Media Virus

I am constantly amused by how the fake news media reports on people having pool parties and celebrations with stern warnings about spreading the COVID-19 virus. The fake news media attributes the virus increases to bars, parties, and President Trump rallies. But not a word, not a peep, no mention at all about the massive street protests. Where rioters are screaming and yelling and foaming at the mouth all over each other. Apparently, if you’re looting and rioting you can’t get the Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu Coronavirus.

Nowhere is this more true than the source of fake news that is used by local broadcasts and shared with other cable news outlets. The inconsistency is consistent with the fake news, and I believe this is done deliberately to direct a narrative of misinformation.


What’s worse, the fake news media is never held accountable. Instead they repeat the same narrative over and over. Remember the Jussy Smollett fake racial crime? We saw if once again with the Bubba Wallace NASCAR noose hoax. Even after 12 FBI agents wasted their time investigating a garage door opener, the fake news media still is pushing the fake racism narrative.

The media is a virus. They play this game where they claim to be unbiased, but if you watch them you can see the inconsistencies with consistent bias in their reporting. When the fake news does get caught, they suddenly spread the same consistent message with fake alarmism.

What astonishes me is that more people fall for this fake news. They actually believe what they’re being told. I know so because they repeat it and cite a fake news story as accurate reporting. It spreads around like a virus.

For example, when rioters are looting, burning and destroying stuff, the fake news media call them “peaceful protesters”. When a mob of blacks beat up a white guy it’s barely reported. If a mob of white people beat up a black guy it’s a national crisis where we must all assume guilt and atone for our skin color. I’m getting tired of the media forcing their twisted leftist morality on people. It’s insulting.

Another example, when the Big Apple Maggot Governor Andrew Killer Cuomo forced COVID infected patients into elderly nursing homes, it was a death sentence for over 5,000 elderly people. Never making the front page of the New York Slimes newspaper. But when Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis opened his State and relaxed lockdown restrictions the fake news media frenzy anticipated mass casualties. The media called the Governor irresponsible and putting his people in extreme danger. Which never happened.

And of course, we all know how much the fake news media virus loves to distort and reword whatever President Trump says. Most famously when the fake news media falsely claimed that the President said Nazis and White Supremacists are good people. Falsely claimed that people should consume bleach and other disinfectants to fight the COVID19 virus. Between calling the President a racist at every White House News Conference, and grossly misleading the American public into being afraid of a virus that is proving to be less deadly than expected.

The black on black killings in large democrat run cities, Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles are never reported by the fake news media. But when a police officer kills a violent black criminal, then the story goes viral, and the rioting starts. The hypocrisy is deafening.


Our weather started this morning with plenty of Sunshine and cool breezes. The day was dry with clear skies and passing puffy white clouds.  We got only a trace amount of rain in the gauge over night. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 71%. Afternoon cloud cover moving in this evening.

Kēia Ka Lā Iune Iwakālua Kūmāhiku


Unreliable Sources

The far left cable media channel that was the first in 24/7/365 news has fallen to be the worst in viewer ratings. Why? Content.

CNN is now mocked as the Communist Network News and other less flattering names. I don’t think anyone watches CNN in any of the airports around the States and around the world. Around the world, they have CNN International. It’s the only American news channel available in Europe and other countries. I’m these cases, it’s the only source of news about the United States available to foreigners.

Its really unfair since CNN International is mostly anti-American in scope and content. It’s gives foreigners an unfavorable view of how America works and lives. Especially regarding our current President, CNN has been the leader in Fake News.


You didn’t see unbiased objective reporting during the regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama by CNN. CNN couldn’t get enough of Barry. CNN practically made Barry a divine deity. CNN hid every Obama scandal and attacked any other news agency that reported the Obama regime crimes. CNN has accomplish on goal of controlling the Fake News narrative used by other leftist news agencies.


The Internet Is Forever and so is history. It can be called up in a flash to create a montage of clips showing the hypocrisy of CNN’s hall monitor, George Costanza, the Humpty Dumpty of CNN cable news: Brian Stelter.

CNN’s partner in Fake News is MSNBC.

Here’s a few clips of MSLSD, MSDNC, pMSNBC – the memes never stop in the fake news talking heads.


Then there’s the racist clown, marble mouth Al Sharpton. A liar, drug addict, and criminal, hired by MSNBC to provide leftist commentary. It almost seem comedic, but this stain on journalism has an actual show on MSNBC.


Our weather today was mostly sunny.  Temperatures in the mid 70’s with humidity art 82%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei ʻUmi Kūmālua

Lockdown Science

Aloha kākou! It’s day 28 of the Say at Home directive and I haven’t been arrested yet. Although that might change soon. Have you been watching the news? More people are being arrested for violating social distancing rule. Are the rules based on any known science? It doesn’t seem so. There’s no science that proves the virus can be caught sitting on a park bench or the beach. You can run and walk on the beach. You can surf in the water. Hundreds are surfing daily in pipeline alone. Some of these social distancing rules just don’t make any sense.

O‘AHU – Sleepy Eye Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced today that City parks will be reopening for designated exercise activities beginning Saturday, April 25.

These designated exercise activities only include: running, walking, jogging, and bicycle riding. The public may still traverse City parks to access the ocean, an open bathroom facility, or a designated Community Garden plot.

However, sitting and standing, could get you arrested for violating social distancing rules. I fail to see the science that biking, running and jogging somehow reduces the risk of contracting the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu virus. What if I’m doing yoga, meditation, or just sitting enjoying the view? Will I be arrested for violating social distancing rules? Under these social distancing rules, I would be arrested, fined and jailed for one year. What happened to civil liberties?

“While the public can begin returning to our parks Saturday as part of the gradual Coronavirus recovery, we want everyone to remember at this time that they are not allowed to remain idle or gather in the parks,” said Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation Director Michele Nekota. “Instead, they should conduct their essential exercise by walking, jogging, running, or riding a bicycle, then leave the park.”

Again, I fail to see the science behind sweaty joggers on bicycle paths not spreading the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu on other joggers. Does the CDC support this pseudo science? We’re seeing more of this abuse of citizens by nanny state governors and mayors that will punish people for just exercising their constitutional rights. This isn’t about protecting the public, this is power mad officials overstepping their authority. The authorities are stepping on your civil liberties.

A woman was arrested today in Meridian Idaho for trespassing in a public park. Trespassing? Sarah Walton Brady was in a public park with several dozen parents allowing their children to play and enjoy the sunshine when police officers arrived and demanded the people leave the public playground due to the Covid-19 quarantine orders from Gov. Brad Little. The woman was handcuffed while her children were left alone. The police were not concerned and did not ask who would be watching her children.


New York’s Big Apple Maggot, Bill de Blasio, want’s people to snitch on their neighbors. Use your cellphone to report social distancing violations. Take a picture and text it to this number – 311692 – and police will respond to this location. Remember, this is the idiot that released prisoners from Rikers Island and was surprised by the rise in murders and crime. File this under “DUH”!

It is “unconscionable” that Rikers Island inmates who were released due to coronavirus concerns are committing new crimes, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

The mayor of Los Angeles has urged citizens to “snitch” on businesses and people that violate the city’s stay-at-home order, and has promised “rewards” for those who do so. “You know the old expression about snitches?” asked fascist mayor Garcetti. “Well in this case, snitches get rewards,” although it remains unclear what those rewards might be.

Health officials in Sweden say the country’s relatively relaxed COVID-19 prevention and mitigation strategies may be working to flatten the cure of new COVID-19 infections. The death toll in Sweden is higher than those in the Scandinavian region of Europe, which also includes Denmark and Norway — countries with smaller populations — but it falls significantly below those of Italy, Spain, and the UK, Bloomberg News reported.

While other countries, cities, and states around the globe enacted strict social distancing rules that closed businesses and ordered residents to stay home,  Sweden took a different approach to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping businesses and schools open. The country’s leaders have called on citizens to practice social distancing by choice rather than through a mandate.

Sweden isn’t following the social distancing lockdown as recommended by the WHO.  Sweden trusts their citizens to do the right thing and apply good hygiene sense. There’s no need to apply draconian rules. People are allowed to move around freely. Shops are open for business and people are working. The science of citizen lockdown is just over-reaching nanny state tyranny.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on April 8 called on the Sweden to enact stricter measures to control the “spread of the virus, prepare and increase capacity of the health system to cope, ensure physical distancing and communicate the why and how of all measures to the population,” according to CNN.  We all know the WHO is unreliable science bought and paid for by the Communist Chinese, and CNN is just fake news.

Why hasn’t Kalifornia, with its two largest cities, not been effected as severely by the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu as New York has been? The West Coast was the entry point of the virus. Washington State is also where the first deaths were reported in a elderly care home. With Kalifornia’s huge homeless problem and crowding, you would expect more cases of the virus and deaths, but they haven’t materialized. Why is that? Are the people of Kalifornia more asymptomatic than other states? That’s doesn’t seem to follow the science, but these are the results.

We’re finding out now that the virus has been in the country longer than anyone expected. In particular in Kalifornia, they reported 2,318 new Communist Chinese virus cases on Monday, marking the highest one-day jump the state has seen. Santa Clara county announced the autopsy of a patient that died on Feb. 6, that was 23 days before the virus was declared in the United States. Which means more people were infected long before and the fatality rate is much lower than projected. Why this matters: The first known death from COVID-19 in the U.S. was declared on Feb. 29 to be a patient in Washington state.

It appears the virus isn’t as bad as first predicted. The “experts” at the CDC, NIH and WHO all said millions of people will die by the virus. It was their recommendations to impose strict social distancing and shutting down the nation’s economy. They were the ones that said to President Trump, “We Have To Shut This Down, NOW”!

Notice that all these mayors and governors are democrats. They want to damage the country and the economy. They believe this will bring them power. This is why these states are using gestapo tactics. The are collecting information on people to put into a democrat database. They’re collecting your personal information, your health, money, political affiliations, the number of people living in your home, and using that information to seize control over the state. This is classic communism control. They are using fear of arresting people to keep the public in submission. Demonstrators, church goers, and constitutionalists will be targeted for police harassment.

It’s no secret that the democrats want to see the country damaged. They believe it will hurt President Donald Trump. Especially with a Presidential election scheduled in November. This is why you see the fake news media coordinate their anti-Trump daily message. Where is the media getting their message from? Remember that after the Communist Chinese complained about calling the virus the “Chinese Wuhan virus”, the media stopped calling it the Chinese virus. The fake news media said calling the Communist Chinese virus is racism. Notice they never call the virus the Communist China Wuhan flu anymore. Now it’s always called the coronavirus. The fake news media is getting their messaging from Communist China. There’s no doubt about that. They parrot the Communist China talking point immediately right after the Communist Chinese make a public statement. The fake news media repeats the message, almost word for word. Notice the fake news media doesn’t not mention the origin of the virus was in China anymore. Instead all their focus is on blaming the virus on President Trump’s administration. It’s a smear campaign by the fake news media.

The democrats and fake news media are secular fascists that live by the nanny state tyranny. Meanwhile, elective surgery’s are being put on hold. It’s causing healthcare workers to be laid off and patients without necessary care. This puts fear in the minds of people that hospital emergency rooms are flooded with COVID-19 patients. However, the flood of coronavirus patients has NOT appeared.

To date, there are over 2.5 million people worldwide have tested positive for the virus. The total number of world deaths is 177,496. In the United States, there are 820K tested positive, 75K recovered, and 45K deaths. Note the number of recoveries verses deaths. From a statistics point of view, that pretty low when compared to the common flu virus and other medical related deaths. In Hawai’i there are 586 confirmed cases, 437 recovered, and 12 deaths. Source: John Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center

The democrats and the fake news media wants you to live in fear. There’s no reason for this over-reaction by government. Remember that a life lived in fear is only a half life lived. Let’s get back to work. We have a country to save. Remember that Nazi Piglosi held up small business relief aid to put money in the bill for her big business friends while showing off her $24,000 refrigerators and $12 pint ice cream.



Our weather today was sunny with some passing clouds. Temperatures were in the upper 70’s with humidity at 80%. By late afternoon the south west breezes carrying warm moist air had made it very uncomfortable. This evening has cooled and a short shower as passed over.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmākahi, ʻApelila

Why Taiwan


Very little has been said about Taiwan’s effort to control the Communist China Wuhan Pandemic Coronavirus. The island nation has a population of about 23 million. Taiwan has reported about 300 coronavirus cases with only three deaths. Even though Taiwan is close to Communist China’s borders, and there is travel back and forth between the two nations, this is an extremely low number of cases as compared to the rest of the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes Taiwan only as a province of Communist China. I consider Taiwan as an independent nation with it’s own functioning capitalist government. The WHO will not recognize Taiwan as a member of the organization. The WHO will not acknowledge the best practices the government of Taiwan has put in place. History prepared Taiwan when it was heavily hit from the SARS experience 17 years ago. The WHO, has a lot to learn from Taiwan. That can best be accomplished only if Taiwan has a seat at the WHO. Because the WHO is corrupted by Communist China, little will shared with the world of Taiwan’s success rate at preventing the spread of the Communist Chinese Virus.

“Taiwanese authorities took 124 actions starting in December, when most of the world was oblivious to the threat. Among those actions, Taiwan activated a command response center, which holds daily briefings, sent a fact-finding team to China, imposed travel bans and quarantines, and restricted the export of medical supplies”.

I linked an opinion article written by Young Kim. Ms. Kim is a former State Assemblywoman and currently a Republican nominee for California’s 39th congressional district. Consider voting for Young Kim. California need more conservative leaders like Young Kim.

Taiwan is a beautiful country. I’ve been there many times and always enjoyed my stay in Taipei. Visiting the night markets is where you can find some great Taiwanese food. The people are very friendly, and many do speak English. Taiwan’s official language is Mandarin and there are many other indigenous languages spoken. here.

The corruption at the WHO, by Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is becoming more apparent. The control that Communist China has over the WHO has put the world in great harm. We now know that Communist China has been pulling the WHO’s strings. They’ve put out false information about the virus transmission. This has caused many countries not to properly prepare for the pandemic. Why Taiwan was prepared is because they know Communist China well. Communist China continues to send out propaganda which the Fake News Media disseminates like useful idiots. The media never verifies Communist China’s information and never puts a disclaimer that China’s information hasn’t been verified.

Doctor Fauci praised Tedros as “outstanding person,” adding, “I mean, obviously, over the years, anyone who says that the WHO has not had problems has not been watching the WHO. But I think, under his leadership, they’ve done very well. He has been all over this. I was on the phone with him a few hours ago leading a WHO call. ”A reporter then said, “The World Health Organization was praising China for its transparency and leadership on their response to the pandemic.” I often wonder whose side Doctor Fauci is on. The influence Communist China has on Tedros  and the WHO should have people wondering just how much can the WHO be trusted.

The misinformation by the media has people doing some strange things. CBS News posted a video of a nurse in tears saying she quit her job at the ICU hospital because they were not supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It was a Hoax.

CBS released a statement Monday evening stating:

“Imaris Vera, the nurse in this video, clarified her experience on Monday in a tweet: ‘We were each assigned 1 N95 per 1 covid patient’s room but was not allowed to wear it outside of the room, wear our own N95 mask around the Nurses station or Halls, which I came prepared with.'”

The video went viral on unsocial media. The video was also shared by Democratic nominee hopeful Bernie Sanders, who called it “insane” that nurses were “being forced to care for the sick without masks and respirators.” It was a hoax. CBS News failed to reveal the nurse was having some emotional problems. This is another example of how the Fake News Media exploits fear and panic in the public. There’s only one reason why CBS pushed this story, and that was to hurt the Trump Administration efforts to fight the COVID-19 virus.

Because of the Fake News Media and their bias coverage people are panicking and making poor decisions. The media misinformation regarding a malaria drug has people and businesses doing some crazy things.

As the President said at today’s Coronavirus News conference, “I wish we had we had a fair media in this country and we don’t.” Another  question by a unprepared MSM reporter asked about an inspector general report that hospitals don’t have enough testing equipment. When The President asked who was the inspector general making that claim, the reporter didn’t know. She was unprepared and had no corroborating information.

Another fake news reporter started a question with an accusation, “The Paycheck Protection Program has gotten off to a bad start,” The President explained there is no problem, but there were some glitches, but they are resolved. Then the President asked the reporter if they could ask a question that was fair and not misleading. Again, this is how the Fake News premises a question with an accusation. It’s damn unprofessional and misleading. It hurts objective journalism by defining a political narrative.

Johnathan Karl, at Fake News ABC, and Fox News, Kristin Fisher, got their asses handed to them by quoting a former HSS IG Obama official, Christi Grimm, in a misleading question regarding testing kit shortages. After it was revealed the HSS IG inspector was an Obama appointee at the news conference, the President scolded both Karl and Fisher for the misleading questions. They were quoting false information in an attempt to hurt the administration.


Fisher and Karl both said they didn’t know the name of the HSS IG. They were either lying, or completely unprepared for the President to aks the name of the HSS IG. I suspect they knew, but were lying. Fox News has been going downhill lately in the direction of CNN.

Notice very little reporting on the corruption of the WHO? That’s not an omission, it’s deliberate to protect the Communist Chinese dictatorship. Instead, the media repeatedly asks why the President doesn’t declare a national shutdown. The fake news says some States are not practicing social distancing enough. As the President explained, many times over, there’s a thing called a Constitution. Call it Federalism the President explained. The enumerated powers leaves decisions like lock down to the States. It’s not in Federal responsibility to issue such orders. Neither is it the Federal government to run any States business. Notice that all the governors whining that they are not getting enough Federal assistance are all democrats. That explain everything you need to know.

Why Taiwan? Because they know who the players are in this pandemic. The good the bad and the evil. The world should listen to Taiwan, for the health and safety of their people.


Our weather today is glorious! Sunny and with a comfortable slight breeze. Temperatures in the upper 70’s with humidity at 66%. Weather people are still predicting rain, but I believe we’ll track to the normal evening showers.


Kēia Ka Lā ʻEono, ʻApelila


National Day of Prayer

President Donald Trump has declared this day, this 15th day of March, 2020 AD, (Anno Domini – the Year of our Lord), to be a National Day of Prayer, in order to bring the country soulfully together in a battle against an evil enemy called the coronavirus.

The President keeps his religious beliefs personal, as do many people of faith. As the leader of the nation, it’s comforting when the most powerful man in the world can be humbled in prayer. It’s inspirational and motivational to bring a nation together for just a moment in unity.

Many President’s before have called for a day of prayer. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln said about prayer, “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.”

The President has been very proficient in working with industry leaders that are the infrastructure of the food and essentials supply chain in this country. Their cooperation is extremely reassuring to all Americans. Knowing that not only the government is working for them, but that private industry is also working to bring their products to the shelves. People need to stop hoarding and listening to the fake news media.

The President asked during the daily coronavirus briefing that people do not panic. There is no need to hoard food and essentials. Stores will stay open, and will sometimes close for cleaning and disinfection. Although the coronavirus is contagious, the people most vulnerable are those with autoimmune diseases and lung disorders. The elderly and those with limited mobility need the help of their friends and neighbors to help them get the things they need. Volunteer your time to check up on your neighbors, especially those in need.

Healthy people might get sick, but the severity has been survivable. The number of deaths in the United States has been with the elderly and those with underlining conditions. As a matter of fact, more people have died from influenza flu than the coronavirus. So far this flu season, 16,000 Americans have died from flu, according to the CDC. At this time, there were 82,549 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide and at least 2,810 deaths, according to the latest figures from health officials. The illness has now spread to more than 40 countries. In America, 11 people have perished from the coronavirus, all of them were in their 80’s and with existing health conditions.

China has consistently refused to give accurate numbers. The China Communist Party (CCP), has prevented information from getting to the public. Even punishing their people for speaking the truth. People have been known to disappear after making public statements about the virus. It is rumored those people end up being involuntary organ donors.

The fake news media has been very irresponsible covering the coronavirus. As Dr. Drew has pointed out in this interview, the media has exploited the coronavirus for ratings. Why else would people rush out and buy hoards of toilet paper when the virus doesn’t cause dysentery? For you leftists that read my blog and don’t know what dysentery is, it causes nasty poopy problems.

So far, the President has put into place travel restrictions out of abundance of caution. Declared a National Emergency. Signed a 80 billion dollar bill to combat the virus. Restricted foreign travel. That has proven to be a wise decision. The fake news media has been creating a panic by blaming the President for the coronavirus. Mass hysteria stoked by the fake news media and the socialist democrats, has mislead the public into believing the government is not taking appropriate action to protect the people. The Fake News Media LIES!

As a result of reporting the truth, this journalist was suspended for reporting the truth. Trish Regan, Fox Business, was suspended by Fox News Business for covering a story truthfully. Fox News used to be a real cable news outlet that once claimed to be “Fair and Balanced”, but now they are competing for Fake News CNN’s low ratings. Trish Regan is one of Fox Business stellar journalists anchors. She was saying what we were all thinking. Who is pulling Fox News chains? It’s disappointing to see a once reliable news source decay into the swamp of fake news propaganda.

How far was the fake news media up Barry the Bullshitter’s Ass? Pretty far, and they still haven’t come up for air. It’s no wonder why we call them the enemy of the people. They are unfit to be called journalists. Propagandists, yes, but not journalists.

Some good news for President Trump today. The FED lowered interest rates to 0-0.25% including adding new cash to the economy to help drive the economy. The President has been in contact with major grocery store companies and food producers to dispel fears of food shortages. The fake news media has been over-hyping the coronavirus to panic the public with false claims. This has led to hoarding of food and essentials. This panic buying is caused by something more evil than the coronvirus, the Fake News Media.

Vice President Mike Pence needs to coordinate with his coronavirus team to have a consistent message. Too often, Dr. Fauci will say things which the fake news media distorts into panic, by design. They take pieces out of the Fauci’s statements and distort the context. They are using these statements as political weapon.

There has never been that I can remember where the government and private industry has come together as a partnership to address this crisis. This is far different from the 1940’s war effort to coordinate the government and industry. In this case, the government is providing the incentives and allowing industry to expedite the needs. It is unique because the government is not directing, but relying on industry innovation to do what it needs to deliver. From a management point of view, the government is incentivizing and communicating. In other words, the government is getting out of the way to allow industry to do what it needs. That’s how capitalism works. It’s not central planning.

The left is taking another approach. A Draconian approach. Socialist democrats have suggested removing people from their homes and families if they have the virus. By force, if need be. This is what Communists China is doing to their own citizens. Forcing people not to gather in groups of larger than 12, staying 6 feet away from other people, put a curfew on the population. It’s a socialist dream come true, barricade the people in their homes. Stop all commerce.

At the close of this Pule ka Lā (Day of Prayer) I leave you with the Pule a ka Haku (The Lords Prayer).

We are blessed with a President that had the foresight to put into place the mechanism to deal with this worldwide pandemic. Despite the media and the Trump haters calling the President xenophobic and racist. Now the Trump haters are saying Trump was too slow to react, wasn’t prepared, hasn’t done enough, and mishandled the crisis. All while these same people were trying to impeach the President. Congress couldn’t get anything done. President Trump was way ahead of the curve in doing what was needed to prevent the virus from spreading. He gets no credit from the fake news media. I believe the majority of the public sees past this. How do I know? Just look at the cable news ratings.

God Bless President Trump, the American People, and the United States of America


Our weather today is mostly overcast with brief showers. Temperatures in the upper 70’s with humidity at 87%. Variable breezes. It feels muggy because of the warm moist air being dragged up from the south. As the low pressure system approaches from the north, it is likely to form a Kona Low. We’re under a flood advisory till Tuesday evening.



Kēia Ka Lā ʻUmi Kūmālima, Malaki


Covington Victory

Remember the Covington Catholic kids visiting Washington D.C. that were assaulted by a crazed injun and radical black racists? Remember how the fake news media accused the Covington kids of being racists for wearing MAGA hats. The kids and their families received death threats, leftist hate speech, and accusations of bigotry. CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, MSNBC, and the entire fascist left-wing media were leading the charge in smearing these kids. Threats of physical violence against the kids went viral on unsocial media.

2020-01-07 20.42.25a


This twitter post from Reza Aslan, he’s an Iranian douchebag of religious studies, a writer, and a television host. He has written books on religion: No God but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.

He dreams of punching kids in the face. This is the face of unsocial media.

This all went viral from a news clip that circulated on the internet. Then the whole video came out and the context changed from the false narrative accusing the kids of racism, to the taunting injun and racist black radicals verbally assaulting the kids. The kids did nothing wrong. They were polite and respectful. It was the adults, the left-wing kooks, that assaulted the kids.

The fake news networks never apologized. Then the lawyers stepped in and a $270M libel lawsuit was served against the networks. At first, the networks laughed. No judge would allow that to go through, but a judge did.


The Covington Kids Won! CNN settled with an undisclosed amount. I’m guessing it was pretty much what the suit was asking for. Either way, it’s a sure bet that CNN hasn’t learned their lesson. This was a vendetta against high school kids because they were Catholic, White, and wearing MAGA hats.

It’s the leftist attacks against our President and any Americans that support the President. It is vindictive, mean, and vicious predatory behavior by the intolerant left. I’m glad Nick Sandmann won his lawsuit. I doubt that the intolerant left will learn their lesson. The left doesn’t think, they only hate.


Our weather today was mostly rainy and some sunny breaks. Temperatures in the mid-70’s and humidity at 86%. We’re still under a wind advisory for various parts of the island.


Kēia Ka Lā ‘Ehiku Lanuali



Offending The Fake News

The distortion of the fake news media is painfully obvious. The search for truth is nowhere to be found in the traditional news outlets that I grew up with. The Big Three news networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS, were free over the airwaves networks that ruled what information they deems was news fit for us to know. At times, they were objective and in-depth, but that time has long gone.

Then there was the cable news networks. You have to purchase a subscription to a cable provider to access these channels. The big three channels are CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. To various degrees the accuracy and objectivity of these channels are no better than the over the air channels. CNN being the worse, MSNBC are close runner up, and Fox News which was once a reliable “Fair and Balanced” network, but not any more. But I digress…

This post is about the Meme Masters. Who are the Meme Masters? They are a group of conservative artists that spoof politics through movie clips, music videos, and cartoons. They’re very clever, creative, snarky, and extremely hilarious. The theme of doing parodies on politics, the fake news, is current and refreshing in content. Here’s an example that features President Trump and CNN. Let me set this up.

Don Lehmon (Lemon) at CNN is one of their resident racists anchors. A black anchor that makes racial swipes at white people, but he dates a white man. Lehmon’s program doesn’t miss a chance to call President Trump a racist and a Russian operative. He a fixture in the fake news world and he has a pertinacity to get offended over memes. He just doesn’t get it. Lehmon opens with this remark: “You know what? Play this stupid, juvenile meme game. History won’t record this, meme, stupid crap”.

Then there’s Lehmon’s partner in fake news, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo. More on him in later posts.

The Trump Meme Museum Some Where In the Future

Lehmon was whining about a meme that portrayed President Trump as the Thanos character on the move The Avengers. It’s a cartoon character from a fictional story and Lehmon and the left had a snowflake meltdown. Apparently, the fake news media cannot tell the difference between a cartoon character and real life. This is news to them.

The Meme Masters caught the attention of President Trump who quickly discovered these memes get under the socialist democrats and the fake new media’s skin. Also, it was discovered that the left cannot meme. They have no sense of ironic snarky humor.

What pleases me to know end it how quickly the memes offend the fake news media. For years the fake news media mocked conservatives, Christians, and religiosity. Secular intolerance often is used to celebrate season holidays.

With that theme lets celebrate with a happy Christmas meme featuring President Trump. It’s from 2016 when the President was elected.

In Hawai’i News: Our weather to today is mostly rain and overcast clouds. The forecast is calling for the same all week long into the next weekend. It’s a lazy Sunday and a great soup day. I’m making potato-leek soup to help warm up against the chill of the Pacific tradewinds.













Freedom To Chains

In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of our nation. “We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains” is a short film about the the parallels between the warning Paul Harvey gave over fifty years ago, and today with the Socialist influences in government and society.

I remember listening to this editorial opinion on the radio. My parents liked to tune into the Paul Harvey commentary that played after the evening news broadcast. Back then, the news media was somewhat non-biased in it’s reporting. They allowed you the listener to decide for yourself what to decide. Everyone knew the line between news and opinion. It was clearly described at the beginning of the program.

That’s no longer the case in today’s media. Today, it’s all about ratings. How many eyeballs can you get to watch the program. The more flashy and incendiary the program, the more viewers it attracts. Remember when MSNBC thought they had President Trump’s tax returns and decided to broadcast the information live. Only to find there was nothing but a regular tax return. This fake news channel, MSNBC, didn’t even bother to research the data in the document, they just decided to hype the story expecting to find some irregularity. That’s not journalism, that’s tabloid trash. MSNBC didn’t seem to be very embarrassed by their story.

A reporter with News Weak (weak, for sure) posted a snarky tweet on Thanksgiving day wondering if the President was golfing, tweeting and lounging about at his Mar Largo resort. When in fact the President was in Afghanistan serving a holiday meal for our troops. The reporter was later fired from News Weak. The President tweeted that he thought News Weak was out of business. So did I, but it seems the media snarkiness just cannot help themselves from embarrassment.

I often wonder why that androgynous big mouth MSNBC anchor wasn’t fired for reporting fake news. Standards apparently are not very high at this cable outlet. It seems the manufacturing of fake news is now the new journalism standard. It goes hand in hand with the political deception in the news. CNN is a close contender.

Our own senator, Crazy Mazie Hirono, cannot help but seek out a CNN camera to recite some disparaging remarks against President Trump. I don’t think this creature has ever had a happy moment in her miserable life.

The video explains who these people are and their goal to put free people in chains of socialism. If you listen to the democrat challengers that want the highest office in the world, you’ll see just how transparent their views on socialism are about. They are not hiding their plans to raise taxes and to punish success. They believe the American people want security over freedom.

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will neither have, nor do they deserve, either one.

The meaning of this quote by Ben Franklin has been controversial for years. Essentially, it is true. That’s the message in the video of a ever expanding government that someone has to be pay for and it’s paid for by you the taxpayers. As the government grows, the smaller the citizen becomes. They don’t teach this lesson in schools today. Children today are rejecting independence and individuality for the false comfort of government benevolence. They are giving up their freedoms. In return, they look at us, and say, OK BOOMERS.

Our weather today has been a mix of sun and clouds. Some drizzle, but very cool trade winds. The temperatures dip down to the 60’s at night and into the upper 70’s during the day. It officially winter and whale season in Hawai’i. The Christmas scene has the Prince Kūhiō Plaza filled with shoppers. There are so many wondrous stories to be told.

Enemy Of The People

Rendered Image

The fake news media is trying to defend itself by claiming they are not the enemy of the people. Yet, here they are pushing false stories, lying narratives, and outright hoaxes. The most prolific of the lying media is CNN and MSNBC. Of course there’s the big three alphabet network channels which I have stopped watching for the same reason. All leftist propaganda.

Even Fox News which hasn’t been left leaning is now following in the same pattern of CNN. It’s gotten to the point where I tune out the mainstream Fox News shows in favor of the opinion shows. That’s because the opinion shows actually do report news, accurately. Not just what I want to hear, but the unbiased truth. The other news shows conveniently leave out pertinent facts. So you don’t get the whole story to judge for yourself. It is very frustrating until you move to another news channel, like One America First (OAN) and get the full story uncensored.

It seems there’s a new brand of younger news journalists that are dedicated to in-depth reporting without the spin of filtering selective parts of the stories. These are unbiased individuals that are nonpartisan in their craft. That’s what we’re looking for in the news.

Fro example: When President Trump went to get a physical checkup at Walter Reed Hospital, the leftist fake news media went on a frenzy of wild speculations: They said, “The President has a mystery illness. He had a heart attack. The President is deteriorating.” All wrong.

Meanwhile, Ruth Bader Ginsburg get hospitalized or the 97th time this year and the fake news media says, “She’s healthy enough to be serving on the Supreme Court, leave her alone.” This is ridiculous reporting. The leftist media protects the hard left and hides the truth.

Even Matt Drudge of the famous Drudge Report has gone far left. Once relying on the journalist stories of Andrew Breitbart which brought Matt Drudge’s website to fame has now changed into pushing far left narratives. The site is almost unrecognizable with tabloid stories. It seems the art of journalism has become lazy, unresponsive, incurious, and lacking in relative content.

The hope is in the new generation of journalists: Project Veritas, Epoch Times, Judicial Watch, Prager University, Andy Ngo, Michelle Malkin, our Conservative Talk Radio shows, Fox Business, and a whole lot more that I have no room to mention. Suffice it to say, traditional journalist channels are dead and buried. Make way for real news while the television news rots and dies.

Then there’s our newest batch of warriors that make up of satirical cartoons, political commentary: Our Meme Masters: Carpe Donktum, William of Ockham, Mad Liberals, and my personal favorite Solmemes. At least several Meme Master’s were invited to the White House at the invitation of President Trump. As you may well know,Trump uses Twitter to get his message out because the fake news media will not do their job. Our Meme Masters are very pro Trump and made many videos featuring the President.

If you’re not familiar with the Meme Masters, there’s quite a few of them out there on the unsocial media platforms. I see them on Twitter and on YouTube. Their satirical videos are hilarious and very politically orientated. One thing we have learned is that the left can’t meme. They try too, but fall flat to the talent of the Meme Masters.

The traditional fake news media is dying. The airports that featured CNN on terminal screens are ignored in the USA. In Europe they have CNN International and the BBC. Both extremely biased. The governments controls the media and content, so it’s not free to evolve and grow. Our Constitutional allows for a free press, but it doesn’t require us to listen to the worse of the media. Instead the free markets decide by open competition. That’s the hope I was looking for. It’s up to us the listening public to spread the names of these heroes of the new media and forever banish the fake news media to ratings hell.


It’s officially Thanksgiving week in Hawai’i. I have everything I need for the turkey feast. I don’t know why I don’t have turkey more often during the year. It’s always a bargain and there’s so many ways you can prepare a turkey. Why just on Thanksgiving? Tomorrow starts with making the brine for the turkey. I make a concentrated mix and chill it before submerging the turkey.

In Hong Kong, the pro-democracy movement won a landslide victory with record voter turnout. Remarkable turnout of over 71% and at least 2.94 million people voted. Who knows what China will do now. I’m glad the US passed a resolution supporting Hong Kong democracy movement.

Our weather today is partly sunny with scattered showers. The showers tend to increase in the afternoon. Temperatures are 73 degrees with humidity at 81%. Winds are light. I can see the rain in the distance on the ocean heading towards me. Sometimes it’s like a wall of water and other times a drizzle. I can always tell when the rain is going to arrive soon when the wind chimes start to pick up. We have a high surf warning for all islands going into the new week.


Hero Dog


This Meme was posted on Twitter and retweeted by President Trump. Apparently some in the Fake News Media didn’t get the Meme. CNN’s crackhead reporter, Abilio James Acosta, apparently had to contact the White House to verify the story that a dog was presented with the Metal of Honor by the President. Then, Acosta, promptly took to twitter to report his findings.

And CNN’s wonders why their ratings are falling. I don’t think anyone watches CNN except in airports and in Europe, and even then in a semi-coma. Actually, several fake news reporters took to twitter to report this Meme. Apparently a simple Photoshopped Meme can trigger the most gullible of the fake news.

The Belgian Malinois joined in the U.S. special operations raid on the Islamic State leader’s compound near the Syria-Turkey border. Al-Baghdadi’s death was made public on Sunday when Trump delivered a televised address from the White House. Luckily the Hero Dog’s injuries were not life threatening. God bless our brave troops and the Hero Dogs that take point against the enemy.


きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – ファッションモンスタ

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Fashion Monster

One of my favorite J-Pop artists, Kiriko Takemura, known professionally as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is a Japanese singer, model, and blogger, her public image is associated with Japan’s kawaii and decora culture, centered in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo.


In Hawai’i News: KTA Super Stores are having their Halloween special events at the stores around the island. The store we like to go to at the Puainako shopping center in Hilo features a Haunted House. This is an annual event now on it’s tenth year. The kids love it!

Our weather today started with brilliant sunshine for most of the day. In the afternoon the clouds and rain moved in. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with 90% humidity. Winds are calm. Tomorrow is Halloween!



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