Achievable Visions


Trump’s speech last night was a marvelous example of a Presidential vision for the future of America.  It was the right tone where people could relate to a positive vision for the country.  The speech was unifying, uplifting and at times emotional.  Especially when President Trump recognized and praised the widow of the Navy Seal, Chief William “Ryan” Owens.  It was hard to hold back tears for Carryn Owens as she received the largest and longest standing ovation applause I’ve ever seen at the Joint Meeting of Congress.  It was truly moving.

What was disappointing was the behavior of the democrats during the speech.  Some democrats refused to acknowledge Carryn Owens and remained seated.  The democrat women wore white at the Joint Address and made rude jesters during the President’s speech.  Perhaps it is the legacy of the democrat party history.


I thought the speech was substantive and eloquent.  Well delivered and inclusive.  If this is the template for the next four years, hopefully eight in total, then this President has a promising future and so does the country.  The democrats future, not so much.








The Lords Prayer


I think this is the first time in United States history that a First Lady recited the Lords Prayer.  This is so humbling and lucid.

God Bless this family and their supporters.  We need to help them be successful.  We need to make America successful.






Ron Paul: The Christmas Fruitcake

After the last GOP debate I asked myself, “Self, why is Ron Paul on stage with the GOP candidates?”

Ron Paul is a KOOK!  A Fruitcake that has more Nutcases following him around.  Ron Paul is a bigot also.  His newsletters proved that.  In a post debate interview with Sean Hannity, Paul was questioned about his newsletters.  A visibly annoyed Paul dismissed the question and said he wasn’t responsible for what someone wrote in his newsletter.  WTF???  “It’s your newsletter”, replied Hannity, “You don’t take responsibility for your own newsletter?”  Paul insisted that he has no control and never seen the content of his newsletters.  Really?  But there are other examples of Paul’s bigotry.

This nut is a political Fruitcake that has lived beyond his expiration date.  Equally so is his army of defenders that attack anyone that criticizes the crazy man that lives under the stairwell making tinfoil hats.

Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs compiled a list of Ron Paul’s statement along with copies of Paul’s newsletters.  It is very revealing.  In the comment section of Ms. Geller’s website are a slew of hateful comments against Ms. Geller.  Mind you, she isn’t making a claim, she reporting Paul’s pattern of making unsubstantiated claims.  These are not new claims about Paul’s prejudicial behavior however.

These claims were also brought up during the 2008 election cycle also, but people were too enamored with Obama to properly explore the vetting process on Paul.  Then again, like today, Ron Paul is unelectable.

Think about this, here you have a candidate for President of the United States, and he has a staff of writers which “supposedly” speaks for Ron Paul, and he’s not aware of the content of his newsletter?  Does his staff not reflect the views of Ron Paul?  How can Ron defend the indefensible?

What about the Ron Paul Army?  The army of kooks that listen and follow Ron Paul, ever try to have a conversation with one of these Paulbots?


Ron Paul went on to appear on the Jay Leno show where he was asked about the other candidates, and what he said was very revealing:

A day after a GOP presidential debate, White House hopeful Ron Paul upbraided rival candidate Michele Bachmann for disliking Muslims.

“She hates Muslims,” Paul said on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Friday. “She wants to go get ’em.”

He went on to accuse Rick Santorum of hating gays.  You can see the video here.  This is a pattern of obfuscation by Ron Paul.  People need to know if their candidate is honest and legitimate.  Ron Paul represents neither.  It doesn’t matter how many times he was elected in his district.  We’re talking about the leader of the Free World.  Ron Paul’s foreign policies are worse than Obama’s Apology Tour.


Tomorrow begins Hanukkah and I want wish my Jewish friends a Happy Holiday!

What’s For Dinner?


Tomato Soup and Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

It’s a chilly rainy evening




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