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What’s For Dinner?


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Happy New Year




On this last day of the year, there are many changes here on the big island of Hawai’i.  The advance of Pele’s lava flow into the town of Pāhoa has many people moving out of the  lower Puna district.  The Puna district lava zones were always a risk for anyone wishing to move to this location.  There is no other place along the Hawaiian Archipelago like the Puna district.  It is special and sacred.

Wao Kele o Puna (Rain forest of Puna) is the largest remaining lowland rainforest just south of Hilo that sits along the Kilauea volcano rift zone.   The Kilauea rift zone is in lava zones 1, 2 and 3.


The lower right side of the picture shows where the USGS believes the potential path lava will flow in any direction.  In the past the lava has flowed south from the Pu’u ‘Ō ‘ō vent towards Kalapana, but that changed this year with the collapse of one of the vents walls.  Now the lava is heading towards Pāhoa town.


If the lava reaches Pāhoa, and crosses the only road into lower Puna, it will cut off thousands of residences that live in Puna.  It is the only way in and out of Puna.  However, in anticipation of this eventuality, the county is creating two alternate roads to allow residents to enter and exit the Puna district.

There has been an increase in traffic in upper Puna in the Kea’au area.  Since many of the Pāhoa shop owners have closed down, along with the Pāhoa Post Office, and Mālama Market, the largest grocery store in Pāhoa, traffic has increased in the Kea’au shopping center.

Twice now, Pele has stop short of crossing the highway, and only one home has been destroyed.  To date, the lava has slowed and has only advanced a few hundred yards.  We can only hope and pray that Pele decides to wander elsewhere.   As one native Puna residence said (paraphrasing), “If that lava does come onto your land, be prepared. Be happy you had that many years to live on your land, and the opportunity to live in paradise.  Show Aloha!”

Whatever happens, everyone is prepared for the worse.  Hopefully.  Meanwhile, Happy New Year.



What’s For Dinner?



Grilled Papaya Salad



Burger King Introduces: PornoBurger

A New Low In Vulgar Ads Aimed At Young Customers

A New Low In Vulgar Ads Aimed At Young Customers

(H/T) HotAir

As the new Burger King under construction in Pahoa nears completion, I am curious about what will be on the menu.  What will BK include with the sandwich, Condom’s or Condiments?  What will be next BK Porno product offering?  The John Holmes Smokin’ Chokin’ Chicken Sandwich, the Rod Jeremy Hot Pork Injection BBQ sandwich.  At $6.25 per sandwich it better come with a cold drink, fries, and cherry flavored edible panties.

Sex Sell, But Who’s Buying

Well, not exactly, but the lyrics are interchangeable.


What’s for Dinner?


Holoholo to Ken’s House of Pancakes fo sum Local Kine Grinds

Food you can Trust where it’s been.

The Art of Food


My previous article on Fast (Food) Times in Pahoa brought in some interesting comments that got me thinking about the whole food thing in Hawai’i, and for that matter, everywhere else in the world.  With all the cookbooks available, both online and in print, television shows and demonstrations, I’m really surprised that the art of creating your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner isn’t more practiced by the individual.  I mean, how hard is it to make a ham sandwich?


Having chickens to provide fresh eggs can be a lot of work.

If you don’t keep them contained in an area where the hens can lay eggs, then you’ll find eggs in all sort of strange places.


I mean seriously.  Everyday becomes an Easter Egg hunt.  Our chickens lay eggs just about everywhere around the house.  Sometimes our chickens disappear for about 21 days and show up with a brood of about 8 to 10 more chicks.  Thus the price for free eggs daily.  The price of store bought eggs are kind of pricey, so searching for fresh eggs daily around the house isn’t a bad thing after all.  But I digress…



Why do they call it Fast Food when you have to wait in a line this long to get your food?

Why do people want to eat in their cars for that matter rather than in a sit down restaurant?

Why wouldn’t people want to make their own breakfast, lunch or dinner?  And Snacks?



At the McDonald’s here in Kea’au, the drive through line snakes it’s way to the parking log entrance and at times, out onto the street.  Especially during peak hours the car lines get backed up.  Is it the convenience of already cooked food waiting to be packaged in paper wraps and bags that attracts people to these fast food places?  Curious, I went inside to sample the cuisine of Chef Ronald McDonald.


After my taste buds carefully analyzed the bland unseasoned mystery meat surrounded by one leaf of lettuce, a thinly sliced tomato, pickle, and some kind of sauce all stuffed into a doughy hamburger bun.   Including with the meal were cardboard like french fries.   I wondered what was missing.  Trans-fats?  This meal really wasn’t anything like what I remembered growing up.  It’s been a long time, years, since I’ve visited a McDonald’s and I was aware of changes made to the menu.  Or could it be that my tastes were changing?


Mmmm, Nothing like Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Twinkies

Changing times and changing minds.  First it was the trans-fat controversy that sought to ban anything using trans-fats.  Second was the substitute fries for fresh fruit.  A novel approach to satisfy the Food Police condemnation of anything fast food.  However, was taste sacrificed in doing so?

Crisco_Cookbook_1912 When food used to taste good. Circa 1912, this Crisco Cookbook introduced the hydrogenation of animal fats used in everyday cooking.  Cakes, Muffins, Breads, Desserts, and even Fried Chicken.

Kentucky Fried Chicken used to used hydrogenated oils to fry their Finger Lickin’ Good chicken in their original and extra crispy recipes.

Now, with the exception for KFC fries, the chicken doesn’t taste anywhere near what I remembered it used to be in those lost years of my youth.

Then it was butter, of all the lists of animal fats to be damned.  The unholiest of all saturated fats.  Folding butter into flower to form a rue, a pie crust, a croissant for fluffy lightness and flavor.

The baked potato(e) stuffed with bacon bits, garlic chives, salt and pepper, shredded cheese, and a generous stick of butter to top it off.  Off Limits!

Next on the list of forbidden animal products was milk.  Not just milk, but whole milk.  Cream, cheese and other natural products that have been around for centuries.  Now the rich creamy delicacy is watered down.  Starved of its rich heavy molecules  that clog the arteries, seizes hearts, and thins the population through natural attrition.

For some reason, there are people that seem to think it is their duty to police and regulate the food we eat.  They say we, as Americans, are getting too fat.  That all this over weight is a strain on the American Health Care system.

Enter the Food Police, the Diet Dictators, the Advocates and Politicians that, if given a chance, will regulate your eating habits, what food you can purchase, and take your choice as a consumer away.  Because you’re all too stupid and irresponsible to manage your lives.

Here are The Top Ten Stupid Food Police Ideas:

  1. We’re going to Sue Them and Sue Them and Sue Them
  2. Sue their Parents and Sue their Doctors
  3. Banning Diet Sodas from Schools
  4. The “Zoning Diet” – Keep Restaurants out of Town
  5. Hide Candy behind the Counter
  6. No Sharing of Snacks at School
  7. Create a “National Food Czar”
  8. Place a Sin Tax on all Restaurant Meals Under Four Dollars
  9. Carding for Candy
  10. Completely Dismiss Personal Responsibility

Number Ten is the one I like the most.  It’s the one item that says you’re too stupid to make your own decisions.  That someone needs to regulate your eating habits, what foods you can purchase, and if you don’t comply, we’ll take you to court and force you to comply.  Nice to know someone is looking out for us.

Step into the Light


Or The Abyss

It’s like they treat food like it’s some kind of addiction.  It’s a War on Personal Responsibility brought on by the Gastronomical Gestapo.  Serious discussion has brought forth some of the most strange and bizarre suggestions by the food cops.  Big Government might have to step in and save people and children from Free Market Predators.  Laws need to be enacted to would allow a waiter to decide if a patron could have dessert, much like a bartender can decide whether to pour a customer another drink. Just as cigar bars were banned in California … ice cream parlors could get the axe.  Perhaps restaurants should install scales to determine what foods a customer can eat based on their weight.

cow farts

Probably all part of a larger conspiracy I suppose.


What’s for Dinner?


Steak and Lobster with Baked Potato and Garden Salad

With lots and lots of butter

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