Obsession With Death


Leftist have an rapacious appetite for death and suicide.   In particular assisted suicide and abortion.  Whether that is abortion or assisted suicide for terminally ill people, the left’s obsession with death attempts to normalize the extinguishing of human life.

The reasons for this diapason by the left ranges from the resplendent nonsensical arguments of “Death with Dignity“,  and “My body, my choice“.  When has murder ever been dignified?  Especially abortion where the life of the unborn never gets a chance enjoy life.  Assisted suicide is not any better because it questions if the person is truly cognizant of their request.

What if a terminally ill person is granted suicide and then a cure is found shortly thereafter?  It’s too late then.

In this scene, the son of a terminally ill father requests to be released from life.  The son grants the wish, and then learns a cure was found.

This remorse will forever follow the son, knowing that life, and dignity, could have been saved.  Will the son’s pain, and guilt forever follow him till death?  Of course it will.  Just like the experience some women feel after an abortion. There will always be questions= of what could have been.  Where there alternatives, like adoption.  Were cures close to being found.  It’s speculation, only after the fact.

The morality of taking a life, a gift, granted by God, is not an individual right.  In the human aestheticism, the gift of a cognizant appreciation for problem solving has given way over a myriad of wars and killing.  However, there are those that still believe in death over life.  Such is the nature of evil.  As there is a heaven and a hell, the left will always justify death over life. This is not to be confused with punishment for taking a life.  Judgement will be the creators final decision.  The fallacy of being human is a curse, but the gift of life has superseded death by the propagation of human accomplishments to preserve and protect life.

In Hawai’i Nei, the State is discussing the proposal to allow Doctor assisted suicide.  It is a horrible thought.  When physicians are allowed to violate the Hippocratic oath ‘to do no harm’, then that persuadable pernicious ethos becomes commonplace in society.  Life then has no value.  Open to anyone that might either feel depressed one day, or a government that restricts the number of children, or gender, a family may be allowed.  In some countries today this is practiced.  Thus the left’s love for death over life.  Humans are nothing more than a surface nuisance on the planet and therefore, expendable.  Make haste to human waste.  Horrible.






A Shot

I will Stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction – Audacity of Hope

It’s getting pretty ugly out there, isn’t it?  Obama stands with murderous Muslims.

Ah, so it begins, again!  Only this time, evil is emboldened and rife with lust for blood.  Thanks to the inept efforts of Obama and the Progressive Socialist Liberals, we are living in the 1970’s again.  The only thing different now is there are no long lines at the gas pump and interest rates aren’t in the double digits.  But that’s just a matter of time before hyper-inflation hits our economy.  Thanks to QE3!

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the Muslims are rioting over some obscure video.  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood terrorist president is demanding the US hand over the terrorist creep Sheikh Abdul Rahman.  He’s the blind terrorist Muslim cleric that tried to blow up the twin towers in NYC back in 1993.  Attacks against Christians by Muslims are on the rise in the Middle East.  Our embassies are under attack by rabid Muslim fleabags and the Obama regime continues to insist all this unrest is caused some cheesy video.  Muslims trash their house and shit on their table where they eat.


In Australia the threat of Muslim violence prompted the Australian government to appease Muslims through a missionary program.  The initiative, they say is to “Educate Anglo Australians”, rather than recruiting for the Islamic faith.  The implementation of Sharia law into the Australian public is a way to help them understand Islam.  What it really is; is capitulation to Islamic terrorism.  This is what Obama wants in America.

 As the Obama regime continues to lie and obfuscate the facts about Islamic terrorist attacks, the news media is doing its best to change the subject away from the regimes policy failures.  Like Australia’s progressive liberals, Obama continues to lie about the deadly truth about Islam.  Governments worldwide have tried to appease and comfort Muslims into thinking that Islam is misunderstood and they have legitimate world grievances.  They Don’t!  Muslims use violence to force submission.  It is their way, violence, hatred and murder is the way of Islam.  It is totalitarianism.


Obama hosted an Iftar dinner at the White House and during the dinner, Obama tries to rewrite history by claiming that President Jefferson hosted the very first Iftar dinner.  A fabrication and a lie!

Iftar Dinner Lies – Obama Butchers The Truth – Bolsters Muslim Brotherhood

Hillary Clinton has a Muslim Brother operative in the White House State Dept.  Huma Abedin, ironically the wife of Anthony Weiner, the NY Rep. that loves to Tweet nude pictures of himself over the internet, is a member of Muslim Sisterhood.  Now, the Obama regime is out to criminalize Free Speech.  Muslim Nazi’s are demanding laws to forbid free speech using the excuse of a cheesy video as the reason for violence.  Our Constitution is under attack by this evil regime.

The Murderous Hand of Islam

Meanwhile, at the Obama regime re-election headquarters, MSNBC crack-head crack reporter and all around false-news slut Andrea Mitchell claims Obama’s redistribution comments are unsubstantiated.



Don’t believe your lying ears?

Listen for yourself:

At an October 19, 1998 conference at Loyola University, Barack Obama spoke against “propaganda” that said government doesn’t work and the need to “pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution.”

He believes in redistribution; which means anything you earn will be taken away and given to others who didn’t earn it, so they can have a shot.

This is a 3 minute video of Barack HUSSEIN Obama repeatedly stating he supports “Collectivism for the Common-good” and decries Capitalism…Obama even says he wants democracy with a “little d“!

Last week Friday, I posted the inevitable deadly riots by these Muslim scumbags.  Now the Obama regime is in full-blown apology mode.  After the rape and murder of our American ambassador, Obama runs off the Las Vegas to party while the world burns!!!  Leadership you cannot count on.

Incompetence will be this regime’s legacy.  Appeasement is this regime’s policy to murderous Arab Camel Dung Beetles.

Sacred to ancient Egyptians, these beetles recycle – of all things – dung.  Then they stick their asses in the air hoping to be mounted by the village goat, five times a day!  Here’s comes the Obama regime apologizing and doling out taxpayer’s monies to try and appease mindless Muslim shit collectors.

Oh, a little clarification on Obama’s book quotes: Audacity of Hope.  Obama’s “Coil of Rage statement reflects Obama’s racist attitude towards Americans.  Note that he’s our President and no doubt the worst in American history.  It is history that Obama uses to claim allegiance to Islam by comparing the Japanese interments during WWII and the events that happened on 911.   Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a socialist progressive democrat issued the order to intern Japanese Americans.  Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that gives him the same authorization to codifying indefinite military detention without charge or trial into law for the first time in American history.  Does Obama plan the same thing for Americans?

This is also the reason for Obama’s push for redistribution of America’s wealth.  Obama believes that America became wealthy by stealing other countries monies.  Preposterous posterior postulating?  Nope, this clown really does think America is evil and he is determined to destroy this country.

Another Friday, another day of Muslim outrage.  Another day of murderous shit beetles killing to honor their pig god Allah, or Mohammad, whatever the name is.  Death is what they love.  Hatred is their faith.


 What’s For Dinner?

 More Bacon





The Union Tyranny (part 2)

Why part two?  Since the Governor Scott Walker’s budget fix was passed, legally, the fallout from the left has been psychotic vitriol.  So much so that death threats have been thrown around by the leftist against anyone supporting the taxpayer’s efforts to rein in bloated unions out of control taxpayer spending.

In a previous post, I had a video of an illegal demonstration by socialist making threats.  In the video was a college student that claimed she wanted to be a teacher, when she grew up.  I’m in real doubt that this person will every grow up, but if this person should ever get a job teaching children, then an education will take a back seat to socialist indoctrination.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin once said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

It seems the public labor unions in Wisconsin have adopted that philosophy as mandatory classroom curriculum.  Former Governor Jim Doyle signed into law a bill that mandates socialist union values be taught to school children.  Listen to this video by Marxist democrats that outline a school curriculum.  It requires teaching socialist labor studies, collective bargaining, and social change, as a part of Wisconsin’s socialist labor history.



Just coincidentally, of the three male speakers in the video above;

(H/T – New Zeal and Big Government)


Notice the emphasis is not creating an environment where school children will benefit from a quality education, but rather on a Marxist agenda.  Providing children with the skills to be productive in today’s competitive job market isn’t a priority.  Instead, it is to train children into a collective socialist role for big labor.  Creating the next generation’s of wards of the State.

It should be noted that the school boards and administrators did not want this included in the curriculum, but the labor unions supported it and the then Governor Doyle signed off on it.  The National Education Association (NEA) also has adopted this socialist agenda and is actively spreading this into other States school districts.  This news report from Pennsylvania shows a disturbing homework assignment given to 5th graders.


(H/T – Labor Union Report)

The NEA’s General Counsel Bob Chanin explained it to his Union members, this way:

It is not that we care about children

It is not about the because we have a great vision of a public school system

It’s because we have POWER!


This is why Wisconsin is the battleground between socialists that want to destroy 235 years of liberty, and parents that want to see their children achieve their potential.  But because the unions members are shrinking, they are resorting to violence, death threats and intimidation, to hold onto their power.

This is real and from the Wisconsin Department of Justice:

I want to make this perfectly clear. Because of your actions today and in the past couple of weeks I and the group of people that are working with me have decided that we’ve had enough. We feel that you and your republican dictators have to die. This is how it’s going to happen: I as well as many others know where you and your family live, it’s a matter of public records. We have all planned to assult you by arriving at your house and putting a nice little bullet in your head.


What’s worse and highly irresponsible is the lack of coverage from the media.  How many death threats will go unreported until one of these union goons kills somebody?  Then it’s too late.

Wisconsin voters voted for Scott Walker to fix the State’s budget problems.  He clearly outlined how he was going to do it.  School officials have approved Walkers plan to reform labor agreements.

It’s all about choice.  Which the socialist don’t want.  The Marxist unions are doing everything to prevent free choice.  These same unions that want to control the education curriculum.  The same unions that want to control how taxpayers money is spent.  As the sign in my previous post stated:  “I voted for Representation, not Unions


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The Politics Of Death

KaKalaiOmakaThe Politics of Death

I am firmly convinced that the Liberal Democratic Party in this country is the Party of Death.  More than ever, actions speak louder than words.  Obama’s appointment of Science Czar John Holdren shows that Obama believes forced sterilization and forced abortions.  The continued support and subsidization of American tax dollars for Abortions by Planned Parenthood, here and overseas, proves Obama does not cherish the life of the unborn.  Yet the Obama has two young girls.   Obama and Liberal Democrats want to take our God Given Rights away from the American people and force their government intrusive regulations upon us.  All in the guise of a woman’s right to choose.

Guess who doesn’t get a choice.


There are people in this great country going overseas to China and Russia to adopt children.  Why can’t they adopt children from this country?  Yeah, I know, it’s easier to abort.  With all the talk about health care, why does the poor get free birth control pills through welfare?  When someone decides to murder their unborn through abortion, should someone in the medical field be forced to perform and participate in an abortion?  Why is this a health care right?  What of the Rights of the Unborn?  Surely, the Unborn deserve the same rights, freedoms and equality Liberal Democrats advocate to us all.  Yes?


And Now, the great and almighty Obama says:

Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan Is Not Our Goal

Uncomfortable with the term “victory“?  How so?  Would you rather have our brave and honorable soldiers die in vain on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan?  You don’t want our Soldiers to Win?  Then why are we there?

Mr. Obama, if you do not believe in victory, then you should step down as President and find another job.

Also, get your facts straight Obama:  you said “Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur.”

Well Mr. Obama, Emperor Hirohito was not present on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay, on September 2, 1945… General Yoshijiro Umezu and Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu represented Japan in signing the Instrument of Surrender.  Stop trying to rewrite history.  Support our military and either win this War on Terrorism or resign as Commander in Chief.

Maybe, Obama, you need some words of Wisdom from a Real Modern Day American Hero

So why stop there Obama.  You say doctors are just in the business to make a profit.

You just insulted every Doctor in America and called them Profit Mongers.  I’m beginning to think that you, Obama, and Joe Biden, have something in common.  Stupidity.  Shear Stupidity!!! You are not a doctor, Obama.  You, like your health care plan, just got in the way of the doctor patient relationship.  Your comment just proved your intent to ration health care. 

Will you, Obama, put yourself and your family under your health care plan?

I think we know the answer to that question.  NOT!

Trial Lawyers.  That’s who’s making profits in the business of medicine.  The only reform in Health Care in is Tort Reform.  What Obama proposes is rationing of health care.  That is the liberal democrats way of cutting costs.  Allow people to die to save money that’s the democratic party of Death way of managing health care.  Yet the lawyers get rich from lawsuits against doctors.  This raises insurance costs for the patient and the doctor.  But you, Obama, rather protect lawyers and not doctors.  Will you put yourself and your family under your plan?  You won’t, because you know how bad the plan will be.  Yet you will subject every average American to your flawed health care plan that you will not use yourself.  You walk away holding your nose and leave us with this crap sandwich called health care.

You offer no solutions

Tyranny or Freedom

What’s frightening is there are people in this country, and who also live in on this island paradise, that lament that there are too many people living on this planet.  Over Population, that evil product of procreation.  They claim they want government run health care.  Yet the Obama and those in the Congress will not fall under the proposed government health care plan that you and I will have to submit to.  I Will Not Submit!

Liberal Democrats:

You claim to support equality.

You claim to be the morals of social justice.

How do you like your Socialism?  With a side of Fascism?

We support Life, not Death.  We support Freedom, not Tyranny.  We support Love, not Hate!


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