The Tale of Sally the Salamander


Alternate title:  How do you know Newt is thinking?  Answer: He’s talking!  And what a pendulum swing it has been for Newt Gingrich.  The disgraced former Speaker of the House had spectacular successes and even more devastating failures.  Along the way in the Political Wilderness, Newt has amassed a collection of controversies that makes even the most hapless voter cringe at the thought of his definition of conservatism.  But perhaps I’m just being unfair.

From balancing the Budget, and the Contract with America; to NY-23 House race and sitting on the couch with Nazi Pelosi espousing the hoax of Global Warming.  Quite a distinguish career for an establishment politician.  And Gingrich is about as establishment as Bill Clinton is a skirt chaser.  I often wonder when Gingrich looks in the mirror if he doesn’t see Romney looking back.  Both have flip-flopped on just about every issue.  Was For abortion and then against it. Believes in manmade Global Warming, and then explains it as a conservative position.  A conservative position on what is a hoax?  Right!  He was favor of the healthcare mandate, then against the mandate.  It’s enough to make your head spin.

Newt Gingrich, in a 2008 appearance at Alegent Health Clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska, expresses strong support for an individual mandate.

However, unlike Romney though, Gingrich has some good ideas.  For example, Gingrich’s statements on having activist judges explain their controversial rulings.  I thought that was brilliant!

Gingrich has been emboldened by his reception on the campaign trial, where conservative voters have cheered his view that judges who have ruled in favor of gay marriage or against prayer in school are “activists” who should be thrown out. In particular, Gingrich has criticized the US. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, on the West Coast, as well as U.S. District Judge Fred Biery of Texas, who ruled this year that a public school district in Texas could not, among other things, use the words “prayer,” “amen,” “invocation” or “benediction” during a graduation ceremony.

Now, if you think about this statement, in its full context, it makes sense.  How does a judge explain threatening anyone with jail time for mentioning anything prayer related at either a graduation, or anywhere else?  What if someone used the phrase “Allah Akbar“?  Would that deserve the same scrutiny by this judge?  The ruling may be argued on the “Church verses State” logic, but even that is not unconstitutional.  But when pressed by CBS’c Face the Nation’s pretend to be journalist Bob Schieffer on how Gingrich would do that, Gingrich explained if necessary a President could send Marshall’s to arrest judges that refused to justify their rulings.  That’s an important note, by ignoring a congressional subpoena, by anyone, judge or not, could get you arrested.  Where Gingrich got in trouble is that everyone ignored the judge’s controversial ruling, and not the context of the question, if the judge refuses to comply with the subpoena.  That is perfectly constitutional and well within the bounds of the congressional and executive branches.  They are after all, co-equal branches of government and subject to the same checks and balances as outlined in the Constitution.

The downside is that it could be politicized by either party as a tit-for-tat revenge against the other party that hauled a judge before Congress.  We’re already close enough to being a Banana Republic as it is.  We no doubt have activist judges on the bench that have made controversial rulings.  California’s Prop 8 ruling is another good example of judicial activism gone awry.

Then there’s the claim by Gingrich of being a Theodore Roosevelt Republican.   Theodore Roosevelt brought us the Progressive movement.  Look how that has worked out.  Progressives have brought more nanny state regulations.  Socialist Liberals consider progressive policies in line with their view of a centralized controlled government.  Gingrich is a historian, but he’s choosing the same President that Obama fashions himself after.

During Roosevelt’s time in office, there was a need for child labor laws, clean water and air laws, fair wage and labor laws.  Since then, Progressives have moved into tighter unnecessary regulations that are stifling job growth.  The EPA and Dept. of Labor with its over-regulations is a perfect example.

Then Gingrich got into trouble by suggesting children, 14 years and older, could earn money and learn work good ethics by working to clean their schools.  Again, another brilliant idea!  And why not?  Like cleaning schools, or any other work related project, it’s the learning experience and life lessons that help create good work ethic values.  Properly supervised, it could be a rewarding experience for any child.  We’re not talking slave labor.  Make it voluntary and pay them a small wage, it’s a simple concept.  However, Progressives bureaucrats in the Obama Regime’s Department of Labor ruled that young people cannot work because of dangers.  Take the latest ruling by the Labor department:

Under new standards being advocated by the Labor Department, youths under the age of eighteen would be prohibited from working in hay lofts, giving shots, caring for baby animals, and being in the vicinity of animals whose behavior may be “unpredictable.”  For the estimated 1.3 million youths living or working on farms, this means no longer being able to perform routine chores if the farm is set up as a corporation or a business partnership.  Today, the vast majority of family farms are legally structured in this manner

Again, the context of Gingrich’s statement is good idea.  However, the message got lost because people on both sides started fanning their wings citing child labor laws.  The current labor laws allows for children of family farms to work the farm.  That’s been going on before the country was formed.  Labor conditions and laws currently already protect children from harm.  This is about Progressive Government Control.  In today’s world, with OWS kids that are not learning anything in school, have no work ethic, and no desire to find a job and cannot pay their college bills.  Young people have a misguided entitlement ethic. They think they should get the corner office and a $100,000 a year salary as soon as they receive their diploma.  Winning The Future?

Gingrich has enough baggage to cause concern.  However, I believe he’s the only candidate that can debate Obama and win.  Is he the right candidate for the country?  But then, how does the smartest guy in the room miss the signature deadline to get on the ballot in Virgina?



What’s For Dinner?


Pan Seared Onaga (Ula`Ula Koae) Over Broccoli Risotto





Butterflies and Rainbows

Work takes me to various places on the Big Island.  Places where you just have to be there, to believe what you’re seeing.  On this day, I was leaving Na’ālehu, and returning back to Hilo.  I was overlooking Na’ālehu town from the upcountry vistas, when I snapped this picture of a butterfly flying over Na’ālehu.

It is kind of a surreal event looking out over Na’ālehu.  It is like a magical hallucinatory dreamlike view that stretches outward towards the coastline.  It is peaceful and quiet on the hilltop, with only the rustling of the wind through the grasslands.   In Hawaiian, the name Na’ālehu means “the volcanic ashes“.  The town is located at the southern most tip of the Big Island of Hawai’i.

With a population of just under 1000 people, Na’ālehu is surrounded by sprawling ranches and a rolling mountainous countryside.  Shaka’s, bar and restaurant, and Hana Hou, restaurant, are the only places to eat in Na’ālehu.  Besides the Punalu’u Bakery.  Da Sweetbread is so Ono’licious!  Pure Hawai’i!

Punalu’u Bakery

On the way there, and home, there’s really no radio reception along the Ka’u highway. Except on the AM band where between KPUA 670 in Hilo, and KHNR 690 in Honolulu, their scratchy static channels fade in an out.  Both are talk radio stations, with the exception of KPUA in Hilo, which is more sports talk, but KPUA does have three marvelous hours of Rush Limbaugh and, an hour with the penis doctor, Dr. Dean Adumbell.  KHNR 690 offers Medved, Preger, and Hewett during the day, and Levin at night.  We don’t get KHNR station’s reception in Hilo very good, but I wish we did.  However, under certain atmospheric conditions, I can get a glimmer of reception of KHNR, when I work on the West side of our Island.  It is, a blessing.  Sometimes the atmospheric conditions are not as favorable enough, and the radio signals are not available at all.  Just static noise.  That just leads to more thinking.  That’s bad,  so I’m told.

Talk Radio, is My Life Line

Big Island Coastline, is my Bliss

So, I begin to start thinking, while driving.  I know, that’s bad.  But thinking, while driving, hasn’t been outlawed yet.  Like either using the cell phone, or texting, or using the lap top computer while driving, thinking is still, not illegal while driving.  Of course, curling our eye lashes, putting on makeup, and reading maps, eating fast food food, drinking a cup of coffee, are also considered distractions while driving.  Not that these activities are not already considered, driving distractions, and illegal.  Thinking is still a luxury.


So, I’m using my brain to rationalize the world we live in now.  Distractions…..  As Obama used to, and still does say….

I’m surprised the Obama hasn’t banned talk radio yet.   Or even any radio listening at all, while driving.  Maybe they are still thinking about it.   There’s that cozy bit of post Roosevelt (FDR) socialism that is still alive in the Fairness Doctrine.  However, when democrats started to flirt with socialism, and abandon conservative ideology, they must remember that….

Roosevelt did Pray

But prayer, is no longer a democratic value, however, and U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb, made sure of that by declaring  A National Day of Prayer, as unconstitutional.

In 1952, then President Harry Truman (D), enacted a National Day of Prayer.

The law currently reads, “The President shall issue each year a proclamation designating the first Thursday in May as a National Day of Prayer on which the people of the United States may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals.”


In her opinion, Barbara, the body Crabb, wrote that in her view of case law, “government involvement in prayer may be consistent with the establishment clause when the government’s conduct serves a significant secular purpose and is not a ‘call for religious action on the part of citizens,'” citing a high-profile Ten Commandments case, McCreary County, Kentucky v. ACLU.

Can you not, either, be an Atheist, or an Agnostic, and still pray/wish for success?

How does a National Day of Prayer be thought of as a significant religious purpose, and how does it violate the Establishment Clause?  It does not favor any particular religion, groups or individuals.  It doesn’t favor any God, Deity, or crazed bearded bomb throwing nutjobs.  It’s just a Day of Prayer.  Use it as you see fit.  What’s the problem?

Even if you don’t go to a church, a synagogue, a mosque, a temple, a campground, a gymnasium, a cave, or some caldron of boiling faith, the Constitution never prohibits God or Religion.  It just says it cannot make a law, for or against, any religion.

But… Don’t you pray for success?  To return home safely?  To have enough for you, and your family to eat?  For your children’s future?  To your own life?  For Freedom to exercise thereof?

Even if your influences are in nature itself, and the unknown direction of fate.  It must give you a reason for your direction in life.  What are those values that drives your success.  Isn’t that what Prayer is about?  A wish?  An Inspiration?  A Desire?  It’s still your freedom.  Nothing changed.

I suppose May Day will continue to be a democratic value.  Andy Stern, SEIU out going prez and communist, would be proud.  Like his buddy Barry Obama, socialism is much cooler than freedom.  Praying, to anything other than the State, will be forbidden.  You don’t have to believe in anything but the state.

Give me a break.  This is stupid.   It defies common sense.  It defies the very values this country was founded upon.  A Democrat politician enacted this American Tradition, and a Liberal Nutcase Judge outlawed it.  This thinking would declare Easter Egg Hunting on the White House Lawn as Unconstitutional.  Because it has a “religious” connection.  A Christmas Tree in the White House will be banned, because of its “religious” connections.  The Jewish Menorah, because it has “religious” connections.  How about Kwanzaa?  How about converting the Capitol Building into a Mosque.  Where does it stop?

Where does this end?

What’s For Dinner?


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