Promises Made, Promises Kept

One of the complaints about our political system is the people we elect. Why do we elect them? Because they make promises to do things for us once they get into office. However, often times, promises are made, but are rarely kept. That’s with all political parties, local, State, Congressional, and Presidential. Then comes along the anomaly.

How ironic can it be that a novice politician, that never held any office before, could sweep away 17 professional politicians, defeat a political family dynasty’s, and prove the polls and fake news media wrong. In just less then two years since President Trump’s inauguration, we’ve seen the revival of the economy, the return of corporations from overseas, and a rise in job growth. This success hasn’t been seen since the 1980’s.

Although President Reagan was an experienced politician, having been the governor of California for two terms, he was also an Hollywood actor. Reagan had his faults, like everyone else, nobody is perfect. Except the man that died for our sins, Jesus Christ. That was the promise of salvation. But I digress…..

Either way, results speak for themselves. President Trump’s actions are tangible measured milestones. Talk is always cheap. Actions speak louder.

Now enter this clown, again. Barry WhoIsInsane Obama. The Bullshitter. The Ugly American.

Lord Of The Flies, Barry the Bullshitter

For some reason, this Flim-Flam con-artist has decided to return to spread his message of racism, division, and fear. I watched a speech this piece of excrement gave to an audience of trained monkeys applauding to his every word. Disgusting. Barry hangs with nation of islam Louie “calispo” Farrakhan. Racist Al Sharpton, shakedown artist Jessie Jackson, and his preacher the Reverend “God Damn America” Wright.

Racism Runs Deep In This Family

It’s hard to believe this racist, Obama, was elected twice. Now you saw the fruits of his labor. A divided America across racial lines. Animosity towards law enforcement and first responders.  Class warfare, economic stagnation, and creeping socialism into the heart of Freedom. If they were wearing white hooded sheets, they would be no different than the Klu Klux Klan. No Different.

Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and he kept that promise. It took eight years for Americans to finally wake up from this nightmare. If our nation had not awaken, and if the Hildabeast had won, this country would have been lost forever.

As I said, Promises Made, and Promises Kept

This is a pivotal in our nations history. We must come to grips with the reality that our country was going in a terrible direction. There’s been a great awakening. A rejection of the political status quo. The establishment wasn’t listening to the voters. So the voters were asked, “What Do You Have To Lose?”  Only our country, and our way of life. Our Republic.  We were so close to losing it all.  Then, something wonderful happened.

I know that video is taking a YUGE stretch, but I couldn’t help myself throwing it into my post. It’s exaggerated, purposely. Sometimes, letting expressions go as thoughts on a page, is better than acting like screaming banshees in our government institutions. It’s a generational problem. It’s not just a bunch of kids that wear black masks and damaging property. It is a lifestyle of socialist indoctrination. It is destructive.

Generational Suicide

The left, calls us, racists. If we want a wall to halt illegal immigration, we’re called xenophobes. If we want traditional marriage, we’re called homophones. Because we believe in Judeo-Christian values, we’re called religious intolerant. If we reject the intolerance of islamic sharia law, we’re called islamophobes. The left always points fingers in accusations. It like out of a horror movie.


I’m Glad America Took The Chance. We’re Doing Alright and the Future Looks Bright. We must continue to vote for Republicans. Only those Republicans that are not in name only (RINO’s), i.e. Jeff ‘frosted’ Flake. We have such a opportunity to restore the country back to the Constitutional values the Founder envisioned. I believe our President understands that. His policies are working. Although the media and the establishment swamp would tell you different. The results are indisputable. The market fundamentals are strong. The corporate outlook looks promising. Job growth looks robust. Unemployment is low. There are so many opportunities, but there are many problems to overcome. However, I believe we have the right Captain at the Bridge of the USS America.








2011 Aloha

Of Taxes And Tea

‘Apelila (April), 15, 2010.  This is a time of great despair, and of great hope.  This Obama administration is spending our tax dollars faster than they can be taken in.  There are no metrics to effectively measure how our tax dollars are being spent.   There is no accountability within our government.  Federal, State, and County.  No Accountability.

It’s time to consider who it is we are voting for.  Who it is, that passes laws, that takes our money, and spends it.

The House Of Representatives Boils the Tea.

The Senate is the saucer that cools the Tea.

Right now, both the cup and saucer is on the boil.  There is no cooling to settle out what’s best for the country.  The government is one-sided and polarized.  Progressivism, is a term that should mean for the greater good, but it has never been that.  It has been perverted into a disturbing form of liberalism.  It means to control our lives and futures.  Driving us further into socialism.  Total government control.  A government that thinks it knows better than the people that it serves.  What ever happened to Government for the People, By the People?

The Look Of Progressism

The hatred of American Exceptionalism.

The Hatred of Freedom.

The Hatred of the Republic.

The Hatred of Capitalism.

This is how Obama views America.  A nation too rich.  A nation too wealthy.  A nation that needs to be taken down a couple of notches.  A nation that needs to be punished for its success and wealth.  We have to redistribute our wealth to the rest of the world, because we stole it.  Is that what you really believe?

Is this the America we want?

Tomorrow the Tea Party protests the over taxation of the American People.

Like It Or Not?

What the Hell does that mean?

A Congress that doesn’t read the bills it passes.  A Congress that exempts itself from the mandates it imposes on the American people.  A government that ignores the will of the people.  This is what we have today.


What’s For Dinner?

Best of Luck Tea Party’er’s tomorrow.  Don’t let the crazy Obamazombies get to you.

November 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

The Day Obamacare Died

Come Sing Along



YouTube keeps taking down this parity of Obamacare, so I found this one.  Whoever the made the clip cut it from the Rush Limbaugh show.  There’s some racist comments in the video part, which is lame, but what the hey.  Sing along to Obamacare.  Just remember you’ll pay for Obamacare.  Congress will not.

Think 2010

Midterm Elections, Vote the Idiots OUT

Think 2012

Sarah Palin/Lynn Cheney


What’s For Dinner?


Chicken Stir Fry With Thai Peanut Sauce

Sombat’s Hilo


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