Friday Rally

Happy Aloha Friday! For most people this is the start of a long weekend. Columbus Day is Monday, October 14th. When I was growing up, we celebrated Columbus day. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I remember that poem. Back then we learned real American History. Not only did we learn Columbus following voyages, be learned about other events in History. We leaned about, Amerigo Vespucci, who was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator, and cartographer from the Republic of Florence. His namesake is what is known as North and South America. It seems this history is being erased in the name of political correctness. Too bad.

I watched in disbelief the aftermath of the Trump Rally at Minneapolis, Minnesota. People being attacked and beaten leaving the stadium by antifa fascists. Directed by the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jocob Frey. This fascist mayor tried to sabotage President Trump’s rally by making the attendees suffer. First by moving the port-a-potties further away. Then by turning off the air conditioners in the stadium. After the rally, antifa fascist thugs blocked people from leaving the parking lot. They banged on cars, attacked people, stole their MAGA hats. Lit fires. Spat on people. The mayor had instructed the police to stand down. Riots ensued. A peaceful rally that people excising their First Amendment Right to assembly was met by democrat socialist criminals. Rep. Aisha Gomez (DFL) of the Minnesota House of Representatives was caught on film protesting with ANTIFA in the streets outside Target Center during President Donald Trump’s visit to MN. This is an elected lawmaker involved in a criminal activity. Shameful and un-American.

Today, the President is in Lake Charles, Louisiana holding another packed, standing room only, rally. It’s amazing how many people will camp out for hours just to attend these rallies. It makes my heard swell with pride that there are so many Americans that love their country and our American values. It seems to be much more peaceful.


In a bit of good news, anti-American, uber leftist, and Trump hater, Shemp Smith, is no longer with Fox News. Good riddance to the lowest rated Fox News anchor. At the Louisiana Trump rally, President Donald Trump applauded the Louisiana team that claimed its first Little League World Series title, and invited them up to the stage. Pretty sure these kids will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

The International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled to fly over Hawai’i on Friday, Oct 11 7:28 PM: Visible: 3 min, Max Height: 52°, Appears: 11° above NW, Disappears: 52° above WSW. Hoping the cloud cover will dissipate enough to view this event. This is always fun to watch. Sometimes when the sky is cloudless, and the air clear, and the angle of the sun hits the ISS just right you can see the solar panels.

The weather is clearing after a night of rain that continued into the morning. By afternoon there are still high clouds. These high clouds are usually not rain, but the lower elevation level clouds usually mean rain. The neighbor island Kaua’i is under a flash flood warning till late this evening. Mount Wai‘ale‘ale is the wettest spot on earth and the waterfalls are amazing. Temperatures here on Hawai’i island are a cool 79 degrees with relative humidity of 78 percent. Should be a great weekend. Aloha!




The Price To Nowhere Has Increased A Dollar More

Anyone growing up in the golden years of television knew the difference between science and science fiction. Many of us going to movie theaters watched science fiction as an entertainment. We didn’t take the shows seriously. It was escapism for an hour for fun. In many ways it replaced reading books because the emotional setting could be visually brought to the senses real time. A voyeur witnessing an event and the mind stimuli absorbing the visual sequence. There’s a name for this, it’s called entertainment.

Unfortunately, real life is much more scarier. For example, New York City’s Commission on Human Rights announced on Thursday that residents could face up to $250,000 in fines if they use terms such as “illegal alien with intent to demean, humiliate or harass a person.” How do they determine intent? Isn’t this a violation of our first amendment right to free speech? Scary!

Did you know that the whistleblower rules were conveniently changed by the Intelligence Community in August which now allows hearsay to be covered by the whistleblower protections. So now a whistleblower can say, I got this information from a source I know. I got this information from a person who knows a person. I read this in a newspaper, and so on and on. What a coincidence that gossiping is now protected after the transcripts of President Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President. The revisions to the Whistleblower rules were done changed in secret. It seems to conveniently timed.

Then there is the domestic terror group antifa harassing an elderly couple trying to cross the street. This happened in Canada, but it has happened in the United States and around the world.

The police are nowhere to be found. Antifa is a pro-fascist communist terror group that assembles as a mob of masked creeps that intimidate people by shouting them down, threatening weapons, and property damage. The police seem powerless to stop them. Local city and State government allow them to roam the streets. Especially in cities where the police are hostilely treated by elected officials. These are democrat run cities and the democrats no longer support America, the Constitution, and the citizens. The democrat justice is mob rule.

When the democrats came after the second amendment to ban and confiscate guns, this is what they are inviting. Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation testifies before Congress regarding the misinformation about guns. Ms. Swearer recalls the time during the 1992 LA riots. The Korean community was targeted by rioters destroying their businesses. The police couldn’t defend the communities so the Koreans used guns to defend themselves.

This is the real life Outer Limits and you can’t turn the channel and you can’t leave the theater. There are real life monsters out there both in mobs and in the government who will prey on the defenseless. These monsters will never go away and the daily nightmare continues. When first responders either cannot or will not do their jobs, how then does the public citizenry defend itself? If legal justice is replaced by so called social justice then societal norms quickly break down into chaos. No one will be safe and we cannot have this destructive leftism running our country.



The Week That Was

First of all, Happy Aloha Friday. It’s been an interesting week in politics. We learned that Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) sold his office to the Silicon Valley unsocial media giants. Senator Willard “Mittens” Romney (R-UT) has been working with the democrats to impeach President Trump. This is uncharacteristic of Republicans and a violation of their oath of office. It’s crap like this that gives Republicans a bad name.

Shakedown artist Joe Biden did threatened to withhold a billion dollars in US aid to the Ukraine to get a prosecutor investigation Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, fired. We’ve since learned that Hunter Biden was given a board position on a Ukraine energy company in a quid pro pro deal. We also learned Joe Biden and his son got 1.5 billion in a deal with China. The money was funneled through several country’s in a attempt to launder the money. This is felony corruption, gangster tactics, and abuse of the oath of office. Now the democrats are trying to pin this on President Trump.

Nancy Pelosi opens a impeachment inquiry, not a resolution, but an inquiry to impeach President Trump. Even though there was no crime committed by the President. What the democrats are doing is attempting to slow down the success of the administration and hurt the American people with endless baseless investigations. They are punishing the success of this administration. The democrats under the regime of Barry the BS’er Obama couldn’t accomplish any success over eight years. Wait, strike that, the Obama regime deliberately hurt the economy, healthcare, responsible for the murder of an ambassador and countless American soldiers by hog-tying their hands with irresponsible, albeit criminal, Rule of Engagement.

We’ve watched children being denied a proper education with a diet of fear that the world will end if the world governments don’t address global warming. The claim of a planetary catastrophe has been around for more than a century, but the claims are always the same. People are destroying the planet, we must get rid of people, we must take life conveniences away, and we must go back to living in trees and caves eating nuts and berries. Meanwhile children of wealthy activists leftists take expensive yachts, private jets, and limousines to expensive resorts to lecture people to give up their standard of living so that they can maintain their lifestyles. Hypocrisy.

Meanwhile in Hawai’i, I’m watching all this unfold in disbelief. I knew the left was perpetually angry, but this has expanded to a whole new level of vitriol. We now have antifa fascist roaming the streets beating people and destroying property. The left gathers at people residences shouting, screaming and threatening families. The left, with the encouragement of members of congress, target members of President Trump’s cabinet to chase them out of restaurants and other businesses. There’s a complicit fake news media that refuses to report this, and defends these acts of violence.

Racism within the fake news media is growing at alarming rates. Especially at CNN where the opinion mouthpieces started a campaign of accusing white people as neo-Nazis and white supremacists. While gangs of black teenagers roam the streets beating white people gets ignored by the media. Illegal aliens cross the southern border sex trafficking children. The democrats, and now some Republicans, are encouraging this criminality. While our President is being prevented from effectually doing his job with endless investigations.

I cannot believe the American people are not seeing this in horror. Watching the left destroying our society is clearly on display. Democrat candidates platform promises higher taxes, destroying healthcare, increasing regulation, forcing companies out of the country and eliminating jobs. All common sense is gone. The democrats want to remove the Constitution and our rights. They don’t care about the citizens. They only care about regaining power. This criminality must be dealt with at the ballot box.

Have a good weekend and stay safe out these. Of course the weather here is always great. Rural Hawai’i is peaceful and friendly. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.









Tale Of Two Flags

Over the weekend I was watching the events unfolding in Hong Kong and in Portland Oregon. I was deeply impressed by the people in Hong Kong would wave the flag of the United States of America, and dismayed by the antifa fascist waving the Communist China flag. In Hong Kong the protesters were peaceful. In Portland the socialist fascists were violent. Chinese police are threatening to use violence against the Hong Kong demonstrators. In Portland the police were ordered to stand down and not engage the violent extremists.

Hong Kong protesters open a path for an ambulance to pass. The protesters apologize to local businesses for blocking the streets. The protesters realize the impact to businesses and explain they are fighting for their freedoms. Over a million protesters filled Victoria Park.

In Portland the antifa fascists block traffic and threaten elderly people. The antifa fascists damage vehicles, spray people with bear spray, a painful noxious weapon, chase people down and beat them, attack people using bicycle lock, crowbars, bats, and other weapons. Police do nothing to stop the violence. The leader of Portland antifa, mayor Ted Wheeler, also the police commissioner, called the violence, “peaceful.”

I’ve been to both Hong Kong and Portland many times over a 25 year period. I’ve seen Hong Kong grow to a prosperous, culturally diverse country. The people are friendly and many speak English fluently. Education is very import to Hongkongers, a name they proudly call themselves. They are fiercely independent and yet welcoming.

Portland has been a different story. The decline in the Rose City is astonishing. In the 1990’s Portland saw a resurgence in the  city. Old boarded factory building in the north west part of the city were being renovated in to high end shops and restaurants. The city was clean and welcoming. Festivals along the Willamette river, the microbreweries and wineries were some of the best in the world. A booming high tech economy was promising opportunity and growth. That has all changed. A growing homeless problem, drugs, and rising crime rates. Mob rules on the street.

With a sense of irony I’m watching a growing fascist socialist movement in the United States. While in South East Asia there’s a growing call for independence, individual rights and freedoms. I could only imagine what a Hongkonger would think about these events in the United States where spoiled upper middle class youth and the democrat party embracing communism.



Mayor Antifa

The mayor of the city of Portland, Oregon, is an antifa terrorist and he’s also the police commissioner. Mayor Ted Wheeler has enlisted a army of fascist over privileged white millennial’s to wear black outfits and covering their faces with black masks. Supposedly to prevent the parents of these basement dwellers from being identified. They might be an embarrassment.

Linwood Michael “Woody” Kaine, is the son of Senator Tim Kaine, democrat for Virginia, was arrested for disrupting a Trump rally.

Linwood Michael “Woody” Kaine ANTIFA

Like father like son, antifa is a democrat spun domestic terror group. Democrats support domestic terrorism. Democrats will not disavow and condemn acts of violence by domestic terror groups. Obama’s campaign was partially funded by Bill Ayers, a convicted domestic terrorist. The Clinton body count increases with the mysterious death of Jeffery Epstein. Joe Biden’s relationship with members of the KKK and communist China. There are many more examples where democrats support a socialist agenda to obtain and keep power.

In cities and States, where democrats are in a Super Majority, corruption, crime, and decay, spreads like a cancer. People are suffering while these politicians are feeding like parasites off the misery.

Violence and intimidation are their tools of tyranny. It’s not any different than what dictators have used to control the people. As matter of example, democrats are following the same terror tactics that brought them into power. Control the media and you have a propaganda machine that hides the truth. Notice that almost all the left-wing news anchors are former democrat apparatchiks.

Now back to Mayor Antifa Wheeler: watch as this creep refuses to condemn antifa as a domestic terror group on Fox News.

Mayor Antifa has endorsed antifa violence. This Saturday I predict that Wheeler will make the police stand down against these domestic terrorists and arrest the victims of their violence. This is how democracy dies.





Legislating Evil


Men do not differ much about what things they will call evils;

They differ enormously about what evils they will call excusable.

I didn’t catch the author who quoted that statement, but it seems appropriate given the hysteria by the media. There is talk about passing “Red Flag Laws” and this will be chilling for all Americans. It will give some judge the power to arrest and detain you for a crime that hasn’t been committed. It’s the first step to totalitarian rule. You’ll be denied your Constitutional rights because someone deemed you a potential threat. Can you imagine how politicized that could get? If a judge doesn’t like your political views, you can be detained and labeled a terror threat.

We have a two tiered justice system in this country. It’s been building for years by the left that wants total power in government. The exposure of this unjust system has become more evident over the last three years. The illegal coup attempt to unseat a duly elected President. The planting of false evidence to frame the President. Witnesses with false testimony. Prosecutors that hide exculpatory evidence of innocence to make a conviction.

In the case of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, both the men could have met the reasonable definition of a red flag. However, it’s not a crime to say things that people disagree with. Although, it is a crime to threaten people. The people in government and others with fame and fortune often have protective services around them. It is a crime to threaten the President. Yet, these actions are excused as just blowing off steam. For anyone else that would be true, but for others, it is excusable. That’s the two tiered system of justice.

For example, a group of people went to the home of Senator leader Mitch McConnell shouting death threats. No action has taken against them. Joaquin Castro is an American Democratic politician who has served in the United States House of Representatives for Texas’s 20th congressional district since 2013. He tweeted a graphic titled “Who’s funding Trump?” and listed the names of 44 people who purportedly contributed the maximum amount allowed by campaign finance laws. Their occupations, which, like donor names, are public record, were also listed. Close to a dozen of the donors shown are retirees. What Castro is attempting to do is incite crazies to go to the homes of these people and harass them. Castro wasn’t castigated for attempting to cause a riot. This is Doxxing people.

Too often the left uses this intimidation tactic to silence those that do not follow their political ideology. Another group of crazies are the Antifa. These are modern day mobs of terrorists that roam the streets beating people, destroying private property, and committing criminal acts. What’s worse is they are doing so with the approval of city mayors and governors. They use social media to coordinate attacks against people. The same social media that will ban conservatives from speaking out against this fascism. Social media excuses these terrorists. The constitution guarantees the right to assembly and protest, but there is no right to riot.

In Chicago, over the weekend, 47 people were shot and killed. In Baltimore, the number of people killed in shootings has passed 200. The media doesn’t report it. It’s the same in other cities that are run by democrats. The murder rate is higher than the murder rate caused by mentally deranged killers. Then there’s the inevitable calls for gun control. More calls to chip away at our constitutional rights. The majority of Americans that own guns are responsible gun owners, but the fake news media and democrat politicians will lump them all together as potential mass shooters. This again is making an accusation of a crime when a crime has not been committed.

The worse crime is making a false accusation against someone and it seems it’s now a sport by the left to see just how outrageous they manufacture a false narrative. The prominent media figures and democrats have spent days accusing President Trump and his supporters of mass murder. Here’s an example of how deranged these accusations can get: See the video below:

Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi breaks down the rhetoric coming from the president in the wake of two mass shootings and explains why it’s cause for a lot of concern. Ever wonder why Mr. Figliuzzi is no longer with the FBI? Was Mr. Figlizzi even with the FBI. There doesn’t appear to be any record of him in the agency.

This is the most irresponsible, sick, insane reasoning I have ever heard. Who gives a platform for this fantasy of conspiracies, why MSNBC’s, Brian Williams, the defunct fake news journalist that embellishes his fantasies with, “I Was There”. You know some nutcase is going to pickup on this false accusation and take action that could get more people killed. This is slander. This is libelous and criminal.

It’s the pattern of the left to produce false testimony, false witnesses, and criminal accusations. Normal American people don’t think like this nutcase. No one could fathom such a conspiracy without being some mentally deranged nutcase. This is how bad this has become.

You Cannot Legislate Evil


In Hawai’i news, Mayor Kim tweeted a post of a poll conducted by a local news agency, Civil Beat, the poll said 2/3’s of registered voters approve of the Thirty Meter Telescope. The problem I have with Civil Beat polling is how the sampling was done. Polling is proving to not to be a true representation of the public’s opinion. I believe putting it on the ballot and have everyone vote either yea or nay is the right way to solve the issue.

Since the passing of tropical storm Flossie its been extremely humid. Flossie dragged humid air up from the south of Hawai’i island. So 80 degrees felt like 90 degrees since Monday. Very uncomfortable conditions. Today is starting to return to normal humidity levels. Thank goodness for that.




Another Day In Trump’s America

Hate Hoaxers are out spreading their hate. What’s worse is the Fake News Media will not report these lies. The reason is obvious. They hate President Trump. The latest:

Georgia state RepErica Thomas said she wants police to charge the man who she claims told her to “go back to where you came from. Turns out, the Rep. lied.

Jussie Smollett hired two black guys to fake a beating by Trump supporters. He has yet to be brought to justice.

Hate Crime Hoaxes are in the hundreds and they are never reported by the media. What they all have in common are their hatred towards President Trump and white people. It’s been the narrative by the left for years. They seek public sympathy by staging a hate crime. Instead, the evidence is proven to be false.

Several independent reporters have been documenting these hate hoaxes. Most notably Mr. Andy Ngo who was severely beaten by the domestic terror group, antifa. Eventually, these hate hoaxes will get someone killed. The government needs to make accountable mayors that allow terror groups to roam their cities, and imprison these terror groups.

The video in this post shows how social media is used to spread hate. The innocent are labeled as haters, while the haters call for violence against innocent citizens. This has to stop.


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