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Suddenly, there’s a push by governments to implement a ‘carbon tax’ to combat ‘climate change’. There’s been talk about a carbon tax for sometime now, but now there’s a real push by governments, with the help of the fake news media, to spread fear that without a carbon tax, the planet will be destroyed. BY MAN!!! That’s Anthropogenic!

Why all of a sudden? Remember the Kalifornia wildfires? The first thing Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown claimed was the fires were a result of climate catastrophe. When in reality, it was forestry mismanagement. Not only did Kalifornia cut monies to manage the dry underbrush, but they allowed to continue for years, resulting in the worst wildfires in years. Global warming didn’t start the fires. Then there was the release of federal study that concludes global warming is real and happening. Balderdash!

What is a carbon tax? A carbon tax is where fossil fuels are used: Gas for vehicles. Oil for home heating. Coal for generating electricity. A tax that would put a harmful affect on businesses, consumers, and the economy. It would cause an increase across all markets. Food, clothing, construction, farming and just about every industry. It would hurt the working poor the hardest. Low income families would struggle heating their homes, getting to work, and putting food on the table. The very rich will be able to absorb the extra costs. Global Warming hoaxers, Al Gore, et al, will continue to fly around the world in their private jets, whist thumbing their noses over flyover country. They don’t care about the hoi polloi.

In France, where Monsieur Macron scolded President Trump on Nationalism, and leaving the Paris Climate Accord, riots broke out over France’s climate tax. Let them eat cake, Macron said, if gas is too high, then carpool. If it’s too cold, then add more layers of clothing. We’re about saving the planet from the bourgeoisie masses.

Closer to home, in Hawai’i Nei, legislators are seriously discussing implementing a carbon tax on the islands. Reacting to the National Climate Assessment report that says scary things will happen to the planetary environment if action isn’t taken NOW!!! The report is flashy and very alarming. However there are some real problem with the report. 1) It wildly exaggerates the economic costs. 2) Is assumes a worse case catastrophic environment scenario. 3) It misrepresents extreme weather conditions, including wildfires. 4) It assumes the only remedy is taxation on fossil fuels, and all devices that employ fossil fuels.

Energy science: there is no such thing a renewable energy. Physics of energy: once energy is expended, it is converted into something else. You cannot just gather it up, and reuse it again. Windmills are built of fossil fuels, and use fossil fuels to operate the blades. They have to be oiled, and need hydraulics to operate. Solar is made of fossil fuels, the panels are made of materials produced from fossil fuels. So, the idea of green reusable energy is a myth. There is only one true renewable energy. See below.

 Actual Renewable Energy

Hawaii Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Commission, (sounds impressive) has unanimously agreed to back legislation next session that would establish a carbon tax geared toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Hawaii’s ground transportation sector. Which means a tax on your vehicles, and fuel. The older the vehicle is, the higher the tax. The idea is to rid the roads of fossil fuel vehicles and force people into purchasing electric vehicles. Vehicles that requiring electric charging stations. Charging stations that are powered by, wait for it, fossil fuels.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that a price on carbon is central to prompt mitigation, and global emissions of carbon dioxide need to fall by 45 percent by 2030 and to zero by 2050. A carbon fee would be just another tax, upon a already over taxed State. That would hurt the working poor, damage the tourism industry, and put an unnecessary burden on the people of this State.

For years now, parts of Hawai’i have been succumbing to natural environmental changes. We are a group of islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Natural changes are ocean erosion, the sinking of the islands by weight, and weather runoff. Homes that are built along the oceanfront are subject to storm damage, Tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes, let alone lava running through the living-room. There is the claim that the ocean levels are rising, but there is no significant evidence that the oceans are rising. Except for the natural water levels due to tides, and natural weather changes, such as La Nina and El Nino. However, the scare tactics continue to make wild exaggerated claims.

This scares people unnecessarily. Especially people who do not understand how the planet geology works, including legislators that are gullible enough to believe in predictions that have no basis in science facts. It does help globalists to wrestle control from sovereign nations. It prevents developing nations from getting access to cheap energy. It puts world control in the hands of the few. That’s not science, that’s global socialism. It’s what the taxman wants to impose on us all.

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

The basics of life on this planet is carbon. Without it, life would not exist. As least life as we know it. Carbon dioxide is an essential gas. It is plant food. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, and convert it into oxygen. Another life essential gas. The oceans absorb carbon dioxide to sustain ocean life. The left has insisted that carbon is a pollutant, but they are wrong. To believe that carbon is a pollutant, is basically displaying ignorance of science. Environmentalists, are the worse offenders of climate science. They will openly mock you if you disagree with them on a pending climate crisis. They call you ‘climate deniers’, and science deniers, again displaying their ignorance of what environmental science is about. The left will accuse you of being a pawn for big oil companies and corporations.

For well over a century, and even longer, the calls for climate controls, taxes, and regulations, have never stopped. Irrational fear is hard to defeat. So after some man made disaster, like forestry mismanagement, a report comes out to prop up the myth of global warming. Why a government agency is being funded by tax dollars to falsely propose pending climate disasters, is a classic case of government abuse. For the right amount of money, any government agency will produce the result you want to hear.

You Don’t Need Science To Explain Greed

Indeed, the science of greed goes ‘caching!’, and the energy to expel greed energy is like a lubricant for false science. What’s worse are the predictions of planetary doom in just a few short years. Still, the weather people cannot forecast the weather 24 hours from now. What makes anyone think they know what the planetary weather will be 10-20-30-100 years from now? They seem pretty certain, but they have no data to back up their claims. Don’t believe these people. The live in a climate of fear.



Another RINO Whines About Global Warming

Groan, another RINO whines about Global Warming, and not just climate change, but Man-Made Climate Change.


Watching the raft of newly elected GOP lawmakers converge on Washington, I couldn’t help thinking about an issue I hope our party will better address. I call on my fellow Republicans to open their minds to rethinking what has largely become our party’s line: denying that climate change and global warming are occurring and that they are largely due to human activities.

And that’s the rub isn’t it.  The worlds weather patterns are being manipulated by the sentient creatures that inhabit this third rock from the Sun.  Apparently, this planet is populated with Dr. Evil’s and Minnieme’s, and our carbon shoe size is far too big for the planet survive.  Thus saith the former Republican Congressman from NY.

Former House of Representative Sherwook Boehlert (R-NY) frets over the incoming class of Republicans will not take Global Warming seriously.  In an effort to co-opt the new crop of conservative lawmakers, Boehlert asks:

Why do so many Republican senators and representatives think they are right and the world’s top scientific academies and scientists are wrong?

How about they flat out lied.  How quickly people forget about Climategate.  Those emails that were released proving that these “Top Scientists” fabricated much of the data, skewed it, and attempted to create a whole sham industry in selling and trading “carbon credits”.  It ties back to Obama’s Cap and Tax policies that would have crippled the energy industry and raised the cost of energy to astronomical levels.  It would have effected every other industry in the world by raising the cost of  food, transportation, and just about everything else.

Some people stood to make a ton of money from this scheme to defraud the public with false information.  They were going to use government regulations to force industries to pay huge taxes to “Offset their Carbon Footprint”.  At the top of this hoax was Al Gore and Rajendra Pachauri.  These two crooks formed a sham company to trade in carbon stocks.  The Chicago Carbon Exchange (CCX) was formed to strong-arm American industries into the European version of mafia shakedowns known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Obama was apart of this scheme also.

Barack Obama was a board member of the Joyce Foundation that funded the fledgling CCX. Professor Richard Sandor, of Northwestern University had started the business with $1.1 million in grants from the Chicago-based left-wing Joyce Foundation enthusiastically endorsed by Obama. When founded in November 2000, CCX’s carbon trading market was predicted to grow anywhere between $500 billion and $10 trillion. Fortunately before its collapse Sandor was able to net $98.5 million for his 16.5% stake when CCX was sold.

The Europeans trapped themselves into this scheme by agreeing to the Kyoto Protocol.  Originally agreed to by the Clinton administration and wisely rejected by the Bush administration, this socialist law would have killed jobs in the United States.  They should have called it Carbon Fleecing.

NASA’s Earth Observing System (EOS) Aqua Satellite was launched from Vandenberg AFB, California on May 4, 2002. The primary goal of Aqua, as the name implies, is to gather information about water in the Earth’s system. Equipped with six state-of-the-art instruments, Aqua will collect data on global precipitation, evaporation, and the cycling of water.

Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

We were warned that the seas would recede and our planet will heal once Barack the Almighty was elected President of the United States.  Since then, the only thing rising are prices, taxes, and generational theft of taxpayer monies.  Looking at the national weather map today, we see blizzard conditions in the mountain timezone and hard freeze warnings across the upper half of the country.  There’s your Global Warming for ya.

And our lawmakers are being asked to consider a Global Hoax.

How about Repealing Obamacare and reducing the debt first.

What’s for Dinner?

Grilled Pork Chop with Garlic Mashed Potato’s and Sweet Corn

Increasing My Intake

Reduce Government Spending: Kill The EPA

Hypocrisy and a few other outrageous outrages

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently declared  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as Harmful to Humans, even though the EPA website says CO2 is naturally occurring, as well as man-made.  I don’t have a problem with that statement.  What I have a problem with the EPA is their claim that CO2 is harmful.

So the possibility that in the face of congressional inaction the EPA might take matters into its own hands and directly regulate greenhouse gases can be seen as a not so subtle threat. Either act on your own, or let an EPA bureaucrat do it for you.

If we are reduce a Trillion Dollar debt, we need to eliminate government agencies that directly hurt the private industries in the United States.  We have California farmers being starved out of existence and denied water for growing crops because of a small fish.  The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has done positive things in the past, but now it’s putting people out of work and increasing the price of food.

Now for the EPA to try to regulate CO2, it will negatively impact just about every industry in the United States.  We still rely on foreign oil because we cannot drill for it here in our own country.  Much of our energy problems would be solved just by allowing oil drilling.

Fear Everything, Learn Nothing

As it so happens in too often in life,  a Chicken Little comes along to claim the “sky is falling”.   A syndrome that is too compelling for some people not to take advantage of other peoples fears.  Some that would profit at the expense of the gullibility of others.  A claim of a Global Catastrophe caused by the indigenous creatures of a pale blue planet, and millions of sheeple that are led to their own personal abattoir fueled by the hope of repentance of Gaia’s wrath.  Yes, there are some here on this island that would sacrifice virgins to the Volcano God if it would stop spewing sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.  [Note: these “sheeple” are liberals originally from California, Oregon and Washington State and not affiliated with anyone from the Hawaiian Nation]

Global Warming is a  Hoax.  We always knew it was a hoax, and now we have proof.  The Emails, the data forged, lost, and fabricated.  It’s all coming out now and to pour salt on the wound, a winter on the mainland that’s looking like an Ice Age redux.


A heat wave in Rio will cause Global Warming enthusiasts to be out in force come August on this side of the equator.  Count on it.  It’s their summer south of the equator.  North of the equator, we’re having record cold and snow.  Somehow, this is caused by Global Warming.  Let’s see, in Summer, it gets hot and in Winter, it gets cold.  The tilt of the axis of the Earth causes weather patterns to change as a part of natural causes.  It has happened for centuries.  On occasions, Ice even enveloped the Earth, not once, but five times before.  By the way, folks in Rio seems to be really enjoying the weather at the beach.  Looks like a lot of suffering.  Yup… suffering good time at the beach.

MSNBC Says Warming makes more water in the atmosphere?  HUH?

Never mind that longer growing seasons produces more food.  Carbon Dioxide is plant food and the EPA condemns Carbon Dioxide as a Toxin.  History has shown during warming periods there was greater wealth and prosperity.  Whereas colder periods in history has shown famine, death and disease.  What a contrast.  Oh, and more plants mean more oxygen which we breath.

Symbiosis:  The process by which two or more organisms live together, usually to their mutual benefit. An example of a symbiotic pairing are cows and the bacteria that live in their digestive tracts, enabling them to digest cellulose in grass.  Thus producing a product humans consume called “food“.  Yet, the EPA will place bovine flatulence at the top of the list of gasses destroying the planet.  The real gas bags are the government agencies.

Meanwhile, Back in Minnesota

The big shots at the United Nations continue to deny any wrong doing by so-called scientists fudging climate data.  Rajendra Pachauri, the Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, apparently knew of the shenanigans’ going on and turned a blind eye.

Kinda creepy looking guy, don’tcha think?

This guy racks up millions of miles flying around the country and claims Western Lifestyle is Unsustainable.

Hotel guests should have their electricity monitored; hefty aviation taxes should be introduced to deter people from flying; and iced water in restaurants should be curtailed, the world’s leading climate scientist has told the Observer.

Apparently, these people want to let you know that they are better than you, and they should be allowed to to do what they want.  They want to restrict your way of life.  Raise your taxes.  Put restrictions on your lifestyle.  Control on what you can eat.  Where you can live.  What you can wear.  What you can do.  But they are excluded.

Now, the Congress is debating this nonsense and considering laws to force changes to the American lifestyle.  Is this really what we want?  The recent snow storm that paralyzed the East Coast is being blamed as proof Global Warming.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  This is Socialism.  Pure and Simple.

It’s also Criminal.  But will they be prosecuted for this scandal?  Nope.  They deleted email, hide and falsified data.  Deliberately sought to use Global Warming as a Fraudulent scheme to line their pockets with other peoples money.

The apparent attempts to cover up problems with temperature data from the Chinese weather stations provide the first link between the email scandal and the UN’s embattled climate science body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as a paper based on the measurements was used to bolster IPCC statements about rapid global warming in recent decades.

Even larger, in an effort to change the data, was to outright delete the data.  Because the data wasn’t bringing the result that they wanted to see.  So they deleted the data.  Then when asked to produce the data so it could be independently verified, peer-reviewed, they couldn’t.

The Guardian has learned that crucial data obtained by American scientists from Chinese collaborators cannot be verified because documents containing them no longer exist. And what data is available suggests that the findings are fundamentally flawed.

Man Made Global Warming Doesn’t Exist. Yet, still politicians and government bodies refuse to accept the data that shows the outright fraud. What is going on is perfectly natural weather.  A climate that is consistent with ebb and flow of weather patterns for thousands of years.

Godfrey Bloom calls Al Gore a crook and a snake oil salesman. Priceless.

Their goal is not to protect the environment, it is to form a World Oligarchy – a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.  These people will regulate everything in your lives if you let them.

Here’s a video that brings home the whole Global Warming argument to an interesting analogy.

“Global Disastrification”

(HatTip: NewZeal)

What’s for Dinner?

A Friday Fun Dinner: Smoked Salmon, Boursin Cheese and Crackers with Grapes

Going Green


Going Green.  No I haven’t adopted Al Gore’s farcical attempt at lining his pockets at taxpayers expense.  Even at the Senate hearings Al Gore was asked if he stands to profit by proposed legislation for Cap and Trade policies.  Of course he stands to profit, big time, and at our expense.  Yet, Al Gore wastes energy flying around the country, lives in a house that burns more fuel than the clear cutting of the Amazon jungle.   Observe  this exchange with Congresswoman Blackburn.

The Goracle’s money quote:

Do you think there’s something wrong with being active in business in this country?

Notice the way Gore answers the question, almost a “how dare you question my motives”.  The smugness and condescending attitude towards the Congresswoman is spiteful.  Al Gore policies will drive businesses in this country overseas.  His policies are a hoax.  Al Gore is a fraud.  He stands to gain millions at taxpayer expense.  We will pay more for energy and our money will go to Al Gore’s carbon tax companies.

And Gore Knows It!

Stephen Milloy at Human Events wrote an excellent set of 10 questions for The Congress to ask Al Gore.  What’s more, we should be asking these questions of anyone in favor of the “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009″.



Let’s have Al Gore answer these ten questions:

1. You are a partner in the venture capital firm of Kleiner-Perkins and a co-founder of the United Kingdom-based investment firm of Generation Investment Management, each of which stands to gain financially from greenhouse gas regulation. Please describe any other financial interests that you have in any other businesses that stand to profit from greenhouse gas regulation.


2. In October 2008, the New York Times Magazine featured a cover story on how Kleiner Perkins had invested $1 billion in 40 companies that would profit from new environmental and energy laws and regulations. What will be your share of any profits from these ventures?


3. How much of your own money have you contributed to Kleiner-Perkins, Generation Investment Management and other businesses that stand to profit from greenhouse gas regulation? If you have not contributed significant amounts of your own capital to these businesses, what, then, is your role in them? Are you a lobbyist? Are you the face of their public relations efforts?  Is your job to run around scaring politicians and the public into enacting greenhouse gas regulation?


Need a Car Alarm?

4. Is Kleiner-Perkins’ business plan to have you press for legislation and regulation favorable to its clients in order to make them more attractive and available for sale to the public, at which time Kleiner-Perkins would cash out, leaving the public invested in not-ready-for-prime-time companies that have dubious financial prospects and that are dependent on taxpayer subsidies?


5. Your co-founder with Generation Investment Management is former Goldman Sachs partner David Blood. Goldman Sachs is lobbying for global warming legislation and is a part owner of the Chicago Climate Exchange, where carbon credits from cap-and-trade legislation would be traded. Do you or Generation Investment Management stand to benefit in anyway from these relationships?


6. Generation Investment Management’s web site says the firm provides investment advice to clients. Who are Generation Investment Management’s clients and how do they stand to profit from upcoming environmental and energy legislation and regulation? Will these clients share their profits with you and/or Generation Investment Management?


7. When you left public service in January 2001, your personal net worth was perhaps $2 million. In 2007, your personal net worth was reported to be on the order of $100 million. How much of this fortune is related, directly or indirectly, to your advocacy of legislation to reduce “global warming”?


8. When you testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January, why did you not disclose to the Committee and to the public your relationships with Kleiner-Perkins and Generation Investment Management? Generation Investment Management’s web site says, “Integrity and honesty are the bedrock of our business. We demand the highest ethical standards in our work and in our personal lives.” In light of this statement, how to you explain your failure to inform the Senate Committee of your financial conflicts of interest?


9. You travel all over the world in jets and limos, own a houseboat, use 20 times more electricity than the average American, and stand to make a fortune that most millionaires would envy. Yet you tell Americans to downsize their lives, such as by limiting their travel, using less heat and air conditioning, and drying their clothes outside on a clothesline. Describe for us, in detail, your personal “carbon footprint.”


10. If you are wrong about humans causing catastrophic global warming, will you give all the money you “earned” from your alarmism back?


What’s for Dinner?


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