Internet Censorship

The FCC has voted 2-1 to repeal the onerous Obama era rules to control the internet.  Under the false claim that the internet needs to be fair and equal for everyone. The charge that ISP (Internet Service Providers) were throttling the speed and bandwidth of internet access in favor of customers that were willing to pay for the faster service.  That was never true.

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants the commission repeal the rules that reclassified internet service providers as if they were utilities. He thinks the open internet rules adopted under former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, were unnecessary and harm jobs and investment.”

Essentially, the Obama regime wanted to take control of the internet and make it a public utility.  In effect making the internet like a service controlled by the government. Similar to water, sewer, and electric services, the internet would be controlled by a government panel where access cost and content would be controlled by the government.

However, the internet is a source of innovation and free market development.  That freedom would have been taken away by the government. An innovator would have to meet certain government regulations in order to meet government regulatory approvals. Thus throwing a road-block into developers to improve, develop new technologies, and provide open access to the internet.

The internet is not an essential public utility. People lives would not be irreparably harmed if they didn’t use the internet. The internet is more of a luxury than an essential public service. Electric, water, sewer are essential public services for obvious reasons of health and quality of life.  However, the internet is luxury.

There are people that live off the grid without internet and telephone services, and they survive just fine. My parents couldn’t make heads or tails of the internet, even though they took computer classes at the community college. I remember my father complaining about popup ads and asking why do they do this on the internet. I said it’s like a newspaper, but with ads that popup to get your attention.

People worry that their internet access and costs would be at the mercy of the ISP provider. The beauty of a free market internet is that you are free to choose your ISP provider.  Just like newspapers, you can switch to another publisher, and just like your internet provider, you can switch to another ISP provider.  If you don’t like Comcast, then you can switch to another provider like either Time-Warner, Verizon or some local provider.

Under a “One-Size-Fits-All” net neutrality government run utility, you don’t get a choice in providers. You get what the government approves. The government isn’t effective in controlling commerce, but the government would try to control internet content and that’s a scary thought.

Because Net Neutrality would be government controlled, it also means the government would control the content on the internet.  The internet would be subject to political influences.  The Alt-Left socialists, a.k.a. democrats, want to censor and restrict access to internet content.  Just like when the “Fairness Doctrine” was passed in 1949 to restrict the content on the radio.  Net Neutrality would restrict Free Speech.  The socialist left in America is pushing hard to restrict your First Amendment, and they are not trying to hide it.

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was — in the Commission’s view — honest, equitable, and balanced.

Thus the name “Net Neutrality”.  The left claims it would make the internet fair and balanced, but in reality it would restrict the content and censor free speech.  The left is good at creating flowery names to impose socialism on Americans.  President Ronald Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and that has brought freedom to the radio airwaves. The explosion of Conservative Talk Radio has become very popular.  Just like freedom of the airwaves, freedom of the internet is essential for the proliferation of free expression.

If you don’t like the opinions, then the solution is simple! You change the channel!  Just like newspapers, if you don’t like the content, then you can find another newspaper.  That is the value of a Free Market Capitalist system. The popularity of Conservative Talk Radio has moved to the internet, and the purpose of Net Neutrality is to restrict content as “honest, equitable, and balanced”. Which is socialist code for censorship of free speech.

Here’s an example: Remember “Air America?” Air America was a leftist radio program organized by socialists personalities to counter the popularity of Conservative Talk Radio. It didn’t last very long. Why? Because of the content. It’s wasn’t entertaining. It was mostly hate speech and it quickly turn people off, and the people switched off Air America.  The free market determined the fate of Air America.  If Net Neutrality were enacted, then the government would fund this content to keep it on the air.  Is that a good use of your tax dollars?

Keep the Internet Free From Big Government





10 Simple Laws, or 100,000 More Laws?


Years ago I attended a gathering at one of our local churches here in Hilo.  They were hosting David Barton of Wallbuilders to speak to the community about the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian relationship in our system of government.  A fascinating historical look at the history of our country through the writings of the founding fathers, various clergy members, and writers of that period.

It’s interesting how many of the stories have parallels to today’s issues, and it reflects how many things have changed in the evolution of our government.  The perceptions and misconceptions of the Constitution’s meanings.  It’s clear how the lack of civics education is ruining the basic freedoms Americans now take for granted.

One of the stories that David told was of a nun that was working in a prison.  She worked with the prisoners to try to bring salvation to their lives.  One of those prisoners was a repeat offender that had been in and out of jail all his life.  One day, the nun and the prisoner were having a conversation:

The prisoner said to the nun, “Sister, did you know that there are over 50 thousand laws that will land you in jail?”

The nun looked him in the eye and replied, “Did you know there are 10 simple laws that will keep you out of jail?

That story struck me as profound, as these 10 simple sublime laws have been around for over 3,000 years and known as the 10 Commandments.  Ten simple rules, that when followed, will enhance your appreciation of life and wellbeing.  Why then are their so many laws, and why do we need them?

Dennis Prager has an online university program, it is free and available to anyone that wants to watch the 5 minute programs.  These videos cover everything from history, life studies, economics, political science, religion and philosophy.  Each one of the videos are hosted by experts in the various fields of expertise and ability.  The videos also include spanish translations as well.  The following video is the introduction to the 10 Commandments series.

The videos are beautifully done and include a quiz/questionnaire, as well as a Prager University credit.   Accessibility to the learning material is found on YouTube and on Facebook.  Dennis Prager is a syndicated conservative talk show host that has national reach around the country on the radio.  Prager’s three-hour daily shows are entertaining, funny, serious, thought-provoking and always spiritually uplifting.  It’s not a bible thumping show, it’s a show that takes current events and serious issues, along with opinion and listener thoughts.  It’s well worth the time to listen to Dennis’s radio program and to watch the educational videos, even if you either are, or are not religious.




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Shutting Down Common Sense


Conservative Radio Talkshow Hosts:  Hugh Hewitt gets it!  Michael Medved doesn’t!  What Medved doesn’t get is the message: “Obama and Congress are not listening to the people”.  That was the message Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) delivered during his historic filibuster.

Polls, polls, polls!  Every politician lives by polls.  What was accomplished the pundits asked.  Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s, ‘man on the street’ skit to test people’s political knowledge.  People did not know the difference between what the ‘Affordable Care Act’ and ‘Obamacare’ was!  John Stewart’s interview with Kathleen Sebelius was a laugh riot!  This is what pundits like Michael Medved and Charles Krauthammer don’t  get.  The “popular culture” isn’t plugged into the daily political grapevine like the rest of us are!  You guys in the right media are not seeing the genius of Sen. Cruz’s frontal assault to Obamacare.  People are buzzing about this as it’s rolling out.  People are being fed propaganda by socialists that the GOP is causing this.  People don’t understand it’s the Obamacare law kicking the public in the groin!  The GOP needs a coach to lead the team, because Cantor and Boehner obviously either can’t, or won’t.

Obamacare demise will not be won from one battle, but from many battles, from now till 2014 and 2016.  People need to know the truth, the GOP needs to get on the Cruz message.   The socialists are great at a single message, and I get that!  It’s a collective message, but it’s sweet smelling excrement message people don’t realize till after the first bite.  Then it’s too late,  Here we are again!

Polling ~1,000 people on any one shot is such a waste of time, because I believe, as do the pundits know, that the polls can be heavily weighted to either one political party, or another.  Sure there’s some accuracy to it all, but just because one pollster figured out that Obama was going to win his reelection, is about as lucky as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize makes sense.  And Sure there was an election, so what?  Checks and Balances, right?

Almost immediately, the establishment RINO party of the GOP turned on Senator Cruz with venom.  Meanwhile, the socialist democrats sat back and laughed.  Leading the charge was John McCain, the senile senator from Arizona that should have retired after his failed run for the Presidency.

Conservative (and I use this term loosely) talk radio pundits like Medved parroted both the liberal and RINO question: ‘What is the strategy?’ and ‘How can we win?’ but they were not listening to Senator Cruz’s message.  No, this was grandstanding and self-promotion they said!  Cruz is just doing this for publicity points!  Again, they were not listening.  But the socialist democrats were listening and they saw an opportunity to join in with the Cruz bashing.

Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal called the Republican Party the stupid party.  He’s right!  This has been the method of operation by the establishment Republicans.  Twice now the establishment has put forth two presidential candidates that lost the election.  John McCain stumbled and bumbled his way through his failed campaign, and he didn’t even put up a fight for the office.  Instead, McCain passively chose a strategy of going along to get along; a consistency losing strategy.  He chose not to attack his opponent’s positions.  He chose not to challenge his opponent’s secretive past that was sealed from public view.  He chose to ignore his opponent’s inexperience and voting record.  McCain thought it was his turn and the election would favor him because of his years in the senate as a potted plant.

Mitt Romney was the establishment’s choice to right the wrongs of Obamacare.  The establishment failed to create a message to resonate with the electorate.  So they stayed home!  I’m not going to bash Romney for the failure of the establishment’s buffoonery.  Mitt is a good man, with a great family and a real American work ethic.  There were a number of chinks in Mitt’s armor that contributed to his loss; however, he would have been a better choice for President than McCain ever could have been.  But this is all academic now.

The circular firing squad that makes up the stupid (establishment) party will continue to lose elections because they won’t look inward to their own faults.  Instead, they will continue to demonize members of their own caucus because ‘they’, will not go along to get along.  That is why the establishment stupid hates the Tea Party.

Why does the establishment party hate the Tea Party?  Simple, they hate the Tea Party because they are doing what they were elected to do, stop Obamacare!  The 2010 mid-term elections saw the rise of the Tea Party because the stupid establishment party refused to listen to the people.  Even today, the establishment party never shy’s away from jabbing a finger in the eye of the people.  The Tea Party people were there to do a job, they didn’t care if they didn’t get reelected; and that’s the rub the establishment party hates.  Their lust for power has created a beltway class of elitist’s snobs that only care more about holding onto their elected seat, than listen to their constituents.

The Tea Party was an enormously huge grassroots organization of [loosely coupled, but tightly cohesive], groups across the country with a single message. “Listen to the People! Stop the Spending! Obey the Constitution!

Opposition to the Tea Party by both the socialist democrats and the GOP stupid party, has hurt the voice of the people.  Establishment party types desperately tried to co-opt Tea Party members.  They did succeed with several rising members; Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte have proven to be huge disappointments.  They’ve adopted the establishment meme of going along to get along.  Rubio’s adopting the socialist democrat’s immigration position, and Ayotte’s position to continue to fund obamacare and not defund it.  To Rubio’s credit, he did support Sen. Ted Cruz’s filibuster.

This article from the American Spectator outlines Ayotte’s Lynch Mob attempt to deride and belittle Ted Cruz’s effort to bring attention to the fact that these people are not listening to the American people.  They gave up principle for Establishment Washington.

Obama continues to keep the government shutdown and continues to blame his failed policies on everyone else.  So vindictive is Obama in his petulance manner, he’s willing to hurt those that protect this great country.  NPR gets 440 million and our returning soldiers killed in action get nothing. 

Meanwhile, we’re being told by Medved and establishment stupid party types that we just have to live with the law of the land.  Slavery was the law of the land once, it was a bad law then, just like obamacare is now.  Obamacare is slavery!  Economic slavery!  Ayotte and the establishment knows that, but their position and seat in the Senate is too important to them, than to listen to the people.



So now we have a government shutdown all over funding obamacare.  A bad law that is truly hurting Americans.  However unconstitutional the law is, they will go along, to get along.  Surrender is not a strategy, but the establishment stupid party tells its constituents.  It was passed, it was adjudicated, and it’s now the law of the land.  Phooey!

Article 1 House is now made impotent by Article II presidency with flagrant violation of the Constitution.  The establishment now is driven by polling numbers, and not the voice of their constituents.

We all lose in the end.  But you can’t tell Congress that, because they are not listening; and that was Senator Ted Cruz’s message all along.

Will some good come out of all this?  Maybe!  The vindictive actions of this presidential buffoon to cause pain to the American people could turn on Obama.  While the socialist democrats and stupid party establishment clowns continue to blame the Tea Party for the shutdown, real American families are being hurt.

Our representative government now only represents themselves and their future election chances.  Everybody else be damned!

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama are using incendiary rhetoric to demonize the Tea Party.  This is unbecoming of the office they hold.  They’ve called the Tea Party arsonists, terrorists and hostage takers.  Yet, they get generous subsidies and exemptions from Obamacare.  Big business gets exemptions from obamacare, but not the individual.  Is that fair?

Obama and the Supreme court has changed the law several times to try and make it work, but it won’t work.  Obamacare is designed to fail.  Designed to force a “Single Payer Health Care System” much like Europe and Canada.  People who favor a single payer system say it will put America in parity with other countries.  So, going backward is a good thing?  Why do heads of state come to America for their healthcare needs?  Because their system of healthcare doesn’t work!

Senator Ted Cruz has kept his demeanor during the slings and arrows thrown by both the socialists and stupid party.  Ted Cruz has shown great restraint against an avalanche of critics from both sides.

Ted Cruz cleans the communist’s clocks!


Obamacare is ruining the healthcare industry; taxes on medical devices have forced American based companies to take their operations overseas, losing jobs here in America.

The IRS will be implementing obamacare and we now know that Obama used the IRS against his political enemies, namely the Tea Party and anyone else that spoke out against Obama.  Dr. Ben Carson was audited shortly after his criticism of obamacare during a prayer breakfast at the White House.


How can a government agency like the IRS run the healthcare industry and not be used as a political club against others?  Think about that, a government agency with the power to seize your money, assets, your home and business, will have control of your healthcare.  There is just too much temptation for abuse and corruption.   Everyone knows it, but no one will admit that.  That’s the tyranny of the government.  This will weaken, if not destroy, the Constitution.  We will become a banana republic, and as Obama once said, we are not exceptional, we’re just like everyone else.  Indeed.




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Rush For Prayer

Spend at least two working weeks, listening to Rush for three hours a day, then you’ll know who Rush Limbaugh is.

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