Obama Attacks Gibson Guitars

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In another move to prove the Obama Regime is deliberately out to destroy businesses comes from Gibson Guitars.  They released a press announcement yesterday, August 25, 2011:

On August 24, 2011, around 8:45 a.m. CDT, agents for the federal government executed four search warrants on Gibson’s facilities in Nashville and Memphis and seized several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitars. Gibson had to cease its manufacturing operations and send workers home for the day, while armed agents executed the search warrants. Gibson has fully cooperated with the execution of the search warrants.


Gibson Did Not Break Any Laws


The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. (If the same wood from the same tree was finished by Indian workers, the material would be legal.) This action was taken without the support and consent of the government in India.

Apparently, this is not the first time the Obama regime has raided Gibson Guitar factories:

In 2009, more than a dozen agents with automatic weapons invaded the Gibson factory in Nashville. The Government seized guitars and a substantial amount of ebony fingerboard blanks from Madagascar. To date, 1 year and 9 months later, criminal charges have NOT been filed, yet the Government still holds Gibson’s property. Gibson has obtained sworn statements and documents from the Madagascar government and these materials, which have been filed in federal court, show that the wood seized in 2009 was legally exported under Madagascar law and that no law has been violated. Gibson is attempting to have its property returned in a civil proceeding that is pending in federal court.

You might ask yourself, “Why is the government doing this then?”  I think Ben Howe at RedState summed it up succinctly:

It’s hard not to see this as the government getting territorial about who gets paid to oversee American industry.

Even though Gibson takes great care on where it sources its wood products from, the government hasn’t charged the company with any violation of the Lacey Act which prohibits importation of endangered species.  Gibson does comply with industry standards such as the Forest Stewardship Council which monitors and certifies where the wood harvested from.  But because FSC is an independent, non-profit organization, and because the government isn’t involved, the government is looking for its cut of the profits by muscling in on private industry.  In effect, the government is holding Gibson Guitars property until the government can find a reason to fine them for legal business activities.

Or perhaps the Obama Regime is taking revenge?

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How long do you think it will be before the Obama regime’s policies force Gibson Guitars to move their operation to China?  A True American company is being forced out of business by the Obama regime.  What has happened to our country?



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Justice Dept. Drops America Colors

The colors of the American Flag is a representation of the History of this Great Country.  Within the colors, are the historic beginnings of a new nation that was yearning for Freedom.   Long ago, people have either forgotten, taken for granite, or even lost the meanings of what brought us here, to this country.

The Old Web Logo

The ribbons of Red and White, the Stars….!

This is the message that our Flag reminds us.

This is why we Trust It when we see it.

When we see it disappear, then the colors have no meaning.

They have no rules.  They have no law.  They have justice.

And like Star Wars, when the empire takes control of the territory , the Colors Change.


It will take you to the “United States Justice Department“, and behold what his hand has brought forth!

“The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”

Are we in trouble?


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