At Tokyo’s Digital Content Expo 2010, the HRP-4C robot sang and danced its way on stage.  This robot can cut the rug and belt out some tunes.  The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology brought out this marvel  of human design.  The robot has advanced features that mimic human facial and head movements.  It has a speech synthesizer called a Vocaliod that allows it to sing in lifelike human tones.   A remarkable technology.


More human than human.  The future of commerce?  I’m reminded of the movie Blade Runner where the lifelike Humanoid robots called Nexus 6 Replicants were so lifelike, that they blended into the population with ease.  However, in the movie, they became aware, sentient and conscious of who they were.  They sought out their makers.  They wanted more life.  Fiction, I know.  However, the humanization of robots is fascinating.

I don’t know why YouTube would allow posting of videos and then take them down.


Let’s try this one.

Featuring the extraordinary music of Vangelis

What the Nexis 6 Replicants lacked, were memories.


Not too distant future?

A much brighter one, albeit


What’s for Dinner?

Canned Robot Food





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