Bold Fresh Tour 2010

Tonight, we went to see the Bold Fresh Tour 2010 at the Prince Kuhio Plaza cinema in Hilo Hawai’i

We Were Really Disappointed

Not by the content of the show, the material presented by Beck and O’Reilly was stellar, but the sound quality sucked.  The Sound quality was horrible.  The volume was going up and down, too soft, then too loud.  Just Terrible.  At one point in Beck’s presentation, the sound cut out altogether to dead silence, for one whole minute.   That seemed like an eternity to me.  A patron left his seat to inquire about why our presentation went from a Talky, to a Silent Movie.  Throughout the presentation, the volume on both Beck’s and O’Reilly’s microphones were spotty and difficult to hear.  But that was the bad news.  Was there a real celebrity in the audience?

Was Tim Tebow in this show?

I thought I saw him in the audience?

Did Anyone Else see that?

The presentation was from the Tampa Florida event on January 29th, 2010.  It was supposed to be simulcasted to theaters across the country.  However, not being a country, but an Island, that posed a problem.  I use that statement to describe a logistical timeline issue because we are five hours behind Tampa Florida.

Overall, the show was excellent.  Magnificent!  Would I pay another $50 dollars to see it again.  NOPE!

Don’t get me wrong.  I really loved  Beck’s and O’Reilly’s, message.  It was exactly what I expected, and what I wanted to hear.  It was inspiring to hear other Americans with like-minded thoughts.  Free Thinkers.  Conservatives.  People that care and love this country.  It’s too bad no one had the wherewithal to send people into the audience to get realtime feedback opinion, that would have been great during the intermission.  It would have been better than watching a clock timer countdown 20 minutes to the next segment, and listening to bad music in between.

I would have rather used something like Pay-Per-View Cable than this theater experience nonsense.

Both O’Reilly and Beck spoke about Obama’s State of the Union Address (SOTU).  Many of us felt Obama’s message was more about scolding the American People and the Supreme Court for not falling in line with Obama’s Progressive policies.  Keeping on topic, and making it Fresh, and Bold, and Entertaining, made the experience a worthwhile expense.

Day By Day Cartoons, kinda predicted how Obama’s SOTU speech would turn out, accurately.

Overall, Fresh & Bold Gets Five Shaka’s out of Five

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