Mele Kalikimaka

Christmas has arrived early with President Trump’s signing of Tax Relief. The markets are soaring and companies are spending. Imagine that! A President that actually keeps his promises. Ever since January, the economy has been growing in anticipation of great things happening. It started with the rollback of the hussein regulations. From the EPA, to State Department, the purge of the hussein regime has brought a renewed positive outlook of the future.

The left continues to predict doom and gloom. For the last eight years under the hussein regime, the left had been embolden with a sense of inevitability. That all came crashing down after the election. Since then, the amount of hostility by the left has grown to hysterical levels. The violence and willful racism by the left is horrifying. The Fake News Media has fueled the animus with openly bias and false reporting with no accountability. Journalism malfeasance has never been so bad as it is now.  All because of the hatred for this President.

However, the results are speaking for themselves. During the election, Hillary promised to put a lot of people out of business, and Trump promised to bring back a lot of businesses. President Trump has delivered on his promises. Indeed, Hillary would have also kept her promised by destroying jobs and businesses. All part of hussein’s scheme of Hope and Change for America. As I always said, if you must transform America from her fundamental values, then you don’t love your country. Remember that hussein, Hillary and the democrats, all believed that America was not exceptional.

I believe the American people had had enough of both parties empty promises and rhetoric. So what if our President is crude, gruff, and not politically polished. He’s getting the job done.

We are blessed with by the Snow Goddess Poli’ahu visit to Mauna Kea. A real sign of a positive future and prosperity. We received two feet of snow on the summits of the mountains. Like the economy, more signs of a prosperous new year to come.  The future’s so bright, I gatta wear shades.

Mele Kalikimaka a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou



















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