Children Are Pawns

Imagine having your children ‘ripped’ from you! That’s the current protest the left is demonstrating over illegal aliens entering the country with children accompanying them. These leftist say it’s President Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy that is separating children from families.

But is that true? Let’s explore the facts. First, many of the children are unaccompanied. They have phone numbers written on their clothing in hopes the border patrol will call to match them with other illegals living in the United States. Some of the children, the girls, are carrying abortion inducing drugs. They know they will be raped in the journey to the United States.

The border patrol has no idea if the children accompanied by adults are their parents. Often times, the adults are smugglers that sell children as sex slaves. This has been documented where adults will arrange the buying and selling of children, as sex slaves. The media does not report this. Local media will sometimes report these crimes, but national media rarely ever reports this.

These crimes happen all over the world. Exploitation of children into sex, salve labor, and other horrible crimes happen. What are the border police to do? Just catch them, then release them? That’s what Barry the BS’er did for eight years. Now that President Trump is vetting these people, the media and leftist protesters are staging protests. It’s like the protesters don’t care about the children’s welfare. Who are the adults? Are the adults the family? Are the adults using the children for money? Who knows? That’s why there is a detention center to determine if the adults are the children’s family.

Speaking about ripping children out of their mothers. Abortion separates children from their families permanently. Where’s the outrage?

There’s a double standard with the left that doesn’t make any sense. That’s because they’re driven by emotion, and not logic. Driven like children that didn’t get their way, leftists throw a tantrum. Little do they know that their behavior is not going to find any sympathy with the American citizens.

Why do they come here? Why don’t they petition for sanctuary in another country that speaks their language? It’s because democrats promise them free stuff. Free housing, free food, free healthcare, free education, and free tuition. The promise of a better form of socialism. That’s the democrats message to the world. Socialism has never worked anywhere, just look at Venezuela. But democrats believe if we just try again, we can make socialism work. It’s the example of repeating the same thing and hoping for a different result.  That’s not reality, it’s insanity. We’re not a socialist country. Plus, let’s be honest. Democrats just want illegals for votes. They promise everything, and deliver poverty. Democrats are natural born liars.

What ICE and Homeland Security are doing is protecting the children. They are not kidnapping them, as the mad left is claiming. They are not ripping them away from families. They will be reunited. After verification. If anything, this country is treating illegals better than any other country is doing in the world. Any rhetoric the left is selling is complete BS.

Come Here Legally



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