What Is Wrong With These People?


You have to wonder about the people on the cable news channel MSNBC who pretend to be journalists.  The people at MSNBC have mental problems.  Seriously!  It’s called Liberalism!  Michael Savage was right, ‘Liberalism is a Mental Disease!’  How many apologies does it take before people start to wake up and turn off this filth!?   I suppose it’s porn for the haters.

The latest news flash from MSNBC:


Making fun of a biracial families is about as racist as you can get.  Yet it seems the cable [news?] channel MSNBC, apparently thinks they can make a racial disparaging statements and then beg for forgiveness without any consequences.  With anyone else, they would never get away with that crap, but since MSNBC is the ‘official’ cheerleader for the democrat socialist party, they easily get a pass.

Who are they?  As New York’s liberal Nazi Governor, Andrew Cuomo, would ask; ‘who are they?’   Obviously, New York’s fascist governor, is a big fan of the race baiting MSNBC, and their openly racist commentators and hosts.  He parrots their hosts.

This pretend-to-be new channel is a hodge podge daily parade of racism and hatred.  From race baiter Al Sharpton, to Rachael Maddow, to Michael Eric Dyson and Touré Neblett ; Sargent Ed ‘I know nothing’ Schultz, to Lawrence ‘I’m a socialist’ O’Donnell, and all the hosts and guests in between.  They all compete to for the racist slimeball award!  It is unbelievable, you can’t watch just 15 minutes of MSNBC, without some racist hate statement vomiting from one of their shows hosts and giggling guests.  Generally, normal people would just turn the channel to something more worthy of journalism.  Like a Fair and Balanced network, say Fox News perhaps?  MSNBC takes rational discourse to a whole new low.


MSNBC is the foul spawn of their parent company NBC [Nothing But Crap].  One of the original three alphabet television channels that formed during the golden age of television.  Obviously, NBC was then, and still is now, Fools Gold Television.  That has been the pattern of operation with the management at NBC.  I mean, what else can you say about their thinking?  They did after all cancel Star Trek and Jay Leno, even though the shows were wildly popular.  Today, their programming consists of mediocre shows of little interest.  Even their biggest seller, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, is being replaced with Jimmy Fallon, whom I don’t consider funny at all.  Leno is funny, but chasing away their audience is what NBC is all about.


Now, MSNBC has morphed into the mouthpiece of the socialist democrat party.  A representation aptly applied.  Their audience is equally as vile and hateful. When Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave the GOP response to Obama’s State of the Union address, it sent feminazis into a rage: I give you the best example of liberalism tolerance!


At the time of this posting, she’s got 7 favorites, or likes, on her disgusting post.  Probably more by now.  These are the same people that regularly call conservatives and Christians homophobes,  bigots and racists. These are the same tolerant people that regularly laugh, sneer and make fun of good people.

Is it no wonder why MSNBC’s ratings are dead last in the cable news viewer compilations?  There are many conservative biracial families, far more than there are liberal biracial families.  I’ll wager those liberal biracial families are either broken, in jail, or mooching off the welfare system.   MSNBC’s tampon girl, Melissa Harris-Perry, comes from a biracial family, and she mocked former presidential candidate’s Mitt Romney’s biracial adoption.  You cannot get any more raciest and hypocritical than that, and she claims to be a PhD in something, maybe liberal race relations is her doctorate degree.  Who knows, who cares!


When I’m on the road and I see one of these lame bumper stickers to turn off Fox News, I have to laugh and come to the logical conclusion; liberalism truly is a mental disorder and MSNBC is Porn for the Intolerant.


What’s For Lunch?

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Steamed Clams and Mussels over Pasta!



Are There Any Joe Wilson’s In Congress?




Tonight’s State of the Union address shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Expectations are already set to a very low bar.  So what lies can we expect from Barry the Bullshitter?  Will he wave his pen and cellphone around?  Will he accuse the Republicans of not working with him?  Will Obama apologize to the American people?  How about the millions of people that have lost their health insurance, and their jobs?  Will Obama mention anything about that?  Will Obama announce his resignation?  Too much to expect I suppose.

Lawlessness and a clear and present danger to the American people; Obama and the democrats, their media minions, continue to take the liberties upon American’s freedoms.   Lying,  it seems, is the only remaining core value these people have anymore.

I predict that Obama will call for an increase in the minimum wage.  Which will cause more unemployment for young people.  But what’s the worry?  They can stay on their parents health insurance till they’re 26!  If they want college loans, they are forced to go through the government squirrel wheel cage, where their futures will spin with never ending debt.

I predict that Obama will continue to blame George W. Bush and Republicans for his lousy economic policies and the high unemployment.  Although, the media reports the unemployment rate at 7.6%, the actual rate is more like 15%.  Because the actual numbers are fudged by not reporting those discouraged workers who have dropped out of the job market.  I’m somewhat dubious of the statement of discouraged workers, because I believe workers want a job, but are having a hard time finding one.

I predict that Obama will call for a continuation of Unemployment insurance payments.  Let’s see, unemployment insurance is suppose to be only 26 weeks, but then it was extending to 99 weeks.  Some people have been on unemployment for the last 5 years!  So I expect Obama to call for more emergency unemployment insurance.  At what point do the people paying into the system start running out of money?

I predict that Obama will call for more renewable energy initiatives to combat global warming.  Translation; more taxpayer’s monies spent on failing technologies like Solyndra.  Somehow, the government in charge of energy development is a losing prospect for the American people.  Note that the Keystone pipeline sits idle, and the EPA continues its war on coal and fossil fuels.  I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how energy is renewable after it has been spent.  Especially, when there is an abundance of cheap available energy.

I predict Obama will call for the expansion of immigration amnesty for illegals.  A slap in the face to those immigrants that followed the law, waited in line, and did the right thing.  Expect to hear Obama repeat that same phrase, ‘it’s the right thing to do!’  Is it the right thing to allow lawlessness?  When does it end?  How is that fair to those that followed the rules?

I predict that Obama will continue to sputter divisive rhetoric using threats and intimidation.  I fully expect to hear nothing new of any substance that will help the economy.  I do expect to hear more lofty goals to increase jobs programs, but nothing to incentivize employers to hire.  Are we to expect new jobs are to be all government jobs?  How will that be paid for?

I predict Obama will make wild false claims about his policies.  He will say that his policies are working to help the economy, creating jobs, lowering unemployment.  He will continue to demonize groups like the Tea Party as obstructionist to his policies, and will be true.  After 5 years of failed policies and lies, how can anyone trust this President to tell the truth?

Obama has repeated, over and over, that he’s not willing to negotiate.  It’s my way, or the highway.  This divisive rhetoric is all Barry the Bullshitter has left.  For the next three years, I predict Obama will continue to lose the trust of the American people.  As the Obamacare employer mandate starts to roll out,  and more people start to lose their health care insurance, their doctors and their lives; maybe then will people start to wake up and start paying attention.


What’s For Dinner?





State of the Union Drinking Game

Okole Maluna

Shared Sacrifice – The Rise of Fascism in the Democrat party


New York’s intolerant socialist governor, Andrew “crazy eyes” Cuomo, said there’s no room for Conservatives in the State of New York.  Then fascist Senator Chucky “cheese” Schumer said he wants to sic the IRS on the Tea Party people.

I seem to remember that’s what Adolph Hitler said about the Jews, and what his henchmen Heinrich Müller did to the Jews using the Gestapo.  This is your Democrat Socialist Workers Party.  Obama has unleashed the IRS on Hollywood, and the average American Jack and Jill.   Using the IRS as their own private Gestapo to silence descent.


Affluentius is an interesting specimen, it is liberalism.  If you don’t know, and can’t identify them, read this to learn more!

Obama, and his socialist democrat minions are gearing up to bombard the American people with another lie to distract away from Obama’s asinine Obamacare, Un-Affordable Patient Care Act law.  This time it’s the unfairness of life in the world we live in.  An unfairness that that Barry the Bullshitter will say, “It’s the Right Thing To Do!”


Income inequality, social inequality, age inequality, race inequality, and gender inequality, also known as gender apartheid, and climate inequality, grocery prices inequality: There will Always Be Inequalities! That’s how life is!  It’s unfair, it will always be unfair.  What’s worse is when someone tries to make it fair.

The topic of the Democrat talking points for the election is going to revolve around their cherished theme of income inequality and something that J.D. has identified as B.I.G. which as he points out means Basic Income Guarantee.  The Democrats want their base to believe that they can provide a guaranteed income for them without them ever having to lift a finger.

Communism is to Socialism is to Progressive is to Democrat.  Mandatory Kindergarten?  State mandated indoctrination!

The liberal rich 1%, get rich off the backs of the taxpayer.  Liberals blame corporations as a distraction away from their corruption.  They employ low information voters to spread their lies.   You’ve seen them, the Occupy Wall Street types that shit on society and freeload off of society.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), who is worth millions of dollars according to her congressional financial disclosure statement, and a terrible liberal fashion statement, says Congress needs to tackle income inequality because it “poses an existential threat to our nation and our way of life.”

Yet, she and her democrats fascists get rich off of the taxpayers and corrupt crony corporations that contribute money to their campaigns to stay in power.  The low information voter, doesn’t even question it.  They just believe the liberal hype and misinformation.

Obamacare is this pattern of death.  Sometimes it comes at the barrel of a gun, other times it’s the benevolence of an overreaching government.   Remember when Kathleen Sebelius, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, denied a little girl’s need for a new set of lungs, saying, “some will die, and some will live”  — The death panels Sarah Palin rightly warned about.

Take for example the story of the Grasshopper and the Ants.

Even more sadistic, Liberals want to abort babies so they can eat the placenta. They say it’s great with fava beans and a nice Chianti.  Liberals call it fine dinning! 


What’s for Dinner?


crap sandwich



The Progressive Lie


The start of 2014 brings the promise of more lies and deception by Barry the Bullshitter and his democrat progressive communists partners.  Oh and that Obamacare, aka Affordable (unaffordable) Care Act, that Barry lied about…

Section 1311(h)(1)(B) of the health law gives the secretary of Health and Human Services blanket authority to dictate how doctors treat patients. Not just patients in government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, but patients with private plans they pay for themselves. 

Another lie? Of course! In order to get into the ‘democrat’, aka communist, party; you must be able to lie convincing to your constituents!  Then again, low information voters are easily fooled when tempted by the prospect of free government stuff!  The Media will also protect you because they are communists sympathizers.  With the exception of Fox News, every single news media is a communist shill for the democrats, and Barry the Bullshitter.  And there was much rejoicing!  Yea!

The delayed Employer mandate is scheduled to be rolled out in October of this new year.  Whoopee!  Barry and the progressives say, ‘now 30 million people will be able to get access to affordable healthcare for the first time’!  So that’s why you are losing your healthcare, so that others can have, what you had!  That fair, right?  Take what was affordable and working, and make it inaccessible and more expensive!  So much more expensive, you can’t afford any of the government mandated plans! Thus the name of Obama’s signature achievement, the un-Affordable Care Act.  Obama’s new market place, which is now run by the government death panels which will decide what care you will get!  The government will effectively look over your doctors shoulder, and decide what medicines, procedures and operations, you will be able to get from your healthcare provider.

How cruel could it be you ask?  Consider that the plans being offered by the government, Platinum Plan, well, if you’re Bill Gates, maybe you can afford that.  Gold Plan, maybe if you are some rich Hollywood type, you can afford that.  Silver Plan, I call the $200K plan, because you must be making over $200K to afford it.  What’s left?  The Bronze Plan!

The Bronze Plan: The least affordable plan available for the poor.  With high deductibles, and limited physicians, it’s probably the most cruelest plans the Progressives could have ever dreamed up.  It is equivalent to Medicaid, the government plan that pays doctors next to nothing for providing healthcare.  Most doctors are refusing to accept patients on Medicaid.  Consider this scenario:

Poor little Kimo has a tooth ache.  Kimo’s mother, has the Bronze Plan, so she shops around for a dentist that will accept her Bronze plan.  When, and if, she can find a dentist, that could take some time.  So Kimo’s mother finally finds a provider to see her son.  The dentist examines little Kimo’s teeth and determines the boy need surgery to remove some badly abscessed teeth.  So now, Kimo’s mother must now find an oral surgeon.  So Kimo’s mother calls around searching for an oral  surgeon that will accept her Bronze plan.  But that takes time for Kimo’s mother to find a oral surgeon, and Kimo’s badly abscessed teeth are now getting worse as time goes on.  Now the bacteria in the abscessed  teeth are getting into little Kimo’s blood stream, causing little Kimo to develop a worse medical problem.  Little Kimo develops kidney failure because of the bacteria in his blood stream.  So now little Kimo’s mother must now call around to find a doctor to help with her son’s kidney problems.  Little Kimo eventually dies of kidney failure. What was originally a dental problem, is now a major medical problem, and death.  Thank’s Obamacare! Thanks Democrats! You did this!  You murdered for profit.

That’s what the future holds for Obamacare.  Yet, the regime claims the old healthcare system was substandard.  I guess  Obamacare sets a new standard for substandard healthcare.  That was the whole plan after all!

Alan Grayson, Democrat Jackass from Florida, once infamously said about the Republican healthcare plan, “Die Quickly!

The democrat progressive socialist communists (DiPShitCommies) never included any Republican ideas into the crafting of this asinine law.  They were shutout of the whole process.  Not one Republican voted for Obamacare.  Obamacare was passed in the dead of the night and hidden away from the public disclosure!  Anyone that had half a brain could see this was a terrible law!  But Barry the Bullshitter and his socialist democrat minions passed Obamacare anyway, despite the fact there was overwhelming public anger against Obamacare.

Since the roll out of the Obamacare, some have called it a botched roll out, but it wasn’t botched.  It was designed deliberately to fail.  It was designed that way so Obama and congress will implement a single payer plan because of the generated public outrage of losing their healthcare insurance.  Essentially, that was the plan all along!  This phony roll out is just window dressing for public consumption.  The difference is that Barry the Bullshitter got caught in his own lie.

So now what can we expect from Emperor Barry  in the new year?  After he finishes desecrating Hawai’i with his foul family in tow, you can expect the following Obama distractions when he returns to his DC cesspool:

Minimum wage – in order to pay for Obamacare?  No, just a distraction away from Obamacare’s damage.

Immigration – more people to pay for Obamacare?  No, just more freeloaders on the welfare system.

Global Warming – what does this have to do with Obamacare? Nothing, just another Obama distraction.

Expect this and more Obama distractions to keep people from talking about losing their healthcare.  Expect more media lies to follow Barry’s bullshit.  They are, after all, married.  A union made in Hell.


What’s For Dinner?


Grilled Salmon Salad



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