Criminals Blame The Innocent

As the famous remark by the plotter of treachery in Shakespeare’s King Henry VI shows – “The first thing we must do is kill all the lawyers,” – the surest way to chaos and tyranny even then was to remove the guardians of independent thinking.  However, when independent thinking becomes false accusations upon the innocent then the line of chaos has been crossed into tyranny.

Take the defense lawyers for the Rockville Md. rape case.  Criminal defense attorney, David Wooten blamed the ‘hysteria’ on this horrific crime on ‘disgusting vitriol that’s been spewed by Donald Trump’.  Yet, it was Barack “Barry the Bullshitter” Obama that allowed them into the country.  Theses criminals were deported before and they were allowed back into the country under Obama’s immigration rules.  It is the job of the President to protect the citizenry and uphold the laws, but Obama instructed border patrols to look the other way.

Here’s another shyster ambulance chaser claiming that a 14 year old girl had consensual sex with her attackers.  I’m sure a 14 year old girl invited these two savages to anally penetrate her.  That is asinine and blaming the victim for the gang rape is the ultimate in judicial malpractice.   Remember when Hillary was defending a rapist, she knew he was guilty, but she lied to get her client rapist off.  This is no different: these savages are illegals and they grown men that raped a 14 year old girl, these slimy lawyers want us to believe the victim wanted the rape?  How evil is this?

Superintendent Pervert 

What is probably a greater crime is this sick excuse for a human.  Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith is accusing parents of racism and xenophobia.  He is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for school children.  He’s defending the rapists over the victim.  This blob of vile protoplasm is a monster.  How does someone like this creep supervise a school system?

Meanwhile, the network news (news?) have never reported this incident.  What’s more important to them is how Harrison Ford almost flew his airplane into a passenger jet, several months ago.  Child rape by illegal immigrants is not considered news to these journalist jackoffs.

This has always been how the leftist liberal operate.  Obama relaxes the immigration laws, and leftist school superintendents allow 18 year old men into classes with 13-14 year old students, and they don’t even bat an eye.  When an atrocity is committed like a rape of a child, the left blames the parents.  How does monsters like this get into the school system.  This creep makes me sick.  They don’t question why adult criminal aliens are intermixing with children, and not see this happening?  Can parents trust this creep to safeguard their children?

This is not the only case where illegal immigrants have committed horrendous crimes.  The media ignores it.  The democrats enjoy it.  Obama opened the doors of hell.  Now Monsters roam and the innocent are put at risk of harm.  In New York State alone, as with other “sanctuary cities”, criminal illegal immigrant have been set free to commit more horrific crimes.  Read more about them here.






Illegal Immigration Causes Global Warming

Makes perfect sense to me.  So, I’m at home, watching Greta Van Susteren on Fox and skimming the news on the web.  When an interview with Arizona’s Representative (R) Barry Wong is played on the television screen.  Representative Wong made a claim that Illegal Immigration causes Global Warming, and I went HUH?!?!  I stopped scanning the web news sites and focused my attention on Greta’s interview with the Arizona Representative.

The impact on the environment by illegals:

They fill the Hospital Emergency rooms.  They consume more resources.  They have law enforcement chasing them down in the desert.  They increase the size of the state population, therefore requiring more services to be available which is a source of Climate Change.  Yadda, yadda, yadda….

I had to laugh.  Suddenly, I agreed with that logic.  We all know that Global Warming is a hoax, so what better way to use the hoax of Global Warming against the liberal progressives that want to grant amnesty for illegals.  All these people in our country will increase our Carbon Footprint.  Do we really want that?

This logic may be flawless, except we are dealing with liberal progressives, which don’t seem to use logic or common sense for any reason.  However, I really like the idea of  using the premise of Global Warming as a reason to restrict Illegal Immigration.  It pits both illogical reasons against each other.   Save the Planet, or Protect the Illegals.


Social Justice?  It might be time we think out of the box and use the liberal progressive’s arguments against them.  They are good at using distractions to deflect issues.  Have an oil leak, promote a green agenda.  Have an Illegal Immigration problem, use Global Warming and Over Population as the anti-argument.  Distract and Deflect.

Hey, remember when Attorney General Eric Holder called Americans, “Cowards“?

Attorney General Holder, is a Racist

We cannot prosecute black racists, like those that commit crimes like voter intimidation in Philadelphia, the same that want to kill white people.  These are Obama’s people.  The Reverend Wright church of Racial Bigotry.

If this were Rich White People…

There are white people that hate black people.  This black panther is a racist, clearly.  They broke the law, and were caught on tape.  Obama’s social justice says, we don’t prosecute blacks because they are racists.  We do prosecute whites.  Or Crackers.  To be politically correct.  Obama’s message?  What was it?  Hope and Change?  Injustices?

Wealth Redistribution

Fairness, is taking someone else’s money, and giving it to others.  Fairness is regulating health care, against costs.  It doesn’t matter if you can pay for the care, your government will turn off the care, when it deems you unworthy.  It doesn’t matter if you can pay for your health care or not, but you will get government regulated health care, whether you like it, or not.  It doesn’t matter if that health care will really “care” for you.  Just as long as your government can control it for you.  This is the intention of Obamacare.

The real problems of health care, were never addressed.  Tort reform.  A host of other issues, that were never addressed.  Yet, the Obama Regime is putting real radicals into positions of the government, that will hurt us.

What’s For Dinner?

A Norman Rockwell Moment?


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