Arrivals And Departures



Arrivals and departures at the Hilo airport is a daily occurrence.  The busy little airport is a hub of tourism and cargo transportation.  One of the pleasant, and attractive features, about Hilo airport is its local feel and character.  Originally known as “General Lyman Field“, the airport was renamed as Hilo International Airport after the Hawai’i department of transportation took it over the operations.

The airport is nestled along the Waiakea and Keaukaha Hawaiian homelands in south Hilo.  The airport is small enough to handle large traffic, yet small enough to preserve that small town feel.  No large presence of most major airports like Honolulu, with long lines and crowded terminals.  Departure terminals are open air waiting areas free from hanging televisions broadcasting 24 hour news stories.  It’s quiet and reflective, roomy and comfortable.  It keeps that small town feel found nowhere else but in Hawai’i’s second largest city.

From Hilo Bay, you can watch arrival and departure flights while casting a fishing line into the bay.  From the flight you can view the landscapes of east Hawai’i coastline.   Revealing small town villages, water falls, surfing shorelines and rocky cliffs.


What I love about Moku o Keawe (The Big Island) is the ruralness.  East Hawai’i island is still very much country life with sprawling farms and vast landscapes of empty country side.  If you’re looking for night-life and big city life, you won’t find it here.  Crowded highways and stacked apartment skyscrapers don’t exist here.  You can witness a night sky crowded with stars, and the outline of the Milky Way.  You can get lost watching the waves roll in from the shore line.  You can find quiet places here just to reflect.  It’s the biggest small town life you cannot find elsewhere.  Lucky you live Hawai’i.


E Komo Mai







Thursday Trade Winds


2016-08-06 16.07.16

Hot Summer Day At The Ice Pond



Hilo Rain



Nui ka ua o Hilo! Pololei aka, maika’i kēlā, “Ue la lani, ola ka honua.”

Monday starts with pouring rain.  So much rain that waterfalls popup everywhere.  However, rain is always welcomed here.  It rains a lot in Hilo, but that’s good. When the sky weeps, the Earth lives. 


Ice Pond



In Hilo, there is a place called the “Ice Pond”



Mauna Kea



Riding along Hilo Bay road towards Mauna Kea.  It’s a beautiful day with cool trade winds and fluffy white clouds.  Hilo is a perfect city, not too large, and not too small.  Not too crowded, but with plenty of people of all kinds.  We don’t have traffic congestion.  Here, the language of Hawai’i is spoken, ka ‘Olelo.  Here, the dance of Hula is performed.  Here, the family spiritual reflections are known as the ʻaumakua.  It is amazing, kupaianaha.



Beach Park





You walk out and into the water.  Today was warm with periods of rain showers.

Port of Hilo




The cruise ship is docked at the Port of Hilo.  Visitors take tours into parts of the Big Island.  At night the cruise ship departs and heads to South Point to circle around the island.  On the way, they can view lava entering the ocean from Kilauea, the worlds most active volcano that has been erupting for over 30 years.

As the cruise ship sails past the southern tip of the island, we can see it pass on the ocean from our home.  It looks like a huge birthday cake floating on the water.  All lit up and slowly moving along the coastline.




Near the heart of Hilo town



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