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If you are on any of the social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, and if you are a conservative, then you have probably gotten this message. Possibly either suspended or had your account deleted. It’s a pattern the tech giants have deployed against those that don’t share their political values.

The social media tech giants claim to be an neutral platforms open to everyone and to all opinions. They claim they are unbiased. However,they act more like publishers which control content. The tech giants enjoy special legal immunity which exempts them from liability of content. Section 230(c)(1) of the Communications Decency Act ensures the free flow of ideas, exempting internet platforms from publisher and distributor liability posted by third parties. However, increasingly the tech giants are acting like publishers and censoring content.

Imagine if the telephone company decided to disconnect your telephone service because they didn’t approve the subject of your conversations? This is what the tech giants are doing. Increasingly, the tech giants are targeting conservative content. Anti-Abortion groups, Christian groups, educational groups, and others that express a conservative opinions are being blocked, restricted, shadow banned, and deleted. In effect censoring content. I’m glad that Congress is starting to look at the tech giants. The tech giants are openly saying they are restricting content they don’t approve of and that has to change if they want to continue to benefit from liability exemptions.

I used to be on Fascistbook and Instagram, but I deleted my accounts. The main reason was their deceptive practice of stealing user information and selling it. Even if you restrict you account privacy, the tech giants still steal your information and restrict your content.

YouTube has restricted videos it deems offensive, harmful, and pornography. Prager University is an educational site that meets none of that criteria, but the majority of their videos are restricted. Live Action is an anti-Abortion site that educated people on the harmful effects of abortions, they are also restricted.

Google is busy scrubbing their search engines to eliminate all links to Bill Clinton’s involvement with Jeffery Epstein, the billionaire pedophile. Plus, many of the search returns now produce far left websites to direct the user away from their original search criteria.

The tech giants still allow hate groups to have unrestricted access to their platforms. Antifa is a domestic terror group with that regularly posts anti-American propaganda and use the tech sites to communicate to their members where to go and riot. Islamic terrorist sites are still unrestricted. They call for the murder and destruction of Jews, Christians, and the United States.

There’s a clear double standard by these tech giants. Even more clear is how these tech giants are trying to manipulate the elections. The Fake News Media and leftist democrats have claimed that Russia interfered with the elections. I’m beginning to doubt that. The amount of election interference the tech giants did in 2016 got President Trump elected. They didn’t think Trump had a chance. So now, the tech giants are activity trying to influence the 2020 elections, and they have openly said so. We’re seeing that with censored posts and restricted content.

Democracy dies when the truth is censored by corporations that distribute information










The Sickness Of The Left


The left is a sickness that congratulates itself, and competes on how to much more sicker they can get.  The rise of fascism within the left has become more violent and more destructive.  The left’s labeling of anyone that doesn’t agree with them as bigots, racists, homophobes, islamophobes, misogynists, and xenophobes has also been echoed by the leftist media.  That has been going on for a very long time.

Remembering that the leftist media, and what President Trump rightly renamed as Fake News, has excoriated every Republican President unfairly and with impunity.  Even members of Congress, the left-wing socialist democrats of Congress, and now some (RINO) Republicans, have joined to further dishonor their office by making false accusation of bigotry against President Trump.  They have no evidence, no examples, no actual statements, and no history of President Trump being a white supremacist, a racist, nor a bigot. Yet, the fake news media would have you believe otherwise. The media is going to ignore all of President Trump’s previous statements denouncing bigotry and racism. The fascist leftist media just will not accept President Trump’s answers.  It’s a deliberate smear by a leftist media that does support Nazism and Racial Supremacy.  How do I know? Because the leftist media never calls out the blatant racist remarks by members of the socialist democrat party, because they are all in the same club of racist bigotry.

After eight years of the Obama regime, where racial division was encouraged, and the racist “black lives matter” evolved. The rise of socialism evolved from the “occupy wall street” crowd into the violent “antifa” (anti-First Amendment) fascists.  The Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Obama crowd that wants income equality at the point of a gun. Resulting in a Sanders supporter that actually went hunting for Republicans, and shot a Republican member of Congress. This was also echoed by Obama’s manufacturing Czar (again, another Russian reference), Ron Bloom, that praised Mao Tse Tung and his belief of power that comes from a barrel of a gun. The Obama regime was laying the groundwork for insurrection and violence, under the guise of leftist anti-fascism.

The Fake News Media never called out this open threat to liberty. Yet, they fake news media, and members of government, are claiming that President Trump didn’t adequately denounce White Supremacy.  Yet, the fascist terror antifa group gets a pass for their violent acts. President Trump denounced all of them, over and over, but it’s just not good enough for the socialist democrat bigots in the democRat party and fake news media. They play the race card.  Ever wonder why the antifa fascist cover their faces? So they cannot be identified by the police. Even though the police have been told to stand-down by the leftist mayors and governors. It seems the mayors and governors in democrats cities and states are welcoming the violence as room for destructive violence.

The fake news media and racist democRats have called President Trump an anti-Semite. Yet his daughter Ivanka is married to a Jew, and she is an orthodox Jew, with children being raised as Jews. How could President Trump be an anti-Semite? The fake news media accuses President Trump of having White Supremacists in his circle of influence. The accusers are known socialist fascists, but the fake news media ignores these pesky little facts. Meanwhile, the voters see this hatred for our President and we are not listening to these talking heads.


Not much has changed since the Nazism, but the tactics remain the same. Property destruction, physical assaults, and mob mentality. Only the uniforms change.  President Trump said that both sides are at fault, and they are. There is no difference in the level of fascism by any groups that use violence and intimidation to spread fear. The manufactured outrage over President Trump’s blaming both sides has me wondering if the media and some corrupt politicians favor one fascist group over the other. I suspect it is so, because I don’t see the difference between Nazis, antifa, and other violent fascist groups. I’m astonished by the backlash and unfair condemnation of President Trump by people who claim to be for peaceful demonstrations, but fail to see that both sides were looking for a fight. For that, the President has been called a racist. It’s simply not true and there is a history to prove it.

Character assassination is the method of operation with the left. They create the hysteria and foment the violence. The term “alt-right” never appeared in the lexicon until after Trump’s nomination.  It was created by fascists with the desire to spread fear, loathing, and violence. Now, because President Trump is not a part of the political establishment, not a part of the elitist fake media, and not a part of the Washington cocktail circuit, he’s ostracized by the swamp he campaigned against, and the swamp is fighting back to keep their empire.

How can you have moral clarity when dealing with a immoral political establishment? Congress is morally bankrupt. The media is a cesspool of fake news journalism.  Mitch McConnell (Senate Leader), and Paul Ryan (House Speaker),  promised a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare, but they lied. They might as well be socialist democrats, because they are going the way of the Whig party.  The weak leadership of the republican party that promised to restore a free market healthcare system, failed miserably. I will go as far as deliberately. They lied. They had no intention to fulfill their promises.  Just as Obama lied about the American Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare.  My own party has abandoned me. If they are voted out of office and this nation moves to a socialist government, they will inherent the blame. Rightly so, because elected officials that fail to keep their promises will willingly give up their office to the next scumbag that will promise and not deliver.


Now that the fascist leftist democrats are running around removing, and rewriting history.

This is all a part of the goal to destroy this country.

Moral Decay




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