Must be nice living in San Francisco Pacific Palisades where you can look down upon the little people and thumb your nose at America.

Nutzy Piglosi is a real democrat racist. A bigoted lying insect that hates working Americans. I’d rather call this creature “Nazi Piglosi”, because she speaks in the manner of Joseph Goebbels,  a German Nazi terrorist and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. She has all the mannerisms down perfectly.

The five white guys I call them, you know,” Pelosi said, referring to five bipartisan lawmakers, including Hoyer, leading efforts to salvage the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. All five of the male lawmakers are white.

Waste Management CEO reacts to Nutzy Piglosi’s ‘crumbs‘ comments on bonuses.  It’s clear that Nutzy Piglosi have no business experience, except for graft and fraud. She got rich through insider trading and legislative manipulation that benefited her family, and hurt Americans.

Just like ALL democrats, they are racist bigots. They created the Klu Klux Klan, Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, but now we are supposed to believe they have atoned for the sins of the past, by repeating them.   At the top of the national socialist democrat party are anti-American vile haters. Nazi Piglosi, Chucky Cheese Schumer, Dickhead Durbin, Bernie Marx Sanders, Elizabeth Lyawatha Warren, Mad Maxine Waters, and the list goes on. These are the socialist clowns that the Fake News Media parades in front of the camera to claim America is a craphole because of Trump.  Their latest racist rants: accusing white people of being supremacists.

These are the same communist dirtbags that disparaged our United States Military as Nazis and Pol Pot murders. These are the same people that promoted and defended slavery. It doesn’t matter what color you are, if they are in power, they will make your life a craphole. It’s what they do. Their best attribute is the ability to lie with a straight face. Democrats, you can’t live with them, pass the beer nuts.

The leftist media was livid with saying CRAPhole, especially Fake News CNN. The Crappy Network News, or Clinton Nutcase Nitwits.  I hope the FCC fines CNN heavily and they lose their jobs. Disgusting Racist Rubbish.

Alcoholic CNN Door Mice Having A Hissy Fit


These leftist don’t care about America, they only care about flooding America with dependent immigrants for votes. For Votes Only! The democrats have demonstrated that they don’t care about the American citizens. Because Americans see democrats for who they really are. The modern day robber barons of media, industry and Hollyweird.

Did Trump call Haiti a craphole? No one knows. There are no recordings, no video, only the word of one corrupt, evil, crap weasel. However, what is true is how the Clinton Foundation ‘raped’ Haiti of the money that was suppose to go to rebuild the country. Oh BTW, those countries are crapholes. Other countries in the western hemisphere like Bermuda, Bahama’s, Virgin Islands, are not like Haiti. They may be poor, but they are not the result of outright corruption by democrats and a socialist government. The same goes for some African countries. Some of these countries are exactly what they are, CrapHoles! The Truth Is Not Racism.

In January 2015 a group of Haitians surrounded the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation. They chanted slogans, accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of having robbed them of “billions of dollars.” Two months later, the Haitians were at it again, accusing the Clintons of duplicity, malfeasance, and theft. And in May 2015, they were back, this time outside New York’s Cipriani, where Bill Clinton received an award and collected a $500,000 check for his foundation. “Clinton, where’s the money?” the Haitian signs read. “In whose pockets?” Said Dhoud Andre of the Commission Against Dictatorship, “We are telling the world of the crimes that Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for in Haiti.”

Back to the Craphole Craptastrophy. Turns out, the craphole accusation is probably a fake news story brought on by … Senator Dickhead Durbin. This crapbag has made lying statements in the past. To be a democrat, you have to pass a test in how well you can lie. This crapbag lies very well:

When it came to the issue of, quote, “chain migration,” I said to the president, do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African-Americans believe they migrated to America in chains and when you talk about chain migration, it hurts them personally.

It is my opinion that the democrats have no desire to help immigrants. They only want to use them for votes. They will take what they want, and discard immigrants once they get into office. Democrats won’t do a thing to help them. They use them. Disgusting democrat rubbish!



In other news, Hawai’i EMS sent out a panic message that a North Korean missile attack was eminent, it took 30 minutes later to cancel the alarm and declare it a big boo-boo.  Someone pressed the wrong button. Which begs the question, how does a panic button get accidentally pressed? Isn’t a panic button under a glass case? In case of emergency, break glass. Was the button next to the door entry button?

Let’s add a conspiracy theory shall we: I believe this was an act by an Anti-Trump’ individual that wanted to embarrass the administration. Why else would three different contradictions be explained? It was an accident, it was a drill, it was the God Lono.  UGH! What it did was make Hawai’i democrats look like a bunch of fools.  Rightly so….


Hawai’i EMS Recommends Putting Your Head Between Your Legs And Kiss Your Ass Goodbye











Obama’s War On America


If there is a “War On America”, then it is the meme of Obama’s election strategy.  The Obama campaign launched the first salvo in the “War On America” by using the Class Warfare attack.  Obama doesn’t seem to want to give up that strategy of divide and conquer, but instead Obama has decided to double down on fueling the Rich verses the Poor.

After the disastrous attempt by the Socialist Democrat party Chief Debbie Wassamatterwitherhair Schultz, and former House of Misrepresentative Leader Nazi “Botox” Piglosi, to use the Sandra Fluke contraception ploy in a manufactured “War On Women”, Obama quickly returned to his original strategy of Class Warfare.  Meanwhile, Socialist Operatives in both political and entertainment circles have viciously attacked Ann Romney by saying she never worked a day in her life.  How do they know what Ann Romney does in her life and what business is it of theirs?   They should go back to gushing over Michelle Obama’s elbow and knees, and the taxpayer’s monies she spends on lavish vacations.

Ever since Obama maculated the Office the Presidency, he’s had a war on everything American.  The Cash For Clunkers was the War on Automobiles.  The BP Gulf oil disaster started the War on Energy.  The Green Technology bankruptcy was the War on the Environment.  Now we have these windmills erected all around the country, polluting the landscape with these eyesores that are environmentally unfriendly.  We have Government Motors building electric cars that catch fire and don’t hold a charge, yet the government wants to sell you a $40,000 hunk of junk.

Others Socialist Democrats like Elizabeth Warren that claims that no one got rich on their own.  Using some bizarre logic that anyone that is successful, did so it at others expense.  Of course, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and myself included, never made it without any government help.  So what Batty Betty is saying is that we are all too stupid to become successful on our own.  We must have government bootstrap us into success.  What a crock!  If only government got out of our way, we’d have more employment and more wealthy people!

Now if you challenge any of these Socialist Democrats on this, they immediately deflect the argument into an unrelated subject.  They talk about paying for tax cuts!?!  An interesting and backwards logic, taxes that are paid for, go figure!!  Then they whine about unpaid for wars and what happened in the last administration.  What about the war of 1812, or the Spanish-American wars?  All nonsense because they cannot, and do not have an answer for this regimes criminal behavior.  Obama is building a class war and a race war.  Obama would have you believe that anyone against his destructive policies of raising energy prices, creating unsustainable debt and destroying American jobs, is in favor of dirty air, dirty water and all things unholy!   This is indefensible!  Now back to taxes!




In the IRS tax tables, you can see the percentage of taxes people must pay based on their total income.  Yet, Obama says the rich are not paying enough, and they aren’t paying their fair share.  The question I ask is, just how much is a fair share that must be given unto Caesar?  The United States has the dubious distinction of having the highest corporate tax rates in the world.  What do you think corporations do to recoup those costs?  They pass them on to the consumer.  We pay for corporation’s goods and services, and we also pay for the tax imposed on them by the government.  Somehow raising taxes is the solution?!?!

Socialist Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Obama make unsubstantiated claims that there has to be fairness.  But what is fair about a tax rate that jumps 5% when you cross the income threshold into a higher tax bracket?

Suppose you are a married couple, and you’ve done your taxes, and when you looked up your tax rate in the IRS-1040 tax tables.  As you can see, anyone making less than $17,000, and after your Standard/Itemized deductions and your personal exceptions; you pay no taxes!  Zero!  Nada! Zilch!  However, once you cross the $19,500 threshold, then you start to pay Federal taxes.  You can test my results using this on-line calculator.  It does make assumptions, but it’s the point I want to make here.

The people that make the most pay 35% of their income in Federal taxes!  Then there are the deductions, loopholes and other tax shelters that the Congress wrote into law!  This is why rich people park their money in overseas banks like in the Cayman Islands.  Who wants 1/3 of their income taken by a government that spends it like drunken sailors?  With all due respect to drunken sailors.  The Congress, under Socialist Democrat control, spent 5 Trillion Dollars during the first two years of the Obama Regimes Rule!  Wrap your head around that!  5 Trillion Dollars of money we don’t have!

So when Obama keeps using Warren Buffett as the senile poster child for increasing taxes, he deliberately lies to you by not explaining the taxable difference.  Warren Buffett pays 15% taxes on Capital Gains, but that’s money that has already been taxed!  The difference is between earned income, and Capital Gains on investments.  Income on Capital Gains is money that has already been taxed!  It’s sort of like double taxation.  You’re being taxed on the money you already paid taxes on.  So, is that fair?  This is where Obama lies, a tax on the rich is a tax on all Americans.

This Class Warfare is Obama’s “War On America”!  The War on the American People can be summed up by Obama’s criminal policies.  The subterfuge is blaming the rich for Obama’s failed policies.  People have stopped listening to Obama’s blame President Bush excuse.  After three years of raising the debt higher than President Bush ever did in eight years, and higher than any other President ever in history, Obama needs to find a scapegoat.  So Obama blames anything and everything to try and distract the American people from his abysmal policies.  Obama has weakened America, both economically and respectfully.  Obama has insulted our allies and cozies up to our enemies.  Obama’s disdain for the American People earns him a special place in history.  Move over Jimmy Carter, Obama is NOW the worst President in American History!



What’s For Dinner?



Shrimp and Scallop Over Steamed Jasmine Bok Choy, Jasmine Rice and Baby Carrots



Free Speech Under Attack

Kū'ē i kō ha'i mana'o

KPUA, the local AM radio station in Hilo Hawai’i has pulled the Rush Limbaugh show from their programming schedule.  In an act of intolerance and a attack on Free Speech. 

Posted: Monday, March 5th, 2012 10:22 AM HST

KPUA cancels Rush Limbaugh radio show in Hilo

By 67AM KPUA News
Hilo, Hawaii March 5, 2012: New West Broadcasting announced today that it is discontinuing the Rush Limbaugh program on KPUA AM 670 in Hilo, Hawaii effective immediately.Chris Leonard, President and General Manager of New West released the following statement this morning:“We have always encouraged spirited discussion about national and local issues on KPUA and from time to time those discussions may be deemed by some to be objectionable. We are strong believers in the first amendment and have recognized Mr. Limbaugh’s right to express opinions that often times differ from our own, but
it has never been our goal to allow our station to be used for personal attacks and intolerance. The most recent incident has crossed a line of decency and a standard that we expect of programming on KPUA whether it is locally produced or a syndicated program like the Rush Limbaugh show.

While much of the national debate regarding this issue is now being framed in political terms, the decision for us is one of decency and responsibility. Regardless of one’s political views on the issue being discussed, we feel the delivery was degrading and the continued comments over several days to be egregious. As a result, we are discontinuing the Rush Limbaugh program on KPUA effective immediately.”

For questions or comments, email us at

KPUA is a CBS affiliate, so it is apart of the network of intolerant leftest news stations.  This knee jerk reaction to pull the Rush Limbaugh is an attack on Free Speech.  Even in the statement on KPUA’s website does not justify “spirited discussion”, it does show intolerance to free speech.

Why has KPUA chosen to punish their listeners by pulling the Rush Limbaugh show from their programming schedule?  Because Rush commented on a political activist that is apart of the Culture of Death.  Rush commented on the testimony of Sandra Fluke that was staged as a phony demonstration conducted by the Socialist Democrats and Nancy Pelosi (a.k.a. Nazi Piglosi).  In an effort to change the attacks on Religious Consciences and the First Amendment by Obama and his Marxist Regime, the Democrats have tried to make contraception out to be a woman’s health issue.  The two are not related in any sense.  That’s the crime that Rush and his listeners are being punished for.

Rush asked a question about Sandra Fluke’s testimony about women not having access to contraception.  He asked what does that make her?  A Slut!  Sandra Fluke went on to claim using examples of women she claims to know, having sex, and having medical issues because of the lack of contraception availability.  This testimony was given in full public disclosure to a panel of Socialist Democrats that supports a culture of immorality and death.  Sandra Fluke was advancing Obama’s policy to use contraception as a whole new entitlement program.

When in reality, the Socialist Democrats were attempting to change the subject on Obama’s attacks on religion and the First Amendment.  Rush did apologized over the weekend.  Here is what Rush said:

A Statement from Rush

March 03, 2012

For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week.  In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.

I think it is absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times, we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress. I personally do not agree that American citizens should pay for these social activities. What happened to personal responsibility and accountability? Where do we draw the line? If this is accepted as the norm, what will follow? Will we be debating if taxpayers should pay for new sneakers for all students that are interested in running to keep fit?In my monologue, I posited that it is not our business whatsoever to know what is going on in anyone’s bedroom nor do I think it is a topic that should reach a Presidential level.

My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.

As a result, KPUA decided to punish its listeners and pull the Rush Limbaugh show.  But what Rush said wasn’t anything Rush hasn’t said before.  Other radio talk show hosts have said far worse things.  Leftist talk show hosts like Ed Schultz, Bill Press and Mike Malloy have said far worse things.  But this all a distraction away from the larger issue.

What the larger issue is about is the government forcing religious institutions to go against their conscience.  What this is about is the government forcing religious institutions to supply contraception to their employees.  It is about the government forcing you to purchase a product which is against your religious beliefs.  This is NOT about Sandra Fluke.  This not about Rush Limbaugh either.  This is about free speech.  This is about freedom of choice.  This about religious freedoms.  This about the Obama Regime attacking the United States Constitution.

As a result, I have decided not to listen to KPUA or support their advertisers until KPUA returns Rush Limbaugh to their programming schedule.  We don’t have a lot of radio stations here in Hilo.  We don’t have any talk radio stations at all, except for KPUA’s sports talk shows.  For KPUA’s management to cancel the Rush Limbaugh show over his comments is just another attack on free speech.  It is wrong!  I have sent KPUA an email expressing my disappointment with their decision and I hope they change their misguided decision.



What’s For Dinner?

Grilled Sockeye Salmon with Grilled Asparagus and Potato’s




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