We Believe Truth Over Facts

Are you tired of being called a racist because of your political views? I know I am. The intolerant democrats are now on a racist rampage against President Trump and his supporters. That means me. I don’t like being called a racist, by those who are racists themselves.

You can’t go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Doughnuts without a slight Indian accent, said Joe Biden, and that’s not the first time Biden has made racist remarks. Biden’s latest gaff was at a campaign where he was calling Trump and his supporters racists. Quote: “We Believe Truth Over Facts”. Seriously Joe?

A bitter Joe Scarborough calls Trump donors “White Supremacists”. Take note that Scarborough loved Trump before he became President. He would suckup to Trump hoping he’d get a position in Trump’s administration. When Scarborough didn’t get a position, he turned bitter and angry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of these intolerant people calling Americans racists. I’m tired of this. I need a mental break. So here’s a nice little jazz ditty to make me feel better.





The Dogpile

The democrat dogpile is getting more shrill and desperate as each of the candidates attempt to sell the American voters on their socialist policies. Some might call is socialist light, but it’s still socialism. At least half of all the democrat candidates are full blown socialists.

The recent horrific events in El Paso and Dayton has started the democrat blame game. With the assistance of the fake news media, the accusations of racism has both the democrats and the lame-stream media wallowing like pigs in the mud. It’s pretty sad when both the media and a political party cannibalize themselves for attention.

Instead of calling for unity, the democrats are ramping up accusations of racism. Their main target is President Trump. It’s the democrats modus operandi to divide people into groups. Just as the media and democrats accused the President of saying White Nationalist and the KKK were good people. Even though there is video of President Trump condemned both groups on multiple occasions, the media still lies about what the President said. If that is not pathetic enough, the democrat dogpile runs with that same narrative.


This is the front page of tomorrow’s New York Slimes headline above the fold. The democrats and fake news media are not going to be happy about this. Don’t think the American people are blind to the events taking place in the media. The American people are thinking what Trump is saying. The media sensationalizes tragic events like this and ignores mass shootings elsewhere.


Well that’s didn’t take long. The leftists screamed and howled at the NY Slimes that they gave in and changed the headline. Cowards!


The Colour Of Fools

These four fools are calling themselves a “squad”, I have a better name for them.

These four fools have a habit of calling people racists whenever someone disagrees with them. All of them have used the phrase, “They don’t like us because we are women of color.” Democrats always use this as a way to silence any discussion. No one wants to be accused of being a racist, but these fools have made very racist statements and they have never been called out for it.

The majority of Americans do not see people as color. Instead Americans look at the character of the individual. Of course, there is racism still in this country and these fools are a perfect example of overt racism. I find them disgusting, vile, and racist.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, uses the term “concentration camps” to describe detention centers holding undocumented immigrants along the southern border. Insulting ICE border police as Nazis and demeaning survivors of the Holocaust.

Ayanna Pressley, spouts a mouthful of racist innuendo including smearing gays. Best to watch the video:

Ilhan Omar, defends al Qaeda terrorism and denigrates Jews as un-American and driven by money, her comment, “It’s all about the Benjamin’s”. Here she is defending islamic terrorism.

Rashida Tlaib, here’s one of my favorites, Tlaib calling President Trump a Motherf**ker.

I want to reiterate that President Trump never called out these fools by name. These fools believed the President’s tweet was meant for them. The Fake News Media also ran with that narrative as well as the democrats. I agree with the President. It’s gets tiresome when these fools constantly put down the country. It is behavior unbecoming of members of the House of Representatives. The democrats have refused to condemn it. Pelosi fears these fools. There was nothing racist in the President’s tweet. The president is saying what we are all thinking.

Don’t Like It Here, Get Out!



Raise Your Hands

When you prepare to file your tax returns, you first receive a W-2 form. It has your federal and state gross wages. Included are your withholding taxes for Federal, Social Security and Medicare. These are your compulsory deductions the government takes from your paycheck. These obligations are then distributed back once you either reach retirement age, or have a disability.

So at the democrat debate, the question was asked: “A Show of Hands, Will Your Healthcare Plan Cover Undocumented Immigrants”

Every Democrat Raised Their Hands

Judging from the clapping and hooting by the monkeys in the audience, they believe this is a good and moral thing to do for illegal aliens. It’s clear that some in America don’t see the problem with that idea. It will damage the economy and an already damaged healthcare industry due to obamacare.

Let’s talk about fairness. The money that legal citizens paid into the system would be distributed to illegals. That’s your money the government placed in a fund to be distributed back to American citizens, not illegal aliens. How is it fair to appropriate the money you paid into the system, only to have it given to those that never contributed to the system?

The democrats keep insisting that illegals are already paying into the system via sales taxes and property taxes. However, there’s something wrong with that argument. Sales taxes I can see, some states have a sales tax, but property taxes are different. That assumes illegals have social security numbers and bank accounts. If they are new arrivals, then they have none of those credentials. If they have been living as undocumented aliens, then they still do not have those credentials. Thus the term “undocumented.”

The larger question is who are the democrats campaigning for? Illegals or Citizens? Hint: It’s not American citizens.



World’s Smallest Clown Car

Democrat Presidential Debates, All Aboard!

I did watch the democratic debates and I have several observations. First, every single candidate is pushing socialism. Second, illegal aliens are the democrat audience, they did not speak to the American people. Third, they all promise to raise your taxes, give free healthcare to all, including illegal aliens, make education free, take your guns away, provide free housing, and eliminate American sovereignty. No borders.

Whose is going to pay for all this free stuff? You the taxpayer! This is the regressive democrat socialism policy they are all proposing. What’s scary is that some people think this is a good idea. They point to other democrat countries as models of their dystopian Utopian for the United States. The money that was confiscatory taken from the taxpayers will now go to non-citizens. So what’s next? Remember when the Obama regime was looking at people’s 401K’s as money just sitting around not doing anything? If the democrats win Congress and the White House, they will implement these policies. Make no mistake, the democrats will create an entitlement society to keep them in power for generations. Once socialism takes hold it is damn hard to get rid of it.

I watched a opinion video by the New York Slimes editorial board stating that America is just okay, and not the greatest country in the world.

It’s op-ed pieces like these that appear before the election cycles. The country is falling apart, the environment is in crisis and it is all the fault of United States. It’s meant to depress the citizenry into believing there is no hope. It’s meant to make the United States look like some developing nation with cascades of economic, environmental, and humanitarian deficiencies. Your success cannot be achieved without the help of a benevolent government providing for your every need. You need bigger government! {SIGH} Don’t be fooled by this propaganda.

We have an economy that is the envy of the world. Unemployment is at its lowest level. Incomes are rising, and employers are hiring. GDP is above 3% and the long economic term outlook looks great. The Fake News Media would tell you different.

Anyway, here’s the latest on hurricane Barbara:

Barbara has developed into a category 4 hurricane. It’s expected to downgrade to a tropical storm as it approaches the islands. The prediction models are very unclear at this time.

Today was sunny and partially cloudy. It is hot, but the humidly is low. A typical summer day. High surf warnings are out because of the hurricane and some beach parks will close as a result. As usual, we are prepared for hurricanes.

USGS Volcano’s has put Mauna Loa on yellow advisory. There’s some activity causing the mountain lava inflation. There have been earthquake swarms on the mountain and last night at 9:30 PM HST there was 3.6 magnitude earthquake in the eastern rift zone in Volcanoes National Park. We felt that jolt. There’s no eminent eruption at this time.

That’s It For Today! See You Tomorrow!



Doctrine Of Patriotism

It’s about time that a wrong, was finally righted. Yet, this good news is largely ignored by the media. It’s frustrating to see our country returning to prosperity, rule of law, fairness in world trade, and not a word is reported by the media. A return to order, where the three branches of government are following the letter of the Constitution. The only people that seem upset, are the leftist democrats that are losing control. And by losing control, I mean losing their collective minds.

It’s no secret that the democrats have abused the courts for decades to pass their own legislation. They have been doing so since the 1960’s. Their tactics are pure Alinsky Rules for Radicals. This has hurt the country deeply.  It has hurt the conservative republicans. One of these Alinsky tactics is number five, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” It has worked effectively in silencing republican opposition. So much so that republicans preferred not to fight back, and here’s the reasons why.

Democrats have a ally. That ally is the news media. They are the megaphone for the socialist left, the democrats. Over 90% of the media is left leaning, there are very few conservative reporters, and conservative reporters are heavily editorialized. Some conservative reporters are shutout of the news cycle altogether, even fired for their political beliefs. Before social media, conservative reporting was virtually nonexistent. The left likes to ridicule Fox News as a right wing news channel, but how do they explain Shemp Smith, or Chris Wallace, and Juan Williams? They are not conservative reporters, far from it. Instead, the news is selective half truths, bias, scripted, and not even reported.


Enter President Trump. Probably the first President who stands up to the media bullies, and the fascist left. It has driven them nuts. It’s to the point where democrats are openly calling for violence against republicans. Mad Maxine Waters, former AG Eric Holder, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, and others have called for harassing, intimidating, and attacking conservatives. It’s getting brutal.

Nothing seems to rattle President Trump. The President is actually making the Republicans finally grow a spine. In the past, Republicans slinked away, preferring not to fight back against false accusations. President Trump has changed the dynamics of the political landscape. The false charges the democrats tried to use against President Trump has all failed. The democrats called President Trump a racist, a misogynist, mentally incompetent, a tax evader, a Russian collaborator, and my favorite, an “old white man.”

When President Trump addressed the United Nations, he was met with some skepticism. Why not? The United Nations are made up of socialist leftists, terrorist despots, and anti-American countries.  The full text of President Trump’s speech can be found here.

The Doctrine Of Patriotism

President Trump pauses by laughter by skeptical United Nations ambassadors

Telling it, as it is. Promises Given, Promises Kept. Once of the reasons why Trump was elected, was his promise to place constitutional justices on the Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch was the first, and Brett Kavanaugh was the second. Sensing the balance of the court was moving conservative, the leftist democrats went back to their tried and true smear campaign. A smear campaign that had work before. With enough media misinformation, false accusations, most other Presidents would have withdrawn a SCOTUS candidate. Not Trump.

Trump Fights Back!

What the American people witnessed was an orgy of disgusting accusations by leftist lunatics desperate to prevent another Constitutional Jurist from being seated on the Supreme Court. A letter, held secret, by Diane Frankenstein of Kalifornia. It was a Hail Mary effort to smear a good person’s name. Then came another witness with no corroboration, then the creepy porn lawyer, “Michael Avenatti”, produces a witness that went even further into the bizarre universe of the left. Each witness couldn’t cite a date, a place, a time, but they all knew who.

The deamonRats, with their media minions, sensing blood, circled like sharks for the kill. Abandoned all “Due Process”, the Presumption of Innocence, the Rule of Law, Fairness, and Decency. Even my senator, the confused, and misrepresentative senator for Hawai’i, Crazy Mazie Hirono, lost her empty headed mind.


Crazy Mazie Hirono said that “MEN”, are the blame, and “MEN” should “Stand Up and Shut Up!” While smirking in the background is ferret face Dick Blumenthal. A weasel ambulance chaser. There is no amount of contempt I can express for these animals. They are animals. Despicable, dangerous, and demonic. If they could do this to someone, they could set a trend by leftists to damage the careers, reputations, and lives of innocent men and boys. THIS IS MOB BEHAVIOR!

For the record, I don’t believe any of the accusers. Their credibility was exposed by their lack of specifics. Each one has a story brought on by repressed memories. Even their friends the witnesses said were present, are scratching their heads, saying they don’t remember that ever happening. The presumption that the accused must prove their innocence, is how communist fascists work.

Look at the trend the left is encouraging: Violence against conservatives, republicans, and anyone that is a Trump supporter. For example, members of President Trump’s cabinet harassed from restaurants. A deranged gunman shoots Congressman Steve Scalise, and nearly kills him. Paul Rand beaten by a leftist neighbor, breaking his ribs. A Vancouver resident’s truck set ablaze because of Trump bumper stickers. The list of attacks and harassment by the left is lengthy. I have documented these atrocities in previous posts.

A smug Hillary Clinton said civility will only start again once the Republicans surrender the house and senate.

So to the Hildabeast, we will only be civil once we regain power. Meanwhile, acts of violence are not condemned, but encouraged. This is what mob rule is about. Why this animal is not in jail for murder, high crimes and treason, is beyond my comprehension. We used to have a system of justice, but because of the name, the crime spree continues.

Time To Right A Terrible Wrong





The unhinged left is going to murder someone. Since the inauguration of President Trump, the left, liberals, and socialist, have committing acts of violence against Trump supporters, businesses, and conservatives. This pattern of violence is being encouraged by democrats in Congress and in the media. Threats are being made to Republicans by the left. Here are some current examples:

‘Threats of Rape and Strangling’ Force D.C. McAllister Into Hiding After an Anti Abortion Tweet.

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, received death threats, vulgar phone messages, coat hangers, even bribes, to influence her voting decision of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

A Castro Valley California terrorist attempted to knife Republican candidate Rudy Peters.

Police have responded to the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC after an anonymous threat to shoot up a meeting there supporting President Trump.



Terrorism moves at the speed of social media, and the social media groups are allowing this terrorism on their platforms. Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and other unsocial media are openly encouraging violence, and banning conservative posts. Even Hollyweird actors are making violent threats.

Violent groups like antifa are allowed to use social media, Facebook and Twitter, to organize to commit acts of property damage, harassment, and physical attacks on Trump supporters.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who narrowly survived a politically-motivated mass assassination attempt in July 2017, warns that Democrats are “almost encouraging” political violence. They are, and they’re not hiding it. Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters has called for liberal mobs to harass Trump administration officials, and supporters, who show their faces in public. Mad Maxine Waters isn’t the only democrat to incite violence. Woman beating Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, has called the Trump Presidency “illegitimate.”

Hillary Clinton, and other socialist democrats, have challenged the Trump Presidency. Remember how Hillary slammed Trump during the 2016 campaign for refusing to promise to accept the results of the election. Yet, here’s the Hildabeast challenging the results of the election. Many of these socialist democrats refused to attend President Trump’s inauguration. Now imagine if Republicans refused to attend Barry the Bullshitter’s inauguration? There would be howls of RACISM.

Yet, Barry the Bullshitter has publicly rebuked Trump over his travel ban, the economy, the Iran deal, climate deal, and NAFTA. Obama cannot shut his big mouth. The socialist sore losers have promised to undo all the good work that the Trump Administration has done in just under two years. The socialist democrats have promised to raise taxes, add more regulations, destroy jobs, punish Trump supports, destroy the country. That’s not an exaggeration, both Nazi Piglosi and Chucky cheese Schumer have made that campaign promises.

It is imperative that we hold the House and the Senate. More Republicans need to be elected to create a Super Majority. There are so many opportunities to achieve. Affordable healthcare, job opportunities that include higher salaries and job security, the right to work without a union siphoning off your money. The expulsion of RINO’s and Obama holdovers in government. We need to continue the great work that President Trump has started.





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