Four Corners

Here on the Big Island, in the lower Puna district, the Kapoho and Kalapana areas, are about to be cut off by lava. It’s a place called “Four Corners”. The intersection of highways 137 and 132 will soon be covered with lava, cutting off access to Red Road. Evacuations have begun.

I will miss the tree tunnels on Red Road (Hwy 137). They will either be cut off forever, or until the lava stops and the Honua cools. The shoreline is absolutely stunning. With its rocky cliffs and pristine Pacific ocean waters. There’s thousands of miles of ocean between East Hawaii and the Mainland America’s. The trade winds reach here first, and the air is the freshest in the world. The Pacific ocean doesn’t smell salty like the Atlantic ocean. There’s a deep blue hue within the water, with clear, but turbulent frothing, that warns of the power of Kanaloa.

The Lava Glow With Full Moon

However, now it’s Tutu Pele’s time. Her footsteps in Leilani Estates have destroyed over 80 structures, many are homes. In the above picture, I’m looking towards Pāhoa town towards the Lava in Leilani, the next town south from Pāhoa. There’s a full moon tonight with scattered rainfall. Luckily, the tradewinds are blowing westward from us. However, this is is affecting the lower Ka’u district towns of Pahala, Na’alehu, Waiohina, and parts of Kona. However, it’s has been that way long since the eruptions. We pray for them.

Ahalanui Park- Hot Springs

A popular spot for locals and tourists. The hot spring park of Ahalanui will be no more if the lava reaches this area. Naturally heated by underground lava flows, the water is warm and inviting. It sits right on the edge of the ocean where the Pacific sea waters feed the natural pond. In the map below, this park is just above Isaac Hale Park. Where the map lists Kapoho, and where four corners are located. The Hawai’i civil defense reports the lava flow is a half mile away from where four corners is located. The lava is fast moving. The lava is pāhoehoe (smooth) and fast moving. The lava has entered Puna Geological Venture (PGV) and covered two wells. So far, there has not been any hydrogen sulfur dioxide gas releases. We’re praying that Tutu Pele will move past what she’s reclaimed.

In the following video (credit Big Island Video News and USGS), note how the eruptions has killed the forest land around the Leilani fissures. The lava fountain is shooting 250-300 feet into the air. There are two lava ponds that have formed in the rift zone by the fissures. It all looks horrible, but a closer look at the map and you’ll see this has happened many times before. You live here, you know what you are rolling the dice for. Locals do what’s needed to help each other out. It’s what we do. Some of us do so very quietly.

Four corners is like a life experience. You stand at the crossroads of life. In life, there are no guarantees. No securities. The best you can do is to prepare. Plan for a disaster. Have a emergency kit to grab quickly in an emergency. Know what you need, who to call, and where to meet, to save yourselves and your family. Don’t rely on the government to help you. When you need the police: They’ll be there in minutes, when you have only seconds.

Now for some venting. The Fake News Media: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Slimes, New York Posts: All have falsely reported the activity on this island. This is journalism malpractice at its worse. This irresponsible crap has scared off tourism. This is an industry that employs many local people. It’s their livelihood. Yet the Fake News Media reported the island is blowing its top. Thanks media jackasses!

In our Constitution, there is a First Amendment provision for the media. Abused by leftists, that rather report half truths, and complete lies. There is no intellectual curiously with the Fake News Media. It’s all for TV ratings now. It’s like Joseph Goebbels Nazi propaganda of telling a lie often enough, eventually people will believe it. That’s what’s happening now in American news and entertainment.

Just like ABC’s decision to cancel the Roseanne Barr show. We all know Roseanne Barr is not a conservative, but the show is wildly popular with conservative working families. However, because of the popularity of the show’s middle America profile, and it’s President Trump leaning message, its struggling working family message for middle America, the executives at Fascist ABC decided to cancel it. Because of a tweet. BIG DEAL! Do you know how many racist hate-filled tweets, videos, and comments, by leftists that get ignored? IT’S A DOUBLE STANDARD!!!

ABC was already planning to tone down Roseanne’s show’s Pro-Trump, Pro-America, dialog down. They were just looking for an excuse to shut the show down. They got it, and immediately aborted. Yet, the fascists at ABC allow their other programs, like “The View” to continue to pollute the airwaves.  Pure Leftist Hatred towards the American family. There are very few shows on network television that have a strong positive family message. Unlike many of the leftist shows that display open immorality. Both comedies and dramas. There once was a time when entertainment television had a moral message to the show. Some semblance of basic common decency and common sense. Those days are gone now. Which pushes the ratings of viewership down also. They are destroying their own product. I call this the cultural suicide of the American society. The rape of the culture. The media’s lack of intellectual decency for ratings adds to the coarseness in public discord.

When the executives at ABC/Disney decides to hire (for the sixth time) fascist foulmouthed Keeth Oberdouche, and allow the other racist, bigoted, fascist, trained monkey’s, to plant their mugs on my television set, then it’s time to find a more objective media for news and entertainment. Let’s not exclude Fox News and Shemp Smith, the Rachael Madkow brand of Fox Faux News Media. To hell with them all.

There. I feel better now!





Pele’s Footprints

Pele’s home has been known as Halema’uma’u – the pit where the lava is active on the slope of Mauna Loa. The Kilauea caldera where recent volcanic activity has been present. Also the Puʻu ʻŌʻō vent where lava has spilt over from time to time over the land. It’s all apart of the volcanic system on Mauna Loa. Kilauea and Puʻu ʻŌʻō are the offshoots of Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world.

Pele’s foot prints are now in Leilani Estates. Over 26 homes that have been destroyed and more than 10 fissures have appeared in Pele’s wake. USGS estimates 370,000 square feet of lava has spread throughout the subdivision.  People were allowed today to return to their properties to retrieve their pets, important papers, and personal valuables.

I captured this screen shot from Hawai’i Volcano Observatory. USGS shows today’s earthquakes, 156 out of 1533 over the month. The site will capture many more after this posting. Each dot is a recorded location of each earthquake epicenter.  The magnitude and depth is recorded at the HVO website.

What’s eerie is the sound of the lava spattering and the coqui frogs chirping in the forest. Is it so surreal, almost Armageddon in scope.

The latest from Hawai’i County Civil Defense

Sunday, May 6th, 2018

What was also interesting was the color of the ash plume from Kilauea. It was pink in color.










That moment when Spring arrives




Wai ‘Opae





Wai ‘Opae is a quiet little vacation town on the Big Island, in the lower Puna district, along the Kapoho tide pools.  Wai ‘Opae means ‘water shrimp’, but in Hawaiian folklore, shrimp was considered ʻAumakua.  A type of family of gods that took the shape of many forms.   It can be a prayer before eating, or a request to hula.  In the context used here, it mostly likely means the shrimps that live in the tide pools.

It was a beautiful day with bright sun and puffy white clouds.  Later, after 3PM the trade winds brought in heavy clouds and rain has closed the evening sunset.

Happy Aloha Friday



Happy New Year




On this last day of the year, there are many changes here on the big island of Hawai’i.  The advance of Pele’s lava flow into the town of Pāhoa has many people moving out of the  lower Puna district.  The Puna district lava zones were always a risk for anyone wishing to move to this location.  There is no other place along the Hawaiian Archipelago like the Puna district.  It is special and sacred.

Wao Kele o Puna (Rain forest of Puna) is the largest remaining lowland rainforest just south of Hilo that sits along the Kilauea volcano rift zone.   The Kilauea rift zone is in lava zones 1, 2 and 3.


The lower right side of the picture shows where the USGS believes the potential path lava will flow in any direction.  In the past the lava has flowed south from the Pu’u ‘Ō ‘ō vent towards Kalapana, but that changed this year with the collapse of one of the vents walls.  Now the lava is heading towards Pāhoa town.


If the lava reaches Pāhoa, and crosses the only road into lower Puna, it will cut off thousands of residences that live in Puna.  It is the only way in and out of Puna.  However, in anticipation of this eventuality, the county is creating two alternate roads to allow residents to enter and exit the Puna district.

There has been an increase in traffic in upper Puna in the Kea’au area.  Since many of the Pāhoa shop owners have closed down, along with the Pāhoa Post Office, and Mālama Market, the largest grocery store in Pāhoa, traffic has increased in the Kea’au shopping center.

Twice now, Pele has stop short of crossing the highway, and only one home has been destroyed.  To date, the lava has slowed and has only advanced a few hundred yards.  We can only hope and pray that Pele decides to wander elsewhere.   As one native Puna residence said (paraphrasing), “If that lava does come onto your land, be prepared. Be happy you had that many years to live on your land, and the opportunity to live in paradise.  Show Aloha!”

Whatever happens, everyone is prepared for the worse.  Hopefully.  Meanwhile, Happy New Year.



What’s For Dinner?



Grilled Papaya Salad



Aloha Friday

(Image by: George Kalilikane)

(Above Image by: George Kalilikane and Hawai’i News Now)

The following images are mine and are free to be used by anyone


Aloha Pō’alima kākou!  I kēia manawa, e huaka’i  ana kākou i ka Maku’u Mahi’ai Mākele!

Aloha Friday to us all!  At this time, we will travel to the Maku’u Farmers Market!



I’m abandoning my usual political rants to post some pics that some readers would rather me talk about than my political rants that go on and on with little or no punctuations fragmenting sentences and poorly defined grammar rambling endlessly without getting to the point of which there maybe three or more subjects confusing the reader but these picture make my blood pressure  go down oh looky SQUIRREL!



Every weekend we like go to the Maku’u farmers market where you can hear live music and sample the wares of the local merchants.  It is capitalism at its finest!  But don’t say that to the local merchants, some might take offense to making a profit on their wares! (pigeon emphasis added)



Maku’u is only  open on the weekends and it’s one of the largest outdoor markets in the Puna district.  Some of the best food in Hawai’i can be found here!  Some restauranteurs got their start here like Le Magic Pan!  I remember when they served deliriously delicious crepes at the farmers market.  They are unique and tasty!  Here’s what Yelp said!




Freshest of the fresh produce and it’s available all year around!  Competitive priced and bargains are found everywhere when during the last hour before the market closes.  Ah capitalism!  Thy bounty!




Today’s music provided by PUKA – Puna Ukulele Kanikapila Association!  These folks are really good!




Perhaps a sun dress or some knick knacks souvenirs!  A plethora of eclectic items can be found here!



Perhaps you would rather wear your clothes and smoke them later?



Cash Preferred, but they’ll accept credit as well!



Sometimes just a name can attract business!



Grass fed beef!  Always  good!




You can have your cheese and wash up with goat’s milk soap!



Appetizer of the day!  Basil tomato mozzarella salad with fresh baked bread and Shiraz Wine



Earth Day Fail


If I wanted the United States to Fail, I wouldn’t change a thing!





I’m enjoying a lovely Lāpule (Sunday) that the weatherman told me would be a rainy day.  They were wrong!  As usual, the environmentalist activist have made life intolerable for average Americans and now they want to celebrate the destruction of the American economy by declaring today “Earth Day“.  What a huge load of Bull Crap!

Criminal shakedown organizations like the Sierra Club make life more difficult, expensive, and the American Dream unattainable, by their constant bemoaning of make believe environmental alarmist causes.   These people belong in jail!  They are criminals against humanity.  They put Planet before people.  Who cares if you lose your job?  The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you cannot feed your family?  The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you cannot build a roof over your head? The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you want affordable energy?  The planet comes first!

Let’s just call these organizations for what they really are; Communist.  They want to control your life, your income, your food production, your home, your children and your economy.  Just like Hawai’i councilman Pete Hoffmann, a known Socialist Marxist has imposed building regulations with European standards that don’t apply to Hawaiian standards, and a Plastic Bag Ban that doesn’t stop a pollution problem.



We have land littered with broken down windmills that sit like silent sentinels, gazing over the landscape and polluting the environment.  They take up land space and offer no return on investment.  They give no energy; they just hurt the ‘Aina.  Yet, these extremist like Pete Hoffman and Brenda Ford would force you to change your lifestyle, just to make themselves sleep better at night.  They should be prosecuted and jailed for crimes against humanity and Hawai’i!  Yet the State wants to put more of these Behemoth’s in Lani’i!

The so called revised building regulations just make it harder for low income people to build.  Why?  Because people like Pete Hoffman and Brenda Ford, B. Smart and the Sierra Club have their slice of Hawai’I Nei, and they don’t want anyone else to get a chance at achieving Paradise.  It is discrimination, both racial and economical.  So they put these ridicules environmental rules in place to prevent anyone from building a better life for their families.  That’s our Hawai’i County legislators, the Scum of the Earth.  On this Earth Day, I wish them all to HELL!




What’s for Breakfast?





 Egg McKini



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