Friday Night Rant : Our Brave New World


Enjoy the pictures and let me whine to you about the events in the news of today.  The irony, the logic, and the emotion, that governs our lives.  Maybe it’s how the news is presented today!  The amount of information, really accurate information, is really hard to get at.  So here’s what I do know!


In this country we have several ongoing scandals going on, both political and social, but to the degree of sorting the information as relevant to either your daily life, or as trends to be wary of.  In other words, does this information mean anything to you the reader?  Do you even care?


Government Banned Plastic Bags in Hawai’i

Si vis pacem, para bellum”, is Latin for “If you want peace, prepare for war”.  It seems perfectly apt regarding this regime’s effort to eliminate the second amendment rights granted to all Americans by the United States Constitution.  You know, that document the English twit on CNN calls “your little book”! But lies are the only truths that socialist democrats know; even when Vice President Joe Biden made bizarre claims about hearing guns committing crimes, and just like Notre Dame star Football player Manti Te’o make believe girlfriend, its all lies.

During the National Rifle Association’s meeting with Vice President Joe Biden and the White House gun violence task force, the vice president said the Obama administration does not have the time to fully enforce existing gun laws.

I suppose you get the government you voted for.  They never read the bills, and they don’t enforce existing laws; No, it’s easier to make more laws because that’s what we’re paying them to do!  What a waste!


I write to you on this Aloha Friday, under blue sunny skies with cotton-like clouds slowly drifting overhead.  A slight cool breeze moves the bamboo wind chimes creating a sweet subtle melodic rhythm.  I’m listening to KHNR 690 AM, a News Talk radio station from Honolulu.  I have to listen to the station on the internet because the “over the air” signal strength is low for good reception in my geographic area.

It’s just after 11AM on this glorious Kakahiaka (Morning) and now slipping into “Awakea”  (Late morning, nearing Noon).  Currently, it is 76° degrees, partly cloudy winds out of the north with gusts of 12MPH.  Humidity is 63% and steady.  The cloud cover is 35% which makes the UV index a 6, that’s just below midpoint on the scale of low to high.


Another attack on the Tea Party, this it is by time by outgoing failed Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.  Apparently, the regime’s policies are not the blame for the high unemployment and why more people aren’t working.  The policies of this regime have slowed the economy to a standstill.  Yet, she uses Obama’s strategy of blaming others for their lousy policies.

Quoting Labor Secretary Hilda Solis: Solis also said that in many ways the Obama administration “did not get the kind of support we needed originally when he took office for the American Recovery Act funds” and blamed “a small group known as the Tea Party movement” for not engaging with the president and “hurting the American public, our economy, and the future of our country.”
Read more here:

So here is the quandary, what exactly did the Tea Party do to prevent job growth?  All we did was ask for limited government, which has been responsible for slowing the economy and the high unemployment rate.  All we asked for is for low taxes, so we could invest in creating jobs; the only jobs being created are government jobs.  How sustainable is that?  Growing government and raising taxes only reduces private industry job growth.  All we asked for was less regulations so we can expand our businesses and create jobs.  So what does Obama do?


Obama’s gave an Executive Order for pay raises: Under an executive order issued by President Obama on Thursday, members of Congress will join federal workers in seeing their pay rise by 0.5 percent after March 27.

That’s your tax dollars paying your government’s salary.  How much do they get paid?

Congressmen and senators make $174,000 a year and will see an extra $900 in their annual pay packages before taxes next year.


Actually, many of our Congress people make much more than that.  Some have used the power of their office to enrich themselves greatly.  Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are just two of the most corrupt socialist democrats that have used legislation to enrich members of their families and spouses.  So with a wave of Obama’s pen, he commands an increase to these corrupt politicians salaries.

Maybe the good news is that the GOP, and probably with the help of those pesky Tea Party people, are demanding a proper budget with spending cuts or deny Congress their pay.  Seems fair to me!

“We are going to pursue strategies that will obligate the Senate to finally join the House in confronting the government’s spending problem. The principle is simple: no budget, no pay.”  House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement Friday.  Has the GOP grown a pair of bolus?

“Next week, we will authorize a three month temporary debt limit increase to give the Senate and House time to pass a budget. Furthermore, if the Senate or House fails to pass a budget in that time, Members of Congress will not be paid by the American people for failing to do their job. No budget, no pay.”

It’s about time don’tcha think?  But will the Republicans cave like they usually do?


Well, it’s coming up on 10PM HST and ‘Aina awakea (lunch) was ono (good)!  Plus Red Eye is coming on Fox TV!  As I scourer the internet for news, I am bombarded by stories of legislators rushing to provide that emotional cork on the tragic Sandy Hook event.  New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo made an emotionally disturbing demand and got legislation that makes the State of New York the toughest gun controls in the nation.  Like most socialist democrats, they fail to read and comprehend the law they are writing.  As a result:

But because no loophole for law enforcement was included in the law, every police officer in the state is technically in violation of the statute

Read more here:


Is this a good example of bad governance or what!  Desperate to do anything, but think about what they are doing, New York State enacted a law that puts their own law enforcement in violation of the law.  They didn’t read their own law, they didn’t think of what they were crafting.  Waste of tax dollars, but that’s New York State, a bastion of liberal rule.  Heavily in debt and taxes, New York is the East Coast example of California, whereas the population and businesses are dwindling and leaving for greener pastures.

Then there are the 23 unconstitutional Executive Orders that Obama issued this week to curb gun violence.

These are our kids.  This is what they’re thinking about.  And so what we should be thinking about is our responsibility to care for them, and shield them from harm, and give them the tools they need to grow up and do everything that they’re capable of doing — not just to pursue their own dreams, but to help build this country.  This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe.  This is how we will be judged.  And their voices should compel us to change.



If that were true, abortion would be illegal.  Are we as a society going to draw the distinction between the two tragedies? Both are taking a life, it’s just the means on how it is done.  There are 1.2 Million abortions done in the United State’s every year.  Are these children any less worthy than the ones taken at Sandy Hook, or anywhere else for that matter?  As a society, our first task to keep children safe, said Obama.  I guess that doesn’t apply to “all” children, just some children.  Is it because the killing is done behind the antiseptic walls of make believe healthcare facility and not by the hand of a crazed killer where everyone can see?  If we are going to apply that liberal logic in its literal sense, then we would all be hypocrites.


It’s funny though; there are people that would fight to prevent the death of a dog or cat at the humane center, rather than the abattoir that is Planned Parenthood.  It is funny though; our government gave the same guns they don’t want Americans to have to Mexican drug lords.  The same guns that have killed thousands of Mexicans and several Americans, including an American border guard.  Then there is the Benghazi tragedy which has never been answered.  Why did this regime and the media ignore such a event?  I guess Obama and his regime believes the lives of those people are not as worthy as the children of Sandy Hook.  Now that Obama has issued 23 Executive Orders to restrict Americans from owning firearms, I wonder if the Mexican drug lords won’t use the weapons they got from our government against Americans.  Who will cry for them?

Holder’s and Obama’s desire to continually hide these Fast and Furious documents is “ironic” now that they’re so gung-ho on gun control. “It is beyond ironic that the Obama administration has initiated an anti-gun violence push as it seeking to keep secret key documents about its very own Fast and Furious gun walking scandal,”


I see our society going down the wrong path.  There seems to be an emphasis on the destruction of family and religion by the government.  By introducing restrictions on people’s conscience and religious beliefs and forcing people to accept immorality as commonplace.  Even calling Pedophilia acceptable!

Is it absolute madness to even consider such behavior, but like any immoral behavior, a corrupt lifestyle is being pushed onto society. You must accept this behavior as mainstream, or else, you are called a bigot. Even so far as to call such activity, a Civil Right.  Accept immorality or be labeled a bigot.  Those are your only choices!  Conform or be called an extremist! Another example is in the Affordable Patient Care Act where a child can get free sterilizations, even without parental consent.

Thanks to an Obamacare regulation that took effect on Aug. 1, health care plans in Oregon will now be required to provide free sterilizations to 15- year-old girls even if the parents of those girls do not consent to the procedure.

 Yet, you are led to believe that the Republicans have a war on women.  How do you define what war is then?


Yet, we are told by those dictating what morality is and how it should be, and how we as a society will be judged.  There’s no confusion when it comes to prolife issues, but in this society, abortion is called prochoice.  Except it’s not really a choice for the unborn is it?  Still, the outrage over Sandy Hook like tragedies tends to take the attention away from real society ills.  How often do such tragedies happen?  How could it have been prevented?  Questions that may never be answered; however, the weight of such tragedies against what could be prevented is ignored and considered commonplace.

one in a million

One in a Million!

I do pray for this society that preys on the helpless, and then call it, “a choice“.  It is a choice, as with all choices, is it a wise choice?  We are destroying our future, our society and our morals; sounds depre4ssing doesn’t it?!  History is repeating itself, there is no doubt about that.  What brave new world have we have again brought ourselves into?


 What’s For Dinner?





 Bread, it’s like Freedom! Once Tasted, Never Forgotten!





Obama Passes Card Check, By Fiat




NLRB to Issue Final Rule Requiring All Employers (Even Nonunion Employers) to Post
Notice of Employee Rights Under the NLRA
August 25, 2011

On August 25, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or Board) announced that it would issue a Final Rule, to be effective on November 14, 2011, that would require all employers subject to the Board’s jurisdiction—i.e., the vast majority of employers doing business in the United States—to post a notice in the workplace informing employees of their right, among other things, to “[o]rganize a union,” “take action . . . to improve your working conditions by, among other means, raising work-related complaints directly with your employer or with a government, and seeking help from a union,” and to “strike and picket.”


Obama is illegally ordering “Card Check” legislation into law without it first being passed through the Congress.  Another job killing move by the Keynesian socialist that wants to change the United States into a Socialist European utopia. Obama is determined to shutdown American businesses.

Using the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) as the enforcement arm of the Executive branch of government, Obama is giving the Unions a token to remember him in November 2012.


Card check is popular with the union bosses looking for increased political power and increased dues money because it’s an open process that lets organizers know who’s on board and who’s not. It’s a fertile ground for the intimidation of workers and worse—which is exactly why we have elections in this country by the sacred institution of the secret ballot. And it’s this institution that the Arizona, South Dakota, and other state constitutional amendments recently enacted seek to protect. For the unions and their allies in the Democratic Party, though, these amendments are roadblocks that must be cleared away before their overall plans can come to fruition.

The NLRB has announced lawsuits against the states of Arizona and South Dakota because they passed, by citizen initiative, constitutional amendments that require secret ballot elections to form unions.  The Obama Regime is trying to intimidate states, businesses and workers by forcing them to be a part of the Labor Unions.  You do not get a choice.  The Unions will take your money, your pay, and use it to get Obama reelected.  They’ll use it to reelect more socialist democrats.


Where the current administration has failed to persuade Congress to adopt its legislative agenda, time and again, it has waived its regulatory wand and enacted the failed “legislation” as “regulation.”

Magically, it becomes the law of the land.

Since the rejection of the Employee Free Choice Act, the administration, largely through the National Labor Relations Board, has brought the legislation the Congress killed back to life.  

Consider these recent regulatory initiatives of the NLRB:

Expanded use of mail and Internet balloting in union elections.

Why? Because these ballots are not cast in secret.

Union officials could monitor the voting, accomplishing the primary objective of EFCA —  a vote outside the secret ballot booth and under the watchful eye of the candidate;

This is hardly constitutional.  It is Illegal.  What the Regime is doing is removing the secret ballot so Union Bosses can see how you vote.  If you don’t vote the way the Unions want you to vote, you will be targeted for intimidation, you may lose your job, you may be demoted, you may not get a pay increase, you will be punished if you do not vote the Union Label.  Disgusting!!!


It will cost jobs:

The agency’s action is seismic. If successful, it would undermine economic competition among states, which helps drive the American economy. Even worse, it would induce companies to export jobs not to other states that have lower labor costs, but to other countries that do.

This action by the Obama Regime is un-American.  It is what dictatorships and communists do around the world.  It will force jobs overseas to countries with lower wages.  It will force small businesses to close.  It will put millions of workers out of jobs.  This is a deliberate effort by Obama to destroy the free-market capitalist society and turn us into Venezuela!

Every single day there is some new information on what they are doing. The media is not covering it, in fact they are covering it up. I am hoping that everyone who sees what they are doing, is willing to spend the time to pass the information on. We have a very short about of time to stop what they are doing or we will lose our country. The loss of jobs alone will lower our standard of living. The loss of  freedom will ruin our country.

Indeed, there hasn’t been any reports in the media; not ABC, NBC, CBS, not the printed media either.  The blogs are reporting it.  Fox News reported it.  None of the other Lame Stream Media outlets are reporting this atrocity of the abuse of Executive power by the Obama regime.



What’s For Dinner?


Chinese Egg Rolls

(Where the Jobs are going)




A Government That Does Not Fear

The people that believe the government owns everything


“When the government fears the people,
there is liberty.

When the people fear the government,
there is tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson


And tyranny is rampant in our government.  From the Socialist agenda of the Obama Regime; to the corruption of democrats, and the complicity of journalists, that deliberately distorts and hides the truth.

When politicians refuse to answer questions about their actions, then it’s time ask, what are they hiding?  That’s what happened when Dick Durbin (Dumbass – IL) was asked about his responsibility for the Standard and Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. economy.

You either may or may not know of Dick Durbin’s pertinacious attitude to lavishly point his finger of blame at everyone, make fictitious accusations, and wraps himself in a faux layer of virtuous innocence.  However, when confronted with the record of his actions, he feigns guiltless responsibility.  Here’s Dick Durbin surrounded by his media minions that do the dirty work of hiding his true record of accomplishments.  He won’t answer the question, because he knows he’s guilty.  Guilty of misusing his position in congress and adding to the misery index of Obama’s regime.



He’s the Senator that hysterically compared the treatment of the Gitmo detainees to Nazis, Soviet gulags, and Pol Pot. While calling for an end to “hateful” rhetoric, he’s the one who wrongfully pointed his crooked finger at the Tea Party Movement and Gov. Sarah Palin, blaming them for the Tucson massacre and the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Recently, he’s the one that, hypocritically, accused the Tea Party Republicans of “political extortion” in the debt ceiling debate.


Durbin is not the only one with a crooked finger of blame, there’s also Nazi Piglosi.  The chief architect’s to Obama’s plan to destroy the health care system in America, to bankrupt the nation, and to transform our country into a version of European socialist utopia.  Here, Piglosi uses the ire of racism to blame the GOP for the budget debacle.  Ironic, she voted against Obama’s budget.



Remember that Nazi Piglosi called the Tea Party “Astro Turf ” implying that the grassroots wasn’t real.  She also said unemployment benefits are good for the economy.  Well, how’s that working out?


And most, if not all, the democrats in congress and in government are either communists or socialists.  Their answer to our nation’s problems is to spend more of your money.  They want to increase taxes, not on just the corporations, but on everyone.  Their philosophy has been to spend our way into prosperity.  They justify that by saying that lowering taxes only makes the rich richer.

Well, yes it does.  It also allows the rich invest, and that investment creates jobs, and more jobs create tax revenue.  That has been proven over and over again.  When more people are working, the more tax revenue flows into the treasury.  Socialist democrats called that voodoo economics.

So let’s look at this budget that was passed and got us a downgrade by S&P.  First, it didn’t stop spending; it increased spending by raising the debt ceiling $2.4 Trillion.  Second, the spending cuts are not immediate, they occur over 10 years.  That’s not a spending cut when it’s pushed down the road.  With this irresponsible budget, it’s no wonder why S&P downgraded us.  You cannot increase your spending and say you’ll cut spending later.  That just doesn’t make sense.

During the GOP debate, the question asked was, “would you agree to raise taxes with a spending cut ratio of 10:1?”  Meaning, for every ten spending cuts, allow one tax increase.  Every republican refused to agree to that idea.  An idea proposed by the media, the Fox media no less.  I found that to be a gotcha question because if anyone had agreed to that, their campaign would have been over.

Taxes are already destructively too high, so any tax hike of any kind will kill more jobs.
Tax hikes would have been immediate.  The promised spending cuts won’t ever actually take place.

Yet, the spending continues to be out of control.  For example, Democratic Hill staffers head to Maui on taxpayers’ dime for Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing.

“It’s outrageous that Senate Democrats have so little respect for the American taxpayer that in the same month they buried our credit rating, they’re heading to Hawaii to celebrate,”
Sleight of hand government. The government doesn’t fear the people.  This must change.  These people cannot be shamed into doing the right thing for the country.  They must be removed from office.  The fate of our nation’s health and future depends on changing the face of the presidency and the congress.  I fear we will not last as a nation unless this is done in 2012.

What’s for Dinner?


Shrimp Fri Diablo with Micro-Green Salad and Seared Diver Scallop






The Union Tyranny




Where to begin?  When the left is losing, they attack.  Leftist unions are using threats, intimidation, and violence, to get what they want.  They will shift the subject, ignore the facts, and start name calling, or worse.  When they don’t get their way, they stoop to mob rule.  Acting like petulant children demanding the taxpayers pay their salaries.  Leftist unions are recruiting union mobs from outside the State of Wisconsin to create chaos.

Mobs!  Mobs of union thugs bused in from other states to threaten the taxpayers and legislators.  Death Threats by union terrorists against lawmakers are being investigated, because as we all have seen in the past, these union animals will carry out their vile threats.


The Union Tyranny

Before any commenter starts whining that unions are people too, and unions are taxpayers also, and unions have rights, consider that public unions do not bargain in good faith.  They take from the taxpayer, and they are unwilling to share the cost of paying for their own benefits.  Consider that the union, in particular, the Wisconsin public unions, receives benefits equal to their salary.  Total compensation  is well over $100,000.  Which is more than the average nonunion taxpayer makes.  Wisconsin’s state budget by law has to be balanced.   Unions are unwilling to compromise.   Public unions want to raise taxes to continue to pay for their lavish salaries and benefits.




The agitator in chief Obama may have possibly violated constitutional law by getting involved in sovereign states rights.  Then the unions further discredit themselves by bringing in a known racist, Jessie Jackson.  The fat man Michael Moore claimed that the state was not broke, that there was tons of money out there.  Other people’s money, that is.  This is how the socialist thinks.  Your money is not yours to have.  It has to be redistributed and shared with everyone else.  This is their twisted excuse for fairness.  Lunacy!

When Obama was out lecturing America on bullying, union thugs were sending death threats.

The message by the unions couldn’t be clearer.  “Give us want we want or else!”  Never mind that there was an election by the people that voted for reform and an end to runaway spending.


Civil tone?  In January 2011 America was lectured on toning the rhetoric down.  What happened?  The left decided this applies to somebody else, but not to them.

Rights?  What about workers rights?  Unions force workers to pay union dues, even if they don’t want to be in a union.  If you want to work, you got to pay the union for the right to work.  Rights, as determined by the mob that are unions.

Wisconsin’s people have shown great courage by standing up to union thuggery.  This is a victory for the taxpayers.  This model will spread to other states struggling to control spending.  There has to be fairness to the taxpayers that are seeing their property taxes skyrocket.  The burden of skyrocketing taxes is hurting taxpayers struggling to pay their mortgages.  Struggling to feed their families.  Struggling to keep their jobs.

What’s happening in Wisconsin looks like anarchy and the leftist unions are calling it democracy.  If democracy means mob rule, property destruction, and death threats, then I want no part of that insanity.



What’s For Lunch?


Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad






Communist Sympathizer

Obama, the Communist Sympathizer, has relaxed restrictions on sending aid and money to one of the worst murderous dictatorships in the world.  Travel to the tyrannical nation by United States Citizens will also be allowed under the guise of cultural, religious and educational premise.

“We see these changes, in combination with the continuation of the embargo, as a way to enhance civil society in Cuba,” said the administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding that increased contact between Cubans and Americans could “support the independence of the Cuban people, making them less dependent on the Cuban state and on Cuban authorities.”

Might as well declare victory Che


But you knew that already didn’t you?  After all, during the 2008 campaign, several Obama offices were decorated with Che flags.  You knew what “Hope and Change” was, didn’t you?  This is what you expected, right?  Obama was gonna pay for your home, your gas, your health care.  You’ll never want in your life, ever again!  Obama has brought you the Utopian Joys of Socialism!


Under the heading “Barack Guevara,” Investor’s Business Daily raised some of the more pointed questions, to which the campaign responded only with a statement: “The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign.”

“How is it a front-runner for the highest office in the land can reject an American flag on his lapel but permit the display of a huge Cuban flag at one of his offices, emblazoned with a mass murderer’s mug?” the publication asked.

“Barack Obama, displaying the same ‘anything goes’ standard of patriotism he showed when he ostentatiously refused to wear a U.S. flag in his lapel, now shows he’s got a whole different idea about patriotism,” the publication continued.

“Rather than repudiate the image, Obama would only call it ‘inappropriate,’ apparently without insisting it be taken down. That contrasts with his dismissal of his Senate colleagues who wear lapel flags as ‘hypocrites.’ Some hypocrites,” IBD said.

“The display of the Castroite flag with Che’s picture on it sends a particularly disturbing message about his campaign. Apparently, Obama tends to attract the kind of people who think of mass murderers like Che and Fidel as romantic revolutionaries. Those same people see Obama as a man with a messianic message.

“These are the voters he’ll be indebted to should he win higher office,” the publication warned.



Debts are being repaid



Obama can support a murderous tyrannical dictatorship, yet will not allow the oil companies to drill for oil in the gulf.   What about this nation?




What’s For Breakfast?


Ham and Cheese Omelet with Home Fries and Fresh Baked Bread with Tangelo Slices






The Liberal Mindset

A Mental Disorder

I’m beginning to believe that Michael Savage is correct in that assessment.  The paranoid often blame others for their own disorders.   Lately, there’s been some real evidence of this to date.  When top leaders within our own government call for the investigation of its citizens, for opposing an act of bad taste and judgment, then we truly have a government that wants its people In-Fear of its reach.

Soft Tyranny it is when your government, with all its resources, begins to bully its constituents.  It was the liberal that first charged another of wrongdoing, after committing the crime themselves.  The other comes in forms of violence, that’s always abhorred, but excused after the facts come about that another fellow liberal has assaulted someone, for not following the liberal mindset.  These stories seem to vanish quickly, and nothing is done in the follow-up.  If this person had been a right-wing yahoo, as the liberal would claim; “They’re angry, hateful, dangerous people“!  Then, an incident with another political view, with polar opposites to the liberal mindset; that person must be watched.

Michael Enright, pictured here after his arrest for stabbing a Muslim cab driver.  At first glance, the left poured their hate against the right, and accused this guy of being some Tea Partier gone mad with Anti-Muslim hate.  So eager, and sure of themselves, that finally, we have clean cut white guy, who looks the part of the Tea Party (or so they thought).

As it turns out, this guy is a supporter of the Cordoba House.  That Mosque that some moslum extremists want to put up near Ground Zero.  He had an argument with the cabbie, because the cabbie was against building a Mosque so close to Ground Zero.  So, when a liberal doesn’t like the message, the tone, the content of the subject, they resort to what they do best.  Lash out and stab the cab driver.

This liberal Enright, who’s not very bright,  put a man in the hospital.  He slashed his throat, while yelling “Al salaam aalaykum”, which means “Peace be upon you”, or something like that.

So, like in the final moments of the classic horror file, “Invasion of The Body Snatchers“, when Donald Sutherland lifts his arm and points while letting out a blood curdling scream, the liberals clamored with their collective souls and started the howls Racism.  And every other “ism” you could think of.

But, that quickly died away

Liberalism – no matter what you look like, it’s still a mental disorder.  Enjoy being somebody’s biotch.

Now, if this had been a Tea Party person that committed this crime, this would be big news.  This guy’s background and history would be smeared everywhere.  Remember the guy who crashed his plane into the IRS building in Texas?  That was Joseph A Stack, a disgruntled tax payer, angry with the government, and who left a lengthy manifesto describing his hatred for America.  Soon after that, the liberal mindset was to immediately blame this anger on right-wing frustration with this government’s direction.  That quickly died when his ranting’s were more of a loony, than any political party.

That’s doesn’t stop the liberal from blaming an incident like a car bombing in New York, on someone who’s got a problem with Obamacare.  As did the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.  He called the bomber:

Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something.

Soon after that brilliant comment, the liberal news media bemoaned by the eventual realization that it was someone from the Religion of Peace, that tried and failed, to kill innocent people in New York City.

I get frustrated…There was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country.

…There are a lot of people who want to use terrorist intent to justify writing off people who believe in a certain way or come from certain countries or whose skin color is a certain way. I mean they use it as justification for really outdated bigotry.

Reporting What We’re Told To Report

This could not be clearer, as to what the liberal mindset will stoop to do, blaming the conservative.  In the liberal’s secret heart of hearts, they are the ones who are bigoted.  But do they have a heart?  Well, yes, when it suits them.  The effort to build a mosque near the ground zero site ,is a great example of liberal tolerance.  Anyone opposed to the mosque is immediately called a bigot, an Islamophobe, and intolerant of other religions.   About as tolerant as this:
“They felt that because of aesthetics it did not meet the character of the neighborhood, and so therefore, should not be there at all,”

Yet the Greek Orthodox church that was destroyed in the 911 attacks is denied permission by the city to rebuild.  Is this political correctness run amuck?  Suddenly, the liberal finds a religion acceptable, after trying to remove religion from every aspect of American life.  Liberal’s find GOD in Islam?  Are we to be defined by Sharia Law?
I don’t want you to think I’m angry,” Fauntroy said. “[But] when this right-wing conservative exclusionary group comes to highjack our movement, we have got to respond. And I’m looking forward to that Coalition of Conscience, in defense of jobs and freedom for women.”

You sound angry, and you look angry.  You  are deliberating manufacturing racism.  Last time I looked, the Civil Right movement was not your exclusive domain.  When you tell a lie, the same lie over and over, people might believe that lie, eventually.  So it is our job to “OUT”, your lies.  To point out your hypocrisy, and your bigotry.
The Liberal Mindset doesn’t think like a rational person.  That’s been documented over and over again.  The liberal mindset is accusatory, it makes exceptions to their own, and yes, it even manufactures hatred.

“Right-to-life and other right-wing organizations started this irresponsible and offensive campaign to make inroads into African-American communities to promote their own agenda and ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade,” the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

You are the mantra for party of death.  Would you rather have your people live in poverty?  Would you rather isolate your people from the rest of prosperity in this country.  Are you in favor of segregation?  Because that is what you are saying.  All we want is for all Americans to have the same opportunities to succeed.  Is sounds like you don’t want equal opportunity, unless it’s under your terms.

All we can do is just shake our heads in disbelief.  You would rather reach for the hand of big government to provide your needs, rather than take the hand of your community, to build upon a common goal of prosperity for all, than just the few.  Walter Fauntroy, claims to be a Reverend.  I suppose in his congregation, he preaches hate.   Collective redemption.

Our Fist Was Never Clinched

Comparing liberals and conservatives when they gather:

Liberals trash the place when they arrive, and then leave.

Conservatives leave the place better, after they leave.

Liberals demonstrates using vulgar language, shouting matches, and beat downs.

Conservatives demonstrate using reason, open debate, and upbeat ideas.

Liberals believe that Faith, Hope, and Charity are entitlements.

Conservatives are Faith, Hope and Charity.

As long as the liberal lives in a world of irresponsible behavior, and then blames conservatives, then we will be here to correct and point out the hypocrisy of their actions.

Anyway, I came across this story, and wondered, is this person a liberal, or a right-winger?

A woman who enraged animal lovers across the world by dumping a cat in a wheelie bin said today she ‘thought it would be funny’.

But Mary Bale, 45, has received death threats, and a Facebook page set up to track her down has attracted more than 18,000 members.

Miss Bale was caught on video picking up four-year-old tabby cat Lola before throwing her into the bin and closing the lid.

But she claimed the outcry had been blown out of all proportion.

She said: ‘I don’t know what the fuss is about. It’s just a cat.’

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Land of Freedom in the Middle East


Hypocrisy and Racism.  The United Nations, that bastion of Euro-Socialism Racist Elitism, races to condemn Israel’s right to defend itself against Arab Muslim Terrorists in Gaza.  Terrorists in Gaza have been shooting rockets into Israel, strapping bombs to their bodies and detonating themselves in crowded civilian areas in Israel.  The Gaza blockade was to stop the shipment of materials of mass destruction into Gaza where it is used to attack Israel’s people.

The blockade has been declared by the enemies of Israel as a “Humanitarian Disaster” against the people of Gaza.

Gaza is probably the first “concentration camp” in the history of mankind with plasma screens, internet cafes and shops overflow with food, it is far from the reality of Darfur … While the United Nations wasting his time to denounce the Israeli blockade, people really suffer elsewhere, but they are forced to do so in silence because the Palestinians have the monopoly on suffering. What matters for the UN and the media is not to protect the innocent, but to demonize Israel.

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Islamic Slavery

Muslims try and torture non-Muslims into becoming Muslims. Not every Muslim is evil and some I’ve heard have even come to the aid More.. of non-Muslims who were being beaten in the streets but unfortunately they are the minority. Muslims continue to commit these types of atrocities against non-Muslims everyday in other countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan etc. Men, women and children have been raped & tortured by Muslims because in their countries they get away with it. Saudi Arabia regularly beheads people caught practicing other religions. The genocide has switched from southern Sudan to Darfur with oil revenues being used by the Islamic government to perpetuate genocide.

Today in Modern Day Israel, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and other religions all live together, in peace, in a democracy that allows freedoms like that of the United States.  Unlike Israel’s neighboring countries where freedoms are restricted under the penalty of death.

Israel is the world’s only predominantly Jewish state with a population of about 7.4 million people, of which approximately 5.62 million are Jewish.  The largest ethnic minority group is the segment denominated as Arab citizens of Israel, while minority religious groups include Muslims, Christians, Druze, Samaritans and others, most of which are found within the Arab segment.

This morning, in the Editorial section of Hilo newspaper, the Tribune-Herald, a reader wrote in regarding Helen Thomas’s abrupt retirement for her racist comments regarding the Jewish people to “Get the Hell Out of Palestine“.  The reader wrote, “So, let’s all say: Well done, Helen Thomas. Thank you for telling us the truth, and happy days for a well-deserved retirement.

Like Helen Thomas, this reader has a dim view of history.  As usual, he sides with all those that would condemn Israel as occupiers.  It’s like the history of Israel began after World War II in the minds of these people.  Never mind that the history of the Jewish people dates back some 5,000 years in history.  Since reading that comment, I’ve decided not to renew my subscription to the Tribune-Herald.  I will not support the propagation of racist opinion.

Perhaps a humorous lesson in history might help these people who share a distorted view of Israel, it’s history, and the current conflict in Gaza.  The tragic event that took place aboard the Mavi Marmara flotilla could have been avoided, and the fault lies squarely at the feet of the Activists who tried to run the blockade.

Study the past if you want to define the future

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Raise Their Taxes, Not Mine

“Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!” they chanted, lined up shoulder to shoulder for a few hundred yards stretching a street in front of the Capitol.

Really, the Unions want people to pay more taxes, so they can have more of your money.  They even demonstrated their anger over not getting enough of your tax payer money.  That’s your taxes, that’s your cost for goods and services, that’s your cost, when democrats and Unions pair up.  Those Unions that are tied into government spending are especially expensive and cost political votes.

As I read this article, with great astonishment, from the Chicago Tribune, about how Unions members are being bused into the capitol by the thousands, to demand the government, raise their taxes.  Along with everyone else’s taxes, of course.  Who paid for this Union day off for protesting?   Was this boondoggle paid for by taxpayer money?  Somebody had to pay for the workers, the buses, the time off work.  The gas used to bus these people into the capitol, how much was that?  Where did they get the buses, and how much did that cost the taxpayers?

Making threatening statements:

“These 177 people who have a job don’t want to do their job,” said Henry Bayer, head of the Illinois chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, referring to the number of lawmakers in the House and Senate. “Yes people are hurting, that’s why we need a tax increase….If you try to leave town without doing your job we’re going to chase you.”

Kind of an ominous threat, don’tcha think?   However, Governor Pat Quinn (D), really wants a 33% tax increase for Illinois.  So what will become of Illinois if they really do raise taxes?  In today’s fragile economic environment, the Unions want their taxes raised?  I suppose this will either attract more Union people to move to the State of Illinois, or force out of the state, all the Non-Union people and their families.  Either way, living in Illinois, is going to get very expensive for a lot of people.

Colorful Demonstrations

Wearing outfits of various colors, and representing Unions of various government entities and services, the people marched on the capitol.  This, somewhat large, Union demonstration is somewhat localized to Illinois.  We have not seen this level of demonstrations by any other Unions, anywhere else in the country.  Unlike Tea Party demonstrations, like those that took place during on Tax Day, April 15th, 2010, the message was against raising taxes and government more spending.  Although, New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, is getting quite a few protests just because he wants a pay freeze to get control of an out of control budget.

New Jersey’s Unions get, from the day they are hired, to the day they die, full medical and retirement pay.  Until, the day they die.  Full medical benefits until they die.  Is that fair to the rest of the non-Union tax payers in New Jersey?

Here in Hawai’i, we have out of control Union spending also.  Not as bad as New Jersey’s problems, but eventually it will reach that level of crisis.  Especially, should former Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D) should win the governor’s seat in Hawai’i.  Abercrombie is a huge Union supporter and much of his voting base is the Union organizations in Hawai’i.  This means that Abercrombie will obey the demands of a bloated, overpaid, Union, and not to the needs of the state.  Under the current Union model, there is no accountability.  Take the Hawai’i Teachers Union decision to use furlough days to reduce class time for students.  Instead of doing what’s right for the children, the Unions decided to act irresponsible and deny their own children a good education.  Now, the Union blames the Governor of Hawai’i for their bad decisions.   Do these Union people understand they are hurting their own children’s future?


Well, it is freedom of speech.  Nothing is different about either this protest, or a Tea Party protest.  When it comes to free speech, this is it, and this is where I, part reason and agreement, 180 degrees from the Unions.  The First Amendment’s purpose is to allow free assembly, and opinion of, and by, the populace, groups, organizations to express their agreement with the government, or their displeasure thereof.   So what?

I was searching for a video of the Springfield Union demonstration where they are screaming “Raise My Taxes”, when Allapundit at HotAir just posted it.  Unfreaking Believable!


Why not let capitalism work for you?  You’ll get government accountability, and the ability to better manage Taxpayers money.  Just like in private industry, the government should be outsourcing public services.  Those services should be actively bid upon by private groups for the jobs the state will pay for.  From Teaching to Trash collection, these services should be hired, and fired, based off of performance goals.  If a group working for the state fails to meet the requirements of the job, then they should fire them, and another group should be hired to do the job.

Make government to work like a regulated business, with profit and loss statements, and budgetary requirements.  Every State must follow these rules, why not the Federal Government.

Unions are a monopoly within State and Federal governments.  Private enterprise hasn’t a chance of getting any of the “well paying jobs” the government offers.  Once you get a government job, you are then required to join a Union.  Pay Union dues, follow Union rules, and vote for Union friendly politicians.  That inherently creates a conflict of interest.


1. Outsource State and Federal Jobs.

Make the Unions work like real businesses that have to compete for work like in the Free Market.  If this Union didn’t work well on the job, then get rid of them and hire the other Union to do the job right.  But wait, there’s no other Union, is there.  There’s no competition.  There’s no real collective bargaining, unless you consider the collective, as being coerced, and assimilated by the Unions.  Give us what we want, or we won’t vote for you.  Collective Bargaining, or Collective Extortion?  Eliminate exclusivity of State and Federal jobs to only Unions.

2. Raise the taxes of the Union people, Only.

Leave all of us Non-Union workers out of the Union demanded tax increase.  You may want to even lower our taxes, so that as our prosperity increases, the government revenues also increases, just like during the Bush and Reagan tax cuts.  The model of Capitalism has proven to work, we’ve had almost 400 years of successful experimentation with this model.  With only progressive and socialist speed bumps along the way, this country has succeed  in being the leader of world economic development, economic harmony, and a greater standard of living.

Why do people jump fences, allow themselves to be cattle-carted in freight containers, and sneak into this country in the first place.  What is it that drives those people, from all over the planet, to this country?   Why would people make such sacrifices, to leave their families for long periods of time, and travel to this country?  What is it about this country that offers something that cannot be found in their country, or anywhere else in the world?

So, Unions want their taxes raised.  OK then, lets make a special law that raises taxes “ONLY” on Unions.

Problem Solved, don’tcha think?

As these people march down the streets of the Illinois capitol screaming for the state to raise their taxes, I have to wonder if they really understand what they are asking.  Raising taxes causes a ripple effect across the entire economy.  The cost of everything goes up.  Taxing one group over another, like taxing the wealthy, also causes detrimental effects to the economy.

When the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year, expect a sharp increase in the cost of everything.  It doesn’t effect one group of people, it effects everyone.  The Obamacare bill has hidden taxes that we’ll start to see very soon, so add that to the list of taxes everyone will have to pay.  The Value Added Tax being talked about will soon be rationalized and reasoned to help pay for an ever increasing government spending.

Get In Line

Unions and Politicians are running headlong into the trap of Socialism and government entitlements.  Where people will hold out their hats for a government handout.  Once that happens, it’s like feeding the stray cat living under your house.  You can’t get rid of it.

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