stuff. To borrow a quote from John Masefield’s “Sea Fever”.

I must go to the stars again, to those lonely lights in the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a computer console to steer her by;

And the engines kick with roaring song, into the silence of cold deep space,

And the deep black darkness of the universe, and onto a star’s guiding light.


Our weather today started with rain and breezy trade winds. We got about 1/8 of an inch of rain overnight. The day continues with off and on rain. Temperatures are in the mid to low 70’s with humidity at 78%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Kanakolu



I was born way too early. I had always dreamt of this day that the United States would go beyond what NASA’s original mission and into a planetary defense system. NASA has made some amazing leaps into science and exploration. I still believe that role should still continue and expand to planetary exploration. Space Force is a necessary step to protect the United States defense. NASA is necessary for the science of exploration. Although they are two different agencies with different missions, they both work in the same environment.

We’re at a point in history where tourist commercialization of space is becoming a reality. We need to establish a permanent orbiting space station and a permanent moon base. Allowing regular visits of both science and tourism. They are married as an industry. Where ground to space station shuttles are as regular scheduled flights, just as airplane flights are regular daily events. Can you imagine a Hotel in a space station or on the moon? I can!

The protection of American satellites, both commercial and military, is within the national security priorities. As China, Russia, and other nations have become space powers, there’s bound to be military clashes in space. There’s nothing to stop rouge nations from launching a nuclear space platform. No United Nations treaty is going to stop a determined nation. The saying goes, he who controls the skies, controls the world.

Satellite abduction is a serious scenario. We have successfully tested a satellite targeting weapon. Kamikaze satellites are a reality. If you take out the eyes in the sky, you effectively blind your enemy from seeing the next attack. So many of our commercial products rely on satellites for communication, mapping, and transportation. My home entertainment system uses satellites for HDTV reception. My phone uses GPS for directions, time, and communications. These are all satellite operations. I can remember when these marvels of technology did not exist. Today, we cannot live without them.

What would today’s millennials do without their cellphones? The cell providers use satellites to route the calls. How would millennials text to their friends without satellites? It would complete chaos. Dogs and cats, living together, total chaos! I suppose we can resort to smoke signals but that would contribute to global warming. How Dare You!

I’m very pleased with the creation of 6th branch of the military, Space Force. It was long overdue. NASA will return to their primary mission after years of abuse by the regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama. NASA during the corrupt Obama regime redirected the NASA mission to be a islamic outreach program. What a total abuse of power.

I grew up fascinated with the dream of working in outer space. Starting with the Star Trek television series and the 1968 movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey. Unlike other Science Fiction adventures, these were based on science facts. Of course it meant to entertain and be cerebral pop-science. I remember Carl Sagan’s Cosmos that attempted to explain the physics of science. Sagan was entertaining and captivating. It launched my career into engineering.

President Trump will be known as the father of space dominance for America. Keeping the infrastructure of space safe from rouge nations that would do us harm. Keeping the human desire to explore the final frontier. We were meant to explore the heavens. With this initiative a start to establish a permanent base on the moon will begin. There’s a symbiotic relationship between science and the military. Peace through strength requires the art of science to provide an equal defense, and a deadly offence.


In Hawai’i News: Our weather today as been chilly and rainy. We’re definitely going to see snow on Mauna Kea. We are still under a high surf and wind advisory.

Now for tonight’s Christmas video! Dropkick Murphy’s, The seasons Upon Us. Very Funny!




State Of Intolerance


If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Not if you’re from New York. This state is losing more residents than any other State. Who could blame them? High taxes, crushing regulations, intolerant racist politicians. Fredo’s brother, the governor of New York State, Cuomo, looks like a crazed mass murderer, tells President Trump, “Good Riddance!” Cuomo says conservatives are not welcome in his State of Bigotry. Chucky Cheese Schumer, a New York Senator, mocks Trump’s departure to his new residence in conservative friendly Florida. Where the weather suits everyone much better.

In the people communist state of Kalifornia, the governor Gavin Newsom, blames the forest fires on President Trump and global warming. Another example of a liberal leftist blaming others for government mismanagement. The Ronald Reagan ranch was spared the fires because they had goats eating the vegetation and creating a fire buffer. Ronald Reagan knew the value of forestry management then. Even the native Indians knew the value of managing the forests to prevent wild fires. Apparently, the leftist environmentalist never learned that lesson. They’re too busy wagging their finger at taxpayers for using electricity and fossil fuels.

Michelle Obama claims white people are racist for leaving the neighborhood after they moved in. White Flight, the tranny called it. Let’s be honest, shall we? Who would want to be a neighbor to these racist malcontents? These people thumb their noses at Americans that find success at hard work. “At some point, you’ve made enough money.” said Barry the bullshitter Obama. Yet, this hypocrite buys a million dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Success for me, but not for thee.

Then there’s Nazi Piglosi. “We didn’t come to Congress to impeach the President.” Yes You Did, you fascist liar. I don’t know who is running the House of mis-Representatives. It’s certainly not Piglosi. It’s Alexandria Occasionally Coherent, aka AOC. The New York communist that cheated people out of jobs by bullying corporations to flee the State of Insanity we know as New York. What a piece of of work this moron is.

Meanwhile, Mr. Potato Head, Adam Schitt, is holding Soviet style Star Chamber hearings to try and convince the American people that democrats are doing “The People’s Business” Yet, nothing is getting done. Schitt says the evidence against the President is indisputable, but we can’t tell you what that evidence is about. President Trumps MCUSA bill languishes in the House. Other bills that could help our farmers, agriculture, businesses, and our breadbasket families success is being ignored because of of a small man’s ego. Truly a shame on the country that this clown, Schitt, hasn’t been censured and removed from Congress. Hey Republicans, get off your asses and do something to protect our President if you want our votes. Especially you, Lindsey Graham, stop barking and start biting.

We Americans are celebrating record unemployment, record economic growth, and a promising future for the next generation. That is if the next generation realizes that socialism will not bring the promise of success. Apparently, Harvard has a bad mathematics course. Elizabeth Warren, a supposed presidential candidate, is telling Americans that healthcare for all will not cost you much, but the math doesn’t add up. So much for an Ivy League edumacation.

In Hawai’i news, it’s all about the hot weather. It’s hot! It gets like this in the fall before the tilt of the planet changes to bring in more cooler Pacific air. I’m working up my shopping list for specials for a Thanksgiving feast. Foodland is giving away free turkeys with Maika’i awards. I know the lawn needs mowing, but I’m not going out in this heat. Temperature is 90 degrees with 45% humidity.


Climate Strike

What was accomplished? Seriously? It’s true that kids are not learning anything in the public schools. So letting the kids skip school to shriek and carry signs that the government needs to do something now to fix the environment. What’s wrong with the environment?

Our environment is the cleanest it has ever been. The world is greener. The largest polluters are China and India. So this rant about the climate is serving what purpose? Who is it helping? The short answer no one. This is nothing more that hysteria brought on by environmental activists whose goal is to increase a socialist agenda.

When Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent (AOC) made the claim that the world has only 12 years left before we destroy ourselves. Using what evidence? The fake news media picked up on AOC’s claim and flooded the news stream with this narrative. How is this science? I can make a claim that a diet of only chocolate cake provides you with all the daily nourishment your body needs. And then you get diabetes.

As I have asked before many times, which is more preferable? A warming world or a freezing world. In a freezing world, seasonally growing cycles would be smaller. There would be mass starvation. You would have to use more fossil fuels to heat homes and businesses. Solar and wind would be useless in a freezing environment.

In a warming environment, growing seasons would last longer. More food would be available. More time to enjoy the outdoors. As more plants and trees thrive, the more cleaner the air will be. I still believe solar and wind are larger polluters than fossil fuels. To create solar farms you must clear cut trees. The same with windmills. Plus the damage to birds and wildlife is profound. The amount of environmental damage green technology causes is alarming. People don’t realize how much fossil fuel energy needs to go into constructing solar and wind farms.

In Hawai’i, solar and wind farms eat up valuable farmland that could be used to reduce our dependence on shipping in food from the mainland. The cost of produce in Hawai’i is expensive because it has to be shipped in. Most environmentalist in Hawai’i are gardeners, they are not farmers. They don’t understand what farming and ranching is about. Environmentalists believe food comes from it’s natural habitat, a supermarket.

Now convince a bunch of ignorant kids that the planet is warming and the seas are rising because the polar ice caps are melting demonstrates a huge ignorance to science. It’s really sad because instead of learning the life skills needed to be successful in life, they are being fed a diet of science fiction. These kids will not listen to actual climate scientists, but they’ll listen to an autistic child testifying before a brain dead Congress and United Nations that the planet is burning. It’s madness.



I was watching the Mark Levin show over the weekend and his guest was a scientist that worked for google. Dr. Robert Epstein explained how Google manipulates search results to influence the individual’s attention and decision making. It was quite a scary thought that Google influences peoples voting patterns and that could influence elections outcomes. Using what is called “ephemeral experiences” these are suggestions in the search box that flash at you and then disappear. These ephemeral experiences are designed to lead a person’s thoughts and not to provide possible search suggestions.

In disclosure of Dr. Epstein, he’s an admitted leftist, a Hillary supporter, and votes democrat. He is a Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, former editor-in-chief of “Psychology Today,” Founder and Director Emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Massachusetts.

Dr. Epstein wrote a paper called “The Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) and its Possible Impact on the Outcomes of Elections.” I have provided a link to the paper. You can download the entire report from the Bing search engine, Google will only display the report contents. The report is very thorough in detail on how the Google search engine manipulates search results.

Google’s culture is very left leaning to the point of being extremely intolerant of any conservative ideas. Several top researchers and engineers have been fired from Google for speaking the truth. What Google has done is to purge any thoughts that do not conform with their leftist dogma. Google software engineer, James Damore, was fired for disagreeing with Google’s (left-wing) orthodoxy. Here’s his story and judge for yourself if this is worthy of a job termination.

Try this the next time you do a Google search. Type in the latter “a” and look at the search box suggestions. More than likely the first search suggestion will be for Amazon. You might even see it in two positions, or all three, because Amazon is Google’s largest advertiser. And Google sends more traffic to Amazon than any other traffic source.

Here’s a link to the entire transcript of the Mark Levin show with Dr. Epstein. HERE <—-

The bottom line: Google is determined to influence the 2020 Presidential election. They are extremely anti-Trump and anti-American. Google is activity working with China’s military rather than the Pentagon. Dr. Epstein has warned that Google censors search results, and I agree after doing multiple searches for a particular topic. I had to use DuckDuckGo.com and found what I was looking for in the first attempt.

The scariest part is all Google apps are surveillance tools. I was not aware of this. To quote Dr. Epstein: “What I’m saying is you shouldn’t even be using google.com, you shouldn’t be using Gmail because that’s a surveillance too. You shouldn’t be using Chrome. That’s another surveillance tool. So you know, but the point is, what do you say to people who are using these things, you say? Look, just the surveillance issue alone should make you think twice about it”. 

I had wondered about my cellphone waking up and saying, “I didn’t understand that?” When I wasn’t interacting with my phone at all. My phone’s operating system is Android which is a Google based system. I had already knew that smartphones do track your whereabouts. It does have a GPS built into the system which I do rely upon. However, I wasn’t aware of the manipulation of decision making and that’s very frightening.





Climate Palooza

Happy Aloha Friday! Did you happen to watch the seven hour CNN democrat debate on climate change? I didn’t, but I’ve been watching the clips of climate palooza. I wasn’t sure if it was fake news CNN’s attempt at poorly done comedy, but here was the best of the democrat party. I say comedy because most of the answers and questions were insanely bizarre.

Ranging from population control to banning foods. Some of the most radical responses I’ve ever heard. Breadline Bernie Sanders wants to force abortions on people in poor countries. So did the pompous priest Pete Buttigieg suggesting that babies can be aborted right up to the moment of birth. This is position that most democrats have spoken favorably in support.

Heels up Kamala Harris wants to get rid of plastic straws and force people to only eat foods that are carbon neutral. Liawatha Elizabeth Warren wants to eliminate all fossil fuels for renewable fuels. I don’t know what renewable fuels would be. There’s no such thing as renewable fuels. One thing is certain, none of these candidates have any science knowledge. Questions from the audience were equally as bizarre.  One person, with wild wide eyes and threatening manner, asked Joe Buster Blood Vessel Biden why he was supporting a CEO of a fossil fuel company.

Seven hours for climate palooza and not one moment worthy of any news. However, a lot of promises to take your freedoms away for force government regulations upon your lifestyle. Promises to raise taxes and to shut down businesses. The message I got was that the democrats want to ruin any economic gains we have and force America back to the stone age. I don’t think the never Trumpers and socialist democrats realize what they’re asking for. They don’t see any impact the democrats policies will have on them. You get the government you voted for.

Quote of the day: If your city bans straws, but hands out free needles, you’re being governed by idiots.




Point Of No Return

It’s Back!!! As we get closer to the election 2020 the fears of a dire global catastrophe by the left is bubbling up like oceans rising. And it’s all your fault. So says the freshman congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. “We have only 12 years to live”. AOC says. It seems the twenty or so democrats 2020 candidates have bought into this hoax and it’s part of their campaign stump speeches.

Here in Hawai’i, the coastlines are dotted with windmills. Homes and businesses have solar panels. This is the green energy initiative to get off of fossil fuels. Notice the picture above, it shows a windmill leaking hydraulic oil. This is common problem with windmills. Besides leaking oil and occasionally catching fire, they kill birds and bats. Not to mention an eyesore on the landscape. The amount of land needed to erect a windmill is extremely large and it takes a lot of energy to complete them. Then the maintenance is expensive.

This is the South Point (Ka Lae) windmill farm on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It’s rusting, leaking, and damaging the environment. This was once a farmland for ranching and planting. Now it’s an abandoned environmental disaster. So much for a pristine view of Hawai’i island. These windmills also emit electrical energy around them. You can hear it on a radio in the AM band. We don’t know if these emissions are harmful. There’s never been a study on those effects.

What the socialist democrats and their new green deal want is to bankrupt America. Impose carbon taxes on everyone. It’s like they abandoned all science reality. Carbon is an essential compound to support life on this planet. The socialists want us to be carbon free, which would end life as we know it on this planet. The only pollutant on this planet is socialist idiots. If the socialist could, they’d do away with all our possessions and have us living in grass huts and wearing leaves for clothing.

You think I’m kidding?









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