Horses and Bayonets


Last night’s debate, the third and final debate, was another gem of Obama Fact-Checking.  Indeed, Obama has demonstrated demonstrable ignorance on foreign policy.  For that matter, domestic and economic are also painfully obvious that Obama hasn’t a clue as to what he’s doing.  The throngs of socialist’s minions know they are in trouble and they are doing everything they can to create the illusion that Obama policies are working.

NBC’s Brian Williams claimed ‘Horses and Bayonets’ Zinger will ‘Live Forever’!  It will be remembered not for how clever Obama thought he was, but for Obama’s lack of knowledge about the military.  For that matter, all three debates have proven Obama to be petty, hostile, petulant, and a flat out liar.  The lame stream media is there to protect Obama.

Horse Soldier

BRIAN WILLIAMS: David Gregory, we always try to look for the phrase or expression that will live forever out of these. Tonight has to be “horses and bayonets.” It was during an exchange where clearly the President’s effort was to paint Governor Romney, paint the debate as a kind of a past versus future framing. It was specifically about the military, the Governor’s assertion we have fewer ships as a Navy since, at any time since 1916. A very sharp comeback from the President.

H/T — Geoffrey Dickens is the Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center.


Here’s the smart-ass in Chief thinking he’s winning points by acting like a lying sack of excrement.  But what he doesn’t seem to know is that in the early days of the Afghanistan war, our soldiers rode horses into battle and they still use their bayonets to kill the enemy.  Obama attempt to make Romney look uninformed failed.  It made Obama look like a fool.

This pattern of lying to hide his record is glaringly apparent like that of Obama’s creepy stare during the debates.  The body language shows contempt, anger and a fundamental lack of understanding of basic economics and foreign policies.

Obama tried to deny he ever apologized for America.  Again, another Obama lie that the mainstream media failed to report.

The following video captures Obama own words apologizing for America.  I guess Obama isn’t familiar with YouTube and other media capturing internet locations.  Does Obama think he has some Jedi ability to wave his hand and make everyone forget his statements?  This pattern of lies and obfuscation permeates Obama’s campaign.  Does anyone really want another 4 years of this abuse of power?  Listen to Obama apologizing for America!


History is repeating in an eerily way.  Jimmy Carter had a similar apology tour 30 years ago which sparked the Russian’s and the Mullahs in Iran to expand their murderous empires.  When the American Embassy hostages that were held by Islamic radicals for 444 days, and the murder of our Ambassador to Afghanistan.  It all has a ring of history repeating itself, but can we overcome this spiral throws of another socialist bungler?


Who was the Ambassador that was killed 33 years ago?

His name was Adolph “Spike” Dubs.

He was Jimmy Carter’s Ambassador to Afghanistan.

Where, on February 14, 1979, Ambassador Dubs was kidnapped and murdered by a pro-Communist Afghan faction known as the Setami Milli. The victim of what might be called the Jimmy Carter Apology Tour — which preceded the Obama Apology Tour by over 30 years. 

Ambassador Chris Steven’s death was preventable.  The Obama regime allowed it to happen.  The Obama regime lied and tried to cover it up.  Obama has put all Americans at risk with his failed appeasement policies.  Just like Carter tried 30 years ago.  Read the link above and see the comparison, it is stunningly relevant to today’s events.

Indeed, this election is all about the direction of this country as it did over 30 years ago under the Carter regime.  Obama has proven to be as pathetic as Jimmy Carter is not worse.  They are both anti-Semitic with strong socialist leanings. Both are prolific liars.

The eulogy of the Obama regime will go down as a failed presidency.  I suspect Obama will carry on the Carter legacy by being just as bitter, angry, spiteful and as anti-American.  Hopefully, this election will finally rid this nation of its second worst nightmare and we can restore this great country back to the founding principles of our Constitution.


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