A Rat In The Staff

“Judge Me By My Deeds, Though They Are Few, Rather Than My Words, Though They Are Many” — Arthur C. Clarke

As it should be with anyone, for actions speak louder than words. As with this President, his actions have been great for this nation. Unlike the predictions of his detractors of gloom and doom, more good has happened in just 18 months, than has happened in the last 30 years.

It took a non-politician to do what professional politicians could not do. Record tax cuts, reducing burdensome regulations, job increases, business growth, worker salary increases, consumer confidence all time high, international respect, better trade deals, negotiations with North Korea to denuclearize. No more missiles flying over Japan. ISIS decimated. The list goes on and on.

You won’t hear about these successes from the fake news media. They are too busy manufacturing crises after crises. There is actually more disinformation in the media, than there is truth. That is a Constitutional crisis. The press is granted special constitutional protections, but those protections are being abused by a infestation of leftist ideology within the media. Ninety percent of the news is either fake, distorted, falsified, or bias.

The amount of corruption in the government is equally as dangerous. The legacy of Barry the Bullshitter, aka Obama, has corrupted deep into the justice department, the IRS, the FBI, the State department, and the roots of leftist corruption has spread wide within the government. The usual check and balances are no longer in effect. There is no transparency.

People should be very alarmed by this. Once the government is corrupted, that corruption will spread to the average American’s daily life. It is a level of anti-Americanism that is the leftover from the Obama regime.

The warning signs have been around for years. Obama called the cops stupid. Obama called Trayvon Martin a son. Obama went to the United Nations to claim Ferguson was a systemic American racism problem. The pattern was to put America down, to brush away American exceptionalism. Obama’s goal was reduce the international prominence and leadership of the United States. To weaken our country.

This wasn’t the first time that democRats have tried to destroy the United States. Ted Kennedy committed treason during the Cold War by going to then Soviet Union to convince the Russians to subvert President Reagan’s administration. Even then, the fake news media protected Kennedy by burying the story. This was indeed, Russian collusion by a senator. The media and the democRats made wild claims of Reagan as out of control and senile. Reagan was accused of racism, and criminal activity. None of which was true.

Fast forward to 2016 and the election of Donald J. Trump, and the democRats are repeating history. The same wild claims of racism, unfit for the office, Russian collusion. All accusations by the democRats, and hysterically hyped by the fake news media.

Ronaldus Magnus

Like Ronald Reagan, President Trump is facing hostility from the democRats and some republicans. We now learn from the New York Slimes that there is a traitor in the Trump administration. A coward, remaining anonymous, claims to be sabotaging the efforts of our President to Make America Great Again. Calling themselves part of the “resistance”. The term ‘resistance’ was a term used during World War II against the Nazis. I personally find the use of that term derogatory because it cheapens the people that fought against the Nazis. It also makes the assertion that our government is a brutal regime like the Nazis. That’s an insult to everyone that voted for Trump, including myself.

This saboteur claims that Present Trump is amoral, unprincipled, and is not a conservative. Its a claim that cannot be back by any proof. If the saboteur is a staffer in the White House, they should be exposed. It is a National Security issue allowing someone like this to be in the administration. They should be bribed, and coerced into hurting the country.

Amoral – how so? The President has had religious leaders in his meetings, invited them to the White House, supported faith-based organizations. The President has openly, and publicly, prayed with these religious readers. The President’s wife, Melania, is a Catholic. The President’s daughter, Ivanka, is a devout Jew, as her husband Jarad. It seems Trump’s moral compass is strong and in the right direction. Trump doesn’t drink, smoke, and his demeanor appears to be a kind, thoughtful individual. Like everyone else, he’s not perfect.

Unprincipled – How so? The President set a series of goals to keep his campaign promises. In just 18 months, President Trump turned a sputtering economy into a powerhouse. An economy that was dragging at a GDP of less than 2%, to one reaching 4.1%, doubled. For every regulation, two regulations had to be removed. That gave businesses the confidence to invest and hire. Businesses gave employees salary increases and bonuses. President Trump got the government out of private industry, unshackled the private sector to grow. President Trump is running the government like a business. As a business leader, President Trump amassed a fortune, as a real estate developer, Trump sees what needs to be done, and gives the order to get it done.  Of course, not all of Trump’s businesses were successful, but many were. As a risk taker, Trump worked hard and he played hard. He’s flamboyant, a playboy, and he’s driven.  If he was unprincipled, then how did he become so successful?

Not Conservative – How so? President Trump has demonstrated conservative qualities that make establishment conservatives look like liberals. I actually see a center balance. When President went to Europe and told the NATO nations they weren’t paying their fair share in the alliance. President Trump successfully got these nations to start paying for their defense. When President Trump went to Saudia Arabia, the King personally met with Trump at the airport. The King attended all the events during Trump’s visit. The King of Saudia Arabia neither afforded that honor to Obama, nor Bush.

President Trump has demonstrated a love for our military, law enforcement, first responders, and their families. President Trump’s generals were unleashed to do the job of defeating our enemies, and protecting our country. President Trump knows he must work with our adversaries; Putin of Russia, Kim Jung-un of North Korea, and Xi Jinping of China. Like President Reagan, President Trump knows to keeps his friends close, and keep his enemies closer. As someone that has read, questioned, and learned from Sun Tzu “Art of War”, I have read Trump’s book “Art of the Deal”. I see similarities in President Trump’s thinking. That’s not the predilection of someone admiring despots.

More Was Accomplished In Just 18 Months, Than The Last 30 Years!

What is an astonishing accomplishment is how fast President Trump has moved to keep his promises. Even faced with the enemies within the republican party, i.e. Juan McLame, Jeff frosted Flake, Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan, and others that are openly trying to trip up the Trump agenda. Now we have a coward, hiding in the administration, openly trying to sabotage President Trump’s accomplishments. It is eerily similar to what President Reagan had to deal with.  So, who can President Trump trust? Answer, the American people.

I believe the majority of the American electorate believes in the Trump agenda. They are ones that are benefiting from the Trump policies. The New York Slimes article reads like a disgruntle employee that is failing, and hanging on by a thread. The media will breathlessly circulate this editorial thinking, hoping, and praying this will finally be the end of Donald J. Trump.

I didn’t vote for an a perfect person. I know everyone, including myself, has their failings. The will of the American people is being done. The best interests of the American people are being accomplished. An anonymous editorial hold little weight in my opinion.  Tell all books that contain anonymous sources are equally of no interests. If anything, this leftist nonsense of ‘resistance’ and never-Trumpers has strengthen my resolve to vote for President Trump, and those that support his agenda to Make American Great Again, and keep it great.








Constrained Government Returns

2017 was a very good year. Despite what the Fake News Media and the leftist democrats had predicted. It was a good year not only for myself, but for America. The year ends with some remarkable historic events which will benefit Americans in the New Year. Unless you’re a leftist, then it’s Armageddon, because of the Trump Presidency, the Tax Cuts, the Roaring Economy, and the repeal of Obamacare.

Lets remember that under the hussein regime, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the United States credit rating for the first time in history.

The Obama administration has made history by presiding over the first-ever downgrade in the U.S. credit rating. President Obama has outdone all his predecessors in wrecking America’s good name. His answer to this problem: Spend even more. 

Since President Trump’s inauguration, the markets have had a stunning recovery, the fastest ever in history. However, you would never know since the Fake News Media doesn’t report these facts. Some have even tried to claim that the economy’s recovery was the result of hussein’s eight years of fiscal mismanagement.  The idea that you can spend your way to prosperity is proven to be bad fiscal management. Bigger government and more regulations is not sound fiscal policy. However, you wouldn’t know that listening to the democrats.

So said Nutsy Piglozi who once said about Obamacare that, “We have to pass the bill, to find out what’s in the bill.” Which resulted in the near destruction of the healthcare industry. Removing the “Obamacare Mandate” allows people to choose if they want healthcare, or not. Essentially, the government cannot compulsory force people under penalty to purchase a product that you neither need nor want. A product that is expensive and offers no value. A product what was ruled a tax by the Supreme Court. The leftist democrats cry saying people will lose their healthcare. Not True! People will now choose if they want to pay for their own healthcare. That’s freedom of choice. Speaking of choice, here’s a list of President Trump’s first year accomplishments:

In less than a full year, the number of accomplishments the Trump Presidency is astonishing. This is what drives the economy. The socialist democrats are whining that Trump is riding off of hussein’s economy. However, you have to good economic have policies in place to ride that wave of prosperity. Hussein policies for eight years was GDP growth under three percent. That’s was a stagnate economy that was not growing. The hussein regulations, high taxes, and future uncertainty, was preventing business investments, consumer purchases and caused a declining housing market. All that changed on January 20th 2017, Inauguration Day.

President Trump gets no credit  for the historic Tax Relief that President Trump promised and delivered.  Also with a special gift; the repeal of the ACA mandate. It might not be a full repeal, but it does eliminate the illegal confiscatory compliance law. The markets anticipated the tax reforms and the numbers took off. As President Trump eliminated hussein’s job crushing regulations, the market responded by reaching new record heights!  This is extraordinary in economic history. The markets reacted immediately to the promise of less taxes and regulations. It was not brought on by any of the policies of the hussein. For example, the markets are skittish over any news that could change investor confidence. When Brian Ross of Fake News ABC reported a false story that General Flynn was going to testify that then candidate Trump ordered Flynn to contact the Russians.  The stock market dropped 350 points. The story was a lie, ABC News knew it was a lie, Brian Ross used it as a lie. The hostility and malfeasance by the Fake News Media will continue into the New Year. Too bad, the media’s credibility is losing with the public.

Scandals and criminal behavior, all ignored by the media, and the justice department.  The overt class warfare racism that the hussein regime promoted is all that is left of the hussein legacy. The most corrupt president in American history.  The left has become embolden with hatred, resentment, and a determination to destroy traditional American values. That is sad, troublesome, and in some cases terrifying. The violence, property destruction and false accusations are proving how crazed and anti-American the hussein regime was. Even now in the government, there is a deep corrupt state that is being revealed. If this socialist democrat corruption was allowed to continue, the destruction to the United States Constitution would have been irreparable. Can you imagine waking up to this as your president?

For eight long years, we waited, we prayed, and we voted. We Won! Now here’s a real chance to govern according to the Constitution. The unorthodox manner of President Trump has put the political establishment elitists on it’s ear. As if there is a special protocol that allowed corruption, on both sides, to fester and metastasize into uncontrolled government. Now we have a real outsider, that used his own money, wasn’t accountable to any lobbyist, and wasn’t a traditional politician.  Accountable only to the people, the rule of law, and the Constitution.

Today, the President got a clean bill of health and a 30/30 cognitive mental health review. Perhaps now that will silence the Trump haters. Also, maybe members of congress should their cognitive health tested. While they’re at it, perhaps a drug and alcohol testing. Some of these people in congress are real wackos. Like Hank Johnson, a democrat, of course.

I don’t know if this clown either graduated from school, or how he even got elected. His mannerisms and incoherent questioning make you wonder if he’s doped up. He’s worried that Guam will tip over because of the population. This is what passes for a lawmaker? If so, then we are in a S*#T Hole of incompetence.

Perhaps he’s a product of the education system in America. It’s seems to have failed everyone, especially the millennials. Consider this spoof of the job interview with a snowflake.

The future’s so bright, I gatta wear shades. Really makes you have hope for the future, doesn’t it? Well, it seems the new year is off to more records. The Stock Market hit 26,000, a new record high, and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping the economy. I have to laugh at the nay sayers that claim President Trump’s popularity is low and falling. That’s strange because Trump is doing the job we voters hired him to do. At this time, he gets an A+ grade in my book. Keep up the great work Mr. President.





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