Carbon Tax

Suddenly, there’s a push by governments to implement a ‘carbon tax’ to combat ‘climate change’. There’s been talk about a carbon tax for sometime now, but now there’s a real push by governments, with the help of the fake news media, to spread fear that without a carbon tax, the planet will be destroyed. BY MAN!!! That’s Anthropogenic!

Why all of a sudden? Remember the Kalifornia wildfires? The first thing Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown claimed was the fires were a result of climate catastrophe. When in reality, it was forestry mismanagement. Not only did Kalifornia cut monies to manage the dry underbrush, but they allowed to continue for years, resulting in the worst wildfires in years. Global warming didn’t start the fires. Then there was the release of federal study that concludes global warming is real and happening. Balderdash!

What is a carbon tax? A carbon tax is where fossil fuels are used: Gas for vehicles. Oil for home heating. Coal for generating electricity. A tax that would put a harmful affect on businesses, consumers, and the economy. It would cause an increase across all markets. Food, clothing, construction, farming and just about every industry. It would hurt the working poor the hardest. Low income families would struggle heating their homes, getting to work, and putting food on the table. The very rich will be able to absorb the extra costs. Global Warming hoaxers, Al Gore, et al, will continue to fly around the world in their private jets, whist thumbing their noses over flyover country. They don’t care about the hoi polloi.

In France, where Monsieur Macron scolded President Trump on Nationalism, and leaving the Paris Climate Accord, riots broke out over France’s climate tax. Let them eat cake, Macron said, if gas is too high, then carpool. If it’s too cold, then add more layers of clothing. We’re about saving the planet from the bourgeoisie masses.

Closer to home, in Hawai’i Nei, legislators are seriously discussing implementing a carbon tax on the islands. Reacting to the National Climate Assessment report that says scary things will happen to the planetary environment if action isn’t taken NOW!!! The report is flashy and very alarming. However there are some real problem with the report. 1) It wildly exaggerates the economic costs. 2) Is assumes a worse case catastrophic environment scenario. 3) It misrepresents extreme weather conditions, including wildfires. 4) It assumes the only remedy is taxation on fossil fuels, and all devices that employ fossil fuels.

Energy science: there is no such thing a renewable energy. Physics of energy: once energy is expended, it is converted into something else. You cannot just gather it up, and reuse it again. Windmills are built of fossil fuels, and use fossil fuels to operate the blades. They have to be oiled, and need hydraulics to operate. Solar is made of fossil fuels, the panels are made of materials produced from fossil fuels. So, the idea of green reusable energy is a myth. There is only one true renewable energy. See below.

 Actual Renewable Energy

Hawaii Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Commission, (sounds impressive) has unanimously agreed to back legislation next session that would establish a carbon tax geared toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Hawaii’s ground transportation sector. Which means a tax on your vehicles, and fuel. The older the vehicle is, the higher the tax. The idea is to rid the roads of fossil fuel vehicles and force people into purchasing electric vehicles. Vehicles that requiring electric charging stations. Charging stations that are powered by, wait for it, fossil fuels.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that a price on carbon is central to prompt mitigation, and global emissions of carbon dioxide need to fall by 45 percent by 2030 and to zero by 2050. A carbon fee would be just another tax, upon a already over taxed State. That would hurt the working poor, damage the tourism industry, and put an unnecessary burden on the people of this State.

For years now, parts of Hawai’i have been succumbing to natural environmental changes. We are a group of islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Natural changes are ocean erosion, the sinking of the islands by weight, and weather runoff. Homes that are built along the oceanfront are subject to storm damage, Tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes, let alone lava running through the living-room. There is the claim that the ocean levels are rising, but there is no significant evidence that the oceans are rising. Except for the natural water levels due to tides, and natural weather changes, such as La Nina and El Nino. However, the scare tactics continue to make wild exaggerated claims.

This scares people unnecessarily. Especially people who do not understand how the planet geology works, including legislators that are gullible enough to believe in predictions that have no basis in science facts. It does help globalists to wrestle control from sovereign nations. It prevents developing nations from getting access to cheap energy. It puts world control in the hands of the few. That’s not science, that’s global socialism. It’s what the taxman wants to impose on us all.

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

The basics of life on this planet is carbon. Without it, life would not exist. As least life as we know it. Carbon dioxide is an essential gas. It is plant food. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, and convert it into oxygen. Another life essential gas. The oceans absorb carbon dioxide to sustain ocean life. The left has insisted that carbon is a pollutant, but they are wrong. To believe that carbon is a pollutant, is basically displaying ignorance of science. Environmentalists, are the worse offenders of climate science. They will openly mock you if you disagree with them on a pending climate crisis. They call you ‘climate deniers’, and science deniers, again displaying their ignorance of what environmental science is about. The left will accuse you of being a pawn for big oil companies and corporations.

For well over a century, and even longer, the calls for climate controls, taxes, and regulations, have never stopped. Irrational fear is hard to defeat. So after some man made disaster, like forestry mismanagement, a report comes out to prop up the myth of global warming. Why a government agency is being funded by tax dollars to falsely propose pending climate disasters, is a classic case of government abuse. For the right amount of money, any government agency will produce the result you want to hear.

You Don’t Need Science To Explain Greed

Indeed, the science of greed goes ‘caching!’, and the energy to expel greed energy is like a lubricant for false science. What’s worse are the predictions of planetary doom in just a few short years. Still, the weather people cannot forecast the weather 24 hours from now. What makes anyone think they know what the planetary weather will be 10-20-30-100 years from now? They seem pretty certain, but they have no data to back up their claims. Don’t believe these people. The live in a climate of fear.



In The End, Everything Is A Gag

Mexicans Illegals looting LA Store

Lakers celebration got real ugly.  After the Lakers won the NBA Championship, rowdy fans when on a rampage.  I really should reword this and say: “Illegals, Crypts and Bloods, LA Gangs show their team spirit after Lakers win”


Meanwhile, the Obama regime continues to wreck havoc upon this great nation.  At least during the Katrina disaster, President Bush suspended the Jones Act, while Obama has said “No Thanks” to any help with the BP disaster.  The Jones Act is a stupid law that prohibits any vessels operating in U.S. waters that are not U.S. made, operated by U.S. Union thugs, and flying the U.S. Flag.  Understand that other countries want to help with the BP cleanup, cannot.

Charles Djou, our Hawaiian congressman, that replaced the ineffective lilliputian Abercrombie, came under fire for suggesting suspending the Jones Act.  Hawai’i’s leftest and senior senile Senator, Daniel Inouye, accused Djou of pushing a political agenda.  Inouye, is always “In Your Way“, and he steals with only one hand.  Djou is right.

The stupidity of Congress was on full display yesterday during the BP hearings.  I have no sympathy for BP, they are responsible for oil spill.  However, Congress doesn’t help their poor image by baiting BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, into saying something that would discredit himself or his company.  That’s not helping to clean up the mess in the Gulf.

ReutersVideo — June 17, 2010 — BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward faced the wrath of U.S. lawmakers as he appeared before a congressional hearing to apologize for the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Jon Decker reports.

It’s not like these oil spills happen everyday.  As a matter of fact, oil tankers tend to spill a lot of oil transferring it around.  Obama has put a moratorium on off shore drilling.  That’s going to put a lot of people out of work.  That’s going to raise the price of oil and gas.  That’s going to raise the price of goods and services across the board.

The Obama regime dithered and ignored the problem until it became a crisis.  I believe the Obama regime deliberately waited until this disaster became a crisis.  Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s head thug, has made that perfectly clear.

To the tune of $20 Billion dollars.  The Obama administration conducted a shakedown operation on BP.  Now that BP has handed over this money, where is it going to be spent?  Will the businesses that have been hurt by the spill see any of this money?  Will the money be used for something other than the oil spill?  Democrat members of Congress are already proposing the BP Slush Fund to be used to fund Obamacare.  If that is not evidence of a shakedown, then I don’t know what is.  This regime is absolutely criminal and should be investigated for malfeasance.

Meanwhile, the Gulf states continue to plead for help.  Obama continues to party it up at the White House, and gets in another Tee Time at the golf course.  Obama’s plan for the destruction of America goes on as scheduled.  Cap and Tax will be fast-tracked into law.  Expect to see $7-$8 soon.

Now the president is repackaging cap-and-trade — again — as a long-term solution to the oil spill. But it’s the same old agenda, a huge energy tax that will raise the cost of gasoline and electricity high enough so that we’re forced to use less.

Obama’s Cap and Tax, also known as the Energy bill, the Green Jobs bill, Cap and Trade, Climate Change bill, legislation that has been repackaged a dozen times, but remains the same economic and job killing bill.  Including Unions.
OMSA reports that oil companies have already started canceling contracts for vessels that carry supplies to drilling rigs, putting those vessels out of work and forcing vessel companies to plan imminent layoffs. Early estimates indicate that, in short order, more than 100 vessels may be tied up. The economic harm will very quickly spread through the offshore maritime industry, the shipyards that build offshore vessels and the hundreds of service companies that support the industry as drilling comes to a halt.

In another brilliant move into ineptitude, Hillary Clinton announced the federal courts will sue the State of Arizona SB1070 law, in Ecuador.  She announced this, before it was announced to the American people.  You cannot be any more incompetent that this.  To announce to the Ecuadorian press the Justice department decision, before Obama and Eric Holder had a chance to, is a clear sign this regime is out of control.  This regime doesn’t have the American People’s interests as its priority.  This regime is determined to destroy the American Way of Life.

In the end, everything is a gag.  Charlie Chaplin said that quote, and it is applicable in time in history.  How’s that Hope and Change working for ya?  As we get closer to midterm elections, people should remember these and other atrocities the Obama regime has committed against the American people.

What’s for Dinner?


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