Christmas Eve 2017


It’s been a long time since I can remember when Christmas was celebrated in the traditional ways. I love being reminded of my childhood when we would listen to radio following NORAD tracking of Santa, and watching the Christmas specials on television. Back then, we were not bombarded with leftist propaganda and anti-Christian hatred. This country was founded on the principles of the Judeo-Christian ethics and values.  It is with a swelled heart that I welcome these American values back.

The Meaning Of Christmas

Saying Merry Christmas was almost banned in America. It was considered politically incorrect and not inclusive. Even called offensive to others, but that was never true. Christmas was always about charity and peace. Inclusiveness and celebration. It was secular in government but religious freedom for the individual. The left has always accused the government crossing the line of church and state, but that was also never true. It was a campaign of destroying the Judeo-Christian values that established this country for over 240 years.  It was a campaign to exclude and belittle people of faith by leftist haters. These modern day Grinch’s are now exposed for who they are.

This year, the First Family is taking calls from children as they watch Santa cross the world. NORAD started the tradition when NORAD Tracks Santa.  It’s an annual Christmas-themed entertainment program, which has existed since 1955, produced under the auspices of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. This year, President Trump and First Lady Melania takes calls from children from around the country, looking for Santa. How much more connected to the people can you get? Wonderful!

A return to the traditional values that America has grown up with. A value of giving and real “Honest To Goodness” hope. Not that illusion of false hope and the rhetoric of hate, envy and inequality, that never existed in this country as proclaimed by the left. It’s no wonder  why people from all over the world try to immigrate to this country. We offer more than hope, we deliver opportunity and freedom. The result is happiness. You cannot get any more American than that. Lucky We Live Hawaii, in America.


Mele Kalikimaka a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

It means Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, in the Hawaiian language (‘Olelo). 

Support Our Military Families







Happy New Year






Happy New Year 2016



A new year and a new start.  Beautiful weather in Hawai’i with temperatures in the mid-70’s with cool trade breezes.  Woke up late in the morning after last nights fireworks display which lasted well past 2:30AM.

This year I’m going to be working the farm to expand the crop selection and create my own grocery supply.  Day one.

fireworks 2012-12-31 22.56.04



Happy New Year 2012

I’ve decided not to reflect back on 2011, but to look forward to 2012.  There are so many obstacles to overcome in the new year that need to be addressed.  This sign at my local transfer station says it all!

Possibilities!  There are always possibilities!  After all, you don’t wish for a Happy New Year if you don’t really mean it, right?  So, instead of looking back, I’m looking forward!

Here’s to Winning The Future!  Ousting the Socialist Democrats from the Presidency and Congress! Winning the Senate and Keeping the House!  Now that’s a Plan!


What’s For Dinner?


Grilled Broadbill Fish and Pineapple with Jasmine Rice



2011 Aloha

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