May Day Is Lei Day

It has nothing to do with neither communism, nor socialism.  It just is a day arriving from April showers to May flowers.  At the end of the week it’s Cinco de Mayo and I will be making Fajitas.  The sweet smell of success and freedom.

There is a romantic obsession with leftists to gravitate towards evil.  They wear Che t-shirts and hammer and sickle symbols, but they don’t know what it means because they have never lived in a communist world.  Even though the events in Cuba and Venezuela are western examples of what communism is, there are other eastern example where the reach of totalitarian rule is even worse.

In Arabic countries, slavery is open an accepted, yet ignored by western countries.  The United Nations, a bastion of leftist filth, approved Saudia Arabia to be included in a panel for women’s rights.  This is a society that forbids women from driving and traveling with out a male escort. There is a dress code for Arabic to be completely covered in a black burqa outfit under penalty of death.  That’s the left’s idea of freedom and equality.

Here in America, the left protests over freedom.  They outright reject freedom.  They embrace the idea of government control over the individual lives.  This slavery was all but eliminated worldwide, but is still practiced in other countries. Maybe it is because leftist don’t see, but feel emotionally.  They are easily convinced of perceived injustices that don’t exist in western culture.  It’s because the socialist society sees individualism as uncontrollable.  The left demonizes individual success as robbery of others, and supports robbing the successful to redistribute profits to those that never earned it.  It’s called social justice.  I call it socialism and evil.






Jon McNaughton Art


Jon McNaughton is an exceptional artist that has captured the essence of who Obama really is.

Visit his website to see other works of art that will inspire you and challenge you to do something, anything, about the threat that the Obama threat brings upon America.  Obama’s is truly the Anti-Christ and the destroyer of the republic.  His wife is the perpetual angry woman and their children are the spawn of Satan.  Pure Evil!





Political Subterfuge


Po’e Hilina’i Na Ke Aipuni Na Kuleana Apau

People Believing All Powers Are For The Government (Socialist)

Obama’s communications director gave an interesting speech to a graduation High School class about her favorite philosophers.  Anita Dunn said this:

There is a Maoist in the White House.

Anita Dunn uses Mao Tse Tung and Mother Theresa as examples as her philosopher hero’s.  I can understand Mother Theresa, but Mao Tse Tung?  The communist leader of China that killed millions of people during his reign of power.

Mao started several movements to rid China of political opposition by targeting capitalist and political opponents.  Mao engaged a campaign of terror by encouraging workers to denounce there bosses, convincing wives to turn on their husbands, and children to inform on their parents.  Victims were humiliated, sent to labor camps, many were killed.

This woman speaking to a graduation class of High School students is praising a murderer of millions of people as some kind of political hero.  This is all part of the indoctrination of students into socialist and communist way of thinking.


I Mao

This romancing of political terrorists and murders is quite popular among democrats and celebrities these days.  Cameron Diaz (Dumbass) is old enough to remember the atrocities of the Maoist regime, but uses communism symbolism as a fashion statement.  Never mind insulting the people who have suffered under communism oppression.  During a visit to Peru, Diaz (Dumbass) toted a purse with a particular offensive slogan to the Peruvian people:

The olive green bag’s color wasn’t to blame; the presence of the Maoist slogan “Serve the People” written in Chinese on the bags flap was the cause of the uproar.

According to the Associated Press, the guerrilla fighters were responsible for attacks, murders, assassinations, and bombings. The insurgency terrorized Peruvians throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Nearly 70,000 people died at the hands of the insurgency.

Cameron Diaz (Dumbass), like Anita Dunn have a dangerous romantic love for brutal regimes.  In the case of Anita Dunn, it is clear her speech to the graduating high school students was a form of indoctrination.  However, this is not just an isolated Obama flunky that espouses the virtues of murderous totalitarian regimes, it seems others in the Obama administration have similar ideologies.  The first rule in any totalitarian regime, silence the free press.  You do that by using make believe journalists to spread lies and falsehoods, as in this article by Jacob Weisberg:

What’s most distinctive about the American press is not its freedom but its century-old tradition of independence—that it serves the public interest rather than those of parties, persuasions, or pressure groups. Media independence is a 20th-century innovation that has never fully taken root in many other countries that do have a free press. The Australian-British-continental model of politicized media that Murdoch has applied at Fox is un-American, so much so that he has little choice but go on denying what he’s doing as he does it. For Murdoch, Ailes, and company, “fair and balanced” is a necessary lie. To admit that their coverage is slanted by design would violate the American understanding of the media’s role in democracy and our idea of what constitutes fair play. But it’s a demonstrable deceit that no longer deserves equal time.

Of course Mr. Weisberg fails to consider the other news networks which tout the same narrative and party line.  What differentiates Fox News from any other News networks is  that they ARE Fair and Balanced.  The Alphabet News organisms (and I do mean organisms in a governmental context) like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, HLN and CNN are exclusively in the tank for the Obama administration.   So much so that they do not practice any journalistic objectiveness.  Whereas Fox News does presents both sides of the discussion.  The vast majority of the American people agree with Fox News presentations by its ratings:

Cable News Ratings as of Thursday October 15th, 2009:

P2+ Total Day
FNC – 1,507,000 viewers
CNN – 713,000 viewers
MSNBC –428,000 viewers
CNBC – 187,000 viewers
HLN –384,000 viewers

P2+ Prime Time
FNC – 2,614,000viewers
CNN— 848,000 viewers
MSNBC –842,000 viewers
CNBC – 184,000 viewers
HLN – 607,000 viewers

This has been Fox’s typical ratings for years and Fox ratings continue to grow.  The other cable news networks continue to loose viewership.

Even the very left leaning Huffington Post acknowledges Fox News dominance in the cable news networks, but fails to explain why Fox News dominates the Cable News ratings.  The answer is that the American People understand value when they see it.  The American people are not stupid like the other news networks would have you think.  Its all about value, you see it when you go grocery shopping, you compare and make a choice on what is the best value for your money.  I choose to pay a higher cable rate just so I can get the Fox News channel, because I see the value in Fox News.  After years of subjecting myself to CNN’s crappy bias reporting, I gladly will pay higher cable rates just to get some Fair and Balanced reporting.

So why is the White House waging war against Fox News?

David Axelrod: Fox News “Not Really A News Station”

Obviously, if you don’t like the questions, you attack the channel.  That’s what Axelrod is doing here.  Making an enemy out of Fox News is only going to give Fox News higher ratings.  The claims of Fox News being over the top and offensive are unfounded.  How is telling the truth offensive?

Claiming that Fox News is an extension of the Republican party is nothing more than engaging in an enemy’s list.  That hasn’t been done since the Nixion years.  The broader point is that Fox is not bias like the other news outlets and the American people know it.  Fox asks the tough questions and this administration cannot handle it.  Just listen to Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff whine about Fox News.

Rahm Emanuel on White House’s War with Fox News

(Via HotAir)

Emanuel keeps filling his plate with more and more socialist crap he wants the American people to eat.  Yet he cannot make a valid argument against Fox News.  The insidious truth is that the Obama administration is actively trying to create a welfare state and Fox News is calling the Obama administrations out on it.  Just listen to this reporter (Not Fox) asking where the money is coming from.  This is real journalism in action.


Obama Money?  Who’s Money?


It is in Obama’s own words when he said he fundamentally wants to change America, and now we know.  Obama wants to transform this country into a welfare state completely dependent on the government.  Obama wants a massive transfer of wealth from the people that earned their money, to the people that have no desire to work for a living.  Who’s money?  Where did Obama get the money?   This is how you start a socialist nation.  This is what Mao Tse Tung did in China.  Class warfare.  Destroy capitalism.  Restrict freedoms.  Now that Maoist supporters are littered in the Obama administration with a deceptive stratagem of subterfuge against the founding principals of this Great Country.

Obama once said “Judge me by who I surround myself with“, so let’s take look at Obama’s number two: Joe Biden.

Joe Biden was chosen by the Obama for his foreign policy experience.  However, Joe Biden has been historically wrong on foreign policy ever since he was elected to the senate some 30+ years ago.


Ever Smirking Wise Cracking Hair Plug: Joe Biden

Mr. Wrong

Just how bad is Joe Biden’s judgment on foreign policy?  The whole world knows how wrong Joe Biden is:

From the

On all the big questions, he has been – to put it politely – on the wrong side of history. In 1990, he voted against American forces expelling Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. He voted for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and advocated splitting it into three states along ethnic lines. He opposed the Iraq troop surge of 2007 that pacified the country and rescued the US from the jaws of defeat.

Now, Mr Biden is pushing a policy of what he terms “counter-terrorism plus” – a scheme which involves a much smaller military presence in Afghanistan, with al-Qaeda elements being targeted at long range by military drones and smart missiles.

With foreign policy expertize like Joe Biden’s, we can all expect another attack on our nation by Al Qaeda sooner than later.  Our nation would be better served by doing the exact opposite of what Joe Biden says.  We will be much more safer.  Joe Biden isn’t the only one with bad judgment.  Almost every democratic senator and representative have shown poor judgment.


If allowed, the Obama and the democrat party will surely lead us Into The Void


What’s for Dinner?


Salmon Salad

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