Internet Censorship

The FCC has voted 2-1 to repeal the onerous Obama era rules to control the internet.  Under the false claim that the internet needs to be fair and equal for everyone. The charge that ISP (Internet Service Providers) were throttling the speed and bandwidth of internet access in favor of customers that were willing to pay for the faster service.  That was never true.

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants the commission repeal the rules that reclassified internet service providers as if they were utilities. He thinks the open internet rules adopted under former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, were unnecessary and harm jobs and investment.”

Essentially, the Obama regime wanted to take control of the internet and make it a public utility.  In effect making the internet like a service controlled by the government. Similar to water, sewer, and electric services, the internet would be controlled by a government panel where access cost and content would be controlled by the government.

However, the internet is a source of innovation and free market development.  That freedom would have been taken away by the government. An innovator would have to meet certain government regulations in order to meet government regulatory approvals. Thus throwing a road-block into developers to improve, develop new technologies, and provide open access to the internet.

The internet is not an essential public utility. People lives would not be irreparably harmed if they didn’t use the internet. The internet is more of a luxury than an essential public service. Electric, water, sewer are essential public services for obvious reasons of health and quality of life.  However, the internet is luxury.

There are people that live off the grid without internet and telephone services, and they survive just fine. My parents couldn’t make heads or tails of the internet, even though they took computer classes at the community college. I remember my father complaining about popup ads and asking why do they do this on the internet. I said it’s like a newspaper, but with ads that popup to get your attention.

People worry that their internet access and costs would be at the mercy of the ISP provider. The beauty of a free market internet is that you are free to choose your ISP provider.  Just like newspapers, you can switch to another publisher, and just like your internet provider, you can switch to another ISP provider.  If you don’t like Comcast, then you can switch to another provider like either Time-Warner, Verizon or some local provider.

Under a “One-Size-Fits-All” net neutrality government run utility, you don’t get a choice in providers. You get what the government approves. The government isn’t effective in controlling commerce, but the government would try to control internet content and that’s a scary thought.

Because Net Neutrality would be government controlled, it also means the government would control the content on the internet.  The internet would be subject to political influences.  The Alt-Left socialists, a.k.a. democrats, want to censor and restrict access to internet content.  Just like when the “Fairness Doctrine” was passed in 1949 to restrict the content on the radio.  Net Neutrality would restrict Free Speech.  The socialist left in America is pushing hard to restrict your First Amendment, and they are not trying to hide it.

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was — in the Commission’s view — honest, equitable, and balanced.

Thus the name “Net Neutrality”.  The left claims it would make the internet fair and balanced, but in reality it would restrict the content and censor free speech.  The left is good at creating flowery names to impose socialism on Americans.  President Ronald Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and that has brought freedom to the radio airwaves. The explosion of Conservative Talk Radio has become very popular.  Just like freedom of the airwaves, freedom of the internet is essential for the proliferation of free expression.

If you don’t like the opinions, then the solution is simple! You change the channel!  Just like newspapers, if you don’t like the content, then you can find another newspaper.  That is the value of a Free Market Capitalist system. The popularity of Conservative Talk Radio has moved to the internet, and the purpose of Net Neutrality is to restrict content as “honest, equitable, and balanced”. Which is socialist code for censorship of free speech.

Here’s an example: Remember “Air America?” Air America was a leftist radio program organized by socialists personalities to counter the popularity of Conservative Talk Radio. It didn’t last very long. Why? Because of the content. It’s wasn’t entertaining. It was mostly hate speech and it quickly turn people off, and the people switched off Air America.  The free market determined the fate of Air America.  If Net Neutrality were enacted, then the government would fund this content to keep it on the air.  Is that a good use of your tax dollars?

Keep the Internet Free From Big Government





Are There Limits To Free Speech?


The short answer is No!  When our Constitutional Rights are affronted by cowards that would capitulate to murderous savages, then they neither deserve security nor liberty.  That is the case regarding the attacks against the American Freedom Defense Initiative  in Garland Texas by Islamic terrorists.  The event was about cartoons.

Luckily, there was an police officer there with superior marksmanship skills and thwarted what could have been a bloodbath.  What happened afterwards was shocking.


The media blamed the attack on the American Freedom Defense Initiative.  The group is organized by Pamela Geller.  She runs the blog Atlas Shrugs and she is an activist fighting for free speech rights in America.  The group has been responsible for fighting back against Islamic jihad terrorism around the world.  By bringing awareness to the public what the media refuses to discuss, the slaughter of innocent people around the world by radical Islamic terrorists.  It was about satirical cartoons and some believe that was being too provocative.


Never have I’ve seen such sympathy for intolerant Muslim trash. The Muslims were there to kill people, and the media is calling a Free Speech event a provocation. There has been numerous Islamic crimes around America: Ft. Hood shooter, Boston bombers, New Jersey beheading’s, Oklahoma grandmother beheaded, honor killing of teenage girls, and the list goes on and on. There is the media, blaming the victims and not the Islamic terrorists.

Megyn Kelly to Richard Fowler, “Do you hear what you are saying?”  You’re asking people to give up their First Amendment right to free speech.  At least there were some journalists that understand the meaning of Free Speech.  Irregardless if anyone finds speech offensive, it is still protected speech.  I was really surprised that some Fox News journalists took the side of the terrorists.  Terrorism is not free speech.


Muslim clerics would find women in dresses and high heels as provocative, because they are not dress in hefty garbage bags.  In Islamic countries, women dressed like Martha MacCallum would be stoned to death.

Woman-with-three-kids Local Muslim Woman and Her ‘Three Children’ Mistakenly Picked Up By Municipal Trash Collectors

Via The Volokh Conspiracy:  The University of Minnesota decided to host a panel on the Charlie Hebdo murders.  After receiving complaints from Muslim students, the university’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action [EOAA] ordered staff to take down copies of the flyers, both from bulletin boards and from any university Web sites.

Luckily, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts, John Coleman, promptly reversed that order, and has also refused to go along with the EOAA’s request that he publicly condemn the use of the Muhammad image.  Fortunately, it looks like the academics at the University of Minnesota, including the dean, understand the principle of Free Speech.

There doesn’t seem to be any issues with satire against other world religions.  Christianity with crucifixes in jars of urine.  Jews depicted in Muslim cartoons as monsters.  Buddhist and Hindus illustrated in disparaging cartoons.  However, you don’t see any of these religions committing murders in the name of their religion.  Then again, Islam is not a religion, it is a cult of intolerance and slavery.

Leftist in America and Europe have coddled these Islamic extremists.  Cowards will always capitulate to terror.  Barry the Bullshitter (Obama), said that the prophet of Islam must not be slandered.  Why not?

While Obama says nothing about the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East, Obama has plenty to say about racial tensions in this country, and he continues to fan the flames of racism.  Obama seems more concerned about Islamic terrorists, than the safety of Americans.  We have two Muslims in Congress that want Sharia law enforced over Constitutional Law.  Leftist democrats are promoting a welfare state for votes.

Now, the terrorist group ISIS says they will murder Pamela Geller and kill anyone who shields her.

The terrorists also say they have 71 fighters in 15 different states and they 23 have signed up already for missions like the failed Sunday attack in Garland, Texas.

What is this country doing about this threat?  One of the dead terrorists was known by authorities, and yet he attempted to murder people.  The terrorist only need to win once, and then people will ask, “how did this happen”.  It’s because they let it happen.



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Uninstall FireFox!



I cannot believe Mozilla’s decision to fire Brendan Eich, the chief executive of Mozilla and the maker of Firefox.  My once favorite browser is now dead to me.  Uninstalled and Gone!  I’m using a different browser now.  I will not tolerate facist hate groups, nor will I tolerate any company the caves to totalitarian demands by these hate groups.

Because Brendan Eich was forced to resigned after coming under fire for his 2008 support of Proposition 8, the Kalifornia constitutional amendment that disallowed the marriage of same-sex couples in the state.  Which, at the time, both Obama and Hillary Clinton supported traditional marriage also.  Now out of convenience, Obama decides to evolve for votes.  Rubbish!

Under pressure by liberal hate groups, like OkCupid, which I will refer to from now on as OkStupid, that ran a smear campaign against Firefox.  By the way, OkStupid’s co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan once donated to an anti-gay candidate Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah) in 2004.  Read about that here!  Hypocrites!

I’ve taken the time to let Mozilla know my feelings about this, on social media: Facebook and Twitter.  I also let them know my feelings at their support website.  This kind of intolerance cannot stand.  Hate groups that can force a person to lose their employment because of expressing their personal views is simply wrong; this is is nothing more than nasty intolerance by bigots.

What was so wrong that Eich had to be made an example of?  He donated $1,000 to Kalifornia’s Prop 8, which was overwhelmingly voted in, and then overturned by an activist gay judge.  He didn’t besmirch gay people.  He didn’t insult gay people.  He didn’t express hatred towards gay people.  He just expressed his support for traditional marriage.  So his voice is to be silenced by intolerance hate groups, a small minority of loud mouth bullies, that practice the new age of McCarthyism?!?!





I live and work with people that are gay, and they are as outraged by this as I am.  I support traditional marriage, marriage between one man and one woman.  If two men, or two women, want to pretend to be in a traditional marriage; fine, knock yourselves out.  Don’t expect me to recognize it as such.  No one is preventing you from doing so.

On Fox News over the weekend, a Gay rights activist and blogger John Aravosis defended the activism that ultimately led to Eich’s resignation, and raised the hypothetical scenario of a major CEO who happened to be a Holocaust-denier.  WTF???  That’s completely ridiculous and stupid, and to make that comparison shows the extreme ignorance of the intolerant left.  These are the same people that routinely accuse conservatives of being intolerant.  Rubbish!

This cannot be allowed to stand.  If we allow hate groups like this to continue to decide who can be employed, then we will all lose our freedoms.  Mozilla needs to be hurt by their decision to support hate groups demands.  These extremists need to be shamed for their intolerance and bigotry.



This is not the first instance where the intolerant grievance industry has pushed innocent people around for expressing their views.  People that had nothing wrong, people who did not discriminate, people that had not done anything more than express their opinion, their beliefs.  Nothing that Eich either said, or did, was wrong, but because he exercised his right to free speech, free expression, he was attacked viciously by these intolerant hate groups.  If they can destroy a person’s career just for exercising their right to free speech, then they can do this to anyone and get away with it.  That is wrong on all levels.  That is Un-American!




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Roast Lamb with Candied Yams and Green Beans




A Wall Of Hate



The Gay Marriage controversy has set off a firestorm of bigotry and hate.  It’s all targeted towards Christians, and anyone that believes that traditional marriage is defined between one man and one woman.  What follows is my encounter with pure intolerance.  Pure Hatred!  Pure Ignorance!  With forgiveness to those that would trespass against us; those of us who believe in the richness of millenniums of human traditions.  The procreation of life as it was designed and meant to be, by God.




Last week, during Holy week, in the morning while scrolling through Facebook, I happened upon this graphic and decided to repost it on my Wall.  What happen next got me over 800 comments, and a suspension of my Facebook account.  More comments were still being added until Facebook eventually took my post down.


I was having so much fun being tested by the atheists and homosexuals bursting a blood vessel because of my beliefs.  Some of the most vulgar and vile hatred by these people was spewed onto my Facebook wall.  So I captured almost all of the comments for posterity, and your entertainment!  Also, I wanted everyone to know who these haters are, and the tactics they use to try and bully people into giving up their values.


This all started because the Supreme Court of the United States was hearing two arguments during Holy week.  One, on California’s Prop 8 decision, where the question of the legalization of Same-Sex marriage was overwhelmingly decided against by the voters.  It was later challenged in court, and overturned by a activist gay judge.


The second case involves DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act.  The Attorney General of the United State, Eric Holder, a murderer and criminal, decided not to defend the act.



During the Prop 8 arguments, Justice Anthony asked a great question: ‘When Did It Become Unconstitutional To Exclude Homosexual Couples From Marriage?’


That is a excellent question because the left claims that marriage a right?  Even more so, the left claims that marriage a Constitutional right!  Are marriage rights exclusive only to opposite sex couples?  There is nothing in the United States Constitution about marriage that says marriage is a right at all.  That has always been left to the States to define what marriage is.  Even so, should government even be involved in defining what marriage is at all?
So here are some of the screen captures I collected.  I’m going to bleep out the vulgarity because that is my right to do so.  The arguments and comments are typical of the warped liberal mind.  You can only laugh at the insanity of the left.  Enjoy!
This was my initial post, this graphic, it’s a pretty benign statement; it just says that I support the biblical definition of marriage.  That is marriage is between one man and one woman.  I also believe that marriage is for life.  It is a contract  for better, or for worse.  In sickness and in health.  Till death do us part.  What could be wrong with that?
The first set of comments by Matthew La Tardis, and Marcus Parsons, starts off the onslaught of haters.  How does anyone see hatred and bigotry in this graphic is beyond comprehension, and I believe most people’s comprehension also.  It continues:
Here’s Matthews entire comment in full context.  Next comes Marcus Parsons comments; between the both of them, they sent out a messages to their Atheist and gay pals to come to my Facebook wall to scream obscenities at my post.  So I commented back, a little annoyed with their comments.  This is how they begin with their leftest attacks; they start by making false  accusations to bait you into their world of intolerance.  Then they get all indignant trying to convince themselves that they’re in the right!  Notice I never said anything about gays or anyone else for that matter.  Marcus was the one that brought up homosexuality into this thread.  So now you know the context of where this is going.
As another, and another intolerant leftest bigots join in the hate fest, they begin to start quoting scripture passages from the Bible.  I was interested in this turn of events because I had always thought that atheism meant that you didn’t believe in any religion or faith.  So why would atheists even care?  If atheist really didn’t believe in any religion, then why would this graphic even bother them?  Why would atheist spend so much time and effort, trying to convince me and others, who do believe in religious values, by trying to belittle what we believe?  No one belittles what atheists either believe or don’t believe, we just pray for them.
Notice Chris King’s comment saying that I should keep my traditions to myself.  At this point, I’ve had enough of this bullshit from these bozo’s, so I decided to have some fun baiting them on.  Instead of getting in the mud with them, I decided to mock them back with snarky irrelevant comments.  This where it rubbed them the wrong way, and they begin to foam at the mouth with contemptuous accusations of hate and bigotry.
Chris King confirms my suspicion that these idiots are all in this together and are feeding like sharks eating chum.  I was amused that my snarky responses  were bring in more mindless zombies into this cesspool.  Who insulted who first?  That’s typical liberal tactics.  Attack others with innuendo claims and then feign hurt feelings when it’s thrown right back at them.  I’m laughing my ass off now because I know they’re gonna sink to new lows of civility.
Since these clowns are accusing me of being a gay hater, I accused them of being gay.  I know, I got in the mud with them, but then I realized I hit a nerve with them.  Notice they immediately start defending their sexual orientation.  They fell for it, hook line and sinker!  So now it’s down to who said, they said, in this devolved conversation.  Notice they are also liking their their own comments.  When one of them thinks they’ve said something clever, they click on the like button as a sign of approval.  Of course, I’m now the epitome of evil in these morons intolerant eyes.  Goodie!  In stead of arguing with them, I started mocking their comments.
Ok, now its been about two hours into the back and forth name calling and the creepiest of creeps start showing up.
When this tread first started, it was early morning Hawaiian time, about 7Am.  I has just finished breakfast and was sipping my tea and skimming the news headlines.  This back and forth name calling went on for hours.  Then it started taking a turn for the worse.  Some really creepy people were showing up asking weird questions.  I know they were trying to bait me into an answer, but I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction.  Instead, I played along, and the more they couldn’t get a rise out of me, the more unhinged they became.  Such is the left when faced with reasonable debate, they twist and turn your words around.  They make accusations hoping that you’ll defend yourself, but that would just give them more to attack you with.  They’ll twist your words out of context.
Notice this creepy clown Jason Stamm, he keeps asking this same question over and over again.  I never answered his absurd question and that really pissed him off.  I would reply to Jason with either another question, or tell him to seek professional help for his obsession.
Misogyny is one tactic that the left uses to try and bait you into defending your beliefs.  We saw this during the 2012 election campaign when the debate moderators brought up birth control out of the blue.  It wasn’t relevant to the national debate, but it was used as a distraction away from the real issues facing the nation.  It was an false accusation without any supporting evidence.  It was meant to make you defensive and vulnerable.  A divide and conquer strategy to make you look like the bad guy.
So this goes on and on, till one of my Facebook friends notices the number of comments and points that out to me.  Wow, I said to myself, I’ve never had a post that garnered so much activity, albeit unwanted comments.  So, as apart of my strategy of not giving them the satisfaction of giving in, I decided to congratulate them on their accomplishment.
Now, I wasn’t all by myself here, some of my like minded Facebook friends showed up to help defend me in this liberal love fest.  They argued and debated with the hate mongers also.  I sent them all a private message thanking them for joining in on the fun, and to let them know that I was toying them.  All these posts go on and on, but in the readers interest, I’m going to wrap it up here.  If anyone wants to see the entire thread, just post a comment and I’ll supply them.  When my Facebook friends noticed that my  thread was reaching 800 posts, I decided to send out more congratulations to the morons.  That further infuriated them because they couldn’t get me mad at them and lash out in anger.
Eventually, they got bored and most of them started to leave.  I felt like the Black Knight from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail!
Apparently, one of these morons went and complained to Facebook that my post was offensive, and Facebook put me in their gulag for 23 hours.  Facebook never responded to my queries about what was so offensive, that they had to put me off line.  I never violated any of Facebook’s terms of conduct, and so I asked repeatably what was my violation!  Not one reply back!  Apparently, like Twitter, Facebook has a habit of cutting off access to their unsocial media if you espouse conservative values.
I couldn’t post anything on my wall during my time in the gulag, but I could send out private IM’s.  During that time, some of these idiots kept on posting on the thread.  The common theme they used is one of self pity and self loathing.  Always a sob story of wanting to be accepted by others for who they are, but it’s clear that they don’t even accept themselves.  When you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s not very likely you’ll get acceptance from others; especially when you greet others with insults and ad hominem attacks.  When you atheists come off as mean spirited, well then, you’re not winning hearts and minds of others.
I can only sum the up by stating that the cultural battle is being lost, because people are becoming more accepting of the crassness and incivility that is seen in today’s society.  The news media openly mocks people of Christian and Jewish faith.  The entertainment media openly promotes  same sex marriage in movies and television shows.  To oppose same sex marriage, is to be called a bigot.  It is a new religion of intolerance by the left that openly attacks people with traditional conservative values.  So how come these people don’t mock Islam?  Is it because Christians and Jews don’t try to cut your head off like Islam does when you insult them?  This is who the left is, they are cowards, they are like the school bully that likes to pick on others, but they won’t pick on the bigger bully.  Here’s a perfect example that occurred during Easter services that Barry the Billshitter attended.
Who are these captains of the religious right this idiot priest is talking about?  This was Easter Sunday,  why isn’t the sermon about the Resurrection of Christ and his teaching?  Instead, this priest delivers a hate fill sermon laced with accusations and innuendo!  This is the Church of Liberalism.  The church of Liberalism rejects the teachings of Christ.
Now, Barry the Bullshitter and family, sat in the church of Rev. Wright for 20 years listening to his vile racist hatred.  Now if a religious conservative spoke like this, it would be repeated all over the 24 hour liberal news channels.  So where is there any evidence that conservative Christians are sending blacks to back of the bus?  Where are religious conservatives sending women back to the kitchen (that doesn’t many any sense at all)?  Who in the religious right wants all immigrants back to their side of the boarder?  Where has any conservative Christians prevented any atheists and gays from what they either do, or don’t believe?
The leftest media promotes this hatred against traditional American values.  You see this in the grade schools where a Principal forbid using the word Easter because it would infringe on others rights.  You see it when the Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee (I-R.I.), said that’s not traditional to call it a Christmas tree.  When stores forbid workers from saying Merry Christmas, and that you can only say Happy Holidays.  This kind of Judeo-Christian religious bigotry has now become common place.
Now, if you oppose same sex marriage, then you are a bigot.  If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, then you are knuckle dragging Neanderthal clinging to your guns and religion.  If you are a church going Christian, then you are intolerant of others.  If you believe in traditional Christian family values, then you intolerant of anyone who is LGBT.  If you appose abortion, then you are a misogynist woman hater.  The list of accusations goes on and on.  Because lefts lifestyle abhors traditional Christian values, they start a bullying campaign to shame you into giving up your values.  To me, the left are the intolerant ones.  Hypocrisy is the breakfast of liberals.
All the while, the liberal media never reports the vitriol coming from these people.  It is called “Rainbow Journalism“, and it is targeting young people and children.  For example:
If you’re young, trendy and hip, and are strolling through downtown Minneapolis, you might grasp a copy of City Pages from the newstand. Its stories, appealing graphics, attractive restaurant ads and reviews of the local night club scene would seem to set you up for an upbeat weekend.
But look a little further, and you’ll uncover a fanatically-driven editorial policy that promotes sleeze and liberal causes. For example, “Savage Love” is a weekly sex advice column by the notorious sex activist Dan Savage. His recent advice includes using online resources to find a worker in the sex industry for a reader’s 22-year old mentally-ill brother. Ugh. The column is filled with trashy advice and crude language.
City Pages is part of a chain of 16 “alternative” free weekly papers around the country with a hefty combined circulation of 1.8 million. You wonder, an alternative to what? It’s an alternative to what is wholesome and true; City Pages promotes strip clubs, homosexuality, and condemns any moral message of Christianity. It scorns patriotism as well. One front-page display contained a mock-up photo of the Statue of Liberty with the words, “One nation under tacos.”
Investigative reporters, those that report news objectively without a bias (i.e. Fox News), have interviewed people that support same sex marriage.  Follow this link to an interview with some marriage equality advocates that shared their thoughts on God, religion and whether the Bible is still relevant in modern society.
Speaking of the Bible, the History channel’s presentation of The Bible, was a huge success.  Why?  It seem the majority of Americans have a yearning to learn about the bible, away from the intolerance and  prejudices of the liberal atheists and gays.  As I mentioned before about my Facebook wall, the atheists and gays were quoting scripture from the bible.  Everything they posted were passages from the Old Testament, but nothing they posted was from the New Testament.  I found that curious for many reasons, but what was clear was their level of ignorance about what the bible is all about.  I’m no religious bible thumper by any means.  I cannot quote scripture like these people can, but I know 10 little commandments to follow.

Do you see the resemblance?

What this is all about is the promotion of  the Church of Liberalism.  Its belief is in intolerance.  Its sacrament is abortion.  Its spirit is to spread hate.  Look carefully at the message coming from this regime; class envy, class warfare and redistribution of wealth.  This is the lefts religious unholy trinity.  It is the lefts doctrine of hatred towards others not like them.  For too long, the religious right has turned the other cheek and allowed this to permeate into the culture of today’s society.
Is it bigotry to believe in Christian traditions?  Many conservative gays that I know do believe in Christian traditions and values.  Oh, you didn’t know that there are conservative atheists and gays that are apart of our lives, did you schmucks?  We Christians accept gays and atheist for who they are.  Some of them are our children and our family.  Some of them are our friends and neighbors. We don’t shun or berate them, as you liberals do to us Christians.  Perhaps, that is part of your liberal traditions, and socialist and communist makeup; it’s who you are self persecuted haters.  I don’t understand it, and I won’t accept it either.  When you liberals attack us conservatives, do you think we’ll always turn the other cheek and let the water fall off our back?  NO!  We will stand up and push back against your intolerance.  #WAR

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Egga McKini with Toasted Hash Browns with Fresh Starfruit


Liberal Intolerance

National Progressive Radio

Radio Hate


True colors of extremism.  Purveyors of anti-free speech.  Political Correctness Police.  This is National Public Progressive Radio.  Yes, these are the people that call us, extreme.

Juan Williams was fired yesterday for speaking his mind, and he was fired for it.   This news is the conversation Du Jour.  NPR cannot see past the veil of political correctness.  Here’s what Juan said:

For his honest feelings, Juan Williams was fired from NPR.  Honest opinions are apparently unwelcome at NPR.  Juan Williams is a liberal reporter, but he is no bigot.  I disagree with Juan almost always, but I’ve always respected his opinion.  Juan is perhaps the only liberal journalist, that is a real journalist.  Unlike the wannabe’s at NPR.

What about you NPR people besmirching, insulting, and speaking the most hateful language against anyone that doesn’t  agree with your views.  Discourse in journalism is further destroyed by your Ted Kennedy’esque shrill excuse to punish a good reporter, for speaking his mind.  Does NPR expect any respect after this display of pure hatred?

Then, to make matters worse, the CEO of NPR makes a insulting comment saying; “whatever Juan says is between him and his Phychiatrist”.  OK, she apologized for that remark, but this is NPR’s culture, their mindset, the liberal intolerance of free thought.  Never mind NPR’s anti-Christian stand.

I hope Congress removes my tax dollars from this HATE GROUP, NPR.  Why don’t you call yourselves Radio Smear.  There’s absolutely no need for a government funded radio station anymore, particularly one with a openly Unconstitutional view of free speech, that’s being paid for by my tax dollars.

I listened to NPR, and mainly tolerated its open skew of news, because here, there is no other radio news outlet to listen to.  If you can really associate NPR with values and standards.  Now, its the NPR’s whore’s begging for money cycle, I hope people will not give to a obvious hate group.  They wouldn’t survive with out our 2% funding.

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Viva Los 1070

Game Changer

Outraged and Amused, all at the same time.  Outraged to read that a fan was ejected from a Phoenix Suns basketball game, and amused that there were free tickets involved.

Two fans at a Phoenix Suns basketball game were ejected from their first row seats and removed from the arena last week after refusing orders from security guards to take off their shirts in support of Arizona’s recently passed law against illegal immigration.

Via The Daily Caller, politics at a basketball game.  I really want to know if the security guards were either acting on their own, or acting upon someone else’s demand.  It all turns out OK in the end, but here was a free speech moment under attack.  It would have been one thing if the shirt said either something vulgar or racially inflammatory, but the shirt only said, Viva Los 1070.   In reference to the Arizona Immigration law.

They didn’t read the Arizona Law.  Just like Obamacare, they didn’t read the bill.  Illegal immigration has been a problem for both Democrats and Republicans.  For very different reasons.  Republicans believe in a path to citizenship.  This involves qualifying for citizenship.   Whereas, Democrats exploit immigrants for votes.

As a legal immigrant to this Great Country, I traveled that path to citizenship, to Naturalization.  And, I have no regrets.  Except for the Socialism path that Obama seems determined to put us on.  Many of us left Europe to get away from state run health care, state run unions, and state run entitlement programs.  I believe in Individualism.  I believe in self governance.  I believe in keeping what I have earned.

Google the phrase, “democrats eye 401k”

There, you will find thousands of articles, over the years, where democrats have viewed private investments as means to fund entitlement programs.  If you have a 401K, then you should be alarmed.  But I digress.

Comic In Chief

How many more people, legal and illegal, have to die before the federal government does its job and protect the boarders.  All those Canadians, pouring across the boarders, speaking Canuck, and not English.  It’s shameful.

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Teriyaki Chicken over White Bean Ragout

Is that racist to use White Beans over, say, Refried Beans?

Change The Channel


“If we as a nation…fully funded a broadcaster like the British citizens fund BBC, we might have an impact on what they cover and have more power to demand that they cover everything,”

Mark Lloyd

(The Wall Street Journal)

Oh, but you already have a fully funded government run broadcaster.  It’s called National Public Radio (NPR).  You also have Public Broadcast Service (PBS) on Television.  All totally funded by taxpayer dollars.  All programming determined by people who think you deserve the material content of their choosing.  The content of the programming predetermined by a handful of people.  You do not have any say in the content, not ratings, no approval or disapproval.

All Determined By A Handful Of Government Bureaucrats

So what’s the problem?  Some say, there’s not enough viewership, some say there’s not enough “Fair Content”.  Lets explore what “Fair Content” is defined as shall we.  Some call it the Fairness Doctrine.  A law that goes back to the Communications Act of 1937 when then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt felt it necessary to required stations to offer “equal opportunity” to all legally qualified political candidates for any office if they had allowed any person running in that office to use the station.

In 1949, The FCC took the view that station licensees were “public trustees,” and as such had an obligation to afford reasonable opportunity for discussion of contrasting points of view on controversial issues of public importance. The Commission later held that stations were also obligated to actively seek out issues of importance to their community and air programming that addressed those issues.

In the 1980’s, Ronald Reagen dissolved what was then called the Fairness Doctrine.  Since then, the rise of such radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh have grown enormous audiences on the AM Radio Band.  Why is that?  The Free Market took over.  Sure, Liberals launched “Air America“, a anti-conservative media wannabe to compete against conservative talk radio, but it failed.  It failed miserably.  Why?

Could it be that “Air America’s” message is not what people want to listen to?  Could it be the message that “Air America” delivered was not what the Air Waves wanted to hear?  The Air Waves being the target audience.  Who is tuning in to Air America’s message.  Some liberals claim, “we already have NPR, why do I need to change the dial and tune into Air America?”.

Good point, but why does Conservative talks radio continue to dominating the AM Dial ratings with more and more radio personalities and audiences?  Why are there so many Conservative Talk Radio Pundits with large audiences?  Different Media, different medium.  Talk Radio is all about listening and learning.  Television is all about watching and being entertained.  I’ll leave you to decipher why they continue to call the television the “Boob Tube”.

Here in Hawai’i, the print media still struggles to stay mainstream.  I get the Hilo Tribune-Herald every morning, and the first thing I do is turn to the Editorial page to read what people here are thinking.

I Love To Hear What People Are Thinking

Just don’t be offended by my short attention span

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It’s all about censorship.  It’s all about who Obama surrounds himself with.  Learn about the Czars


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