Who’s The Enemy From Within


“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.


We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”


Who, What, Where is the threat?  US?  Why do we need a Civilian Security Force in addition to the military?  And whose is going to fund it?  Everything the government does is funded from our tax dollars.  Is this a prelude to a new tax on the American People?  Is this something more sinister?

Who Is The Enemy?

Is this a Joke or is this Serious?

Military style uniforms.  Marches.  Cadences.

Sounds very much like a militia to me.

But for what?

A prelude to what’s to come?

Oh, that already happen.

So the Constitution is flawed and we should change it.

Dismantle the Constitution ?

Is that what are you saying?


Why is it, that any discussion about this eventually leads to some form of Racism Accusation?

And then the praise for a dictator and murderer?

This is outrageous.


It deeply saddens me to read about this.

From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

With no known hate groups and a much-trumpeted spirit of aloha or tolerance, few people outside Hawaii realize the state has a racism issue. One reason: The tourism-dependent state barely acknowledges hate crimes.


Carl Segan was one of my hero’s growing up.  I loved his series “Cosmos“.  I was inspired to become a member of the Planetary Society and  SETI.  There was so much passion in his words.  Just like reading the writings of Mary Kawena Pukui, there is great knowledge, and great wisdom.  Her books, her songs and her writings are equally inspiring to me for many reasons.

One of those reasons is how Ms. Pukui would describe her early life growing up on the Big Island in the Ka’u district.  There is a sense of dependency and interdependence that goes on to recount the lives and activities of those who live on the Big Island.  Consider the fact that Hawai’i is just a little spec of land surrounded by an endless ocean of water.  What makes the relative insignificance bit of rock so unique?  I think perhaps, it makes up the larger place of where we all live.  We all have this one world, this one place, we can all share, because it is where we all live.  From a larger perspective, there is plenty of room.

I invite everyone to view this video of the late Carl Segan and reflect on his words.

The Pale Blue Dot


What’s for Dinner?


Pineapple Chicken Curry

huiAlohaBefore it’s too late



Just Take A Pill



Obama went on his weekly address trying to debunk myths, rumors and characterizations of his Health Care Plan.  But is it really his plan?  Congress is writing it, no one in the Congress is reading it, and Obama clearly doesn’t know what’s in it.  The American People are reading H.R 3200 as it is posted on-line.

Lets listen to Obama in his own words explain his plan.

After listening to Obama state he’s personally offended by the notion of Death Panels.  Saying this is a myth and simply not true.  More on that later.  Obama goes on the say that government will not get between you and doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, yadda yadda, blah blah….

Then he goes on to talk about the Single Payer Plan that will compete against the private insurance companies.  He continues this saying this will bring in competition, and keep the insurance companies honest.  Notice how it’s now called “Health Care Insurance Reform” and not “Health Care Reform” anymore.  More on that later.

Obama stated that illegal immigrants will get health care, that it “has never been on the table“.   The problem is that the American people also know that despite the fact that our immigration laws did not intend it, there are 12 million persons illegally in the United States.  The issue is enforcement and the provisions in H.R. 3200 are completely inadequate to ensure that illegal immigrants do not illegally obtain health care through the bill.  In other words, there’s no language in the bill NOT to allow illegal immigrants health care insurance.  So, if it doesn’t explicitly say it, illegals will probably get it.

On to Abortion.  Obama states that the bill will not use tax dollars to fund abortions.  Simply not true, he says.  Conservatives have offered amendments that would specifically prohibit federal funds from being used to cover abortion. None of them passed.  Americans have every right to believe that the existing legislation will funnel their tax dollars to abortion.  Four mark ups of the bill with language prohibiting tax-payer funded abortion have been rejected.

On July 17, 2007, Senator and Presidential Candidate Obama spoke to a meeting of Planned Parenthood supporters and staff. The first question he took after the speech was on health care reform.

Real health care respects life.  All life.  The life of the unborn.  The life of those with disabilities.  The life of Veterans.

Now to Death Panels.  Sarah Palin was spot on when she call out Obama on this.  Why is Obama so offended by this statement?  Has it hit too close to home?  Both the House and Senate bills call for an increased role for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) to determine which medical procedures are most effective at treating specific ailments.  Three Senators offered amendments that would have prohibited the use of CER to mandate coverage, deny care, or ration. CER, if used as a rationing tool, would obviously interfere with the traditional doctor-patient relationship. All three amendments failed on straight party-line votes.

(Source: Heritage Foundation)


Comparative Effectiveness Research is code for rationing health care.  This is your Death Panel.  Remember that Obama said that the government will not get between you and your doctor.  That is simply false.  Here’s why.

So if there is a Single Payer Plan that pays doctors for your health care insurance; Doctors are the deliverers of care; Single Payer Government Insurance is the payer to the doctor services rendered to the patient.  Then a Comparative Effectiveness Research group that determines effectiveness of coverage will ultimately determine effectiveness of cost.

That will ration health care.  In our current system, doctors get paid either by the insurance companies, or by the patients out of pocket expenses.  Then there is Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security monies to help pay for the services the doctor performed if the patient cannot pay.   So how do you control costs?  By rationing care, of course.  Yes, there are state plans that limit health care like Oregon that elects suicide as care.  Insurance reform and Tort reform are key components in the solution for health care, but no one is talking about it.

Obama claimed that Doctors will cut off a foot for $30,000 dollars to help a diabetic patients

Evil Doctors, just wanting to make a profit, a good standard of living. That’s Bad.

Yanking Tonsils Out or Children. For Profit.


Ferengi Rules Of Acquisitions

The common theme in Obama’s message is the Government will not, will not, get between you and your doctor.  Anyone on the government insurance program will be affected by the government controlling costs.  Just look at “Cash For Clunkers Program” run by the government and ask any dealership participating the program the paperwork needed to be process to get paid.   This is your health care nightmare waiting to happen.

So when Mark Steyn says “Why cut off the foot, … when you can cut off the services” , it makes perfect sense.   Why rationing will be inevitable to control costs.  You are too old, too young, too sick, not the correct political affiliation.

So Government Will Get Between You And Your Doctor

Obama Lies, You Die

It’s just a matter of time.  When the government decides it’s too expensive to pay for your procedure, they will eventually do what Oregon does to pay for Universal Health Care.  Only pay for Assisted Suicide.

Need treatment, too bad, can’t afford it.  You’re SOL.

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition Baby

When Government Insurance, Single Payer Plan, what ever you want to call it kicks in.

Every Employer in the the United States will drop you from their employer  plan and enroll you into the government plan.

It gets you off your employer’s payroll Expenses


It would not be difficult, Mein Führer. Nuclear reactors could – heh, I’m sorry, Mr. President – nuclear reactors could provide power almost indefinitely.

And Puts You and the  Government Between you and your Doctor


What’s for Dinner?


Lamb Chops with Mashed Potato and Steamed Broccoli

They Do Exist



Sarah Palin made comment on her Facebook page about Obamacare:

The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

This one statement has caused a wave of controversy and it has put the whole Obama health care proposal as disheveled as wind on a bad hair day.  The end-of-life counseling language appeared in a section of the bill on cost-containment. So there really was language of a panel deciding the worthiness of life.  Is that life economically worth saving for its productivity.  That’s code for Tax-ability.


“They Exist”

Michele Bachmann outlines the bill Death proposals in this video

It cannot get any clearer than that.  Hey, why can’t we get a Congresswoman like this in Hawai’i instead of Crazy Maize Hirono?  Maybe Hirono likes the idea of having CZAR’s running the show like Obama does.  No accountability.

That seems to be the Democratic playbook.  Lets just Socialize Everything!  Don’t communicate with constituents.

Let Them Eat CAKE!

You know what?  So called conservatives like me, are confused by all the other conservatives, dissing Sarah Palin.  Take this nonsensical article Charles Krauthammer wrote in the Washington Post.

We might start by asking Sarah Palin to leave the room. I’ve got nothing against her. She’s a remarkable political talent. But there are no “death panels” in the Democratic health-care bills, and to say that there are is to debase the debate.


Leave the room?  What kind of comment is that?  Condescending Arrogance is what that is.  “I’ve got nothing against her.”  What kind of comment is that.  Yes, Condescending Arrogance times two.

You say this Mr. Dumbhammer and then you explain that Obama Will Create Death Panels

We also have to tell the defenders of the notorious Section 1233 of H.R. 3200 that it is not quite as benign as they pretend. To offer government reimbursement to any doctor who gives end-of-life counseling — whether or not the patient asked for it — is to create an incentive for such a chat.

What do you think such a chat would be like? Do you think the doctor will go on and on about the fantastic new million-dollar high-tech gizmo that can prolong the patient’s otherwise hopeless condition for another six months? Or do you think he’s going to talk about — as the bill specifically spells out — hospice care and palliative care and other ways of letting go of life?

DUH! What do you think it’s about?

So you slam Sarah Palin in one breath and then kiss her in the second breath.  Why do you elitist intellectuals wannabes even try to understand the American people.  You are far too detached to even integrate into the lives of average Americans.   Belittle those that do not live within the confines of the Interstate 495 Beltway.  I’m sure your cocktail buddies in Washington will give you a big slap on the back and cough up another Palin joke.  Idiot.

Dr. Zero at Hot Air had a excellent rebuttal.

There’s only one group of people who needs to leave the room during that discussion, and it’s the socialist zealot in the White House, along with the craven cowards in his party. They’ve already demonstrated a remarkable gift for swiftly leaving the room when people start asking tough questions, so we’ll hardly notice when they slink out. Maybe while they’re gone, they could find the billions in Cash for Clunkers money that vanished into thin air.


On a sad note tonight, Ted Kennedy died, succumbing to inoperable brain cancer.

Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.


Near midnight on Chappaquiddick Island, a possibly drunk and definitely married Senator Ted Kennedy takes a right turn instead of a left. His car winds up skidding off Dike Bridge and is quickly submerged upside-down in salty Poucha Pond. His passenger, RFK office secretary Mary Jo Kopechne, is knocked into the back seat. Kennedy swims to safety, whereupon he fails to rescue his companion or even simply report the incident to authorities until the following morning.

Because no autopsy is ever performed on Kopechne’s body (her body had been promptly whisked out of state) it is uncertain how long it took her to drown, if she wasn’t killed on impact. Likewise, it is never established whether Kopechne was pregnant or exhibited signs of recent sexual activity.

This is the same Ted Kennedy that ran to Russia, to the USSR, to try an circumvent the Reagan Administration’s policy to defeat Communism.  Ronald Reagen WON the Cold War.  Ted Kennedy tried to Destroy America.

It should also be noted that Ted Kennedy was a big proponent for Universal Health Care.  Look what that’s done for Massachusetts.

Good Riddance to the worst Rubbish in American Political History.


What’s For Dinner?


Grilled Ono with Pineapple Mango Salsa and Jasmine Rice

The Value of the News


Newspaper, Television, Internet

Where do you go to get the News?

Has America lost interest in the Newspapers?  Newspaper subscriptions are in decline, why?  Are people unwilling to pay for the subscriptions?  Are the stories written in the paper stale with regards to news on television and the internet?  The decline continues a 20-year trend in the Newspaper industry as people increasingly turn to other media sources such as the Internet and 24-hour Cable News Networks for information.  But are the Cable News Networks and Internet sources any better at reporting the News?  Circulation is merely one measure of a Newspaper’s health. The most important metric is revenue which Cable News as well as Newspaper subscriptions are undeniably linked to their survivability.  While both the Newspaper and Cable News Networks have embraced the Internet as another media outlet to distribute the news, the revenue stream has been mainly advertising, and not subscriptions.  That is not sustainable when reader and viewership is in decline.


What Is The Value Of The Product You Are Selling

Another issue with newspapers is the content of stories.  For example, in the Tribune-Herald, Hilo’s local newspaper, one of the stories by the Associated Press that was printed claimed that Republicans are responsible for stopping Obama’s health care agenda.  But that’s not entirely true.  Yes, Republicans are against Obama’s health care plan, but it is the American people rising up at townhall meetings to voice their disapproval with the Health Care plan.  Republicans have no say in this whole debate.  There are 60 Democrats in the Senate, that is a super majority.  There are 435 Representatives in the House, 233 are Democrats and 202 are Republicans, again a super majority.   The Democrats could pass anything they wanted to and the Republicans couldn’t do anything to stop it.  So that statement by the Associated Press is patently false and misleading.  If the product you are selling is misleading, inaccurate and and false, then where’s the value?

It’s like these people that write for the Newspapers think the American people are uninformed.   I believe they think we’re stupid and we will not question their writings.  I believe most people are informed and make their own decisions based on facts as they are presented.  The value of the news is as important as the accuracy in its content.  That’s called Objectivity.


Measuring Accuracy In Journalism

One of the metrics for judging quality news reporting is by looking at who’s watching who.  Ratings say a lot about a news program on television.   What people see and hear will determine the decisions people will make.  Accuracy and objective reporting by presenting both sides to a story will allow people to decide for themselves a belief in the stories presentation.  Was the story presented in an objective manner, or was the story presented as an opinion?  People can tell the difference on how the news is presented and if there was any bias in the presentation.

Just look at the ratings for Cable News networks.  This report clearly shows who is leading in the Cable News networks.  Fox News consistently beats the other cable networks 2 to 1.  Why is that?  I believe it’s in the content and quality of the reporting.  I consider myself a News-Hound.  I watch all the Cable News programs; MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and FOX (where do I find the time).  I read many magazines, newspapers and related publications.   Everything and I listen to everything on the radio from NPR to KHNR to KPUA (you can pick up that station on the Big Island).  To get a better perspective on Fox News and why it’s winning against its competing networks, I’ve spent a huge amount of time viewing the other networks: CNN, MSNBC and CNBC.  The difference in quality of journalism is startling.

Take a look at how MSNBC conducts in depth interviews

This, make believe journalist Lawrence O’Donnell is simply awful.  He is a bully.  How is this journalism?   Not allowing your guest to answer any questions.  Constantly interrupting and changing the subject and not allowing Peter Schiff get his point across is a clear tactic to make the guest look stupid and distort his point of view.  This is called Ambush Journalism.  This is a Jerry Springer application of publicly humiliating its guests through rapid fire questions and not allowing the guest ample time to answer.

Now observe this from Fox News regarding an opinion written in the Wall Street Journal regarding a Veteran’s Administration” End of Life guide”.  In the book published by the government for the Veteran’s Administration, “Your Life, Your Choices” clearly states an end of life option.  The author of the Wall Street Journal opinion “A Death Book For Veteran’s” was written by Jim Towey.  Shortly after the article, revisions were made to the end-of-life guide.

Now observe how the rebuttal is handled.  Note that the host Chris Wallace politely asks Tammy Duckworth, the assistant secretary of veteran’s affairs, about the controversial points in the Veterans Booklet.

Watching this exchange is how journalism is supposed to happen.  You ask questions, let your guest answer, question the answers accuracy with facts, and then reexamine the accuracy of the guest answers.  In this case, Ms. Duckworth was being less than candid in her answers and when pressed about the information in the VA material, Ms Duckworth continued to be evasive.  She is even denying the existence of the End of Life clause in the VA material.  Yet, Chris Wallace produces the material as quoted in the current updated VA pamphlet.

Ms. Duckworth may have held her ground, but she was either uninformed about the VA material or being deliberately evasive in her answers.  Repeatedly she tried to change the subject, but Wallace kept the focus on the subject matter.  This is good journalism.  This is what journalism is supposed to be.  There was no deception, no attack journalism, just a pursuit of the truth.

Later after this exchange a debate between Senator Arlen Spector and Rep. Paul Ryan continued to examine this document and the Obama health care plan.  This is a Fair and Balanced example of why Fox News continues to get 2X ratings over their competition.  Insightful debate and civil discourse makes for a better forum for people to make up their minds regarding issues such as health care.


Here Lies Journalism :  A Once Noble Profession

CNN is the original Cable News Network, and I used to watch them all the time.  That all changed after September 11, 2001 when the quality and consistency of CNN’s reporting became increasing bias, not that CNN wasn’t already liberally bias anyway.  CNN was always bias to the left, but after Fox debuted, they increasingly became more left leaning.  I used to live in Airports in another life before moving to Hawai’i.  Most airports have CNN’s broadcasting on television screens at the airport gates.  In such a captured environment with nothing else to do, you’re at the mercy of volume control or else tune out the program.

I neither want a right leaning nor left leaning news channels.  I want to make up my own mind about current events.  Fox presents both dynamics, but does include apposing points of view to balance out the content.  For example, left leaning Geraldo Rivera will have right leaning Anne Coulter as the counter on his program.  That’s Fair and Balanced even if it presents both extremes.  I can still agree or disagree with either presenter.


Journalism: The Next Generation

Something that has been around for awhile, but is becoming more innovative is Opinion Journalism.  Lou Dobbs at CNN and Bill O’Reilly at Fox have been around for years.  Then there is Keith Olbermann at MSNBC.  While opinion journalism is nothing new, it is evolving into a different forum.  I believe this new format is catching on with the American people.  Lou Dobbs and his cohort Jack Cafferty at CNN seem like two angry old men just disagreeing with everything.  Clucking their tongues, shaking their heads, occasionally bringing in guest opinion to bolster their subject matter.  I won’t even get into Keith Olbermann because, well, you just watch him and form your own opinion.

Bill O’Reilly has a more center point of view as an opinionator.  I much prefer the O’Reilly format because he presents a panel of varying opinions which gives the item for discussion an interesting preview into individual thought.  O’Reilly allows the quest opine and to voice their ideology.  This leaves the viewer with a balanced view on whose viewpoint they agree with.

Then, there is Glenn Beck. What I like about Glenn Beck is that he asks questions.  Provocative questions that should make people think about what’s going on in their government.  Take this for example:

This and other program content material on the Glenn Beck program on Fox has gotten advertisers to pull their commercials.  Calling Beck inflammatory:  For example The Clorox Co., which once advertised during Beck’s Fox News program released a public statement that says in part “we do not want to be associated with inflammatory speech used by either liberal or conservative talk show hosts.”  Beck’s radio program is ranked number three overall in the nation, behind only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. His Fox News talk show has more viewers than MSNBC and CNBC combined. He has a big megaphone, and millions of hard-core supporters. My guess is Color of Change has picked a fight that they cannot win.

If they, the people that would discriminate and suppress free speech, thought they had Glenn Beck on Cable News to worry about.  What about the Internet?   Take this example from Pajama Media TV:

This is absolutely an interesting perspective on the consolidating facts, and presenting them in a format that both includes news and opinion all at the same time.   Albeit, in a more MTV entertainment way.  Will this be the way of the new journalism?  More and more people are getting their information from the internet.  Will the truth get lost in the World Wide Web or will it be more Free to speak truth to power?

I do hope that all mediums of information will continue to thrive and appeal to viewers.  Although, free market competition will forever change the dynamics of how we get information.  The one thing we cannot let happen is let anything prevent this information from being freely distributed on whatever media people choose to use.

First Amendment Rights


What’s for Dinner?


Wok Fired Shrimp & Scallops

Pan seared shrimp and scallops with a chipotle tamarind sauce,
crispy hearts of palm, angel hair pasta tossed in cilantro-red pepper butter




Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in the country, and probably the number one upscale eatery on the Big Island.  There are many establishments of fine food (Hale ‘Aina) on this island.   Some commercial establishments feature local kine foods, others reflect cultural dishes of their native countries like Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines.

From Fast Food drive-thru’s to Styrofoam containers of Chicken Katsu with Rice and Mac Salad, a sit down with a good Pineapple Curry,  Butterfish Laulau, Chicken-n-Squid Lu’au with long rice and Pork Adobo.  Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm!!!!!

Da Grinds Broke Da Mouth


Then there is the Exception

The first time I visited a Roy’s Restaurant was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Right in the Heart of Center City Philadelphia, across the street from City Hall, near cobble stone streets and drenched in American History.  Here was a little taste of Hawai’i in the great North East of America.  WOW!


Roy’s In Waikoloa

A busy kitchen that reminds me of Fox’s Hells Kitchen, a television show I find extremely entertaining, but not very educational on food preparation.  For that, I usually go to the Food Network or Epicurious for recipes.  However, I’m out tonight to have someone cook for me.  I usually grade the quality of my culinary experience in several categories.

Taste.  Presentation.  Originality.


Starter : Seasoned Edamame

As usual, I could not help but get started before I took the first picture.  But these boiled and salted Soybeans are an excellent starter.  A nice beginning to examine the menu, observe the surroundings, and soak in the ambiance.



I know to some folks, this is not something that some people would agree with.  However, alcohol is like pairing good food to good conversation.  Munchies Anyone?  A Lychee Caiprihina on the left and a Lychee Lemon Martini as starters to examine the menu.



Whoa!  But at second look actually sees a remarkable value.  After perusing the contents of the regular menu, and comparing prices, I chose the Prix Fixe for its value and selections.  Included with the wine pairing, this dinner was going to be a very special event.  So ordering a bottle of wine is not needed.  Plus, the wine pairing should complement the food selections.  An Appetizer selection, an Entree’ and Dessert all paired with a wine to enhance the experience.



Szechuan Baby Back Rib

Bamboo Skewered White Shrimp

Char Siu Pork Spring Roll

(Ruggeri and Co. Roy’s Prosecco Sparkling Wine “Extra Dry“)

This was an interesting pairing of both wine and food.  The Rib meat was falling off the bone and a sesame green onion reminded me of more of a Korean Kalbi style rib.  The White Shrimp was cooked perfectly; however, the accompanying  cocktail sauce was small and not very interesting.  The Char Siu Pork Spring Roll was a classic example of the traditional deep fried spring roll stuffed with julienne vegetables and traces of Char Siu Pork inside the roll.  The sparkling wine was crisp and somewhat sweet, but very good.  It reminded me of Korbels “Extra Dry” Champagne.  Yes, I know because it’s not from the Champagne region of France you cannot officially call it Champagne, but a sparkling wine.  Yeah and I can also call Coca-Cola a carbonated beverage.  If it’s bubbly and it’s wine, then it’s Champagne to me and my opinion is the only one that counts.


Macadamia Nut Crusted Island Fish

Kona Maine Lobster Essence

Deliriously Delicious!  That all I can say.  Well, the fish is a Broadbill Swordfish that is quite popular and plentiful here in Hawai’i, and was cooked quite exquisitely.  This offering was a rare excellence of production and execution, as works of art or workmanship, as taste that cannot be compared on any scale.  Yeah, I liked it.  I loved it!


(Roy’s Chardonnay Santa Babara 2007)

The wine paring was enjoyable and tasty.  The Kona Maine Lobster sauce was a bit puzzling not only for its name but lack on any lobster taste in the sauce.  I guess the two sauces were suppose to represent Maine and Kona lobster?  I’m not really sure what the point was, but overall it was very tasty.  The Red Bliss Potato’s were cooked nicely, and the Asparagus was fork tender, the fish was prepared and cooked excellently.


Roy’s Melting Chocolate Souffle

(Clos Chatart Banyuls 1999)

What can be said about Chocolate Souffle accompanied with Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry sauce.  In a word, YUMMY!  The wine pairing for the dessert was an excellent choice of a fortified Port wine that complements the sweetness of the drink with the sweetness of the chocolate.


When you take in the sights of Waikoloa with its beaches, shopping, and fine eateries you get the best of the Big Islands tourist locations and a great place for locals to visit as well.

Now that dinner is over and the bill has been paid, the clock starts another year of saving up money for another visit to Waikoloa.

Till then


Cash For Clunkers


Epic Fail at that.  What if, you are young person and you want to buy a second hand car.  Now you cannot find cheap parts for the car at the junk yard.  Because all the car parts have been all crushed and given to China as scrap metal.  Where’s the sense in that?  This is an effort to rid the country of cars that the Obama considers a violation against GAIA, the goddess of the Earth.  This Neopaganism disguised as Environmentalism has plagued this country for far too long.  Just look at what kind of vehicles are being built in this country.


Electric Vehicles

Nice looking roadster.  I have no problem with electric cars, but if they call them good for the environment, then that’s a lie.  Alternate technologies are good.  However, calling these cars environmentally friendly is simply not true.  This is nothing more than a bailout for the car companies.  How so?

The Cash for Clunkers gives up to $4,500 dollars for anyone turning in their old gas guzzling car for a new energy efficient car like this roadster.  That’s the real problem.  The government is manipulating the market by dumping money into a program to pay the unions for their support in getting Obama elected.  It’s an incentive, till people realize they either cannot pay for the the car or realize the car is more expensive to maintain.  For example, what happens to an electric car under extreme temperatures.  Extreme cold and heat.  Batteries do not work very efficiently under extreme conditions.  The Unions and Car companies benefit in additional new car sales, but the program has twice run out of money and the Obama has announced scrapping the program.  Why?  Because It’s Unsustainable.

What about the cost of charging the batteries?  Where does that power come from?  It comes from the same coal powered plants already in place.  We do not have windmill power, we do not have wave power, we do not have solar power.  Even if we did have alternative energy technologies in place, there are no transmission lines in place to transfer that power.  It just doesn’t exist.


T. Boone Pickens

Remember this guy?  Remember when Pickens Plan was to create windmill farms using large tracks of land in Texas?  Land that would have need to be condemned to set up such a scheme with the government using Eminent Domain.  How else could something like this could be done but by grabbing land in the name of the public good.

Since then, Pickens has changed his tune.  Now propane gas is his message.  What happen to windmills?

What changed?  On July 8, 2009, The Wall Street Journal reported that T. Boone Pickens has postponed plans to build his Texas wind farm. He said the project was stopped partly because existing transmission line capacity wasn’t available. His company had planned to build new lines, but couldn’t get financing.  I really think Pickens is playing an Al Gore type of strategy, except he’s more like a bull in a china shop.  Whereas, Gore uses Hollywood scare tactics to predict the end of the world and line his pockets, Pickens tries pandering to the environmentalist to get his agenda funded by the government.

But I want to focus on the government’s misuse of tax payers monies, billions of dollars to pay for this Cash for Clunkers program.  Some dealerships are still waiting to get paid by this scam of a stimulus program.  To you car dealers, I say, don’t destroy the cars.  The government hasn’t kept its end of the bargain, resell the clunkers for a profit.    Besides, you’re car sale people, didn’t realize you were getting bamboozled, snookered, hoodwinked by an honest to god political flim-flam man?


Government’s Good Intentions

If people would only see that these feel good programs are nothing more than band-aids to a much larger problem.  General Motors, Chrysler and Ford have a common enemy.  The Unions.  Sure, there was a time in this country’s history that unions were needed.  However, the pendulum has swung  far to the opposite direction.  Now the Unions dictate how a company will be run and we’re seeing the results of union control through the decline of the company’s themselves.  The government bailed out GM, Bailed Out Chrysler, and luckily for Ford, they didn’t except bail out money and Ford is doing much better than GM and Chrysler as of this writing.

Cash for Clunkers pumped some money into the auto industry, but has it really helped the industry?  However, it’s temporary.  Fleeting.  It has no impact on the overall economy.  Except to spend more tax-payer money.

By the way, some of you may be watching the Stock Market these days.  Sure, it’s been up, but wait till next year when the bills are due.  Hyper Inflation, Tax Increases and Rising Costs.  You cannot print money without having something to back up the value of the American Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Something will have to give and we have seen this all before.  You may not remember it, but you only need to go back to the 1930’s during the Great Depression to see the same examples of how the government helped make the recovery a disaster.

The Deficit, Now and Projected


This Is Our Future Debt.  How are we going to pay this off?

Hawai’i’s state unions has threatened to sue the governor because they say they were not properly consulted on layoffs the governor has proposed to cut costs.  Yet, the governor gave the unions a choice.  A choice to take furloughs, a reduction in hours, a reduction in pay, but still keep your job.  Sure, you would have to budget for the sacrifice, but you’ll still have your health care, you’ll still have an income, you’ll still have your job.

However, the Unions leadership wouldn’t have any of it.  They Said NO!  So now the layoff have begun.  Now the Unions are suing because they say they were not properly consulted about the layoffs.  Yet, the governor clearly said the alternative to furloughs is layoffs.  DUH!!!

Last time I checked, I voted for the Governor and not the Unions.  You’ve made your bed Unions.  Sleep In It.

Just like the SEIU and the UAW, your leadership is destroying your jobs.

What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Chicken Salad with Garlic Croutons

Happy 50th Hawai’i Statehood


Today is Hawai’i 50th year as a State

Another Star in the Flag of Freedom

I cannot tell you how much I love this country, and how much I love this State.  As a legal immigrant to this great country, I cannot help but be proud of the opportunities given to me, that allowed me to finally own a home in the Fiftieth State of the United States of America.  The Greatest State in the Nation.   No one gave me anything.  I worked for everything that I now own. This is freedom.  This is the Pursuit of Happiness.  This is Aloha!



Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono

“The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”



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Singapore Noodles

Local Kine Food

Political Cowards


This morning, the local newspaper the Tribune-Herald, reports that Senators Inouye, Akaka and House Representative Hirono announced there will be no town hall meetings on the Big Island.  WHY???

Could it be FEAR?  I think so.  What a cowardly act by not visiting our island, we the constituents, would like an answer.  Instead, they want us to visit their websites.   That does not answer our questions and our concerns.


From Jason Armstrong at the Tribune-Harald:

“Mr. Akaka is not planning any town hall meetings,” his press secretary, Jesse Broder Van Dyke, said in a phone message. “He always welcomes input on all issues from people on the Big Island, and anybody who submits letters on his Web forum at akaka.senate.gov will get a response, and all letters are read. So, anybody who has comments or suggestions is welcome to contact Senator Akaka that way.”

I don’t want to ask a question on a webpage.  I want an In-Person forum.  I want to hear from others with similar questions.  The idea that we should ask questions through an email exchange is nonsense.  I’ve met Senator Akaka before and I’ve always thought of you as a stand up guy, someone who cared.  Now, I don’t know what to think anymore.


My representative is Hirono.  I have yet to meet her.  I have asked her questions through email correspondence.   I have been completely dissatisfied by the answers given to my questions.  Her answers are always, visit my website for answers.  I have, and Hirono, your website is full of misinformation.

Again from the Tribune-Herald:

Rather than conduct a series of town hall-style health care reform meetings on Hawaii Island, Congresswoman Hirono will meet with businesses, health care providers, and other island groups to discuss this critical issue,

This is unacceptable.  This is cowardly.  This is ignoring your constituents and Crazy Mazie Hirono, you should be ashamed.  I have been to your website madam, I have read your Health Care Myth and Facts and it’s loaded with inaccuracies and generalities.  Do you think we are that uninformed?  Do you think we are stupid?  I want to know have you read the bill?  I want to know will you put yourself and your family on this same plan you support.

I have read the bill.  I do not believe you have.


What’s worst, is that Senator Inouye, Hawai’i most senior Senator is planning the same thing.  Duck and Cover.  Avoid your constituents.  Ignore the people you say your support.  Is this how you want to be remembered?

What is wrong with addressing Tort Reform?

What about purchasing insurance across state lines?

Why are you not talking about the cuts in Medicare to fund this Abomination?

This is arrogance to an exponential level.  What must you people do to see what’s happening to this country?  The revolt against this is clear and loud.  Why aren’t you listening to US?  All of you?

The government is not like a business.

It does not pay taxes.

It does not pay rent.

It does Print Money.

Which Business Has to Earn.

It is your duty as elected officials to listen to the people you represent.

It is our voices you Represent.  What Happened To YOU?

2010 is just around the corner.  Do you really want to anger us further?

You Work For Us.



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Pan Seared Red Snapper with Jasmine Rice and Saute’ Vegatables

Lets see FBI put this up Front

Na Mea ‘Oia’i’o


Sarah Palin 1 – The Media, The Democrats, The President – ZERO!

The state run media is running around bashing Sarah Palin calling her lacking in knowledge and uninformed.  Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson must be having a cow about how the former Alaskan Governor can make a comment on a Facebook page and influence Obama policy.

How ironic is that?


Mental Midget and A Make Believe Journalist

Fox News continues to dominate the cable news networks with Fair and Balanced reporting.  Real Journalism by Real Reporters.  Although, I draw the exception with Geraldo Rivera as nothing more than the token liberal nutcase who’s journalism skills are nothing more than that of a grocery store tabloid magazine.  Pure Rubbish.

Sarah Palin won the debate on a Facebook website by exposing a Death Panel that the Health Care Bill proposed.  However, there are some that still believe there wasn’t a Death Panel in the bill.  If that’s so, then why did they remove it?  It was an End of Life Provision that stated giving doctors money to convince the elderly, the very sick and the very young, to allow death as a way to save health care costs.  This is Obamacare.

Our own Hawaiian Representatives, Maize Hirono and Neil Abercrombie, have continued to tow the Obama party line by continuing supporting the false premise that the Obamacare is the cure all for healthcare in this country.  God only knows what Akaka and Inouye are thinking, but I think they will follow the blind party line into Socialize Medicine.  And for that, we will all lose.

A thousand Pages in HealthCare Bill and not a word about Tort Reform.

How is this Healthcare?


A government run by Special Interest Lawyers doesn’t represent the people.

Both Democrats and Republicans be forewarned, 2010 is just next year.


What’s For Dinner?


Poached Sockeye Salmon with Grilled Red Bliss Potato and Asparagus and Steamed Sweet Corn on the Cob

(Not A Government Approved Dinner)

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