Pono or Porno : Hawai’i Sex Ed Choices



What the heck are the Hawai’i Public [or rather Pubic] Teachers thinking?  A new sex education program being introduced called “Pono Choices” gets into explicit sexual activity.  To the point of actually describing certain sexual acts in graphic detail.  The program is targeted at middle school children ages 11 through 13.  This 10 hour program has been taught to about 1,700 middle school students at a cost of $800,000 as a pilot program.  One state legislator has concerns about the programs content.



“Pono”, in the Hawaiian language means: goodness, uprightness, morality, of moral being. Of course, we all know the definition of porno, but is this curriculum’s content seems inappropriate for middle school children of 11 to 13 years of age?

State Rep. Bob McDermott, whose eight children are enrolled in Hawai’i’s public schools, doesn’t want his children exposed to a controversial taxpayer-funded sex education program.  He believes parents should have the say in a subject matter that goes outside the normal education curriculum of reading, writing and math.

From Hawai’i Reporter:

McDermott said the program is “medically inaccurate” and not biology based, and that it teaches children about topics such as anal sex, sex with multiple partners and how to put on a condom — using a cucumber or wooden replica of a penis.

“The program normalizes a homosexual lifestyle and anal sex, while failing to warn students of the extreme dangers of anal sex; it references multiple sex partners, while failing to inform students about the health benefits of monogamy; it fails to warn students about the ineffectiveness of condoms against HPV, herpes, and anal sex; and fails to educate students on the stages of human reproduction,” McDermott said, providing Hawaii Reporter with an early copy of his report.

 “Any talk of anal sex — which the curriculum does frequently — is instinctively repulsive for pre-pubescent children. Additionally, calling the anus a genital — as Pono Choices does — is just plain medically wrong,” McDermott said.

I wrote to the Hawai’i State legislature asking what are they doing about this, I got a two replies from some lawmakers:

Senator Mike Gabbard replied saying he’s concerned and will look into it. Yawn!

Senator Russell Ruderman’s reply to me was less than enthusiastic, saying that he didn’t believe the program was that extreme as worded, and that he will be watchful of what’s presented to kids in school.  He doesn’t believe, which means he doesn’t know.

I got the impression from Mr. Ruderman’s reply to me was to go pound sand.  Then again, Ruderman is an extremist liberal who would probably welcome child sexual tourism in Hawai’i.

Hawai’i Reporter Malia Zimmerman, the article’s author, whom I copied on my initial message to the legislators, also replied back to me:

Being in the media, I am writing about the program and talking about it on my radio show, but believe it or not, most lawmakers are ignoring the issue, and the DOE continues to push the agenda.

 Last night there was a parent meeting at the capitol and there were several hundred people in attendance, so we will see what comes out of it.

 But the board of education is appointed by the governor and the governor, as far as i know, is in support.

We will continue to shine the light on what is happening and hope the parents will take it from here.


Tolerance vs. intolerance – pedophile tourism – sexual tourism – its common place in countries like Thailand and in some Islamic countries where sexual predators can marry children as young as 9 years old.  Is this the future of Hawai’i tourism?  Educating children to be tolerant and accepting of dangerous sexual activity, is that the new norm for sexual education?

I don’t know if Mr. Ruderman has any children in middle school being taught this curriculum, but Mr. McDermott may and I’m sure he’s familiar with some of the material being taught.

This story has gotten the attention of other media outlets in Hawai’i.  Civil Beat is an online news media outlet that has also followed the story.  Civil beat reporter Alia Wong reports that both Rep. McDermott and Senator Sam Slom have accused the Department of Education of stonewalling them from getting any information about the controversial program.

The DOE states that anyone wanting to learn about the material, which was also developed jointly by the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and the DOE, said they would be willing to have a professional discuss the curriculum material.

The course material includes a teacher’s handbook, a student workbook and a digital presentation; however, the DOE has refused to hand over the information.  Both Sen. Slom and Rep. McDermott refused the DOE and University’s offer.

But why wouldn’t the UH and DOE allow the lawmakers the opportunity to review the materials for themselves?  That doesn’t make sense to me unless the material did include some material that would be objectionable to some parents.  It’s the job of the legislature to provide oversight for such things, especially since the DOE is now appointed by the governor.

As the DOE describes Pono Choices; it is described as a medically accurate teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection prevention program for kids in grades six through eight. It was developed specifically for children in Hawaii by UH Manoa’s Center on Disability Studies through funding from the federal Office of Adolescent Health. The two-week review, according to the DOE, concluded that Pono Choices is indeed appropriate for schools.

Controversy surrounding Pono Choices — which is already being used at 12 public schools and could soon be adopted by another eight — emerged when opponents of same-sex marriage claimed its legalization would force schools to teach about the “homosexual lifestyle.” Slom, during a special session floor speech, brandished a Pono Choices workbook to argue that the DOE is already teaching kids that gay relationships and sex are appropriate.

There has been a push by liberal extremists to take parental control away from the family.  Educators and liberals have maintained that they should assume the parental role because they believe they know what’s best for the child.  Never mind that the parents’ values and religious objections to such material may be offensive to them.  However, liberals don’t believe in individual rights, parental rights, or any rights.  They believe that all rights come from the government and will be allowed by their approval.

In addressing criticism of the Common Core national education standards, a panelist at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank, said critics were a “tiny minority” who opposed standards altogether, which was unfair because “the children belong to all of us.” 

Get that parents?  You are a “tiny minority” to these big government people, and your children are not really yours.  They belong to the state.

However, the larger picture may be missing here.  Whenever the state claim ownership of your children, it should ring the alarms to any parent.  History has shown abusive governments have been using children to do the states bidding.  Hitler did that with his youth corps and so did Stalin, they encouraged children to turn in their parents if they disagreed with the states policies.  Today in some Islamic countries they are using their children as human shields and even strapping bombs on them as future martyrs for jihad.  We know they have used the mentally disabled as human bombs.  Breeding the next generations of terrorism.

Gateway pundit asks, is progressive a synonym for communist?  MSNBC is a pretend to be cable news channel, socialist leaning as at best, and racist at worse.  Here’s MSNBC’s tampon girl, [remember she wore tampon earrings], Melissa Harris-Perry explaining that, although your children are yours, they don’t really belong to you.  It takes a village to raise an idiot.

Conclusion:  There has been a long pattern emerging, now with greater veracity by liberals to push an agenda of anti-American traditional values. Progressive liberals have been chipping away at American values of morality and goodness for years.  Groups that used to provided moral guidance for boys and girls, are now given the seal of progressive liberal approval of immoral tolerance.  Teachers should be educating children on how to balance a checkbook and not how to place condoms on a bananas.  That should be left to the parents to decide what sexual education meets their religious and moral values, not the state.

Liberals will argue that promiscuity will be rampant among children without their guidance.  However, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases will spread without liberal guidance anyway.  Nothing will stop neither natures desires nor the raging hormones of some pimply teenager.  Having some central planing educator introducing a melange of sexual choices at middle school ages is like grabbing a handful of prescription jellybeans drugs, and saying try these, and ignore your  parents.  Then they can eventually go to college and become a professor of leisure studies.  Some future prospects to consider.

The Boy Scouts now allow gay members and leaders.  The Girl Scouts now sell abortions along with cookies.  Grassroots groups like the Tea Party have been trying to take back the letter of the United States Constitution: Individualism, liberty and freedoms. But the progressives liberals are taking your rights away for government dependencies, selfishness and entitlements.  It’s an government proscription for addiction that once hooked, it cannot be changed.  We’ve seen this before in history, and it has never turned out well.



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Are There Any Joe Wilson’s In Congress?




Tonight’s State of the Union address shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Expectations are already set to a very low bar.  So what lies can we expect from Barry the Bullshitter?  Will he wave his pen and cellphone around?  Will he accuse the Republicans of not working with him?  Will Obama apologize to the American people?  How about the millions of people that have lost their health insurance, and their jobs?  Will Obama mention anything about that?  Will Obama announce his resignation?  Too much to expect I suppose.

Lawlessness and a clear and present danger to the American people; Obama and the democrats, their media minions, continue to take the liberties upon American’s freedoms.   Lying,  it seems, is the only remaining core value these people have anymore.

I predict that Obama will call for an increase in the minimum wage.  Which will cause more unemployment for young people.  But what’s the worry?  They can stay on their parents health insurance till they’re 26!  If they want college loans, they are forced to go through the government squirrel wheel cage, where their futures will spin with never ending debt.

I predict that Obama will continue to blame George W. Bush and Republicans for his lousy economic policies and the high unemployment.  Although, the media reports the unemployment rate at 7.6%, the actual rate is more like 15%.  Because the actual numbers are fudged by not reporting those discouraged workers who have dropped out of the job market.  I’m somewhat dubious of the statement of discouraged workers, because I believe workers want a job, but are having a hard time finding one.

I predict that Obama will call for a continuation of Unemployment insurance payments.  Let’s see, unemployment insurance is suppose to be only 26 weeks, but then it was extending to 99 weeks.  Some people have been on unemployment for the last 5 years!  So I expect Obama to call for more emergency unemployment insurance.  At what point do the people paying into the system start running out of money?

I predict that Obama will call for more renewable energy initiatives to combat global warming.  Translation; more taxpayer’s monies spent on failing technologies like Solyndra.  Somehow, the government in charge of energy development is a losing prospect for the American people.  Note that the Keystone pipeline sits idle, and the EPA continues its war on coal and fossil fuels.  I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how energy is renewable after it has been spent.  Especially, when there is an abundance of cheap available energy.

I predict Obama will call for the expansion of immigration amnesty for illegals.  A slap in the face to those immigrants that followed the law, waited in line, and did the right thing.  Expect to hear Obama repeat that same phrase, ‘it’s the right thing to do!’  Is it the right thing to allow lawlessness?  When does it end?  How is that fair to those that followed the rules?

I predict that Obama will continue to sputter divisive rhetoric using threats and intimidation.  I fully expect to hear nothing new of any substance that will help the economy.  I do expect to hear more lofty goals to increase jobs programs, but nothing to incentivize employers to hire.  Are we to expect new jobs are to be all government jobs?  How will that be paid for?

I predict Obama will make wild false claims about his policies.  He will say that his policies are working to help the economy, creating jobs, lowering unemployment.  He will continue to demonize groups like the Tea Party as obstructionist to his policies, and will be true.  After 5 years of failed policies and lies, how can anyone trust this President to tell the truth?

Obama has repeated, over and over, that he’s not willing to negotiate.  It’s my way, or the highway.  This divisive rhetoric is all Barry the Bullshitter has left.  For the next three years, I predict Obama will continue to lose the trust of the American people.  As the Obamacare employer mandate starts to roll out,  and more people start to lose their health care insurance, their doctors and their lives; maybe then will people start to wake up and start paying attention.


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State of the Union Drinking Game

Okole Maluna

Charting The Future

Charter Schools

On Thursday, February 2nd, the Hilo Tea Party and The Conservative Forum of Hawai’i sponsored the Heritage Foundation to speak at a dinner event in Hilo Hawai’i.  The dinner was held at the New Star restaurant in historic downtown Hilo where a packed house audience was in attendance.

Jennifer Marshal of the prestigious Heritage Foundation was speaking on “Hope for Hawaii Education: How We Can Win School Choice”.  Ms. Marshall is Director of Domestic Policy Studies for the Heritage Foundation, widely considered one of the world’s most influential public policy research institutes. In 2010, National Journal named her as “one of 12 power players” in Washington, D.C. for her work on school choice and education reform.  The following video explains how in Washington D.C., the Charter schools were successful, and how special interest groups sought to eliminate the program.




The history behind D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program:  In 2004, President George W. Bush signed into law the D. C. School Choice Incentive Act of 2003.  The program provided scholarships to students from low-income families to attend a private school of choice.  The program originally targeted about 2,000 students from low-income families in Washington D.C.  The program was a success.  Graduation rates were up, and the program was scheduled to expand to other locations.  But there was a problem.

In 2009, Dick Durbin (D. Ill) placed an amendment in the Omnibus spending bill to effectively end the scholarship program.  President Obama signed the bill even though he knew the benefits of the scholarship program to children of low income families.  Public Teachers Unions lobbied to end the scholarship program.  The Teachers Unions offer to the Democrats was this: We won’t complain about private or parochial schools for your children, provided you don’t help any other kids get the same chance.  In effect, sacrificing the children of low income families from getting the same educational opportunities as Obama’s and the Democrat congressional leaders’ children receive.  Ironic, because Obama was a graduate of Punahou School, this was a private school he attended.  Obama loyalties were to the Public School Unions and not to the children of the Washington D.C. area.

Obama and Democrats would rather condemn children of low income families to the cycle of poverty and failing public education system in exchange for Union Votes!

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Outraged by Obama and the democrats insensitivity to the needs of low income families desire to see their children get the same opportunities as the elites that inhabit Washington D.C., the Republicans acted.  In 2011, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) introduced the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act.  The law restored funding and allowed students to resume participation in the program.  The program will need reauthorization in five years.  Expect the Marxist Democrats to try and eliminate the program once again to satisfy the corrupt Public Unions.  Trading votes for children’s futures!



The Demands of Adults over Children:  In Hawai’i, Charter schools are becoming increasingly popular because of the educational success over their public school counterparts.  However, the Teacher Unions are very powerful.  Hawai’i is also not a Right to Work State.  Anyone that wants to be a Teacher in Hawai’i’s public education system must belong to a Union.  You have no choice!  That’s not true in Charter schools.  Even though the quality of education in the public system is woefully low, Charter schools continue to be vastly superior.  Yet, the public teachers’ pay scale is much higher than Charter school teachers.  Why is that?

What is School Choice?  In the video link to the Heritage website, it portrays a “Made Simple” explanation of how school choice works.  It all about value, expense and freedom!  From the example, in the video you will see how a centralized government controlled system that tends to throw money at the education performance problem, and forces rules on how the money is spent.




Qualifying Teachers credentials:  Another issue with the public education system is the teachers and their qualifications to teach.  Here in Hawai’i, the majority of teachers are good teachers and do a very good job.  However, there are some teachers that are clearly not qualified to teach.  Either because of their lack of knowledge in the subject matter, or their political views is injected in the curriculum.  More often, it is the latter.  For example, a teacher told me in very vehemently ways that she required her students to watch Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”.  Why?  Because she truly believes in the false message of climate change and that it is manmade.  Even though there is no actual physical proof that the world is warming, and that much of the global warming data has been proven to be fraudulent.  The teacher also required the parents to view the video or else the students grades would suffer.  Is this the kind of curriculum that will help students be successful, or is this political extortion for good grades?

A parent told me that his son’s teacher was using Monty Python’s Holy Grail as a history lesson.  At first I thought he was kidding, but it was true!  Was that laziness on the teacher’s part, or a deliberate attempt by the teacher to rewrite history?  In the public school system, there is either little or no accountability on the teachers’ performance.  Not so in the Charter schools where the teachers performance is tied to their salary, and their employment.  In the public school system there is no merit system to maintain the quality of any teacher’s performance.  Once a teacher makes tenure, then it is next to impossible to remove the teacher.

In the New York City school system, teachers with tenure and discipline problems cannot be fired.  Instead, they are placed in what it called “Rubber Rooms” where they spend the school day doing nothing and getting full pay for it.

That let rubber-room granddaddy Roland Pierre make a mockery of the system. He finally retired at age 76 last year — 14 years after he was yanked from PS 138 in Brooklyn and never taught again. Criminal charges in 1997 that he molested a sixth-grade girl were dropped. He got $97,101 a year.

This is an example where the teachers’ unions have so totally taken over the school system that it only benefits the adults, and the children are left to the mercy of an uncaring system.  Granted this is not the norm across the nations’ public school system, but it highlights how the system doesn’t work.

What is in the text books?  Even more startling is what’s in the textbooks that students are using to learn.  Equally important, is where these textbooks are coming from.  A recent report concerning history books that contained inaccuracies and in other cases, religious hate indoctrination.

In 2005, Abdurrahman Wahid, the then-president, wrote about the danger of the Saudis’ exported ideology, saying it was fueling a “well-financed, multifaceted global movement that operates like a juggernaut in much of the developing world, and even among immigrant Muslim communities in the West.”

It is disturbing that history books are being littered with omissions and outright distortions of American history.  The review process of these history books is either ineptly done or deliberate.  Public schools tend to remove any parental direction and guidance that reflect the parent’s values.  Instead, the course materials, and the teacher’s overt liberalism, often take a revision of world history.

The creation of many of these materials is made possible by Title VI of the Higher Education Act, under which select universities receive federal funding and prestigious designation as National Resource Centers (NRCs) for the study of places and languages which the government considers to be of vital importance. Eighteen of these centers — based at such institutions as Harvard, Georgetown, Ohio State, UC Berkeley, and the Universities of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington — focus on the study of the Middle East. As part of the federal mandate, each center assigns an outreach coordinator to extend its expertise to the community at large and to school-age children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Outreach usually includes workshops, guest speakers, books, pamphlets, and complete syllabuses broken down into teaching modules — with instruction booklets (and sometimes visual aids) for teachers.

If parents are not involved in their child’s learning and reviewing the textbooks, then what the child learns will carry them into their life’s values.  History can be distorted into a reality where the victim is at fault and the perpetrator is the innocent.  This is true when listening to Ron Paul’s political rants against the United States.  He is a perfect example of the “Blame America First” crowd.  When you look at his followers, they repeat his talking points like a broken Rolodex.  When challenging them on the accuracy of their claims, they quickly change the subject to deflect any cogent reasoning.

For example the 911 attacks on America:

A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Blame America-ism still permeates classrooms and the culture. A special 9/11 curriculum distributed in New Jersey schools advises teachers to “avoid graphic details or dramatizing the destruction” wrought by the 9/11 hijackers, and instead focus elementary school students’ attention on broadly defined “intolerance” and “hurtful words.”

Middle-schoolers are directed to “analyze diversity and prejudice in U.S. history.” And high-school students are taught “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” — pop-psychology claptrap used to excuse jihadists’ behavior based on their purported low self-esteem and oppressed status caused by “European colonialism.”

In Virginia some history books were so filled in inaccuracies it was breathtaking.  For example:

In the version of history being taught in some Virginia classrooms, New Orleans began the 1800s as a bustling U.S. harbor (instead of as a Spanish colonial one). The Confederacy included 12 states (instead of 11). And the United States entered World War I in 1916 (instead of in 1917).


The review began after The Washington Post reported in October that “Our Virginia” included a sentence saying that thousands of black soldiers fought for the South. The claim is one often made by Confederate heritage groups but rejected by most mainstream historians. The book’s author, Joy Masoff, said at the time that she found references to it during research on the Internet. Five Ponds Press later apologized.


But that’s not all; in the Educational Research Analysis November 2002 Newsletter reported 249 overlooked factual errors in United States history, including the United States Constitution.

“The Judiciary Act of 1789 provided for a Supreme Court ….”

“Judiciary Act of 1789 a law that established … the Supreme Court ….”

– The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century (McDougal, 2003), p. 74, par. 5, lines 2-3; and p. R59, col. 2

When in fact:

The 1789 Judiciary Act did not “provide for” or “establish” the Supreme Court. Article 3, Section 1 of the Constitution did that. The text itself admits this on p. 93, top right margin, “More About … Federal Courts,” lines 1-2. The Act did set the number of associate Supreme Court justices at 5.

In researching this article, I’ve tried to search out those egregious errors that I’ve either read in published newspapers, or in video documentaries that are apart of investigated reporting into education material.  I have fact checked my links to the best of my ability, and I have tried to expand to the reader the scope of the problem in educational material and the problem with inaccuracies.  With the wealth of information, both real and fiction, it can be challenging to provide an objective viewpoint.  So, I welcome any critique of this post.

My question to Ms. Marshal after her presentation was: “What do you suppose is the single reason for the decline in Public education today?”  I asked that question knowingly what the answer was, and I was correct.  Unions!  Adult needs over the children’s!  That’s all I needed to know.

Ka Wā Mahope – Future



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Coffee Talk with Crazy Mazie Hirono

Chock Full Of Nuts Party

My Congressional misrepresentive Crazy Mazie Hirono(D-HI) graced her presence yesterday in Hilo.  She was here speaking at the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) hall, located at 100 West Lanikaula street.  Billed as a Coffee Talk, the purpose was to meet with constituents and discuss issues important to those in her congressional district.  I find the term “Coffee Talk” interesting; was that a slam against the Tea Party?  You know, those rambunctious Constitutional protestors that swept their way into the Congressional House of Representatives during the 2010 midterm elections, threatening to take back their country.  Anyway, here’s how the meeting went down:

We arrived at the Union hall at 4:40PM; the meeting is scheduled to begin at 5PM.  There’s a pretty good crowd gathered already here, and there’s more people filing in to the Union hall.  As we find our seats that are arranged in a circular style, the Ohana (family) style, as we later learned.  Coffee and doughnuts are available, and Hirono’s staff quickly tries to break the ice to make everyone feel welcome.  By the way, this union supports the Occupy Wall Street people.

5PM comes, and goes, and so far, Hirono’s a no show. More people are arriving, and I believe we have about 50+ people in attendance now.  Someone hands out a publication called “Aloha ‘Āina Ea Ea“.  It is a newspaper/pamphlet that covers island stories about social injustice.

Someone else hands out a single page letter entitled “The Slippery Slope of Indefinite Detention“.  It is an opinion piece on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), H.R. 1540, which Hirono, and 283 House Representatives voted for, including Representative Hanabusa(D-HI).  Along with 93 Senators, including Senators Inouye(D-HI), Akaka(D-HI), that also voted for this bill.  Only 7 Senators voted against it.  It is ironic that a bill which allows the government to arrest, and detains anyone the government deems a terrorist, was voted for by three Japanese Americans.  Obama signed the bill, with reservations, on New Year’s Eve December 31, 2011.  Ambiguity remains about the bills language but that’s for another post.  So back to Mazie Hirono and Coffee Talk!

At 5:15PM, one of Mazie’s staff members, Marvin, arrives to explain that our Representative is still meeting with island agricultural business people.  While Marvin is explaining the format of the meeting, and asking that people remain civil in their questions.  Mazie finally arrives and the meeting begins.  And what a meeting it was!

Almost immediately, there is open hostility.  One woman wants to know how the order of questions will be asked.  That gets quickly diffused as Hirono takes to the floor and begins the meeting.  Hirono outlines her priorities: Jobs, Education and Infrastructure.  Investments in the future, but little on specifics on how to pay for such investments.  There’s talk about Kupuna and Keiki care in Hirono’s opening statements, with emphasis on how Paul Ryan’s(R-WI) budget would hurt entitlements.  Again, addressing problems, but offering no solution and slamming GOP solutions.  The cheap shot at Paul Ryan’s was uncalled for since Marxist democrats haven’t produced a budget for almost 4 years.

The first question, er, statement for Hirono:  A LGBT person, that identifies themselves as being from Germany?  With a thick German accent, this person launches into a tirade on being appalled by Hirono’s NDAA vote.  Then into ghey rights, Occupy Wall Street, aqua farming; this seems to go on and on, for better than 5 minutes, as a list of grievances doesn’t seem to include an aluminum pole to celebrate Festivus!

It is a sign!  A sign of how this meeting is going to turn out!  BADLY!  Hirono answers the non-question with a non-answer, of course.  A rambling incoherent reply that references Dennis Kucinich(?), another progressive communist, and some Party of Peace, or something.  Then Hirono describes her personal life of growing up with an alcoholic father, a single mother and how life just wasn’t fair.  How she’s against the marriage bill.  It just goes on and on!!!

The second question, or statement; is from a rather angry woman that rants about losing her partner to Hepatitis C.  Then continues ranting about Rat Lung disease, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), pesticides and Geothermal energy.  Was there a question in there?  Nope, it was just another rambling rant.

Not only does Hirono filibusterer a non-answer, but her response is as lengthy as the constituents rants.  It’s using up valuable time, and it’s obvious I won’t be able to ask any questions.  It’s clear the meeting is turning into a bitch-fest, and is fast deteriorating in purpose.

The Geothermal question, statement comes up again, with even more directed hostility.  A woman accuses Hirono of trying to gas the residents of Puna where the island’s only geothermal plant exists.  The claim that Geothermal is not clean and they should be encouraging more solar alternative energy.  Hirono has a chance here to talk about tax credits on solar, but she doesn’t discuss it.

After that long rant, Marvin from Hirono staff asks the woman, what the question was:  The woman replies, “What are you doing to do about it?”  Marvin reminds the audience for the second time to be civil in their questions.  Hirono explains that she’s all for alternate energy and anything that wasn’t oil based energy.  Much of our electricity is generated by oil.  Alternatives such as solar are expensive and priced out of reach of most people.

Hirono does address the need for better medical services, but she doesn’t outline any plan to address the real need for doctors on these islands.  We have a shortage of doctors here on the Big Island.  Most doctors are not taking on new patients and most are general practitioners.  We have some specialist, but if you need to see a cardiologist, you have to go off island.  Hirono had a real opportunity to discuss the real need for more medical services, but never discussed it.

The GMO’s subject gets a comment from the audience about labeling foods to identify which are GMO free.  Hirono agrees that labeling would be a good idea.  This pacifies the audience to a degree.

The next question, or accusation from OWS supporter claims all members of congress are bought and paid for by Wall Street.  Hirono takes umbrage with that and defends herself as independent of Wall Street influences.  Another questioner states that health care should be paid for by Wall Street since “they provide no social value“, and then asks Hirono if she supports capitalism.

Hirono finds herself on the defensive again.  She explains she supports Dodd-Frank legislation and that jobs are not created by the private sector.  Really!!??  Jobs are not created by the private sector?  Another person asks about corporations like Monsanto that were bailed out.  I wasn’t aware that Monsanto was ever bailed out, but an obvious frustrated Hirono explains it this way:

“The bailouts were necessary to prevent a world-wide depression, Hirono said.  “Wall Street had no accountability and something needed to be done to keep teachers working“, she said.  Then Hirono went on to say that the House Republicans favors an unregulated Wall Street.  She claimed that the Republicans support shipping jobs overseas.  Slams the GOP!!!  Typical Marxist propaganda by Crazy Mazie Hirono.

It’s now 5:49PM, and the audience is becoming increasingly hostile.  Again Marvin from Hirono’s staff reminds people to be civil in their questions.  Now comes the conspiracy question.

A gentleman asks about 911, and bombing Iraq, planned preemptive invasions of Iran.  I’m thinking we have a Wrong Paul supporter asking questions.  Hirono replies that was the policies of Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz and asked where the questioner heard that?  “It’s on the radio every day”, the questioner replies.  I was curious about that claim since we only have one news and sports radio station in Hilo.  I guessing this person is referring to George Noory’s Coast to Coast Am program.  Conspiracy theories like that of Alex Jones Prison Planet.

When asked about drone strikes and killing American citizens; Hirono replies that she favors diplomacy over military actions.  That did placate many of the people in the audience.

The subject of Veterans came up and everyone agreed more needs to be done to support Veteran causes.  I wondered about all the returning Veterans and where they will get jobs.

Another question brings up Individual Liberties.  Specifically, the case of Roger Christie who is currently in a Federal prison on O’ahu for the sale, distribution and growing of Marijuana.  Christie created the THC Ministry in Hilo and was busted for selling pot.  The questioner wondered why murders, rapists and robbers get released, but Christie has been in jail for so long.  Hirono claimed she didn’t know anything about it.

The last question statement of the evening was an obvious labor union person asking Hirono to repeal the Taft-Hartley Act.  This person also said something interesting; he told Hirono that she shouldn’t use the GOP as strawman argument on anti-union laws.

Hirono replied that Unions empower people, and that there is a frontal assault on unions and the NLRB.  She said more education needs to be done.

Hirono started wrapped up the meeting by summarizing the meeting points.  She outlined the problems, but offered no solutions.  She blamed the GOP as the root of all the problems.  She explained that infrastructure jobs will help repair “our crumbling roads and bridges“.  That prompted someone in the audience to ask why she voted against the Keystone Pipeline.  She explained that we need to work for more alternative energy sources, and that more oil is not the solution.

In the following video clip, a university person asks a question makes a rambling statement about Social Security and the ending the Bush Era Tax cuts.  Which Hirono quickly says the Bush tax cuts are only for the rich!  Keeping with the Marxist rhetoric that only the rich benefit from tax cuts and that tax cuts robs the treasury from much needed taxpayer money. Hirono uses the classic Class Warfare argument that other democraps use to try and convince people that Republicans only care for the wealthy, and not the poor and middle class.

Sorry for the pitchiness

@4:15 in the video, Hirono says we should be creating jobs.  Citing special treatment for the returning Veterans, Hirono states that congress hasn’t passed one single jobs bill.  But that’s not true at all.  There was the stimulus that was supposed to create shovel ready jobs.  Obama said those jobs weren’t so shovel ready.  Hirono Lied!!  An audience member quips that jobs should be for everyone and that Veterans should wait for jobs like everyone else.  A little heat in the kitchen??

@4:40 a sympathetic constituent makes a rather odd statement about change and how it will effect us.

@7:00 Hirono thanks everyone and then complains that some people did not treat her with Pono (respect) she thinks she deserves.

@8:00 Hirono speaks about Ohana and Aloha, and then starts ranting about yelling and screaming, and coffins being left on peoples lawns!?!  Then strangely brings up guns and the Gabby Giffords tragedy?!?  What was she implying?

The meeting ends with a traditional Lei gift.  Overall, I’m not sure what was accomplished by this meeting, or rather bitch session.  An opportunity to present ideas was lost.  Hirono was obviously ill-prepared and did not bring anything of substance to her own meeting.  She played the blame game and never once spoke about her own accomplishments, or lack thereof.   All Shibai!


What’s for Dinner?







Why Teachers Unions Must End

Greed.  It’s simply all about greed.  Both Unions and Big Government have failed students attending public schools.  The students never have a chance.  The teachers don’t care, and government regulations stifle education.  Public Union Teachers are not poorly paid.  Their salaries and benefits are better than private educators.  On average, the public teacher’s yearly salary is about $80,000 to $100,000 dollars.  Their health benefits and pensions are paid for, by tax payer dollars for life. Whereas, the average private worker is earning $40,000 to $60,000 a year, and they pay for their own benefits and their own pension.


But it is out of Private Workers Taxes that go to pay for Public Workers Salaries and Benefits.


The Communist in Chief, Obama, has encouraged the Wisconsin teachers to fight back against the states legally elected governor, Scott Walker.

The state is only asking for the teachers to pay their fair share of their own benefits.  Union bosses are refusing and are demanding the state raise taxes.

With an unemployment rate over 7% and a budget shortfall in the millions of dollars, the state would lose more private industry if taxes go up.

The National Socialist Democratic Party has sided with the Unions, as has the communist dictator Obama.

The president’s political machine worked in close coordination Thursday with state and national union officials to get thousands of protesters to gather in Madison and to plan similar demonstrations in other state capitals.

Their efforts began to spread, as thousands of labor supporters turned out for a hearing in Columbus, Ohio, to protest a measure from Gov. John Kasich (R) that would cut collective-bargaining rights.

Wisconsin’s legislative democrats have left the state, and are hiding to prevent a vote to force the teacher unions to pay their fair share.  Their “Skin In the Game“.

“Everybody’s going to have to give”

“Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”

Obama said

Apparently, public unions are excluded from that.  Teachers in Wisconsin are taking a sick day to protest.  Isn’t that illegal?

Let’s consider grading Public Teachers, shall we.  The best way to judge the performance of Public Teachers is by the success of the graduation rate.

Differences: The rate of public school students entering college after graduation has fluctuated between 62-67% in recent years. A variety of factors come into play which result in that relatively low matriculation rate. The drop out rate in public schools tends to have a negative effect on matriculation data.

In private schools the matriculation rate is typically in the 90-95% range. Minority students who attend a private high school are more likely to attend college than minority students who attend public school according to NCES data. The reason why most private high schools do well in this area is that they are generally selective. They will only accept students who can do the work.

However, public teachers performance is decidedly less than private educators.

The event in Wisconsin should awaken every parent that has a child in a public school.  Do you want your child to succeed in life, job, wealth,  success, and in their pursuit of happiness?  As guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States.  Why allow public union teacher go unaccountable?  Why let state and federal government go unaccountable?

Governor Scott Walker campaigned on reforming public education and public unions.  Why are the unions surprised by his actions?

Next, there’s Civility.

Selective hearing and selective reasons:  Unions want a meeting with the Governor, but are the Unions willing to bargain in good faith?  Absolutely not!

She can hear you, she just doesn’t want to answer the question.

The states don’t have the money to continue to pay for these bloated salaries and benefits.  The Public Unions don’t want to bargain in good faith.  The taxpayers are caught in the middle, and it’s about time states begin to reconcile this.  Teacher reconciled this by taking the student to the protest.  Using the students as shields and pawns, but the students didn’t even know why they were there.

We’re trying to stop whatever this dude is doing?

How much more despicable can you get?  Teachers are using children that should be in school, as unwitting protesters.  This is criminal activity.  It’s plain and simple.

So what’s a parent to do?  You want the best for your child.  You want to send them to the best schools.  But what if you can not afford to?  They’ll throw you  in jail.  That’s exactly what happened to an Ohio mother.  When a school is failing your children, what do you do?

An Ohio mother’s attempt to provide her daughters with a better education has landed her behind bars.

These are the policies of the National Socialist Democrat Party and their Union Thugs.  They prevent children from getting a better education.  They keep the poor, poor.  They target the poor for extermination by forcing them to abort their children.  The democrats and the public unions are pure evil.

What’s For Dinner?

Pan Seared Catfish with Steamed Jasmine Rice and Vegetable Medley






A Liberal Education

Kula Kumu, it means teachers school.  There’s a new movie coming out called “Waiting for Superman“.  It involves and outlines what is wrong with the Education System in America.  Why are schools failing our children?  Are bad teachers being kept in the system, because they are protected.  And if you are a good teacher, why are you not recognized for your success?

Nothing against teachers as a whole organization, but you must admit, you people have a problem.  Your Unions are destroying your future and your children’s future.  Your neighbors children, your relatives children, are all at risk of not having the skills to enter the world.  The skills to make them successful.  The knowledge to innovate, communicate, and to provide.

For anyone, that has children in the school system, please watch this, and learn.

BG – John Nolte

Again, this is not against Teacher, but the Unions that keep Bad Teachers in the system.  The Unions are destroying your credibility to be Professional Educators.  Your education, in your field of expertise, is being challenged.   Your dedication, to the success of your career, is being chiseled away.  You pay into a system that has you locked into future  of entitlement.  No self reliance.

No Relevance either.  Vouchers, Home Schooling, and Private Learning Institutions are cleaning your chalk board.  Your Unions are sucking at your wallet and what are you getting for it?  The promise of a pension and health care for life?  Are you  looking at the funnel?  The funnel of dwindling support?

BG – Kyle Olsen

There is Teaching, and there is Indoctrination

What’s For Dinner?

Teach A Person To Fish

It’s Easier to Fix a Child, Than A Broken Adult



From The Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

A painting depicting President Barack Obama next to a hammer and sickle symbol hung for nearly two weeks at Hallsville High School. It was taken down Monday after complaints.

A student with excellent political insight?  Teachers allowing free thought?  How long did the painting hang before the first complaints started coming in?  What were the complaints about?  I’m impressed and distraught, all at the same time.  I want to know what were the major complaints about this painting.

Even though she was disappointed that the painting was taken down, she said the issue served as “a good learning experience” for staff and students. Some students, she said, didn’t understand why the symbol was controversial.

“Everyone was like, ‘Why is it so wrong? Because it’s pink?’ ” Williamson said of the painting. “I think even some adults didn’t understand it.”

If children, and adults, do not recognize the honesty in the painting, then we are as a country doomed to Socialism.


Courtesy: Zombietime.com

Not entirely related, but equally amusing; San Francisco Tea Party people were well equipped to handle the Pro-Obama Kooks.   It’s ironic, and classic Lyndon LaRouche. Plus, it’s funny.  Sorta ironic in the way the left characterized Bush as Hitler, the far loony, try to pass themselves off as Tea Party people.  Some people plan things out, then some people plan things badly.

Either way, I’m wondering if anyone sees the larger picture?


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