The Phony


What an interesting turn of events. Hope and change is now divide and conquer.  A Nobel Peace Prize President is going to war, whether Congress gives him approval or not.  So why the dog and pony show?

It’s the classic Obama distraction. Once we commit to this, and even if we don’t, you’re still going to hear calls to raise the debt ceiling.  All of the so called “phony” scandals are pushed back out of the news cycle and forgotten.  Another crisis not going to waste, because it’s manufactured.

What a shame, the President publicly lies, and the loyal slobbering media is caught in a perpetual Pavlov Dog moment, not knowing what to do.  Does the media continue to lie and cover for the Obama regime? Or will the media practice real journalism?  Nah, too much to expect.

If the hat fits, wear it

If the hat fits, wear it

As I watched the close of the Martin Luther King celebrations, I couldn’t help feel a sense of dread and foreboding for the future.  I’ve listened to all the speeches and I didn’t get a sense of uplifting, only depression.  Here we have the first black American President and he’s whining about inequality, while taking away our liberties.

The ‘Blessed Community’ is now made up of race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, progressive socialists and democrat communists.  The ‘Dream’ that MLK spoke about has turned into a nightmare.

Where were the speakers like Thomas Sowel?  Why was the only black Republican from South Carolina U.S. Senator Tim Scott uninvited to speak at the march?  Why did all the speakers that did speak at the march, outline only a list of racial grievances.  Why wasn’t Dr. Ben Carson, a true American success story not invited to speak about his success as a black man?

The answer is clear.  The race industry doesn’t want people, black or otherwise, to achieve success on their own.  They don’t believe in the American Dream, they only have their hatred.  They only care about the color of their skin, and not the content of their character.

My question to all is: How does any of this help the American People?  How does this help our nation achieve MLK’s dream?  Especially when the dream has been high-jacked by self-centered opportunists that feed off the hate, the envy, the class division; how is this add to the betterment of all Americans?


Barry the bullshitter has called his scandals, phony.  How does this outright lie help the American people?  Isn’t it the job of the President of the United States to be a unifier?  Someone that brings both the left and the right together for the betterment of our nation?

In no particular order, let’s examine them:



IRS Snooping.  Probably the most egregious and sinister of all the scandals devised by this regime was to use the most powerful, and scariest government agency, and use it as a political club against the American people.  A deliberate attempt to get revenge on political groups that demonstrated against the “Train Wreck” called Obamacare.

Remember that Valerie Jarrett and Barry the bullshitter both said during the 2012 election cycle that they wanted to punish their enemies, so they used IRS to target specific conservative groups for extra scrutiny.  Any American getting a letter from the IRS can tell you the fear that strikes.  Fear and intimidation has been this regimes method of operation.

The Congressional hearings on the IRS scandal was astonishing.  The contempt the IRS managers had for the American people was breathtaking!  They tried to blame others, brush it off as a mistake, and made light of the whole scandal.  I got the impression they didn’t think it was a big deal politically targeting American groups.

The IRS is going to implement Obamacare.  The IRS will be asking about your health insurance information.  How does this help lower the cost of health care?  How does this help people at all?


NSA SpyingNational Security Agency is collecting meta data on all electronic transmissions.  Phone, internet, texting, Tweeting, Facebook posts, everything!  Spying on the Associated Press and other news agencies.  Even accusing members of the press as criminal conspirators for doing their job.  As if Barry didn’t already have a slobbering press that follows like a puppy dog.  We don’t have a free press anymore, but then the media as we have known it since is changing.  Blogs and Social Media have replaced the media.


Benghazi Murders. Who pushed the video? Who ordered the Stand-Down?  Rumors has either Valerie Jarret or Barry himself making those calls.  The regime is hiding the witnesses in an effort to hide what really happened that night in Libya.  Evidence is showing the regime was making arms deals when the attack happened.  Were there 400 shoulder armed missile launchers stolen?

Does anyone in the Military trust their commander in chief to have their backs?

Fast and Furious. Gun running for Mexican drug lords.  Thousands dead because the Obama regime was caught running guns to Mexican Drug Lords.

Calls for God’s blessing for Planned Parenthood.  Is if women in this country cannot get health care. Rubbish!

Inserts himself into the Georgetown Prof. racist rants that got him arrested.

Inserts himself into the Trayvon Martin trial.

Compares himself to Trayvon Martin further pushing the racial divide.

Decides Obamacare will diminish Socialist Democrats chances in the 2014 midterm elections and waives the employer mandate.  Not the individual mandate.

Decides for Teachers Unions over children’s chances for a good education.

Ignores the bloodshed in Chicago, his home town.

How does any of this help the country, the people, and our way of life?  Running the government like a banana republic, with a militarized police state called Homeland Security to make us all feel safe.  Yet, acts of terrorism under Barry’s watch have happened.



Well, just think; another 4 more years of this crap sandwich.

Yes, its been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.  Time to start up again.






Sharia and Democrats


The question was never answered; “Why was God and Jerusalem Removed from the Democratic National Convention (DNC)?

Lots of top democrats were asked, many lied and others were offended.  However, I believe there is a more sinister reason.  It’s just a matter of putting the pieces together.  Others have made similar observations right after the DNC amended their platform to include Jerusalem and God, but other previous platform statements about support for Israel has been removed from the DNC platform.

The Democrat Party has removed a section of its 2008 Party Platform in the 2012 version recently released online — some key language in expressing support for the state of Israel.

Why?  When the DNC committee writes their platform, they always use language from previous platform statements.  Most of the platform statements are there, but before that raucous vote that obviously showed hostility to God, Jerusalem and Israel, all references of the three were nonexistent.

It was during that vote to include God and Jerusalem that caught my attention and the pieces started to fall together.


The DNC removed these platform statements to appease the Muslims.  Remember there was a Muslim Jumah event that took place August 31 – September 1 at the DNC convention.  That raised a few eyebrows because of the clash of, well, weird cultures that grow like mold in the democrat party.

Currently there are two Muslim’s in congress, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson.  It should be noted that these two Congressmen are supporters of Islamic terrorist organizations.  In order to hide their terrorist activities, they accuse the Republicans of being bigots for stating in the Republican National Convention (RNC) platform resolve against Islamic terrorism.  But here is how Ellison put it:

For Ellison, the anti-Shariah plank was part of a broader narrative of exclusion. “Why do they want to become the party of hate? They’re hating on immigrants who are from Latin America. They’re demonstrating hatred toward Muslims. They’re demonstrating hostility toward women. They act like they don’t like gay people. Who is their party supposed to be made up of in 20 years?”

This has been a familiar narrative that democrats have been using against Republicans for years, but the rhetoric has become more toxic and vile.  Then there was this comment from after South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Dick Harpootlian compared her to Adolf Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun.

Islam Pedophilia

Contrast the Republican convention which was about jobs, smaller government and optimism for the future of all American people regardless of their faith, national origin and sexual orientation.

Whereas the democratic convention focused on class envy, class warfare and now we know the democratic base is made up of angry hate filled anti-God, anti-Israel and very anti-American people.

There the connection is made: Democrats-Muslims-Nazis.  Using the same propaganda techniques that Joseph Goebbels used; tell a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it.

Mark Alan Siegel, Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman, makes some rather anti-Christian statements.

This is very interesting since it was Mr. Siegel’s democrat party that booed God and Jerusalem at the DNC convention.  Not once, but three times.   Even the outrageous claim Mr. Siegel’s that Christians want to destroy Israel is perplexing since Israel doesn’t have any Christian countries on its boarders.  However, there are plenty of Islamic countries that do want to destroy Israel and there is an unholy alliance with Muslims and Nazism.

Islam and Nazism

By calling Republicans extremists, these people have kept conservatives on the defensive for no reason at all.  Democrats are proving that they are the extremists with dangerous allies.  I’ve challenged liberals to prove their accusations, and they can’t!  However, I can bring you plenty of examples of liberal hate.

Modern Islamic terrorism can be traced to Nazi Germany during the 1930’s, when Hitler struck up an alliance with the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini. Despite the mufti not being a Germanic Aryan, Hitler held the mufti in high esteem mainly because they had the same goals – the extermination of the Jews and the destruction of Western democracies.

This Regime Thinks The American People Are Terrorists

That seems to be the base of the democratic platform.  Although not directly stated in the DNC platform, it is implied by the actions and statements of the DNC members.

The goal of Islam is to infiltrate the government at all levels and establish an Islamic Caliphate.  Islam is incompatible with the United States Constitution, because Islam is not a religion.  To best understand what Islam is and how Islam will eventually affect your life, watch this video that best explains Islam.

There is plenty of additional information that can be found to best explain the Islamic threat to our country and way of life.  I’ve written plenty of articles about this threat and there plenty of links to back up any claims I’ve made here. That’s not fear mongering, these are facts that liberals choose to ignore in favor of multicultural political correctness.  Any questioning of Islam and its goals, in this century, in the here and now, is called Islamophobia.  Given that other religions, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are not at war with each other, but Islam is.  Believe otherwise at your own peril.

Religion of Peace?

Combine that with the anti-God democrat base and you’ve got the makings of a real extremist political party.  A democrat party that lies and accuses Republicans of being extremists.  Or don’t you believe your lying eyes?

That’s why God and Jerusalem was removed from the DNC platform.  Without God you have no morals.  Islam has made it very clear they love death more than life itself.  Democrats have made it very clear that aborting a life is more preferable than life itself.   A people void of values and common sense.  It makes it easier to lie and smear anyone that doesn’t agree with you.  Just like in the Koran where says it’s permissible to lie to your enemy to defeat them.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your Democrat party platform.  A party of extreme Godless hate groups.

And yes, there is a war on women.




What’s For Dinner?











Obama’s War On America


If there is a “War On America”, then it is the meme of Obama’s election strategy.  The Obama campaign launched the first salvo in the “War On America” by using the Class Warfare attack.  Obama doesn’t seem to want to give up that strategy of divide and conquer, but instead Obama has decided to double down on fueling the Rich verses the Poor.

After the disastrous attempt by the Socialist Democrat party Chief Debbie Wassamatterwitherhair Schultz, and former House of Misrepresentative Leader Nazi “Botox” Piglosi, to use the Sandra Fluke contraception ploy in a manufactured “War On Women”, Obama quickly returned to his original strategy of Class Warfare.  Meanwhile, Socialist Operatives in both political and entertainment circles have viciously attacked Ann Romney by saying she never worked a day in her life.  How do they know what Ann Romney does in her life and what business is it of theirs?   They should go back to gushing over Michelle Obama’s elbow and knees, and the taxpayer’s monies she spends on lavish vacations.

Ever since Obama maculated the Office the Presidency, he’s had a war on everything American.  The Cash For Clunkers was the War on Automobiles.  The BP Gulf oil disaster started the War on Energy.  The Green Technology bankruptcy was the War on the Environment.  Now we have these windmills erected all around the country, polluting the landscape with these eyesores that are environmentally unfriendly.  We have Government Motors building electric cars that catch fire and don’t hold a charge, yet the government wants to sell you a $40,000 hunk of junk.

Others Socialist Democrats like Elizabeth Warren that claims that no one got rich on their own.  Using some bizarre logic that anyone that is successful, did so it at others expense.  Of course, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and myself included, never made it without any government help.  So what Batty Betty is saying is that we are all too stupid to become successful on our own.  We must have government bootstrap us into success.  What a crock!  If only government got out of our way, we’d have more employment and more wealthy people!

Now if you challenge any of these Socialist Democrats on this, they immediately deflect the argument into an unrelated subject.  They talk about paying for tax cuts!?!  An interesting and backwards logic, taxes that are paid for, go figure!!  Then they whine about unpaid for wars and what happened in the last administration.  What about the war of 1812, or the Spanish-American wars?  All nonsense because they cannot, and do not have an answer for this regimes criminal behavior.  Obama is building a class war and a race war.  Obama would have you believe that anyone against his destructive policies of raising energy prices, creating unsustainable debt and destroying American jobs, is in favor of dirty air, dirty water and all things unholy!   This is indefensible!  Now back to taxes!




In the IRS tax tables, you can see the percentage of taxes people must pay based on their total income.  Yet, Obama says the rich are not paying enough, and they aren’t paying their fair share.  The question I ask is, just how much is a fair share that must be given unto Caesar?  The United States has the dubious distinction of having the highest corporate tax rates in the world.  What do you think corporations do to recoup those costs?  They pass them on to the consumer.  We pay for corporation’s goods and services, and we also pay for the tax imposed on them by the government.  Somehow raising taxes is the solution?!?!

Socialist Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Obama make unsubstantiated claims that there has to be fairness.  But what is fair about a tax rate that jumps 5% when you cross the income threshold into a higher tax bracket?

Suppose you are a married couple, and you’ve done your taxes, and when you looked up your tax rate in the IRS-1040 tax tables.  As you can see, anyone making less than $17,000, and after your Standard/Itemized deductions and your personal exceptions; you pay no taxes!  Zero!  Nada! Zilch!  However, once you cross the $19,500 threshold, then you start to pay Federal taxes.  You can test my results using this on-line calculator.  It does make assumptions, but it’s the point I want to make here.

The people that make the most pay 35% of their income in Federal taxes!  Then there are the deductions, loopholes and other tax shelters that the Congress wrote into law!  This is why rich people park their money in overseas banks like in the Cayman Islands.  Who wants 1/3 of their income taken by a government that spends it like drunken sailors?  With all due respect to drunken sailors.  The Congress, under Socialist Democrat control, spent 5 Trillion Dollars during the first two years of the Obama Regimes Rule!  Wrap your head around that!  5 Trillion Dollars of money we don’t have!

So when Obama keeps using Warren Buffett as the senile poster child for increasing taxes, he deliberately lies to you by not explaining the taxable difference.  Warren Buffett pays 15% taxes on Capital Gains, but that’s money that has already been taxed!  The difference is between earned income, and Capital Gains on investments.  Income on Capital Gains is money that has already been taxed!  It’s sort of like double taxation.  You’re being taxed on the money you already paid taxes on.  So, is that fair?  This is where Obama lies, a tax on the rich is a tax on all Americans.

This Class Warfare is Obama’s “War On America”!  The War on the American People can be summed up by Obama’s criminal policies.  The subterfuge is blaming the rich for Obama’s failed policies.  People have stopped listening to Obama’s blame President Bush excuse.  After three years of raising the debt higher than President Bush ever did in eight years, and higher than any other President ever in history, Obama needs to find a scapegoat.  So Obama blames anything and everything to try and distract the American people from his abysmal policies.  Obama has weakened America, both economically and respectfully.  Obama has insulted our allies and cozies up to our enemies.  Obama’s disdain for the American People earns him a special place in history.  Move over Jimmy Carter, Obama is NOW the worst President in American History!



What’s For Dinner?



Shrimp and Scallop Over Steamed Jasmine Bok Choy, Jasmine Rice and Baby Carrots






My Congressional misrepresentative Crazy Mazie Hirono (D-HI) sent out a newsletter proudly proclaiming that she’s against the people of Hawai’i in the Second District where I live.  In her newsletter she states that she voted against the Ryan budget because she claims it will harm the priorities of communities and the people of Hawai’i.  That’s a flat out lie!

Hirono outlines 10 points where she misrepresents the Ryan budget with Socialist Democrat talking points.  Each point is a complete distortion of the Ryan budget.  Hirono would rather keep with the failed policies of the Obama regime.

Let’s take a look at her poorly defined excuses for not voting for a stronger Hawai’i:

1)      Ends Medicare as we know it:  Medicare as we know it, is going broke.  The Ryan plan brings Medicare back into solvency.  Medicare is already in the RED and will eventually run out of money.  Hirono would rather keep propping up a system going broke.  Doctors are starting to turn away Medicare patients.  Ryan’s voucher plan would give more flexibility to the patient to choose and decide their medical needs.  Under the current plan, the patient and the doctor must follow government rules that restrict how Medicare money is spent.  In effect, keeping the government between you and your doctor.  It is well known that AARP is a stooge for Obamacare, that catastrophe of a healthcare plan soon to be declared Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  Social Security is going broke, the government has spent the money that was promised; there are only IOU’s left in Social Security trust.  The only thing Hirono’s budget does is keep our money in government hands to further misspend it recklessly.

2)      Repeals the Affordable Care Act: Also known as Obamacare.  And YES!  We want that Obamanation REPEALED!  It is 2,700 pages of bad law!  Why else is the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) giving waivers away!  Waivers mostly to Unions and Obama cronies.  It is well known that without the waivers, companies would have dropped their employee healthcare plans, well before the Government Insurance Exchange programs will have started in 2014.  The excuse of insurance discrimination is flat out wrong.  Obamacare will discriminate against patients and doctors through a 15 member panel of unelected, but appointed, bureaucrats.  This unelected panel, (a.k.a. Death Panels) will decide if you will get any healthcare.  They will focus on cost and not care.  This panel will judge your eligibility for healthcare by your taxable worthiness. In other words, if you not paying enough in taxes to support the system, you will receive rationed care.  Why else does Obamacare force parents to insure their children till 26 years of age?  Because the law assumes the child’s taxable worthiness will reach the level needed to prop up Obamacare.  Someone has to pay for Obamacare and the law assumes 26 years of age is that age level that reaches the workforce as a fully paying taxpayer.  Seniors and retirees, on the other hand, will receive rationed care.  Obama said it himself; “Maybe your Mother should take the Pill!”  Preventing insurance discrimination for pre-existing conditions can be made a law by itself.  Insurance is not healthcare.  Insurance is a means to healthcare and should be treated separately.  As Obamacare become more online, the costs are going up.  You won’t be able to keep your doctor.  You won’t be able to keep your insurance.  What will result, will be a two tiered healthcare system where the very rich will be able to afford health care, and everyone else will have hospital emergency rooms just to get basic healthcare.  That’s the future of Obamacare.  Is the age of consent now going to be 26 years of age?

3)      Attacks Women’s Health Care:  That’s a total lie! A manufactured scare tactic the Socialist Democrats like Hirono are using to try and scare women.  Insurance discrimination is a falsehood!  Insurance is not healthcare, but a means to acquiring it.  A simple law to prevent insurance companies from discriminating anyone, regardless of either gender, age or precondition, doesn’t need to be in a wieldy 2,700 pages of bureaucratic nonsense disguised as healthcare.  This scare tactic Hirono and her Socialist partners in crime are playing on the American people’s fears is shameful.  There is no proof that the Ryan plan discriminates against women.  That is a simply a lie, and Hirono knows it.  What Hirono wants to do is make everyone pay for abortions and contraceptive services.  There is nothing in the Ryan budget that prevents women from healthcare, that’s the bottom line.  Shame on Hirono for promoting a lie to her constituents.

4)      Eliminates Brand USA, our nation’s travel promotion arm: The question is, why do we need this program?  Wouldn’t a program like this be better administered through private enterprise?  The answer is a resounding YES!  The mission of Brand USA is to encourage international visitation to the United States.  With the debt burden that Obama has done in just 3 short years, something has to go!  The taxpayer money spent marketing the American States, cities and towns would be used at the local level.  The world already knows where and who we are.  This is just wasteful needless spending.

5)      Rolls back efforts to make college affordable: Is college affordable now?  Is college a good value today with leftist professors indoctrinating students into a Socialist model?  No!  This is another scare tactic by Hirono and her Socialist Democrat criminals.  You’ve got Occupy Wall Street (OWS) people running around with worthless degrees in such fields as Cyberfeminism” and “Taking Marx Seriously: Should Marx Be Given Another Chance?”.  These are real courses being offered in Universities that Hirono wants you to pay for through government grants.  What marketing skills do courses like this offer the soon to be 26 year old about to enter the workforce?  Ryan’s plan does not eliminate grant programs; it just streamlines it towards courses with job marketable skills.  Isn’t that a better use of taxpayer money?  Let the student pay for these whacky courses through other means other than government taxpayer grants.

6)      Slashes education programs for Hawaii’s students:  This is also another lie and scare tactic that Hirono should be ashamed of.  Currently the Department of Education (DoE) is spending more money, but getting poorer results.  Hirono would rather continue the time honored practice of throwing taxpayer monies at a failing system and hoping someday it will get better.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  The Federal taxpayer monies spent on education should be a block grant to let the States run their education programs that work for the people of their state.  Hirono would continue with a central planned system that puts conditions on the states like “No Child Left Behind”, a noble plan that never worked.  Hirono would better represent the educational needs of Hawai’i’s students by working to get the largest block grant for her district.  But that means work.

7)      Cuts nearly 4.1 million jobs nationwide through 2014: This is Liberal fantasy!  This is the Socialist Model that states only the government can create jobs.  It is not the role of the government to create jobs.  Our Constitution is based on a Free Market Capitalist system, not a Socialist Central Planning model.  The Obama regime has spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying to make that work and it has failed miserably.  The Ryan plan seeks to eliminate unnecessary wasteful government programs.  Currently, the rate of government spending is unsustainable and dangerous.  It is pure fantasy to believe spending can continue at its current rate.  I believe the Ryan budget doesn’t cut enough!  I also believe Economic Policy Institute is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the Congressional Progressive Caucus to spread economic half-truths and outright misinformation.  The Economic Policy Institute makes claims, but fails to back it up with any supporting data.  Under Obama’s NO PLAN, but continuing run-away spending will eventually hurt everyone; seniors, children, poor, middle class and the rich.  Again, another Social scare tactic by Hirono.

8)      Gives millionaires and billionaires $265,000 each in addition to the $129,000 they would receive from the Bush tax cuts:  Hirono is a student of Keynesian economics and wealth redistribution.  Classic Socialism and Class Warfare! The belief that if you take money from one group of people and give it to another group.  That does not create jobs.  It does not create economic opportunity.  Hirono wants to expand government by using tax payer money to waste on government programs.  That’s unsustainable!  The Bush tax cuts gave everyone a tax cut.  Obama and Hirono wants to punish people that are wealthy and successful.  Hirono wants to tax the job creators.  Hirono wants to slow down the economy by killing small business with unnecessary taxes.  This country has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  Hawai’i has some of the highest taxes in the nation.  Hawai’i currently tacked on a half percent to the General Excise Tax (GET) to build a train to nowhere.  How long before Honolulu’s mistake starts to affect the neighbor islands?  This nonsense of taxing and spending our way into prosperity is complete idiocy and irresponsible.

9)      Cuts transportation investments in roads, bridges, rail lines, buses, and airports: Again, spending cuts need to be done because we don’t have the money.  Obama has drained the Treasury.  We as a country are broke.  To continue to deny that is like not paying your mortgage.  Eventually you will lose your house.  It’s like not paying your credit cards, eventually the bank will come for you.  It’s like not paying off your car; eventually the repo man will repossess your car.  States should be responsible for their transportation priorities.  Instead, States with Democrat leadership have wasted transportation projects on other general fund projects.  Neil “Crusty the Clown” Abercrombie took money from the Hurricane fund for other projects.  This is the same thing that Hirono wants to do.  Barney Frank, the Congressman crook that once claimed the Housing Market was solvent and not in trouble of collapsing, did a fund raiser for Hirono.  You see, these are the people that caused the economic collapse.  It wasn’t the Bush tax cuts.  It wasn’t the eight years of the Bush presidency.  It started in 2006 when the House of Representatives was dominated by Socialist Democrats.  That’s when out of control spending started.  That’s when the housing market started to implode.  In 2008 when Obama Regime increased spending with Cash For Clunkers, the GM Bailout, the Stimulus plan and the Quantitative Easing of the economy.  All failed economic policies supported and voted for by Hirono.

10)   Protects tax breaks and boosts incentives for corporations shipping American jobs overseas:  I don’t know what incentives companies to move overseas, except for high taxes and over regulation.  Hirono and her gang of Socialist Democrats have choked businesses with high taxes and over-regulations.  Their failed economic policies to pick winners and losers have resulted in millions of job losses.  Conveniently, Hirono blames the Republicans for the Democrats failed policies.  The Democrats owned the House of Representatives for 4 years until 2010 when the Tea Party and Conservatives swept the house with Fiscal Conservatives.  There hasn’t been a budget passed since Obama came into power.  Even the Senate rejected Obama’s budget.  So for Hirono to gleefully cast her vote against fiscal sanity just shows the lack of intelligence she has understanding how the economy works.

Hirono offers no budget solution herself.  Typical Marxist Democrats that are good at making speeches but little on substance and follow through.  At least Ryan has a budget with substantial fiscal sanity.  Sooner or later, this nation needs to come to grips with our fiscal house.  If not, we will surely end in worse condition.  Hirono can hide her head in the sand all she wants, but standing on the sidelines and making unhelpful comments doesn’t demonstrate good government.  It does show a small petty woman with an ego of empty vanity.



House Budget Commitee Chairman Paul Ryan corrected Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s incorrect speech on Medicare during House Floor debate of the Path to Prosperity Budget.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: As a member of Congress representing a large number seniors in south Florida, I can tell you that the House Republican Budget would be devastating for seniors and older Americans. This Republican path to poverty would pass like a tornado through America’s nursing homes, where millions of Americans seniors receive long-term and end-of-life care.

HBC Chairman Paul Ryan: The growth rate of Medicare under this budget is the same one the President proposes in his budget. Here’s the difference: President Obama in his law — the one being debated over in the Supreme Court — says 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will be in charge of putting price controls and cuts to Medicare to accommodate that growth rate. Our plan puts 50 million seniors in charge of choosing what health care plan is best for them — more for the poor, more for the sick, less for the wealthy, and it makes Medicare solvent. 

And here’s the catch: we don’t change the benefit for current seniors. This just applies to younger people – unlike the current law that the President passed — that my friend voted for – 15 bureaucrats are in charge of putting price controls on current seniors’ medical care which leads to denied care for them. So if we’re talking about who’s “saving and strengthening Medicare” it is this budget as opposed to the status quo, which raids it, rations it and still allows the program to go bankrupt.

“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,”

Presumption is a scary thing.  Does Obama know something we don’t?

The Ryan Republican Budget did pass in the House today.  The Senate is scheduled to review the budget, but the Socialist Democrats that holds the majority rule under Harry Reid will most likely put the budget on hold.  This means the current rate of mismanaged spending will continue until after the election.  If Obama gets reelected, the America as we have known it will cease to exist.  Our economic future will look like Europe, in particular Greece.  That is a future which will end the republic and the beginning of a socialist model much like Russia.  If Obama is reelected, the Second Amendment will end and Obama will disarm the populace.  If Obama is reelected, free speech will be a thing of the past; any dissenting opinion will be not be tolerated.  If Obama is reelected healthcare will be rationed, jobs will be scarce, housing will be government owned and the disintegration of individual freedoms and liberties will be forever lost.


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Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Salad





Our Time Has Come – Barack Obama

If you’ve ever wondered how pervasive the OWS, Communism and the Democrat party are, then look no further.  The Obama Regime sympathizes with them.  They love Ron Paul.  The democrat party chairperson supports them also.  They are the darlings of the liberal media.  And now, you can include Woodbrook Elementary School in Virginia grade school children.

Public tax dollars are going to indoctrinate children into learning how the welfare state works.  Communists have infiltrated the grade schools and are teaching children class warfare, and not American Civics.   Teaching Class Warfare and not Self Reliance!

“They don’t censor what the kids write. They don’t shape what the kids write. It all comes out of the kids own mouths and the kids own words,” claims Albemarle County School Board Chair, Steve Koleszar.

“The kids choose the topic, this class chose the topic and those are their words” asserts Koleszar.

That’s an interesting statement by the school board chair; they don’t censor nor shape what kids write.  Isn’t the purpose of schools to teach children the skills needed to be successful in life?

I find it incredibly incredulous that 8 year old’s thought this up all by themselves.  It seems to  Koleszar is obviously either lying, or he’s in collusion with the communists, public unions and the Obama regime to indoctrinate young minds of mush.  The latter is probably true.

Here are the lyrics to this song:

Some people have it all
But they still don’t think they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes — they’re the 1 percent

I used to be one of the 1 percent
I worked all the time
Never saw my family
Couldn’t make life rhyme
Then the bubble burst
It really, really hurt
I lost my money
Lost my pride
Lost my home
Now I’m part of the 99

Some people have it all
But they still don’t think they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes — they’re the 1 percent

I used to be sad, now I’m satisfied
’Cause I really have enough
Though I lost my yacht and plane
Didn’t need that extra stuff
Could have been much worse
You don’t need to be first
’Cause I’ve got my friends
Here by my side
Don’t need it all
I’m so happy to be part of the 99

This is a political message in line with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Again, what 8 year old’s do you know that are composing songs about losing jobs, homes and now being apart of the 99.

A better question is, why aren’t these children being taught about the United States Constitution, American Civics, American History and American Exceptionalism?  Why they are teaching the “Pursuit of Happiness” is not their Right.  That they do not have any future. That being successful isn’t possible.  What kind of message are they telling children?

Dumbing Down American Kids

As I alluded to before, the Obama Regime is supporting this, along with the Socialist Democrats.  Obama’s message of Class Warfare is resonating well with teachers unions, communists and the OWS people.  This is quickly turning into a campaign theme with Obama.  There is proof of collusion.

Debbie Wassamatterwitherhair Schultz

Click on Debbie’s picture to watch!

When Debbie Downer is not trolling through graveyards feeding off of corpses, she’s routinely accusing the Republicans as the cause of the economic problems.  As if the democrat socialist didn’t equally contribute to our economic woes.  This disingenuous piece of camel dung was on the Obama reelection campaign network, MSNBC, to praise the OWS deadbeats and in the fashion of Joseph Goebbels, spread more socialist democrat lies.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told Breitbart News that Ron Paul supporters are the most extreme supporters and that support of the Tea Party movement is reflective of a candidate’s “extreme” views. Then the DNC chair expressed her support for the “Occupy” movement and acknowledged the fact that many in the “Occupy” movement are, in fact, the previously classified “extreme supporters” of Ron Paul. Apparently, only Democrats are allowed to throw support behind political movements without being labeled “extreme.”

This does tie all back into education and life decisions.  As I have stated before, the communists are starting to infiltrate into the public elementary school system.  They have already been in the University system for decades, and the results are producing a crop of graduates that cannot find decent jobs, but why?

I’ve recently made the acquaintance of a young man who has a problem. He is 28 years old; smart, of good moral character, and willing to work hard at part-time jobs. He does not expect anyone else, including the government, to support him.  Yet he is puzzled and increasingly bitter that he cannot make a good living.

What’s his difficulty? It’s not the economy (in this specific case) but the fact that he has a degree in linguistics and is now studying Oriental philosophy at a fine university. His case is not altogether typical, but is immensely revealing.

Here’s the secret: He cannot make a living because the market for people with degrees in linguistics and in Oriental philosophy is limited. He should have known that. Someone should have told him that. The calculation of practicality should have been made. It wasn’t.

This is an reoccurring theme with the OWS people.  “I spent $100,000 in student loans to get a degree and cannot get a good paying job”.  Well DUH!!!   Who plans for a future in linguistics and Oriental philosophy?  What happened to the Jobs that Americans just won’t do?  They can’t do those jobs because they are neither qualified nor have they thought out their future potential for such.  The expectations are set in unrealistic goals and useless marketable skills.

Corner Office

You don’t get the corner office after graduation.  That is, if you ever graduate from school.  Apparently, the perpetuating effort by the Obama Regime to spread the wealth around will also include those individuals that never completed their High School degree.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission warned employers that requiring a High School diploma may violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Employers are facing more uncertainty in the wake of a letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission warning them that requiring a high school diploma from a job applicant might violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As if employers don’t have enough to worry about hiring, the Obama Regime just put restrictions on who employers can hire.  Here are some words of wisdom to ponder.

You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!

When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.


Hows that hope and change working for yah?

Indeed this has been Obama’s reelection campaign message.  Class Warfare.  We don’t know anything about Obama’s academic achievements, if any.  We don’t know what Obama’s grades were.  Obama, we are told, is a professor of Constitutional law, but there are no writing, no opinions, nothing to shed light on his academic career.  Why?



What’s For Dinner?

Grilled Ono Sandwich with Grilled Freedom Fries!






You Are On Your Own!

I Am Obama! I Bring Hope and Change!

“If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t afford college, you’re on your own. If you don’t like that some corporation is polluting your air or the air that your child breathes, then you’re on your own,” he said. “That’s not the America I believe in. It’s not the America you believe in.”


Of course it’s not the America you believe in, Obama:  You believe in a Socialist America.  You believe that America is unworthy of its successes.  You believe in big bloated government bureaucracies.  You believe in job crushing regulations.  You believe that America is not Exceptional.

We’re those Bitter Clingers that hang on to their guns and religion.  Remember that little remark?  Even then, Obama was laying the groundwork of dividing the American people into classes.  The haves and have nots:  Conducting class warfare on the American people was Obama’s Hope and Change!

At a fundraiser in San Francisco on October 25, 2011, President Obama says Americans have lost “our ambition, our imagination.”



No, we haven’t lost our ambition, or imagination.   However, we are now focusing on removing you from office where you can no longer do more harm to this Great Country.  Hope, will remove you from office, and Change, will be for the better once you are gone Obama!

Obama cannot run on his record for reelection, and he knows it.  His policies are destroying the economy.  His regulations are killing jobs.  And Obama says Congress is dysfunctional???!!!!  WTF!!!

This is Obama campaign message:  You’re On Your Own!  What a message that is.  What about your accomplishments?  Obamacare is proving to be a disaster beyond comparison!

Here’s a discussion on Fox News this morning with Martha MacCallum, Alan Colmes and Gretchen Hamel regarding Obama’s idiot remarks.  Watch Alan Colmes go off on the deep end of idiocy and watch Martha MacCallum get visibly annoyed with Colmes.   Click on the graphic to watch!




Colmes is but a string of half-baked liberals that get paraded before Fox News for their opinion.  It keeps the “Fair and Balanced” meme that has made Fox the leader in cable news.  I will say that the liberals on Fox are completely unbalanced, but that’s what makes Fox so appealing.  You get to listening to the nutty reasoning, lame excuses and mischaracterization of conservative issues.






Pan Seared Alaskan Cod Over Edamame Risotto



Begun, The Class Wars Has!

Muslim Communist



Obama came out yesterday to blame his failed policies on the rich and he wants to tax everyone he considers rich.  Obama cannot run on his record, so he’s going to use class warfare to deflect away his fail policies.  It begins with demagoguery of the people Obama considers rich.

Remember that Obama believes the Rich are anyone earning $250,000, or more.



“If we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, corporate jet owners, hedge fund managers, oil & gas companies that are making 100’s of Billions of dollars, then that means we have to cut some kids off from getting a college scholarship. That means we have to stop funding certain grants for medical research. That means that food safety may be compromised. That means that Medicare has to bear a greater part of the burden. Those are the choices we have to make.

Before we ask our seniors to pay for more healthcare, before we cut our children’s education, before we sacrifice our commitment to the research and innovation that will help create more jobs in the economy, I think it’s only fair to ask an oil company or corporate jet owner that has done so well, to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys. I don’t think that’s real radical. I think the majority of Americans agree with that.”

This is the Boogie Straw Man argument.  When Obama took office the total national debt stood at $10.6 trillion.  As of June 30, 2011, it had risen to $14.3 trillion.  In fact, the debt accrued under Obama is greater than all federal debt accrued in the first 204 years of the nation’s history.


And now Obama wants you to pay for his Malfeasance.


Obama said that if we don’t tax the rich the national weather service will suffer, food safety won’t happen, kids safety will be at risk, college tuition will dry up, and critical medical research won’t happen.  Obamacare will kill all of that which Obama claims to be the champion of.

This morning the Senate Republicans invited Obama to discuss the budget and Obama responded by saying it was a Conversation Not Worth Having!  It proves Obama is not serious about the budget.  Obama has a propensity to push off important matters to Joe BiteMe Biden.

In his true condescension fashion, Obama said you can still fly your private jets around, you’ll just have to pay more for it.  That’s attacking a whole industry.  The people that make the jet planes.  The people that service the planes.  The pilots that fly the planes.  The people that fuel the plane.  The people that own the plane.  That’s a lot of people Obama wants to put out of work.

Obama wants to remove Oil Subsidies, but he won’t allow oil companies to drill.

Social Security and Medicare are going broke.  Everyone knows that as a fact.  Yet, this regime believes in Man Made Global Warming, a junk science belief.  Obama cannot see the difference between science, a snake oil salesman.  Obama is deliberating destroying the country.  Grrrr!


Class Warfare Election Strategy


What’s For Dinner?


Grilled Broadbill Swordfish over Jasmine Rice and Saute’ Vegetables










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