April Fools


Aloha, ‘Apelila ‘akahi (April first). It’s day eight of the Stay at Home directive. More restrictions on travel and quarantines have been enacted by Governor Ige. A mandatory 14 day quarantine for all individuals traveling inter-island Hawai’i. Noncompliance is punishable by a fine up to $5,000 dollars and up to one year in jail, or both. How does this apply to the homeless?

The graphic above shows the density of the Communist China Wuhan Virus spread on the Hawaiian Islands. With O’ahu being the hotspot. The virus is heavy from Honolulu, Waikiki through Kaneohe and Kailua. The virus thins out as you get further away from the population densities. That’s the current status of the coronavirus.

This blog posting is not a April Fools Joke. Nothing in this posting will be a joke, nor a prank. I wanted to highlight some of the insanity that we are allowing government to restrict our rights, our liberty and our freedoms. I can understand the need to secure the safety of the people from the virus, but using draconian means don’t necessarily meet the needs. Here’s some highlights:

Hernando County Sheriff’s office arrested Tampa, Florida, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne for purportedly being in violation of the social distancing order put in place by neighboring Hillsborough County, where the Pastor’s church is located. Even though they were practicing social distancing.

Mayor Muriel Bowser is threatening residents of Washington, DC, with 90 days in jail and a $5,000 fine if they leave their homes during the coronavirus outbreak. What happens if you’re outside standing on your lawn, or sidewalk?

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), Big Apple Maggot, is threatening to “permanently” close the meeting places of religious organizations that persist in holding services while the city is shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Abortion clinics are considered essential and must remain open, but places of worship must be closed. I wonder if that included mosques, so far, in NYC, they seems to be exempt. All out of the fear of political correctness and racist perception. In NYC where Jews are beaten in the streets by radical muslims and the police do nothing.

In several states, lawmakers have included elective abortion among the procedures classified as “non-essential,” attempting to cut down on the spread of the novel coronavirus and preserve necessary medical supplies that are in short stock across the country. According to federal judges, that’s a violation of the constitutional right to abortion.

So let’s reason this logic. Church non-essential and must be closed. Abortions are essential and must remain open. Why is Planned Butcherhood considered essential and praying in churches non-essential? I thought we were supposed to be saving lives, not destroying them. Where is abortion in the Bill of Rights?


When you take away peoples right to assembly, the right to religious freedom, then you become nothing more than a secular state that has no humanity. There’s no value on life. You are just a commodity to the state to be used until your value is no longer needed. Your government becomes like China where any dissent is met with harvesting of your organs.

In Kalifornia and New York, the government is releasing criminals from prisons to prevent outbreaks of coronavirus. At the same time, they are preventing the sale of guns and ammunition. So as citizens, you cannot protect yourself and family from criminals that might break into your home. Steal your property. Or worse, murder you and your family.

In Seattle, if you think you are being called names call 911. Seattle police chief tells residents to call 911 if called names amid coronavirus pandemic. That’s a good use of police emergency time. In England, they do this thought speech crimes.

Does this include the antifa thugs that Seattle allows to roam the city threatening people? Apparently not. Whenever antifa shows up, the Seattle police stands down. Does any normal Seattle citizen believe believe the police will protect them? I doubt it. As the following video shows.

So anyone can call 911 and a police officer will come out and investigate someone calling someone a name they don’t like? A misgender pronunciation could be considered a hate crime. Steve’s feelings were hurt because he wasn’t called Eve? This is the insanity of the left taking away our rights and allowing criminals to run the city.

What we’re seeing is the confiscation of our liberties and freedoms. Once people get used to this socialist government state, people will be compliant government demands. In large metropolitan cities where younger people either don’t understand their freedoms or expect the government to take care of them, they vote these people into office.


Our weather today was sunny and nice.Temperatures in the mid-70’s with humidity at 80%.

I received in the mail my ballot harvesting signature card. I’m supposed to sign the card for verification of my ballot on election day. Everything is mail-in voting. It’s ballot harvesting and voter fraud. The democrats are pushing hard for mail-in voting. It’s how Kalifornia became a single party state. They cheat.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻEkahi, ʻApelila


And Then There Were Two


Stuper Tuesday results: Joementum Builds. Breadline Bernie Slips. Mini Mike Bloomberg Drops. Lieawatha kick-a-poo joy juice

Those are just the headlines. The real meltdown is just beginning. As I predicted, the democrat race will be between Quid Quo Pro Joe Biden and Breadline Bernie Sanders. The two Sesame Street curmudgeons. One that looks like he slept in his car and the other that can’t remember where he’s at. This is going to be a popcorn election. The democrats neither want Sanders nor Biden. They know both cannot beat President Trump. So the democrats have quickly called in the endorsements for their lesser of two evils, creepy Joe Biden. Let the Meltdown Begin!

This language shows fear. Donna Brazilenut knows what’s coming in November. The democrats fear breadline Bernie the most, but they can live with Biden’s creepiness. It wasn’t surprising when Rep. James Clyburn, a democrat and best friends with racist Louis “Calipso” Farrakhan, endorsed Biden. Since Barry the Bullshitter Obama doesn’t appear to want to endorse his former VP, it’s left to the far left radicals to support Biden.

I call them communists, but the democrats call themselves ‘Progressives’. That’s just code. They are upping their game with threats and intimidation. Their foot soldiers are the violent black bloc antifa fascists. The fake news media is their propaganda mouthpiece. Their war is against the United States Constitution and the American people. They hate the people that voted for President Trump, and as their former racist fascist leader has said, “We will punish our enemies, and reward our friends” — Barry the Bullshitter Obama

The socialist democrats values campaign: Kill The Unborn Babies. Confiscate All Guns. Raise Taxes and Regulations. Illegal Immigrants Over American Citizens. That’s the socialist democrat’s campaign message. The American citizen last. No wonder why the democrats want to give drivers licenses to illegals. It’s to allow them to vote in our elections, even though illegals are not eligible to vote. The democrats want to rig the elections so they remain in power forever.

The socialist democrats claim that abortion is a healthcare right. The islamic terrorist in congress, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-MN), claims abortion is a Constitutional right. Where that is in the Constitution, I don’t know. I suppose Omar believes honor killings are also in the Constitution. Just how tied are the democrats to their sacrament of abortion?

Enough so to threaten Supreme Court Justices that haven’t even made a decision yet. People whine about President Trump’s language and tweets, but I have never heard the President make a physical threat towards anyone. Will Chucky Cheese Schumer be held accountable? Probably not. Democrats can and have always gotten away with this crap. Schumer would turn his own family over to the Nazis and lead them into the gas chambers. Schumer is a fascist.

After the Stuper Tuesday primary, I went onto twitter to see the reaction by the Bernie Bros. The Bernie Bros are the antifa fascists of the democrat party. They hate America. The have openly called for a revolution of violence if their candidate isn’t chosen. They believe that Bernie is being cheated by the democrats. This reminds me of what led up to the 1968 democrat convention in Chicago. Only this time, it might be worse. Many said that they will vote for Trump if their Beanie Bernie isn’t the nominee.

Meanwhile, democrats are breathing a sigh of relief that their man, creepy Joe Biden, is leading the delegate count. The Chinese would love for Biden to win the election just to have America return to the decline and allow China to be the next world superpower. The deep state would regain the government again while Biden naps in the Oval Office.

Nighty Nite Joe


Our weather today is mostly rain and overcast skies. Temperatures in the low 70’s with humidity at 94%.


Kēia Ka Lā ‘Eha Malaki


Triggered Rage

Ever wonder why you don’t see a lot of Trump bumper stickers on vehicles? Why you don’t see people wearing MAGA hats and t-shirts? It’s because of the violence the left does to people who support President Trump. People don’t want their cars keyed or damaged because of a Trump bumper sticker. People don’t want to be physically attacked because they’re wearing a MAGA cap or a Trump t-shirt. Too often these act of violence are not isolated events. You see these people with wild eyes widened, they start huffing and puffing, and then they lash out screaming, punching, kicking, and acting insanely nuts.

Republican volunteers in Jacksonville, Fla., were registering people to vote in a shopping center Saturday afternoon when a man drove a van through their red tent, then fled, according to law enforcement officials, an incident that has drawn condemnation from prominent Florida lawmakers and President Trump. This nutcase tried to commit mass murder because people were registering voters.

Ever since President Trump was elected, a rash of violence against Trump supporters has been happening around the country.

Women attacked, people chased down and beaten, elderly people beaten. This hasn’t stopped at all. Practically no police support at all. These triggered rage nuts riot and cause property damage besides beating people. Where are the police? The police are ordered to stand-down and let the triggered nuts rage. There’s no accountability and very few get arrested and charged. Sometimes the innocent people get charged and accused of instigating the rage because of the MAGA hat and t-shirt. This is law enforcement acting insane.

In Portland Or, the antifa fascists are free to roam the streets attacking people with the police standing by doing nothing.  In other cities antifa fascists attack people attending Trump rallies or institutions where the owner is suspected of supporting the President. As I said, this a a nation wide problem and it seems to be getting deadly as we get closer to the 2020 election.

Maxine Waters a democrat representative Kalifornia calls for violence against Trump cabinet members and supporters. Politicians are calling for violence against citizens because they support the President. Why are members of government not held responsible for encouraging violence? The reason why is the double-standard of justice for democrats. They’re not held accountable.

Threats and intimidation is nothing new with the democrats. They have a history of violence dating back to the formation of this country. The KKK was a democrat foundation, and now antifa is the next generation of fascism in America. I hope the President designates antifa as a domestic terror group and prosecutes them. Most of antifa are white over-privileged middle-class and rich kids. They have no discipline, they were raised with no values, no decency. They mostly live with their parents, in the basement and spend all their time on their X-Box when not rioting.

In Hawai’i, I see political bumper stickers all the time. A lot of them are for Breadline Bernie Sanders, and some local politicians. Many of these people are aging hippies that live a survivalist/minimalist life. Many of them are hooked meth addicts. They smell, badly. They don’t appear to wear deodorant or wash.

Who do you think these triggered ragers will vote for? Answer: Breadline Bernie Sanders. These are the same people that believe in government free-stuff. They don’t want to work and support themselves, they want the government to take care of them. This is the root of the problem. These people are either ageing hippies or kids that were never raised with any values. So they listen to the socialist democrats message that corporations and the very rich are keeping them down.

A Project Veritas undercover video showed a man identified as a campaign organizer for Democratic presidential hopeful Breadline Bernie Sanders saying “cities burn” if President Trump wins reelection and predicting violence against police at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.

Asked what would happen if Mr. Trump is reelected, the man described as Sanders campaign field organizer Kyle Jurek said, “F–ing cities burn,” adding, “I mean, we don’t have a lot of time left, we have to save f–ing human civilization.”

These triggered nutcases are not kidding. They will attack people if the President is reelected. This is the fascism America has to wake up and realize we must protect ourselves. Now you know why people don’t wear MAGA hats and Trump t-shirts.

Hollyweird makes fun of Trump supporters and portrays them as bullies and pariahs. The fake news media rarely reports these acts of violence and the media seems to encourage it.

It’s not too funny when people get attacked in real life.

A retired NYPD officer says a woman punched him in the face over his MAGA-style “Make Fifty Great Again” birthday hat.

According to reports, the former cop, Daniel Sprague, was celebrating his 50th birthday at The Stage bar on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, and donned a red “Make Fifty Great Again” hat given to him by his wife.

Sprague told WSMV that people came up to him and were “just loving the little word play on the hat and taking pictures and wishing me happy birthday.” However, Sprague claims one woman approached him and ultimately punched him in the face, grabbing his hat and shouting, “How dare you.”

The woman must have had keys in her hand because the wound on the man face was deep and bleeding badly. They’re still searching for the woman. Do you know of any incidents where Trump supporters have committed violence against anyone? I haven’t, and if there were, it would be on the fake news media 24/7 with calls for investigations. The media is truly the enemy of the people.

Please be careful out there folks. These people are nuts.


Our weather today was sunny and warm. Temperatures in the mid-70’s with clear skies. The afternoon brought in some clouds, but as the evening approaches the temperatures are dropping and the humidity at a steady 66%.


Kēia Ka Lā ʻUmi Kūmālua Pepeluali


Mayor Antifa

The mayor of the city of Portland, Oregon, is an antifa terrorist and he’s also the police commissioner. Mayor Ted Wheeler has enlisted a army of fascist over privileged white millennial’s to wear black outfits and covering their faces with black masks. Supposedly to prevent the parents of these basement dwellers from being identified. They might be an embarrassment.

Linwood Michael “Woody” Kaine, is the son of Senator Tim Kaine, democrat for Virginia, was arrested for disrupting a Trump rally.

Linwood Michael “Woody” Kaine ANTIFA

Like father like son, antifa is a democrat spun domestic terror group. Democrats support domestic terrorism. Democrats will not disavow and condemn acts of violence by domestic terror groups. Obama’s campaign was partially funded by Bill Ayers, a convicted domestic terrorist. The Clinton body count increases with the mysterious death of Jeffery Epstein. Joe Biden’s relationship with members of the KKK and communist China. There are many more examples where democrats support a socialist agenda to obtain and keep power.

In cities and States, where democrats are in a Super Majority, corruption, crime, and decay, spreads like a cancer. People are suffering while these politicians are feeding like parasites off the misery.

Violence and intimidation are their tools of tyranny. It’s not any different than what dictators have used to control the people. As matter of example, democrats are following the same terror tactics that brought them into power. Control the media and you have a propaganda machine that hides the truth. Notice that almost all the left-wing news anchors are former democrat apparatchiks.

Now back to Mayor Antifa Wheeler: watch as this creep refuses to condemn antifa as a domestic terror group on Fox News.

Mayor Antifa has endorsed antifa violence. This Saturday I predict that Wheeler will make the police stand down against these domestic terrorists and arrest the victims of their violence. This is how democracy dies.





The Greatest Generation

On June 6, 1944, 74 years ago, the Allies invade Western Europe in the largest amphibious attack in history. A horrible world war that killed millions, with some of the worse atrocities committed against fellow humans. Known as ‘D-Day’, the first day of the invasion by the fighters of freedom. The following days were listed, D+1. D+2, D+3, and so on.  The armies of Nazism and Fascism were on their way to defeat.

Unfortunately, an unholy alliance with Communist Russian on the eastern flank, the allies on the western front, was successful in cutting off Nazi supply routes to divide and conquer. The Russian alliance eventually evolved into the Cold War. The rise of Communist China also set in motion the enslavement of people. Millions died under Mao and Stalin. The world was war weary, the rebuilding of Europe and Japan had begun.  The world with left with the oppression of communism, and the prosperity of capitalism, and eventually, capitalism won. The economics of capitalism had proved that communism doesn’t work. Although communism still exists, along with its counterpart ‘socialism’, both remain a threat to individual freedom and liberty.

Those that fought in World War II are called the Greatest Generation. Because the men and women, fought and died for the future generations of the world against the armies of darkness. Men went to fight, and women worked the factories and provided military support. As Ronald Reagan said in a speech, “We are only one generation away from losing our freedoms.” 

Conservative Radio Talk Show host, Dennis Prager, often blames the greatest generation for not preparing the younger generation about the threat of totalitarianism. He right! As the idea of socialism creeps into American politics, and schools, as a Utopian alternative to Capitalism, with the promise of free housing, food, jobs, healthcare, and all the comforts of a state run government. Capitalism represents hard work,  successes, and failures, but the liberty to try again to find happiness. Socialism represents free stuff. Yet, doesn’t explain how and who would pay for free stuff. The problem with socialism, once it is enacted, it’s damn hard to get rid of it. Obamacare is a good example.

So, on this day, we remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice, and set in motion America’s greatest and prosperous time in history. It’s too bad the millennial generation hasn’t been taught about the sacrifices their grandparents made for their freedoms. History tends to repeat from time to time. Those that don’t learn from the mistakes of the past, are doomed to repeat it. That’s why World War II was a repeat of the first world war.








Democratic Fascism

When evil is disguised as noble cause to trick people into thinking the democrats are for the little guy, the down-trodden, the unfortunate, don’t believe it. As with the old saying, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Democrats have a history of lying for power.

For examples: I wrote about Net Neutrality and how the democrats pushed hard not to have Net Neutrality rules rolled back. Because it was a way to control internet content. It had nothing to do with throttling internet speed rates. It had nothing to do with allowing large ISP providers to restrict content, just the opposite. During the hussein regime (barack, barry, hussein, sotero, obama), 1930 FCC title II rules were applied to the internet. It was under the guise of protecting the internet. That was a lie. It was to restrict content of the internet.

As a result of rolling back these unnecessary rules, the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, was threatened with death threats. The left even went after his wife and children. Today, my Hawai’i State senator, Brian Shatz, a misrepresentative in the US Senate, is calling for restoring these rules. He also believes in global warming and multiple genders. He’s science illiterate and for the exception of being a democrat, no one is listening to him. That’s a good thing.

Google is a perfect example of this intolerance. They fired an employee just for writing a common sense article about workplace diversity rules.  Diversity in the mind of the left is fascism. We’re now learning that Twitter is doing the same thing.

This progressive left wing prejudice against anyone that has a different opinion usually ends up with someone’s career, life and reputation is destroyed. Companies with these far left prejudices are restrictive to the point where “thought” is hunted down with the sole purpose of weeding out people the fascist left doesn’t like. This dysfunctional attitude is also reflected in Google’s search engine results.

This isn’t limited to just Google, but also to Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich who was forced to resign because he supported traditional marriage between a man and a woman. This resulted in husseins policy of discrimination against people of conscience. Where bakers, florists, and people of faith were discriminated because they chose not to participate in an activity that violated their beliefs. The rise of the fascist gay mafia. They could have went to another bakery, another florist, another browser, but they chose to attack people of conscience as an act of spiteful revenge. If the gay mafia thinks they are inspiring sympathy, they’re wrong. It brings contempt.

This leftist fascism has infected most universities. It has inspired violence and property damage.  Claims of a campus rape culture has evolved, and yet colleges have sex week celebration.  Then there is gender dysphoria where anyone who wants to identify as another gender can do so, even if their plumbing doesn’t match. You can be disciplined for not using the correct gender designation. In Kalifornia, you can be sued, fired, and jailed for not using the correct gender designation. These are just a few of the liberal fascist logic.

Some of the most egregious violations of our Constitutional rights were committed by democrats in the regime of the hussein.  Using the Bureau of Land Management, Harry Reid and his son, tried to forcibly steal land from a rancher by using the weight of the federal government as the muscle.  The Bundy Ranch had been managing the land for over 150 years, well before Nevada statehood. The government decided to acquire the land and force the ranchers to pay the government grazing fees. In a sense, it was legal extortion.  The federal government cannot manage the land as effectively as ranchers have for generations. It was a money grab.

The democrat fascist left was emboldened by the hussein regime. They violated people’s Constitutional rights with impunity. After the election of President Trump, the democrat fascists went violent. Assaulting people, destroying property, death threats, all with the blessing of a corrupt fascist media. They police were told to stand down, and give the fascists “room to destroy”. This was the husseins regime of a scorched earth policy. The result of eight years of class warfare and open racism. In particular against Caucasian people. You hear calls of “White Privileged” and disparaging comments of whiteness.  The hysteria of removing heritage history by the democrat left is almost Nazi like in its effect.  What’s ironic is some, if not most, of these people, are white.

As mentioned, the Fake News Media encouraged this, even promoted this lawlessness. As the Trump administration came into power, the shrill calls by the democrat fascists have been nonstop with the anti-American rhetoric. Americans that voted for Trump were now being hunted and attacked. These are the actions of democrat fascists.

Why? Because the Trump administration promised a return to “law and order”. This country has been severely damaged by the hussein regime. From fascist lawlessness to illegal immigration, the democrats fascists were not going to give up their socialist grip and lust for a return to power corruption.  The democrat fascists are not hiding their contempt for the American citizenry, they’re very transparent about it.

For example: This is the DNC deputy chairperson. A radical muslim that supports radical islamic terrorism and a islamic caliphate. The fascist democrat want nothing more than the overthrow of the United States of America and our Judeo-Christian values.

Everyone knows the domestic terror group known as “antifa” is a pro-fascist socialist organization. They incite violence and cause property damage. They wear black ski masks to hide their faces. Look how enamored Ellison is. The only thing Ellison hasn’t publicly endorsed is the murder of Jews in America, but he will defend islamic terror.

A third Muslim imam in the United States has been recorded citing an Islamic text that prophesies the killing of Jews by Muslims.

As with the other two imams, Abdullah Khadra, speaking at a mosque Dec. 8 in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, was responding to President Trump’s Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Ellison is not the only muslim in congress, there is this other savage Andre Carson. He wishes American Schools Should Be Modeled After Madrassas, to be more like islamic terrorist training camps. Both of these people in congress have strong ties to the muslim brotherhood, which is identified as a terrorist organization. This is who the face of democrat fascism is.

BAMN – “By Any Means Necessary” is a violent democrat sponsored fascist group. They are one of many groups that the democrats use to commit acts of violence. The spread of these fascist has penetrated deep into the federal government. From the IRS, the FBI, the Justice department, where corruption is rampant at the highest levels. Since President Trump’s election, these groups are slowly being uncovered by their treasonous actions.  I shutter to think what the alternative would have been.

It’s not over, there is still embedded in the government a level of corruption that is very dangerous. Private companies like Google can used your personal information, but the government can do far worse. The government has guns, your personal information, your banking information, your tax information, and for a long time, democrat fascists were close to ridding Americans of their Constitutional freedoms and rights. I don’t think people actually really realize this fact. After all, the hussein did say :

We Are 5 Days From Fundamentally Transforming America

If you loved your country, then why would you want to transform it?






Mommy’s Little Fascist

The Snowflakes are dancing in the streets. Beating up the people they meet. Destroying corporations and capitalism jobs. All because the snowflakes say they are oppressed.  If only they lived in either a islamic or communist country, then they would really know what oppression is about.  Mommy has to cover up their face so they can’t be identified.  They do that because they are cowards.

Take for example the hate group that calls themselves Black Lives Matter.  This racist group of fascists are based on a lie, but they are being funded by leftist guilt based fools.  Rachael Dolezal and Shawn King, two white people pretending to be blacks, and leftist idiots are believing this nonsense.  It’s like these gender confused pansy men and women that identify as another gender.  I guess there is something wrong with their plumbing, but the plumbing problem is between their ears.

They have a Resist movement, like a constipated bowel movement, all the shit stopped up in the brain is making them look and talk like crap. It gets really old listening to them stomp their feet, hold their breath, and act like spoiled brats that got their safety blankets and pacifiers taken away.  They don’t want a time-out.  They don’t want to grow up.  Of course not, because Obama said they don’t cease to be children till they reach 26 years of age. They never grow up.  They will become wards of the state.


The Militant Snowflake





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