Angel Of Death

That’s what I see, when looking at this picture of the pantie bomber, panties.  I don’t know how 72 virgins are going to find this guy attractive after blowing off his twigs and berry’s.  It’s just the way they’re laid out on the picture.  It looks kinda creepy.  What kind of briefs are these, Air Jordan Fruit of the Loom?   What if the bomber wore boxers?

Yeah, I know it’s all been talked about before, but stick with me on this.

I really don’t know if this is the message from The Religion of Peace, but I think maybe it’s a larger message of insecurity and hatred.   Underpants Angel?  I can only thank GOD for the incompetence of Al Qeada, but I cannot forgive the incompetence of of Janet Incompetano. It has been the policy of the Obama administration to downplay Islamic terrorism.  Big Sis, didn’t get to her position as Homeland Security Administrator for being smart, because it’s obviously way above her head, for any and all reasons, this was Obama’s message.   Obama’s decision to put a total incompetent in a position of protecting the American people is as dangerous as allowing this creep to board a plane from Lagos Nigera.  Hey, lets create a conspiracy theory and say Obama allowed the Panty-bomber onto a board a plane to kill Americans.  Just like Bush conspired to kill Americans on 911.

I am so happy everyone landed safely.  This was truly a Christmas Blessing.

Although Airport screening will take on a new dimension.

Now for my point, and stick with me on this, it gets better near the end.  One of my most brilliant posts has been getting some heavy traffic ever since I posted it back in September of 2009.  Although I’ve gotten a few comments on that post, one comment caught my attention.

What’s breathtaking here is the lack of condemnation against the acts of terrorism that occurred on September 11th, 2001.  This commenter goes on to espouse the virtues of Islam, but doesn’t acknowledge the horror of Muslim atrocities against the world.  Well, he, or she, is bias of course.  Blinded by a cult religion that separates their women as fourth class citizens.  Conducts honor killings against their women.  Discriminates against non-Islamic people.

And I’m lectured not to assume a Muslim may be a horrible person?!?!?!?

You Didn’t Read My Post!

The Fast Lane To Discrimination

Some of these people may think I’m Fresh Off the Boat (F.O.B) , but I’m not.  Although, there’s something special about this country that may change attitudes.  One of the best attributes of any people, faith, religion, race and culture is adaption.  Assimilation into the American culture is like no other in the world.  It’s not multiculturalism in the sense of preserving and promoting a culture into main stream America.  Allowing special privileges for people of a particular religion is not an American trait.  Although, there are groups in America that are different from main stream culture.  Take the Amish for example.  Horse and buggy technology, tight knit community.  Then there’s Berkley California and I cannot explain that at all.  But it’s what make America, America.  No one religion is favored.

Judeo–Christian values are the heart of this country’s foundation.  There has been, and always will be, room for other religions in this Great Country.  There is no room for intolerance.

Little did I know that there is a group of Muslims in America with an edge for comedy.

Thank Allah It’s Jumma (Friday)

The Funnest Part is the Imam

Welcome to the Jungle

If assimilation is as easy as poking fun at yourself, then there may be hope after all.  I worry that these examples are small and isolated.  Not part of the mainstream Muslim thinking, but very entertaining nether the less.  Worldwide, I wonder how this example of Islamofunnyism will parse.

What’s for Dinner?

Hair Of The Dog

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