One Country One System

China stunned Hong Kong when it announced it would impose a National Security Law on the city. Many worry this could spell the end of Hong Kong’s unique freedoms. If the security law is passed, Hong Kong autonomy will be forever gone. Communist China has dissolved the “One Country, Two State’ system. China is forcing the passage of a security bill to outlaw pro-democracy activities and imposes the heavy hand of communist totalitarian rule.

Hong Kong was handed back to China from British control in 1997, but under a unique agreement, a mini-constitution called the Basic Law and a so-called “One Country, Two Systems” principle has stood to keep Hong Kong autonomy. China is reneging on that agreement.  Freedom of Press, Speech and Assembly will now be restricted. Hong Kong independence will fall to China’s heavy handed communist rule.

Many are also afraid Hong Kong’s judicial system will become like China’s. Where trials are held in secret. People accused of criticizing Beijing will be forcibly extradited to mainland China where they will disappear into labor camps or killed for organ harvesting. Almost all trials involving national security are conducted behind closed doors. It is never clear what exactly the allegations and the evidence are, and the term national security is so vague that it could cover almost anything.

The security law will hurt Hong Kong’s liberties and will affect its attractiveness as a business and economic powerhouse. For years Hong Kong was one of Asia’s financial hubs. Indeed one of the world’s economic power brokers. That capitalist privilege will lose investors. China is not doing itself any favors by interfering in Hong Kong’s economic autonomy. They’re only going to hurt their own economy. But I doubt China cares about their economy, like they don’t care about their people. China long history of human rights abuses is well documented.

The opening day of China’s National People’s Congress focused on a controversial security law for Hong Kong that would likely ban treason, subversion and sedition. The proposed “enforcement mechanisms,” have faced significant backlash from the US, Taiwan and pro-democracy figures in Hong Kong. “This is the end of Hong Kong, this is the end of ‘One Country, Two Systems’, make no mistake about it,” Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok told reporters. DW talks to Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong on the current situation.


More than ten thousand people took to the streets in Hong Kong after Beijing proposed at the annual meeting of its rubber stamp legislature a new national security law custom made for the special administrative region. This is a move at once both carefully calculated and taken in a desperate spirit reminiscent of Russian roulette.

If this law is passed, it is the end of the “One Country, Two Systems” promised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Beijing will set up a national security office in Hong Kong. People can then be arbitrarily arrested and taken to the mainland to be prosecuted in a system with no rule of law. Or, people can be arrested and handled in Hong Kong after the Hong Kong legal system is subverted and turned into a replica of the mainland’s. Hong Kongers suspect military police have already been sent to Hong Kong.

Beijing is taking this action after the mayhem unleashed by the pandemic. More than 122 countries want an investigation into how the CCP virus outbreak happened in China. Why take such a step, knowing it will bring more international condemnation down upon the CCP? CCP has actually weighed the political and financial risks carefully. In the end, political safety appears more urgent and critical to the party.

China has infiltrated in American unsocial media, especially Twitter. Every time I tweet something about Communist China, I get almost an immediate response from a Chinese Bot. Zero followers and less than 10 following. They start hurling insults at you to try and get you mad and say something Twitter can use to suspend your account. They don’t like insults to Xi Jinping. Especially calling him Charlie Chan. Just like my troll commenter Kevin. Right, Kevin?


President Trump announced that he is terminating the U.S.’s relationship with the World Health Organization. He did not take questions from the press. Also Hong Kong will not receive special exemptions because of Communist China’s breaking their commitment to allow Hong Kong’s autonomy under a One Country, Two System state.

I support the Free Hong Kong and Free Taiwan movement. I always enjoyed my stay in those countries. I would hate to see them hurt by Communist China tyranny.


Our weather today started with brilliant sunshine with breezy trade winds and some clouds. Over night we got about 3/8 of an inch of rain. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 73%. Expecting dry weather over the next few days. Good thing the water tank was filled form the last rainfall. As we say goodbye to May and welcome June.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Kanakolu Kūmākahi


We Are Back In Space



Aloha kākou. We’re back in Space! Today’s successful launch was a return to America’s exploration into the Heavens. It’s something that I have been praying and hoping for a return of NASA. It looks like SpaceX will be the answer to restarting the Space Industry after the Communist Chinese Pandemic. I can’t think of a better way to reboot the economy than the businesses that will spin-off from today’s event.

I remember the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” that showed the space pilots touch screen control consoles in the movie that was filmed back in 1968. It is truly remarkable how the science fiction has become science fact. It is a vision of the future that brings the promise of prosperity and advancements in our quality of life.

For years the space industry was a military only complex. The only commercial industries were spin-offs of the early NASA third party participants. The Texas Industries handheld calculator was one of those commercial products that came from the earlier NASA space flights. Fasteners, transistors, Teflon, freeze dried foods, Tang, and many other products we take for granted today were developed commercially from the NASA space industry.

View of the future from the past. The astonishing vision of Arthur C. Clarke 1951 short story “The Sentinel”, and Stanley Kubrick’s imagination has finally come together. Now all we need is a Space Station with artificial gravity and a commercial operating colony on the Moon. I believe that is more than achievable today than ever before. We have the innovators, the visionaries, and a President determined to see this become a reality.


After years of languishing on the launch pad, NASA is back in orbit with help from SpaceX, a commercial private company of Elon Musk. Today’s launch of SpaceX Dragon was successful. The Spaceship named Dragon is capable of carrying 7 people including cargo. It also can return back to Earth with a full cargo load. This is the first Commercially Private Spacecraft to take humans to the International Space Station.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., trading as SpaceX, is a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.

NASA was in decline because of the policies of Barry the Bullshitter Obama that tried and failed to change NASA into a muslim outreach program. That half-breed Kenyan nearly destroyed NASA. Thanks to President Trump, NASA is having a successful return into space with commercial interests included to help design a whole new industry. Jobs and more jobs are on the agenda. New industries and ventures are on the horizon. New innovations, inventions, technologies, medical discoveries and wonders that are waiting to be discovered.

One of the SpaceX innovations is the Space Suit. It looks like something out of Star Trek, but many inventions did come from Star Trek. The Dragon Space Ship is an incredible design that includes touch screen control panels. I wonder how the keep the screens clean. I have a touch screen on my laptop, but I disabled it because I find it too hard to clean and it doesn’t really work that well. Here the systems look really high tech and modern.


I had to laugh when I heard the launch commander wish the two Astronauts “Godspeed Bob and Doug” at launch. Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley are heroes in my opinion. When I hear the names, “Bob and Doug”, I’m reminded of the two Molson drinking Canadians comics known as Bob and Doug McKenzie”. But I digress.

The names SpaceX uses for the ships and landing pads are equally as entertaining. Late last month, SpaceX’s billionaire founder and CEO Elon Musk announced that he had named the company’s first spaceport drone ship “Just Read the Instructions.” The second autonomous boat, which is under construction, will be called “Of Course I Still Love You,” Musk added. The robotic ships that serve as landing platforms for SpaceX rockets are named after the legendary SciFi author Iain Menzies Banks.

“‘Just Read the Instructions’ and ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ are two of the sentient, planet-sized Culture Starships which first appear in Iain Menzies Banks’ ‘The Player of Games,'”. “Just as the Minds inhabiting each Culture ship choose their names with care, you have to imagine that Musk did the same here.” Obviously, Musk is inspired by SciFi in his vision of SpaceX design. It seems to be working.

It’s like watching a science fiction movie when the reusable booster rockets return for landing. Memories of childhood SciFi shows like “Fireball XL-5”. The rockets are names Falcon after the Star Wars spaceship, Millennium Falcon. Dragon was named after Puff the Magic Dragon. Critics of Elon Musk’s ambitious venture are not laughing now.

The space age started in the 1950’s and accomplished historic leaps into exploration of the stars. The Moon landings were amazing. I remember glued to my black and white television when on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. He and Buzz Aldrin walked around for three hours. Since then there many more missions to the Moon. Somehow, people lost interest. The fake news media grew bored with the Moon Rover Dune Buggy and the rocks and pictures of the Earth in the distance.

I consider this a ‘Space Age Make Over’ and long overdue. The inclusion of private industry will bring an acceptance that all American’s are made of the “Right Stuff” and ready join in the adventure into space. We’re building from the small steps into the giant leaps of mankind’s destiny into greatness. We can no longer listen to the excuse that we have to fix out problems here on earth before venturing into the stars. That’s not ever going to happen to satisfy every bleeding heart liberal that’s concerned about loving each other first. We can’t be held back when there is so much potential for unity and opportunity for all nations and all people. A new course direction into the future will set the pace.

From the Great Meme Master Carpe Donktum – SpaceX American Made

The great Astrophysics and Philosopher Carl Sagan once said that we are all “Star Stuff”. Implying that we are all made from the stars, and indeed we are made from star stuff. To borrow a quote from John Masefield’s “Sea Fever”.

I must go to the stars again, to those lonely lights in the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a computer console to steer her by;

And the engines kick with roaring song, into the silence of cold deep space,

And the deep black darkness of the universe, and onto a star’s guiding light.


Our weather today started with rain and breezy trade winds. We got about 1/8 of an inch of rain overnight. The day continues with off and on rain. Temperatures are in the mid to low 70’s with humidity at 78%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Kanakolu


Doctor WHO

Happy Aloha Friday! There’s a lot in the news today. President Trump has removed preferential status to Hong Kong because of Communist China’s reneging on the One Country, Two System’s policy. I will have more on this in a future post.

Additionally, the President has cut ties with the World Health Organization (WHO) for it’s connection to Communist China. Not a moment too soon. The WHO has failed the world by allowing Communist China to hide the spread of the Communist China Wuhan Coronavirus. The world should work together with the United States to create a new health organization that will not be influenced by communist corruption. We would be all much more healthier and prosperous.

Twitter has chosen to stand against the American people and challenge the President by editing his tweets. Bad decision, Jack Dorsey. Your legal 230 protections are going away. As with other unsocial media platforms that would regulate free speech, we can find other forms of less hostile social media. Plus,I’m old enough to remember when social media wasn’t around. If it all went away tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me not one bit.

The Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus is turning into nightmare for democrats. These states have the largest death rates due to their criminal malfeasance. The majority of all the deaths in the nation are from these democrat run States. The fake news media doesn’t speak about this at all. Instead, the fake news media talks only about the States that are opening up. They say these Republican run States are going to kill people if they open up too soon. The fake news media has been saying this for weeks.

We’re starting to slowly open up here in Hawai’i. The wishy-washy Governor Ige seems overly cautious and continues to stretch out the lockdown restrictions. Meanwhile, other neighbor islands are going ahead and reopening. Churches are now reopened and restaurants will reopen beginning June first.

It will be interesting to see the actual damage to the economy once we do reopen. I am anticipating the worse. There will be the temptation by the council and legislator to raise taxes. Democrats always resort to taking more of your money because they don’t believe it’s your money.

It’s looking like a nice weekend so I will be spending time in the yard pruning, trimming, and gardening.


Our weather today started again with brilliant sunshine with breezy trade winds and clouds. We got about 1/8 of an inch of rain overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 78%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmāiwa


A Birdie Got It’s Wings Clipped

In a long overdue decision, President Trump issued an executive order to take away legal protections that unsocial media currently enjoys. For far too long, unsocial media platforms have acted like publishers rather than platforms for open free speech. Instead, unsocial media has targeted conservatives on their platforms by restricting and censoring their posts.

These unsocial media platforms are bending to the left’s rage over the results of the 2016 election. The left blames unsocial media for President Trump’s win in 2016 and they’re demanding conservative voices, including the President, silenced.

Twitter’s “Shadow Banning.”, Fascistbook’s “De-Boosting,” Pinterest censoring LiveAction, Google’s “Algorithmic Censoring,” and YouTube’s “Demonetizing and Restricting” of PragerU educational videos. These unsocial media sites have engaged in a pattern of discrimination against conservative voices for years.

Twitter executives have openly said they block conservatives posts from being seen using an algorithm called “Shadow Banning”.  Fascistbook often deletes posts and suspends accounts. There are many more examples on different unsocial media sites that target conservatives while liberals are never restricted by their posting content. It is open censorship against conservative political groups.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act: 47 U.S.C. § 230, a Provision of the Communication Decency Act states: “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider” (47 U.S.C. § 230). In other words, online intermediaries that host or republish speech are protected against a range of laws that might otherwise be used to hold them legally responsible for what others say and do. The protected intermediaries include not only regular Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but also a range of “interactive computer service providers,” including basically any online service that publishes third-party content. Though there are important exceptions for certain criminal and intellectual property-based claims, CDA 230 creates a broad protection that has allowed innovation and free speech online to flourish.

For over 20 years, unsocial media enjoyed these protections. This exemption provides legal protections for internet hosting sites from being held libel for comments and content. Instead the unsocial media platforms pulled a “Bait and Switch” on their platforms. The last straw was when Twitter tried to censor President Trump’s tweets by labeling it as misleading information and linking the post to left wing fake news sites. It’s time to review if Section 230 still should apply to unsocial media platforms.

The President as over 80 Million followers on Twitter, and I am one of those followers. I use Twitter to follow other news outlets that I consider real objective non-biased journalism. I also follow the fake news media to get a cross-section of the propaganda that fake news posts. I do that to compare what the President is posting against the other news outlets coverage of the President’s comments. What is very clear is the fake news media, what compromises greater than 90% of the news industry, is extremely biased against the President. Often times openly lying about the President’s speeches and news conferences. So the President uses Twitter to get his message out to the public.

Twitter uses “Fact-Check” labels to identify what it calls misleading or false information. If you clicked on the links that Twitter embedded in the President’s posts, it would take you to articles from the Washington Post and other publications of Fake News. The fake news publishers are extremely hostile to the President and to conservatives opinions. Much of the media is loaded with former leftist political operatives that the fake news media calls journalists. They are not journalists, they are opinionators. They are not objective unbiased reporters. They are political hacks giving their opinions on far left political analysis. Conservative opinions are rarely given a voice on these shows. The majority, over 90%, of news channels are leftists opinion shows. This is the state of what passes for journalism today. Pathetic.

This is way overdue for a long time. If the unsocial media sites were as fair with how they treat posts on both sides then this would not be an issue today. The bias has been going on to for too long and now, Twitter is getting it’s wings clipped. Other unsocial media sites are soon going to see their monopoly empires crumbling down. This time, Twitter picked a fight with the wrong man.

The head of Twitter’s fact-checking team, Yoel Roth, has previously tweeted that the Trump administration are Nazis, compared adviser Kellyanne Conway to Joseph Goebbels and said fly over states are racist. The hostility by Twitter employees is open for everyone to see on their platform. This clown works as an Twitter executive.

Yoel Roth, whose official title at Twitter is head of Site Integrity, faced backlash on Wednesday after his history of anti-Trump tweets emerged less than 24 hours after the social media giant put a fact-checking warning on two of the president’s tweets.

Twitter prompted readers to check the facts in Trump’s tweets after the president on Tuesday suggested that California’s mail-in balloting initiative would lead to substantial voter fraud in the November general election.

The social media giant said Trump’s claims about mail-in ballots being ‘substantially fraudulent’ were found to unsubstantiated by fact-checkers at CNN, the Washington Post and other media outlets. Both CNN and Washington Post are fake news sites.

Do you think Twitter will flag Lieawatha Warren’s hate post? Nope! Posts like this by leftist kooks are encouraged. If a conservative said something like this on Twitter, they would have been flagged, forced to delete the post, and the account would have been suspended for a day, week, a month, or even permanently removed. There is a clear double standard with unsocial media sites.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who is neither a conservative nor a liberal, is regularly threatened with violence by antifa fascists on Twitter. This goes against Twitters community rules, but nothing ever happens to those making threats. Fake News CNN’s Don Lemon said violence is justified when antifa does it. Imagine if a Fox News reporter said that? There would be howls of leftists demanding the firing of that reporter. CNN’s fake news hack gets a pass and twitter allows the fake news posts with no fact-checking edits.

Fascistbook fact-checks everything and all their fact checkers are leftist liberals. They edit and remove conservative content and sometimes they ban the accounts of conservatives. I know, because I’m one of those conservatives Fascistbook banned from their platform for posting my opinions.

Google which manipulates their search engine to steer content towards and away from the searcher regularly hides information. I know that to be true because I cross-check my search results with DuckDuckGo and Bing. With Google, I have to use multiple search phrases to locate the information I’m looking for.

What’s disturbing about Google is there connection with Communist China. They are partnering to develop surveillance tools with a Communist government company called Semptian. They are allegedly using these tools for censorship and internet surveillance of its citizens. The surveillance data is then given to security agencies in China, known for human rights abuses.

Communist China requires companies to surrender their Intellectual Property to do business. In effect stealing American technology. Why Google would want to work with the Communist Chinese rather than the US Military displays their anti-American bias.

Prager University is a non-profit company run by Dennis Prager a conservative radio talk show host. They post on YouTube 5 minute educational videos that cover topics that range from the Bible to American history. The content is safe for children to view and the educational value is very excellent. Unsocial media disagrees with PragerU.

On college campuses, the leftist hate indoctrination is so prevalent that they will accuse PragerU of committing acts of terrorism. Take a look.

PragerU has been banned from advertising on Twitter and Spotify. Over 200 PragerU videos are restricted on YouTube, even several videos about the Bible and the 10 Commandments. Fascistbook has label PragerU as Fake News.

The left’s fact checking is about feelings and not about facts. There is no independence on these platform. One of the reasons is that when the left disagrees with a post, they will run to unsocial media fact-checkers to complain. They will threaten advertisers with boycotts and demand the post and posters removal from the unsocial media platform.

The bottom line is unsocial media want to control free speech. Communist China applies this censorship of speech and the left wants speech restrictions here in America. You’re not entitled to your opinions and you cannot question the left’s facts. If you do then you will be punished. It is an attempt to manipulate the 2020 elections. If you can suppress the other party’s message, you can control the information stream and narrative. This is why the left wants to silence the President and your voice.


Our weather today started again with brilliant sunshine but gave way to breezy trade winds and clouds. We’re starting to get some passing showers. Over night we got about 1/8 of an inch of rain overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 87%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmāwalu


Balloter Contagion

We as a sovereign nation may be on the verge of surrendering our right to a secure vote. After 240 years of a secret ballot, we are being told we must vote by mail for our own health and safety. We should be concerned about a massive infringement on our civil liberties. Our sacred right to vote is being challenged by the democrat party that is desperate to get the power of absolute rule.


By keeping the populace in fear, some will be willing to give up some freedoms for the illusion of security. By giving up the security of your vote you are basically surrendering your vote. I’m glad more people are starting to figure this out.

As with Kalifornia, Hawai’i passed into law “Mail In Voting” in the middle of the night while no one was watching. Our local media barely reported on the changes to the State voting laws. In a little known paragraph in the Office of Hawai’i Elections says in-person voting will be allowed at the county center 10 days before election day. Including same day registration. The website does not list any documents needed to show residency and proof of citizenship.

To obtain a drivers license in Hawai’i you must provide proof of citizenship and residency. You are photographed and finger printed. Why not a National Voter ID? For Hawai’i, only your signature is counted. The State says this will help manage the voter roll eligibility. I fail to see the connection.

There is no chain of custody with your ballot. Your ballot goes through many hands before being counted. That is if it ever gets counted. You have no way to track and verify your vote was actually counted. Also the State has no idea if people sending in ballots are legally eligible to vote. The chance of voter fraud is like a contagion that will spread unchecked. Ballot harvesting is no different than taking the census. You can fill in the census questionnaire with any information you want. No one will validate your information.

The fake news media agrees with allowing voter fraud. Watch CNN media hack Don Leh-mon plead with unsocial media tech giants to censor free speech by the President and others.

Assuming that voting will follow the honor system is naïve and dangerous to the health of the Nation’s sovereignty. There has to be a chain of custody to insure voter integrity. Otherwise, Balloter Contagion will be rampant and unchecked, especially in leftist run States that are hungry to seize power. The attacks on the Electoral College to disenfranchise voters to favor the mob rule popular vote will hurt our Republic in representative government.

This method of voter fraud started in Kalifornia in 2016 and it worked. It’s legality is only now being challenged. I fear it might be too late unless action is taken quickly before the November election. This is a power grab by the democrats that has infected the House of Representatives under Nazi Piglosi’s watch.

It’s a shame that voters take their voter rights with apathy. They won’t know what they have till it’s gone. This once used to be a free country, but power is fast being consolidated into a few hands. Once socialism takes hold, it’s damn hard to get rid of it. Once you give up your right to a free and secure vote, then you have accepted one party socialist rule.

Voting is an American principle and a basic democratic right that should be protected, promoted, and practiced, which is why many people are surprised to learn that the U.S. Constitution provides no explicit right to vote. This leaves voting rights vulnerable to the whims of politicians, and some citizens with fewer rights than others.



Our weather today started with brilliant sunshine but gave way to mostly trade winds and clouds. Filtered sun, but mostly clouds from the late morning onward. Over night we got about 3/16 of an inch of rain. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 83%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmāhiku


What The Mask Really Means

First we were told the lockdown was to flatten the curve of and prevent the spread of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. Now we’re told we have to stay in lockdown until there is a vaccine is found. They keep moving the goal posts to keep us confined and controlled.

The common flu is a coronavirus and so is the common cold. The COVID-19 virus is also a coronavirus. A vaccine for the common cold and flu has never been found. The annual flu shot your doctor recommends yearly has less than a 50% chance of preventing you from getting the flu. The chances of a COVID-19 vaccine being found by the end of the year, or any year, is highly unlikely. Unless there is a medical miracle that happens.

Still, the mortality rate of the COVID-19 virus is less than 0.03 percent. Which means COVID-19 isn’t that deadly. Ebola is deadly, flesh eating viruses are deadly, and getting hit by a bus is deadly. The chances of getting hit by a bus is greater than getting Ebola. It’s not that the COVID-19 virus isn’t deadly to some people. However, we know many more people are asymptomatic to COVID-19. To the degree the COVID-19 virus deserves this level of panic is way overblown.

The experimental Gilead drug, Remdesivir is not showing the promise it was originally touted by Fhony Fauci and others.

“Remdesivir doesn’t work at all, as far as I can tell, or has only a minor effect,” said William Haseltine, a scientist who has spent decades studying viruses and helped lead the U.S. government response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. “It is comparable to Tamiflu and maybe not even as good,” Haseltine added, referring to another antiviral drug that has been available by prescription for 20 years and is expected to be sold over the counter in the coming months.

The article goes on to cite a study that found Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t as useful either. Despite other studies that found the drug Hydroxychloroquine being used by healthcare workers as a prophylactic and successful in preventing contracting the COVID-19 virus. The difference in the two drugs is the cost. It has become more of a political leverage to infringe on people’s rights and liberties.

What is becoming very apparent is how the virus is being used for political purposes. While Republican run States are reopening for business and normalcy, Democrat run States are taking punitive measures to keep businesses closed and people locked down in their homes. The democrats are adding more mandates to further restrict people’s movements while exempting themselves to those restrictions.

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer restrictions are some of the most harsh and inane mandates. People cannot visit their summer cabin, but the governor went to her summer cabin. When it was reported, she claimed that her husband was there to rake leaves. Most people suspect it was a graduation party for one of her granddaughters. So do as I say, not as I do, and if you disobey my orders I will slap more restriction on you. That’s exactly what Gov. Whitmer did.

It’s very clear that the democrats are using the COVID-19 virus as election leverage. They are doing this by implementing Mail-In-Ballots and saying public safety is the reason for using absentee ballots. Apparently you can go to a Big Box Store with hundreds of people around, but going to a voting booth poses a greater risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. The democrats have hooked their election chances to the coronairus by using fear. Making people stay home and mailing in their ballots. This is how voter fraud begins. Even in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nazi Piglosi wants voting done by proxy. Meaning, you send in your vote on legislation rather than being in Congress to have your vote recorded. That is voter fraud and the democrats want this implemented in all 50 States and territories.

The Cure Is Worse Than The Virus. Never let a crisis go to waste. Democrats are using the COVID-19 as a crisis to rig the 2020 elections. The allies of the democrats are the fake news media. The media refuses to report on the real danger of voter fraud because of mail in ballots.

What the mask really means is taking away your freedoms for the false illusion of security. As the democrats enforce illegal social distancing rules to continue to lock down this economy they forget that poverty is also a huge killer. If things don’t change to reopen the economy soon, then a worldwide depression is bound to happen. If that happens then the COVID-19 will be a small effect on the vast number of lives lost.



Our weather today has been mostly trade winds and clouds. Filtered sun, but mostly clouds. Over night we got about 1/8 of an inch of rain. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 86%.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmāono

Memorial Day 2020

Today is Memorial Day and the unofficial start of the summer season. Hawai’i is still under stay at home directive. Although I don’t know why since there’s hasn’t been an outbreak of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. We’re still required to wear a mask everywhere we go, even though there no evidence the masks really prevent getting the virus. It seems most democrat States are making up their own science and ignoring empirical data. Hawai’i is still requiring visitors to quarantine themselves for 14 days. We’re pretty much destroying our largest industry, tourism, next to government. We now lead the country in unemployment and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

It was announced by Hawaii County that medium risk businesses such as salons, restaurants, barber shops and places of worship may begin reopening June 1st. So in effect another week of lockdown.


However, today we celebrate our military families and the heroes that protect us and our country. Including the latest to the family, Space Force. We thank them for their service and sacrifice.

The first American space launch in over 10 years will happen this week on May 27th. President Trump will be there to witness the launch.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission is a flight test with crew, prior to certification of systems by NASA for operational missions to the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly on the Crew Dragon spacecraft, lifting off on a Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A in Florida.

We’re going to spend the day honoring the people that protect us and this country.


Our weather today has been mostly trade wind showers and sun. It rains for 15 minutes and then the sun comes out for an hour. Setting up the BBQ on the lanai.

Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmālima


Snapshot Sunday

Aloha Lāpule Kakou! It’s the Sunday before Memorial Day or Hoʻomanaʻo Lā. A national holiday that celebrates and remembers our military heroes. Unfortunately, no parades this year because of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. It is a day which we do give thanks and pay our respects to those that defend this great country. Today we stay at home and grill some food and take some pictures.

It’s a watery Sunday. We have been getting plenty of rain and sun which brings spectacular rainbows (Ānuenue).  We are slowly getting getting some semblance of a return to pre-covid normality, but there is a divide between those that want to stay locked down and those that want to work.

Sunday morning brunch was always a treat. A table by the window to watch the Ice Pond. Also known as Reeds Bay Beach Park, we locals refer to the location as the Ice Pond. Located in Hilo on Kalaniana’ole Avenue, this restaurant is a spinoff of Ken’s House of Pancakes, the only 24 hour diner on the Big Island, Moku o Keawe.


Eggs Benedict island style with fresh catch Ono fish and  country fries. I miss this terribly and I don’t know if the restaurant will reopen after this lockdown. Much of the small businesses in Hilo are made up of restaurants. Most are family owned and run. I personally know many of them. I’m praying they will be able to open after they allow restaurant to reopen.

Mayor Kim has announced that churches can reopen on June 1. I really don’t understand why they cannot reopen now. There hasn’t been any new cases of the virus on the Big Island lately. For that matter, the entire State hasn’t seen any outbreaks.

I would make a daily visit to the Suisan Fish Market for Poke and the fresh catch of the day. Located right on Hilo Bay this market is where the fishermen would take their daily catch. Although the company is still open, the public access is not open. There’s a small outside restaurant attached to the fish market that serves up fresh fish meals. Nothing fancy, but the freshest caught fish on the Island.



There’s plenty of food and time to do some grilling this weekend. More of the same tomorrow. As we prepare to remember our fallen heroes and support our active military family. We pray for a return to normalcy and for our country.



Our weather today has been mostly trade wind showers. The weather people call a screaming eagle. Because the cloud formation is shaped like the head of a bird with rotating clouds. At times, the sun peeked through the clouds. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with humidity at 87%. Slight breeze but somewhat muggy because of the humidity. Expecting more tradewind showers this evening into Memorial Day. We’re overnight we collected about an 1.128 inch of rain. Rain comes in waves heavy at times.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmāhā


If anything is to be learned from the pandemic is that misinformation is more rampant than the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. One truth is the cure has become worse than the virus. Another truth is seeing the worse in people that we elect to run our government. The question becomes if we as a people will learn the value of our vote. To really learn who is running for office. What is really in the hearts of these people that will make decision for all of us. Will they be true leaders or tyrants. We’re learning that reality real-time.


The Republican States weren’t just lucky with fewer deaths, they used common sense to protecting their people. The most vulnerable were isolated. The elderly were isolated in nursing homes and in retirement villages. Social distancing rules were in effect, but I really don’t believe social distancing can be achieved when you’re in grocery stores and other shopping locations. Even in the home with a large family social distancing is near impossible.

Spending time outdoors and in the sun helps because it has been shown the virus doesn’t survive well. Plus it is good therapy to get outside and get fresh air. Get some exercise, or just relax and enjoy the view. To often the social distancing rules are too strict and unreasonable. It doesn’t help when governments use law enforcement to arrest people for not following the social distancing rules.

The Mayor of NYC said you can walk on the beach but you can’t go in the water. The Mayor of Los Angeles said you can only walk on wet sand, not dry sand. The Governor of Michigan said you cannot leave your homes and go to a cabin in the woods. Illinois governor says a mandatory stay-at-home order will remain until a vaccine is found. Pennsylvania and Maine governors have refused let businesses reopen and have removed their business licenses in any act of defiance. Over one third of the deaths in all these democrat states were in elderly care centers. These governors ordered patients to be housed in nursing homes. That was a death sentence for thousands of people.

The opposite was done in Republican States. The elderly were isolated. People were allowed to move freely and more businesses are reopening. Hurd immunity is protecting more people. The Republican governors allowed people to use common sense to protect themselves. To trust the people to use good judgement without imposing harsh restrictions. The results speak for themselves.

As Republican governors started reopening their States, the fake news media accused every Republican Governor of putting their people at risk. They predicted waves of the virus spreading and massive deaths to follow. Instead, the virus count had gone down. The fake news predictions were wrong. The experts were all wrong. Democrat governors and mayors abused their power and the results are devastating. The fake news media doesn’t even report it. Coverage was near nonexistent.

 The CDC doesn’t recommend wearing masks, but we’ve been told that wearing masks will keep us safe from airborne droplets that may contain the virus. The question has to be asked: Will constant mask usage cause other unforeseen illnesses? I see people driving in their vehicles wearing masks. Is that really necessary and is it safe? Who can you trust anymore to provide safe accurate information?



















The extent of bad leadership can measured in the number of causalities. The policies in each States governors show a stark contrast to how to make life or death decision. These are States have similar population densities and similar resources with access to the same information. It was the decisions that made all the difference in the number of deaths.

The “experts” were are told to rely upon have been proven unreliable. People that tried to warn us against this misinformation were admonished, banned, and silenced. Drugs that were shown to have remarkable success in resisting the virus were labeled as dangerous and deadly. We were told there is only one source for information and it was all wrong.



To which government agency do I go to get my life back?



Our weather today has been a mix of sun and trade wind showers. Temperatures in the upper 70’s with humidity at 81%. It’s breezy and very comfortable despite being a little more warmer. Passing showers and intervals of sun throughout the day. Expecting more tradewind showers this evening into tomorrow . We’re overnight we collected about an eighth inch of rain.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmākolu


Contact Tracing


Aloha Kākou, and Hau’oli Lā Kau Pua weekend. It’s Aloha Friday and we’re seeing a sluggish reopening of the State of Aloha. Although, little aloha is being felt by the social distancing and stay at home lockdown rules. It doesn’t seem Governor Ige and Lt. Governor Green are cognizant of the science coming out about the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. They’re still relying on Dr. Fhony Fauci and the CDC modeling of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

The emphasis is now changing to contact tracing. While testing for the virus is a well and good, I have concerns about the managing of personal information used for contact testing. Especially when big tech apps are being used on the public to conduct spying and reporting people’s locations. After all, the government is encouraging snitching on people, friends and neighbors, if they’re not social distancing.

The goal: To create a road map of everywhere infected people have been and who they’ve been around. Some estimate as many as 300,000 contact tracers would be needed in the U.S. to adequately curtail the spread of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu Coronavirus.

Start a conversation. Gather information. Identify contacts. Follow them. Call them. Find out who they were around. Then what?

Surveillance by an Army of Karen’s. “Thank you for what you’re doing. You’re helping the community.” Now to report my findings about you.

Normally, this type of work is to track contacts of people with sexually transmitted diseases. Usually there’s a profile and a pattern of the people you’re tracing for such diseases. Drug addicts, prostitutes, and people that put themselves in risky situations.

COVID-19 is none of these risky situations. You’re treated as Typhoid Mary simply for being in the same vicinity as someone with the infection. Some estimate as many as 300,000 contact tracers would be needed in the U.S. to adequately curtail the spread of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu.

Who are these people? Why are they contacting you? What if you don’t answer your phone? Will the COVID-19 police arrive at your home? Will you be arrested if you don’t cooperate? Will you forced to wear a GPS device? You can see how this can spin out of control.

The amount of abuse can be predicted. Especially in States where governors have a proclivity towards tyranny rule. Michigan’s Governor Whitmer just extends state’s Safer-at-Home directive through June 12 – this is now the fifth time she’s extended the order. It’s a punitive action on her part to punish the people for demonstrating to reopen the State. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if the governor tries to infiltrate the demonstrators with COVID-19 snitches getting people’s names and addresses. That’s whole purpose of the left is to keep American’s distrusting each other. To divide Americans like the previous regime did promoting class envy. Remember the violence that descended on supporters of President Trump? People being attacked for wearing MAGA hats by mobs of haters. This is what they [the left] wants to start all over again, but this time everyone is a target of the mob.

Let’s review how we got here and put the pieces together. Starting with the information used to shutdown the country. The modeling data came from the Imperial College of London. A world-class university with a mission to benefit society through excellence in science, engineering, medicine and business. Well, sort of.

In mid April Dr. Fauci admitted that it was he and Dr. Birx who persuaded President Trump to lock down the US economy knowing the massive destruction this would cause in jobs, lives and commerce. That decision was based on the modeling data from the Imperial College. No one bothered to verify the Imperial College data was correct. The data was flawed. The model cannot be scientifically replicated. Yet they used flawed information to convince the President to shut down the economy. Under the fear that millions of Americans will die from the virus. That information was entirely over exaggerated and falsified.

This set this whole Virus Hoax into play and that’s why democrats have used this hoax as political leverage to divide Americans to  gain advantage in the 2020 Elections. You’re going to find more information coming out in the next few weeks about how this all unfolded. Now we have these draconian rules to wear masks, social distancing, and spies to tattle on you if you do not comply with the New World Normal.


Our weather today has been a mix of sun and trade wind showers. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with humidity at 81%. It’s breezy and very comfortable. Passing showers in the morning gave way to afternoon sun and clouds. Expecting evening tradewind showers. We’re getting about an inch of rain daily.


Kēia Ka Lā Mei Iwakālua Kūmālua


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