If anything is to be learned from the pandemic is that misinformation is more rampant than the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. One truth is the cure has become worse than the virus. Another truth is seeing the worse in people that we elect to run our government. The question becomes if we as a people will learn the value of our vote. To really learn who is running for office. What is really in the hearts of these people that will make decision for all of us. Will they be true leaders or tyrants. We’re learning that reality real-time.


The Republican States weren’t just lucky with fewer deaths, they used common sense to protecting their people. The most vulnerable were isolated. The elderly were isolated in nursing homes and in retirement villages. Social distancing rules were in effect, but I really don’t believe social distancing can be achieved when you’re in grocery stores and other shopping locations. Even in the home with a large family social distancing is near impossible.

Spending time outdoors and in the sun helps because it has been shown the virus doesn’t survive well. Plus it is good therapy to get outside and get fresh air. Get some exercise, or just relax and enjoy the view. To often the social distancing rules are too strict and unreasonable. It doesn’t help when governments use law enforcement to arrest people for not following the social distancing rules.

The Mayor of NYC said you can walk on the beach but you can’t go in the water. The Mayor of Los Angeles said you can only walk on wet sand, not dry sand. The Governor of Michigan said you cannot leave your homes and go to a cabin in the woods. Illinois governor says a mandatory stay-at-home order will remain until a vaccine is found. Pennsylvania and Maine governors have refused let businesses reopen and have removed their business licenses in any act of defiance. Over one third of the deaths in all these democrat states were in elderly care centers. These governors ordered patients to be housed in nursing homes. That was a death sentence for thousands of people.

The opposite was done in Republican States. The elderly were isolated. People were allowed to move freely and more businesses are reopening. Hurd immunity is protecting more people. The Republican governors allowed people to use common sense to protect themselves. To trust the people to use good judgement without imposing harsh restrictions. The results speak for themselves.

As Republican governors started reopening their States, the fake news media accused every Republican Governor of putting their people at risk. They predicted waves of the virus spreading and massive deaths to follow. Instead, the virus count had gone down. The fake news predictions were wrong. The experts were all wrong. Democrat governors and mayors abused their power and the results are devastating. The fake news media doesn’t even report it. Coverage was near nonexistent.

 The CDC doesn’t recommend wearing masks, but we’ve been told that wearing masks will keep us safe from airborne droplets that may contain the virus. The question has to be asked: Will constant mask usage cause other unforeseen illnesses? I see people driving in their vehicles wearing masks. Is that really necessary and is it safe? Who can you trust anymore to provide safe accurate information?



















The extent of bad leadership can measured in the number of causalities. The policies in each States governors show a stark contrast to how to make life or death decision. These are States have similar population densities and similar resources with access to the same information. It was the decisions that made all the difference in the number of deaths.

The “experts” were are told to rely upon have been proven unreliable. People that tried to warn us against this misinformation were admonished, banned, and silenced. Drugs that were shown to have remarkable success in resisting the virus were labeled as dangerous and deadly. We were told there is only one source for information and it was all wrong.



To which government agency do I go to get my life back?



Our weather today has been a mix of sun and trade wind showers. Temperatures in the upper 70’s with humidity at 81%. It’s breezy and very comfortable despite being a little more warmer. Passing showers and intervals of sun throughout the day. Expecting more tradewind showers this evening into tomorrow . We’re overnight we collected about an eighth inch of rain.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmākolu


Carbon Tax

Suddenly, there’s a push by governments to implement a ‘carbon tax’ to combat ‘climate change’. There’s been talk about a carbon tax for sometime now, but now there’s a real push by governments, with the help of the fake news media, to spread fear that without a carbon tax, the planet will be destroyed. BY MAN!!! That’s Anthropogenic!

Why all of a sudden? Remember the Kalifornia wildfires? The first thing Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown claimed was the fires were a result of climate catastrophe. When in reality, it was forestry mismanagement. Not only did Kalifornia cut monies to manage the dry underbrush, but they allowed to continue for years, resulting in the worst wildfires in years. Global warming didn’t start the fires. Then there was the release of federal study that concludes global warming is real and happening. Balderdash!

What is a carbon tax? A carbon tax is where fossil fuels are used: Gas for vehicles. Oil for home heating. Coal for generating electricity. A tax that would put a harmful affect on businesses, consumers, and the economy. It would cause an increase across all markets. Food, clothing, construction, farming and just about every industry. It would hurt the working poor the hardest. Low income families would struggle heating their homes, getting to work, and putting food on the table. The very rich will be able to absorb the extra costs. Global Warming hoaxers, Al Gore, et al, will continue to fly around the world in their private jets, whist thumbing their noses over flyover country. They don’t care about the hoi polloi.

In France, where Monsieur Macron scolded President Trump on Nationalism, and leaving the Paris Climate Accord, riots broke out over France’s climate tax. Let them eat cake, Macron said, if gas is too high, then carpool. If it’s too cold, then add more layers of clothing. We’re about saving the planet from the bourgeoisie masses.

Closer to home, in Hawai’i Nei, legislators are seriously discussing implementing a carbon tax on the islands. Reacting to the National Climate Assessment report that says scary things will happen to the planetary environment if action isn’t taken NOW!!! The report is flashy and very alarming. However there are some real problem with the report. 1) It wildly exaggerates the economic costs. 2) Is assumes a worse case catastrophic environment scenario. 3) It misrepresents extreme weather conditions, including wildfires. 4) It assumes the only remedy is taxation on fossil fuels, and all devices that employ fossil fuels.

Energy science: there is no such thing a renewable energy. Physics of energy: once energy is expended, it is converted into something else. You cannot just gather it up, and reuse it again. Windmills are built of fossil fuels, and use fossil fuels to operate the blades. They have to be oiled, and need hydraulics to operate. Solar is made of fossil fuels, the panels are made of materials produced from fossil fuels. So, the idea of green reusable energy is a myth. There is only one true renewable energy. See below.

 Actual Renewable Energy

Hawaii Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Commission, (sounds impressive) has unanimously agreed to back legislation next session that would establish a carbon tax geared toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Hawaii’s ground transportation sector. Which means a tax on your vehicles, and fuel. The older the vehicle is, the higher the tax. The idea is to rid the roads of fossil fuel vehicles and force people into purchasing electric vehicles. Vehicles that requiring electric charging stations. Charging stations that are powered by, wait for it, fossil fuels.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that a price on carbon is central to prompt mitigation, and global emissions of carbon dioxide need to fall by 45 percent by 2030 and to zero by 2050. A carbon fee would be just another tax, upon a already over taxed State. That would hurt the working poor, damage the tourism industry, and put an unnecessary burden on the people of this State.

For years now, parts of Hawai’i have been succumbing to natural environmental changes. We are a group of islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Natural changes are ocean erosion, the sinking of the islands by weight, and weather runoff. Homes that are built along the oceanfront are subject to storm damage, Tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes, let alone lava running through the living-room. There is the claim that the ocean levels are rising, but there is no significant evidence that the oceans are rising. Except for the natural water levels due to tides, and natural weather changes, such as La Nina and El Nino. However, the scare tactics continue to make wild exaggerated claims.

This scares people unnecessarily. Especially people who do not understand how the planet geology works, including legislators that are gullible enough to believe in predictions that have no basis in science facts. It does help globalists to wrestle control from sovereign nations. It prevents developing nations from getting access to cheap energy. It puts world control in the hands of the few. That’s not science, that’s global socialism. It’s what the taxman wants to impose on us all.

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

The basics of life on this planet is carbon. Without it, life would not exist. As least life as we know it. Carbon dioxide is an essential gas. It is plant food. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, and convert it into oxygen. Another life essential gas. The oceans absorb carbon dioxide to sustain ocean life. The left has insisted that carbon is a pollutant, but they are wrong. To believe that carbon is a pollutant, is basically displaying ignorance of science. Environmentalists, are the worse offenders of climate science. They will openly mock you if you disagree with them on a pending climate crisis. They call you ‘climate deniers’, and science deniers, again displaying their ignorance of what environmental science is about. The left will accuse you of being a pawn for big oil companies and corporations.

For well over a century, and even longer, the calls for climate controls, taxes, and regulations, have never stopped. Irrational fear is hard to defeat. So after some man made disaster, like forestry mismanagement, a report comes out to prop up the myth of global warming. Why a government agency is being funded by tax dollars to falsely propose pending climate disasters, is a classic case of government abuse. For the right amount of money, any government agency will produce the result you want to hear.

You Don’t Need Science To Explain Greed

Indeed, the science of greed goes ‘caching!’, and the energy to expel greed energy is like a lubricant for false science. What’s worse are the predictions of planetary doom in just a few short years. Still, the weather people cannot forecast the weather 24 hours from now. What makes anyone think they know what the planetary weather will be 10-20-30-100 years from now? They seem pretty certain, but they have no data to back up their claims. Don’t believe these people. The live in a climate of fear.


Sustainable Lies



A disturbing trend by celeb scientists, entrepreneurs, and corrupt politicians to silence any discussion behind the hoax of global warming, by publicly admonishing so called “deniers”.  It seems Al Gore has managed to resurrect his efforts to force the American people and reputable scientists to accept as “fact” that the world is in danger of burning up.  Enlisting the help of questionable celebrity loudmouths like Bill Nye, the fake science guy, as some kind of “subject matter expert” to frighten people into believing in an unproven science theory.


Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Airlines and Space entrepreneur, has told global warming deniers to “get out of the way!”  In other words, don’t dare question man-made global warming, or else!  Following after Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook’s crazed outburst to investors get out of Apple stock if you don’t agree with his “green investment strategy.”  Branson has become the next voice in a chain of non-scientific CEO’s to publicly admonish investors that question the validity of the man-made global warming claim.  Yet, Branson’s airline is a huge polluter!


It’s my way, or the highway!  In the minds of the intolerant left over the green energy agenda.  It’s not clear what the end goal of what a “sustainable” green environment will deliver since countries like China and India are not participants in the environmentalism movement.  What is certain is that green energy initiatives are costly and currently ineffective.  That doesn’t mean you don’t try to make the technology cost effective.  Likewise, you don’t want the government to use taxpayers’ monies to develop the technology, the government is a lousy investor of other people’s money.


Equally disappointing is Astrophysics Neil deGrasse Tyson’s call to the media to stop giving equal time to global warming deniers.  I wonder about Tyson’s credibility as a scientist.  Has he fallen into the science consensus where the claim of science being settled is never to be questioned, ever?  Tyson’s television show debut, “Cosmos”, the remake of the late great Carl Sagan’s popular show on the science of the universe, was disappointing. Especially after the “Liar-in-Chief” Obama made the opening statement to the program.  In the show’s first episode, Tyson spent too much time on the life and persecution of Giordano Bruno, and almost nothing about other astronomers in history.  If this is what we can expect from Tyson’s remake of this classic show on science, then I predict it won’t get the ratings Tyson is hoping for.  Despite the great visual graphics, if the Cosmos presentation waivers off scientific principle and into political morality, then the show will quickly turn off people’s interest.


Why would a scientist like Tyson voice an opinion of intolerance against other climate scientists that disagree with the premise that global warming is man-made?  The science is not settled because there are no facts to connect a changing climate to man’s activities.  Climatologist like Dr. Roy Spencer and meteorologist Joe Bastardi, have empirical evidence to back up their claims that man-made climate change doesn’t exist, and that there are other factors that drives changes in the weather.


NASA scientists James Hansen and Michael Mann used computer models as their evidence of global warming.  Both Mann and Hanson have a motivation to create a manufactured climate crisis in order to continue receiving government funding for their research.  There is evidence that both Hanson and Mann have falsified data about their claim of man-made climate change. Celebrity elites have romanticized global warming as their cause du jour.  If the climate is really changing because of man’s activities, then why haven’t supporters of that theory presented any evidence, other than computer models, to support their hypothesis?  Why are climate change supporters trying to shut off any debate by deniers?  Is their data so flimsy and questionable that they must prevent any debate?  Isn’t what Tyson is saying about the religious intolerance and persecution of Giordano Bruno, the same thing as denying deniers media access?  Science is not a consensus, and you don’t vote for science.


Enter the corrupt politicians.  Socialist democrats have used the environment to get funding and legislation passed to benefit themselves and their families.  They are robbing the American taxpayers’.  Obama spent over a trillion dollars to develop green energy initiatives and all of Obama’s policies have failed.  Thousands of people have lost their jobs.  Now, members of Congress want to waste more taxpayer monies to push another green energy program.


Hawai’i’s unelected slip-and-fall lawyer, Brian Schatz, who was appointed by Hawai’i’s governor Neil “Crusty the Clown” Abercrombie after the death of Senator Daniel Inouye, is organizing a “talkathon” to try and convince the public that climate change is real.  After one of the coldest winters on record, these politicians still want to convince the public that the world is warming because of man’s activities.  After the EPA shutoff the water to California’s central valley and destroyed thousands of acres of crops, the government is claiming global warming is causing the drought.  If global warming is man-made, then YES!  Our government’s own stupidity has caused an environmental disaster.


Clearly the environmentalist movement has been replaced by the communists party USA.  The movement is now an extremist organization whose goal is to hurt the United States economy.  They are emboldened by their leader, the liar in chief Obama, to over-regulate and over tax American’s, and American industries.  This is economic terrorism on a national scale.


Why do they, the democrats, want to do this?  Answer: To deflect away from Obama’s disastrous socialist policies.  Especially, Obamacare. Several socialist democrats are up for reelection, and by creating a strawman environment argument over the false narrative of global warming, it draws attention away from Obama’s policies that are hurting the American economy.  It is a classic bait-and-switch deflection just like Obama’s claim; “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!  If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance!”  If you like your environment, the government will come in and take your environment.  Either way, America loses.




 What’s For Dinner?




Shrimp and Scallops Fra Diavolo




GMOS – Great Moments of Stupidity




If this sounds like some nightmarish Hollywood movie, it’s not!  This scene has played out many times before on farms on the Mainland USA!  It is exactly what will happen now that Hawai’i Council has gotten its way to criminalized farming on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

BIG ISLAND CHRONICLE –  GMO prohibition Bill 113 passed out of the Public Safety and Mass Transit Committee on Oct. 1, with a vote of 6 – 2 and a positive recommendation to the Hawaii County Council.

Centuries of agriculture triumphs are now boiled down into a false claim that farmers are poisoning the food supply we rely on to feed ourselves.  GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) have increasingly come under attack by activists convinced that there’s something wrong with the technology.  The fear factor has grown to the point where all logic and reason is abandoned.  Evidence that proves the safety of GMO foods is summarily dismissed.  Accusations of being a corporate insider stooge working for some Argo corporation gets throw around like the race card does during Presidential elections.  A few years ago the oil industry was accused of destroying the planet with oil; now it’s agriculture turn.

Hawai’i council has held a number of hearings on GMO products bringing in subject matter experts,  However, it was apparent that some members of Hawai’i council had already made up their minds, irregardless of the experts testimony.  Anti-GMO council members allowed testimony of experts with questionable credibility.   Local farmers tried to work with the council, but in the end, the farmers lost and so do we the consumers.  Farmers petitioned for help from their State Representatives, only to be ignored.  Choice, was taken away and replaced with intolerance of farmers.  Everyone loses in this fight, there are no winners.  In the end, the activists have made the cost of living on Hawai’i Nei more expensive.  The future looks uncertain and bleak.

It’s gotten to the point where misinformation is so prevalent in public discourse, that civility has lost all relevancy.  Eco-terrorism and threats of violence by these activists are becoming all too commonplace.


Video: Recent Eco-Terrorism In Kapoho Hawai’i  

Hawai’i councilperson Margret Willie, is the author of the bill 113 that passed and will eventually outlaw farming on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  It’s interesting to note the thought processes of Ms. Willie.  Reading her blog reveals who she is and what she believes in.  It’s quite chilling when you learn that she considers humans are the real pests on this planet.  Excerpt:

By overpopulating the earth we are destroying the viability of our habitat, not just for our own species but for most other species as well – save perhaps for cockroaches. Why are we not passing legislation to encourage birth control and provide incentives for birth control initiatives in developing countries in all nations.? Why do we give tax credits to parents with more children rather than expecting those with larger families to pay higher taxes? It is as if no one sees the inherent link between excess population and the climate change crisis.

Get that?  People are the problem.  We must consider people as cockroaches destroying the planet.  This is a glimpse into the black heart of a intolerant activist.  She’s got her little slice of paradise, and no one else deserves the same opportunity.  This is the same thinking as former Hawai’i councilperson Pete Hoffmann, who is responsible for the plastic bag ban on Hawai’i Island a few years ago.  These activists reason they are far superior and enlightened than you are and others; therefore they can dictate what you can eat, what you can drive, where you can live, and how you can build your house.

Why feed the world with the wonders of technology?  Developing crops that are drought, disease and insect resistant will now be outlawed by the actions of the ignorant few on Hawai’i Council.  It’s like killing the Golden Goose.



Facebook Activists Groups Proudly Displaying and Encouraging GMO Eco-Terrorism


Who doesn’t want their food to be safe?  The water we drink and the air we breathe; we all want to be safe from toxins and poisons.  There’s be a lot of talk about GMO’s and how safe, or dangerous, GMO products are.  Anyone that has spent any time overseas living in different countries will know how different the quality of food is.  In some countries, you take your life into your hands.  There is no quality control to check for the safety of food, GMO or otherwise.  Some countries have no refrigeration, clean water or food quality control. See China’s scandals for example.

What’s puzzling to me is how easily people believe in anything they are told.  Remember Global Warming, or what’s now being called Climate change? It is a perfect example of how a terrible a hoax runs out of control.  It doesn’t matter whether the science is either wrong, falsified, or just made up; people are being convinced that their food is toxic!

Hawai’i County Council and Kaua’i council are both proposing laws to ban all GMO testing, growing and GMO production.  Additionally, the legislation includes banning pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, that farmers commonly use to protect their crops from damage.   Those lawmakers proposing these laws claim that farming can be done using organic methods.  Methods that are equally as toxic if not done correctly.

Of course, none of these lawmakers are farmers.  They’ve never picked up a shovel, except at a ground breaking ceremony, and gotten their hands dirty working the soil.  These people haven’t a clue how farming works.  At best they may have planted a potted plant from the Home Depot store, but that’s the extent of their farming knowledge. Yet, they think they know what’s best for the people of these islands.  C.S. Lewis called these activists ‘Moral Busybodies’.  They really believe they are doing good by taking people’s freedoms away.  It’s the tyranny of the socialist progressive mentality.

Public hearings are taking place to review the language of the laws.  Civility all but broke down with the GMO activists shouting down the farmers.  The hostility demonstrated by the anti-GMO activists grew to the point of violence.  When the activists cannot prove their claims, they resort to name calling and violence.  Eco-terrorism has the farming communities frightened that they may become the next targets of these vandals, just by suspecting GMO crops are on their farms.   Living in terror by trying to make an honest living is not the Aloha spirit.

On the Big Island of Hawai’i, in the lower Puna district where I live, Papaya farmer’s crops were destroyed by eco-terrorists.  Not once, but several times, and the criminal vandals have never been caught.  Some council members have turned a blind eye towards the eco-terrorists calling their actions, ‘unfortunate‘.  Basically, callously ignoring the economic impact to the community and to the farmers.

A lot of people will lose their jobs, their farms and their livelihood.  The cost of food will increase because those lost local products will need to be shipped into the island.  The very same GMO produce grown elsewhere, but banned here.  More people will have to rely on government assistance.  The cost of living, as high as it is, will get higher.

I believe it is a deliberate and concerted effort, by some members of Hawai’i council to get rid of certain “elements” from the Island.  Those elements are the low income families, farmers and rural land owners that they don’t like.  They are in the way of progress and development.  Big business opportunities that some council members can economically enrich themselves with at the expense of local people.  Look at the people in Congress that have profited from their office! The trickle down theory applies to corruption also.

GMO products are already strictly regulated by government agencies: FDA, USDA, EPA and the CDC, all monitor and routinely test GMO products for safety.  The use of chemicals and science is closely scrutinized, more so than organic farming techniques are.  Some organic methods can be very toxic, but very little is either known to the public about the risks of organic farming.  You are more likely to contract hepatitis and rat lung disease from organic farming, than be poisoned by GMO foods.

It is the definition of the term ‘Genetically Modified Organism’, that is probably the most misunderstood part of the whole argument.  Genetic manipulation has been a common practice since the dawn of agriculture.  Plants, animals and even humans, have been genetically modified over the centuries.  Science has increased food production and safety, but you cannot convince activists with facts, they don’t want to hear it!



In the case of the Hawaiian Papaya, a virus called the ‘Ring Spot Virus’ was threatening to destroy the Papaya industry on the Big Island.  The University of Hawai’i at Hilo commissioned scientists to try and save the Papaya industry.  They succeeded by identifying the ‘Ring Spot Virus’ and creating a vaccination to halt the spread of the disease.  Just like a doctor gives humans a flu shot, penicillin, and vaccinations against deadly diseases.  It was that simple.

I’m old enough to remember the scourge of polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases that either killed or disabled children.  However, many people, in particular movie stars and other public figures, have come out against vaccinations.  They believe vaccinations are causing other problems like autism and birth defects.  These celebrities have encouraged the low information voter to refuse to vaccinate their children from these diseases.  A terribly naive and dangerous thing to do to either their children, or to anyone else!  Although, these activists have no evidence to prove their claims that vaccinations are harmful, people have decided to believe their false claims anyway.  Blindly!

Loud mouth haole, washed up television actress, and unfortunate island resident, Rosanne Barr, has come out and advocated for violence against farmers and anyone that supports GMO science in farming.  She is an admitted  communist and a green party member.  She openly advocates for the murder of conservatives, and because she has celebrity status; she has a public bully pulpit to preach hate from.  That’s right, a Bully Pulpit!  A waste of Aloha!


Corporate Hatred Fueling Food Fight


The GMO Scare – Corporate Hatred and scare tactics.  Eco-Terrorism.  Anti-Capitalism hatred permeates the rhetoric, but is there any truth to the claims of people being poisoned?  Emotionally driven charges with claims of farmers working outside the realm of nature’s rules.  Activists claims of corporations like Monsanto are poisoning the food supply haven’t been substantiated.  Activists arguments are never about the food, it’s always about the business model.

The argument by some is that we need to know what’s in our food, so we need labeling.  That has been a favorite activist demand.  Fine, I get that!  I need to know what’s in the food I consume for health reasons.  The amount of sodium, cholesterol and fat are things my doctor warns me about.   It’s funny because just about every packaged food product has some GMO already in it.  GMO Corn, soybeans and other plants have been consumed for decades with no ill effects.   Why is it only now that GMO is suddenly being demonized?  Answer: people are misinformed about what the benefits of what GMO technology brings to farming, and the delivery of safe nutritious food.  But there is this seething hatred of corporations by these activists.  Environmental activists groups, you all know who they are; have brought nuisance lawsuits against farmers.  Corporations have teamed with these activists to shut out small business farmers from competing.  That’s part of the problem here in Hawai’i also.  It is a deliberate effort to drive the local farmer out of business.

Some Foreign countries sponsor some of the activist hatred because these are US based corporations.   Agenda 21, and United Nations countries, that have a profound hatred for the United States and US Corporations, are behind most of these activists.  You hear of countries banning Monsanto products, not because there’s anything wrong with the technology, but because it wasn’t invented there.  Follow the money behind the science.

There is more GMO in foods we consume today than anyone realizes, and we’ve been eating it for decades without any harmful effects.  I grew up eating GMO foods, and drinking fluoridated water, and never had any ill effects.  I still have all my teeth!

We live longer.  We are healthier.  We now eat better and safer than we ever have in history.  100 years ago, in 1913, the industrial age in America was in full gear.  Along the way there were mistakes made, and they were corrected.  Best practices eventually led to the quality of life we enjoy today. There are more people living today because of food technology.  We all live a better quality of life than those that live elsewhere in the world; like Africa, China and parts of the former Soviet Union.  Their food quality control isn’t a good as ours; and yet there are those with this romantic notion that being closer to the Earth, the Planet, and the ground; that they are willing to bury themselves in their own grave of ignorance.

But because of an innate fear of what people don’t understand, they have taken out their pitch forks and torches to battle the Frankenfruit monster. They don’t care that they are destroying their future, their environment and our Planet.

If only stupidity had a label.


What’s For Breakfast?




Egg McKini with GMO Rainbow Papaya and GMO Hash Browns






Vote For Rape


Media interest continues to grow over the Minnesota lawmaker that had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy (emphasis Teen), both Republicans and Democrats have banded together to ask Representative Kerry Gauthier what his choice of rape-rape techniques were used for votes.

The ongoing campaign of prostitution by elected officials continues to be a huge public draw as the Rapes for Votes campaign continues to grow.  Not that rape-rape is at the top of national issues, it’s not!  Once considered politically destructive in some circles but politically advantageous in others; each has the same effect as if being either watched through the glass booth in a porn shop, the filmy glow of a computer screen, or the pages some magazine sold at the local convenience store.

As explained by Congressman Todd Akin, the scientific reasons why rape-rape is hard to turn away from, and that it’s similar to watching porn during legislative session when the reading of bills is just too boring to bear.

Who knew the best little whorehouse in America was just limited to Washington DC?  Apparently, under the noses of the main stream media, rampant taxpayer funded sexual rape-rape is a common practice across the country.  To the degree which gets the most attention depends on the political party.

Rape-rape as defined by such noted intellectuals as Whoopi Goldberg has become all the rage in upscale social and political circles.  Perhaps it’s that desire by politicians and pundits to get into the center of that public circle jerk and receive that splash of public moral outrage.  Hollywood stars give rape-rape two thumbs up the rectum!

It must be why most likely voters polled show that open political marriages  last the testament of time.  What was once considered as self-destructive behavior, but is now America’s favorite hush pastime.  No longer in the closet, rape-rape is being introduced to mainstream America at all levels of American society.  Learning institutions for the youth of America are being instructed by our Government’s Safe Sex School Czar on the ins and outs of rape-rape.

Yes indeed, the secret to political success is in rape-rape.  Considered the best political career move for name recognition and being the hot talk among the political grapevine.  Rape-rape is fast becoming the burning political issue of the nation.  The public is being seduced and the media has a fever for more rape-rape!

The economy is of no interest to the public because the economy is all about numbers.  Boring!  This isn’t legitimate rape-rape and the public is only interested in legitimate rape-rape.

Not to be disenfranchised and seemingly discriminatory, rape-rape is open to all Americans; young and old, mature and naïve, gender specific or unspecific, legal or illegal, rich or poor, aware or unaware.

An equal opportunity rape-rape for all Americans.  It’s time for Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public to bend over, grab the ankles, and take a rape-rape for the country.



What’s For Dinner?



Selective Sarcasm Sandwich








China Stops Global Warming

The environmentalist’s faithful must be having conniptions over this news that the Planet’s anthropogenic climate change has been stopped and for the most unlikely of reasons.  Who knew that Global Warming could be stopped by more pollution?  What to do now?

Smoke belching from Asia’s rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulphur’s cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared, a U.S. study said on Monday.

A U.N. panel of climate scientists said in 2007 that it was 90 percent certain that humankind was causing global warming.

After all that studying, you would think scientist would rethink their theories about planetary warming, but they haven’t.  They are more determining to stick to the United Nations policy of being 90% sure that Anthropogenic reasons are causing climate change.  Being 90% sure means you’re also 10% wrong, and I think being 90% is being overly generous with their conclusions.

People can choose not to believe in [man-made] climate change – but the correct term here is ‘belief’ – believing is an act of faith, whereas science is a testing of hypotheses and seeing whether they hold up against real world data.

Still, only being 90% sure means that you still don’t know.  By making claims that increases in the use of coal powered plants is delivering more CO2 into the atmosphere, and causing greenhouse effects that’s warming the planet, is still a theory. and not a fact.  Unless you change the modeling and now claim that Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere is reflecting sunlight away and causing global cooling.  Why didn’t the models take that first into account?  How could climate modeling not include other particulates produced in coal emissions?  Better yet, how else does a climate scientist maintain funding to continue the study of global warming?  You do that by being 90% sure the data is correct.  Convenient, isn’t it?

“Where else can you ski on the Fourth of July?”

“It’s beautiful up here on the Fourth of July,” said Clayton Butler of Salt Lake City, who wore only skis, boots, a helmet and a Speedo. “It’s a little chilly if you hang out up top too long. But once you start going, it warms right up.”

So, if the planet is warming, why is there snow in July?

This reminds me of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon, A Feather in his Hare:

Injun Joe – How come you can make snowballs in July?

Bugs Bunny – Well you see Hiawatha, it’s too cold to make them in the winter.

The logic is impeccable and off goes Injun Joe noting how much sense that made.  Just like Man-Made Global Warming is causing the Planet to warm.  Remember, you only have to be 90% correct.  By the way, that’s not science.  That’s conjecture, it is not a consensus, and science is not something that you vote for, like the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has done to promote what continues to be Junk Science to justify restrictive regulations against people, governments, and countries.  However, it is a religion, and if you chose not to believe because there is contradicting evidence, the Green Zealots will become defensive and call you names.  Oooohhh!

“Even before this paper there wasn’t much scientific evidence for denying climate change, and now I don’t see any credible scientific contradiction – if people don’t believe it, it’ll be because they choose not to believe it.”

No.  We choose not to accept the premise of man-made global warming as conclusive evidence why temperatures have fluctuated over the years, centuries, and millions of years of a changing planet’s climate.   Who is to say that warming is a bad thing?  During the Medieval Warming Period, temperatures we much higher than they are today, and neither did they have SUV’s, Coal Fired Plants, nor alarmist scientists with the belief that any change in temperature is all man-made.  Perhaps these alarmists scientists have a motivation to make such claims; Government Grants.  Because it’s certainly isn’t about the accuracy of the science.  Here’s some data to ponder:

Fortunately, this Greenland ice core temperature data allows for an analysis of temperature change from minimum (trough) temperature to maximum temperature (peak) over extended time spans. Likewise, temperature change from maximum to minimum can also be analyzed. Sooo, what does that NCDC ice core temperature data actually indicate about temperature change?

1. Huge temperature swings have occurred naturally over thousands of years, prior to any human CO2 emissions.

2. The Modern warming increase since the bottom of the Little Ice Age (around 1840) has been minuscule versus all previous warming period temperature changes when compared to their respective cooling period trough that preceded.

3. Over the 9,000 years, the average temperature increase from the trough of the preceding cooling period to the next temperature peak has exceeded 2.0°C. In contrast, the Modern warming has barely reached a 0.7°C increase since the Little Ice Age cooling trough.

4. There have been nine significant warming trends leading to temperature peaks over last 9,000 years; and, all exceed the Modern warming trend in terms of absolute degree change (increase).

5. There have been nine significant cooling periods over the same time span. Many cooling periods have seen temperatures decline by over 2.0°C.

6. The average number of years between temperature warming peaks is approximately 990 years. Since the last peak around 1040 A.D., it has now been 970 years, which suggests the current warming period is close to peaking before the next natural cooling period dominates.

7. All scientists agree that all extreme temperature changes prior to the 20th century were of natural origin. In contrast, it’s only climate alarmist scientists who believe that the temperature change since the Little Ice Age is all man-made.

So now, the climate alarmists are saying that China is responsible for the reversing of global warming due to their coal powered plants.  What will be the next climate claim?  Warming is caused by the burning of animal dung, like they do in some African countries, to cook food and heat their homes.  If you are going to use Straw Man science like this, then make sure it first wasn’t consumed by a cow.



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