Namaste Trump

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania are visiting India this week. The friendship between Prime Minister Modi and President Trump is very well on display. First Lady Melania looks dazzling in White with a decorative green shash around her waist. The largest cricket stadium was filled to capacity. Thousands off people lined the streets welcoming the President and First Lady. It’s obvious the people of India love Donald Trump.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally greeted the President and First Lady at the airport. The Prime Minister accompanied them to Mohandas Gandhi’s Ashram and then to the Motera Stadium. This is great for US-India relations. Never let it be said that President would not be respected by world leaders.

All this is great for trade and our respected economies, but there is a dark side that threatens American workers. US Tech workers are being displaced by Indian and Chinese workers. High-Skilled American workers are being laid off by the thousands.

Open Borders Lobbyists and Deep State Swampers are pushing out US Internet Tech workers for cheap foreign labor. Companies are forcing American workers to train Indian foreign workers on their jobs. Then the American workers are laid off. These lobbyists say these workers are needed. I can’t reconcile that statement with American workers losing their jobs.

President Trump has promised to enforce immigration laws by preventing those immigrants requiring government assistance. Food Stamps and Healthcare. We’re not a welfare state for the world. We’re not the outsource capital of the world either. The democrats and some republicans that have been bought and paid for by the high-tech giants. This is a betrayal to the voters and to all workers.

Right now, there is too much immigration abuse that employers use to replace American workers with cheap overseas labor. Politicians are being bought by large corporations, especially the high tech silicon valley corporations.

Michelle Malkin has been leading the charge exposing the H1B abuses. On twitter, telegram, and her blog page, Michelle Malkin has been on the forefront disclosing how our political class has been betraying the country.

I’ve been following Michelle Malkin’s work for years. Entrepreneur journalist, activist for justice, business owner, creator of world class social media sites – Hot Air and Twitchy, and public speaker. Michelle Malkin is a true journalist, investigative reporter, and all American mom.

While I’m all for good relations with other countries, I believe their workers should stay in their own country. They don’t have to be taking American jobs. This is not good for our country. There should be laws preventing politicians from accepting dirty money for legislation to allow American jobs be replaced with foreign low wage workers.

This was not what President Trump ran on. Both democrats and republicans are selling their office for campaign contributions. This should be illegal. It does not make for a representative government. Globalism is dead and it should remain dead.


Our weather today started off cool and sunny. By the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and some sprinkling was scattered. Temperatures were in the low 70’s for most of the day, in the 60’s at night. Humidity at 80%.

An update on the Sea Arch at the end of the Chain of Craters in Volcanoes National Park.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhā Pepeluali


Cancel Culture

The Cancel Culture is the lefts latest tantrum against anyone that fails to follow the orthodoxy of self destruction. Even just seen speaking with someone the left hates triggers a mob wave. Anyone caught fraternizing with the enemy will hear demands termination of employment. Demonstrations at the residence of the offending individuals. Threats to family and property damage as retaliation for committing the heinous crime of being in the company of a conservative.

This happened to a restaurant owner in Philadelphia. A 75-year-old restaurant owner in Philadelphia had nearly all the windows of his business destroyed early on New Year’s Day in an attack he blames on antifa. The restaurant owner and former Philadelphia police officer, Jack Gillespie, has been in business for 34 years and says he tries to maintain an apolitical environment where people can enjoy drinks, food, karaoke and pool. But the public backlash continued after he refused to issue a blanket ban of the right-wing group, Proud Boys and TPUSA.

TPUSA (Turning Point USA) is a conservative group that regularly speaks at college campuses. Proud Boys are a conservative group that has been labeled by the fascist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a white supremacist hate group. The SPLC often labels conservative groups as hate organizations. The SPLC refuses to label antifa, the violent fascist group, as a domestic terror group.

Proud Boys are private all male club that gets together to discuss conservative views. They often patronize restaurants like the Millcreek Tavern. Proud Boys are not known to attack people, but they will defend themselves.  Antifa is known to attack conservative groups like Proud Boys. The Proud Boys have fought back against antifa fascists. The SPLC labeled the Proud Boys as white supremacists and associated with Nazi hate groups. Which is a false charge. The fake news media labels the Proud Boys as a far-right hate group based on the information by the SPLC’s false charges. Antifa’s violent attacks are rarely condemned by the fake news media. In fact, the fake news media often protects antifa by suppressing their violent acts.

As a result, Millcreek Tavern was flooded with phone calls and threats of violence. The review section for its business on Facebook and Yelp were bombarded with negative reviews by people accusing the restaurant of being a haven for hate. “It was an assassination attempt on my character,” says Gillespie. Philadelphia is home to some of the most active and violent antifa militants on the East Coast.

Antifa mistook two off-duty Marines as Proud Boys and beat them viciously. The were hospitalized with serious injuries. Three antifa fascist were charged with aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy, theft, terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another, among other charges, according to a court document. There are others that antifa violently attacks because they perceive they are associated with Nazis and other hate groups. Antifa is a Domestic Terrorist group and should be labeled by the government as such, including the SPLC.

The Cancel Culture recently targeted their hate towards actor, Vince Vaughn, for chatting with President Trump at the College Football Playoff Championship in New Orleans. The Cancel Culture was so enraged that they flooded unsocial media with hate comments against the actor.

Timothy Burke, a internet Cancel Culture fascist pretending to be a journalist, circulated this post on twitter which triggered the snowflakes into a mob rage. Twitter exploded over the encounter after fake journalist Timothy Burke shared footage of it, along with the message, “I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it.” Burke is not a journalist. True journalists don’t give their opinions about events. The majority of journalists, 95% of them, are far left fascists that spread misinformation and hate.

The Cancel Culture is all about censorship. The Cancel Culture targets conservative speakers. Michelle Maklin is a conservative writer and speaker. I’ve been following Michelle Malkin for years and reading her articles. Michelle Malkin is one of the few investigative journalist that reports on corruption and injustice in government and hate groups like the Cancel Culture. Michelle Malkin is fearless in her reporting and is a advocate for free speech on college campuses. The Cancel Culture left is deeply embedded in Universities. Michelle Malkin exposes the growing culture of hate and censorship in colleges.

“Why is this censorship campaign from both sides of the political spectrum happening? University of Maine College Republican Jeremiah Childs astutely observed: “They’re doing this to delegitimize us because we’re popular.” Popular, peacefully expressed ideas that threaten establishment empires in both parties must be stopped. The pretense of free inquiry and association must be propped up by the tolerance hypocrites on the left and the culture warrior poseurs on the right. The illusion of “free speech” must be maintained by the keepers of the gate. Lying is lucrative. Telling the truth, controlled by no one, only gets you grief.” — Michelle Malkin

Ironically, there was this scene with George W. Bush and Ellen DeGeneres sitting together at a Dallas Cowboys game against the Green Bay Packers, causing backlash from fans. Ellen defended the friendship by preaching the value of civility.

The Cancel Culture exploded on unsocial media to condemn DeGeneres. The intolerant LGBT community wondered, “Why is this gay Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican president?”

DeGeneres continued: “When I say ‘be kind to one another,’ I don’t mean only the people that think the same way that you do. I mean be kind to everyone. Doesn’t matter.”

It should be noted that the intolerant DeGeneres once said she would never invite President Trump on her show. Also, CBS News reported this event praising DeGeneres call for civility. This from a fake news program that nightly reports negative stories about President Trump. The Cancel Culture double standards is where the hate is directed towards conservatives.

The reason why the left is mounting a viscous violent attack on conservatives is because people are becoming aware of the left’s abuse. The term used is called, “Being Woke”. Meaning that people are waking up to how the left has manipulated, lied, and corrupted the political social process. Antifa sprung from the revenge of President Trump’s election. It can be traced to the Obama-Clinton corruption. It was the Obama-Clinton campaign to label conservatives as bigots and racists. It was the Obama-Clinton surrogates that created America’s version of ISIS. The Obama-Clinton crime syndicate lost and they have directed their followers to mount a campaign against the President and anyone that support the MAGA cause. The left claims they are the civilized ones, the reasonable and rational, pro-American protectors of equality.

It was Obama that called middle Americans bitter clingers that hold onto their guns and religion, because people don’t look like them. Basically, Obama was calling white people are racists. You see it today with white leftists using the same talking point of accusing whites as being racists. The left has taken out of context what President Trump as said in press conferences. President Trump said many of the illegal aliens were criminals, rapists, and some were good people. MS13 and the Drug Cartels were streaming across the borders. The fake news media dismissed this as just another Trump racist statement. The fake news media still falsely claims that President Trump called Neo-Nazis and white supremacists “good people”. No matter how many times the recorded conversation was played where the President disavowed the hate groups, the democrats and fake news media continue to spread that lie.  I believe the American people have seen through this.

It was Clinton that called Trump supporters as deplorable’s. Hillary Clinton told an audience of donors that half of Donald Trump’s supporters fall into “the basket of deplorable’s,” meaning people who were racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic. You name it, Clinton said.

Obama-Clinton were sending instructions to their followers to rise up and attack Trump supporters. The fringe leftist groups began to appear: “By Any Means Necessary”, was the mantra by the left to cause chaos at every Trump event. What followed were attacks on people wearing Trump memorabilia. The left wasn’t hiding their contempt for Americans who supported President Trump. The nastiness has gotten worse.

As we begin the election year, 2020, the left sees President Trump’s successes: the economy, the low unemployment, the growing job market, the rising wages, and a stock market reaching record highs almost daily. The left see President Trump’s rallies where 50-100 seat stadiums are filled to capacity and overflow crowds outside to watch the President speak. It is incredible to watch these rallies. The left obviously feels threatened by President Trump’s populous message of Nationalism and America First. The left accused President Trump’s Nationalist call as a call to white supremacists. It was another attempt to label the President and his followers as Nazis and bigots.

The democrats see their base leaving their plantation style governing which for over 50 years has kept them in poverty, despair, and locked into crumbling cities infested with crime. Not a life at all, but a prison with no way out. President Trump offered a way out and it’s working. President Trump has exposed the socialist democrats as failing to help their constituents

The fakes news media all reported on the impeachment articles sent today to the Senate. Not one story on the US-China trade, USMCA deal that drove the Stock Market into record territory. The DOW Jones closed at 29,030, and all the markets closed at record levels. This means people are making money, the economy growing, and jobs opening. This is what the left hates, success. They, the democRats, hate Americans getting the promise of opportunities, liberty, freedom and pursuing happiness.


In Hawai’i news: Our weather is still rainy, but tapering. Temperatures in the low 70’s with humidity at 93%. Overcast with no sunshine today at all. Winds are calm. All is well.


Kēia Ka Lā ʻUmi Kūmālima Lanuali



The Fake News Media


The term President Trump used to categorize CNN’s hack reporter Jim Acosta as Fake News is not only apt, but very descriptive of what is passed off as journalism today. I suppose these journalists think that what they report is being accepted by the public as reputable. In all fairness, reporters are human also, and mistakes can be made. Owning up, and correcting the story, does help restore reputations. However, when a supposed journalist makes the story about her/him selves, then their reputation is in question.

I don’t like being spoon fed the news. By that I mean selectively reporting news by either spinning the news, leaving out important information, or just not reporting stories. That’s not journalism, that propaganda. There are very few journalists that I consider honest, also there are certain news networks I consider fraudulent and dishonest.

It used to be that everyone got their news from the Big Three networks, ABC, CBS, NBC. Then came the cable news networks, CNN being the first. Then along the others, Fox News, MSNBC, and Headline News. Today, the rise of internet news networks are providing what the old technology has been failing to deliver, REAL NEWS!

Why do I call the news fake? Let’s start by looking at the obvious. CNN, that cable news outlet that infests airport terminals around the world. Abilio James “Jim” Acosta, a suppositive journalist with a proclivity for making the news about himself. Like many in the fake news industry, these ‘reporters’ don’t ask questions, they make accusations in the form of questions. It’s word salad with an attempt to take the President off message. If these clowns think the public believes these are hard, probing, questions, they are fooling themselves. The public is not as stupid as these reporters think. It’s rather insulting to our intelligence, and our duly elected President. Observe.

First words out of Acosta’s mouth, “I want to challenge you…“, that’s not a question, that’s an argument. It’s an accusation. Acosta went on to say that the illegal alien invasion heading to our southern border is not an invasion, but a caravan of migrants moving up to the border. So again, it’s not a question, it’s a confrontation over semantics. It is not Acosta’s place to correct the Commander in Chief, and use Acosta’s description of what is clearly an invasion of illegals.

Acosta’s confrontation with President Trump escalated to the point of disrupting the news conference. He was hogging the mic, refusing to stand down, and he continued to antagonize the President after he was told “That’s Enough!” Very rude, very unprofessional, very unpleasant. Acosta’s came across as a total jackass.

Other real journalists took note. Tucker Carlson at Fox News did a story on this incident. Oh, by the way, Fox News is becoming irritating to me lately. They used to be a standard of journalism, but several of their reporters are now becoming left leaning hacks. Carlson, is excluded from my list of FakeNewsFox reporters. Observe how a real reporter reports the news.

This level of unprofessionalism by Acosta is unbecoming of a journalist. It cost Acosta his hard-pass to the Whitehouse Press room. Deservedly so! I don’t remember Barry the Bullshitter Obama ever being harassed by reporters, but I do remember Barry illegally wiretapping a Fox News reporter James Rosen. Why? Because Barry doesn’t like hard, probing, questions. Barry likes questions he could answer in 20 minutes of filibustering gibberish. Barry refused to call on questions from Fox News reporters. The fake news media did not support Fox News when their reporters were discriminated against. In fact, the fake news media was a slobbering whore to Obama. Disgusting!

Note: The fake news media turned their backs on Tucker Carlson when antifa terrorists showed up at his property to threaten him and his family. Did Fox News support Carlson? Nope! Yet, they are standing with hack Acosta.

So now, CNN, the Communist Nutbags and Nimrods network, decided to sue the Whitehouse to return Acosta’s passes. Claiming removing the pass is a violation of Acosta’s 1st and 5th Amendment rights. When you invite someone into your house, and they get disruptive, you don’t invite them back. You cannot claim discrimination for boorish behavior. So what are the chances of a successful lawsuit?

To my disappointment, Fox News decided to stand with Fake News CNN on the lawsuit. At least there’s Fox Business that seems to continue with real news reporting. Special Report with Bret Baier has lost me. Mostly because of content in the show. Chris Wallace, the Sunday report is like watching Shemp Smith, which I compare to watching Rachel Madkow on MSNBC. CNN is just atrocious! Don Lemon is a racist, as with many others at CNN. I would say, both MSNBC and CNN are the most bias and manipulation of the fake news cable networks. Fox News is not far behind.

The Big Three networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, are equally as bias. All the news we see fit to tell you. That’s their mantra! We’ll tell you what we think you should know. That’s no different than Soviet style propaganda news.

The rise of internet news outlets are somewhat refreshing. CRTV which hosts Michelle Malkin, Mark Lavin, and Stephen Crowder.  OAN (One American News) are two networks with impressive journalistic style. The Daily Caller (Tucker Carson’s publication), The Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro’s publication) Ben is a Never Trumper also, but we won’t hold that against him, because he’s honest reporting. Then there’s Dennis Prager (PragerU videos). These 5 minute videos are very informative and deal with many subjects in today’s society, including politics, and religion. Laura Loomer is a young, aggressive, hard nose reporter. I have been very impressed with her reporting.

There are many reporters that get right in where others won’t go. Take this example from Fleccas Talks. He’s a Ben Shapiro affiliated reporter Fleccas, as he wades into the crowd of antifa hard left fascists, to report face to face, with the enemy of the people.

Another note about Fox News, there’s an NPR racist that Fox hired and sits on the show called the Five, Juan Williams. He cannot go through a show without a swipe at calling white people racist. Williams does this all the time. This is annoying as hell. He lumps people by color into a racist category. Imagine if a white Fox personality categorized all black people as racist? That person would be fired on the spot. Yet Williams, gets a pass. CNN’s Don Williams did the same thing. April Ryan, same thing. The left has targeted white people, Christians, and Jews as targets of bigotry.

CNN has become easy with their reporters and guests using obscenities on their shows, with impunity. It is also a shame that the media has elevated a buffoon like Acosta to martyrdom status. As I said before, 90% of all reporters are leftists. They don’t believe in journalist objectivity. They don’t believe in Fair and Balanced reporting, and sadly, it seems Fox News is falling into that leftist category. It’s extremely disappointing. There are some Fox News shows I will not watch anymore, because of the content. If that’s the direction Fox News is going, then lowering my cable bill will keep an extra few dollars in my pocket. I don’t watch the other cable news channels for the same reason. Content is bias and directional.

What can I do? I can leave and find alternative news sites that are objective and thorough, and I’ve already started.




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