Unsettling Science


Upon questioning, the EPA Chief Gina McCarthy, cannot answer simple questions about the environment.  The person wanting more taxpayer monies for a corrupt agency under liberal progressive control, cannot cite basic questions about the environment.  It proves that environmentalism is lie, a joke, a corrupt government agency.

Listen to this crap from the EPA Chief!


You would expect the person running this agency would know the answers off the top of their head.  Was McCarthy unprepared, or incompetent?  

“Climate change is real. It is happening. It is a threat,” McCarthy said. “Climate change is not a religion. It is not a belief system. It’s a science fact.” 

This, from the same person that claims Global Warming is not a religion?  Science Fact?  Yet, she cannot produce any science facts to prove her claims.   How is this possible?  How does this person continue to keep her job?

We know that the science behind global warming is a hoax.  We know there is a larger agenda to control the lives of people with crushing government regulations.  We know the left is manufacturing lies to scare people into believing the climate is being controlled by humans.

These lunatics believe the government is spreading mind control chemicals through commercial aircraft.  They call them “Chem-Trails


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants you to believe that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is dangerous and should be classified as a pollutant.  This is insanity!  Carbon Dioxide is a necessary component for life on this planet.

This is the same argument that population control people have been using for years.  They believe that humans are a pest, an environmental flea that can be shaken off.  George Carlin had a great comedy skit about this. NSFW!

The real reason is revealed by the United Nations Climate Chief; It is to destroy capitalism.

At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

These people are “Crony Capitalist“, they are responsible for the corruption of real Capitalism.  Real Capitalism, like real Conservationist, protects the environment and resources.  Helps economies grow and thrive.  They believe in real science and real results.

These global warming people are science fiction bullshit artists.  They call anyone that doesn’t believe in their religion of climate change, a denier.  They have called for the public execution of anyone that disputed this “settled science” .

They believe that science is a consensus, that you vote for the result.  They remind me of the ancient heretics that would burn people at the stake for denying their religious word.  Their god of intolerance.

The Obama regime has used this practice to attack legitimate industries.  This is the disease of liberalism.  It is a mental disease and undoubtedly the greatest environmental danger to the planet, and humankind.

Under the government force of the Obama regime, progressives have damaged the environment, the economy and the planet; all for a false religion of Gaia.   From GMO technology to Guitar manufacturing, the progressive movement has proven to be anti-environment, anti-law, and anti-human.




What’s For Dinner?

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Simple Soft Boiled Egg



Obama’s EPA Nominees Have No Knowledge Of How The Weather Works


The Hoax Of Global Warming


It is amazing to listen to Obama’s nominees to the Environmental Protection Agency’s display their ignorance of how the environment works.  Their lack of science  knowledge regarding what is known as Global Warming, also known as Climate change, or the “weather”, and how it works is appalling .  Just watch this exchange between Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Janet McCabe, Obama’s nominee to head the EPA’s Air and Radiation office, at an Environment and Public Works Committee hearing earlier today.  It proves one thing: Obama’s nominees have no science knowledge of how the climate works, and they ignore the scientific community’s findings about global warming.  They make up their own facts.


How are these people even qualified for the job?


Now watch at the end of the video where Barbara Boxer (Communist – Kalifornia)  tries to sneak into the record an unscientific inference used by global warming activists to falsely claim man-made warming exists, and that a heated atmosphere causes increases in hurricanes.  Boxer uses a dishonest attempt to change the facts and use a false hypothesis.  There is no scientific evidence to support the theory that when the air warms it “can” create more hurricanes.  There’s no way to accurately measure that claim since the world temperatures are different at different levels in the atmosphere.  The evidence is right there in the IPCC report that there has not been any increase in either hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other weather anomalies because of warming in the last 100 years.  Yet, Boxer and McCabe are going to ignore the scientific evidence anyway.

These environmentalist kooks are so determined to create an atmosphere of fear in the public, they are willing to spread false information to create a public panic.  Why?  What For?  Money!  Follow the Money!  

It has always been about the money.  Rich liberal donator’s get kickbacks in the form of taxpayer’s monies for campaign donations.  Every single one of Obama’s donator’s were awarded with taxpayer’s monies to create “Green Energy Companies”.  Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, and Beacon Power, are just a few of almost 100 companies that received millions of taxpayer’s monies, only to go belly-up!  This is something the private sector would have never invested into because the business model would have nevered worked!  Because of government regulations, the high tax base, and foreign competition;  read more here and here!

Albert Gore claimed in his movie, The Inconvenient Truth, a fictional documentary claiming that global warming exists and is caused by mans activities.  Remember his claim that the Polar Ice Caps will be melted by 2014 if the government didn’t take control of industries, force people into government controlled cars and homes, and shut down all fossil fuel development.  A huge hoax!

None of those claims have proven to be correct, just the opposite has occurred.  If there is such a thing as man made global warming (and there isn’t), then the cause would be from bad government policies.  The waste of money the Obama regime has spent is a form of environmental pollution.  However, that hasn’t stopped environmental madness from destroying the environment.

The environmentalist don’t want to consider that the medieval Warming Period, which lasted from about AD 950 to 1250, was not man-made, there were no SUV’s running around back then.  The growing seasons were longer and people lived longer.  In contrast, a cooling earth makes for colder seasons, and more famine and death.  It seems the environmentalists prefer death over life!




The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the largest solar array in the world, and the largest migratory bird frier.  That’s correct!  Environmentalist plans for “clean energy” using solar energy is killing birds that fly over the array and burning them to a crisp.  Nearly 350,000 gigantic mirrors are generating 1000 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.  Isn’t that heating up the atmosphere also?  Isn’t this making the Earth’s temperature increase, exponentially?  Are environmentalist willing to slaughter animals to protect the planet?  Is this their barbaric sacrifice to their God Gaia? 

Worlds Largest Solar Plant


Of course, we’ve all seen the video’s of  birds being clobbered by the windmills that were suppose to be generating “clean energy!”



I live on a volcano that emits tonnes of sulfur dioxide everyday!  More than all the U.S. coal fired power plants emit in a year.  When mixed with the atmosphere, it returns back to Earth as acid rain.  That’s my drinking water when properly filtered, and my water I use to irrigate my farm.  Our primary source of power is fossil fuels, and  that power is supplemented with wind, solar and geothermal.  We have the resources in this country to produce our own power cheaply, but environmentalists are against using cheap forms of energy production.  They prefer to use expensive unreliable sources of power.  Energy sources that have detrimental consequences to the environment.  It doesn’t make any sense!  Environmentalists are killing animals and destroying the land to install unreliable energy sources.



Does This Look Environmentally Friendly?


In Kalifornia, Barbara Boxer’s home state of insanity, the government has cut off the supply of water to the central valley.  What was once the most productive growing region in the world lays waste  to man-made drought, all because of a fish, a common smelt.  The environmentalists would rather starve people of jobs, homes and the environment, all because of a minnow!  That’s dangerous thinking, that’s foolish thinking, that’s pure idiocy!  This is the way democrats think!  They ignore science and facts, and promote fairy tale utopian societies; they put people’s lives and our way of life in danger to the cruelty of the world’s realities.




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The Earth’s Bounty Of Fresh Vegetables




The Green Toilet

Ever since Obama took office, spending by the Regime and the Socialist Democrats has gone into overdrive.  There is no sign the communist democrats in congress are willing to stop bankrupting this country.  Now, the regime has launched its minions to create a “distraction” and blame republicans in the House.  Using the same mantra of accusing republicans of doing nothing.   How can this be when the socialist democrats own the senate and the presidency?  It’s a lie!

Notice how Nazi Piglosi continues to blame George Bush!  After almost 4 years of socialist mismanagement by the democrats, they are going to pass off their failures onto republicans.  Are you buying this crap?  The republicans own one third, of one half of congress.  The democrats own the Senate and are sitting on Republican Jobs Bills that Prince Harry Reid will not bring to the floor.

The democrats trot out their caucus to spread lies and deception to the American people.  Republicans have several jobs bills already submitted, why haven’t we heard about them?  This is what really bugs me about the GOP; they won’t defend themselves against these attacks.  However, this morning on Fox News with Chris Wallace questioned Debbie Wassamatterwitherhair Schultz and the squirming to the burning question of policy mismanagement went on blame overload.

Solyndra was but one of many Green companies that the Regime pumped billions of tax payers monies into.  They have either failed, or have left the country for China.  Obama, along with GE’s Jeff Immelt joked about it.  They though it was funny that “shovel ready” wasn’t “shovel ready” as they expected.

But the fun doesn’t end here, there’s more!  The Obama regime’s track record of picking winners and losers is wasting taxpayer’s monies.  Is this responsible government and are the republicans at fault?

The ugly politics continues at General Motors. The Chevy Volt continues to costs taxpayers huge amounts of money while offering little in return. Cronies that are politically connected at companies like Fisker, Tesla and GE benefit as well as wealthy purchasers of the vehicles who receive $7,500 supplied by taxpayers who are average Americans that can not afford the car, much less the subsidies. All the while supporters of the vehicle imply that the Volt is benefiting society in some great way (with no substantiation) and is worth the billions of dollars purloined from taxpayers. And if you don’t like it, prepare to be attacked.

Billions of taxpayer dollars were recklessly spent in green projects that have benefited unions and Obama’s rich fat-cat campaign donor friends.  The bond holders and the American taxpayers are losing money over these bad investments.  The government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers.  The Soviet communists tried and failed to build an industrial complex equal to the United States.  Obama is following in the same failed steps as the former Soviet Union.

The failed Range Fuels wood-to-ethanol factory in southeastern Georgia that sucked up $65 million in federal and state tax dollars was sold Tuesday for pennies on the dollar to another bio-fuel maker with equally grand plans to transform the alternative energy world.

Not only is the Obama Regime wasting money in failed green technologies at taxpayer expense, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put heavy handed regulations on businesses.

The EPA, along with major environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and others, have engaged for decades in a massive propaganda effort to convince Americans they are imperiled by the nation’s air and water. It is a lie. As the author of “Regulators Gone Wild”, Rich Trzupeck notes, “Though our world is actually cleaner than ever, most Americans are convinced it is dirtier.”

It is this propaganda that the Socialist Democrats have been pushing on the American people.  The lies and deceptions are what the socialist are planning for Obama’s reelection campaign.  Because Obama cannot run on his record of accomplishments, they will resort to blaming Bush, blaming republicans and the American people.  Remember Obama said Americans were lazy.

Corruption by the Shovel Full

Remember when Joe “BiteMe” Biden touted John Corzine as the advice counselor on the economy?

Everyone has heard about Corzine’s company MF Global going bankrupt, and they illegally mingled customer’s cash in with their bad European investments.  They lost billions!  Yet, there’s O’l Joe Biden telling the American public to “trust me”!  But that wasn’t the first time O’l Joe called on Corzine, and this time, John Corzine crafted the plan for the economy.  Listen to this!

Rewards for such patriotism doesn’t go unnoticed, at least you can get a mansion in France with all that money Corzine….um, misplaced?!?!

Vanity Fair reports on Corzine’s personal life as well, saying that on October 15, two weeks before MF Global filed for bankruptcy, Corzine and his wife, Sharon Elghanayan, were at a birthday party in Paris talking about a château they were about to buy in the South of France.

Usually, the “tip of the iceberg” is what follows with such ironic hypocrisy.   How much more corruption is floating around the Obama regime that we just haven’t heard yet?  Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Socialist Democrat party.  A vote for them is a dollar removed from your wallet!  Or maybe more!



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Chicken Vegetable Stir Fry over Chow Fun Noodles







Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice implies that an injustice has been done.

While the Obumble’s regime continues to stumble into one political scandal after another, the quiet destruction of our economy is being systematically carried out by the EPA.  I like to think of the Environmental Protection Agency as the Employment Prevention Agency.

This regime that refuses to prosecute real criminals, has selectively decided that there are environmental victims that now need justice.  Who are these victims of such evil environmental segregation?  Consider this statement from an EPA senior adviser:

“Far too often, and for far too long, low-income, minority and tribal communities have lived in the shadows of some of the worst pollution, holding back progress in the places where they raise their families and grow their businesses,” said Lisa F. Garcia, senior advisor to the EPA Administrator for Environmental Justice. “Today’s release of Plan EJ 2014 underscores Administrator Jackson’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that all communities have access to clean air, water and land, and that all Americans have a voice in this environmental conversation.”

Plan EJ 2014 is EPA’s strategy to meet the mandate of Executive Order 12898, “Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations,” which states that each federal agency, with the law as its guide, should make environmental justice part of its mission.

Executive Order 12898 was issued on February 11, 1994 by then President Bill Clinton.  You can read the whole text of that Executive Order here.  The Environmental Justice movement came about in the 1980’s, and the EPA created the Office of Environmental Justice (Offices of Administration and Resources Management) in 1992.  Originally named the Office of Environmental Equity, the purpose of the department was to integrate Environmental Justice concerns with the EPA’s existing programs.

However, Plan EJ 2014 states in the following goals:

  • Protect health in communities over-burdened by pollution
  • Empower communities to take action to improve their health and environment
  • Establish partnerships with local, state, tribal and federal organizations to achieve healthy and sustainable communities.

The EPA calls Plan EJ 2014 a strategy for integration of Environmental Justice into the EPA’s day to day activities and that this is not an regulation or rule.  Yet.  In 2014, the EPA will issue an “assessment” of its progress in implementing the goals of Plan EJ 2014.  A report will be issued detailing the accomplishments, lessons learned, challenges, and next steps in enforcing environmental justice.

How does this redefine the EPA’s authority?  Other than issuing environment grants to various groups, does this grant the EPA more power to regulate and apply rules?  Who are these people, the low income, minority and tribal communities, that the EPA considers living in the shadows of the worst pollution in America?  Where are these places in America that are holding up progress?

Remember in 2009, the EPA declared dust a pollutant.  In particular, coarse particulate matter.

In its opinion yesterday, the court upheld EPA’s rule for farm dust, saying that the industry petitioners “mistakenly equated an absence of certainty about dangerousness with the existence of certainty about safety.”

While the judges acknowledged that evidence about the dangers of rural dust is “inconclusive,” they said that the agency was not required to wait for conclusive results before regulating a pollutant believed to pose a significant risk to public health.

This is significant because it sets the precedent for the EPA to further regulate just about any industry, business and home without any evidence, reason or need.  The agency doesn’t have to wait for studies and research to declare anything it wanted as a pollutant.  Such as CO2.

EPA’s endangerment finding covers emissions of six key greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride – that have been the subject of scrutiny and intense analysis for decades by scientists in the United States and around the world.

By declaring Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant, the EPA has chosen to endorse junk science.  Not only is Carbon Dioxide a naturally producing gas, it is also a necessary gas for life on this planet.  How does the EPA regulate CO2?  What will it cost and who will the rules affect?

The EPA has been issuing, quietly, rules as a part of the Obama regime’s policy on Cap and Trade.  What the regime couldn’t do by legislation, they’ve been doing by Executive Order Fiat.  Even though the regime had to delay implementing several of own regulations:

For the second time in four months the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that they will again delay the release of their much anticipated global warming regulations.

Only after the regime realized that its EPA regulations would cause major power grid interruptions in order for power companies to comply with the rules.  During peak time in the summer and winter when demand for electricity is high, power plants would have to redirect power causing rolling blackouts.  Not only would that cause great public hardship, it could also cause emergency first responders from performing public safety duties.  It would cause an interruption of businesses causing millions of dollars of lost revenue.  It could actually put people’s lives in danger.


Caveat Emptor


Another important issue is the money trail.  While the EPA is doling out million dollars in grants, who will be auditing how and where the money is being spent?  Who will be held accountable?

Due to its ambiguous definition, the amount of money distributed for environmental justice is difficult to track.

Many of these justice grants, however, have been issued through Environmental Justice Small Grants Program, which started in 1994 and has awarded more than $21 million in funding to 1,200 local organizations for environmental justice. In 2010, the Obama administration distributed $1.9 million, more than another year in over a decade.

At the beginning of this year, the EPA awarded another $7 million to “scientists around the country,” as part of the Science to Achieve Results (STAR) research grants program, to study how pollution affects “poor and underserved communities.”

The Environmental Protection Agency should be renamed to the Employment Prevention Agency, because the Obama regime’s track record on green job creation hasn’t been very good.  All those green-jobs that were to be created by taxpayer loans are failing.  These green companies are going out of business and the government is losing billions of taxpayer dollars in bad investments.

Solyndra, the solar panel company whose highly publicized failure and consequent investigation by federal authorities has flashed across headlines recently, isn’t the only business to go belly up after benefiting from a piece of the $800 billion economic stimulus package passed in 2009. 

At least four other companies have received stimulus funding only to later file for bankruptcy, and two of those were working on alternative energy.

Environmental Justice implies that an injustice has been done.  The EPA has made a claim that people who are low income, minorities and tribal, are being discriminated against by polluters.  Are there examples of such discrimination?  Which low income, minority and tribal groups are affected by this charge by the EPA?  This country has some of the most stringent environmental law in the world.  Clean water and clean air has never been better.  So who are the unfortunate ones?

In this Fox Business News video by John Stossel entitled “Freeloaders”, shows the difference between Indian tribes that accept government money, and those that use the capitalist free-market system.  Clearly, those that employ limited government enjoy a higher standard of life.  Could it be that government programs, grants and rules interfere with the health of the community?  Could it be that the government is the source the pollution segregation?

As a part of Obumbles plan to redistribute wealth, and the EPA’s pattern of waste and fraud, the regime has obviously identified some group it considers victims of Environmental Segregation.  If this is so, then who are the perpetrators?  Who is the target of the EPA’s wrath?




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Home Made Banana Bread






Keeping the boot on the neck of bad government

File this one for the good good guys.  Senator David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, has put a hold on the pay raise of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar until he allows he allows more oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.


“Every day, Interior’s policies are costing more Gulf energy workers their jobs. But the Interior secretary needs a raise? That’s ridiculous – it’s offensive,”



Mr. Vitter said in a statement to The Washington Times. “I’ll do everything I can to block his raise until Gulf energy workers are at least where they were in terms of work and job security pre-BP. I really want to see new deepwater exploratory permits being issued at pre-BP levels over a three-month period.”



Bad Guys Wear Black Hats


The man in the black hat has only issued one new deepwater exploratory drilling permit since Obama’s job killing moratorium was lifted in October of 2010.  This is causing the oil rigs to move out of the Gulf of Mexico, and taking with them thousands of jobs.  The Interior Department has been over-regulating the industry into stagnation, and its being done deliberately.  It’s costing jobs and draining the economy.



The Obama administration is preventing job creation and raising the price of oil by preventing drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Bravo to Senator Vitter in using creative methods to spread the pain back to the people causing it.  Obama once said he wants to spread the wealth around, then why not spread the pain right back to the administration that’s causing job losses.  Let them feel our pain.



The Interior Department, like the EPA are destroying jobs, is making our economy sick.  Obama is using European socialism policies like leeches to promote Green Energy which doesn’t exist.



What’s For Breakfast?







Nanny State Of Mind

I was reading, with an incongruous quality of amusement,  House of Eratosthenes latest blog-post on shopping in lands where plastic bags are [probably] banned, and whereas the use of said items are considered Public Enemy #1.  In simpler times, when convenience was in vogue, the acceptance of items like plastic bags were a suitable alternative to the culling of the forest lands for making paper bags.  In simpler times.

I save my plastic bags and reuse them

Now, accordingly to environmentalist nutjobs everywhere, plastic bags are the scourge of the world.  They get into the oceans, and the fishy’s eat the plastic bags, causing the fishy’s to float upside down.  It’s a terrible situation.  Something has to done.  Think of the children!

Worst yet, I just received my latest issue of Time Magazine, a mistake I made when using up some frequent flier miles that were going to expire, anyway, a rag that’s evolving its way to extinction.  Unless of course, Time Magazine is deemed, too big to fail.  Where would Joe Klein go to redistribute his wealth of mental prowlness.   If [prowlness] could be a word.  Time reports about the Perils of Plastic and wants to know how Washington will protect us.


[Click on the picture above to see more]

National Geographic News has documented a huge trash pile floating in the Pacific Ocean.  This trash pile has been there for a very  long time.  A very long time.  Only now, is anyone paying attention to it with any sincerity.  You can literally see the thousands and thousands of plastic bags piled in bunch floating in the ocean.  Amongst the millions and millions of other rubbish that dominates this Water World floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  On this floating refuse lives a variety of sea creatures that have come to live and feed off the remains of mans destruction to the planet that he resides on.  That’s pretty harsh and snarky don’tcha think, huh?

[click me]

Indeed, there are plenty of stories on the web about this environmental disaster brought on by a wealthy and greedy nation, the United States of America.   Wait Just A Gosh Darn Second!!!  We aren’t the only inhabitants on this planet.  There are other countries that exist on this Pale Blue Dot that floats in the universe.  These other nations are somehow excluded from the list of polluters to this planet because they are, developing nations.

It sounds more like we have a rubbish problem, and not just a plastic bag problem.  Even here in Hawai’i, we have our do-gooders, our champions of the environment, our Cass Sunsteine nudgers that are bound and determine to regulate our lives so that they can feel good about themselves.

Nudging Reality

This is Cass Sunsteine, an outgoing professor at the University of Chicago Law School, Department of Political Science, and Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for the Obama Administration, is interviewed to talk about his latest book, co-authored with Richard Thaler, Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness. He kinda reminds me of a movie quote:

Personally, I liked the university. They gave us money and facilities, we didn’t have to produce anything! You’ve never been out of college! You don’t know what it’s like out there! I’ve worked in the private sector. They expect results.
– Dr Ray Stanz (Dan Aykroyd), Ghostbusters

Listen carefully to how Sunsteine explains how free markets are bad and evil, and government mandates and bans are also bad, but not as bad.  But because we humans are too stupid to make the correct decisions for ourselves, the government should be the one that nudges the populace towards environmental goals, health choices, and happiness, as defined by the ruling Junta.  By making it more difficult, more expensive, and more unpopular, to enjoy those conveniences, those freedoms, those choices, we all to have, and use with personal satisfaction.  Having the benefits thereof to make your own decisions, a thing of the past.  The arrogance.  We can make better decisions than you can.

Rather than whacking the big club of  government over the head of the common people [like Obamacare], of a community, a nation, all the inhabitants of a place; being that of a planet:  Nudge them along with suffocating regulations.  Make freedom uncomfortable.  Make wealth unworthy.  Make happiness, well, palatable.  Like food that is merely acceptable and not especially good.

I have no idea what this is, but I know I don’t like it.

This leads me to a previous post regarding both plastic bag bans and green insulation.  The plastic bag ban is obvious in itself, but the Green Insulation is the Californication of Hawai’i.   Perhaps, the Californication of America.  Always a trend setter, California, defines the meaning of a crumbling leftest state government, deeper in debt and possibly too big to fail, California is a poster child of excessive government.  Next to New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, spending more than you take in is a time honored liberal badge of merit.  Welfare is also fall-back strategy.

Don’t ask what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.

Pete Hoffman, County of Hawai’i Council District #9 representative, a staunch defender of European socialist values, and a follower of the Free Federal Money dole.  You know, that Federal Welfare system that gives out taxpayer monies, the money that we are taxed on and redistributed to other people.  Pete believes that chasing federal taxpayer money is how we make Hawai’i a bit more like California.  Same building codes, same regulations, same taxes, and same debt, as California.  Hoffman’s profile states he used to be in Army Intelligence.

Since election to the Council, Pete has stressed the need to revise the Council’s outdated land use regulations that have stifled infrastructure development. He has introduced bills to modernize concurrency laws, update zoning policies, and has been a principal advocate for the Community Development Plans. Among other priorities, Pete believes this County is in desperate need of an effective Impact Fee ordinance, requires a major energy self-sufficiency program and a significant affordable housing program.

I lifted this from Hoffman’s county profile.  The term concurrency laws is troublesome.  Even more troublesome is the Impact Fee Ordinance. What the hell does that mean other than more taxes.  We all need more taxes.  Don’t we?

There’s that nudge again.  Spending other peoples money is what liberal democrats do best.  Sometimes, it’s all about the environment.  Changing the environment to meet California standards.  As if California standards are worth living for.  However, what it does, is make the cost of living in Hawai’i more expensive.

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