Raise Their Taxes, Not Mine

“Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!” they chanted, lined up shoulder to shoulder for a few hundred yards stretching a street in front of the Capitol.

Really, the Unions want people to pay more taxes, so they can have more of your money.  They even demonstrated their anger over not getting enough of your tax payer money.  That’s your taxes, that’s your cost for goods and services, that’s your cost, when democrats and Unions pair up.  Those Unions that are tied into government spending are especially expensive and cost political votes.

As I read this article, with great astonishment, from the Chicago Tribune, about how Unions members are being bused into the capitol by the thousands, to demand the government, raise their taxes.  Along with everyone else’s taxes, of course.  Who paid for this Union day off for protesting?   Was this boondoggle paid for by taxpayer money?  Somebody had to pay for the workers, the buses, the time off work.  The gas used to bus these people into the capitol, how much was that?  Where did they get the buses, and how much did that cost the taxpayers?

Making threatening statements:

“These 177 people who have a job don’t want to do their job,” said Henry Bayer, head of the Illinois chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, referring to the number of lawmakers in the House and Senate. “Yes people are hurting, that’s why we need a tax increase….If you try to leave town without doing your job we’re going to chase you.”

Kind of an ominous threat, don’tcha think?   However, Governor Pat Quinn (D), really wants a 33% tax increase for Illinois.  So what will become of Illinois if they really do raise taxes?  In today’s fragile economic environment, the Unions want their taxes raised?  I suppose this will either attract more Union people to move to the State of Illinois, or force out of the state, all the Non-Union people and their families.  Either way, living in Illinois, is going to get very expensive for a lot of people.

Colorful Demonstrations

Wearing outfits of various colors, and representing Unions of various government entities and services, the people marched on the capitol.  This, somewhat large, Union demonstration is somewhat localized to Illinois.  We have not seen this level of demonstrations by any other Unions, anywhere else in the country.  Unlike Tea Party demonstrations, like those that took place during on Tax Day, April 15th, 2010, the message was against raising taxes and government more spending.  Although, New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, is getting quite a few protests just because he wants a pay freeze to get control of an out of control budget.

New Jersey’s Unions get, from the day they are hired, to the day they die, full medical and retirement pay.  Until, the day they die.  Full medical benefits until they die.  Is that fair to the rest of the non-Union tax payers in New Jersey?

Here in Hawai’i, we have out of control Union spending also.  Not as bad as New Jersey’s problems, but eventually it will reach that level of crisis.  Especially, should former Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D) should win the governor’s seat in Hawai’i.  Abercrombie is a huge Union supporter and much of his voting base is the Union organizations in Hawai’i.  This means that Abercrombie will obey the demands of a bloated, overpaid, Union, and not to the needs of the state.  Under the current Union model, there is no accountability.  Take the Hawai’i Teachers Union decision to use furlough days to reduce class time for students.  Instead of doing what’s right for the children, the Unions decided to act irresponsible and deny their own children a good education.  Now, the Union blames the Governor of Hawai’i for their bad decisions.   Do these Union people understand they are hurting their own children’s future?


Well, it is freedom of speech.  Nothing is different about either this protest, or a Tea Party protest.  When it comes to free speech, this is it, and this is where I, part reason and agreement, 180 degrees from the Unions.  The First Amendment’s purpose is to allow free assembly, and opinion of, and by, the populace, groups, organizations to express their agreement with the government, or their displeasure thereof.   So what?

I was searching for a video of the Springfield Union demonstration where they are screaming “Raise My Taxes”, when Allapundit at HotAir just posted it.  Unfreaking Believable!


Why not let capitalism work for you?  You’ll get government accountability, and the ability to better manage Taxpayers money.  Just like in private industry, the government should be outsourcing public services.  Those services should be actively bid upon by private groups for the jobs the state will pay for.  From Teaching to Trash collection, these services should be hired, and fired, based off of performance goals.  If a group working for the state fails to meet the requirements of the job, then they should fire them, and another group should be hired to do the job.

Make government to work like a regulated business, with profit and loss statements, and budgetary requirements.  Every State must follow these rules, why not the Federal Government.

Unions are a monopoly within State and Federal governments.  Private enterprise hasn’t a chance of getting any of the “well paying jobs” the government offers.  Once you get a government job, you are then required to join a Union.  Pay Union dues, follow Union rules, and vote for Union friendly politicians.  That inherently creates a conflict of interest.


1. Outsource State and Federal Jobs.

Make the Unions work like real businesses that have to compete for work like in the Free Market.  If this Union didn’t work well on the job, then get rid of them and hire the other Union to do the job right.  But wait, there’s no other Union, is there.  There’s no competition.  There’s no real collective bargaining, unless you consider the collective, as being coerced, and assimilated by the Unions.  Give us what we want, or we won’t vote for you.  Collective Bargaining, or Collective Extortion?  Eliminate exclusivity of State and Federal jobs to only Unions.

2. Raise the taxes of the Union people, Only.

Leave all of us Non-Union workers out of the Union demanded tax increase.  You may want to even lower our taxes, so that as our prosperity increases, the government revenues also increases, just like during the Bush and Reagan tax cuts.  The model of Capitalism has proven to work, we’ve had almost 400 years of successful experimentation with this model.  With only progressive and socialist speed bumps along the way, this country has succeed  in being the leader of world economic development, economic harmony, and a greater standard of living.

Why do people jump fences, allow themselves to be cattle-carted in freight containers, and sneak into this country in the first place.  What is it that drives those people, from all over the planet, to this country?   Why would people make such sacrifices, to leave their families for long periods of time, and travel to this country?  What is it about this country that offers something that cannot be found in their country, or anywhere else in the world?

So, Unions want their taxes raised.  OK then, lets make a special law that raises taxes “ONLY” on Unions.

Problem Solved, don’tcha think?

As these people march down the streets of the Illinois capitol screaming for the state to raise their taxes, I have to wonder if they really understand what they are asking.  Raising taxes causes a ripple effect across the entire economy.  The cost of everything goes up.  Taxing one group over another, like taxing the wealthy, also causes detrimental effects to the economy.

When the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year, expect a sharp increase in the cost of everything.  It doesn’t effect one group of people, it effects everyone.  The Obamacare bill has hidden taxes that we’ll start to see very soon, so add that to the list of taxes everyone will have to pay.  The Value Added Tax being talked about will soon be rationalized and reasoned to help pay for an ever increasing government spending.

Get In Line

Unions and Politicians are running headlong into the trap of Socialism and government entitlements.  Where people will hold out their hats for a government handout.  Once that happens, it’s like feeding the stray cat living under your house.  You can’t get rid of it.

What’s For Dinner?

Korean Beef Salad

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