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Our weather started this morning with some morning clouds and plenty of Sunshine by afternoon. The evening is going to be clear. Perfect weather to observe the Milky Way.  We got no rain in the gauge over night. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 83%.

Kēia Ka Lā Iune Iwakālua Kūmāiwa


What The Mask Really Means

First we were told the lockdown was to flatten the curve of and prevent the spread of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. Now we’re told we have to stay in lockdown until there is a vaccine is found. They keep moving the goal posts to keep us confined and controlled.

The common flu is a coronavirus and so is the common cold. The COVID-19 virus is also a coronavirus. A vaccine for the common cold and flu has never been found. The annual flu shot your doctor recommends yearly has less than a 50% chance of preventing you from getting the flu. The chances of a COVID-19 vaccine being found by the end of the year, or any year, is highly unlikely. Unless there is a medical miracle that happens.

Still, the mortality rate of the COVID-19 virus is less than 0.03 percent. Which means COVID-19 isn’t that deadly. Ebola is deadly, flesh eating viruses are deadly, and getting hit by a bus is deadly. The chances of getting hit by a bus is greater than getting Ebola. It’s not that the COVID-19 virus isn’t deadly to some people. However, we know many more people are asymptomatic to COVID-19. To the degree the COVID-19 virus deserves this level of panic is way overblown.

The experimental Gilead drug, Remdesivir is not showing the promise it was originally touted by Fhony Fauci and others.

“Remdesivir doesn’t work at all, as far as I can tell, or has only a minor effect,” said William Haseltine, a scientist who has spent decades studying viruses and helped lead the U.S. government response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. “It is comparable to Tamiflu and maybe not even as good,” Haseltine added, referring to another antiviral drug that has been available by prescription for 20 years and is expected to be sold over the counter in the coming months.

The article goes on to cite a study that found Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t as useful either. Despite other studies that found the drug Hydroxychloroquine being used by healthcare workers as a prophylactic and successful in preventing contracting the COVID-19 virus. The difference in the two drugs is the cost. It has become more of a political leverage to infringe on people’s rights and liberties.

What is becoming very apparent is how the virus is being used for political purposes. While Republican run States are reopening for business and normalcy, Democrat run States are taking punitive measures to keep businesses closed and people locked down in their homes. The democrats are adding more mandates to further restrict people’s movements while exempting themselves to those restrictions.

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer restrictions are some of the most harsh and inane mandates. People cannot visit their summer cabin, but the governor went to her summer cabin. When it was reported, she claimed that her husband was there to rake leaves. Most people suspect it was a graduation party for one of her granddaughters. So do as I say, not as I do, and if you disobey my orders I will slap more restriction on you. That’s exactly what Gov. Whitmer did.

It’s very clear that the democrats are using the COVID-19 virus as election leverage. They are doing this by implementing Mail-In-Ballots and saying public safety is the reason for using absentee ballots. Apparently you can go to a Big Box Store with hundreds of people around, but going to a voting booth poses a greater risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. The democrats have hooked their election chances to the coronairus by using fear. Making people stay home and mailing in their ballots. This is how voter fraud begins. Even in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nazi Piglosi wants voting done by proxy. Meaning, you send in your vote on legislation rather than being in Congress to have your vote recorded. That is voter fraud and the democrats want this implemented in all 50 States and territories.

The Cure Is Worse Than The Virus. Never let a crisis go to waste. Democrats are using the COVID-19 as a crisis to rig the 2020 elections. The allies of the democrats are the fake news media. The media refuses to report on the real danger of voter fraud because of mail in ballots.

What the mask really means is taking away your freedoms for the false illusion of security. As the democrats enforce illegal social distancing rules to continue to lock down this economy they forget that poverty is also a huge killer. If things don’t change to reopen the economy soon, then a worldwide depression is bound to happen. If that happens then the COVID-19 will be a small effect on the vast number of lives lost.



Our weather today has been mostly trade winds and clouds. Filtered sun, but mostly clouds. Over night we got about 1/8 of an inch of rain. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 86%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmāono


If anything is to be learned from the pandemic is that misinformation is more rampant than the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. One truth is the cure has become worse than the virus. Another truth is seeing the worse in people that we elect to run our government. The question becomes if we as a people will learn the value of our vote. To really learn who is running for office. What is really in the hearts of these people that will make decision for all of us. Will they be true leaders or tyrants. We’re learning that reality real-time.


The Republican States weren’t just lucky with fewer deaths, they used common sense to protecting their people. The most vulnerable were isolated. The elderly were isolated in nursing homes and in retirement villages. Social distancing rules were in effect, but I really don’t believe social distancing can be achieved when you’re in grocery stores and other shopping locations. Even in the home with a large family social distancing is near impossible.

Spending time outdoors and in the sun helps because it has been shown the virus doesn’t survive well. Plus it is good therapy to get outside and get fresh air. Get some exercise, or just relax and enjoy the view. To often the social distancing rules are too strict and unreasonable. It doesn’t help when governments use law enforcement to arrest people for not following the social distancing rules.

The Mayor of NYC said you can walk on the beach but you can’t go in the water. The Mayor of Los Angeles said you can only walk on wet sand, not dry sand. The Governor of Michigan said you cannot leave your homes and go to a cabin in the woods. Illinois governor says a mandatory stay-at-home order will remain until a vaccine is found. Pennsylvania and Maine governors have refused let businesses reopen and have removed their business licenses in any act of defiance. Over one third of the deaths in all these democrat states were in elderly care centers. These governors ordered patients to be housed in nursing homes. That was a death sentence for thousands of people.

The opposite was done in Republican States. The elderly were isolated. People were allowed to move freely and more businesses are reopening. Hurd immunity is protecting more people. The Republican governors allowed people to use common sense to protect themselves. To trust the people to use good judgement without imposing harsh restrictions. The results speak for themselves.

As Republican governors started reopening their States, the fake news media accused every Republican Governor of putting their people at risk. They predicted waves of the virus spreading and massive deaths to follow. Instead, the virus count had gone down. The fake news predictions were wrong. The experts were all wrong. Democrat governors and mayors abused their power and the results are devastating. The fake news media doesn’t even report it. Coverage was near nonexistent.

 The CDC doesn’t recommend wearing masks, but we’ve been told that wearing masks will keep us safe from airborne droplets that may contain the virus. The question has to be asked: Will constant mask usage cause other unforeseen illnesses? I see people driving in their vehicles wearing masks. Is that really necessary and is it safe? Who can you trust anymore to provide safe accurate information?



















The extent of bad leadership can measured in the number of causalities. The policies in each States governors show a stark contrast to how to make life or death decision. These are States have similar population densities and similar resources with access to the same information. It was the decisions that made all the difference in the number of deaths.

The “experts” were are told to rely upon have been proven unreliable. People that tried to warn us against this misinformation were admonished, banned, and silenced. Drugs that were shown to have remarkable success in resisting the virus were labeled as dangerous and deadly. We were told there is only one source for information and it was all wrong.



To which government agency do I go to get my life back?



Our weather today has been a mix of sun and trade wind showers. Temperatures in the upper 70’s with humidity at 81%. It’s breezy and very comfortable despite being a little more warmer. Passing showers and intervals of sun throughout the day. Expecting more tradewind showers this evening into tomorrow . We’re overnight we collected about an eighth inch of rain.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmākolu


Halloween Masks

I have some mask suggestions for Halloween. I love Halloween because it is fun to dress up in a costume and collect candy. As kids we would wear masks when trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

This year’s mask theme – Trump Derangement Syndrome

The year of the Bug Eyes. Adam Schiff for boys and Hillary Clinton for girls. Both are scary enough to garner an extra treat. There was a runner up for the girls Halloween mask.

Nancy Pelosi was a tough runner up. With her wild staring eyes, over arching eyebrows are scary enough, but Hillary got the most votes in the end. Some of the deciding criteria was her decision to open an impeachment inquiry, illegally. The legal way would to have a vote to have an inquiry. So now the democrats think they have an open door for impeachment, but they have no crime to impeach.

Since Adam Schiff was caught coaching and writing the whistleblower’s complaint and lying about being involved. This is the same clown that was fishing for nude pictures of President Trump and was scammed by two Ukrainian shock jocks. It looks like Shifty Schiff is going to be censured and possibly lose his position on the House Lack of Intelligence committee. At first when you practice to deceive the American people.

Hillary goes around saying President Trump knows he’s an illegitimate President. After three years this troll has not gotten over losing big time to President Trump. Remember when Hillary and her media minions made a big stink claiming then candidate Trump would not accept the results of the elections? I do, and I remember the arrogance and hypocritical posturing by the media that was actively campaigning for Hillary. Talk about nonobjective free press. They believed they had already won the election and the American people would act like sheep and vote for Hillary because of her gender. Because it was her turn. Because everyone hates Trump. They were so sure of themselves.

It still 30 days till Halloween so there’s plenty of time to get those masks ready for All Hallows’ Eve, also known as All Saints Day. Because I live in a very rural location the chances of receiving trick-or-treaters are slim. That’s okay because we’ll probably watch a spooky movie and have fun dinner. Halloween falls on the Thursday and Aloha Friday follows.

The weather today is mostly showers with some sunshine. Subtle changes in the weather as we approach the winter months. Changes in temperature and rainfall is replacing a hot dry summer.




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