New York State Of Death

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

Genesis 1:28

The Population Bomb was a book written by Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich in the 1968. It warned of mass starvation of humans due to overpopulation and it’s effects on the environment. It referenced the Malthusian catastrophe theory that the population would outpace food production. Of course, all those predictions were all wrong, because food production has outproduced the demand in capitalist economies. So much so, that food is often wasted and thrown away, because food cannot be consumed fast enough. Resulting in larger waistlines, obesity, and so many assorted related health problems. So, mass starvation due to overpopulation, and the rise of Soylent Green horrors was just another Hollyweird fiction movie.

However, it did give rise to apocalyptic panic by leftists. The idea of overpopulation wasn’t new, the idea was around for decades. Some leftists used the panic to call for the extermination of “undesirables”. Margaret Sanger was one of those prophets of Eugenics. By her own reasoning, people of color, mental deficiencies, and birth deformities, were to be pruned from the tree of life. Their rights to life, and liberty, had no applicable meaning. There needed to be a purification of the Human race to protect the future. Thus, Planned Parenthood was formed.

Lets fast forward to today, and the New York State legislature, and their Roman Catholic democrat governor, Andrew “crazy eyes” Cuomo, passed a State law allowing for abortion of a viable human fetus, right up to the moment of birth. With great fanfare, a rousing standing ovation, and wild cheers from the radical left, the bill was passed. Some in the fake news media called it an update to New York’s archaic abortion law. Now we can kill children with impunity! Oh Happy Day!

I call Andrew Cuomo, “Crazy Eyes”. Like many on the left, they have wild staring eyes. You see this in many of the hard left people in government.

It’s the look of a Satanic blood lust for power. The look is frightening. I think Tony Soprano would fear this look also. Cuomo is a modern day King Herod.

New York has a exodus of people leaving this State of Madness. Like many of the leftist coastal States, the taxes are too high, the rent is too high, the cost of living is too high, and the quality of life is coming to an end. It could be that’s the plan. To shed the State of what the left considers undesirables.

People keep voting for these creeps, and I really don’t understand it. A culture of death permeates in a State of Madness. I guess that’s how Venezuela got to be where it is. The promise of Free Stuff!

The New York State Of Death. Where life doesn’t get a chance. Other states have similar laws on abortion and euthanasia, and I believe there’s an underlining danger that once this becomes mainstream acceptance, it will spread like a virus. Your existence might be questioned as “irrelevant”. Kermit Gosnel was a prolific murderer. He aborted thousands of live children. Now in New York, they made murder legal.

What’s interesting is that you don’t have to be a healthcare provider to perform abortions. As the State moves to legalize murder, and remove the Constitutional God Given Rights to the unborn, the inevitable question has to be asked: “What About The Living?” People never ask a pregnant women, “How’s the Fetus?”, people ask “How’s the Baby?”.

Where is the Catholic Church in all this? I haven’t heard a peep from a priest. Not even a Bishop, a Rook, a Knight, it seems Check Mate compliance into the vortex of the fear of leftism. The church fears the left, more than they fear God. Where are the other religions? It’s like a mob of Satanic followers. I like using the word “like’, it’s so Hudson Valley speak now. It used to be like a Kalifornia galleria vernacular. Calling the grammar police! It’s almost like a surreal Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi, “NO LIFE FOR YOU!

Guess Who Doesn’t Get A Choice?

The leftist mantra of “My Body, My Choice“, just doesn’t cut it anymore. Why not choose adoption over abortion? The risks are far less, and the rewards are much greater. No one will say that, because the left’s use of intimidation has silenced people that appose abortion.





What Is Wrong With These People?


You have to wonder about the people on the cable news channel MSNBC who pretend to be journalists.  The people at MSNBC have mental problems.  Seriously!  It’s called Liberalism!  Michael Savage was right, ‘Liberalism is a Mental Disease!’  How many apologies does it take before people start to wake up and turn off this filth!?   I suppose it’s porn for the haters.

The latest news flash from MSNBC:


Making fun of a biracial families is about as racist as you can get.  Yet it seems the cable [news?] channel MSNBC, apparently thinks they can make a racial disparaging statements and then beg for forgiveness without any consequences.  With anyone else, they would never get away with that crap, but since MSNBC is the ‘official’ cheerleader for the democrat socialist party, they easily get a pass.

Who are they?  As New York’s liberal Nazi Governor, Andrew Cuomo, would ask; ‘who are they?’   Obviously, New York’s fascist governor, is a big fan of the race baiting MSNBC, and their openly racist commentators and hosts.  He parrots their hosts.

This pretend-to-be new channel is a hodge podge daily parade of racism and hatred.  From race baiter Al Sharpton, to Rachael Maddow, to Michael Eric Dyson and Touré Neblett ; Sargent Ed ‘I know nothing’ Schultz, to Lawrence ‘I’m a socialist’ O’Donnell, and all the hosts and guests in between.  They all compete to for the racist slimeball award!  It is unbelievable, you can’t watch just 15 minutes of MSNBC, without some racist hate statement vomiting from one of their shows hosts and giggling guests.  Generally, normal people would just turn the channel to something more worthy of journalism.  Like a Fair and Balanced network, say Fox News perhaps?  MSNBC takes rational discourse to a whole new low.


MSNBC is the foul spawn of their parent company NBC [Nothing But Crap].  One of the original three alphabet television channels that formed during the golden age of television.  Obviously, NBC was then, and still is now, Fools Gold Television.  That has been the pattern of operation with the management at NBC.  I mean, what else can you say about their thinking?  They did after all cancel Star Trek and Jay Leno, even though the shows were wildly popular.  Today, their programming consists of mediocre shows of little interest.  Even their biggest seller, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, is being replaced with Jimmy Fallon, whom I don’t consider funny at all.  Leno is funny, but chasing away their audience is what NBC is all about.


Now, MSNBC has morphed into the mouthpiece of the socialist democrat party.  A representation aptly applied.  Their audience is equally as vile and hateful. When Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave the GOP response to Obama’s State of the Union address, it sent feminazis into a rage: I give you the best example of liberalism tolerance!


At the time of this posting, she’s got 7 favorites, or likes, on her disgusting post.  Probably more by now.  These are the same people that regularly call conservatives and Christians homophobes,  bigots and racists. These are the same tolerant people that regularly laugh, sneer and make fun of good people.

Is it no wonder why MSNBC’s ratings are dead last in the cable news viewer compilations?  There are many conservative biracial families, far more than there are liberal biracial families.  I’ll wager those liberal biracial families are either broken, in jail, or mooching off the welfare system.   MSNBC’s tampon girl, Melissa Harris-Perry, comes from a biracial family, and she mocked former presidential candidate’s Mitt Romney’s biracial adoption.  You cannot get any more raciest and hypocritical than that, and she claims to be a PhD in something, maybe liberal race relations is her doctorate degree.  Who knows, who cares!


When I’m on the road and I see one of these lame bumper stickers to turn off Fox News, I have to laugh and come to the logical conclusion; liberalism truly is a mental disorder and MSNBC is Porn for the Intolerant.


What’s For Lunch?

2013-12-13 11.44.43


Steamed Clams and Mussels over Pasta!



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