When Race Defines Racism


Benjamin Todd Jealous is the current president and chief executive officer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He is the youngest ever national leader of the organization. Wikipedia
Born: January 18, 1973 (age 39), Pacific Grove
Nationality: American

Ben Jealous says South Carolina United States Senator Tim Scott doesn’t believe in Civil Rights!


Ben Jealous on the left and Senator Tim Scott on the right

Has Ben Jealous looked in the mirror lately?  He looks like some white union goon honky cracker that runs around with a white pointy sheet over his head burning down black Christian churches.  As Black Entertainment Television (BET) explains:

It’s unlikely that Scott, a Tea Party patriot who consistently downplays his race, will change his policies. Still, Jealous hopes he will take advantage of his time in the Senate to “live up to the party” of Frederick Douglass and Colin Powell and other Republicans, Black and white, who’ve fought against social injustice.

So Ben Jealous believes that because Senator Scott is affiliated with the Tea Party, he’s somehow not down with the struggle.  He’s not Black enough!  He’s an Uncle Tom! Why? Because he’s a Conservative Republican.  That’s all!

Comparing Frederick Douglas and Colin Powell together is historically ignorant and profoundly obtuse!

Ben Jealous is a slave stooge of the liberal socialist’s democrat party.  A socialist party that eagerly supports the slaughter of thousands of innocent black children through Margaret Sanger’s “Planned Parenthood”.  Yet, you don’t see Ben Jealous speaking out against the deliberate and systematic murder of blacks against blacks in Chicago.  Neither do you see Ben Jealous speak out against the democrat party that keeps black from exceeding in life by keeping them on government welfare assistance, nor do you hear Ben Jealous speaking out against the genocide of his own race by Planned Murderhood!!!

Yes, Ben Jealous is a slave!  He is a pawn used by the racist liberal democrats that use Ben Jealous as a useful idiot to keep blacks on the welfare roles.  Democrats that have apposed Civil Rights and prevented blacks from the opportunities to succeed in life.  When someone like Tim Scott comes along, they are immediately demonized as not being black enough like Ben Jealous.  They are called Uncle Tom’s and other horrible names that now blend into a culture that demonizes success.  Obama’s class warfare and class envy.  Ben Jealous is jealous of Ben Jealous!  In fact, Ben Jealous is a racist hate monger!

Ben Jealous is doing the bidding of the Socialist Democrat Party; Keep the blacks down, don’t let them be successful business people.  Don’t let blacks be religious Christians.  Don’t let blacks realize their potential, and most of all don’t let blacks become conservatives.  Don’t let blacks achieve success through the content of their character; rather belittle them as not being “Down With The Struggle!”  They must speak like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, those race baiting arrogant criminals.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Presidential candidate Herman Cain were shunned by the NAACP.  Football star Robert Griffin III was called a “Cornball Brother” by a black ESPN commentator Rob Parker.

But my question, which is just a straight honest question, is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother? … He’s not really, he’s black, he kind of does his thing, but he’s not really down with the cause, he’s not one with us, he’s kind of black, but he’s not really like the guy you want to hang out because he’s off to something else …

I don’t know because I keep hearing these things. We all know he has a white fiancée, there was all this talk about he’s a Republican, which there’s no information at all. I’m just trying to dig deeper into why he has an issue.

When Charles Wade Barkley, a Black NBA basketball player married Maureen Blumhardt, a white woman, that wasn’t popular with either blacks nor whites.  However, Barkley’s arrogance and refusal to use his fortune and fame to become a role model to kids endeared him to liberals that hate anyone with moral values.

So now I ask the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, what color is Ben Jealous?  Are we to listen to racism and accept it?  Liberals believe in this “White Guilt” trip they impose on moral people, both black and white.  That somehow, we must atone for the sins of our white forefathers.  But what of the black Muslim slave traders in north Africa that deal in slavery even to this day?  You don’t hear about that.  The hypocrisy of civil rights has been directed by liberal democrats to create the bonds of economic servitude.  When democrats lost the Civil War, they began a campaign to enslave blacks in a government bureaucracy of dependency.  Enslavement to get their votes and to keep their Massah’s in power through government welfare entitlements.  Entitlement’s that don’t discriminate against skin color, but political affiliation.  Success verses dependence!  The New Racism!

There are still choices, but Obama is going to close that gap quickly with the help of racist like Ben Jealous.  Choices that will either enable success for all, regardless of skin color; or condemn all of us to economic enslavement.

Ben Jealous needs to seriously look at the future and stop dwelling in a false past that has been narrative by the democrat plantation owners.  The same plantation owners that are destroying all our futures regardless of skin color.

The NAACP are like Unions, they are passe’!  A dinosaur of a past that has long been changed, evolved and no longer relevant.  Otherwise why would Barack Husein Obama even be President today?  Answer me that Ben Jealous!


What’s For Dinner?


Spicy Beef and Shrimp Chow Fun Noodles


2013 – A New Year



Welcome to 2013. We fell off the Fiscal Cliff thanks to Obama and his merry band of Communists Democrats!  But even if we didn’t fall off the fiscal cliff, Obamacare adds $1 Trillion in new taxes starting on January 1, 2013!   So we have that to look “Forward” to!  Welcome to Obamaville!  No one is talking about that!




Time magazine made Obama their person of the year, again!  The “Butcher of Benghazi” who watched and did nothing while the United States Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorist savages.  Then there are the mysterious deaths of members of Seal Team Six that killed Osama bin Laden.  Did Obama sacrifice the lives of brave Americans to appease Islamic terrorist?  Why then is the trial of Nidal Malik Hasan taking so long?  Remember when Obama said “let’s not just to conclusions” when clearly this was a terrorist attack on a military base.

November 6, 2009: President Obama responded to Thursday’s shooting at Fort Hood praising the work of U.S. troops in defending the country and cautioning against “jumping to conclusions” until the investigation is complete.

These questions are more than just troubling; it shows a deceptive pattern that is being hidden with an agenda to distract Americans with free gubmint stuff.  Meanwhile, the government is being infiltrated with communists and Islamic sympathizers and the so called watchdog media is asleep in their kennel.

Obama is changing the Constitution principles from Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness to Dependence, Envy, and the Pursuit of Mediocracy.

The Chicago community agitator’s home town is number one in murders and gang violence, and Obama has vowed to replicate that across the United States by attempting to nullify the Second Amendment.  That’s another point, we’re no longer a United States; we are more divided than ever before and that has been Obama’s policy from the beginning.  Obama’s policy of class warfare and class envy has been successful in both economically and racially.  Mulatto boy with his wife, the angry black woman, and those raisinets they call children, are just a facade of hatred of all things American.  What?!  Too Harsh?! I guess if Sarah Palin’s children can be targets of leftist hatred vitriol and insults, then Mulatto boyz children are fair targets now!  What goes around comes around!  Let’s share the hate!

You don’t get to be a part of the elite politburo without the help of a corrupt news media that deliberately hides and obfuscates Obama’s record.  The debates proved that.

So now, here we are: an economy in the dump, taxation without representation, an oppressive corrupt government, the destruction of private industry and the overbearing reach of socialism.  Over the next four years we will expose those that set into motion the destruction of this once greatest nation in the world.  There is nowhere else to go in the world, and we must fight this creeping communism before it’s too late. Exposing those in the media, in the Congress, their friends and family; people need to be reminded how and why we got here, and the consequences that will unfold if it is not stopped.  It’s still not too late to restore the Constitution. Prepare for War!


 What’s For Dinner?



Roast Leg Of Lamb and Potato’s with Candied Carrots





Wisconsin Wins And So Does America!


Wisconsin won big tonight and so did the American people.  Bloated Public Unions have pushed the envelope too far and the American taxpayers have made their voices heard.  No more!

Courtesy of the American Taxpayer

Union pension demands that were negotiated with the promise of union votes to Democrat lawmakers have been a symbiosis for years in many states.  As the unions grew in power, the more they took from the taxpayers.  As unions promised more votes, the more socialist democrats gave more concessions to the unions.  The taxpayers never had a chance to negotiate how their money was to be spent.  Property taxes went up to extraordinary rates to pay for salaries, benefits and retirement pensions of government workers.  They were not in line with the private sector.  It was extremely unfair to demand that the private sector pay for the public sector workers.



The unions were not willing to negotiate; instead they demanded more from lawmakers.   The lawmakers complied and coddled the unions for their votes. Eventually, the salaries of government workers were not in parity with private sector workers.  A government worker receiving a taxpayer salary of $81,637 and compared to a private sector worker making $67,067 was woefully unfair.  Plus the private sector worker was paying for their healthcare and paying for their retirement.  The public sector worker wasn’t paying for their benefits and their retirement; it was the taxpayers paying for their benefits and retirement.  Were any public sector workers contributing to private sector workers benefits and retirement?  Nope!



Wisconsin elected a governor that changed all that.  The unions didn’t want to pay for some of their benefits and pensions, so they went on strike.  But the unions didn’t just strike; they forced a recall of Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker.  The unions were determined to force the taxpayers to pay for their benefits and retirement.  Retirement is for life BTW!



These are the same people that cheat at elections.  They find ballots hidden in trunks of cars.  They intimidate businesses and voters into voting for the official that will continue to spend taxpayer’s monies in their favor.  These are the same union leaders making six figure salaries at taxpayer expense.  These are the same socialist democrats that want to prevent voter ID’s at elections to they can fix the elections in their favor.  Unions and socialist democrats have perpetuated a corrupt system at taxpayer’s expense.



Then there is the socialist, Barack Hussein Obama.  The media helped elect him and they continue to protect him.  This socialist clown is exposed now.  The unions are exposed also.  The media is exposed now!!  The relationship that they shared to rob the American taxpayer is over now.  Wisconsin proved that and in November Obama will be voted out of office.   The Republic will be restored!



Andrew Breitbart said it best at CPAC 2012.  The Unity Speech he gave said it all.  The Tea Party that has driven the elections since 2010 to reclaim the House of Representatives, State and local governments won big then.  The Tea Party was declared dead by the socialist democrats, the Lame Stream Media and condemned by the leftist’s communists.  Quietly, we’ve been working the local, state and national politics.  We no longer have to hold rallies and protest marches.  We are organized and focused.  We listened to Breitbart….



This is more than a win for the Wisconsin; this is a win for the American people.  This is a win for the Tea Party that was behind the scenes working to reelect Walker and other candidates that believe in American Constitutional Values!!!  In the words of Emperor Obama, “We Won!!!”

See You In November!!!!!



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 Summer Grilled Plate!  Ono Fish with Asparagus and Red Bliss Potato’s!





Union’s Steal From The Disabled!

Purple People Beaters

Sinking to new sickening lows; the Unions are Stealing money from the disabled.  That’s what’s happening in Michigan because of a law that defines anyone that cares for their disabled children. a member of the SEIU Union.  It means, if you are the parent of disabled children, and you receive Medicaid assistance from the State of Michigan, the SEIU Union can siphon a portion of that money for their Union Dues.  Does the money benefit the disabled?  No!  The Unions and Politicians.

What would you say if you found out someone was taking money – without permission – from medicaid checks meant for disabled children?  Well, it’s happening to thousands of families all over Michigan right now.  This money is being deducted automatically by a state agency and given directly to a union, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).


The Haynes family receives monthly checks from the state of Michigan through Medicaid, allowing the parents to care for their son and daughter themselves instead of institutionalizing them. But because a Michigan law classifies Robert and Patricia as “home health care workers,” they are considered public workers and therefore automatic union members — meaning the SEIU gets a $30 cut of the family’s Medicaid subsidy as union dues.


This is out and out thievery by the Unions.  Pro-Union people defend the practice saying that without Unions, there would be no good paying jobs.  Let’s examine that logic: you have disabled children, you are getting Medicaid assistance from the State, and you are forced to join a union that siphons money you need to care for your children.  Could you not be viler?

Forced Slavery

In some States where the Right To Work laws don’t exist, in order to get a job you are forced to join a Union.  You have no choice if you want to work, but here in Michigan the government granted the unions to take Medicaid payments and use them as union dues.  Of course, those dues will eventually find their way back to the campaign contributions of the politicians that passed these laws.  Granted they are trying to change this abomination law, but those that created the law, the SEIU thugs that took the money should be Jailed, their property confiscated, and they should be forced to PAY the Haynes family medical and legal expenses.


This is how Socialism Works.

This is how Unions Work.

You have no choice.

Fascist Crooks


What’s For Dinner?


Roasted Rack of Lamb with Garlic Smashed Potato and Steamed Broccoli






Standards of Conduct


I started thinking about this after a FaceBook friend posted a question;

Welcome to #OccupyWallStreet, and you say __________!“,

I replied,

Toilets Are CASH ONLY and include a 5% transaction and disposal fee!

This might be it…, Opportunity Plus Instinct Equals Profit.  Once again, the capitalist in me went for the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #9.  These people hate capitalism, don’t they?


As this protestor demonstrated in New York, they don’t want or need toilets.  😈

So I asked myself, self, who could these people be?  As it turns out, a lot of them are privileged under/over students.  Others are union thug members.  Many are hippies.  Some are anarchist.  A Professional class of protesters, they have a life coach’s, a life style of protesting, for pay!  But predominantly, they are socialists.

This movement (no pun intended) has oozed to other cities where crowds of people gather to express their hatred of anything corporate.  As they whip out their smartphones and iPads to pass the time playing games, taking pictures, and calling friends.  So when you get rid of all the banks, the corporations, the money, the property, then what do you do?  Live like Hobbits?

What do they want?  Is it possible they never thought that far?  Somebody in this group released a list of demands that sounded like something Dr. Evil wrote up!

Throw me a Frickin Bone

On an episode of Evil Fox News Bill O’Reilly, a discussion on the wall street protestors and tea party comparisons, where Erica Payne of The Agenda Group tried to explain the protestors lack of a coherent message with expected results.  Payne would blame the financial crisis on Wall Street.   “Don’t blame congress”, Erica says, “Blame the Tea Party”.  That’s your answer…

Unions have moved into the protests.  To organize, perhaps, but this #OccupyWallStreet is not spontaneity.

There doesn’t seem to be a common beef?  Professional occupiers are there being paid by union groups and other organization like the George Soros Acorn group.  Killing business and spreading uncertainty.

With great amusement, I’ve been spending days absorbing the news feeds and blogs since my last post.  My interest peaked when Rosanne Barr went on some news show to say that she supports a $100 million limit on individual salaries, and if you don’t give up your money, we’ll chop off your head.  She has a show on LifeTime for losers called Rosanne’s Nutz which is filmed on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  It’s as nutty as you would expect.


Remember how it all got started?  READ THE BILL!  The people that called themselves “Tea Party Patriots”!  They didn’t agree with Obama’s socialist policies.  Congress’s out of control spending.  So they wrote, phoned, emailed and visited their elected officials.  We made our voices heard at townhall meetings.  It wasn’t just the democrats the Tea Party demonstrated against, it was also Republicans.  Arlen Specter(D-PA) switched parties to save his hide, but he eventually lost.  For all the same reasons, they were not listening to the people, and they were voted out of office.

So the Tea Party was immediately called racists by democrats, socialists, unions and left wing loons.  They called the Tea Party a bunch of  White People that hate a Black Man as President of the United States.  I have a question for you lefties: “Who is Herman Cain?”

Tea Party Envy

#OccupyWallStreet protestors brought out some interesting comparison to the Tea Party.  In fact, they have Tea Party Envy!  They want to be seen as legitimate, grass-roots and taken seriously!  Yet, the corporations they so vehemently despise as evil, money grubbing and controlling all the worlds’ wealth.  Here they are using the products the hated corporations produce.  Of course, the news media is making sure the #OccupyWallStreet protestors are getting the same fair and balance treatment as did the Tea Partiers.

Choose your party

Since then, several spin-off groups have popped up.  #OccupyWallStreet quickly lock onto the “We’re the 99%”, meaning the 1% are the extraordinarily wealthy evil capitalist that steal all the money from the 99%.  This was meant to project that “Pitchforks and Torches” are storming the castle walls.  Indeed, the calls for invading the homes of the residents these 99% call the “Rich”!

So to counter the 99%, or dare I say, flaunt it in the face of the 99%’ers.  A group calling itself the 1%’ers that stand with the 99%’ers.  Sounds kooky, it gets better!  On this website you can see the open letters of “Hey, I got my money, and I’m a 1%’er, but I still support you 99%’ers”

When the realization that 53% of Americans pay their taxes, a group calling itself the 53%’ers has countered the 99%’ers.  Click on the picture below see who pays taxes.


They accused the Tea Party of committing violent acts, but we’re still waiting for anyone in the Tea Party to get charged with any crime.  They accused the Tea Party of spitting on members of Congress, and Andrew Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward for anyone that could prove it.  To date, no one has brought any physical evidence, recorded or otherwise, to prove those charges.  But hey, did you hear about the Senator that called for a run on a bank?  His law caused the bank to raise their rates, and he wants everybody to leave the bank.  Just take your money and go somewhere else.  Senator Chuck Schumer did the same thing.  He intervened with information on a bank in California which caused a run and the eventual collapse of the bank.

Blood Suckers

Socialist members of congress have come out publicly to denounce the Tea Party.  Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the Tea Party should go to hell.  Harsh words from a congresswoman whose still awaiting ethics charges for helping her husband bank.  Yep, Maxine Waters husband is one of those evil bankers that the #OccupyWallStreet hate.   Some congresspersons have accused the Tea Party of using the “N”-Word and wanting to hang blacks.

These two are not the only members of congress that have said disparaging remarks about the Tea Party.  The examples I’ve provided might seem extreme, but they are not.  The Tea Party has been demonized by the news media also.  Reporters have accused the Tea Party of being violent, terrorists, and hostage takers.

The Tea Party is organized.  We put up and elected our candidates.  Who are the candidates for the #OccupyWallStreet people?  If they want legitimacy, then shouldn’t they organize and choose someone to represent them?  That’s what the Tea Party did and will continue to do so!!!


Now let’s repeat the non-conformists’ oath:

I promise to be different!  I promise to be unique!

I promise not to repeat things other people say!

Now if this were to turn violent, it would look bad for the democrat party.



What’s For Dinner?


Spicy Beef and Shrimp over Chow Fun Noodle Stir Fry

Pass This Jobs Bill Now!

Pass This Jobs Bill Now!

How many times did Obama say, “Pass This Bill Now!”?

Pass this jobs bill now, and we’ll throw in a second jobs bill!

Pass this jobs bill now, and get a free tax cut!

Pass this jobs bill now, and we’ll give you a Chevy Volt!

Pass this jobs bill now, and we’ll include EPA regulations!

Pass this jobs bill now, so Hillary will primary me!

Pass this jobs bill now, and lets stimulate the economy together!

Pass this jobs bill now, and get free health care!

Pass this jobs bill now, or I’ll hold my breath!

Pass this jobs bill now, so I can get reelected!

Pass this jobs bill now, so I can blame George Bush!

Pass this jobs bill now, so I can blame ATM’s!

Pass this jobs bill now, so I can blame earthquakes!

Pass this jobs bill now, so doctors won’t cut off feet!

Pass this jobs bill now, to prevent doctors from cutting out tonsils!

Pass this jobs bill now, and we’ll prevent further oil drilling!

Pass this jobs bill now, before climate change happens!

Pass this jobs bill now, to prevent the rise of the oceans!

Pass this jobs bill now, so the planet will heal!

Pass this jobs bill now, so we can watch football!

Pass this jobs bill now, and get a free breakfast!

Pass this job bill now, and we’ll include a veg-a-matic slicer!

Pass this jobs bill now, and get free Mandarin classes!

Pass this jobs bill now, and get free government cheese!

Pass this jobs bill now, and GE will ship more jobs overseas!

No Credit? Bad Credit? Low Credit? No Problem! Come get your Stimulus now!

Act now and we’ll include a Scam-Wow with every order!

Call Now!


Operators are standing by!


What’s For Dinner?



We have to pass the jobs bill now, to find out what is in the jobs bill.





Obama Passes Card Check, By Fiat




NLRB to Issue Final Rule Requiring All Employers (Even Nonunion Employers) to Post
Notice of Employee Rights Under the NLRA
August 25, 2011

On August 25, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or Board) announced that it would issue a Final Rule, to be effective on November 14, 2011, that would require all employers subject to the Board’s jurisdiction—i.e., the vast majority of employers doing business in the United States—to post a notice in the workplace informing employees of their right, among other things, to “[o]rganize a union,” “take action . . . to improve your working conditions by, among other means, raising work-related complaints directly with your employer or with a government, and seeking help from a union,” and to “strike and picket.”


Obama is illegally ordering “Card Check” legislation into law without it first being passed through the Congress.  Another job killing move by the Keynesian socialist that wants to change the United States into a Socialist European utopia. Obama is determined to shutdown American businesses.

Using the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) as the enforcement arm of the Executive branch of government, Obama is giving the Unions a token to remember him in November 2012.


Card check is popular with the union bosses looking for increased political power and increased dues money because it’s an open process that lets organizers know who’s on board and who’s not. It’s a fertile ground for the intimidation of workers and worse—which is exactly why we have elections in this country by the sacred institution of the secret ballot. And it’s this institution that the Arizona, South Dakota, and other state constitutional amendments recently enacted seek to protect. For the unions and their allies in the Democratic Party, though, these amendments are roadblocks that must be cleared away before their overall plans can come to fruition.

The NLRB has announced lawsuits against the states of Arizona and South Dakota because they passed, by citizen initiative, constitutional amendments that require secret ballot elections to form unions.  The Obama Regime is trying to intimidate states, businesses and workers by forcing them to be a part of the Labor Unions.  You do not get a choice.  The Unions will take your money, your pay, and use it to get Obama reelected.  They’ll use it to reelect more socialist democrats.


Where the current administration has failed to persuade Congress to adopt its legislative agenda, time and again, it has waived its regulatory wand and enacted the failed “legislation” as “regulation.”

Magically, it becomes the law of the land.

Since the rejection of the Employee Free Choice Act, the administration, largely through the National Labor Relations Board, has brought the legislation the Congress killed back to life.  

Consider these recent regulatory initiatives of the NLRB:

Expanded use of mail and Internet balloting in union elections.

Why? Because these ballots are not cast in secret.

Union officials could monitor the voting, accomplishing the primary objective of EFCA —  a vote outside the secret ballot booth and under the watchful eye of the candidate;

This is hardly constitutional.  It is Illegal.  What the Regime is doing is removing the secret ballot so Union Bosses can see how you vote.  If you don’t vote the way the Unions want you to vote, you will be targeted for intimidation, you may lose your job, you may be demoted, you may not get a pay increase, you will be punished if you do not vote the Union Label.  Disgusting!!!


It will cost jobs:

The agency’s action is seismic. If successful, it would undermine economic competition among states, which helps drive the American economy. Even worse, it would induce companies to export jobs not to other states that have lower labor costs, but to other countries that do.

This action by the Obama Regime is un-American.  It is what dictatorships and communists do around the world.  It will force jobs overseas to countries with lower wages.  It will force small businesses to close.  It will put millions of workers out of jobs.  This is a deliberate effort by Obama to destroy the free-market capitalist society and turn us into Venezuela!

Every single day there is some new information on what they are doing. The media is not covering it, in fact they are covering it up. I am hoping that everyone who sees what they are doing, is willing to spend the time to pass the information on. We have a very short about of time to stop what they are doing or we will lose our country. The loss of jobs alone will lower our standard of living. The loss of  freedom will ruin our country.

Indeed, there hasn’t been any reports in the media; not ABC, NBC, CBS, not the printed media either.  The blogs are reporting it.  Fox News reported it.  None of the other Lame Stream Media outlets are reporting this atrocity of the abuse of Executive power by the Obama regime.



What’s For Dinner?


Chinese Egg Rolls

(Where the Jobs are going)




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